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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 28, 2016 8:00am-9:00am PST

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toclin sn iso et t ahaveer sup, r supedatuesy. lebut tut's o rn twithe ld re icpublacan re. weand go'll te stast by inate at th. one eoin g drgiad onalp truma has se poven-leint vead ouzr cr and ru 3bio,ru0% tcrmp, nduz aio rub .tied in ne ten tssee'srumpd lea more bldura 4e atol0% fd loweruby cz ecin sanond bid ruclo a ose ir thd d an ttheneshe r tt ofhe fi eld. t buexin tt'as idis a enffert or sty. crted s uz iinhangtog on his -wmustomin hate ste. heand a hasfo comlertab -p 13 lointovead ruer tmp. bi ru ao ista dishint therd tre. no hew, tolse perls wkee tan rebefoco mario rubtr's song orperfe manchain turt th sday t nighblrepu dicane.ebat so as we ouked llr pos sterto re accont mt aspeany aoples ss po.ible alwe ttoked o 30%e f th onresps dentllin aee thrte stas s toheee w rther'subioat debe orperfe mancgechanytd an, hingin or sh dt itotid n. p,trumio rub c andalruz ldl he to ongh rou0%ly 9th of eir
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acin f tt inawhe rlo balstt te bi ruveo mo ad upf ll opoone int. we e have threidpresalenti nd caesidath withius trns moing as lo we orok f twardato whld cou dbe ainefinpeg suesr tuday. te uzd crna, doruld tndmp a rn beanie s.ders i' inm joyed bne dond dd onal tr ump. lc weome back. >> m letste ju y askhoou, w'd yo keu ma d thetoeal c get hris ch ieristen to e dorsyou? >> l, welwa it sts jueb somody th rat iy ealledwant. sti mul teli you gowas toing le a ave lelitte timy go brebefo lli caimed h. di i t d no hcallim. he le cal.d me he w sawwahat pps hag.enin aihe sond, d yald,avou he a mo ntvemeng goi. li chke, tuck,afhis ooternn i in th hk we25ave p,000e eoplin al a,abamen we upded in mov ag to ot fo sballumtadiau becouse y ul co hdn'told. me i whan, e at w ghave ioings cr inleedib.
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estennsee. it ma's a wzings hat'g goinon. an sd hethaid s ere'vea mo ment go oning i andik'd l be torte pa t.of i d ans i wa hvery.appy wa i tts gereing toady l calhim. heand le cal.d me haand cving ihrisgrs a eat ho nor. >> l, welel i tu,l yose he ems alikeng chaaned mn wheomit ces y toou. e thera was htimesne wauc't sh lia be.ever melet y plaa few quotes. e'>> hens bey veressucc sful nebusin,ssma l hasofots nttalebss, aelolut ay notybili t inarhis ea. bey verar c aeful cboutdaandites st upand sa to d y analban l muslims from coming to the un cotry. di riusculo. w it bouldbee a fuautil, erwondwaful itll, l wiln be a in ibcredalle whel, tl walwill be unbelievable. e we'rcknot pi eing antainnterer c inwehief, t 're noing casta tv ow. sh don' i int thouk it winld be the best er int oest oftyur par to s have womeone donho ihi't tnk ul wo ad befen efe ctividpresent to th be mie no nee. >> t mr., rump cas ittan aest to a, ifdynybo s hadthaid at, yo ulu woved haoa unlonded m the wion t.tter an rtd sopu of izlverheed tm. at whe yo madceu acispt chrs tie' an chf ge ot?hear >> l, wel k you inow,rd hease tho
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ey the wer imaderan a ltherow y keermann. d an wtheymaere n de ilesmalr ca los.tion thand evey noter g v outery mu ch. so ev i neaer rhally gd too ld wi. t bud i di aheartl litoue abt em th. bu att thal's cweled e lcomheto t erwondwoful ofrld it pol iics, th ink. yo owu kn's, hen beeiea frf nd o .mine bhe'sa een lyreald gooanguy d a fgoodd rieninof mr e fonga lo .time hjustg avinenhis emdorsisent az aming. idwe dr fous stopeebetwe n th la wost ts. day heand nt's icerodu ad mehend t e placs love thim,eohe plople ve m. hi 's hegh tou's, hert sma. j wegeust ont alryg vel. wel yoso, owu knat, thal's cled tipolin cs ifaall ssirneuc, chk. th i yoink hu've aeard iboutt be , foret?righ >> r faighenou. erhe clytain b hasqueen thite e en opacing r t fothyou ste la two ys da. ok loer, thbee's cen ae oupl ot thher cingsupame th at e ba dete. up cof le oatour ttacks v adare th ere. i twantayo plli a c op ofn ne o grimmin atio'sthatng goier aft yo d u anyoget ru tondespo on th hee otder si. f>> aalederrt coued rult tha p'trummps cohiany ilred l lega im grmitsano tlphehe t construction process for trump
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he even paid a $1 million fine. and his new hotel in whiasn.ngto >> th "wae inshongtos p t" in rvteweieabd 15out or labaters e th hd.c. sotelreite inportg th at many revealed they had enretee d th iu.s.alllegly. b >>alasichely trg cha te ishis, mr um. troup, y't donct praice at wh p youh reacmmon itiigraon. >> h. yea we itll, ro's wng. fi ofrst , allonthe are chs ge i 3fromar5 yeo.s ag i k thin'sthatre a pgotty od rdrecon whelepeope havo to g35 ar yecks bafi to utnd out abo wo s.rker w, noi as mbremet,er ise tho rk woweers irre hy ed bheanotr mp coany. ju i irst h ced anyompa t andhey d ha wsomersorket tha were apperhoms fran pol sd orome ac ple. d an wthisheas tol demn itioof a bu ngildit tha wmadeoray fmp tru we tor. so w thersorkeuc, chhik, t s is ea35 ygors a'r youlke taing ab out. t byayhe w l theweaws otre tally ff dit.eren lathe erws wt e no twhatarhey e annow tad todilly enffert. aras fon as te ofrehe gat te hon ls iwothe thrld at's cu tlrreniny beilg bu t on pe lvnnsy aaniae venueebetwe n th tocapiill bu adinghend tte whi us hohee, terre w ie noalllegs. d weeco chikks lu e yodnwoul't
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thand idey dnan't nyme aes nam, dtheyt idn' agiveny fo iniormatn. we v are very,caery l,refu we ha n ve allexcecoent ctntras or i bethe n st icothe y,untrks wor th wi t me,s hat'thwhy obat j by th y e wawois trs yeaad ahe of sc lehedu and unudderbget and g goine to bofone grthe hoeat otelse f thd.worl doi'm a ing jgoodob. ey thw kno twhatdihey end wh ey th m gote. th wat'shahat edppen. ey th't done havprany ofoof any il lslega. ey the havrono pof. th aiey seyd thnd fouew a f -- >> yo do e u usrie-ven fy i ev hierytoung ywh do t en is come into f odingheut tig immonrati at stus? >> h, yeaav i hvee e-.rify i and e-use fyverith in at bu ngildi. d an w"thengashipoton st" me nentioeyd thke spope to , ople er thnoe's es nami -- treadhe st ory. w itroas ffem a ntw mogohs a. er three wena no whmes evatsoer. htheynoave of pro e, noncvidee, n nongothi. th awey spl peod e ane ther were lepeopin comt g ouheof t bu ngildi t andwehey re ab tesoluly. o we g ewithif-very. am i re ext smelyg tront.on i y ever itimee havnta coorract inmeet tg inbuhat ngildid , an e we'rg doinasfantlltically we. 'r weine go og tothpen at dibuiln ng iemsept wber, hich
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bjuste eforelthe onecti. pe t.rfec me i yoan, owu kn. he>> tin timg. ut>> bil i wlll te t you ihis, v am--ery t theg iminoois gd. i but eram very, vugy to h on at th. thand avey hsoe ablylute no ev ceidents whar.oeve it t's aalypice "thinwash gton " posty.stor ll>> aht rig. weyou bvre olyiousmp tru eruniv csityupame . melet y askhiou t s -- ig>> rht. f >> ip trumeruniv wsityucas sh su a sfccesusul bs inesthand e p trum k-- iyonow d u hato ch tangeamhe ncae beituse 'twasnni a uitversy. o >>innly y nework. hy>> w't isnst it a ill strobu nebusiss? >> l, welau bece se wd woul open gait a- in - hwhatneappe -d is- fi ofrst y allavou h e to un tadersnd. we a had 9boutf 8% opethe ople to heok trs couapes, edprov the secourhes, td y hartrepods car d an tsaidwehey rere gthat, ose lepeop a nowuire secng b aause
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myour boney wack,wohat yould u y, sa m getney mocky baat, th's gr eat. thbut igey sthned ese cu dos menthe-- ttey rae d th secour a 98%vapprotil randng a hi argh mks. nu tmberwewo, e hav fan arom th tte beuser bs inesaubure. an red hehe's ty onlg,thin uc ch ck, i soulde ettlcathe se, t bun'i dontt wase to tttlehe ca se. th ase res on in'i dontt wabe to uheldp. d an yonceetou scatle ses, ybeversuody oues y. do i wan't o nt telbe h.d up tso ithake see ca. e thwione heth tor attney ge l,nerat thatawas frken om e theslepeop. th adey mcae a gnmpai nt cotiribuo on tatthe eytorn ne geofral y nework. ethe mh witidpresobent inama ra sy, cuseyonew anrk, e d th fo inllowy g da dor aatay le er h d filesea cain m d an cthathaase ens bege larly wo ltn, ah houg'rtheypee apg,alin thbut asat cs e ha lbeenlyarge n m so s it' everyfoasy tr meo tt sehele thise t cngs,.huck sti ju't donos cho de to.o it 's it a notd ait'sil cive. cas nit's bot aeaig dl. sjustu o yorsunde, tandavwe he a ap98% alprovin ratd g anwe ha n ve aoma fr b ther ette bu sssineea buru. >> ue i ghess tst queision d , di an y ybodeesuccd? di ybd anmaody ilke ms lionof ardoll rs ineseal utate sing wyouray?
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ma ilde ms liong usin wyouray? >> pl peod e dieesuccd. d anavwe hose thope peille wl be wi setnes ts atrihe tal. thand n e ma'sthatng doit thai be e lievighe sa ned medocunt yi sae ng hghthouumt trp un siiverasty wri terinfic e som .form d an ithats t waifterric. w so he'lltoave d fin--out i ha t ven' tseencohis cimmeral, t bumathe atn th t didhat ercomm, cialini th yk ifelou tl h meamis n we or fe'llitind , t bu omoste f thlepeopne sigd do ntcumeyis sat ng igrwas eat. t so i bwilltee ininrestg. m hethade ate stt.emen le set's ate whsa he boid aheut t olscho. usbecathe i heink ne sigd a medocuaynt sthing heat too eris vody go. bu 'lt wendl fi. out >> s yousoaid inmethseg elut abo e the judgeryestday. yo idu sa o onee f thesjudgu , yo , saide,quotel i b hievee enhapp bs toane sp wish, ihichs ne fi. he is's hc.pani h whicinis fe. h we'tavened ask a forus recal, h whicaywe m do. wh uly wou d yo tneedk o asa for sarecul? whand oeat ds s hiicethnhaity ve d totho wi it? b >>seecauhi i te'nk hens be ve very, nfry uwiair u ini the k the judgbehas en ex eltremfay unir. th s is isea cat tha, many, many pmanye eopl ssaidd houl have
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ju ntdgme. we e havap98% alprov -- >> y andhiou tt'nk icas beuse he is's hc?pani >> s thi cis athase hoat suld ha eeve b wn -- bell,seecau of th lle wa b andseecau of ev hierythang tgot's oning h wit me axicollnd ath of i at, k thin fit'slyranklo -- thok, s is ia dg juo e whlii behaeve eas trted v me very,unery lyfair. is tha is tcaseshhat houldave be hren touown lot a imng to e ag hein tni opif on o gmany reat erlawys. nd>> ayo as owu knht rig o nown tw r ittee ther tis ainrendg -t re oweeturf yos. yo twu red eetebosomerody fm el iduces t wassa mui oline,quot ona lin thaye100 asars a sh eep. ot que. y doikou le e the?quot t'>> iays ok. it v's agoery uood qte. d anw i sa- it -owi kn s whoaid t bu dwhatreiffedonce t es imake wh r ethe mit'sliussor ni o
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rya veer intngestite quo. >> 4 1 monilli pe. ople >> duo yot wanbe to so asedciat -- >> s it'rya veer intngesti ot que. d >>u o yo twant ao beiassocted wi fth astasci? >> i no,t wane to bciasso ated iwithesnter qtings.uote d anlepeopyo -- owu knha, i ve al 1mostll4 mipeion bopleenetwe aginstanram ced fa abooknd tw r ittealand tl of ahat,e nd w ntdo itiereshing tngs. d annti seou it t. d anaicert hnly,itey, y gotour at iotentidn, ditn't ? w >> iell, tt isinrend g on tetwitghr riw.t no trmr. iump,e haveato lt ve i e.ther st afay s te onrahe til. we se'll u e yor supedatuesy. ul co ad be n big fightouor y. t >> yhankerou vchy mu. t>>nkhaou y. t >> yhankou. in joinge m nows iat senedor t cruz of s.texa slet' t sethe etaxpec tion igstraupht . y ifonou din't w s,texaan c you stay i tnhis cera?
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ry vel weln i texas. an thd i suink tuper y esdad coul bwelle e th imosttamporaynt d t ofnthe eprire y imaronseas. a weamre cnipaigllng aos acrs pe suesr tuday. d anhiat tins poe t ths factare ea clatr thre theon is nely o nd cae idathawho ats benden a who n ca dbeatd onalp.trum inand er supsd tuee ay wneare ck an ckd neh witlddona. ac sross tuperayuesdre we'ng doi wveryinell as tex f andinightg rd habe to imat hos acre s th trcouny. i and swillo ay t65the % of pu reanblico s whgnrecodoize nald tr asump t noteshe bndt cae idat g toado hehe-to-itad wllh hiary cl n,into o thewanly by toeat ishim u for cs totoome ergeth unand ite. d ancaour gnmpais ie thlyonne o atthan ct bealddona. i so f askouor yppr suonort su tuper y.esda >> m letk e asthyou isis, the esfairy t waecto dwhide e o th f chielechal inger ts to irumps th rse pehoon wn 's indsecoce pla elin desegate comeswednday mo g rnineebetwurn yo aselfnd o marco?rubi is>> l tten,'sheredo no ubt we li're tkelymeo co o outf r supedatuesthy wiig a b ff diceerende in telegas. ini th ik itkes lihaly tu't yoll e selddonamp tru a hasle who nc bu dh ofateleges. th i itink ik's lthely e'at wll
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co send? i >>nk thire theoi's go ng tbe a bbig,roig d bpoffenetweal dond d anndme a r theofest the d.fiel ri noght naw dondld are i a one d anintwo eg del aatesignd rht no e w ontwand to inophe p ular .vote yo owu knto hisllrica oy noasne h weverheon tin nomn atioin de moimrn tites w whoutnginni one t ofirhe fhrst ttaee s ites,owa, ne mpw hae,shirth souol carina. do anald and ihere ty onltwo o wh dhavethone at. >> 'v youlee re sasedryummaes pag ouof yx r tarnretus. d soarid mubco rio. sayou heid ty onlonreas you le re sasedryummaes pag is be e causo marco rubiasreleed arsummgey pas. shwhy douldd onalp trumow-- h ar u e yoinforcnag doruld to mp t asreles e hiretax iturnu'f yore ly onea rel tsingirhe fwost t ge pas? >> l, welte lis'vn, ilee re ased ni eane yf rs oretax s.turn byand w theheay tst fire fiv ar yeves hary eveg.thin e th flasthaour umve s mary pa ges. gi'veinot nare ye ts ofax re s.turn do tnald hrumpotas nea relsosed ch mua as r pape.clip doand nnald teedsleo rehiase s xe tas. u yo, know rmitty omne wthiseek ob edservt tharethe dasond onal
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sdoesryummaes pag? >> k, loowo it beuld er a vy si po stiveintep r the ight re din.ctio i d woulhrbe td illee if h asrelehees tle whong thim , i' y happelto r eeasethveryi'ing ve asreleored fe fivs year i've asreleveed einrythg. uswe jtct mawhhed heat t po ops nentfodid e r th flastour ye ars. thbut ite cr pical, ointk,chuc m asroitt omneyvebsere d thfact dthatd onals seemifterrtoied le rehiase xes taggs su ests e'therbos a elmbsherl the. itand at's n turalndo woer, we whll, s at ihait t'st he di hin ng itahis xes? yb ma'se itt thalddonamp tru n'doesrnt earl nea my asasuch h heo as slyloudd tolyoeverne. ma heybe ot's nri as s ch ahe sa e ys his. o whs.know yb ma'se it c thethase itat mt mn ros ey ierrichn thalddona um trp. ouhe cnsld athwer y at b asrelehiing xes tas. t onthhe oaner hybd ma'se it the ca hase t ht heivas garen lge ms sumo of toney t lef wing psgroue likneplanred paodntho. u yo, knowrahe p pisesedlann re paodnthoth in bae deovtes er an erd ovin aga. ma heybe ee's bbin a nag fil ncia su teppor tr ofhat. al tl of qhoseiouestonns dald ca t n puesto rt.
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t isashe cere thvee han bee lt mu miple rediatseporut abo na do bld'sesusinals de wingsith th b,e moh witmathe fia. ma taybe shxes hoow tusse bs ines de gsalin m areexore ivtensane th po re rrteddlegarofess t whathe bo elmbsh -l is- s >>orenatz, cru m letope st you th ere. 'sthatnl opeecy spivulate. oudo ye havfaany tocts po suprt th onat dtrald haump b s mo?ties h,>> oe. sur ab nnc, clt, mu niplereews s port rhaveteeporoud abs t hinebusiss indealitgs wr h foplexam& e s a ns cotitrucwnon oy ed btofat ny so o lerniswho ob a m istern il ja. s it id ownewoby tth of joe mar yonew rirk camme fs.ilie thand asat hn beertrepon ed i ipmultedle mutia o.lets yo owu knu', yooire go ng t have lddonath on owe sher latay tod, yo ghu ou at toimsk hna, dold, ha ouve ytt wri cen a thecko an plpaned horentod? o,if s m howanuch end wh? i , mean'sthatue a qn stio that na dougld oo ht teransw. d we kon'twhnow t at ihais tt 's hein hididg in thoseax re s,turn i but p canseromi you
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emsept ober,erctober, evy y daon th wse nel wilbobe ahout taxse t rnretuous abatt wh teverhe bo elmbsh.l is d anblrepu picanryrimaer vots se detorve w knorebefo the mi noonnatit , nor.afte usbecau e yoerbettie belve arhilliny clanton e d tha medi goare toing to go n towt.on i thand ime prvoary stersd houlbe le abve to l t als.of u l >>e et myoask meu sog thinrush li ghmbaud saiieearlisr thk wee t abou cyourdaandicy. s heteaid uzd cr f hast ough th guese veys eayry dt tha he's en bewa in gtshinanon, r d foa lo rt ofnseasot than'doest gi re.ster ba casiy ll'she- -unso ldse ikhe wa als stmoen lam itingutt, b the ifactnas doruld ttomp soule yr ts ou bider.rand pe suesr tuwaday pps su tosedo be e thyoday reu weng goibe to so fylidiyoing taur sastus the t-fronerrunn. d an nit'surot t oninghaut tt y. wa dihow umd treap sturl yo ts ou bider?rand el>> wisl, l iten,nk thier sup es tuwiday onll ce tinuarto nrow th ele fid. th rse fiurt fote starrs na owed th ele fiwnd dom fro17 ca atndido es tcha mull smaer fi eld. ini thpek suesr tuweday l wil ef ivfecthaely wove tdi cans date co omingf ut ohait tvet ha a vi pablethath avat houe engh le des gateavto hshe a t ot a
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
ntmomellum ave orth is ucoy.ntr i t is a ghtou ghfit. we w kneat thm frothe inbeg.ning ibutnk thi' wegore ing todo we llonpe sur estuday. ' weoire gtong dowe ll in many ta sates r ftet.tha an d welo okrw foard to those st batety sate sgltruges. >> u yoow kn, t'shere ang lo or styn i"nthe orew ymek tis" to deday intailg setecrary c onlinto's rle in pngushihe t e prntside onya lib ate th e,tim he glpin to s tepin to thoverrow afgadhi. et l me yask ouiths,ld wou laiby i bente betr shape tyodaif ga fidhare well stiin r?powe >> letme say iths, staecrery i cl antonnd ie havry veon strg erdiffs encepiof onion on or f eignpoy.lic h i lelpeadhe t oitpposion to this dtrisaswaous r inir saq,he su teppor.d it nto a yswer ourstqueion,o n one ca n cuspe.late odnob ywskno. bu t ink thite in ofrms im rege gechanhe, w thersit i afgadhi, wh rethe i itssa asdn iia syr th aesere tblerrie ctdirsato, t buveyou' t got to beinhinkg o abhaut wppt hathens aye der aft the kindpoof clitiacal v uum
8:34 am
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8:35 am
th s at' notmy untadersg.ndin >> asit w notin theus hoell bi th ouat y voted. t i iwasn ae s bnate bill,t ut i nwasinot at tho huse . bill >>heto tst be ofy m k ednowl--ge hold it. heto tt besof y mw knogeled th weere wore tor imp tant ov prnsisio. d ant tha isvi ceolenga ainst enwom actwh wich vasery mp intorta. ve i'k woredve ryrd ha to pntreve me do vsticnciolee. d an m onyun tadersgndinre the is a n ba a onltssaue wsapon in that ll bi. l iook,ke spo one thfl oor of theou hbose aheut tmf harul i tsmpac t ofhat bill. t bu hiweigheng tos pr and the ns co i voted for .it an byd e th way iso al voted ag nsaitt hecaso-lledel w fare orefctrm aat thec sryreta tclinonh tenup sedporti whasch h ahador heribl ctimpa tonhe or poestof theor po lepeop in th is crounty. al>> gl riht. se rnatosa s,ndera i hve toea lve itethre. owi knu yo haveheanotr in itervcoew ming up. i pr apteecia it. sstay afeheon t itral. w be'llech wating on estuday. >>k thanyou. yo>> otu g it. w be'llbae ftck aer the b wreak aitho lok at wrehe the r liepubracan ice mbeght ad heed
8:36 am
and then lrate -- >> ondald,do d,nal irsundetand ru ales ere vhary orrd f you -- i >>ef the ricpublan sipreidentaal rsce iom bec aing ce ra tto he boomtt,ho wwlil ha ttl payth wier genalle en ctio vo k frannaabagle. nvcod icten felocoand n.n ma th asat won a ltig gome a . u yo, know mthey ademoa abvie itout .yo reu wewn shobe to it quile skatled ud fra . metians chge. w nolpi hech cate thgubad ys. me . too lpi heks banec detaut fr d ppby ag lyinitcognanive icalyt sto li pubnac fil nciardrecos soand mcial.edia so so if dymebod, sai"c match ye ifanou c"...? c wean. le s t' sdo al.eque cit bouldbue a moddy vie.
8:37 am
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8:38 am
ly cariay mau c sseioer usalrgle riccteansio sorciuil daouthtsghr otiacs.on te yllr ouctdo rorhtigaw iayyof hau tvesehe, w neoror wngsenire depnssio or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, troleubbr theag,inas rh, s,hivest bli ers,lemuscn pai fwith,ever ti fered g elinluor bvirry .sion common side efs fectdiare eszzins, ee slsspineig, weaiht gn swand ngelliha of nds,gsle f andeet. t don'k drinhoalcol e whilngtakiic lyra. t don'e drivseor uhi macnery l untiknyou owow hly aricatsffec. you e thoshawho adve hru a d g orhoalcoobl prlem mabey or mlie lyke mtousislye cari. omfibriayalg h maye avanchdge inth bgs wuth it plessain, m i'l stilera do. yoask ocur d torouabrit lyodca tay. ly , rica fmoverdorwah witss lero fibgimyalina pa. a d talodownadis ro btughto youby rily ca.
8:39 am
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8:40 am
pheled ifmp truat beed tuz crin s,texaic whulh wodff eveecti ly o knruck cutz oof the acre. at tha's at str egythere. th en,in a one-on-one on march 15thbi rupeo ho bs totreat ump in io oh and orflida,d an then ft ahaer toot lkat t whathe egdel tateotalul wo d berunde at th scioenar. orubild woutu ac hallyave a sl lighteadt a thisin potd an w bee'd linook gatrt so of a mlong archto cllaevebend, ecaus heby t i wayult wo d be ssimpo fiblenor ayybod g toet a rimajof ty otheel desegat by tjulyoll puat th out. leso t'snowe mov to ucrz. cr huz, e's agottt prey ra stfoightd rwar tpatho evrele um nober hene 'sot go t win s,texa h ande'si hopng ton wi tthetawo stesat thrd boeras tex on p suer sdtueay,ah okl omaand a sarkans. uz crl reaanly wts teo b ableo t y saat thhe won iowa, texasnd a msoething else? and of course he nedes to be se .cond en th hels aold wouli ke to im eleinat r bubioreefori floda d ann thez cruom bece the eraltvenati and bcruzee th guy th vat eoderybyll raiesun arod
8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
> >>we elcom back. spwe ment ouchhef tow sh al t akingt bou dhowedivid the g asop hbe e,com but te her are salso ometufrac wresinith the
8:45 am
an d myxt ne t,gues tiuls grtabbe ha ens beat dd osh wit dnc chair f ornt movehs oher tde atmocric tedebasc lehedu. recongmasswooun, y h're ere usbecau e yo haveanno anmeuncent m toakega regrdinr you pioositn heat t .dnc te ll us. we>> ll,rs fit of l,al a im si reggninom fr thednc sot tha i canosupp brteernian sders for sipre.dent uli woked li t to ell youy.wh as ate verannd a as aol sdier si'veeenst fir thandhee tru st co of arw. irv se edin ae maldicit un ngduri my stfir doyepl wmenthere ryeveng siayle d isa wst firhand e thy vergh hima huno cst tofhat war. i seeit in m fynriedsho w now a de acaderfte'v weoe cmeo h amere st sillgltrug inggeto tou t of a bl ackhole. i nkthis it't mos rtimpo fantor us as weoo lk at ouric cho aess whto ouo xtr nemm corande in efchil wilsbe i to rniecogze the nsieces ttyveo ha a macom indern chief who has fo ghresi et,isxercgoes od ud jt,gmen whoo lokson beythd e co uenseq,ncesok lots ae th eqconsesuenc t ofhec anstio
8:46 am
th taey hoke tseti acons so we n doon't cetinu f toind olvursees in se the furailhes thaat ve r teesuldn iao chn s itheid mdle ea ast sond h mucss lo of life. bu>> out y w,knot i wasu jst a mo anth gond-- as thiwasrt so g ofs ot uiocur aus,th mon ago yo aiu sod yinu thhek tt nex c ndommaner ief chied neso thave a ot, quile, myitar dsminet. y aou shiid tus dring an nt iewervi on fox .news sdoesorenatde sanars hve a mi rylita nmi?dset >>om fr w ihat 'veenser, fom t ngalkith wim hi andr foms hi re cordhe edos. a hand wt thati mrylita metinds nsmeayo is tu goghhrou an a anslysi pssroce as yeou'r lo ngoki at ptiotenalur co osesf onactiat thu' yoore gingto take d an hownd a when we use our li mitary wepor. a jund asst im anport wtlyhen we 'tdone usat th mailitryw poer th atil mryitain mdsetys sa you ha ve esfor.ight u yo alookhat wt are the ltresuhas, we t arthe co uenseq onceshf tese ioactns, ho llw wihe otrct aorsn ithe a reatreac toos the ioactns, twhall wi t wehen do. an ydou lookti connueow d tnhe li one s you know tlexacyat wh
8:47 am
rsyouinelf eto b yfore mouake t hatec diisonha ttn edsup icostng us slive andeatre.sur i >>nt wa b togrin t inehe rst o e f thlpaneer he. ea h, theri'llar sttth wi u.yo et lix's m itup here, but t jus when itkslooi lke the ocdemicratrt pa hyryilla toclin gn'soot tgo on the itabily toni ute thert pasy a e sh's ptiotenallyu bngildi a om cinmandadg leth, is is a f urracte. >> hi i tnk t thathe draemoctic rt pasy haay alw nsedeed a pr ryima. is th is ai tmeh wen courore ss i auesdroun the alsoci trconact, ad rounfuthe oturef r ount cou ary,ndrouma clite an chge,ar doundebt free cgeolle hein txt neer genonati are at cethe nterheof t tedeba. w soae htove e hav all fu dteeba ab outm.the d an ir flyankhi tnk's ite tim fortous re hallyave ame essag th ctat ayuall igrntesatee th pa trtyhat talks about emiconoc uaineq alityownd h smraci has i dr evenmconoic eqintyuali. > >oso yinu ththk is parrimoy, d thyou itink 'sov medi hyllar cl n?into >>luabso.tely i nkthis it'rp shaeneder bnie
8:48 am
t' idus edcatei mnsllio of me ansricaut abo the plcku touaineq lity randm acishin tcois y.untr i >>nk thivi haeng bouen ht tere it a isy verhe yaltheb datend a moreci zvilied bdeate,sh i ould say. b eut b ingin s couthinarol a as much as iwas, it's kistrindng a thees rultsin thele eoncti last htnig prove and it cdoul fo adreshhaow wppt ha oensn sdtuethay, erat bsanie s nderhas y oet ter unddstanth ean leguag thand e way tosc deribeue isss th ratyeallp apeal t tohe ri afamcan-anericvo s,ter at le iasten thso uth. an erd cnltaihey tl oder af n-ricaicameran vo.ters hera fmesin come eqintyuali in te ormsf zecitins uednit and c igampafin enancef rorm and ersupa pcs and wstall areetnd a whhet t olderic afrmean-an rica enwom are erageto hear is more chkitaben tle ueisss. iandet rally sestrik mein gog a hell ty wack bao tan juary 17th en wh wed ha ourba dete inou sth ca naroliat, thhe's wr n he siclorgng at umenflwas , int igmichan. he enr ctirenglosite sta wmentas in flmit, anchig.
8:49 am
to in alippeaong tse the tvoers. an hed sem se tso be ecconnting in awa yan d i hes >> ngcomaressn,e rdsponto this th atni berean s ders'thasn n coednect. >>ini thenk wh s youheee t ungroeld swofl pp su torthat he 's gnotte notly on in o ne or o tw esstat but inat stesos acr s e thtrcouny,i kthinis th is er whhee tsre i a erhungfo r a delear, amm corandein ie chf who is shone wt,hos ha inittegry, w hoxe esrciesod go th e cunommioicat onhef t co antrbest ntweell hiarynt clion nd an beriean sderss ithsomeing th haat gus bend an ink thi sneed to ti con tnuero gow toak m esure athatswe cnuontiroe ththugh e next superes tuday sstatet tha a reti vo angnd bdeyonat th te vorers aqu edippe wthith e gh rinft itiormason ealpecisly a it paertins toar wnd ace pea and thowhese dioecisns impact sethe om ctimuniofes lcoor, howh t ey mp i cactunomms itie athatre mi congom fr ai denffert cepla. >>ini thwhk erenev s youee blproinems one rtpay, ifu yo , lookllyou' see themr ove in th e eroth side.
8:50 am
di iovisnsat th you s wee tithhe p recaublirens are the aselwl. if yhiou t ankboutit la hilry ntcliason w t athear f left of herbahusnd's aisdminiotratnnd a w no fshes indsehercrlf sliambng mlikeado tthear ptyov med to r hele ft. s .ides soyo if inu thok abutrt so of thetu fureth of emo deiccrat rt paouy, y get past hryilla in clorton be may joeid ben and gyouot too g y,wa y,wa wayt lef ef bore yound fi odanybyat th's on n thenatioal st age. >> i alsoou wtldn' cacharzeteri it asleft andht rig they wa vewe'en belk ta aingboutor f a ng loe. tim >>acex tly. a>> pulrtic warly whenee'r lk ta aingtbou emiconoc ro psigres, vism ithisoms sngethi 'sthatll reaory mabe outn irside nd a utor,side atbou top and ombott onhe t eomconic spumectr. t >>'shatn bee the split e.ther a >>nder h verulnitabils y i she yhas toet ve pro -- >>if arhillynt cliison on a h marcheto t natominion, does at thlp heyo ur erffots toun ify be chind aruznd iorub? > >ii tht nk id.woul a in nalormar ye itldwou.
8:51 am
byearsecau tehereis sou mch ng aer. t ngalkiut about orsside and in ersidhes, tsre i m souch arnge no eow p pleare mgakinci dession em onoti, ally'rtheyte no oo l.king ori f onem ary vepp ha by toe l ta aking tbouthe draemoctic mapriry. >> ir fa ghenou. a but e pause.ther grconomessw, ancenio te seyou. th s ankcofor bmingyki mangh tat ew ns hee.r e' we ll b wbacktith ndhe eme ga s ntegme q andtiuesheon w ttherhe pu reanblica prtyn carv su ive af r teisth mcan.paig >> myty par - eneven pareets n d a otimeomut sesetim , pe eslycialm fro mmcoatunic tionsolechn
8:52 am
so n whypeot snend or hou tatounlly geplug d? retaad, malk, rtke a , orte wha ver. atno besteriui req red. >> n> emed ga time. tand soayhe tub repn licarace is gngettigl uyou weld b qeuit theerundemstatent, eaandrs, a we tdalkeut abo imi pro ased om ctipilafon ois th eerarlin i he t show. >> es y. >>er h eit i s. >> here's a guy totally is divrupt te,inhrowg chpun es, i'd tlikeopu nch him ien th fa ce. 'lilll te ya. >> adonld, dod,nalun i tadersnd le rues ary ver hard for you. > >n'i doowt kn whyusbeca tehe po gdium oesoup t e,herut b he wandteu a fenll lgth mi.rror yb maoe tke maur se his pants n'werewet t,on i d't know. >> nk thad go heas h ryeallge lar ar ehes, tig bgest ears'v i eever . seen he>> 'sly fingun arod onr hai fo orcene and tweeting. >> i go back and iee s himwi th
8:53 am
p ngutti iton with a wetrol. >> a and guy with the worst sp rayta n inme a ricais ma p.keu aldonud trlimp tkesueo s shhe souldhoue w deverid that to hi s acfe. t>> i's bruio. ll>> agh rit. itha sbe -come- e therare ig ni hts lfelt ikethe bdeate, ckerias, w "wwe ."raw i i'm lke am i ona?us a m i tonhe right hac?nnel ithists nod goo forhe t pa. rty n>> o,'s it not. lddonamp tru hasgbrouheht t rt pawny do a tone w low. he 'sed fe ingoff oppele's anger on th bo tipares. er thee ar limegitateie gresvanc ut b's itco beme unltheahy. hii trunk bio anduz crd haoto d twhatdihey pd to trovehey co duld ishitba ockuto tal dond um trp. ot v ersorsupp dtingd onalptrum ey th l'rengookir fo theal pha .dog hayou ove tw shou yo bcane the al pha as lwel. fo unatrtun elyitrn tu asicmeran p icolitns iorto mofe a farce
8:54 am
a >> tnd i ihinkt lyreals i a rn wa tingo hryillant clion if sh ee wore tco bemeth ein nomee aubec'mse i notsure shews kno at th anym deatocr and eiaspeclly mo deiccratma wowon uldow kn how to uncoctterath edo tnald rump omphen.enon howoudo yat debe t?tha ' hegoll er aft ngbei,hazon ile-mawhs sereashe h l vubineraeslitiu , yodcoulve ha ot an eheril-map dum on mayond ni ,ghtmo to rrowni,ghto befre theu sper sdtueay. 003,0 gepas. yo u ,knowal lf o usng goio t be r pothing hroug it. re>> amo descratng goi toke ma e thme sast miake blrepusican di hid, wsch i iegnorim h for ethrent mondhs a thenho pe by th ae fhell when t tedeba hsnappe t behey hat im? >> no,th i ink'vyoulre a eady ee shn tinat bo th tofheir ecspeahes llctuay. ey th've been ggoiner aftdo nald p.trum andit'sl realypo imntrta be e caushtrig wnou , yo, know f halmeof ansricaul co pdn'tay a $4 i00 bitll whoutoi g nginto t deborli selng thsomeing. andwhenou y seeli bilronaies an d -cwellctonneedol piaiticns go afing eter oachtherd an ngbei rt so of osebseswid thch ea eroth w henreyou' ggstru,lingat th's lrealeay, rllyd bao frur o ocdem aracyndli aesenateo p ple.
8:55 am
b veeliemp trua cn be ost,pped t bu toto sp ht'im it s goe to b inan rssidee. gam 'tdon p youtolay mp trusi outder st threng? i >>nk thise thehe otr ca atndidrees aus fredtratat th tr 'sump edplay aif dntferet se of esrul. tand hat bhe'seen held to a lo wer dastanrd. heif tvey ha a n,plah tavey he to plexain .it he ulcoskd e atayawy byisa ingt wi ll tbeheig bstgeor wlle' ha e vnymata ste anpls. me i an, ini tht'k isst jun bee dibuilndng ail bu adingnd dibuilndng aal finly trehey' ju st exinplodg. pl us htheyave toep ke -- d >>ouo yin thtk h,houg you know it un's fnyh witub riooi d wnghat he did. a agsoin, f rt o rtheickla fre nd miset. if u yo twanteo bheat tan m you t go b tohee t man. t bu's hel adyrea got e,this he sipreiadentl. i >>nk thiat thes do ctimpa iorub a to egdree. t buto rlchaie'soi ptnt i's not tjust thatrumpla p ysby di enfferrut iles, tt'shat ubrepnslicaen havus't heed t ex ngisties rul astgain ary ve ew fad la dolpers sgant a inst on dtald . rump th>> yank iou,n doet't g. it
8:56 am
y onl justnow rtstaing. it ot's nat th tprumet gsby wi th ryeveg,thins it't thay' theve le mt hi o >>f ne othein thbogs autub rio cwhiuh yost ju aedlludto is he al yread a had dciefit ofta sture ofin beg idpresalenti,co demmanr inefchi. so g toiet o nthet playground or t anhe sbod wix doth naldp,trum es y, hede need to got af er,him b ut afgo htern im otasubs nce. ut>> b s theanubstasce hn't wo . rked t>> i yhinkavou h e toafgo ter onpersy.alit d >>u o yok thinloit wers him-- > l> wel, i ag.ree buttsubsancen had't wd.orke le t me yaskout his, youlu alded i tourt dting he akbre. e thlt uteimali keu seicid is m tsionto sopal donud trismp r toun t adhirrt pa yeprcaublin. y oue mnentiod y houalfke jod rick perry for esprntide. d uo yoin thkr the webeill a rdthity par -- >> soablylute. a >>ns cotitituonar pty c daandiayte s. >> olabsy.utel rethe t areaoo mnyon catservives wh oo w uldsit itu o it ifst wa lddonat p.rum i nkthi umaltiytelal donrud tmp s rtuppo ners eedndto uaerst nd il hlary toclinlln wi bel eedect t if cheysehoo g too d town his at ph. d anub repnslicave ha an
8:57 am
the pryrima thatt iwill be hi yllarin cl itonf theyn' dot ch . ange an>> td nost juo am tngarhe hd co re ncoatserv,ives butfore th es litabntshmey' theeare dthly fr aaidat thab estmelishnt pu reanblicte voours wldst ju st oay hfme i dd onalptrum- - g >>-boodye se,nateyb maeve en go yeod-bou hse. >> sou yoav geme soone justor f no rmalub repnslicanv, coonential p recaublions tst juow sh upnd a vo fote evr enify the haveno cechan of inwinng a galener ec el ttionllhey' beinshowupg tovote fore th seenator f ergovfonor our hseor fll ase the ow daln blot ceoffis. >> wow. >> th i doink tnald rump ahas lo t ofcrsoosrveap pealin a ge lneraec el wtion aith lotf o d raemocruts, est bslt . tate it>> o's ging beto iesnter.ting ru tmpou cld peovermrfor t inhe ru stel b t,ovrferpe iormhen t n suvo te. th wat bouldean el raectootl ve g nirehtma. ' weutre o of.time newe oed t go 90mi s.nute rtale thefiafesliat,sn i't that wh edat tp kopseel ud to say. j oinus forpl com etemepri time ercovofage theersupsd tueay
8:58 am
fi afe.liat
8:59 am
it me's "heet tss pre." >> announcer: nbc sports, home of the 2016 rio olympics. the nhl. emprr ieagle.ue eth ncaasrse cha t forprhe sint cu plp fsayof. and impre'etims nrumbene o show, "s daunniy t ghotfollba." on n ly onbc. > >>in spreglikon conditires he inagchico. th e ertempe,atur7 5eg desrend a tw tmsea who pnla on playing very deep into the spring. we have the defending snlta ey pcu amchonpi cs,cahigo blackhawks, here at heoms a tyhe play host to the washington capitals who have the leueag's be st ovalerlec rdorig rht weel wmecoou y iidnsehe tni udte ce ernt. lo otsf cnghaeser hen ich o.icag
9:00 am
th e iigce rht w,no hsere're andw la dd. >> an,drew'r youace bk in a ic chagock blashawk unm.ifor wh aten wrot thyough murd inenwh yo heu d are thwsne? >> w i pasy rettteexcid. in go ag to team that has a cechanwi to hen tta snley cup. st juef hop cullyomee her and he tlphem with that >> hownd ahe wreyo do u fe igur llyou' i fitthnto e upline? u' yoe ll bnoan strger to thjonaoean tws' .line >> ahye. vi oby,ouslwo it beuld ae nic ot spo tpl ay, but i thinkha tt ll wi s allhake out, hulopefly ay pll welghenound ae b aig b pa ortfs thiup gro going fo d.rwar ou>> ygo've t the fiaamilr mb nu6 er 1onr you back. is ar ms cuerkrug on your stchricamas isrd lt? h >>, e is.yeah nvery oicef himo ter offo t ve gi it back to me and i'll have to get him something nice. >> thanks, andrew. >> thank you. >> should be an ideal fit. he on w a stanley cup with the blackhawks back in 2010. he will play this afternoon whit thjonaoean tndws are andaww sh. lebatt twof o tworo funnt-rners r foeth mvp, priat kckean who le s ade thagle iuener tmsf o inscorg. hi tes hamas ltos 5f ohe tir


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