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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 14, 2016 4:00am-4:29am PST

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are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. >> a special prosecutor? >> i don't want to hurt them. i don't want to hurt them. they're good people. >> the president elect and immigration, gay marriage and much more. president obama will hold a press conference today ahead of an overseas trip to calm jittery world leaders over a trump presidency. new zealand is rattled by a major earthquake. >> paris marks one year since the deadly terror attacks that took the lives of 130. the historic super moon. and much much more on a very
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good monday morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm frances rivera. and this morning we're hearing from president-elect donald trump in the first major interview since the election, speaking to cbs's 60 minutes, he revealed surprising pivots on some of his most controversial campaign pledges, including the repeal of obamacare, the building of the mexican border wall, gay marriage, even locking up hillary clinton. >> are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> would you accept a >> for certain areas i would. certain areas a wall is more appropriate. i'm good at this. this is called construction. >> do you support marriage equality? >> it's irrelevant because it was settled in the supreme court. it's done. >> even if you appoint a judge -- >> it's done. you have these cases have gone to the supreme court. they have been settled.
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repeal and replace. when you replace it, are you going tomake sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. >> you're going to keep it? >> very much try to keep it. >> special prosecutor? >> i don't want to hurt them. i don't want to hurt them. they're good people. i don't want to hurt them and i will give you a very, very good and definitive answer the next time we do "60 minutes" together. >> now, the interview came after five consecutive days of anti-trump protests across the country. demonstrations, trump say, are being waged by paid professionals. >> some of them are demonstrating right now, demonstrating against you. against your rhetoric. >> that's only because they don't know me. i really believe that.
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campaign. >> i just don't think they know me. >> what do you think they're demonstrating against? >> in some cases you have professional protesters and if you look at wikileaks -- >> you think those people down there are professional? >> some of them will be professional. >> but reports of racism and anti-semitic attacks and acts of vandalism have also increased. here was trump's reaction to those reports and his straight to camera response. that's terrible. because i'm going to bring this country together. >> they're harassing latinos, muslims. >> i am so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it helps. i will say this and i'll say it right to the cameras. stop it. >> and this morning we have word trump has made the first of two key appointments, choosing rnc chairman reince priebus has his chief of staff and steve
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the head of the right-wing website breitbart as his chief strategist. many are praising priebus and others are hitting bannon for his divisive rhetoric and at times racist, anti-semitic posts. republican ohio governor john kasich's adviser wrote, footsteps from the oval office, be very vigilant, america. and harry reid writing, it is easy to see why the kkk views trump as their trump appoints one of the most foremost peddlers of white supremest themes as his top aide. they defend him, saying he wasn't anti-semitic because, quote, he was a managing partner at goldman sachs. >> as for trump's business dealers, he's so far refusing calls to put his company in a blind trust, as previous presidents have. while his trump university looks to delay the hearing that was
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for good measure, though, trump says he will not accept the $400,000 salary the president receives annually. in fact, he's electing to be paid just $1 a year for the job. >> a new poll finds that a full third of clinton backers say trump's election is not legitimate. as for hillary clinton, later today, she's expected to make a brief call to democratic house members and the president will call the democratic national committee as the party looks to find a new headf the nation's first muslim congressman, keith ellison, is in the lead, having received the endorsement of harry reid. while president bill clinton says one of the reasons the campaign lost against trump was due to the fact that his wife's campaign didn't speak to white working class voters in the midwest, clinton placed blame on james comey. she told a conference call of donors, quote, our analysis is that comey's letter raising doubts that were groundless,
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our momentum. >> today, president obama will take his final trip abroad as commander in chief. he's also scheduled to give a press conference just around 3:00 p.m. eastern time. he'll call upon members of the democratic national committee to discuss a path forward for the party after its defeat. the president will fly to europe, spending two days in athens and two in berlin, germany, where he'll try to calm leaders after criticizing president-elect trump. then, over the weekend, obama will attend a summit in peru to discuss the future of international trade, an issue donald trump loudly campaigned against. >> residents in new zealand are shaken up after a powerful earthquake hit the country killing at least two people. the city devastated in 2011 when an earthquake happened there, killed 185 people.
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today. but the country's prime minister warning the death toll could rise. rescue workers are helping those closing to the epicenter where landslides have blocked roads and a tsunami warning has been lifted. >> wildfires raged overnight in seven different states. some of the largest ones are in georgia, north carolina, where some residents have been forced to evacuate over the past couple days. authorities suspect arson has the source of many of th have been made in kentucky and tennessee. however, extreme drought conditions are providing ample fuel for the flames. more than 5,000 firefighters and support staff from around the country have poured into the southeast to help fight the fires. and just ahead, marking one year since the paris terror attacks at the bataclan theater and around the city of lights, details including sting's moving performance. >> first, bill karins with a look at the weather and an
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northwest, didn't get a good view because of the storm and the rain, but the pictures on social media, it was incredible shots. obviously the arch there. this is the closest it's going to be until 2034. this is the cloeest it's been in a generation. 70 years, so it is special, and what a sight it is. it's setting now on the horizon. if you have missed it and you're not in the northwest, go run outside quickly and take a quick look. the pacific northwest has had all t the clear air is all down to the south, medford southwards is where we have clear skies. we're going to keep the rainy forecast throughout the day today, even into tomorrow, too, in areas of the pacific northwest. the red is 2 to 3 inches of rain. portland, eugene, through i-5 into northern california where the wet weather is now and will
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northern mountains of california. so supermoon, again, tonight, it's going to look impressive too. >> we don't have to wait until 2034 for the actual moon to come back. >> i saw the pictures on my social media feed. pretty impressive. >> just ahead, tattoos made the difference in identifying a potential cop >> plus, a dicy situation on the north dakota pipeline protest. yaaaaaay!! it's winter. which means the mccaf? peppermint mocha is back at mcdonald's. buy any 5 mccaf? beverages and you get 1 for free when you use the mcdonald's app. yaaaaaay! yaaaaaay!
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whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. shhh! dog, dog, dog. ? i was singing this song ? >> an outpouring of condolences for rock and roll hall of famer leon russell who died in his sleep in his nashville home on
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started his career at age 14 as a nightclub pianist in oklahoma. he went on to record more than 35 albums and worked with everybody from bob dylan to frank sinatra, elton john, rolling stones, joe cocker, and so many others. leon russell was 74 years old. a california sheriff's deputy was shot in what they're calling an execution. 53-year-old david wallace was investigating a suspicious vehicle when he was shot twice at point blank range. that vehicle turned out to be stolen and the suspect who was captured after attempting to steal a woman's purse from a convenience store 150 miles away. machado wasn't initially recognized as the suspect in the shooting, but once in custody, he was identified by his tattoos and a photograph. a motive is still unknown. it was a somber day of remembrance across france, marking one year to the date since paris came under attack, when suicide bombers and gunmen killed 130 people across the
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a wreath and plaque to honor the victims. and sting performed at the bataclan nightclub where people were killed. they vowed to remain strong in the face of terror. >> the north dakota pipeline protest took a violent turn after a man pulled a gun on protesters. a man was driving on a road when he hit a section protesters. there are reports he may have filed several shots in the air. a woman was also allegedly hit by the truck. >> after a weekend of major upsets in college football, we have the new a.p. rankings. last week's second ranked michigan, number three clemson, and number four washington all lost on saturday. they drop to fourth, fifth, and seventh respectively. alabama remains at the top. ohio state jumps into the second
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in today's quick hits, pope francis gave the homeless and impoverished, vip seats to one of his last vatican masses during this holy year. stressing the need for mercy and acceptance. >> michelle obama has the honor of having graced the cover of vogue three separate times. she gave a special exit interview to the magazine before she leaves the white house. look how beautiful these photos are, and artful, too. posing for those beautiful cover shots by annie leibovitz. and he pulled over to help a stranded rider to find out it was none other than bruce springsteen himself. he gave the boss a ride to a nearby bar while he waited for his ride, the two men shared drinks while celebrating veterans day. one of those stories you can't believe, but he has the picture to prove it. >> inflation fears and antsy european leaders over the donald trump presidency.
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clamp down on fake news. landon dowdy is here with more on that. >> happy monday to you. inflation could be just around the corner in the wake of donald trump's surprise election victory. analysts say the dollar is likely to continue its lurch higher and they're pointing to the dollar index which measures the u.s. currency against a basket of others, and the index has been soaring overnight, in ash a, trade is high. in the days before the election, it was hovering around the mark. president obama is off to europe today to explain donald trump to world leaders. he's headed to greece, germany, and peru. he'll be trying to offset fears the countries might have after least week's election. and mark zuckerberg is promising to end the source of fake news on facebook that some critics say may have influenced the presidential election. the billionaire is vowing to weed ought phono stories which seemed to explode with the headlines pope francis backs donald trump.
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zuckerberg said it's extremely unlikely such stories changed the outcome of the election, but he doesn't want then on his site. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead, the elections provided saturday night live with material for its best ratings of the season. we'll have all those highlights next. n apple. it could be great on the outside not so great on the inside. her advice? use a toothpaste and mouthwash that strengthens both. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. to strengthen teeth inside and is better at strengthening the outside than colgate total. crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my whole mouth feel amazing. advance to healthier gums and stronger teeth from day one. my check-up was great. ordinary tissues left dakota's nose sore and red. so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead.
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i'm not giving up and neither should you. >> from kate's hallelujah came dave chappelle. this was his first time as host of saturday night live. it was a ratings record breaker. nielsen said the show earned its highest result so far this season. that's remarkable given all the stuff that's happened throughout the debates and everything. also the first post-election show, and chapelle had this ag donald trump. >> i'm wishing donald trump luck, and i'm going to give him a chance. and we, the historically disenfranchised demand that he give us one too. >> we were talking about this during the break, about that performance by kate mckinnon as hillary clinton and whether or not it was sympathetic or satire. a lot of people were talking about it, especially my friends, discussing whether it was
4:23 am
we were hearing about it. if you were watching, you were hanging on, where is the ba-da-bum. then you hear the words from chapelle and kate mckinnon. i like the producer's theory that maybe it's a good-bye. >> donald trump will be back for the next couple years. >> whether alec baldwin does it, we'll have to watch and see. also on "snl" rock joined them in a post-election skit that is hailed as one of the best of the night. watch this. >> trump might actually win. >> yeah. >> i mean, of course. what are you talking about? >> i tried to tell them that. >> what is happening? why are women even voting for him? >> yeah, i don't get you ladies. i mean, the country's 55% women. i mean, if the country was 55% black, we would have tons of black presidents.
4:24 am
>> two comedian heavyweights. genius. >> you can see why the ratings went through the roof with that show. >> people are looking for post election relief, some headed to the movies in droves. as you can imagine, dr. strange approaches the half billion mark worldwide, taking the top spot for a second week. a $43 million payday for the superhero flick. the animated feature trolls took in over $35 million, and rounding out the top three, arrival. it debuted with an estimated $24 million. great movie for the box offices all around. we have been talking about trying to get to the movies. did you make it this weekend? >> the holiday season is coming up, have time. >> just ahead, winter weather is headed your way quickly. we'll tell you where and when next. >> plus, a new study finds sleeping with your partner could be bad for your help. we'll explain. shapes and sizes. with eight times more fragrance control, the air wick? scented oil warmer
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welcome back. the travel map looks great. looks great most of november. we're watching rain in areas of the pacific northwest this morning, but the story moving forward is the chance for snow. and maybe heavy snow in the days ahead, especially in areas of the rockies and even as this is where we could see upwards of 6 to 12 inches in the dakotas and montana. great for ski resorts. heading for that time of year where the mountains will start getting a lot of white stuff. >> tampa bay buccaneer mike evans is refusing to stand for the national anthem. he explained, i don't want to disrespect the veterans. i'm forever indented to them, but the things going on in america lately, i'm not going to
4:27 am
evans said he will continue to sit for the anthem as long as donald trump is president-elect. >> medical news this morning. a new study providing some reassurance to arthritis suffers looking for pain relief without side effects. celebrex is not risky for the heart. it was taken off the shelves 12 years ago, but some doctors are two thirds stopped participating in the study, and no placebo group was tested. >> how was your sleep last night? did you sleep okay? >> not bad. >> if you didn't get a good night's rest, you can blame your partner. and pretty much to resolve it, don't sleep in the same bed or the same room. it could be bad for your health, your mood, even your looks. that's according to a new study. researchers say it's rare for a
4:28 am
habits. in fact, 29% of people say sharing a bed is the reason they don't get enough shut eye, so poor sleep can increase risk of depression, heart disease, strokes and have negative effect on the way you look, your skin. that's why experts now recommend sleeping in separate rooms to help you get a peaceful night. so pretty much, i guess, when you have our shifts -- >> very interesting. >> if you have our sleep patterns and shifts, it's either a good peaceful night, or put up with divorce. >> peoe this new bbc trailer. check this out. watch as the bear walks up to a tree and breaks into what looks like a dance for a promo for the documentary series. the grizzly bear is just scratching his back, but film team says they got way more than they bargained for. you have to love that. i love animal video. all right, thank you very much for joining us. i'm ayman mohyeldin.
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we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> dana: trump transition. the president elect names his chief of staff. what donald trump had to say in his first in depth interview since the election coming up. >> kim: peaceful protest. locals going to the strip to protest against the president elect. several people were arrested and t w fabulous las vegas strip. we have a roundup of what happened this weekend and what to expect today. plus -- >> dana: a mother's pain. she lost her two boys and the man police say was responsible is not in jail yet.
4:30 am
good morning. thanksgiving is next week. >> kim: reality check at 4:30 in the morning on this monday. speaking of reality check with how busy we were in town. i hope you or someone you know not caught up in the parking garage at the airport this weekend. three hours for some people to get out of short >> dana: let's find out what is happening with our weather this week. big changes coming. >> kelly: it's going to feel more like thanksgiving. temperatures still going to be mild today. lots of sunshine across the area. at 9:00 a.m. 67, 75 by lunchtime and at 4:00 we're looking at 77-degrees. we're going to talk about the


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