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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  February 29, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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ep>> rr:orteservean nncotiec dveecirrto po iclitnds ali puberc sevics say fthere thee hav b seenony ma emorep rcaublinns i the race is lheping as well. atth they've built atr sronge asinfrtutructore o getuthe t swn te vo me>> a hricaevas ntoer s pped gbeinea grt. r >>teepor pr: icolitstnaly blame w lorntut our fomodeatcruc ce rabe to r. ove thand hat aarilliny cl ton orvictsy i .inleitab asat l week's republican caucus in nedavaolne p pling lacecna re edportho a srtage of ballots. look aadheo tpesutur daes y, rleavoy ngtium nrsbere a br kiea ngcredsorn il pesacik l ge gior,ate esnnese asansa acl astex. t buat whri's dving vs otertohe t ll po nsayow mot n behe tke y in th een glerale enctioer whe vo terst ins meadayk looor fhe t ca atndidhoe w g tivesheme hop tforhe .turel ec m >>peost sopleheit tndre a say yo owu knt whala i p byedhey tl r ru o i dry evegthin ip su edppos d tondo aa i c d ah ead. th eoe poov abee mne g t allhe ea brndks ahe tropl peoloe beranoe m vem e aringetteyg thha'll tsndou.
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pa yrtha teakhe tas ci ty'he gh fi t forl wilnel likey b th r.nner in washingtonst kriine fr azaoporeg.rtin ee>> risd: aris cgryin a outn at itackran indq apeant ce fiase-n re ia syriolis h.ding elmicharle massh he mor tfromhe rr temorisrt alesk. >> ccahe tnr termorisrt ale dnk i as wtohing'mn i mehell\lellar mh is iscl is ngaimipo resilnsibity fo o r twidsuicome bsbing dabaghr e thtblasle kilord m e thdeadliest attackn ieth tacapihl n.u. secretary-general says a sh vakem*s ea cirse-fmosy in iria ho inldteespiteadspor gh fi tting hisweenekd. eth bdkere e-ceasfirent went iff aect ayfrid. h it rasededuc vncioleecr aoss th e coy.untr and nykea'saj morir asport on gh hi t.aler cu serityic offialsss iaued wa grnina to llir aporteranags ab blossiik strgaes a inst the cifaesliti. om fr t therierrosmer al dtesk in inwash,gton i'mic mehell rsmah. m >>: arie anhi oo prasto shot
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se ervicda suny mog.rnin wi m lliaercoolsc -- lhooio r ee lk waaced b tk toulhe pwhpit m e thteshoot r goofout p theew an lld fo howedim. wi setnesy s sa hthey aeard up cofle ots shoed firil whhee t ho casir wientin sdg ano br ao chhes wonveryoe tffok ocos e f nn ruing. m thr. ipe 20 oplenadeinsi.un e thchchurth at mee ti e thooshr te bisieeld vee to b brhis r.othe daand pytone olic are stinveinigatusi posmoble .tivee > >>lepeop c litesandl h and mea mof nt oncsile re tobeememan th fie ofincer gi virrvi sh ec c sh s e wainworkr g het first shifu ayfridn whewashe ots sh and edkillth o twr otheceoffierrs wjue ince a f stafeasergssnt ad igneheto t s sgonseaccu sd ofinhootr g he r afteinkills g hi.wife
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t ofhahe st o gemethe onof h es prt idena obamedplac thetes hi t ghestamilionry hroor aund th cke nese of cnior whiefrearfa atoperdwor ebuard jyersr unioat e the white.hous t a loamof c serasinnapperg the. i hee s tht firsngliviiv acte ty dube mem tr ofavhe n y to ivrecee e thr honoouin fr de s.cade m>>iear a: an mho wta sedlknd a crselyetho snut vdeeoidofs la sp caorts esteranrin s drew says plhis asan wse to hell t co regsrdinau bece se hinwas a financial bind. a recorded deposition of michael barrett was played for jurors during andrew'cis l viiatr andrews is suing barrett andhe t neowanr d manager of the ma iorr ftt $or m75liil.ono ba itreay shes as wbl atoe oo bel the room next to andrews after he found out which room sheas w st inay ig fnmroo hlte personnel. an ewdr isxp ecte tedeakhe st and datoy. m >> aake videon ou o rninteet. i nsaidero thnoe's t. do i don't t. that awhatoure yki talbong ao an cod i juuld eest f cl my, hestc
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i it hn myead. an id hekes li g youo ot tk chec utit oimeldiat so i gedrabb myap l atopndeldes u ip flitped n. opee yoand owu knr you body au[ ine diblwa] i kes lin go ec an shd i t ut i adown snd i iaid ve ha c to yallacou bk. d anal i c mat ar>> m sie: auchonmotial te onstimny ier w ewandroos tek tha s.and. sh ene wnt o soay her bstigge at th l ther onge vthe wideo neonlireeecomt l.vira ee>> r ad: si masirve f rodest ayedt boara stoge lifacity in laport nd,or.egon tait s artedt asoin marngtori e stleoa50 bdes it ot's nar cle m howweany reinju dd oredamag. 0 10ef firerighttts batled he fl ames cthatdausee th bg ldin tocsellapd er the n arertepofs oaarnj isurie tfromfihe re. >> ie mar p: atyretcorambarngssi umixnp ortomenz_caosunp carno
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etheb wtesic talotea by uteetwdte cta piofure ed comanian d tr acwhess oopibegoldrg. it aps c tionree: w noeso n i odea wprahdatte w and veloit we tllf l..aa bdseom canp usconf wedihoopgo rgldbei wth raoph wirenfy. tireacason wft swisuor befate th ee twast we d.leteemco to l taaube ptyteosand po agylo to pr o aahho w aopills we as yoever wneee'v feofednd. ethom canp sydait ii wllon deat 0,$1000o taha c orityfol gerdbg^a d an a oy'nfrepr.oice ee>> r ad: . u.s ibank es qunetio td in co tirrupalcand qs hat'edrock sthesport d.worl fi sfa i big so.ccer th at's thean orgioizatn that ns ru big ersocc. grciti soupaidcabet's do ela s thwi s apouba enomfr.s u cioffiinals igvestg atinerbriby, rr coonupti m and loneyeraunding. au itthorsies asay lyet enar sior fi fffa oalicises uusarioelde. u. ans. boks tns tra cereeiv15 $mi0 iollnn i bberis dan bakickcks. th auieorites arue qiostngni whether citi bank tneur ad bndli
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lcalsp suuicios. m >>: ariele safs ost exi shomeed edg syghtl in nu jaary. ba icked pnarty b ae risn i t firs htimeome yeburs. >> d: reeft a bereingid sedelin ch mu oef thus hoing corevery enmills nial saretitarong t e nter thear mket lured byk roc bottom mortgage rates and ovimpreming meployicnt p.tureu >> reporr:teey thst're ckunpaboing buxes ext al andit li mesassa eyy th a aredylrea mm cod itteheto tewir nan atlta ho onme lrmg te. t >>, o meknyou onow, e ce wgot ma d rriesti jute wanr d ouown pl ace. so inmeth cg toouall n.r ow knyou sow,thomee hers d,coul k you gnow, arowavnd he ou mawn ontas c.mily ep>> rerorthe: t by'venee ma ierr p belarsiy thonbus t e th atwonettoreys blogan g okin afore homr. agoa gamortge would both be ugtoh. i >>n thiek wne katw th itld wou lbe aeittl diulffict. iad ho na ide how insntehee t de untirwringce pross is.
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in veto einrythng i y lfe. >> or rep ter:ai obt aning rt mo igagerumbene o ncfinaprial tyiori for mi nillenacals dicorong t a ne w pore brtyt scot adtre. gh hihaer tn remetir aentnd al herethca. >>yoeversne'd kin ofac fited wh e th samerdhules. ec spalifico ly tthe mlilniensal a ot ls i slltist eliabhisng ed crit. >> or rep ter:ia damoon celk hped aalexndi mel tssaoli quaorfy f ei thr 30ea yxer fidve en tghhou th upe coasle wti putngetv. mo al0 st 2enperclit mehassa ud stloent u in he tnd ehe thay tod ak thee f ofe thrtmogegasab >> s she htilln as arsownehip po onsitith if use hoe e shis ju otst nig obld ateeheon te. not ep>> rr:orteey theot ghe tig r6 m ho inuse r the lightioocatthn wiede th ghe rihot sc e'>> wefre delinite y thunyostgec
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>> reporter: pehoy fullfonot n ng lo ar>> m tie: wahat ans die re inport uefreqrant trsvelew knoroleg hris snginkiai on esrlinvi leang me sopl peo fe tolieel heke ty're pa ickedken lidi sarnes. se r natok chucmeschuntr wae s th tofaa ui reqirre as linebito ade a byt sea gsizeliuidene. he s sayroleg seom ube to 35 in bchesasut hun shr ak ton er avofage 31. sc r hume iwillduntron ce a dmamentoent f theaa re orauthioizatt n ac'sthat nd peining gr coness. a ivotepes ex ictedrcn mah. r >> eed:e appl risorepdltey we s ekayawro frem asleg ina ne ipw neho i ands co acg rdinepto r aorts wppled bu denet a onw phd e anettabl march 21st. the lo rngorum fedr ouchin ip nehos iidsao tveha f ateasr ch haip trrn cuipent mhones.odel nethe adw ip i proids sa h toe a isch enre hnddfan oulf ne aurfeatd pl ap ae isrelso inleaspi w neioversf ns oapthe waple medi >> ie mar t: a ghird tradecheaer u sh chows enildrca to orre f rsotheex by e.amplo ru
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en agcourt e no sjustnttude but f stafivto gcke ba ar>> m iie: at ise rarhdbirtay h toave. th eais ly.p da cobut umingtep afe r thk breaa ok loon at te of bheses abieborn he n re ivaour .lley hl>> c hoe: isere wa my g rninto u. yo y enjosuthe y n whd s ania we r athet righbenow e caus it'sntea
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ildetamis cop ng u.nexto r >> eed:co welame bck erev.yone er evony m hdayereiadone " ws 3 alive30t 3: t" wethake ime te c toraeleb hte a frm ou opor tr b ookanard. >> ie marne: oth of ave feorit me mo ontshif tews n a d ans new cteis nsjoi w us -ith-vis chr ktine
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ep>> rr:orteu yo tknowldhe o yi saong d i as n saysot an do e t bu lydealnda dar p yentb y sa iess broo tac tehi a cld byam exple. on e l eocaltoducar isch teaing a veryrtimpoants lesonou thrgh he r tiacons. eshs ihi ts ekwe's erho. ithisns aa ideom cing to .life us>> jart pft o ws hat'my ca gllinrko wontac il ch.dren ep>> rr:ortera sa m t a hirdiro ad grace teher. wa g ntineato l ed bylexampt wha s she' tbeenineachrehildrn fod pathe 4 st 1s.yearo e >>iaspecaslly el an taemen olschoch teae er wd spent a loof me tiki talo ng t akids hbout ow ttoe akrecaf oeach other. how to bkie .nd w ho btoree ecspultf. le s sson ntheytoeed rn lea. r >>teeporshr: oue brstght aff to ergethma to unke lfochs thr di ado ng tsta di wrictide pr m ograedcall m toouch tu ysesda. er whche eath monde stubrnts ing an ra extge bagncd lu h totedona. w >>ice p tked mhis bontht'us is pi tyycall l a fonthheor t ds ki b toinonatrg fote wha re .ason
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r >>teepor r:he tri pipncals say un [ diinau] ble o to g ethat xtraoet ep sthe to thlp o s >>odomeblly wie havh luncthat di hdn'titave . et whither ne's oso perenn, t op per le onda hu redlepeop. ju pstour tdbeo bl a eitdo . w >>impad m ep>> rr:orteis thso is inmethg e shs hopeanshe r d heeacollgues ca ntn co tinue.o do t>> i ahinkdus a tltstoo i ke mauss l feed goo k to tnowma istu we re've d acheanout lpd he onsomesee el. r >>teeporter: ngachi by plexamte noy onlad acsemic but thowivo gae bock t placeone w ll al calame ho ri che stinkim,ws ne 3. >> d: reef i kyou snowboomedy in our cnommu wityho honas ge ab ovend a bndeyole pasel tels u rthei y.stor u yo s cantubmim the onur o ce fa pbookorage v.ws3l ifureated he orhe sin wes mess au nd hugired arft cd d ancechan n wi00a $5d. caro ha m >>: arie's letng briis chr inkim heto tve coniorsatn. u yoysalwak talt abouithow 's so er powwhful ouen yt meee thes
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thand ouat yk waly awa rs pelyonaluc tolay b yleeny mada r >>teepor yr: haou o ve t agive olotrof pops trehildtn aseg e thui c c sntylchootr dis usbecat e no tonly ehisntlemeary bu et slveraer othid s oools ance nc luh. ey th r gety eallteexcie d th t nighrebefoki pachang tunt lch kn g owin mthey aadeamreiffea ed nedi feeomng sy ebodh es dohan't hve aorome f roo r thei.headwa th o en tsasee adrah td to hat, knyou brow, ngingi t alltahe sff om frt thaolschohe to lp su mepplehant thot, tunse l ches eeto fend eve morlepeop. 's itt just greato. >> d: ree i onest go. ea sp okingkif nds,aevaddi rea we mi copng uor tom wrow henjoyou in f usheor td goo spe in go tg to malk aorebout nevada ngeadia.week ar>> mtowe t'llut abo va nengeadi neeklhal if cran sdoll aownit ltle bi nt oy mtt twiager pe youl wil sseeomema i fgesromudntre shot st jut wanhato thenk tth fif ad grfoers g avinutme o
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m fa'sthate thk boohae ra i sot wan tthatnghofrse thos ki d t buhras cneisti s wasg ayin e thes ckidstoome ergeth and lthey fearnthrom ace te ahersnd st jung bei t inlahe comssroec th aereor schr emelryenta. r >>: eed iia a wasosoo schisl th inmornd g anadi h e toaixplon t yfa ds ki m whonaadonques.wa b s i vaideoguroll reae lou y't done kn guvoe. esexprs uryo?self innothg. m >>: ariein com tg uproomorw en wh j youoin us for theoo gd f,stuf a jitrooc aencciddt ens on lebuife tav ses heanotr. >>t' isea rl e s yo owu knat, thd googomen t myauy. so hen's anart id hegivinrubi usbeca ie oft. m >>: arieor tom orowhen td goo uf stigf reht h 3newse liv :3at 3e'0" well toll ybou aut wh fsiliene conroe u ioj fe rbruathy 29. ly on cs ome eonceyverr foumarie: aqu ar yes. f we aoundby ban bor rn mo iinggaves. >> ie marur: ove ry own leap ye ar
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ho alspitme to thet cidoit l oes d anfaher .mily ep>> rr:orte at'searat gre en wh youet gme to et a babyho w is onlyr fouou hrs d.ol we ot g to meet alika. wsheasn worat:1 8a.2 m. is thas w noc speial ngarranteme. 's itt jus d a tayhat she was su seppood t be rnbo. re he r heam neesea m mnstosa bebtibeau isshe ci speal. an rnd boa on iaspecy.l da e'ther rs noleato s bryineh td teda he enarn mthar aa dndidavqu th iisths dae n te o cthendalear r foe se a conecti e airthhend tlla ny dn dive't ealn rethize t at i was dleapntay u ril aivelatoe tuve em th. j sodte afs thiinmorn kaaleaerr aedivt aig eht pounds one oceun19, nc is henglow, hit a head full ofai hrnd a lgon ee c fi s.nger- faher dther wavidayho sr s he hbirtfe on rybruah 29tiepu is yreln cicointadenill wnel oes h day
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da r. w >>le'lke fangadat. i lwe'ls n unre pdten d or a itcae day rebefo d or deft aheer t r o thet.firs d itn'oes-t -id kst jusi lke rt bis.hday theyn' dote car when it is. r >>teepor sr: aro f sheth is e ithospodal t so lalpecie uy babna hi talpeci rtrepo ingveli,dr sana nzgo,alez ws ne 3. >> d: reean thouk y. me ti a fork loohaat w t'sahead ytodaloo han oreel "news 3 live at five." >> marie: it is the dalon d rvessuve eonryele .se at five with juste hrsouo to g un ltier sup tayuesd the ca atndidhoes wan w tt boe yrou xtnere pdesint pull out allhe t pu s.nche the lstate at vefi. >> ee r d:bia ev dopelntmen i ethnv itiestiga oonrvehe cees m eadco od.oo w hoe th ecase undedfop bes dg ju fe ative. th soseestori y and fourasorect an hd c oeckfirafivc ld
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alivevet fi"e es.ras > >>au[ ine dibl].5 >> d: reeid d d sheo it? wo a lmanedock f uporl kiling he r ckattaer. th e cctonvi cionameow don ta s higrapecc pi te ofmoestie m >>: arie j youheust frard tekirs bn lainato ol a pco te inw rvieridesc hbingheow s had to ht fig a offsan ast.ilan suher tepporayrs s c theisase t noedclos. i orits ? t >>'sheren_id ev sowhat tever ts hern io t is thme cri othern thaci st enatemt. d anini thhek tte stasu was nwasomot ceplet anyy ataens mea. i >>en giv taskose prent ev ceidenha t wte .have er the'ser clytain node evince th irsts,wa k you mnow,acanufdtureen nyor ag thin tlikepar we t jusenpresatt whe wvehao t e thryjund aiv gthe jue aryn op unport titycio dede. >> ie maro: tt nigh1at 1my in tida sp l eciartrepo g youaet ren oo l
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s yearr lateata de th ine de hserturas tinned to atpr de atspereae pl f foromreeds q >> d: reeme ti a forck che of ou rer fo.cast ar>> m wie: ge'refurateol t ve hal al gthisouloriuns seshin gh riewe as arch. lo chare bey.dsle hl>> c oe: par en ijoyhit wa youuca we ipnticgatintrttunse heweatyr bicdeken. goooooutd n arfte this canewsndst a comea bcknd aat wch e ther othew ntscast tha we veha. m noratte weher yweou reay tod we s sawunou y skies, a fewva tescathired clgh .ouds 'sthattt preucy m w e or stapy wr upingisp th rnafteoon. yo n u calisee cghtsloudt fwing in os acrass lgas. a lta t-shou.outs l mscdle lhoore curyntl in the mis.d-60 chseartligh -- d-mi80sh rcseahthlig. d aner uppdectuaev sesenti s foryand enlo ll vaecto a k loor ssacroreva lgkinec suor limmer 80periort a lthes.akees par ju nmp i te lakndeyos. 84 forisunr 2 8el sth sout.eas ialsoal l thetopufo80s isarade d anee graln vht rig gh lit s.wind
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neve idoutsee thtamble val los te atmper auresoore lbatt pre ni ruppeen sev ftiesahor p rump t righnow. st iillen thor0s fme.uitete pe ups r 70 mlakeanead id 84n er ovton. fo our yurr craempesturen ou etsidh mucme warreompaod ti omosturf os orighb candreompa md to oost t co y.untr cyoueean sgh riert he'r weera ne omu heof tme waror spts. an compha tla wmiar tngndreil w ntcoueinor for tex nfet c.daysir aq yo n u ca nseeooot th mucti acon on latel aitefs o trigh own. we av h hehigre purss tethato ma re oins tver oregin. at th has airemver ai fde mi do bnanteut we havma e ttunseled we r atheedhead o inirur donecti an thoks tew a f s b wing hein t .fecte ihere ls a aook t whar ciantingpati. f aeaew wktu discerbanuts of o nothe yrthanou c seeov ming ro th tughhest we ascot. st moly sngtayi t toheth nor of s. u eaat lorst f right now f torhe fnextew .days nd consitio niover tghtghonit w sillltil p beyrett co tamfor.ble mi sd-50h witig a lreht beze out f o ntheweorthst t upoen thae es milpeu h anour. br eseezirtt pa ts ofalhe vley
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inlooktg an re degores fd ll vaoes up 30per hrs pano 31 ou31 mhant ctorlesc_m 60 kes lad. meaod wa ykingt'ou iins go bg toe mf coblortamoe to mrrowngorni if yo e u arhicatc bng aus. te atmper furesthrom d-e mito50s 60low ts byimhe tu e yoare ca ngtchit thabus. if a youatre cg chins.a bu eg80 d freesheor th higrrtomoow l atmeake ad. lo gokin atg nat60s nt mou lechar.stona r uppepa70s p hrumheby t te afn.rnoo lasimiatr wecoher edmparwh to at 'r weeie seodng tay. lo utok o, for80 pn,agaiew a fht ligaa at scd tere chighs loudssacro eyvall te atmper wuresbeill in agal wel e abovnoour .rmal e as w ytakeutou o n theext se daven e'ys weell sia varble hi logh casuds w thesyeak s stem passuthrogh. th eae rall t ikerins goog t be them.stor wtheereath war an patici btinghy tenweekd. d ancorahe tnc chamosai rown sht edheadou in rer din.ctio ciespe iallyu f yoa are arnasc n. fa wwhatane cl tel r you nightow is re we' oronit tingsiv actity in thefpaci wwhatelan toul yn t re's aa ch onceowf shde heaur wa yy b.nday
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to ro narhw tlsetain dow fu rrthen dow theo tou h or was c wexpan ese to ate thas ntpoteprial itecipn.atioluvi >> d: reeda to ry atngeadik wee iwhend reakithe aids satd wh's e thheweatinr go bg tokee li? t so pheirtsaren g are toingo r dvwaand yotch u. c >>: hloed gooreno pe.ssur ee>> ri d: k thindiyou god a od b jousbecaeye thss gue0sed 8. > >>in tak g a llive aookhet t ra sthetospre. wh ouen ye liv l ineas v wgas hat erbett t wayraelebeate l tyear feap,out. at wh a0 9ee0 ffft o the to p tstrat? >> go! [ screaming ]. >> reporter: as you c s --. >> d: reee shietrtod al tk. as ou y can see then there was no more. >> marie: i think she meant as you can see -- go pro.en at thpr go r w ho cra.ha t.t is ee>> rllynde a didat greegas bujob r t oureentihn tec icalda
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tonrohe gn und skthe y. that's classic news 3 woinrkg fo yor u. ne 3wsep rteorkyr elndnul eynl to tok lhep eay daaplef oitfah th misnior lngeivn ohe tr. ai ma>> rie: gol!gir elin ctiebraa qf oc onve eo fo eaur yatrs drseape t canake th ume jrop fem that strerosph casino hotel and tower at sky jump for half theprice! the offer only available datoy. kysp jumre curntly holds a neguinorss wecld rord as the onlyne o osf it kindn ior nth er am.ica hashe ld aotf o n.fu ee>> rd: i'm .old lhave t our young ones viv he re.
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4:00 pm
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