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tv   Today  NBC  March 2, 2016 2:07am-3:00am PST

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ls>> asto juen extbyded ul popar ma dend. a >>hend s m's ar othewoof t. sh se'llowit dthn wifo us o r tw ensegmts. t no bone,wout t. he>> tst fire timwishe e ll b si g ttin idownlon a imng te. d annethe bwestanoy batd th wi etll g y the goung hirlss eart vi elras du ant'st rtisheof t mo , mentthand erey w ie an hoda apickle whik. bac eythou w bldsie inngthg r ei te lainst sgle. lu>> pr s oundfrien ryat scotis t inithe k.chen ghe'sg ivin lus ae ittlr suga te lar. >> h witiewill. on>> culgratnsatioth on y e bo .band [ htlauger ] ha>> wndt kico of s okieare th ey? ro>> butwn bsater cltedw ashe chand atocolipe ch. so d. goo we ma'll t ke i tstepepo st. m creasuand agar,hall trot, bwn tt buer. re gallyood. od>> hn a ca ihavehot, tugh? y >>i es, hacan t ve iall. >> y, okad. goo
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d anysalwaea an aysy d m fore to mbremeecer b oausef ne omy vo fa pritee eoplhein tir ente d worlbowas n rn o dthisay. wa i o nt thasay 90ppy th hdbirto ay tonmy sod's gerfath, an stmoley ore. ca sn wehaee tctt piofure ? him ok lohi at m. he oo ld kekeliha ttht dae i y t mem hi y35rseago a. c>> i ban'tveelies he'91. h >>sue's bch aifeautul, et l hican humag.bein vei lo m thean. i >>me've m t hirasevemel tis at hyour.ouse fi ofrst , all she'scho mu, fun p shar tas aack. >> st he plill sqays .uash en ajoystl litnoe vie onc in a e.whil ha>> thot's rw weoll. >> nl stai ey, yloveou. >> . aah t soishis et som whingvee lo, o. to ssomeodomeb wy --sohen dymebo co bames ndck are is edunith wit r theilyfami. f >> iwayou tntedndo fie tru ve lois, thit is ht rige. her 7so ar--yea aold, flex,rom vi iargin r wasy eallinmisss g hi dad. 's hen beeoydepln ed inathe vy
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uphim . keta l ak oo wathahat edppen. >> on i dno't k yw ife ou'ry read eato h.r it >> t? wha che'sg omin?home i >>'t donw. kno wh o at dthyou ink? o.>> n w >>dohat t you hhinks e hato te oull y? d>> ion't ou>> y't donw? kno if c youhian tf nk osuone serpri hein tle whold worat, whld wou b ite? im>> hin commeg ho. ad>> d hdy'some. >> t whahedid ? say o >>y h, m.gosh si'veiteen ee thres tim i andt il sttsl geme to . >> e likingettdeg une r thrscove th wink twianies bbd soing. is itn't ? kwhatind.
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ceoffir. d anknyou haow wlot i o ve s , muchkithe dnd dive't elkn ta. 's het juse -- hg cluntafor ker -- ng clu d forliear fe. ju rest ps.ciou ea>> bulutif. s >>'lo wet l puinyou oo a gd od mo. ouif ype hap bn to -e in- >> t thameput a in mgoodood. ug[ la ]hter th arese are te js ofoy. o >>kay. so -- wthato as stibeauful. >> re we'ni ruiurng oeu makthp wi cj.log ominon. o >> dreyou ermembol i tu d yo at thar my s m wainhurt?g me >> , yesusbecau e yo take ieselfs. y >>noou katw whis it ? m i'lfa seakie ter. nti wakn to f ow ineanyoe elsis tt geteing ennis flbowtarom king ieselfs. d annoi'm ddt kiing. ndi wof er i kyourarids e tt geiting . i stakenyo maay a dha, i d to t goe o thordoct h andide sa any re edpeatio motn.
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, likemyoh, , god kthat millse. wso ir ondenyif aelone s se i ingettnng telbis eroow fkim tang lf seies. ju etst lkn me ow. >> o let pthere eopl ytakeour pi e.ctur t >>s hat' iwhatoi'm go ng tdo. t but i beyothe kiung ilds wl thave phumbemrobld s anw elbo leprobms. nd>> aia socobl pr.lems >> wa anyoyy, jth to rle wod. l alt.righ so ah oprfr wins ey ig doin thsomecoing ol. sh aue's nictioffng oot a l of f stuf hfromloer conset y. eba >> e lik--too e likit250 ems. o >> scayou y n bugsthin. no hw, i aeardor rumt thashe we s ar a 1sizeoe0 sh i andr wea -- t >>mahat odde hppa hay. >> au bec wse ia ear 2.9 1/ so i memetiars we0 a 1too. is thck blan gow 1sizet'6, is adalre ey onfobay 20r $10. an okd lohe at sr 10loize uie it vuton. o >>eth, gse tho.
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u yo tneed, hose.hoda l >>hoook hw --omow cnee no of he ufr st lf isscike d uffeup? s >>orhe weme thba proonbly ce. ow>> hut aboli a sp. sl a roip fram oph. >> la a bheck shier tisn wat .band a >>llnd a p theedroce ts goo he adr leipershde acan my ih sout caafri. an e d thioauctdsn ench marh. 10t >> g youo et tpothe inint e lif d anreyou'e, likav i h wen'torn th n at i yfive aearsomnd sy ebod wo lould have tt. s wed hoult,do i. too l>> ithike ine th hgs iliave ke th shese oes. h >> loda,thove ese drs. lyreale love thoss.shoe 'v>> itee liy rallthhad ese sh fooes ghr eiart yed s ani and tlovehem. th e ey'ravmy fesorit. a >>hind t ts isrehe douss y wo n re is.vega y >> m dj.lo.ress wei'm g aringait ain. >> i andtit's me. c >>o ome daaman. >> e tim"tfor ache br.helo" y >>e ou're quitsuthe tapersr. ev oderybvey lou.s yo
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t'>> ipas a n.ssio l soniast thght owe she mad elbachisor h, tory?okay th s is irtimpobeant e caus this hyis w. er ths e haysalwan beean itunwrruten hale tent wh the s girlt starayto slo "i ouve y" to b theloacheher, t ny'reot su edpposre to d,spony' there su edpposst to agay vndue as it' t nol untifithe tnalethhat ey ca prn exthess feeir gselin. brben thoke lee ru. atakek looisat he dat with enlaur. i>>m ampcotele ilylon wveith yo u. i >>kn've i'own lm inwiove th yo r u foila whs e, a.well i >>e lovyou. i >>e lov tyou,oo. ha>> tcrt's azy. ka>> oy.
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he otrlr giils stftl le. so n theadhe hgo to a on date nethe ayxt dh wit, jojoinknowg t heanold r othe hgirlvee lod r. he so 's letk looerat he. dat >> o i d yloveanou, atd th's ir weatd thus i jidt sat tha usbecavee i'n beeerso tedrifi ou abyit sahang tt. i t don' twantino thouk abatt wh ouit we ld b tlikeseo lo. you oj>> j lo, iyoove oou, t. w >>hat? >> o. i d >> y arellou a towedy o sa?that >> ay todth is ste be o day f my .life i' hm so.appy rei'm hally.appy i >>'t donw knoyohow n u cabe in e lov twithomwo wbuen, t i . am ti>> snell ogo to ? >> o, no, no. n
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jwhathaust edppen? >> h i'm tappy--hat is chr rr ha sisonthaid owe shla appuds hi r m fonglivith in mee mont. onbut te of ghose iirlsins gog b tovae deedstat. ir>> fimst tdie i ldn'tbeike n. rs fimet tir. eve d >>heoes t wanicamer ha toate hi m? >> j andisojo o theitne we h th hebrotrs. >> i oh,e lovbrthe rsothe. t >>wihey eall bm t hiup. d >>e id hitsay in aga t, ishere a d thironpers? h >>isere t the ghirdirl. he s didheend mer ho. e sh'tdidne d heotid n h sayvee lor.s he s soethe g ts inarhe c. bu att whik i lboed aerut h, e' shkes lit wainua mii te, have so ueme qnsstio. shand goe bat ock outthf cae r d annfcontrohis anm d says did you know this whole time? be e caus ithise s thasfanty su e itisepe.od so k who wnowshahat edppen in th nte fasuasy ite. s >> i tthatndhe e?-end >> nd ahe sed cri w heromay he. e'so wowre d tn towohe tls gir. o whoudo ynk this he'g gointo pi ck?
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oranyme. he>> wu n yo hhearalim te k, h ke lis putonher ed a pl esta e wherlwhe ataays ablks heout r sa syingethe l bs mesee mylf. h >>sse kiered hg rinerfing. t isn' wthathehat ? did le>> pdoase ten't e ll mreyou' yi pahang tost cltee atn.ntio >> de sudbenly e causn'i doket li nohim tew af sr he"iaid e lov yo o u" tgitwo rls. av>> hu e yo beverineen e lov twitheowo patple s theame ti me? >> i no nhaveot. i >> ps itblossie? >> sa he t'ys isss po.ible i >>nk thire thelu is t st athe sa imme tute, bon i dhi't tnk th isere e. lov >> e i'v ibeenstn luh wittwo pe . ople us>> l ot iskay. h,>> oh. yea w >>vee hage to ret heau becse ithisg s bi tfromrohe bo nx t ga veabs, by. sh ae'lls lway fbe airly gl. ifjennoper litez swns doh witus gh ritet afisr th. a can hptoot dasteevo hierytelng w l? cthis wleanikas lw!e po ddit a teds hiheot rleofvel le citan to . j itndust kike..a lied.wiper ev cything.lean 6x c inleang
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6x te whining i alactullly realiy he 2ke tps ste. , step 1nsclea 2stepen, whits. er evme iy ti t usehis ertogeth fel, itket li... .lea.. tvingnthe defiist ofce. t hdcres. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening ul i wochd switcres to hdt wh over asat i wng b usie.efor er thmoe's a oyre enj wayable tourget yo. fibertr illiy phfips' odber goes gummius e ply nergorsuppt. it's ew a n s fiberenupplemat t ths helpt supporriregulaty d anudesinclit b vtoamins helpert conv tfoodgyo ener. m,mmmmse a theoore gd! ni ork,ce wll phiips! e thsitasty f fide ober, pfromips'hill. idd k youthnow s ere'uga co h ldiqui thlaat fosts wer t hlve?ours detry lsymwe tholve ouur c gh idliqu . adits edvancmu forella rseasepo fuwerdil me tcineachat asts f t
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rytsy del m . i take ptuicofres un ss,rise t bu mwithbay aick pn uli co'tdnep sle d ant gen up imeti. i fthen aoundm.leve p aleve pm is the only one to incomba e ssafeeple aid plus th oue 12 hin rr pavielie ng thstrengalev of e. ba i'm ck. ev alore pm fette a b.r am pet ntmomebes are l,autifu leun hss youleave als.rgie th our en yesey may see it differently. f only ilonaseprovs apoed tev reli ie both, tchyte wasry eye an ngd co.estion noer othal nasergy allay spr cany sa.that wh bren we e ineather allurgens oes bodict b reay ov roer p sducing ix keyflaminrymatoan substatces th e caussympour . toms llmost ailergy pnly ls oroconte l onncsubsta e. asflonroe s an isd six ater gren thaone. mp co aleteerllelgy rf ieinor mpco. lete yolet eurdeyes deci.
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if re the a wase nyondiwho d no edt nein an uctrod, tion it's lthisy oveln woma whereusith . nn je lifer.opez ibacknun ja wary,uge cap ht u hwithn er oopher g enint nighat pl hanetwoollyhiod wasch wt jus ndextehred t doughbeecemr. o >>urf cot se iwas. b>>y popular demand. s >> ahe'sbulso udsy j tginghe th 15 f and sinaln easoof "a camerioln id." nd>> ath if nat'snoot e ugh, s she' oalsof ne ostthe anars d utexecprive eroduc ts ofewhe n nb amc drhaa "sofdes e. blu" ic whsth ju p gotd ickeorup f a se scondn.easo ta akeoo lk. >> ee i nu d yo ktop eee th mmcomeit tntt hau yodemao t me
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mo re. as i toked r wea wthatire. i' inll ft d ouevwhathier tb s jo is wa or ws ifakozniid decotes n o to dit. do won't rry. ll i'e takdohim wn. s >> ghe's toingkeo tani wozak do wn. ha "sofdes e" bluon is e. fir >> nk tha. you i >> fs ito un t lbe ae ittlbit di rty? >> is it . ug[ la ]hter it so is . fun u yo kguysabnow thout at. w >>.e do t byayhe wy , rataliotha, i te m hii but hloveim. h >>sue's gch a areat.ctor is>> hs. eye i >>w, knos he'ntso i.ense er evy ybod masksnde, al i'l , like ihe'ssenten. heand h wasreere lycentd , an he o 's s fmuchooun t. h >>a e's y funnguy. rp sungrisiau bece'se h s so
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h >>s e waintalkoug abe t thshow yoand d u anaihe s ld he oved ti acppng oe osityou. he d saihayou gve a vreatibe. >> sa he haid t mt toe. ye i ah, plovenglayini tenths wi you. g wecko ba f and, orthavwe he a ranatutil acheng crymist. i t don'.know r ouacchar rtersy eall wjustork to ergethll really we. a >>hand w ct isabool yoout ur ar chrsacteu , yorsunde -tand- stshe oartsinff k -d ofe - sh s wanto to d fgooderor h htdaugnder a l herife. shbut are stipts tngtoeio int dathe idrk se. t'>> isls a ryippepe slo. en evn whehayou oove gd ntinte yionsanou ce makbad oi chsoces memeti s -- >> j andfyustim. the y >> aeah,usnd j ttifyhem. d an ythene ou'r, likeofall a su , ddendihow ged i tt inhis po onsiti. t buini thatk whpl peoowe kn t aboueyharlea alrs dy i that s she'ngtryi. >> h. yea lw>> atrays tying to doighe rht in thd g antisomewemes t jus t.don' a >>itnd werh evngythiyo on ur pl wate,yohen unu fot d ou this piwas uckedr p focoa send as sewhon, waich ass reo on t brcele--ate re we e youstxhaued?
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ug[ la ]hter t no.true i vewas xcry e.ited ca beweuse ke wor hd soonard it. evwe dedelopfo it ker li/2 2 1 ar yes. an wd wed ante- it -newe k w it d coulombe sngethici speal. u yo wknowi hat ?mean whand t en is comethtogender a th apat h -penst,- bu, yesi'm sy but , bu ait'sd goo.busy yo thu put rk ie wod n an you're kalike oy. k >> loo hapwhatd.pene and one of the rare days that doyou han't nyve ag thino,to d wh o at ddoyou ? ha>> w it do do? th noing. vei'm ikry leae swyots, owu kn, ja paopma t t anduzhe foczy sks wi eath honrts m. the th n e buthand me nop.akeu d an li do--ike e andboverydy ma fukes mn ofe. >> ik i le e thakno meup. lo o ve tthsee mae hurtn pa. b >>haut twht's dat io. do i hi notng. g myisoal e like to b twithhe ki ords me. yo owu knt whaani me? l altithe me. >> y andveour regas ncside y is
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it xt's ed,endewe as ll. nti weth on ene opniing ght. >> w yousoere h mucanfun d my m mosohad h mucwifun outh y. n casayou ty hipeo lul rea k?quic >> l hi,upe! an>> csh we erow hci danneng o re moe? tim myouroeom dt s nodosit wn. i siwas g ttin jnearn ustierbieb d anidi sa, , nonti wasi to t next to your lo aokhet r. >> y nownoou kerw whgee i t it .from s >>nohe kvews eorry w ed tovery so ng. >> ry eved worveto eonry sd g an knshe a ows lot. eochorhygrapwe as ll. bu e't sh fs so bunnyseecau she ll ca as mewafterwhrds heen s ge acts bmek ho s ando,he g, jen kii'm f nd oesdeprsed. an m d i' wlikehy? shand ide saau bec cse i an't nc dae e thi way tusedo. b its reakeamy hecrt b sausehe's al twaysifhe l te ofarhe pty. i and nsaidouo, ye werindancg ke lizy cra. yo reu weng goi. off shand lie's noke, ha, i d to ho n ld oheto tli raing.
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b >> kut iwhnow heat sns mea. at wh u youtosed y do,anou c't do mo anys re ageyou det olr. >> y andavou he e thl finaonseas doof il. u yo ahavel fule.plat a >>hend soi's go ng titbe wh us fo e r on smorentegmeda, ho ma won. u yotoget a sittl litnge loer. de"sha bs of ilue"urs ths sdayat :010/9nt0 ceanral u d yocan bi wange tch. >> it do . he>> tir entase sen on oconbc.m. f >>haans eeve been tw ting qu onestio s, swijen till sck ndarouan to .swer >> a andthlso vee fis guywho pe hobe to acomecameriew's nest id ol. >> ll we't mees elvintdura's artist othf moe h ntghriaft r te isth. heuh, icllo geo?...ah yewa, i sts juki talabng urout yo eremy gencadro ssidevierce an hod 'sw itva aleilab4/ 27 thand cen ourrhar oved...eate at wh the arenc chaes? n casendyou ow a t p trucklease? thuh, catie loon? reyou' goi notong tli beiseve th it' but..s um. 's ittr in a ee.
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>> we> av ha e ecspl iaeatrfot r u yoy todausbecar e ou good ndfrieio natranal hodio s st i ba ncck oaie agd n an bhe'shtroug g alon usomed p anngcomiic mus ar stats thth we yoink llu wi ve lo. he>> te y ararhis s tistheof t h montfilos anve, eyd the hava an brw d-neomep couing ryt ve on sole caleed "ms t lofive." d >>u o yo wknowishat gr so eat ab loout ves fier othn thathe ta ?lent 'rtheyaye okki loouyng gs. th reey a e notsiven tgnedo a la yebel t. isths i fasshres aisthet gs. w>>rae inn ytor ounamar ge in e thepsteas ierlr. w heayas sthing t at ienhapped th igat b. heby te tim sthisishow t offhe r, ai's let y get rou ad ecor .deal d >>ibescre e th okindsif muc guyou lays py. o >>kay. e so w ahavech bunel of tsemen. sithe g ngin, partthe in mestru tnts,nghe e, lishthe isspanh. e >> wt do iall. >> fe dif frentrslavoff, dit eren esgenr.
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la [ erught ] w>> itoant y askuyou gs. rn tuun arod. er th je is.lo. j >>.lo. >> t juserwondf ed iweyou re a tt lierle n.vous ow>> nar we e. >> y theedseemal totinly fe a teminu. ago ti>> srock aanund tcd waemh th rf peorm. th e ey'r afromvell oe r thd.worl mi coogng tr ethe.ain l p. tout th baeir ognd tr.ethe ow>> h y dideeou mt? .p>> jd . ant i meolin co.orad we e werg goinivto rigal hh ho scols. t buidwe drun't ton inh eac ot unher wetil e wer ibotha.n l. wa i ts inerheatoo sche l, hs wa m in susicl chooe wherethe m two of g theuys. w >>are stplted g ayin ibarsn ywhollanood gsd gie herand er thnde, aol i tm,d hish we ould st maart akingd bani and teinvi cd myn.ousi ee>> k ip ite n thlyfami. e >>lyxact. a >>hend t ay'res lwayso po vesiti. tiposi ivityats whis it ut abo. yoand esur m wsageeeas k ping bu ngllyi o oute f th shighlschoo
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>> d. goo re i ermembic i ponked ye ofour so ngs. ou>> ye werinplay hg itonere tvthe w. sho an 'vd weene bein makieg frnds e aro radiovall ter phecela. es cipelyalar ihet. ou w r nendfrie. c >> wan'ttoait r heayou. do gon't wh anyere. s lo wfivebeill fo perg rmin r theisonew ng. an 'ld we bl bewiack enth jr nife
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we 't doner undd stan yt an.hing >> re we'be in thd wilo j. ti ealung brieberes. s >>rdo hage to d t riheof tm. ey th i putckt ba. he>> t vy'regoery orod f. you >> ot a llo of pvelye eopl want skto a q youiouestns. >> y. oka e >> w thaveino pot t ou ythatou h doa ave s vegaderesincy. >> o. i d ou>> yon're ad "shf es o,"blue ev hierytasng hn beewerened. dynoboti letoung yt. qui w >> ie'reisn thfy com. bed >> k loo wwhatd.e di y?read >> t' thaces ni. ug[ la ]hter i >> tsn'tschat anary ird wed? l alt,righwe so e hav some tiquesons. ar u e yoy?read oush ildet gp ud an tdos?hi >> t' whapps hag?enin d>> i kon'tnow.
2:34 am
erdiffent. y am tasks hhis,o ow dstyou ay so lt heandhy a? fit 'swhat b theadest ?vice h >>o ow dayi sthe so y althand fi t. yo knu , owm i'keliny adyboe. els ge i ret ti wd ofngorki a outnd i totry r eat.ight an med sos time ai doomnd sesetim n'i dot. d an mi dosty be. nd>> as thideresi--ncy i >>ats thth -- eeat ke ps min sh ape. h >>ucow migh weavht hu e yolost do thing at? he>> wdin i , d itsti loe lik n sevedspoun. mite adbia dig erffceen. >> n whe tdoess hiarstupt ag n?ai m>> 2ayd.2n h,>> oig a bak bre. re heno's a qtheriouestn. , flip, flip, flip.flip >> a whye re wnispint?ng i en whas we e k thtiquesrions ght he re? d>> i won'ttoant u getd p an wn do. salindnty wa ks todonow you jeverpuust urt yor hai in a me bussy ean, ws r pjbiand nge
2:35 am
s >>u o yo'tdidn t seemahe ssh? d web o duhesmasl s altithe me. re i lallydoike meing t andhe ki ds. r fo rsomen easo othatotne g a lo at oftittenecon b iause had h myinair un a b - and- w >>shhat doows b you oingen? b>> i oingemen ho, landngi bie laon bisck lamt, g te ofeshron. n >>ngothi c youatan witch wh e o,>> n n no,o. 'sthater afty' theslre aeep. >> y. oka he s re i amatt--sks ba probly ma autt ler. .lif julo coved haon anyese gut th wi a herr t hevelas shgas ow, wh ulo wo bd ite? wowho yould ntu wawa to n lk o e stag ywithou? >> d andsoo a ng? ea>> yh. p >>blrobauny brrso ma. >> y oh,es. l>> ibrove uno. i' olve tm d hiyefor i'ars kem li avwe h de tomeo sog thin thtogeer. so be may d onet ay i hwilln.appe >> f andanrom f n, idiyou dn't ve ha c ther areehayou whve, at do t you yhinkouou wavld he en be? i >>nk thill stiet som hing ticreave. yb mamee soe typrtof aist. n'i caint pautt, bmy in d min
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'rtheyw e neidliqus. gel yoand cu'reg omin mwithe... reyou izali e vehaol gstd usat? ci musinex manus-qux lielid gs. dissolves fast utoeanl mshax strength medicine. t' led s en.this id (khis laug whng) gat'sn?oing ohh sh! sp ga! u yotogoing t it shun? dow ithislls totag y goinl.virai a gowannal vir. g vigoinral? get bbscrubbing buclles,and ean nfdisiect.20 vie,000ws! wh ?at oh oo, it lclks so in hean ere. hea t artaat dcksnoear't c e ouif yve run eday,ry or if you're young or old. no matter who yoaru e hear a tat at hck canappen without warning. yife ou'vd haa art heckatta, yer a bariaspimen regin n ca phelpvere nt r anotheone. ure be salto touk to ydor befctoryoore nu begi an in aspirimen reg.
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:46 am
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>> er> th ne isngothite betanr th th ele sm cl ofesookiin bak g in ovthe soen, ha we usve je t th g thinatto s yisfyswour eet to oth. >> " oury"todad foo iteams ta ngkiou yac btok as bs icthwi a si lempec re ipatthom c oes ut lideoucievs y erngsi heand o re t ushow os isur fr ciendryhef coan stt. >> lo hel. w >>amhen oi i go ng ta get ?song i' eeve b en on yight.ears w >> he'lltoave k worhaon tt. o >> nsupresre. 'm>> ik bacwoin tks wee. s let' ucomethp wion a sg. u' yootre nna gonit do . >> i no,l. wil ka>> oy. s >>ighe mht. >> s thiy is ms mom'pereci i and ad d aptendit ae madeait rlly fu n. t no mthatm'y mooks coaries e t nofun. homy ps ne ig goinoff. o noil. bu tt in ihesekis baodng sa ow brgan sud r ane whitr.suga gs eglt, saou, flitr, lbitle t of va a.nill sh caisews ki my .cker >> e lovewcashs. nd>> aco cho clate ahipsnd bu .tter
2:49 am
re>> gorat f w theliaistne. yo tu'll thinkishis rd wei. ow brttn buer. ev eaer hf rd o?that th s is ir supey nuttand li des.ciou ke lin whehayou t ve i pwithasta saand n ge iwithe tnterime. t my trickkio marong butwn bter, owmicrthave tte buiter we h th d lion. yo lu'rengookime at ll reay ir wed. o,>> non i dve't et n ge'swhat in go.g on he>> cutck o b ther utter afte mit'sd.elte owmicritave a forut min2 e 1/to o twteminud s an istirt. at th y waye ou'ronnot s thetove tt buer. pit'scterfe i anddot's ne. tdoesmahat enke sse? >> . yes o >> swhnow e at wwedo, by -- e th iway,ot'm t rally feadyor th egis s bmente y thway. >> on i dhi't t- nk -e i .okay b >>nyut a lway, pet'sndrete. l >> pet'sndretes this.mixe th iiseas grt. thsee ule emcasifi.tion la [ erught ] c >> pan iitlug fo in u?r yo ea>> yh. he>> w tre'sluhe pg? i >>'t donw. kno i >>tot's r o fa.down neyou n ed ansextecoion rd. >> lo hel!
2:50 am
>> s youowee hzi amahang tt lo s?ok an thd yen toue ake thowbrn bu ertt. >> ou pitr n. i o >> ssad. ee>> nmed soe. win o >> ssad. s >>eno whlo it nioks ndce a siemul, fiedhosee 'sw it all mycrea? y >>eah. >> n theadyou e d onategg a ti me. d an ythenolou femd th in. d anhosee eyw thmi're xed? an end th g youkeo lis thiitand s look tlikehat. yoand d u adflthe our. ca gn weomet sdie au ence icpartioipatn? >> ah a! o >> s.good s>>i o added baking soda and sa alt tndn headi thd fle erow f --, louritand ks looe lik .this reyou'in ask, g mediwhy u d yo t nothadd oce che olats chipand ca s.shew hego ahoad, da. ai>> what, wt? diwhy u d yoadnot emd th re alady? b >>seecau w youthant o em tbe ni ndce ank chuy. i >>d sai.that
2:51 am
>> this segment is horrible. where.e go s>>yoo duu amp tllt a >>ncnd ou e yo idumpl t alin, yo ldu fo it. ol>> f.d it y >>olou f.d it i >>al've y readyespraisd th. it o 's sreinteg,stin h youave yo anur h yd inpoour .cket as>> wup i sd pose- to - o,>> n'r youppe su tosedt o puit on s theercoope. her y soavou h we toitork ke, ma su oure y i mixt. e tht greag thint abou this pereci m, myevom ner re erfrig tatedouhe dgh. ithist s nocean i d box.ough st inyoead keu tago it e lik .this s >> i tthatnlhe oiny thu g yo ch d ange yfrommoour rem's ?cipe d>> iheid twn brote butd r an t pucathe s shewt in ii and put th lte sait in r andedenam it. h.>> o o >> s ywhato,ou d, nowyocan u y trorone no? >> . yes >> i andw knoreyou' not ngeati -- i >>ot'm nin eateeg swigts rht bnow,orut f - you- m i'a gonn amakecen exn.ptio
2:52 am
ey thso're zi amang. 's itit a lcrtle y unchheon t idoutsd e an'sthatt whageyou t th wi t theugwo sars. twithrohe butwn b yter,etou g e thinnuttaness ltd saed ca s.shew o >> s.good i >>u'f yonlre oiny go hg toave on eee sw yt inliour odfe tay, th s is ionthe he toave. it el's dusicio. >> s it'swtwo .eets tit'soohe cankie and ry. a >>aaw. >> o 8 tin10 m autes0 t 35 eedegrs. or>> fs thipereci m and ore, t tweeus. >> ov lyoe bu,e.ab yif touhink we're cooking now, sewhe wathae cvekeooupd or f ou gir awve.ay >> lm at osansp >> c you bouldwie a .nner t but firs "it'sy"todanb on c. >> he t ase sregoo .od mepet moe nts artifubeau l, un ouless ye al havielergs. en thr you meyes iay seefft ditly.eren ly onnase floap is tprovedlio rebotheve hy itcwa, eyeterys d anescongtion. noer othal nasergy allay spr cany thsaat. en whea we br athe ingensller our rbodiesyeact b er ovduci proixng s key mainflam subtorycestan s that
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2:57 am
nobut 'sw ite timivto g e it .away hi>> t as isngmazie , thernumb of ri ente'es wetre g.ting he>> tze priun is it t's phelihi spskemossleri gll an owd slke coousr pl's, it av laaie bl watliils amnoso, ma r fo, $479phthe s ilipelsmokess gr lill,yoets ilu grfel saly in desill ar yead roun with nimil maoksmane spd ttlainerg. an rid t ghxtneo t, ite thuspl. ait's p oneonot wder. st jugr proheam ter tim i andt tsstarki cooheng wu'n yoware ay d an hcometoome ea a bulutif chomed ooke.meal >> h botgrare preat .izes 'l wendl fi w outheho tne winrs ar e. alookl t ale thesieentrs. mo al1,st 1000. ec>> b iausespt's tankyayuesd. >> pl peokee link spaesy tuday. es>> yis, thjo is fsephliionan om frsa ben plem,ylennsa.vani a >> hnd idaave e rlen from
2:58 am
a >>etnd lee's s. >> ce vinlcnt a fazarsarom , ntee li caiaforn. ve i' a gottennetah banroan fm ss maseachutts. nd>> aav i hroe cangl la ford om fris loue,villtu kencky. ho>> trese aso aweme. co tungraonlatis! smakeyoure teu enair agr n fo wnexts eek'e.priz is>> ltoten s. thi mo to frrow"from r ullee,hous" ve dali couer. >> e lovhim. lu>> ptos acepr stbahen n.ldwi 'sjill f gottuun so ff tyoget u niorgajuzed n st i ftimeor sp .ring >> l andanillilua's r x fo.less >> w and pe'll"wlay neho kw" wi idth ks. so ll we' y seeomou tw.orro t bunofor iw,s t'ansp ky tu daesy. >> no! tei has! thi my si miss on ilesimpto -- make youon mey.
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fi d elr fol alveinorsts. th e'erals ways a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. ad "mey monar" stowts n. y,he'm ira lc wetoome me cra.rica r othelepeopt wanakto m e up fr s.iend m i' tjustg ryinavto su e yo y.mone obmy j't isnt jusntto einerta t bueato touch y. ll caat me 00 1-8-c-743nbc. t or mweetime @jercram. wh xaat e dctlye o ths bull?want 'sthat p thecterfest quetoion k ason a day like today because yo n u ca treadarhe mliket ke a ma fp tothind swe aner. l soe et mmyput to carhegrapr's t handon ala exphein t t maphat mthist arke tusedeao plhese t ll bud s anucgo mghh hihaer tn yb anexody edpect. rodow g arinpo349 , intsups&p naand usdaq89p 2.%. rs fiikt, lnye math of pee sur isbullysh das it'nnbegiing be refoan mway ukep.
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