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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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backlash. a man breaks into a pizza shop without any clothes. what police say this birthday suit bandit got away with. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm latoya silmon. this is a followup story t a just before 7:00 sunday night, a van hit 19-year-old santiago miranda. it happened as he walked in a travel lane on southbound i-15. >> troopers say the 55-year-old female driver tried swerving to miss him but it was too late. he died at the scene. his brother had no idea why he would be out walking on
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against the 55-year-old driver. police say they were forced to open fire on an 18-year-old after they say he tried to ram his car into a metro officer. the confrontation came late last night near bonanzo and nellis. metro says officers tried to talk too daniel prichard after he didn't pull over for a traffic stop. that's when metro said he drove toward the officer who was forced to fire at him. prichard was not hit and was arrested after. new information in the murder of two people found dead police say a man that's 23, his name is shane valentine is a person of interest in the murders of neil coughman and sidney land. detectives say they knew each other. valentine is in police custody accused of shooting at neil's home nearly three weeks before he and land were found dead. cen records show he texted death
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the ground. news 3's sergio avila shows us just how many officers are being hired. >> sheriff joe lombardo got to the point when asking the commissioners to approve a .1% sales increase to hire more officers. >> it's no secret that las vegas in particular is a target. >> reporter: a target for terror. lombardo says las vegas is the city that can and should do more to protect itself. >> obviously, i can't you 100% prevention associated with the terrorist event. but i can provide you a better service to mitigate if an event takes place. >> reporter: lombardo says the strip corridor has been underserved and wants to focus officers on the area visited by 40 million people each year. 68 officers beef up patrols on the strip and downtown las vegas. 199 officers will supplement the coverage area.
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officers while north las vegas will welcome 18. boulder city and mesquite will get two new officers each other. commissioners passed the measure unanimously. >> i got calls from mr. wynn, sheldon adelson, mr. sin nantra, mr. smith amongst others. all emphasizing how important this was. >> he says sales tax increases have been debated in clark county since 2005. would be the last time he asked tax payers to pay a higher sales tax. >> it would be the last referenced sales tax. the legislature has no desire to increase sales tax past 8.25%. and that will get us to 8.25%. wins you start to go higher than that, that has an effect on your residents. >> reporter: the sheriff said they will begin the application process for these new hires but
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year. he says he's hoping within two years that he can be fully staffed. sergio avila, news 3. an update to the request for an nfl team. the last domino fell into place for the proposed stadium that could be the new home of the raiders and the unlv rebels. the county commission approved the room tax hike that would fund the project and expand the expansion center. the vote passed 6-1. cosi holdout. what's next? the nfl has to decide whether to let the raiders move from their home in oakland to southern nevada. production of recreational marijuana will soon be up for grabs in nevada. the question now will pot suppliers be able to keep up with the demand. marijuana becomes legal in our state january 1. that means eventually, the demand for weed will grow when over the counter sales begin in 2018.
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capacity. when laws kick in, their plan to supply recreational pot that call for expansion and that's up to regulations the state has likely to develop. >> we're hoping the legislators will recognize the fact that the black market will serve the people looking to buy it and that product is not lab tested. it's not approved. >> he says marijuana suppliers are hoping for a fast turnaround time on the new now to national headlines. a utah high school put on lockdown after a 16-year-old stabbed five students. the stabbing happened at a high school about an hour south of salt lake city. all five victims were boys stabbed once. their injuries range from fair to critical. a school resource officer took the 16-year-old suspect into custody. police have yet to determine a motive for the attacks.
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will rogers airport in oklahoma city resuming operations after an active shooter killed the father of a kansas city chiefs football player. winchester confirming his father is the victim of this bizarre shooting. win chest her's agent calling this tragic and senseless gun violence. the gunman was found dead in the airport's parking garage about two hours ago. today on capitol hill, on top after reb novations -- renovations, the dome is ready to be seen. it was bad. there were 1300 cracks in the iron structure. workers removed hazardous material, upgraded materials and used 1200 gallons of paint on the rotunda and that dome. senator harry reid stood on the senate floor and lashed out
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america's 45th president. the democrats have been silent and reid been one of trump's harshest critics. trump pulled off nothing short of an upset. but he still says the real estate tycoon is not fit for office. >> i say to donald trump, take responsibility. rise to the dignity of the office of the president of the united states instead of hiding behind your twitter account and bullying and bigotry have no place in the white house or in america. >> trump has promised to reach out to all of america. his supporters rejected criticism as unfounded and say americans sent a message last tuesday when -- that they want change and they say trump will deliver. some big las vegas names now part of the presidential transition. sheldon adelson and his wife,
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president-elect trump's committee. adelson is one of the ceos of sands gaming. wynn heads up wynn -- wynn resorts. a major airline goes a great distance to say thank you. >> why thanksgiving came early for one small town in alaska. >> and a woman arrested in pahrump after investigators discover tigers and monkeys home. you will hear from the neighbors who sounded the alarm. and southern highlands is coming in at 62 degrees outside. we're all in the 60s at this hour and get ready for some chilly weather. we have a cold front that will be moving through starting through tomorrow. how windy will it get.
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dog, dog, dog.
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who lost his pants as he tried to steal money from a meet za shop. baltimore county police say the burglar broke into a pizza shop through a vent in the roof. now, apparently, he ripped his parents as he did that. you can see the man scrambling through the store in his birthday suit trying to break into cash registers ba he couldn't get in. he did thousands of dollars in damage but didn't get any penny for his effort. two government officials from west virginia lose their jobs after a f viral. many are calling this post racist. a message posted on a county's official facebook page reads "it will be refreshing to have a classy, duel, dignified first lady in the white house. i'm tired of seeing an ape in heels. ." the mayor said, "that the made my day." both officials either resigned
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the. it's not something you would ever expect to see in your neighbor's backyard. we're talking about tigers and monkeys with nothing but a 4-foot fence holding them in. >> the woman living in the home picked up by police because of search warrants that were out of the state of texas. denise rosch now talks to the neighbors. >> reporter: neighbors say the cats had not been at the home for long, maybe a week. but if you take a property, you can see there are no large fences or large cages of any kind. and that, according to law enforcement, is a problem. this is a picture of 34-year-old trisha meyer posing with some of her animals. but here in pahrump, neighbors have seen more than photographs. >> i have seen them walking back and forth. >> reporter: jeff saw is the big cats from across the street.
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you. they were her pets. but they are wild. their national instinct. >> reporter: he says while he didn't call 911 about the tigers, he's glad someone else did. last week, meyer was arrested after sheriff deputies came to herhouse and discovered she was wanted for felony theft out of texas. she had also been charged in that state for child entertainment for allowing tigers to roam free with her 14-year-old daughter. it during her pahrump arrest, protective custody by law enforcement. according to police, eight monkeys were found in the home. >> don't know what she was thinking. >> now while nye county investigates possible charges near in nevada, neighbors are relieved the tigers are gone. jeff says the cats were at least double the size of his akita, taz. >> you have to have a special permit and they have to be
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then you have to have a perimeter fence. >> reporter: denise rosch, news 3. >> an investigation underway after someone trashed american flags on brown university's campus during a veterans day event. video shows a young woman dropping a handful of american flags, flags that had been put in the ground for veterans day ceremonies. the person who took the video tried to put the flags back this man says during the ceremonies, insults were hurled at service members. >> i'm actually kind of sad. i've seen too many people go home under the flag. so to see it just discardrd that way, just to see it trashed that way, really frustrates me. >> brown says the destruction is in opposition to the school's values and any standees -- who destroyed the property will be disciplined. american airlines takes a
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here is the story. last month, the plane made an emergency landing in that small town on the way from shanghai to chicago. american says the people living in coldbay, alaska went out of their way to make the passengers stranded feel welcome. as a thank you, the airline bought turkeys for the entire town along with fixings. >> i think that the people of alaska are so in tune with aviation that these events they take in stride and they do everything they can to help out a people. >> well, how small is coldbay? the census has the population listed at just more than 100. >> i thought my mom lived in a small town. three new zealand cows are back on land after an earthquake. a farmer and some helpers got the animals. they said the cows were
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new zealand's 10 million cattles easily outnumber the 4.7 million people. all right. chloe beardsley is our weather authority and she says take note because tomorrow, well, we saw the lights light up to signal the season and tomorrow the temperatures are going to match. >> the temperatures are going to be the same as today but you will notice the winds will be wild in the afternoon. so if you are putting up the lights earlier, actually maybe hold off it will be windy or at least make sure everyone is tied down very securely. outside we're calm before the stormy weather. this afternoon was another phenomenal day all across southern nevada. you can see really clouds streaming in across the area. we saw another beautiful sunset in las vegas this afternoon and tomorrow, it's going to be bumpy. take a look at that. absolutely gorgeous conditions. we're at 73 degrees right now
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now. currently near buffalo and lake mead also at 60 degrees right now. so cooling down very nicely this evening. temperatures, you can see ranging from the upper 50s for the blue diamond area all the way to the upper 60s in sunrise and now at 73 degrees in henderson. winds are calm. we're all in the single-digit category. we'll add quite a few digits to these numbers by tomorrow. pahrump coming in overton, 62 and primm at 70 right now. we're tracking the movement of this cold front. you can see it right here already moving through portions of northern california and northern nevada. it will pick up our wind speeds starting tomorrow morning. we mean it when we say batten down the hatches. already, the national weather service has issued a wind advisory. you can see for the entire
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and remains in effect through early thursday morning. we're expecting wind gusts across southern nevada up to 40 and 50 miles an hour. that means if you are going to be out on the roadways, you need to be careful. drive slow, expect areas of blowing dust and debris. strong cross winds are expected as the strong winds continue as the system passes through. a little bit of a warning there. get ready for tomorrow. winds will start picking up early tomorrow morning. we've got overnight temperatures in the 50s. not quite asoo 50s this morning. gusts up to 20 miles an hour. tomorrow morning, regionally, temperatures all across the area, it will be another cool night. but we'll get much colder as the week goes on. 52 for overton. the 30s for mount charleston. 44 degrees for pahrump and highs tomorrow will be just like today. but it will be very windy in the afternoon, especially for the las vegas area.
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gusty winds, i'm not kidding, up to 40, 50 miles an hour in the neighborhoods with the strongest winds expected on the edges of town. here is a look at the sustained winds. you can see them picking up more significantly by the afternoon. just be careful especially if you are gonna be commuting home. gusty winds are expected through most of the day tomorrow and continuing into thursday. after that area of low pressure passes through, the cooler temperatures settle in. and i think we can call it cold now. the 30s in las vegas thursday night into friday. after that warming right back up just in time for the weekend. >> all right. so we have one more day of a ton of nice weather and then it gets chilly. >> today is the last day. tomorrow -- >> all right. thank you. a new study shows most americans have trouble sleeping. many often turn to those over the counter sleep aids. >> the experts explain when to use and not to use these drugs.
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golf trick shot off the roof of this las vegas hotel -- when we
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by blocking bacteria to help prevent plaque and tartar. for a cleaner mouth everyone can love. ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple getting the right amount of sleep can be tough. >> making sure you not only
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morning is sometimes just as difficult. >> kim wagner explains the top sleep aids on the market. >> reporter: americans sure have trouble sleeping. a consumer report's national survey just found 20% of all have taken an over the counter sleep medication within the past year. sales of this product have reached more than $100 millional annually. does it work? check it out. ? >> reporter: the commercials promise that good night's sleep. so what is zequel? >> it's an anti histamine. it's been on the market over 70 years. one of the side effects is drowsiness. it's the ingredient that's been added to these pm pain releashers to make you sleepy.
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ingredient you will find in zequel but for 1/10th of the price. products carry warnings and -- >> you could experience day-time dangerousness or confusion, problems urinating, constipation, dry mouth. and this is associated with an increased risk of alzheimer's. >> reporter: consumer reports has these cautions when taking night's sleep after taking it. never drive even after a full night's sleep if you feel drowsy and never mix it with alcohol or other sleep medications. also don't take an extra dose if you wake up in the middle of the night. the experts say you should only take that medication for two weeks tops. after that, you could get into dangerous territory. for more on how to score the best zs and how to move past
7:26 pm kim wagner, news 3. >> some people like to pop a sleeping pill if you go on an airline. jetblue has a deal for you. through tomorrow night, they are launching a sale with airfares under $100 round-trip on many routes. travel is good through march 9th but you will have to pay the baggage check fee. fares are not available on fridays or sundays. >> i never sleeping. i even take my sleep mask. it's time for a look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00. a local state senator turning independent. tonight at 11:00, in hen other words why patricia farley is knowing nan partisan. and how a pair of pooches
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and a golf truck puts the laws of physics to the test. it happened at the local top golf at the las vegas trip. brian brothers launched a ball from signature tower number 2 off the mgm.
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?? tonight, the making of the sexiest man alive. >> bring the sexy. >> bring the sexy. >> the rock snagged this year's honor, but we're revealing why he was chosen. >> i ave to change jasmine'' diapers every morning, but i would do it in a way thht's
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blake. >> blake shelton? >> yeah. that fellow. >> what she's only telling "e.t." about their love story and how he rescued her from the pain of divorce. >> blake shelton for kissing me back to life. >> plus ocean's 11 star matt damon revealing the all-female ocean's 8 movie. the cast is phenomenal. >> here's the question, will he make a cameo? >> and -- ?? ?? >> we are first with new kids on the block and paula abdul after their big tour announcement. >> we're bringing in joy, love and happiness back to the world. we're bringing the happy back. >> now for november 15, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight?" dwayne johnson is "the sexiest man alive.? it was just announced this morning, but we knew last night before it became official. >> we knew and he knew, but the rule of sexiest man alive is you never, ever, ever say a word until "people" magazine make the


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