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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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bruno. live at torrey pines and flamingo with the latest on the search to find the driver. >> witnesses say natalie bruno was a passenger inside a car that was driving erratically from that direction. just about 24 hours later police are still looking for the driver of that car. >> our backs were to the street but when we heard the loud bang. >> will never forget the three vehicle crash she witnessed ha j night. near the intersection of flamingo and torrey pines. >> we turned around and looked oh, that's bad. >> metro police say the driver of the ford mustang. the car you see almost split in half lost control and went up the median. the car traveling westbound on flamingo went in to on coming traffic and collide inned to a pickup truck and another car. >> the impact killed a 27-year-old woman sitting in the front passenger seat of the ford
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>> never saw anyone leave the mustang. >> i can't magic anybody getting out of the car and fleeing the scene. my reaction is unbelievable. >> police say they are working on some leads. the man who ran from the scene described as hispanic in his 20s. short hair. was last seen in gray sweatpants. witnessed the crash after math. >> honestly something like that it doesn't matter how much trouble you will get in, you need to stand there and own up to it. >> still not clear what relationship the 27-year-old crash victim had with the >> i can't believe that somebody would just have a person who they obviously knew in the car. >> reporter: 2 other people that were hurt in this crash. they were taken to the hospital they are now said to be doing fine as for that driver police need your help if anyone has information on the where abouts of that driver are are asked to call crime stoppers.
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>> hope they find him soon. thank you. >> the clark county school district continues battle to prove it did do enough to protect two students from bullying. >> today a band teacher took the stand to testify about what he saw in his classroom. two mothers are suing the school district claiming it allowed their children to brutally bullied. most of the harassment happened in band class at green spun junior high. this afternoon the band teacher described how he tried to prevent it. >> they came in. i would stand near them when they put their instruments together. put them away. almost like a shadow. i just didn't -- i am so upset that it was still going on. >> reporter: we are told the accused bullies might take the stand next week. news three will continue to closely monitor this trial because it could have far reaching ramifications for all local schools. >> metro police making another
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this month. police released this surveillance video hoping to catch the two men accused of killing thomas jones at his home near torrey pines. now jorge was arrested yesterday the second suspect cody was arrested earlier this week. police report shows they targeted jones because he was selling heroin. >> now at 5:00 president elect donald trump is pulling out his checkbook tonight to save himself a trip to court. >> settles the lawsuits against his trum of news three is here with the details of the settlement. >> means everyone who took part in that class action lawsuit against him will get at least half of their money back. trump's attorney says the president elect is pleased to settle the case and focus on his work as president. >> the deal though does not and he did anything wrong. >> the new york attorney calling it a stunning reversal and major victory. president elect donald trump agreeing to pay $25 million to
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>> both sides fought very hard and we fought for what we believed in. at the end of this you have to respect the other side for the fight and respect the fact that in the end he did do the right thing. >> accused for profit university of being afraud scheme. >> trump university we keep success. >> the real estate seminars cost students many of them poor or elderly up to $35,000 each. program promised students would trump hand picked instructors. >> trump long denied the fraud accusations but admitted in a deposition he didn't pick those instructors. he tweeted in february trump university has 98% approval rating. i could have settled but won't out of principle. but now with inauguration day that's all changed. president elect now avoids having to testify in court and appearance before a judge trump slammed on the campaign trail. >> what the judge is doing is a
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university students will get a part of the restitution in the settlement. >> you might remember during his campaign his opponents pressed him about student complaints alleging they were cheated. trump said back then he wouldn't settle out of principle and even said he would eventually reopen trump university. >> anchor: thanks for that update. now to president elect trump transition to the white house. announces his picking for three important positions. alabama republican senator attorney jeopardy. kansas congressman pompeo was picked to be the director for the cia. but sessions already under fire tonight. the congressional black caucus oppose his nomination because of racially charged remarks that he made decades ago. tomorrow trump meets with the map who once called him a fraud. mitt romney. >> trump pick for attorney general could have a big impact on marijuana legalization spreading across the country.
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senate hearing on marijuana reform good people don't smoke marijuana. he also believes marijuana is gateway drug to more dangerous substances like cocaine and heroin. he also said marijuana isn't the kind of thing that should be legalized because it's a quote very real danger. >> nevada gaming commissioners are telling people with gaming licenses to keep their distance from the state marijuana industry. commissioners say it's because federal government still views marijuana as an illegal substance. th medical marijuana businesses as well. but the review journal reports commissioners could revisit the issue in the months ahead since recreational marijuana will soon be law in nevada. >> investigation is under way in flagstaff arizona over this really disturbing video. you see behind me a police officer punching a woman in the face as he tries to arrest her. give you a closer look here. it shows officer striking morris. police say he thought she had
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the officer says morris kneed him in his groin and leg several times and appeared to be on drugs. he admits he did hit morris in the face and head several times. the officer is on mandatory leave tonight as this investigation continues. >> a fugitive shot and killed a veteran u.s. marshal today in south eastern georgia. >> 53-year-old deputy commander patrick was serving arrest warrant when it happened. wanted for trying to murr battery and weapons charges. his colleagues returned fire and killed carter. the marshal was a 26 year lovat ran. >> a group of people suing dozens of energy companies triggering dozens of earthquakes with underground production. residents in pawn 93 oklahoma say that the work was done even though the method used to operate waste water causes earthquakes more than 50 earthquakes hit the area since
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acknowledging they are losing business customers are pulling back from banking with them in the wake of that fake account scandal. new customer accounts fell 44% last month compared to a year ago. and account closings are up. credit card applications down 50%. wells fargo admitted opening up 2 million bank accounts and credit cards without authorization from its customers. >> a thanksgiving travel alert if your trip take you through strike during thanksgiving. from janitors to baggage handlers are not union they are striking over wages. most are paid minimum wage $8.25 in illinois. asking for a wage of $15 an hour. >> what about your journey across town. your traffic authority. take a look at the real traffic times out on our free ways and major surface streets and not too bad on a friday evening.
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bit through the spaghetti bowl and you also on the 15 headed up north toward the spaghetti bowl that's always tough this time of night. >> exactly now to a live picture of mckaren international airport. another traffic alert. officials sending out tips to make sure you get to your thanksgiving destination. plan to get there at least two hours before your scheduled departure time. if you are going to park your car get there early because spaces fill up quickly. avoid checking bags. likely waiting in l >> news three has been tracking this one from up in sky three and it really has been a mess at times. >> doesn't get much worse. if your plans include heading out to the airport this weekend well don't do it from the south because the airport connector is going to be busy and the 215 over the top closed. we are talking about this part here the free way itself closed all traffic lanes. that's so these girders you see
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so the closure starts at 9:00 this evening. goes all the way until 5:00 on monday morning. you want to make your exits miles away before you get here. also they warn even though the ramps in to the airport will be open probably a lot of people who missed detour will end up being forced in to the airport tunnel so it will be busy. best thing to do if you are heads to airport come in from the north side. the south side remember the 215 closed all weekend long it's going to catch a lot of >> anchor: thanks so much for that. >> no doubt about that. it can be a mess especially with the marathon last weekend. crazy. the first casino built from the ground up in las vegas in years set to open tomorrow. >> find out when you can enter the lucky dragon. >> the king of comic books in town today. our conversation with stanley coming up. >> major system off the pacific coast. slide on in. it will be an impact play on our
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your full seven-day forecast coming right up. >> on this this friday evening trump team building some big picks. what they bring to the table millions under weather advisories take you to where they are bracing for the first blizzard of the season. promising now way of treating concussions in kids.
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>> breaking news at 5:00 we have a water main break. >> we are talking about dean martin drive and down around [ inaudible ] >> reporter: yh you can see the wet stuff on the roadways as they try to repairs. if you just washed your car this is not where you want to go. sloshing the water up on the side there. it looks like it's affecting both directions not deep water it's not going to stop you from going through but just going to mess up your car wash. right now crews on the scene but looks like they still have work to do. there is still water coming out of the ground. watch out for dean martin to the south of tropicana.
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use behind the superheroes. comic book good and hollywood heavy weight stan lee honored with a key to the strip. >> helped create superheroes like spiderman sending a powerful message of unity today. >> got a chance to talk with him and he joins us live from down on the strip. kind of big thrill there. >> reporter: definitely. speaking with stan he is an interesting man. not only is he young a but full of stories just like the avengers. there is the hammer right there. and he says a lot of his stories focus on issues of morality and humanity. >> from spiderman to iron man. often referred to as godfather of the modern day super hero.
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bigger than life and more exciting. >> the comic book legend receiving the key to the las vegas strip. testament to the life lessons 93-year-old teams us through stories. >> we never make the villain glamorous. we make the hero glamorous and can he try to write every story so that you identify with the hero. >> responsible for helping create some of marvel most renowned characters captivating that includes these die hard fans some weighting over night to meet their hero. >> kind of my chance to say hi. i love your stuff. thank you for all of this. why do you like the hulk [ inaudible ] because everyone that he makes you can relate to. >> lee also what he calls the most important project he ever worked on mess sam embodied to encourage respect for most all
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awful things that happened in very cities where policemen are shot. civilians are shot. it's not necessary if it's a terrible thing we should just really respect each other. >> reporter: we are back out here live in the iron man room. take a look at all these suits. now like i said stanley is a 51 if i guy. he is kind of the king of cameo and a lot of the movies. i asked him which one is his favorite. the second avengers movie. he was in it and in a drinking contest an had to get carried out. he was in the scene twice instead of once. >> reporting live news three. >> anchor: thank you for that. the best assignment ever. i know he was excited and a couple people jealous. >> we should all look that good
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built along las vegas strip since 2010. >> tomorrow the lucky dragon hotel opens its doors. we already given you a sneak peeks. some members of the public will be able to see it. lucky dragon promises to give guests authentic asian life style experience. feature more than 27,000 feet of casino space. four restaurants and more than 200 rooms. >> whatever your plans are this weekend you want to know what the weather will be like. >> it was chilly. i had to put on my heater today. >> we are a bunch of wimps. mornings on the cold side but the afternoon they will be real pleasant for november. let's get right in to it. you should have a really nice weekend to recreation. whether heading out to red rock which should be cloud free to at least sunday early afternoon. the mountain after a couple of
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hours. the lake will be calm. that after what has been a rather choppy week but today water looking much more like glass. that water is pretty chilly. the water temperature going down now to the lower 60s and could be colder by the wends of the weekend. >> down to 59 but no wind there. ram part northwest at 53 already. and one more stop will take us cross town head over to the meadows mall coming in at 56. so just about everybody in the the lone hold out down by the stadium at 60. these are numbers that bounced off those lows. look how chilly it was to start friday. 35. 36 in anthem. bottoming out at 37. in the same neighborhood plus two or 3 degrees to get your saturday started. outside the valley mountains already at 30. it's 59 at the lake and months keith coming in at 58. >> at mckaren the low
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afternoon high. second day in a row we have been below normal but that will start changing as early as tomorrow. air quality green scene. you got to love what the wind -- the positive byproduct of all that wind has cleaned out the air. your sat starts in the 40s. we should jump off that to about 60 at lunch time. mid to upper 60s forthe afternoon high. >> there won't be wind. relatively calm conditions wind wise. our windbag is going t raw white and windy experience for the upper mississippi valley and really the upper midwest michigan northern ohio a mess. we have area of high pressure that will yield to a big system in the pacific. weekend at least midday early afternoon sunday should be clear. this strong front actually not that cold but it's strong is going to move most of its energy north of us but we do expect it to break off and give us a chance for rain sunday night in to the first half of monday.
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should be rain free. 28 tonight. 18 up there in cal even ty. look at this jump 72 in moss keith. for the las vegas valley going down to 43 under a clear sky. still cold by our thin skin but or thin blood i should say but not as cold as this morning. 69 in town. 72 out at the lake. that water temperature already down to 62. if you are going up to the mounn higher elevations. they should top out in the mid 50s up there. and your seven-day forecast after tomorrow 69. how about 71 on sunday. is that satisfactory. >> not a lot of water with that. that will be should be through by midday monday. in to thanksgiving highs around 70 and shopping day temperature -- >> you can't beat that with a stick. that's great.
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now at 5:00 this golden dress made political headlines when john f kennedy was present the dress marilyn wore to sing happy birthday, mr. president. >> happy birthday. >> very nice. >> should let you do that from the get go. the birthday dress sold at auction for a cool $4.8 million. it now belongs to ripley's believe it or not. another cocktail dress she wore in the seven year itch stood over the great. that brought in $4.6 million. >> that's my favorite one of the two. >> classic. >> give us two more minutes if you are about to open a bag of salad to have with your dinner. >> this is scary. why health experts are sounding
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1 of president elect donald trump's closest friend and business partners right here in las vegas. even owns half the trump las vegas. new at sickwe sit down and get his take on the soon to be president of the united states. concern tonight over global warming and the north pole. >> the pictures we are playing behind us may be showing thick layer of snow and ice but scientists say it's 36 degrees warmer than normal. polar night under way. that's when the sun doesn't rise at all over much of the area. the ice should be growing but scientists say that's not happening. the amount of ice covering the polar ocean at record low. with health alert about the convenience food bagged salad. >> nothing is easier than putting it in to a bowl for fast dinner. a new survey out tonight shows
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harbor salmonella. that creates a perfect breeding ground. the best way to avoid getting sick is to eat the greens the same day you buy them. how many people do that and also avoid buying bags with mushy leaves. >> at 5:00 how much would you pay for a mushroom to compliment a friday night steak dinner. >> this mushroom $90 at auction in japan.
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breaking news tonight, the president-elect donald trump agrees to pay $25 million to settle lawsuits accusing his trump university of fraud. a stunning reversal on a day we learn major new picks for the trump administration. tonight, battle lines are drawn. >> nearly half a dozen states and more trouble ahead for the holiday rush. hits to the head. surprising news from doctors tonight about treating concussions. the new approach parents and kids should hear. foam mystery. a massive blob creeps through streets sending firefighters scrambling, captivating the web. what authorities say it is. and food fights. families bracing to talk turkey and politics at the thanksgiving table.


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