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tv   Today  NBC  March 1, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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sshe'o als oner h last sneasof o me "an rica"idol ander hr eveo s t hoas veg sirey.denc ls>> aot jusen extded byul popar de .mand nd>> ase thesshe'ot a m oherf two. e' shitll sn dowh wits utwfor o gm se.ents not bone,ut two. t >>he fstir teim s whe bille tt si dingownn i ag lon meti. d anhe t ntewes boyd ban that gwillet theou yngls girea hs rt they were a lowe h poda aickle whi abackhend tuly woed bki sinng rtheiat lest lesing. pl yaus rotn sc it ise n th hekitcn. >> h witiewill. >>gr conatatulions on the boy ba nd. >> t wha okindfan cesookire a ey th? b >>rownte butral stedas chew candlahoco techip. so odgo. we m'llake itp ste to step.
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>> and i can hitave . all >> todayth is eir f ostfar mch d anysalwaea an aysy d m fore to re ermembau becnese o of my fa tevoripl peoe ien thir ente wo wrldoras bnn os thi day. i an wt toay sap hpy 90th hdbirtoay t my son's dfgoheatr, st lean yormoe. alookm.t hi oohe likks late th d theitay mt hi 5m 3 y earsago. he uc's sh aut beaifulic ethal ma huben ing. l iove the man. 'v>> ie metim hev seralim tes at yo ur ushoe. fi ofrst l, als he' scho mu fun, sh arps acka ta. h >>tie sllla pys uasqsh. en ajoystl lite novinc oen i a wh ile. ovi le you. so s thi is shiomet wnge ,love o. to l shalnbe i our sarm'or fces scomek bac and iseu rdniteit wh th faeir .mily f>> i you wdante toin fdru te lo tve, ihis istht rig .here
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vi iargin wasll reay mngissi his dad. he ee's bn dyeeplod in they nav r fo 99 days. h sois w momd ante tjustoer che m hi. up ta ke aoo lk at what haedppen. >> on i dno't kfw i'r youe ready eato hr .it >>what? he 'sin comg meho? d>> i on't.know at wh do you think? >>no. >> t whayo do inu thek h haso t te ll you? >> on i d't owkn. >> d youon't know? y ifou canhi tnk of oneur sepris hein tle who world,ha w wtould it be? i >>om'm choing me. >>ad d hdy'some. o >>h,y mgosh.
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st geill o ts tme. >> e likti getnger und c the uffs with intw.kies m >>ddy das y waiea chetf pty fi ofcer. an oud yw knot wha l ioveo s mu tch,he kidn' didtn eve lkta. he us's jt- - he clung forak ter li fe. ju st ioprecus. >> befuautil. >> w soe'llut p youn i aoo gd .mood ifou ype hap bn toe in -- >> t tha put men i a good odmo. th aeserers tea of joy. >> y. oka -so - ha>> tst wa so aubel.tifu w>>e're rnguini our makeup with l j.o cgomin on. d >>u o yombreme ter i yoldou th yat mrm aas w hngurti ?me mi a a seelfi ketar. w iant tono k iwfny aonels ee is ingettgni tens elbowro fm tgakin sellis if igg.oi an 'md iot n kig.ddin h ioad to gth to eto docndr a he
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he s goeit whhe t e,phonas i w ke li,, oh my tgod,kihat mells . i sode wonf r ineanyols ee is ingettgni tenslb e fowromin takg se s.lfie et>> ler othpl peo teaker you urpicte. >> tshat'ha w'mt i g toing.o do bu t b iheet tng you kidsl wil ha huve tmbro ps blemandlb eow leprobms. a >> sndlocia prmsoble. >> an,yway joyo tthe d.worl riall ght. so pr oinah w ifreysng doi so inmetholg co. e' shcts aungioni a off lot of uf strof ferm hse clot on ebay. an od s youan c buy th.ings inow,rd hea aor rumt tha she awearsiz se 10 shoe a wnd iear 9 a 1/2. an omd sesetim ir wea a ,10 too. ayanywll, a kindsf o stuffro fm le sa.
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an dk loo ater h0 1 sizeou lie vu n.itto h,>> o get osthe. yo eeu nd those. oo>> lkow h -- howom cee non of he tur ssff ie likcu sffed up? s >>he worehe tmba probly wo .chbs >> how about a .slip a p slim fro h.opra a >>ck blaer shete was band. >> and allhe tce proedso g to r heerleadship adacemy inou sth ri afca. >> g youoo tou yrch whi was ereith y andeou'rik le ien hav't iwornnt ie fivrs yea and so dymeboou wlde lov.that howe sdould , it i >>ik lehe t tshing h iave like th ese shoes. >> da ho,e lov the s.dres lyreale love thoss.shoe 'v>> ieit llyeral hadse the oe shrs foht eigrs yea and 'rtheyeig hhmyor favite. >> t and ihiss the dressou y wo nre i s.vega y>> m sltkrch lj.reo dss. i' eam w iringt n.agai nd>> as it'e. tim
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y >>eou'rte quihe t pesur.rsta ybeverody loves you. an hed tovy leou yr >> it's a iopassn. so as ltig n ththew shoe mad elbachoris h,tory ?okay is th i istamporecnt bauses thi is why. er thase h aslwayee bn an un tewrituln rhae thet when t gi srls ttarto say iov lue yo to e thba orchel,y' thereot n ossuppedre to d,spony' there su edppos toy staevagund as it' hein til unt theal fineha tt ey than csk are exphess tovir le. n beke bro the .rule ta ke a look atis he dat with la .uren a>> imom celplety iven loh wit u. yo 'v>> inoe k'mwn i iven loh wit u yo a for ilwhs e, a.well >> ov i le u.yo
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>>ha tt's crazy. >> okay. upso s ertecu, but there are two ot gher sirlstill .left heso tn he had to go on aat de e tht nex dayh wit -jjo kongnowi he d tol theer othir gel hov l ed he r. l soet'sk looat her teda. i>> doov le u,yo and tshat' ir wehad tt ius j staidt tha be ecause i'vn beeo sri terfied ouabtay s ingatth. i tdon't wano t thinkut abot wha it ld wouli be ke toe losou y. >> o,jo-j iov le u,yo too. w >>hat? >> o. i d od>> tays i thet besay d m ofy fe li. p soi'm py hap. m i'lyrealpy hap. d>> i kon't hnowowou y can be
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am . s >> otillne to go? >>,no no, no. weee nd to matarine that f aor se arcrety. at wht juspp ha?ened >> i'm lgivinik lise krr hairis so t tha tsayshohe sppw aslaud fohim vir lin ng itheom ment. bu e t onhoof tirse gsls ing goi b toe stdeva.ated f >> tirstime d it idn' likeben. tfirs time .ever oe>> d hsean wt acameri toat he m? hi >> and jo-jo ishe tne oh witthe br rsothe. o >>h, i lovehe t hebrotrs. >> y thewillea bt him .up >> did he say it aiagn,s ihe tre ard thier pson? >>er h te ishihe tgird rl. he did sender h meho. s soheet g ts inhe car. bu att wh ied likbo aut r,he sshe'e likt wai a mi,nuteav i he some tiquesons. an ed sh b gotack out of the car andfr con hontsndim aay sds di uyo know thisle whoe. tim ca be tuse ihishes t fsyanta esuit isepode. hoso w knowst whaenhapped in e th fsyantaui ste. >> is that the d-enend?
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w so de're towno t thewo girls. i >>'t donn eveik leim h oranyme. w >> yhenouea hr him lkta, he li kes puter h on aes pedtal wh here aeslway t aalks hbouter sa ying she lets me beel mysf. h >>ise k hsederg rin ngfier. n' ishat that wt he d?di p >>e leastdon' deay mteell m'r you e ngpayit thase clo atiotentn. ud>> sydenl bseecau i't donik le hi owm nft ae er h isaidov le you t towoir gls. av>> hu e yo bevereenlo in ve wi woth tpl peo te athee sam me ti? n >> ho iave not. >> it is si posble? >> sa he yses i t'sibpossle. >> hi i thenk tsre it lusth at e sa time me, buton i d'tnk thi er thse iov le. >> e i'vn bee inus lth wit two pe ople p. >>us lts iayok. w >>e haveo tgete her bseecau is thbi is gro fm the bronx to ga ves, baby. je ernnifw lopezit swns doit wush msodsy kion de 't havagto for goe,o t two jobs tmopay a ge,rtga and i've also got a brain. li 'sfert shota, s lk ieachp.
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il stt l don'k thinvei' b got arain? u yoa think me'sresuug enoh? llwho'up step whenth gings tet?ough do t n'wayou tnthat f kind on?brai dea ee igra s greede. reyou' w gonnasoant e m t buly ionyof au havein. bra fr heom try daifa s rmeraiof fe,rlif ithisr s ouisprome. we ta sitrt wlih des,cioucr , eamy mrealilk atthhe's ttrn ullta fi seredo lifairasfe he moreiprotn d anonand ally he f thr.suga an ved ney r anfiarti cialthgrowmo hornes. at rl fai wife,e evbeli be inr.ette af trter yingoobre ksidolchocate, pe tople alkouab ot ite.nlin ve lofi at tarst i wod ulefliqu y itd ane i rscuu,e yook bro!side
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nefarious? e artiwe salll t kingouaboct che?olat ksbrooide. atalk dboutioelicus. we'onre np, sto we'otve ghata urve ora extte pro in. s oikoletripo zerk greefanon yot hgurt5 as 1s gramroof p.tein ze ddro auged s ar,ro zeif artliciaee swr tened anzero fat. d an hzerongoldiba me ck!oi trkos ziple ero.nsbe uabtopp le. m mmondann is thmi is buneral upild leit colavcts legrosing s -r germstidden .ains ox clorlet toi bowlea clthner wiach ble is matc no r h fothat.
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elim esinatal minerbu up eild-tlfforessly. hy so we chooshinganyt r otheysthan lol? le(toih)t flus ou if yee n od anoipi d to ma genar yourochpanic ,in yo y u ma sbecoooo tinsd pate it fe liels ekeonveryn goe ca ...except you. io opnducid-ioned ciostipatn, c, ioia s fferdit enpe ty of c stonatioipn, which may need a ffdit erenapproach. lo fonging anr a chge? hehave tvers conn atiowith yo octour dour abt oic, ask and t abouipprescrtion tr eneatmont optis.
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nnot aeedn inuctrod,tions it' isthel lovomy weran hite wh us. nn je lifer.opez ja ck ba nck iua jan wry,aue c ughtp th wi her oner h ongpeni night at pl anetol hodlywo wchhias w jtus te ex tndedghhrouce de.mber f >> osecourt iwas. >>he sls's asyo bugi judheng t th 15 andal finso sean o f icameran idol. >> and if tshat' not ouen gh, sshe'o als o oneef th s atarsnd utexecivedu procersf othe new drnbc ama sdeha osf blue. ta ake lo.ok i>>ee n ydouo tepkehe t co itmmntmeha t ytou mead toe m lastnight. >> i'm not defending wakozni any re mo. ha i ve tor wea that rewi. fi'llind outte wha tverhis job is oras w ifoz wniakec didesot n to do it. tdon' worry. i' akll te hillmn. dow >> she'sng goio t take wakozni wn do. ad shesf o bislue n orefi.
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s>> i itun f to beit a lbitle t di rty? >> is it . i its so n.fu yous guyknowbo a utthat. w >>e do. heby t, wayray leeioita, e hat hi m i butov lm.e huufeovim h. >> ry evebodys ask me, and'l il ke lie' hs teinnse. a >>e'nd h ms sofuuch oon, t. h >>e's aun fuyny g. rp sungrisiau bece'se hos s te innse. >> wa he als t aking tboutheho sw d anou y andsa he id he lovedct a po op siteyou. aihe soud ye havrea gviat be. >>sa he tidhat to .me ,yeah ie lovla pying ts enniwith yo u. g weaco bdk an rtfoh, wvee ha a ranatulin actg ischemtry. i t don'owkn. chour tearacears rjully orst wk to ergethll reawey ll. >> w and ihatols cout abo your ar chrsacteou, yer unddstan -- sh eta s ortsffin kd of -- she
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ug da ahter hnder life. bu het sta srts teiiptongo int dtheark .side >> it's a serlippype slo. wevenyohen veu had goobe spgs te innsntio yanou c make bad ch s oice yandeou're lik how did i get iisn thit posion. bu tht i whink eoat p kplenow ab out hleary adylrea t ishat sshe' yitrng. >>ahye. lw>> a taysg ryinto do theig rht gthin andet som wimesuse j t n' dot. a >>nd with ethvery oing ynour at plhee, woun y f ooundhiut ts s wa pdicke up for aon secd as seon, wchhi wasea rson to brceleate- - o >>h, yay. not uetr. wa i rys vexc e.ited usbeca we wed orkearso h d onit. we el devoped itor fe lik 2 1/2 ar yes. d ane wan wted itwe -- w kne it dcoulso be inmethg iaspecl. u yow knot whai ?mean wand ihentes comet toganher d at thpe hapns -- t,bu yes, i'm
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you put the work in and you're olikekay. >> k loo whahat edppen. d an onef o the rare daysha tt doyou n'te havhianytong t do, wh oat dou y do? >>nog.thin vi'merye lik easwts, you know, pa tjamaop andhe t fuzzy socks th wirt heas on them. th une b andhe t no ma.keup iand li do ke -- and eboverydy smake o funf me. >> i like the no kemaup. ve lo toee she t h umanpart. b >>utt' thast wha i do. i do innothg. oamy gs l i tlikeeo b wthith e ds ki remo. a >>nd youreg vas renesidscy i cr azy. 's it teex,nded as wl.el w i oentnhe tni openg t.nigh >> w you serecho mu fun and my mo m s hadcho mu funh wityou. >> cean ww shoer han dngcine o remo time? yo urom ms doe snotit .down wa i sti siteang nr jn ustierbieb and i said, no, ian wt to sit next to your mom.
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n >> yownoou khew wre i get it .from he>> s k enows wverytoord ry eve .song >> and a lotf o chgroreo,aphy as .well sbut she'sony funec bause she scall a mewafter wrdshenhe s bgetsack home s and he,go jen, i' inm kfd o prded.esse i'and lmike why? sandaihe secd b iause't can nc dahee t i wayse ud to. e' shlws aays theif lef ohe t ypart andhe sd sai -sa- i o,id n weyou re dngancie lik azcry. d an w sheas keli, no, i had to ld ho ono t the inrailg. >> h.aa b >>ut i know whathe s s.mean ywhat uoused to do, you can't do mo anysre a you g etr.olde >> and h youavehe tal fin sneaso of olid. hayou fve a ullplate. >> g andoing to beh wits uor f e onmore ensegmt. you goet tit s l aeittl ngloer.
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10 9:00,:00en ctralnd aou y can ebingtc wah. >>an fsav hene bewe tgetin es qustion j so wenillck sti ar toundswo aner lphe. >> a andlso t fhee ivysguho w ho tpeo bomece icamernea's west .idol anpl maytsav htheie lir ts.mi im' with the right nourishment... ...patience... .. .o d. yhaven ou see garyourden? t' ...issll bloom. find p lowonrices the ings tht thamake st ea aer funelnd dusicio. wa t.lmar m i's chri.boshwh wen ielas siditined woodh blcl mots inngy lu,it er was s.ious fort elunatdoy, my adctor hga a lame ent eatm xwith arelto. he !y guys y, heally finme, so ibody can ulook.p to.. ...b esesid. arnie xa o reltpr is o oven ttreat d anedhelp rthe uce risk of nd dvt aoo pe blots.d cl
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at thig's a b. win s it i.for me wi arth xelto e therreis no blgular oodni motoring and nono ktawn die ry rictrest.ions trea t tmenarwith x..elto . as...w rig theovht muse for . as urk yor doctoxaabout o relt. . . . . .an toucd a sh ofssweetne
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>> e> wav h ae salpeciat treor f yo odu tayau becse ourd goo ndfrieio natnalad riot hos is backe oncin agand as he' bhtroug al song uome apnd cgomin music st thars eat wnk thi w you ill ve lo. t >>arhey ise hrt a oistshef t nt mondh ay the ahave brandew n epin comtg ouy ver soonal cled meet lose. fiv el vis. >> yo do owu knt whaois sre gat wi osll le fivth ohaer then t le tant? ey thok're ayoo lngkis. guy th aey nre eotnve sneigd to a la lbe yet. th is iss aesfr ahs tshi ge.ts >>e w rannt iuro yo meranagn i theps ste rleaier. he was sg ayin ithatt hneapped at thg. bi
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ai etr, l's get you a rd ecor de al. >> cr desthibe ein kdf o music yo uuy gpls ay. >>y. oka e so w ahavech bunel of tsemen. e th sngingit, par s thehltructs, s ruinsts,ment the enh,glis the an spish. di enfferait flfrssla f.vors ny>> al pol cameernumbs? p >>.olka w>> itoant y askuyou gs. rn tuun arod. er th je is.. lo we reer n?vous n >>ow we >> y the sdeemeal totlye fin a teminu. ago ti>> sckro aundnd ach wathe tm pe m.rfor ey th f'rerom allr ove therlwod. h >>idow dou yme et? j.>> p. i and met inol co.orad erwe wine go rg toivalig hh ho scols. bu et wn' didnt runt i eoven 00 rothe u wntilree weh botin l.a. wa i ns ihe taterch sool, hse wa
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heof ts. guy a >>nd id saiwe sd houltstar ki ma angd ban i and iednvit my co usinp. >> and trehey' aslwayo s tiposive. tiposi ivity wshatt iis about. d anr yousa mesasge w kngeepi ll bu oyingfut ohe t hscigh shool d anwa it s p aart ofir the -- >> .good r ibeememr i pd ickeonef or you so ngs. >> w youerein layg iter hen o the tv .show d ane' weeve bnak mingri fends are r aadioll othver ace ple. ciespe iallyt.hear c >> wan't taitoea hrou y.
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d an'lwe bleut o er ev kythingtoucids h during cold and flu season sticks with them. ma urke sgee the eyrms th br hoing 'tme don a stickd.roun e cl us oroxsi dingnfectiduct pros. ca be ouse noillsne kms ger be hatter toroxn cl. don'you wat al wys getyohat y fou pa r.xcwith ee ellenc l'froml oreat you ar one core,es mer cov.s more an w d noerth5 e's metires moco
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d anluabsolytegr no s.ay excellence from l'oreal/ haircolorist pasri gene miral rlls isgemovin ar citifivoal flars loand corom rs fceour reals. y so lou canreove ceal. again! . im>> ks : ia sutuper y,esda s ye iits. it que teliy rallweand will havempconsreheive veco arage ll da y rehene at aws 3s fa r as lddonaum trerp, bnie ersand s, hi y llarcln intothand e li arere e soy manotdo nt wan
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d >> ana:loorts mr e fo.sure ea mlenwhia in lococal oourtrm th urey se prisy everbe acome 23 ol n d ma tonashe lt adedmitt at th he s waindrivung drk wh en he a hitnd llkiwoed tal loc entee agrlgis drinivneg lyar 0 12lemi hs anr.ou th apis hd peneal emostlyxact e onarye. ago his rnattonoeys y w sa ihes ce acg ptinonresplisibiorty f e thh crasand atth hels fee re efmors ul.hi s secinteneang h ringowis n t sefor riap al 18f nd osecour r ouracames wie ll bbehe to re t co ver.>> : kim it oris fsp my ring ea brouk arernd he aras fth as e re fo bcastut ancharges e mi cong.erhe isel kitly wh de s.tail el>> kly: ig bng chan es othe wa t y buy todawe ha rve ad ecor timempteurerate. umpahr 8p is0 des,greean 87 d hllaugovin, n ertolog okin at a high 8ofd 3 anvelas gas 82 gr de at wiiell t r thed ecort sein 19 stt ju datot y buugthroh fr widay e'relktaing te atmper iurese n thlos w 80 but a slowstsyunem sinday to mo bndays ring with citeshanc
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and emttuperares infalllog bew rm no heto t w lo 60s >>m:kit nobad outhvegh en e onurhoow belma norl is s noto d. ba stmoam of a ericat isthe tim of ye ar an>> dfra: om coreetrd-s ting mp teurerato es talnorma in ermatt ofay d s. k>>: im d anisths ii nnca ot wa tito tcwathh .is mo to mrrowngorni enwh w you ake up uwithwis i lsll ao abe erview t forom wlha vey's ideo t.vaul s he ikitas ng uea30 yrs back imin t ae to ou48 hntrs u il th at s wappsuedoso tbe
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s. t bualre ai wting for thtonig >> wn'e dodet unndrstath anying ab thout is. >> re we'be in thd wilo j. ti ealung brieberes. he>> t vy'regoery orod f. you >> ri ted toet gid r ofhe tm but ey th puthe tckm ba. a >> o lotvef loeoly pwaple nt to y askueou qnsstio. yo hu doa ave s vegaderesincy. u' yonre o de"shas of ."blue er evngythi b has eennerewed. no ibodysoi gng to let yout qui hianytng, erev. yo veu haer "am iican"dol. w >> ie'reisn thfy com. bed l >>whook e at wdid. re ady? >> inas ce youan w tto beoz cy rwithay. >> t' thaces ni. >> rd wei. s >> ho wesoave ueme qnsstio. e arreyou ady? ldshouet i gan up wd doill? ok ay. ho n.ld o
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10:31 am
mb dush smalles a t theime. iik loie d ng,them m aehend t ki ds e andboverydy. fo mer soso reaatn th g one ot a lo at oftittenecon b iause had aimy h ar in a bun- nd - ha>> wowt sh ys doinou bn?ge o >> i binge on el"hom"and, ck"bla,"list am"g oef roth"nes. n >>ngothi c youan w watchith th ide k ts at hist?poin >>no, no, .no ey th n'cat. tno,shat' aftery' there epasle. o >>kay. m >>atts ask --ba problyt mat rlaue -- if j.lo couldav he an gyoneuest wither h a hteras l svega sh wow,hoou wldbe it ? a >>o nd dnga so? ob pr bably mrunoars. >> y oh,es. l>> ibrove uno. ti'vehiold r m fos yearlii'm ke h wetoave so do inmethg ge to.ther so be may d onet ay i hwilln.appe a >>rond fn,m anyo if dnu di't thavearhe cyoeer veu haat, wh y dohiou tounk yld woue hav ?been t>> i shink stillhiometng cr veeati. yb mamee soe typrtof aist.
10:32 am
like w i bouldpae a r.inte u yo know? an>> c'tpa tint,s hat'a ob prlem. >> t ands hat'i why whdid at i did. d an'sthatt wha wi doi hat do. i >>ght mirkt wo f outouor y. w>>e're in bed with .j.lo >> and ray. >> loray.. a >>igll rht. >>in comg up,it ltlety sal and tt lile t,swee ryanco stt shows husome baked gesoodiro fm ra sctch.
10:33 am
10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
y kiso monds de 't havagto for goe,o t two jobs tmopay a ge,rtga and i've also got a brain. li 'sfert shota, s lk ieachp. ll i'work be whing u ile yosleep. il stt l don'k thinvei' b got arain? u yoa think me'sresuug enoh? llwho'up step whenth gings tet?ough do t n'wayou hatnt tki brnd of ain? dea ee igra s greede. reyou' w gonnasoant e m
10:37 am
>> ra nartor:it ci crtonce sserie pr e oducy thelenpresbyted ti ci. w >>e'veee bn hg avinaat gre ti itme wh slo vefi,is artt of e thnt moh. >> he t sy'reet toel rease their ne epw s thi ntmoh. a >>nd bseecau wean c't wait heanotr teminu,er he they are twithheirra bnd newgl sine. t ishis
10:38 am
10:39 am
10:40 am
[ auapplse ] >> at gre job. >>ea rlly .good >> i love atth. at th r wasyeall odgo. >> y ver pppey. >> allhe t girls are wriondeng if t allhes boy are all ketan. e>> w don'ts kisnd a llte, but, u yo,knowe' wre- - >>l i'lak tet thas alaavaible. >> allt,righ guys.
10:41 am
co umingp it lksoo leik wlle' ma kehe ter pctfe ckiooe. >> 'm iea r fdy sore
10:42 am
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10:43 am
causbeshe lderouwes madrefoe grrtneas. nes dotdrufanf (c inluckisg noes) yoeveranne wo ts tbe cathe y dburybunn cabeonuse e ly hgsbrinde oulicidbs cacrury egeme gs. ilwhote rsheay mee ktrp ngyi,
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10:45 am
10:46 am
> >>re thes iinnothget bthter an e thl smelooof c bkiesgakin in eth ov, ensoe wvehaus jt the th gino tat sisfyou yeer swt ot toh. is th is aip recet tha comes out rf pe eect very.time d ane her to shows us iour fr ciendryhef scan ott. >> he w in amng goige to t a so ng? i' eeve bnn oht eigrs yea. >>e' w hllaveo tk wor on that. >> noss preure. >> w be're iacknwo t ekwe. t' lemes cowi up th ok>> ay. >> 'r youote nng goio t do it. >> he s ghmit. >> s thiy is ms mom'pereci i and teadapd it andad me it ryeall fun.
10:47 am
my ne phogo is ingoff.baking so e,da nbrow and white r,suga ,eggs sa fllt, ,oweras chewss i my ck kier. an d clahocohite cps b andr.utte ig>> lht we.ight re>> gat forhe tte was .line llyou'it posthion sis iir wed. nbrowbu .tter ithispes suttr nud y an de cilis.outhis is weird. br n owttbuer. th s is ir supey nuttand de oulicis. t myrick to mgakinro bwn erbutt, owmicravehe tut bterit whhe t d li on. d>> i eon'tvenet gt whas i ggoin. on c>>heck oheut tte butr a fter mit'sd.elte mi avcrowet ifor aut mine/2 1 to o twteminuds an stir it. 's it pcterfe and done. do haes takt msee nse? >> yes. s>>o now whate wdo,e w -- by e th iway,ot'm tallyea r fdyor th iseg smenty bhe t way. i >>'t donnk thi --re the it is. ok ay.
10:48 am
et>> l's pndretehi ts mixes. th s is igreat. c >>an i plug it in foru?yo er whe is thelu pg? >> on i d't .know >> it's taroo f wndo. u yod nee an eenxtonsi co.rd >> d'tonor w aryutbo .it y>>ouee sow hma angziha tt lo s?ok dann thetayou heke twn bro erbutt. >>ou pr it .in >> so sad. >> ee nmed so wine. >> s soad. o>> s ite b lksooic ne and ul emedsifi. e se howt' is mycrea? d ann thene o eggt a ameti. d ann theou yol femd th .in d an seeow hhe ty'reix med? an d tyohen lu goike ts hid anit looks like that. and you a tddhe r.flou n ca we get s aomencudiee rt paaticipion? >> aah! >> o sodgo. . >> i so ed add bgakin soda and sa lt& an d
10:49 am
>> d whytidn'ou y t addhe ch atocolhie cndps ahe casws? >> t, wait? wha usbecaue yot wanm the toe bic ne an d kychun. >>ai i sd atth. >> hi tseg sntmes i are holerrib. re he wego. >> soou y dump all that in. nd>> ae oncyoup dumt i all ,in u yod folit. >> d folt. i >> youol fd it. >> e i'vea alrdy sedpray isth. iwaspo supsed ?to >> allctuaouy, y're sseuppod to t pun it otheco soper here. so h you tave woork it,ak m e ysureixou m .it e that greng thibo authi ts pereci m, myevom ner igrefrederatheed t tdohe ugh. in dstea t youaket igoik le .this s>> it tha the othnly yingou gechand? i >> t didhewn bro brutte and de addte saldhe casws and then i
10:50 am
>>o sha wut yo do, w,no can you otryrne o no? >> yes. nd>> ano i kouw y n'reot ea -ting- 'm>> i notat eingwe setsig rht no utw, b forou y -- >> ak teit a ltle .bite th eey'r so amazing. th wi b therown erbuttu, yo get th eti nut anessalnd sted ca s.shew i >>ouf y o'renlyng goio t have on eet swe y inour ltoife day, th sis ihe tne o to veha. i>>t's theki cooe inya rn. >>08 210 t80o 1ut mintes a 350 de eegrs. l>>e ovyoabu, be. y ifounk thire we' ckioong n,ow se hae wet w have cdookep uor f ou r giayveaw.
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bu fit t rs'sitto "y"dan oc.nb >> b>eefora hod gives it ayaw, w we tanthoo souw yhi ts funny .clip he>> wnmy jim fnalloro intd duce m, hie hwas inmissg. atakek looy.wh >>on i d't want to dohi ts owsh, iot g no more tema,rial i't don nt wado to hi ts show. inow g'moing to g oout there d an sit in theel vvet chairnd a hask aim hboutisif wd e an kids prand e-tend as if iar ce. do i n't,careo n onees car. no one ov>> l ehim. bu e't hs right, nneo o esdo. >> c butan b youveeliewe we re wi edll bit wh j. lo? adwe h j. lo .here >> s,ye we did.
10:55 am
ew vi vershaery ppy. tit'sime toe giv it away. hi>> ts isma a tzing nherumbe of tr eniese' wre ttgeing. he>> tze pri isliunbeleevab. >> pllhisipmo sleke gssllrind a sl owoo cker. it va's aleilab at wliil amnosoma to $479. 's itne a oot p ndwoer. st jugr proheam ter tim and it tsstaroo cking when'r youwae ay d ane come homa to bifeautul me hooo cked alme. b >> aothreat gre espriz. 'l weinl fd out wheho t wrsinne ar e. ok lo a athell tse ieentrs. al most 11.,000 >> au becse it's sy panktuy.esda >>s thi isos jneephidl ridem fro albensem.
10:56 am
>> and's let see. ve i' gotet annte nabafrhan om acmasstthuses. >> i ande havol caran ldgfor from svloui, illekekyntuc. ng colaratus tion oallur wis.nner te enr fort nexk' weeizs pre. >>te lis n to.this mo torrow from "erfullse hou," da ve cu.liah >> w ande'lle havfunff stu to t ge you gaord.nize a >>nde' wllla pyho ww kneh wit d. ki so we wlil s yeeou toowmorr.
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veow alledim hnd a i'mpt uight ouab mty scepa nmy own home ki hetcno tan orgizeve einrythg r fome. >> it wasun fnd aat gre andou y we are veryd goo orspt. r >>aeachl: i was.i ra pectic 95% ofha wt he dido t my tckihen. >>'t donry t to move ainnythg ithats on aerachl'sou cnter top, i'mus jt es thi m,ar'l ilw shoou yhe t sscar.>> ch ra iael:id dut p the emagnts ckba,y there aic psture of my baby, my ooisab. my n ag.nets >> awe. >>'t dono d that. a>> rl:chae itri dvesim h ,nuts l al he esse is utclter.he 's ilbrt.lian we wdante toin fd him aew n program, or sulhod iay s victim. let's cckhehi ts ou wch.>> you don'tw kno what we're go gin toel tlou y, youno kwt i is gngoi to be inreteinstg. >> oh, boy. >>lt bui aou fiondatn and lo yyalth wit one of america's


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