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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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ouit celd bhe tir last chance to blunt donald umtrsp'ar mcho t the nomination. super lice wa inrng. ristngki i25n stesat. emextrelyis res ttanto wthe wayse usually get rid of them. ewhatveryen part oush ldowkn. on d d'tnkrihe t te war. another big city warns it s renesidbots aut wh fat'snglowio int ei thr homes. >> nd> aeo vid rrhoor. e th chillingen momt th adat me enrind arews ge at upeand lheve t ur comtroo j assuror see the tape that she sa urys t hnedifer le in ato ghniartme. "nightlyew n bs"inegs ri tgh now. nn>> aerounchi: tss i n"nbclyights" new wi thes lter .holt >> oo> gend eving. at stfes org eme ency aren i etffec in vi iargin and n orth licaroigna rnoht w. on amheg tla pcesha tt to evok dtiastanglo bws fr om v antiole and lydeadrm stot tha ra edmpagm fro the so uth uphe tas etern ab se.oard ytodare we'in seeeg th
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gedamam froe som 50 re edportna tor does toverashe lwot t ys da. ne nipl peoere we ki alledilnd mslion iweretempacrod fm do edwnre t aes pnderow ta ou tgesloo f aodsnd ca edncelig flhts. to tnigh r thenegio is il stlin tryg to recover. c'nb msueigl aaglmrue reports. r >>teeporonr: tight this is wthahe t da lmagedooke like in ve sen esstat. me hosav hene be re sh.dded slive i arenmb shales af teror mthe 5an0 re rtpo tednaoresdo. >> he w inen w tt so ee erwh te hheseouwa s, ertheas wot nnghi th r>>orepr:ten i wa rlve y,viinrg,ia erthse's auc mh heartbreak as an-1efor tdonait wh ndwis upo t 1 m10esil anhour. orin narth ca,olin hu sbntooroa r ids e thna toreedo p tledhe m' pahos use. to sday ahe hnder hu ansb d,,rickt wen ey thul cod. >> re theot's nhing re ally to >> s it'll a nego. i >> at'sll gone. ep>> rr:orte an ef-2
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tmorehan 50 homes. le d.vele cin aniommuhaty tt us oes n trelecy,icit ig ne hhborngelpi ig ne.hbor atwhoo t mkutin teso de ystrol wil t nowake mo tnthso ilrebud. thisrethy e-damstor st syloem p awedh pat op peshle, gowiny ver tt limele rcy. o onlone bck alone, dtheeamag canas eily be t inhe llmi,ions d anhi wlehe t storm mo vedou thrghhi t s uncomm iity mn aratte ofteminuts, il wil mtakesonth to le .ster ig>> m aueluelmagr to t,nighnk thau. yo n ow a ccaritil ni ighthen te rac for es prt.iden fthe ginalebop date rebefoer sup estuday, en wher votns i a dozen st gatesoo t the ll ponds, a c itoulde b uz cr andar mubco rio to doso inmethg, hianyt tng,ono kck na doruld tffmp o his hmarc t tohe nanomi.tion an me,time thent clion mp ca iaigns ra stzitegiotng nnl oy en beoc demcratini bere nd sa berslsut ao lo gokinad ahe a to te polntiatc ma whupith tr iumphen tll fa. h we iavellt aov cered
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iehallks jacnon i ho n.usto ha .llie ep>> rr:orted goo inevenleg, .ster trigh d nowd onalptrum arappeos t l bengeadi llin a ofse tho super tu yesdate stasep exct r fo one- - xates. er where heon tight he l'lga aine bt a ce snter atage andt th ene c oteref th bu -ell'sye. in xa tehes, wre ev hieryt ng'serbigg, so t are sheketas at to ghnist' deteba. lthe sasttand beefor pe suuer t fsdayor lddonaum trp'sal rivs to stop him. he ac's finge firay tod t noro fmis h etcompsitor h inonoust abutscros the bo.rder e'>> woire gong t d buil the,wall and wh go's toingoay p for at thll wa? r >>teeporowr: n ian r wa of rdwos,or colful wonesith comexi's fo rmeridpresent. >> n i'moiot gong t pa fy tortha b [eple ] ll wa. s hedhoul f payitor . 's he t gothe money. >> reporte tr: nrumpow demaing vicente fox ol apeogiz h asete gs re fady dor areifnt tt baitle wedh tz cru andar mubco rio in s.texa ibut tt'she sinunshe st watehereru tmp lo okshot,op tping 40%
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spoll jinceuseb bh dr doppe out. rc mabio ruaio tr ling 6,by 1li feeheng t at he h onomis htue rf. rubio's aides tlel nbc ne atws worch fim ho t hi tt frump horis tiposi oonssrn iael an ead h clth are ghtonist a rusbio' top st girateuast geerants a to vicnry i fla,orid ee tw,tinge tak t ito th bae nk. ru bio needs to win ethere lik trued cz ne tedsno ixa tes. new nrsumbew shoru cz lstil c inndomma in hi hseomta s fte or no w. tr aumpubnd rio jockeying for second acple. a cruz aideel tls nbc the cdiantedas i pr arepgines rnspo teso cu aconsatie's hll pr lyobabe facut abo rt diriy tcksr os lie an rd teadyong eage th bo rubio and p.trum by . p.trnbaum. ttheimes forhe t nsclow a andatcrobs ss haed. >> e torni tosght' tedeba m toratte on datuesney, o t ofwo in thusgs mtha .ppen do tnald mrump hustave hi ors webst date so fa or,edr tz cru or ma o rcbiruo mbeust
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hpunc onp.trum >> or rep ster:ngetti up a wild night in the wild west. hallie jackn,sobc n news, r>>orepr:te'm i kr teis wnkeel irn rt mybele wach, here arhilliny cl itons se gttin herht sigsn o na dotrld ump. >> s it'n beet mos su sirpriong t me to e seeb som wodyho was blaffaeae, r lly fitrafnc iot a l of ej prudice and noparaia. >> or rep hter:er ca gnmpaiir, g fdingor a potential general tielecon humatcp, insendutg o a -rfundngaisiai e-ml sa eyingthvery iings co umingp p.trum he>> t man who said he woncedante toak m e icamerrea gagat ain. d ion'tnk thi acameri er evto spped being t.grea eewe nd to make er am wicahole again. >> or rep cter:igampan so surceli telbcng n ws ney' theorre w king on challengeso t umtrsp'is divivend a un enconvaltion ca gnmpai c ifonlint ou shinld w the no namionti w,hit a testrahagy tigt mht al eso b nvuncoonential. th ose mect r ent onnati palolling gives clinton a decisive orvictvey otrr ump, t50%o %.40 t bunt cliason h a more diimmeate be,attl
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nd sa iersoun sth ca liro,nahe w are ac blvek litts maer ac sttivifr condonte in cl lton nast fightor em se tingopa disrage bl yack wouthhile ta glkin abouthe t drug ob pr alemsir fadst ly, sc dengribiqu, ote, rsupe proredats, yi sa ng,e,quot n weeed to ng brim the to.heel ghtonint i a at stt,emennt clion sa lyingngookick ba, i oushn'ld hteavse ud th eoswo s.rd st l,ilhe tom mten un coders hreser ch ngalleone cinnectg wi omth soue yng vo .ters ve>> eerry pson in rthis iooms moenorusly poulwerf. r >>teeporhor: w nt co tinueolo fck to na setorer bnie ersands. ai agodn tnay i ohio, d an int,flin igmichan. a w "ne tyork"imes oredit oialonut tight ll cans ont clion to asrelehee t tr riansc fpts tromhose pa peid sseche g sheave w toall etstre, ar gguin thene sto ulspecn.atio ouit celd blo a cud th anat hvegs oerr h ca gnmpaith wheheer s's ki tanng oat senor sa snder or the gop mi nonee. >>tekrishan, tyonk u. > >>t' leris bnng iur o tipoli calctdire or, mtheatoderfor ome "et e ths,preshu" cck
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re he. u' yoeeve boin dheng t w hoht migs thiy pla t ou t for arumpisnd h lsriva? >>,wellle t'sta srt wi urth ot besim estate haof whet teg delate co sunt'ng goi tooo l k alike sfteruper es tuday. it ve's oerr hne o the dboart thaot i gr ove he re. ptrums win o allf th sese tuperayuesd st wates aith 3bout5% of v the lote hikee d di s in outhlicarona, ilhe wuil bld a leittl er ov a-d 100atelege ad lear, stt a odmeth mical tarcho th noe timinaon. an hed ten h a has ch tanceocc aatelere it and etissenally nc ciheh tom nioinatn tw eeo wks telar. ho oew des h doit? h ifein wsll a of th weserinnee takall at st hes,oue wldin w l al d theateleges in oh yio bti beang si ka ach,hell t le desgate f indalori b byngeatibi ruo. w he gouldeto t50 6 le des,gateic bas ally wahalfoy t m theagic ernumb of23 1an7, d 'd he w be oellisn h y. wa vehowefr, in joh ka csicheaan btmp tru hiin oo andco mar bi ruano ct beamp tru inidflorooa, lk at thowelhe deegath mat an chges. we t didathe mheh re. at whs does thi ,mean le ,ster t asothe b tom li ne?
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lnoweft inhe t blrepu nicanatomin ion ra ce. do tnald wrump tinshis no timinayon bch mar th 15r, ore we'ea hded c tolalevendnd a a escont tedenconv.tion ether n istho oer arscenio. a >>rill ght,chuck, k thanyou. >> gh> hima draig tonht t inathe b btleenetwe pl apnde a thefbi. th ome c fpany ailed ti moodon toay tow thr t ouju a sdge'er ord fo tr i top helhe t fbi cr aackphn ione used t byhe b sanrdernaino ll ki sers,gayin the ds fe areki seeng a ng daserouwe por. l al i ofst ale app si in sdersheay t mp co ianyows nki worng on ew a n vonersit tha wo bulde ssimpoibleo t ckunlo a byenyon but e th .user ou usr j tice escorrenpondett pe wi msllia has tadeils. >> or rep ater: hppleas waal myseadec situry a se inll ginpot. >> he t aserehe tew n ip nehos. r >>teeporher: wtn i released theon iphe 6 as dw edar swdnoenas w go mevernnt su llrvei,ancele app de maoi a pbont aut sa iyingout wold n rminfonatio o outef th pnewshonen whey the rv seited w sh ahearc rr waant. th ome c ipanyrys t ing
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working toev d aelop n neiphot thano canet b un edlock byon anye ab touhe tus .er no ty bhe t poceli, not beven aypple it.self d ans it'ht fig tinghe fb hii, wanch wts apple to modify the saroftwe in p thehone to sadirm th e security and let enag tts tryo lounck an iphone used by one at ertacks. e th fbi dtoirecrd tol ng co tress ioday at's ad let that mus be rs puued. >> m we dusto a mp coteten ve inatstig ion owfoll tingurhe m der 4 of 1lepeop s inan be dirnar ano,end w wh eratevfu lawool tls earva aabil tle ep>> rr:orte butle app tsaysbihe f is tgryin orto ftce io tat cree b a nrand vewonersi of th phe i boneyha cgngin e thft so,ware and it ys sa the gnmover ent otcann do .that >> you ctanno ask a iv pr cateenitizo t cr aeatedu proorct f it nd, at ino cantsk a eappl tong chae the ip hone in wayst thait s war nevendinteedo t sebe u td oro be em edploy. in >> ep rteor ar:lepp to ydaol t jd a iudgen besan dirnarhano tt wh heat t w fbi ants dwoulat cree aac b k do or,vi leaerng plsona
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hato s,ckernt ideity ie th hves,leosti re fo aignsgent and wa unterranovd genernmt rv suaneillce. ne wext bek, aoth pple tandbihe fl wile fac ca l pito.hill bthey sothtay i ou sheld b t upo co ssngreot, n the tscouro, ttl setes thi peteiawill nms, bc t.cour ch ngilli and mfuncoblortaome m ents ouin codrt thaay tt om tr sted starsport ch anrior endn arews to av lehee t croourtsom a ju srorsoraw f the rs fimet ti t the aapet e thte cenfr o her la twsuiin agast a te hoial ghant tt urcaptered hva prite om roho, sy t ba st ralke t in rhemoo next ordo. we m getore from c'nbs rg moan rad.dfor r >>teeportor: day, vtheideot tha she saysng chaed here lif swaho swn to a rmfooul stof errangs. er ndin a srewsedtepp t ous a theur jy sat in the,darkat wgchin os thtoe slen ismage vi aewedtlmos 17 ll mi ions.time o>> ss thi is the rs fit one a tthe na onti aliomarrtt, co t?rrec >> yes. >> nc o iest'n o the in rnte,ett' is on the internet. ma pnypleo heeav
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r>>orepr:teic melha da dviar bttrelt aeder ethee ppol h oef dr an dews' aoornd fi hlmedeter g ting sedresnd i 2008. e thor f imerannsurce ex ivecutedm ad itteto ll fogowin hercr a oss ethrefe difrent ho .tels htcaugn i0920, he of refed arf teaul ogapolsy a he was se centenod t 2 1/2 syear in.jail is>> hlo aposngy i't go enod .ough oeit dsn't take down vthe oideoheff t te in.rnet ci've riedghenound, a nit's totgakin the vi deo.down ep>> rr:orteli earer to day, ewandrs' apther tistfiestiyed b vi ddeo,ibescr tinghe ni pandc a frewselt en wh herta slker got ou ft oil jand, ahe s 'twasnld to. s >>ashe w emextrely co nencerd that this dwoul regoinvirate the or stny o therninteet. >> or rep ater:wsndre e istexpecod tak te th sendtaex n tekwe. hearing new testify from the man she says left her hurt and hu atmilied. mo rganorradfd, nbc ne ws. >> he> tpl peofe o sojackmin, sissis ppi, faregacin ary scand a fo unatrtun ely fa armilind-sou ing
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in ri dgnkin tewar. ch enildr p andanregnt wo hmen bave weendarne tnotrio dhenk ter wat hiin tits c oyf more an th70 1 ,000oppele, wh 30ere ve% liow bel e ther povlity ne. an sd aph steanieos gk re s,portre the are qu onestibos ahyut w wthey'terenne ward so .oner ep>> rr:orte l the ead inwarnatg r ttledhe lepeop of jan.ckso lmanyikehe mot orf th mreeaonic e,cabl ieworreid thtyr ci is heanotflr int. >> t jus h to tear hat rwate g has wone rong noin a ther,city ot an here,stat n andow my own cyit and atste, sit'shiomethang t t i dwoule haver nev th tough. of >> or rep oter:iafficls do aywnpl the arcompsisonle whi at sthe ame,time wngarni eg pr wnant aomennd il ch udrennder n 5ot to nk dri the tapat wer fo ixr s ntmohs. lsmalld chi nren eed leadintestndg, a erevneyoho sdulvo aid thoat wnder a run the ta wop tin mutesor befe gusin. it the pemroblsan beg last june. % 20omof hesam sedpl ha igd heah ld lsleve. six months later,0% 1 of h theomes tdeste hi .gh
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state alerted city leaders, who told the pu bblicidut d wn'tarn pr ntegnaen wom and drchiloten n d to rink theer watil unt we dadneseay, n rly teighon mthser afthe t fi hirst regh g.adin st oateiafficayls s ey the wer fwiollong a ep idgueselin. >> ve we'e don elyxact twhatedhe f -eral- y >>ooou l akedhot tse irrequtsemen and your uaeval itionhes ty're ac altu nly ot su icffntie. >> he ty're not sufficient, and we've de ma c theehang so wthey billore me su ieffic.nt >> or rep iter:ont w't be e an fasyorix f sojackn. e thor mays say the an pl nltseed uenrgt grupesadnd ahe t'sre a lo lt of ieadn the gaginer watst syem. a bl proemin facg lynear everyci ty. t >> ihiss going to co be nme anaatiol is sue. >> or rep ater:hit ts ch enildrcl's ,inic rr wo piedtsarene hav en beli calllng a day. i >> bt'srette to be sa hafe tn rrsoy, es alpeciitly wheh t ch enildr at akste. >> or repter:ic mona hsayshuer crcht sen bo ttled water to t.flin nobut ew shde wonrsf i ey thul shoavd he kept hastep nie,goskbc n ne ws,sojackn, ss mippissii.
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bsomeinreakewg ns he hire tevs g.enin slet' t goonb c's joe fr yer. >> or rep gter:ood ev g,eninst leer. po alicenre o the escen a ofea ddly plwork saceinhootng i ns kaas. th hee s sriff tayshe gu hnmaneeas biln kled by lawrcenfot,emen t bu tatshioi p, nt as nymas ahr t tee forou others are dead and up to co 20 bulde reinjud. itap hdpene atxc eel du inesstri in sshento ka asns,hi w ich asutbo 35 il m fesmro thauitorsieay she tre ar ferou or feiv ff diterenme cri esscen. tn wisessecr des aibe tichaosic iotuatn. i >>r heapo a p, pop, an 'md ink thi singome in paant c os r thsome ging oingup. an mod prepleoe inrunndg an o all f a ensuddpo, p, p,po. pop ari sttoted runtoo. >> or rep tter:he sh feriffi con trmedhe nmgu wan aasn employee, but at this po t inshiot meivs i un r.clea erlest. > >>ll stiad ahee her ni to tght,ishe rrok fm -csoalled super lice. it's much more ubstrnboo t get rid of nd, as it'ea alrdy re spinad ig hnfalhe t co truny. wh oat t i doouf yr ki omds come hite wh it. >> ls> ao apo srts pe surrstat juse mad a ea dromm ce true for a
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vi a seral ionsatn. > >> if you have olscho -agedrchil en, emayb'v youeae dlt wi tth i y orou lyikel kn fow ayamil whohas. ce li. e th ccdep rortst tha up to2 1iomilln il ch adrenr yeal wil ge lit ce. ni to aght,pon imtrtan rn wa yingeeou nod t ar he. se re narchhoow snws a reoutbfak o -csodalle su per.lice mu orch meis restant to tr eneatmn t ita25 stes so r.fa ou r remehall eis explains how to spto
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i>> tsthahe tam se e?on r >>teeporr: 11 r--yea lold iilas ge gttinck cheored f ce lito ghnit. >> er h ae'sernoth one trighre he. r >>teeporurr: se en ,oughy' theacre bk ag ain. he mor ,therdr an ea, tsays ihishes t ur foimth t ae inr yea fo r her fa.mily i >>d sai is y houread chitg?in sh aie sotd nal rely. sh ase whi itcerng h he ad. it n' wasikt lee sh was initchg heaer hd. r >>teeporher: sot's n e.alon ntscie hists ave ntrecedely iientifd su per,liceis restant t toaihe mn ccahemil inve oe-r-thtecounr ea trtstmen. e th-c sodalleer sup li avce howe nea sprd to 25st.ates >> s it'or imptant not topanic. lice areot n alt heah ha .zard dtheyon'tra ttnsmi se diase. >> or rep tter:ilo kl th sese uper,lice pe ex artsedvis f irst tryea lgrnin how to tcombhem out. user- ovecothe-runte tmtreaents rteepea dly soveralever weeks. kasou yroc drtoor f espripcronti tr eatments. washlo cinth ag nd neli insnot h war.te e'therlss ao aic le iccline likai hr ni gee. a >>utbsolely. th s ere'innoth bg toe ha as medof.
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's it y not ourt.faul you. >> or rep lter: iilas le ngarni t howop sto f itrom adspreing. >> y thee havsp a ray, d an ise uir theay spr be ifore go to olscho. u yo y and our frgirlsiend? do oudo yre shats ha, ir ha brs?ushe no>> . iss gue myr hai usbrh, sand wince oe're onur ph eson at,loe w heav to make sure like our he aadstren' thtogeer. >> or rep fter:ieamils ngtryi s totayer sup lavigigant a sinstuper ce li. he reelma lis,bc n ,news rwnoalk, > >>re we'k bac a in me moitnt w bh autig b th raer unctexpeamed ne wh aso hol a reo t play
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.oscars >> he> tup s cremeourt zz bu adrounev nada ve go brnor srianand ul vast ir oveor befe th eal trilo balveon en t go t offrohe gund te aforr wesd yayterd at th w the hhite ouse swaet vngtihe t re blpuanic t forhe co urtncvacaey, hd sai y,toda noth,anks ll te tinghihe wte ho huseoee dots nh wis thejob. >> s> aisurpre an unnomece ant oheadf e th caosrs. vi rece pntside joe
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sp ghotlihet tue iss of ca mpus slexua ast.saul and the effor htsse' ad le tingoht fig it. nbidel wil iduntroce la dy gaga's orperfemancth of e so unng "ittil pe hapns y to wou," whichas atfeedur t inhe csampu se xual altssau medocuyntarth "e hu inntgrg ndou." > >>it a ltleoy b who to heuc sd moyann o social media just got th hie te ng hmost redesid. w hedante theer j sey bwornyoc scerr sta ellion messi,ut b it edprovpo imlessibor f fhisyamil in anafghnista toget. so b hiserrothe mad m hi w one aithst plaic ma .rker pthes hoto wentl,vira andsi mesas w so vemo hd, setenhe toy b not one, but two edsign jes.rsey w whenome ce ,back sh ldou w alale bui blt on the rdboer? w ho theon certrovssy i di ngvidier vothos w ll wiid dechee t
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is thig campan. >> in> fally tot,nigh co upme ser tuy,esda bthestiggeze pri on th meapil w ble xates, an ed wan wdteo tno kw at whl wilec dthide is cr l uciarace for vo terse.ther skwe aured oin kev ti sbble tod finoutn i on sellmaex tas tnow in our seesri, e"whe t pe ."ople >> ep rteorr:t' ias bi wtter tindhatlo bws
5:57 pm
h soutanof s t anone re yo. here in karnes ci,ty pe sopleay 95%f othe djobdepen on the pr oice bf alarre of th lae bstck auff,nd it ro's d lpped aike on ste. >> s it'ibhorrle. >> ep rteor cr:zha ck hians m aagesll sma l oi sceervi mpcoany. of50% b hisesusins ha vas ednish. hets wan the emycono ck ba onactrk. w >>vee ha l toeft so dymebo go,t i wseigh ouon yer aft a ilwhe. r>>orepr:teac z h rise ir7 s 2 awith fa ,milyor a me d paj, noand . job t >> i bwill yreakou do swn ama a n. h iave aon 7-mldth-o tt liirle ghal tt re oliesen mha tt 'tdidn f askhior ts li fe. >> or rep hter:sere' th kedin of candidate he'soo lngki >> someone that's go tingigo forht f us. >> or rep wter: tithhe so rnuthede boresr l s th an 200 miles away, th sse ifue o jobs and grimminatio goan hdn i nd ha. er ovrs bee andri bsket t atedhe rog dce i us hoe. i >>rammig htionoas t itdo wheh t ve sontreig oy of ur na ,tion j not muste fo osr l aingob j but for every americanut o here that someo ines
5:58 pm
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6:00 pm
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