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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  March 1, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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y dathfor one frnnt ru na se ttorsrued carz, mubco r d anrnbe siedean crsldoull aet gla es so elme desegatay tod i butllt wi benot ug enoleh unhess tn y wi some of the states which cruz dohas n ne i aiowaound cold d in te os a day. >> d reeheo ttmoin fatal bfch o c em lsairo f hmlail rytoclinn's nuteres a stare oryf state has be enasreleed. t akes 0055,0es pagie revwed by s the tatertdepa.ment th wiea nrly 2100 mgeessas nt congainisa meshage tst i siclas tfiedhe fbis iil stl in igvestgatint whe cheronlint br aokeawny lys bs u aing iv prate rvseer. >> ie maros: mf t otitten cthisigampas n ha obeene n thr ta ra orce f w the hhite bouseheut t n fa f te oreconglsss ango ha s in bathe e.lanc r>>d:ee will there be a shift in ow pn er otocapilll hi? re heat's nlionare cordespon jeffhrnd. >> or rep ter: nore sect do ldnaru t impths goe p super tuesday candidate tdo utbspol palitice expayrt s ntheorew yonilli
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ck tietis th pmbnovether, ro re icpublonan cletrolnad se ul cosed lo r its tazor34hin 5 jo rt. >> re thee ar o lot aul vblnera blrepus.icanr_de ke inlly h newhiampstore, mbee eytoompe in lvnnsy, aniamaportina in o. ohi tif i ihinkmef solione ruke tmp re weth at p e toheof tke tictt i d woul lmake eife mven ore icdiffencumbts. >> or rep ter: eandtxperys sad omanye f thop24 gat senwhors de ro w theofave id a mm -ter inwin 0 201t won' ifindsyt ean is the timndarouti t >>yehis hear t ny'reoiot g avto he e th usamelynder ernumbats thpe helemd th geto p in ffto oanice eyd thgo're toing odm f beg acinentremlydoushe hig crdemo taticuturno. r >>teeporasr: re unpabdictle as t the crumpigampan n cabe, so trme sy ategs gistt can' adeny p trumettickno in ervembld cou tu ac hallyseelp inatebencumnts wi ern ov b thecolue sllar wing rsvotete betowr kn tn ashe re daganraemocts. es alpecin ly istthe oatesf nn peansylvilia, islinod , an .ohio pmosticolitxpal e aerts gree s s gopd houllyeasita rein
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nandtt mahier w pch nt co trols.he i s.s.eenatn joh ssay w itille b ali smt thaa m jo rt and the nextre pntside kn eads to beil ag eehnoug to al deh witbothe sids of the leais a ifinnythgs i to getne do on it capol llhi. i >>not's tar clet tha trump is at th onpers. sit' notec nressa cilylearha tt toclinhan t pt isn.erso sot' i gsoing meakov mgin rwfodar all ttha much more ff dit.icul ep>> rr:orte w inngashi iton'm je ff ndbar. m >>: ariey staun t tedo n3ews r for youer sup tayuesder covage. we ha'll n ve aspnbc leciatevor rep d anheanotecr spreial aport 0 10:0 fp.m.weollo "d by 3news ve liel at ."even cayou son al t geteshe r oultsn e thascw las veg10 at .:00 ee>> r hd: oead tvero ne v.ws3l acomels werl whee w ll wibletr sineam oice euturunfoup sgusd tuere el onectici speroal fx m si vesenn co geveral wiludinclsue reos an ved lily anafrsis pom a anellm of p topicolitxpal e aertsnd li epve rrsorteke at mpy ca aign
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>> e > thlyfamila of upte s reme t couricjusttoe anscnin alia aheldor memtoial day. th rve sewaice lds heth at e yf mar lowelhoteyor wa gtshind.on, el sc daliaofied ur nataual catses tehis hoxas n me ouafebr3try 1no mu leltipre supoume cusrt js ticene rgaveksemarth at moe me rialsh se e rvicroin ff nt oiascal >> ie marhe: t. u.settargiss is rain id q anneonli. ch mi melle harshoras mome fr the te isrrorerm alskt de. r >>teeporfrr: heom tro terrism mi lechelsh mar. e th.'armlis etael fo certus iarprepfoing ecr spa eropioat tnstao , rgeturcapto ll kie typ lisisrseadeinhip aq ir. fe deofnse alficiays s g the roup shastpen l the sastraeveeel w ep prgarinti\nc iinludngetti safeushoes,listabcaya ninsh.c foinanrmnet ortw aksnd coordinating operations with aqir iiun.ts miti ango lticasonf oe a op ioeratemns rclfiassied. >> he> tta pen sgonays it's nd congucti cyber warir fwa op ioeratgans a an*si i
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ys sa u thef se or cybeckatta s ai agisnst onis c ctrolrsente in sy anria aqd ira is wanew erfarupre a ca lipabi e'>> wlsre aino usbeg cyolr to isto d irupts sil'itabil y toeel op e eratcoand icmmunovate heer t sm vi l rtualebattd fielp roer ioprev tusly.she us . ha only owacknedledgng usiit digal we ryaponva in tegue rms. fr heom tro ter arism dlertinesk inwash igtonic'm mehellrc mah. r >>: eedo pre faunch itthors co uentinar cleouing mit a t gransien ca ina cl s ashen bega wwhenstork d arte leto carar p tt ofcahat .m amn orauths itiereare edportly wo g rkin hwithitumann aria niorgaonzati rs toocow l tatedhe op pe -- todas t.elec on ou thssande haveonve con orgeden thduce henortorrn pert ov l theast ye ar. m aanymptteot tim clllb ilyegal t onrao t tcnehanl tu onneln r iuc tr heading ino t brnitai. > >>elonacedenizs ia delo depr tiaddi sonaleroldid s ancepoli fi of tcerss o iterbordh wit e gr tece aoday hftereundrfds o fu re tgees triedoro fhece t
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cepoli m say torehan seven sathougndinra my antsre-- rram ntobr mi tsgran c are wamndngaiti forea th auieorit as to tllowtohem nt co tinue jheireyournse to ch as .ylumelan m >>: ariedr hungaeds edther y todaemto rr emberga vi iniaahu po celiff oericil kd le hon er rsfidat ony he tob j mea rimo salvier ace fnderun alen wa lds he o forerfficle ashen in gudon. sh s e waofone hr t oeeicffs er otshve othr wee enekwhd ile re dispono ng tmea do stic enviolalce cl. e thr otheoftwo rsfice w whoere sh reot aec exptoted vi surve. ye dasterery ths e wauca to hing uttrib te toouhe yalng flen of sfir.cedos a misix onle locg prngessis po celiar cess rtco hed bery odto th che elapor fay toder's ss.vice ee>> rthd: -ye 14olear-end te cu acinsed te yes'srdayot shoing at oh an chio smaool isde hst fir arappe ianceonn fr at ofge jud da toy. e th iteenars chwiged woth t un cof ts ompattemuted , rdertwo co ountssaf asinult includg ni pad c anngmakiro tericrist re thats. fo ur fo eour pweple urre hent wh tn wis essethsay tuat s dent edopene firhein tet cafa.erid tr t no tu ss dent ashotwond t oers su edfferju in triesg ryingeto ou
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ca tughar neoo sch gldsroun. le erad ssay trehey'ng goi pr eovidit addlionapo suprtfo r ybever oodytoriampcast >> th at oiis pount, anr plto is rnretusc to thoolroomorw. b weveeliet thaingettdsg ki ck baa s thel choouias qar ss po wiblesuith t pporheis t un best for them. ee>> rmed: ilanwh ce in tourt e judgreordee d th rteenn emaiin ve ju dniletietenenon p ading e- prl triainhear ag on pril5th. >> pr> s iing ts inirhe a n andow a isd gooe tim tcesprua up budget or the year ahead.i m >>iear m: y arlomay neunro ds d up s tipgefor g ttintestarind y'todanss co wumer.atchd r >>teeporjur: ikst lrie sp cl ngeanir you nhomeanow ca be s od goe timrito tupedy ud a b with tax d aayd rouncothe rner y monen is omithe ofnds y man ciespe tally whoseecho rveeia d fure.nd n'dolet tht iatx nfluasof ch ro thspw a ngendi s andgsavin an pl c offe.ours ewrevir youma to urke scol
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ithisdencluvis rengsiti t allpo ba .sics itcred r.commeecomevnds tialuang l almeincolc, cainulatg pe ex, nsessitiideng fyinesplac erwhyoe cau cun bat ack nd making sure there's enough left over tsto inash em an ncergey nd fu. er amsaica a ves aicampf gn othe co ernsumer fedn atiomeof a rica mmreco uends asingit digooal tl ke lima a short pppne a or sp shreadtoeet p keek tracof sp dien ongr vee thurco osea f w fentmo thsseo exe tlacwhy e er uryo money is going. then lock into a plan. u al ooso lr k fos area cthate an b metrim yd soanou ce freorup m e shcao tay p iteresanebt ewhilan cle uingtudgeor f y-da-dtoayxp es ensetdon'fo trge to make room for lerong term ncfinaialo galsik leir retnteme c oregolle ee>> r sd: intart tgodayou yca n owne somgthind^a pr o rewinfcly's .oset hebayeaas tupmed h witra op h's inagazr e fo qunl oierha cti au n.ctiov twthe e o arioauct on gsorff me an th i 250 itemsdincluhong ses, cl ngothi a andsocces.ries hithe ndgh eig desitner arems e in thprgs oorah w te onovhe cers of s o a awellns o
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ma>> rie:re a fnch ckearma r isays at is tboutoak brehe t orrecord f thete fasarst c in th .orld bu igattea rev tledarhe c t oday heat tidduev gentoa mociejshr d e thakcarmroer ps miseoit ta be erfastoe mornuer pow fulclvehi athanfll on pusvioa.lsmode we ll stion d'tno kwow ht fas theam o r caofcan alficio ly gitbut 's be apen tatped m 260 pileser ho orur fd roa. use ttbugaasi h shi a te f th se500 criesitars n plaos t ma ke. th eas be e?pric $2.6 million. >> reed: 2.6? >>ar m: iet i tis fheteas cst hein tld wors > >>d woulfeyou afel s ae inu lf sevi-driarng c? tr a -aipleve surysy sa 75 pe t rcenriof d sversheay ty ul wo fdn'tcoeel tamforble. 60 ce peraynt sy thed woul like etto ge som okindlff sevi-dring at fe suresasuch om aut atic inbrak g or-pselfngarki. om sdve aesocat ofsevi-drizapa osu rs caue argy thed woulafbe sd
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be e caus ctheyzadet gdictstrared oo. e drivirimpa g >> d: reedo mc'snaldro is g llineu t ouy happlegogg ss inn.weden a ns cos umertrcan oransfham a bmealo ox intrtuaa viall re headset. u on pce tutetogusher users ie haogy go tle's go --esoggl mplayalcdonskd's giing do mc'snald y haso et t hewhete r thseheadult wo d beo laavaiinble u thean.s. reywhe y an stimeoon. so av i hree thdse ki b i'de tt putoing ergethpy hapgl goges fo hr ana our way. >> ie mart': ieas grr t fothe ki ds. bu w t hot aboupathe ee>> rjud: hast wu t yo osignn r fot a loutof p ttings hing thtogeer. >> mi> cop ng uavwe hste a ory th onat hsoors y manlepeop and ctheeshoicey the mad twhen hey dfacege trady. a gi traccc atiden frn e o le he tan som t heanotr. m >>: ariere we'ng goil telio bo aci speamal fsilie nn codecteeane hnrt i the go od ufstf. r >> eed:cr inblediege imas
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by the wndeekeng this >>e:mari now - t-shat'ka oy 'l ieal lven or. is th l isivev t fterial. >> d: reet' iedanglktoo. >> ie maret: l s mettarca be use anwe wo t te o th good f.stuf s it iewher f we uwoek ts onespu li upgftinry stoous arhend t wo de t incahis ese wus foca on t lyfamit thain's f adinga:ve sil nglinier aftdd deaarly c c ke tanes oif lute b s aves ot anher. >> d: reer fo f thetirsim t e in ytwos earthemi faasly wbl a teo
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sson'ea hrt. thatou yanng mas w anrg oan do nor. mattas hhe ty versoper anal hitoucnge. sor ep>> rerort: wo tam fieils se rapa bteid nrleay 400il ms e earon cctne bedy h one.eartsa bo.icki blair ictrag lallyost theiron sn sea to aar c aidccten ijan arnuy of 1420li, lettid dhe t kywnoea sn swabo aut toe sav a o. mi aske wdi in eere n ad ofrt hea sptran.lant ja6,ary su1420t s waipossble. an t* -- >> or rep ter:ay tod w on hat dwoulnrel he avenbehe t irn'so titwenbieth ayrthd b thes lareouna me e t thwhman liose asfe wed sav eaby sn. i >>ret's owal n. u yo,know k you tnow that mhisan t go mysson' he
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usbecafe o itou yw. kno 'r wee sole bdsse thatid knyou mb d anowi knso my uln wo you. an md i'or honhim. >> ap hpy bthiry.da we're doing odgo. r >>teeporfor: her tst fire tim esinc thedeacci tnt,slare\l go a vo tde on'sheart. >> n beeit a l otlendoswo t s ears esincar wet los m.hi b ut it'sls aeeo bn twoea yrs since we gained a lot of s fa wi knohang ttt i kind of fi mllsary hept un i ala pce that shon ftle. m >>: arieki vic b slairaidho sn s wabl aoe t save sneve lives. >> d: reehe sfa tddedcora a n-seve-oyearnld ila dalueck
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h i takeul awfic chora a inenmergoocy rea yrs ag iso thcaos eom caping pued i o am s tgladllo te tve drchiliven ltwed, hio cn ldre shave bightusecaf e osomy n'sg do onnati. d an ienr cou yageou to l aookt yo eri_nivdr ler'sseicen s andfee irto yo e u arrgan oioonatrsn pe d anidconshaer t wt asell. >> ie marow: pl,erfuer pow ful slifegavinor sty. i soyof avu harimil t to ohiserho tsughtotien co uentins thinv coatersa t' iees ktp ivibig.goina de h tw ueet ar @mwsiene 3lv, dn@reelvews3 and thet snatio y do ew @n.s3lv ee>> rjod: hein tve coniorsatn f onooacebk. ar seorch fnanv ksn 3newsi s las.vegame m >>: ariein com tg uproomorw in th dee viulo vaett, lac's f,e it mb ga iling ms aomcont erdrivth on s e las vegap.stri ibutv8 198ea hen onnati tw ne sorkstugge i thetrndusl en ca d rrieaav unsgeaggas s lasvegae weres.engera hatom wley aiexplns.
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r fo kyourorids geamblay awpe myour.oney as>> lict thwak i o nt tftdo aer en sp adingayll dg lonoin o si casno ito go t ano her w nheff okorsus o pi.home ar>> m tie: tohe sasry w mtestpen iethea t phen the edandeal otts iandopeexntrime. t bue w y setommeit slilav h elfeg inatthsiutrsdeo dtn' it quete g. in joroomorn ows "nei 3 lve 3 at":30. ee>> rtid: orme foo a ltk a what's ahead on " 3newse livat fi ve." >> ie marmo: ealtionmamoesti in re a pnalimieary h oring f a smanbyhot om a hneeowmos wa yis tro ng tk breahrin t aough dodog or. at e, fivt whaimvictes arin sayg ou abhet tt ac ofsceolen. r >> eed:s plul donrud tmp al se d theineal face th he whoite e thactatesotsesulm frope su datuesne. fivo e th stose s orie yplusfoour strecamoct an ecd ch yk oftrour c affi live sfrom tky 3htonigaws "ne alivevet fi." m >>: arieis it st toarey he in so rnuthead nevt a buy heav snow keblanpated ofrts op eure er ovt.nigh rewe all sti w intein roppe.le
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lefalren tnes i c thehzecr blrepuitic woah rlods c? ri duheng tt.nigh ve seporal werag outes pored.rteaqe ow snal finacly bthk tisas v it n alia aalpslls were whe ot fo-a-andf-hal t ofhihe w st fiuf cngerovginh t^d gunroc te afslr a egow bnginnith of e i skonseasit in eoly parple e hi gttin i --tan ieoly parple tihitheng toerropsl no hrtnerh mocor hit with no opnstw sno mgakin thereacrous dr iniv gndcoioit.ns au orthieans unnoce they will be sending the military in to help areas affected by the oofl tdsthait hhe tou cryntve onci th eke weo ie sctsntisme blani el orno fd av heiny rat thaedcauser seve oo fl.ding 'speruis minoftry en defayse ss w itdeill 2ployol50 ss dierto he lelp cpan u andre gdamaas hoes. >> d reest: auronacot seltt k ee twngtino aerthou r ondf in ibcredle osphotshe parrepoes t go home. he laedweetdes mage0 h fisalinr nr sufrise heom tce spati staon to anday lod cthsed ooe dnr o the ye oar liomiss ll kegalonsh wite nsus r
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by t theimehe tany ldn i za kaakhstomn tworro ther pai ll wi haveer expediencwe or l bitaissunrndes a sunsets.m nd wof er is he ig goinanto wt to go bu to krger oinghm_v ch fiick-.l-la ar>> m hie: ne cae havte wha hel ntwas. r >> eed:us tret mt wha ild wou \ do fi ea t. m >>: ariebe maye com toasveg ve igass aquta fancstiac pl tandr^a un ssrisearieun s re hevee,chlongt jusga taspecr.cula ee>> rald: el h t hasoo d fo tllowtitsligh. rg foetaz ktaakhsnan ld onhe t caa st rip. >> o chlthe: at'st.righ avwe h e a olots luig ltohts ce everyone especially enwh g itets da rk. be fuautionl conditiigs rnoht c f seeecattsloud. osacrhes tri st cyouig rheht otre n lit yeup utt b in afew hourshe wn stheunoe gswn doer vucy mh so. no mrattehe wreou ye wer this af ooternen w sawos mtlyny sun esskios acr tshe a.are u yo cs asouer csudlo mo ngvistrn iarheos acras leg v hs thierer
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we se're aeingiodditclnal ouds coyou seuld vie mon ng issacro e thonregim frowa fet sys ems inrema mingy ostlhnort ofl 'r we enecti auitetw fee gechansps elleciaasy g wera. cl oserheto tekweend. st moecly beausth of hiis tng gh riht .ere ivmassree afa ow lore pessur iss qu so c go toing ng briun us lesettd at webyher theenweekd. or shrt-tefom streca. gh hiss pre wure cillnuontiom mo evingaastwnieakewengs g r loseheto t o endef thunube ad wo werk.ek y so bsdthure'ay wtall so rt t c a see lelitt o bitatf th nidimis sh aonit cestinumo to e st ea. or sttim ac mvityy ostlh nortof us n forow. th gat's toingano chy ge bthe ti e me wtoget t theenail d of wethe d.eken niovertoght t nighe we'rl stil inlook cg atcoalm ionditndns a ir faarly wr m fo tthisofime ar yeh wit rlowsineache g th 50mid-es ovhtrnigig tonht. al egso ralionnoly a c m ni ght. n uiot qn_ss a acool t laspn y ife ou'va got tobus ch catble to owmorrni morteng, atmper ures.tal wi ooll ctepera a k quict shoutoout fr my s iendnd fo var neeada r wdingateek nk fra elkim taemenchry sool. th yoank mu sofouch ttr lemeing acomeeand rokd bo ys toou. hi tghpeemturasreor fto 'rwe lekioo ang 8tpon msitesqu
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au beultif winec exp inconti mp teurerattaes srtinhein t lafor gas ve ngracith to w e loby80s rnaftei gh hitis antecipa rd to eachenza ar 8oundgr2 deees. we boll aurve oma norr l fo this otimearf ye. eth ase toeaty w wthercoill uentinns c fo lir a wttle.hile bybut w thendeekeok, loth at at mp teureratope dr. in goomg fr l the0sow 8th to e s. 60 o hellaysund! an chf ce oershowsos alde head r ouway. lo lioks oske mgotly toing see ithate n thrnafteoon. ag asain ge we ost cle'er we ll b tableaco trwnk doth to ure ho en whre we'ng goi t see hose nkspriles. i w knose thoca nasarans 0 ce nlrtairti wanheng tpeupteda ouof cwerse ke'll veep ee ryona edpostth on ate wecoher ionditp pe eslycialwe as c getr losel e ths.racel ca >> d: reel alt.righ tneed chosespars hiit sanned d st fa. an thhlks coe. >> ie marra: bouce yf rsela for necutevess od rloay.stor ntt ae theslelitts! guye maa maep she d dogerelivsar
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th apis hngpenina in focali.rnia l alputhe reps ang doil. weld th iley w fl bed armetoout ms far o to gorto wotk prngecti ve lik.stoc dothe itgs lsater heys tte litr 1 ofn t--oghe dwn's o th rasaer, heys tte lit 1r of7 is a rdreco h forreer bed. th t who delivered the fur biba sess ays hicore wrd 1as ithissus a maper orma fe. sur ee>> rthd: apere edpearbe to e onthdog ooat likks lain is d fu bllwnloau lteghinr ha t ot sh. i hekes li t i'minhe kg. m >>: arieis he fu in blrry iss. ha 'svanaua anngal cistr fe ival edkick y offrdesteay. it thowsorhe wheld tes latuvet pr tsoducm frorithe obch tenc ow grlaing nd. we r athe ahadven adt ffec ythiss ear' bcropheut ty are celebrating here.l r >> eed: ahaveat grehav af ooternn! i >>valar ml amahyn. thjudiwise is a ea70-yd r-ol n womanglivion alefi on xed meinco. or flf haye a hear sad ho tak me wdueutitho herarc.
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co untyut atihoriesei szed .it wi sen' was ctehargrd o aedccus of a cmeri. he anr gr cdsonttommied a mi easdem.nor 'swise gsorandnad h hen lic sp suedendr ove aes duinsoffe eld toeer h70 cs of th use siopens hute dnha.'t sh lente himhe t caro t geto t andm frowork. la ugst a hust weas sedtopp for tr caffi olvionati. he wases arrted aerftut dep re edaliz w he driving on a suspended eslinscee. stheffheri suna th ose prinecuttog at frney iled t pe pak rworeeto k ep itthven grthe onandsn' didn t owndit al s hidmgranr othe'tdidnmi comt a cr ime. no f ne o mthisrsatteor acc ding heto tse pror.cuto noilliasis hy verh harsl civi t asseeiforf ltureaws. be n twee-22010 r015,isock land tycounho autesritie mad0 120 iz se.ures etheslu inc $iomill
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pr tioper ge llneraizy sessed aarets ioauctlo i inoillinocs, lolal panice ct pr utoseckeors 0 ep 8enperc t of prthe dsocee. is thwh is 'sy itle callid pocing fo ofr prit. be e caus wthis cas a aivilotnd n ima cr minalr,attee wisnowas t ti en ttledcoo a aurtntppoied at eytorn. rt foelunathis grandmother inconvthced dge ju re ton eturl caher r.
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3:59 pm
om frxa ale cnder aity,malaba, it'ths she foamee fily. an omd frrs emegeon, a,orgi it 'e s ths ellilyfami. er evy'ybods theregryin to t winelheyslof a ct ofash an pod a ilssibofity vi dring ofout e her bin a-nrandew, bo orld fged ed. p. ye t' les fplay eeud,boverydy. gi e ve mlapameve. gish me ana. la dies, where. e gootwe g to 6 p eransw ts onoahe brd. na pme a ilaceult wostd ju be g wrona for n womae to bseen we g arinona thg. me pala. me pachla: .urch ev stele: wowl, n, ok lo' whos intalkg. ur chch. pa r ss o?play pa mela': werena gony. pla st eve:y thea br deann,
4:00 pm
on wrr g fomaa wo bn toene se ar wea ing g.thon an br sden:l.choo ev stp e: uheat too schl. rekan, anamece pla it'jud est b wr foong a r n womae to bseen ar wea ing g.thon re kautn: opu in .blic st teve:wahey ount ybe to mo pere sc.cifi n:kare.. um. e:stevre whepu in ?blic >> g you iott. re kan n: obethe ach. el [y "ling agoodr"nswe] st eve: h tell,hat'whs y i go dow tn toeahe bch. i don'evt aren cw e holoyou ok in i jntt wase to .e it on b thechea. l alt,righst firy, lad


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