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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  November 18, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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>> krystal: a superstar in studio. we're talking about the one, the only gin skin. he is -- ginuwine. he is here to talk about what he has been up to and his big performance at the las vegas film festival happening this weekend. you don't want to miss that one. >> michelle: another star in studio today. our forever home friday pet of the week. the animal foundation is here with an adorable furry pup that needs a home and maybe it could be yours. we'll have that coming up >> announcer: news 3 starts >> michelle: good afternoon. thank you for joining us. happy friday by the way. we made it. we have really good news. more businesses are opening up shop here in southern nevada. that's bringing thousands of jobs here to our community. >> krystal: when the economy is on the upswing that is always good news. our kyndell nunley live from north las vegas where the majority of these employers will be. this is just coming off the news that we are now have one of the lowest unemployment rates that
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>> kyndell: yes and continuing to head in the right direction when it comes to job growth. if you want a career change or are look for a new job you might want to update that resume because over 2,000 jobs are expected to be up for grabs here in southern nevada. the governor's office of economic development is improving a nearly $2 million tax abatement for six companies. they'll now be able to move business to or expand it right here in our state. the big news 3 job seekers, most of the positions w an online retailer. that also goes by definitely huge. the positions are not posted but the company is building a new distribution center in north las vegas near north lamb and i-15. when that center opens next summer, 1,000 new jobs will be brought with it. almost 500 additional positions are expected from actress jessica al ba's the honest company along with 400 jobs from tech businesses who want to open
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get nevadans back to work. >> i think one thing that's important for nevada is that we keep our skilled labor force at a level where they can serve the employers that we bring in. what would be the really tragic shame is to bring these good employers in and have them say we looked around your community and can't find anybody and we're going go to california. >> kyndell: once again, over 2000 different companies along with their tax abatement numbers you can find that on that is the latest interest north las vegas, kyndell nunley, news 3. >> michelle: the original hard rock cafe in las vegas is closing its doors. hard rock international has announced this decision to shut down the cafe in front of the hard rock hotel and casino. management says it's because they plan to focus on the las vegas strip location which includes a restaurant and a concert venue. the cafe on paradise closes
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consideration for open positions at the restaurant on the strip. as police try to get a handle on crime across the valley some renters are dealing with crime another way. by asking to get out of their lease so they can move out of their neighborhood. one couple living near torrey pines and lake mead says they've had enough. they're asking the landlord if they can please get out of their year to year lease and switch to a month-to-month. and they were given permission to do so but ar towards them changed as well. >> said that i could do a month-to-month lease then she wanted to renege and give us a 25-day notice to either vacate the property or just go ahead and honor the lease. >> michelle: so they say they have opted to move out of the area within 30 days because the crime is so bad. by the way if you would like to find out crime in your
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go to and find it under the features tab. >> krystal: las vegas native kris bryant becoming the first chicago cub since sosa back in 1998 to win a most valuable award player. we're so proud of our hometown boy. he becomes the 24th player in mlb history to win rookie-of-the-year and most valuable player award. bryce harper also taking both awards. but bryan won his back-to-bac they represent us well. bryant also sporting a world series ring and a little bling to start his career. he hit 39 home runs, 132 ribz and led the national league in runs scored with 121. he struck out fewer times than in his rookie year. >> this is -- you can't really
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>> krystal: fans will get a chance to watch the team in action at the las vegas 51s games. they're going to announce their schedule. bryant and the cubs will be in las vegas for two games the last weekend in march. i'm sure it will be a big homecoming for our local star kris bryant. >> michelle: we are your traffic authority and we want to make sure you know about this big closure happening this weekend. it starts today. e 215. it's going to look very different near the airport because it's going to be closed in both directions at the airport connector starting at 9:00 tonight. that closure lasts until 5:00 a.m. monday morning. crews are going to be there installing parts of a flyover off ramp. so if you need to get to mccarran international you can navigate through detours but expect delays. your best bet is to avoid the 215 all together. take tropicana to the airport
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this is? blue diamond. isn't that perfect? >> krystal: promised to wear my blue dress. brenda from the animal foundation. tell us about this love. >> blue diamond came into us as an owner surrender. her owner called animal control. she is a very sweet girl. she is seven so she is a senior but she has the energy of a puppy. she is super hig lovable. a friendly pit. >> krystal: i'm just waiting for her to get a good look at herself in the camera. come on sweetie. there you go. [ laughter ] >> michelle: hi sweetie. i want to talk about brenda and some of the specials that you have going on this month. specials with senior dogs. >> yes. for the month of november it's adopt a senior pet month. we have promotion fees for older pets.
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the fee is reduced down to $50. if they are pit bulls the fee is waived if they're over three. >> michelle: there are a lot of misconceptions when it cops to the -- comes to the breed. it's how they're nurtured. >> krystal: you have a big event coming up. >> yes. so we do have our annual 5-k run as well as our mile walk tomorrow. it's scheduled and there's time to sign up then we have black stay tuned. >> michelle: this helps you raise money to take care of all these dogs? >> yes. our second largest fundraiser of the year. it helps care for the pets we get throughout the year. >> michelle: thank you so much for coming in. if you would like more information head down there and don't even bother calling because normally the dogs featured on the show go really fast. thank you for coming on. >> michelle: nice to meet you
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we got a photo shoot to tell you like no other. hello you want to help us anchor the show? it's trending today. the incredible story behind these so-called rainbow babies. this is really an uplifting story. >> michelle: and we've been telling you about this. ginuwine in the house. he is live today. he is in las vegas for a performance. we're going to talk about that in the upcoming las vegas soul festival. from topping the r & b charts to being featured in hit movies, he does a chance to meet him. >> kelly: and we've got lots of sunshine outside. but chilly temperatures. will it warm up this weekend? the forecast coming up. comic legend and the fovrmer president and chairman of marvel comics presented with a key from the las vegas strip. this is happening today at the treasure island hotel and casino
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>> kelly: it is 12:42 on this friday. we are taking a look at the low temperatures. we've bottomed out at this morning. pioche 17. pahrump 30. boulder city your morning low wa so definitely a chilly start out there. let's look at the time-lapse. this is from the pahrump valley high school camera. tons of sunshine. temperatures on the cool side. but really they're not that far off from normal. where we should be for this time of year. pahrump right now at 60. boulder city 56 degrees. mesquite coming in at 62. in the las vegas valley we're looking at upper 50s most part. a couple of low 60s getting in there. sunrise 60 degrees.
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the lakes still at 57 at this hour. temperatures only expected to rise in the low 60s today. like i said, not that far off from normal. high pressure is in control so looking at lots of sunshine today. warmer temperatures this weekend. that will be ahead of this next storm system that's going to bring us chances for rain maybe a little bit of mountain snow too as we get into sunday night and monday where they're seeing snow right now. that's in for the area earlier today. high temperatures? not a whole lot warmer than where we are right now. overton 67. pahrump 64 degrees today. tonight boulder city is going to go down to 41. beatty 31 degrees for that overnight low. our 7-day forecast? we're looking at mostly sunny skies as we head throughout the weekend. temperatures warming up. actually a pleasant weekend. fall-like weekend for us. 69 on saturday. 70 degrees on sunday.
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chances for showers scattered on and off throughout the day. it will clear out in time for holiday travel. thanksgiving looks really nice. sunny and 68. >> michelle: i love this next picture. there was one woman who did this picture then people are starting to redo it but in a different way. when you see her behind is this photo shoot that is giving women across the world a ray of hope and sunshine. these are called rainbow babies. which are babies who were born offer loses an infant. so it's really a powerful photo here. i think it just really resonates with so many women and families who have gone through this. it gains popularity really it's starting to raise awareness about rainbow babies. as we mentioned, it refers to just the joy that these families have after they have a healthy baby following a traumatic time in their life. >> michelle: it's amazing how
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the women matching the color. it is literally a rainbow and it's just beautiful. >> krystal: we want to mention alex in case you are familiar with this individual he is the photographer behind these powerful images. i should say,, excuse me, it is a she who is creating this look with those colorful smoke bombs. if you see it, share it on social media. >> michelle: a happy birthday dress worth $5 million. >> krystal: of course no one else but marilyn monroe will be rocking that on boy does she wear it -- did her happy birthday song to president john f. kennedy sold for $4.8 million. it was purchased by ripley's believe it or not. the gown was so tight the night she wore it she had to be sewn into it. it cost $12,000 back then. three months after her happy birthday performance, that's when he was found dead from an oversoes.
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people don't know, is that she was the average size of a woman. a size ten to 12. >> krystal: she was a real woman because of her shape. she was sewn into that dress she didn't sneed spanx. a new star taking the spotlight in trump tower. >> michelle: it's not the president-elect or any of the officials jostling for jobs in his administration. as jeanne moos reports, it's the elevator. >> reporter: when donald trump announced for president it became a star. replicateed on the simpsons, a selfie magnet. but now it's the elevator's turn to shine. and shine they do in all of their golden glory. preflekting in their mirrored splendor and closing doors, the huddled press assigned to document the job seekers and dignitaries. going up and down to visit the
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like so many the ceo of fedex preferred fiddling with his phone to answering questions. those about to ascend tend to wave or smile. or give a thumbs up in lieu of words. sometimes the waiting journalists have to settle for a picture of the luminaries above. like south carolina governor nikki haley and the four elevators reque >> it's kind of like the elevator version of the shell game. you don't know which elevator he's going to come out of. >> heaven help the shooter. if there's two elevators at the same time and it's one and four you are like which way do you know. >> reporter: even when it was only the one and two arriving simultaneously, the crews almost missed rudy giuliani. c span is now streaming the elevator cam live. and though it's not as cuddly as the panda cam, you do get variety.
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maples to the pizza delivery guy. these superstar elevators shine so bright no wonder judge jeanine pirro is wearing sunglasses. may their golden glow bathe the ceo who elected to use them to reflect before meeting with president-elect. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> michelle: you can follow us on all of our social media platforms. say hi on facebook or twitter or our facebook page you can see us streaming live because we're about to do a pretty big interview right now. so you can watch behind the scenes stuff then watch us right here and you might recognize this handsome man. we are so excited to welcome r & b superstar ginuwine to the show. [ applause ] we clap for you. i should stand up. we're so excited to have you here. it's been a long night for you.
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yet so we really appreciate you being here. >> i can't come to vegas and not come in. >> krystal: every time you come you got to come back to the show am fasz how this works. obviously, i mean, you blew us away in '96. of course it's your breakout album, pony. i you may have heard it. but there are so many songs. >> michelle: you are a multi-platform winner. we had a jam out session before you got here today listening to some of the old >> krystal: i thought that song was about me. [ laughter ] >> it was. >> michelle: so does every other woman. >> krystal: your hit's 20 years old. let's talk about pony for example. but yet it is still breaking hearts. it still resonates with people. i mean, magic mike, you know-- >> that brought it back. >> krystal: what does it mean to you as an artist to know that your fans are following you so strong. remember all the words to your
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because, you know, for me back in '96, well actually it was written in '94. it came out in '96. just to see, you know, people reciting the lyrics and roving everything about it just lets you know how work pays off. and i stayed in the studio all the time and maybe my first four cds i wrote 90 percent. refreshing and a blessing and i look out in the sea of people and, you know, they're reciting my lyrics. >> krystal: you said you wrote a lot of your own stuff. i mean, really to hone every bit of the craft. writing it, being involved with it. that's what's helped you? >> you stay on top and stay in the studio. my brother always telling me we got to get back to work. but, you know, like i said it's just been a blessing. you know, when i am doing my shows now it is a good problem
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because they only get 45 minutes or 60 minutes. and i have about three hours. so that's a good problem. >> michelle: let's talk about festival happening this weekend. what's it about and what can people expect. >> everybody can come out. me and keith sweat and drew, we tour a lot together. he is like a big brother to me. it's always great to see the people that you came out so we always maintain to be friends and, you know, we try to help each other. we just came from overseas in africa and all that. that is a great thing for me would be touring after 20 years. just came from kenya and australia and going over to japan. >> michelle: that's why you are tired. you just came back from traveling. >> absolutely. >> krystal: you can connect with all these folks globally.
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just lets everybody know to me back the days that's when your label really took care of you and made sure that you are a global artist. you know. and, you know, that's what allowed me to go to russia and, i mean, everybody. everywhere. sweden, switzerland. just everywhere. >> michelle: now your fans are coming here to watch you. let me give everybody the information. this is happening at the las vegas soul festival tomorrow, november 19th. 8:00 p.m. at the hard rock. tickets are for sale. and mike eps. i'm going to propose a residency right now. i'll go. let's work on that. >> we're going do that. >> michelle: thank you so much for coming on our show. we really appreciate it. >> krystal: this is a highlight for us. >> shout out to armstrong. >> michelle: we'll be right back. stay with us >> tom: thanks to everyone who took part in tom's trivia challenge. the answer to the question is...
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pred seso and served the silver state in washington from 1918-21. one person chosen receives a mike eps vip experience package, meet and greet, dinner for two and event t-shirts. go to the twitter page at the end of the show for the name of the winner. thanks for watching and for
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taking a look at top stories today. metro looking for the driver of a car that left the scene of a deadly three car crash yesterday. this happened at torrey pines. police say the driver lost control crossed the median and was hit by a truck on the passenger side. the passenger died.
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into custody two more people for animal cruelty against 15 exotic animals. the couple had a license to keep some of the animals which includes lions, tigers and panther but there was also a fox in the home which is against the law. in this case just days after a texas woman was arrested in pahrump with tigers and monkeys in her home. the governor's office of economic development approved millions of dollars in tax abatement for six companies looking to move or expand business. that means more jobs and opportunities for people in our economy. the biggest is expansion for a distribution center in north las vegas. that's all we have today. but we have some cooler weather
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>> lucas: no, i get it. i do, i get it. you don't have to apologize. you don't even have to tell me what the emergency's about, just tell me you're gonna be okay. perfect, that's all i wanna hear. all right, well then i'll just call you-- call you later. i gotta go right now. >> kate: oh, really? you're not even gonna talk to me?>> >> kate: well, honey, for a man the woman of his dreams, you don't look very happy. don't tell me there's trouble in paradise. >> lucas: no, no, everything's fine. sorry to disappoint you. adrienne and i are great. if i have a look on my face right now, it's 'cause jennifer just called me and said that she and jj can't make it to the wedding. >> kate: oh, no. what happened? >> lucas: it's jj's first day back at work and he doesn't feel like he can take


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