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tv   Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 2:07am-3:00am PST

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>> fr> nom nbcs,ewhi tiss "t ayodwi" kthhiatlee gie fford d an khoda lotb,frive tuom sdio n 1a iefrockr ellea.plaz el hevlo, oderyby. i itozs boy,e dasd tueay. i itbrs fe 2uary a3rd,splso anky es tuday. thatns mea cheaphr t billsy -- w hodoou y punronoceer h ?name >> a!si an ind ur oit kchen ishe aslway fun,ra debsi mesng. de isbra j nothaust g nginndarou th tce kidohen noing g,thin's she tliveinweetr g iwhaturs yodl hane? >> br @desiamesng. i >> vt iscrery veeati. >> iik lehe ttu picre you use on tw r,itteou y'reki loongow dn or -- c i an'treermemb. t bulii iket.
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>> au ntygh. i>>ist ik lthe .at th 'satha wyot gou got >> he twen go're toing be co g okinomup sngethith in e tc kitohen o. se i nae a chked n.icke a >>utbsolely. >> t whaweare ki coong? >> e sagteroasicd ch fken,ive in iegred tnts,h.houg e soasy. >> b theroest d astekechic n of tiall me. >> al of mel ti. s >> so heays. >> t' thaats whl joe.says >> r all.ight a >>igll r whty, ge're toingo emeet' lvisstneweis art tt ofhe ntmome. usbecae we had onet las week. br yson anchce,is hdl midhoe scol edturn himnt ioou a y stubetar. an 'sd heti getveng ee'ryons te atn ntio efrom allenadnd ly ga ga n ande ow hnehas siw muc. >> ha we hve aineadlome fr st yey'erdaows sh. u yohamay isve mthsed .is ouif y, didnti wa t youeao plse fi urx yos eyehaon wppt ha.ened heat t o endr f ou, showiekath e lepedropr d he arobet nd iwas qu a ite ntmome. >> it s wa fmyitavorine thg. >> wa it r s herifavohite tng. tso i whinkvee hat thaloand ok at whap's hngpeni. es>> y! >> g go, irl. o >>y h, mgod.
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>> d youoko lod. goo >> h, katk looouat yd.r bo s look.good >> t' thaals reatly klehie e's bo d. w >>arho ces. p >>e op pearle ced! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] y >>uyou gous, ys guynoare t a cr seoss n ctiomeof a.rica u' yollre ave peranrts u d yoknow it . de brasi mesng ishe t bstigge rv peofert all. >> t' thas why wee lov her. >>re the'som sngethi faror me po imt rtanthand sis i what i to ok atu picre ofes yayterd, er evy.ybod t feas eyourupyes hion ts. et som whingrfondes ul i enhapp ing h onow wulderfsp is ring pr s sing,g prin >> s thihais wodt ihela fekes li evin r. erse iz>> lla calsiway g ngin in"sprg."
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ot wre. e' shs goulorisly taedlent. >> but to s aee cr,ocus arehe ty t noyet. no ent evip a lk. mar ay>> mnebe om froeryestday. bu nyt, a gway, iosh,ket maurs yo t hear, sing tjuste o sethe fi sirst gn. >> t' thacrs a .ocus s >>a o evorlongidia det somhing lyrealny funte yes.rday do i knn't f ow iknyou utow b it behas 0 en 2s yeare sincthe sp giice firls strst d arteout. a evorlongidia det som whingith ma leshab s andashe wfo perg rmin ei tht r hi wsong-bannae. e sh'tdidnit do a as ersing, dishe ad ittes a velenooala sp op chera tearacr. e maybs it ybmayoe llu'ik lit.e ta ooke a lk. t >> whaallyi real, wan ll te me what yount wa. y whatou re, ally wreallyant. nti wa. a hat i wa hnt aat. nt ai wa. hat
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ug[ la ]hter ho>> trise bntlliaic lyrils stl ld ho up. >> l telhame wu t yo, want what reyou , allylyrealt. wan >> th anoweer sicet p fturerom je ernnifez lop. e shedposts thiurpict e on st inrara gmf o her --ta insgram erof h twins, nowea 8 yldrs o. pt cad ionehait, bippy ayrthd to th ghe li mt offey li. re i ermembas i whe at ncr coert in as veg h andider kres were the veand rory ptivocaorve p otionf e itand so is er intngestiau becse r hegrmom d abbeofone k theids d anho svedhe t kid's faceo int he ros b somohe s cn'ouldt and t thenheer othne o did the he oter on soy the cn'ouldt see what w momoias dng. >> t whamowas inm dog? i >>s t walyreald. goo >> om bos. os>> bom. d >>ouid yet twet? tha y >>es. ka>> oxcy, entelle. at whoi's gn?ng o er whe e artwthe ?eets weare in seeemg thth on e re scen? t iswhhat sat'sseuppo bd toe hag.enin if y' there not po wrno,e're
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l alt,righ brdea,he t ny'reot re>> ay thek?drun we ea alrawdy st. tha wthathras tinee m autesgo. th wat'st hy ialis ctwled eet. we on go tee afe r thr.othe he>> ts re io,a ce a hast, tes mpan ee loye.test we ke spout aboic off te --s homa eyfarlte yes. rday he>> t c guy iomesd n anayhe ss irhe hotes palentilo emp ayeesnd d hethoes veis eimry te. b hes ring tthemeao brt.kfas woguy atrks rl chaches swab. rihe bthngs o em tkfbreaanast d he s saysepleas mesheup tir r ordey.badl o >> dthsometoing ir thed. foo do et som.hing d an hthengoe's toing ch wat how rthey.eact d an wthatheill imlp hid dece if 's heng goihi to here tm. t ifhahey oove gard chr.acte haor weyt th do. >> ou y i andke taloud abist th. if 'r youtte siacing frossrom e thofceo aj a momor c tpanyhat yo ntu wawo to orrk fu', yore in go tg too ry tesimprats th pe wrsonevith hierytn ng iyou. d anini thu'k yooire go ng tbe y onbeour ehst br avio ievenf ey thng bri a youp slounof jk, yo owu kn?
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>> 'd you e eat bveryofite it. i dnwoulo 't dutit bou i wld lynice t askthhem heat tt y gomy de oronr wrg. >> hi i tounk yri're ght. n'i doint thu k yod woult reac rithe waght y. ini th tk ifruhey minedaly me i and onwas ob a jer int, viewi wo juuld usst p ah itroll aund ke li -- w>>t haulwoyod dou la, ura, st mys erieof? i >>ld wouin go k theenitch and ofindhout w i didt. >> a you dre atietecve. it>> w gh my.un es>> yu , yod.woul a >>igll rhty. .okay he>> tsoy al y sayanou co als nd fi a out a lot -bout - if reyou'ng goia on , date stheyay ouif y a paytitteno on ty a guon da a onte, at a dthe wi, him llyou'rn leaot a lut abo. him ho w he tsreat the itwa,ress is he po,lite does he get uphe wn yo veu hale to thave ble taowe, h hdoesp?e ti an>> cpl we geasen et oheto t ch ba?elor es>> y. im>> tr e fo b"theloacher". >> yo do tcu waheh "the bac?lor" d>> i.on't edi us to. >> ov i late thw. sho he>> tat upde. a >>otn eml ionat nigh last t.nigh re wallyas. ha i o ve tsay. i 'tdidnep sleh. muc
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i >>s t waioemotnal. th mee ho dtown sate,n o be goes heto tal finr fous'girles hom, me thets mie fa, liess talkheto t ntpared s aninsiblsogs, ca it n go ll reaody gore or , allylyreal bad. t' lelks taut aboo' jojmes ti and --how do we e lik, jojos she' gr eat. he otr br ahersxtre elyreme ecprot otiveeif thstr sinder a ou brupght d gootspoin. le tat's lke aatook t wha they .said >> g i'm toingt o pu ithisn rs peivpecte. u' yoeeve b tn onatwo dites wh e thanguy u'd yoy re mersist and i yloveou. hobut n w cafayou n ll i love wi omth s weoneouho yon've ly i >>be've n en o dmany watesith hi m. >> you jtus said twoin sgle da tes. >> ht rig, but in t gheroup da wtes,ave heim tene aloh wit him. >> ki talo ng tweyou h seeow em naotioinlly edvest a youn re i . it my d reae'is ht s noas ioemoty nallstinven ed is it a aryou e. to m seesty siiker late ther aft o tws,date'r yout e pu in a tiposif on oreyou'ir desy ed ba a
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at thes makm the allan wt u.yo yo knu ow,'v youe beenn o the rothe sa ide lelitt. bit o so tousee str sieter g a li mttleemore naotioanl th i wo liuld yoke, owu kn. o >>thnly i ing d woulisask th ouat ytr're uluthfal in url yo eransws. >> ee i fkel lias i wes hontht wi brthe rsothe. vei neldr tom thehianytng to t nigh wthatakas f fe or.alse h >>noe's int go pg toheick r. lo i hove trose bs.ther y >>eah. lo i hove trose bs.ther i >>l feefobad jor joau becse e' shves in istedisn th t andhey in ruered hnc chaes. >>no. i >>'m just yisang. okindfne ruid hhaer c.nces s let' omoven. rr soy. hiso t ts isathe date tht wen lyreall. wel enlaur. ini the'k shfrs a ruont- innern e thetcompn.itio etso lak's tloe a t ok ait. >> y. oka y >>hiou thank tikt, loue, y and be e n aratcomp, ibley,trule lik pyournaersoesliti? >> y areskou aifing i i'mven lo bwithen? el>> wesl, y. f>> ilieel enke bli's, myke,
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i itsas inne. wa i ans metme to enet b. m i'nidefi itelyven loh withim. 10 0%. ha>> wket mar s hed stantoout u? yo >> re theso is inmethoug aburt yo st sihaer t, t is, liken'i cat t pus wordto. do i knn't ow. eli fell reacky lu y. m->> mhmm. i >> do. do i knn't ow. y.sorr ou>> ywe ansmyred st queion. t don'cry. y >>eah. bhe'screen aying. lot h >>s?e ha >> h. yea >> t tha wasn'het tst fir -- >> thatas w the fi lrst, bike,ig y, cr s youeaaw tutrs bge he ts ch uokedp. i itins go bg toroe a rough ad.
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-- when his dogf o5 1rs yea es di. me sog,thin k younow? >> ex he sepress s hi floveor la .uren it al is all re. an>> cel i tu l yothone iing,n "d inatelthe," eley tu l yoheif t rs peooon lowks dd n an, left th e ey'rtenot g llintrthe uth. wa i oks loating t. tha i' rrm soy. >> th is moere re? a >>a,mand d herweate eant rlly we .ll s she'onthe nely oh i ittes cu. n bethmet tte liidle kuts, b she sewas omnt h te inndhe e. w itadas b. j hemeust e t th fkidsiror fst atimee nd hs sendawher t ay a rothe erse cy.emon hi>> cn ldre'tarenes invted. >> i know, but why meet thes kid y ifneou kw youer we going to t cuher? sh iee cr td inarhe c. c he. ried e >> hd?crie e >> hd crien.agai 's he notng goi toak me itn i the xt ne odepise. usbecaere we' d townreo the ft le. i iturs lajoen, an jo yld kaa. h >>there reey a. os the e artothe rep the. 'm>> ing goih wite'-- hins gog p tothick dde minele o. l >>n.aure >> o thehone wwa he yis cr ng ouab t. >> ra debat, whyo do inu thk? t >>lohe b nde. t >>lohe bnde?
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ck pi o onee f thr othetwo. ck pi o the otherne. j >>ojo. t>> a least'l youlem rrembe her .name >> ywanneay, eext wk -- >> nd ama'ma, ing goico to uentin rato pr y foyou. a >>igll ho fda'sitavory e daheof tk, wee an spueky t.sday >> 't dons misthall n e fuwe ve han wheivwe g ae it way. or>> mn e fuomto cthe wi the st myuseriora debsi mesng. dwhatshoes oe doekn we?ends d>> i kon' i an wtot no kw.ecott e thd'worleas gr ntestn,atio yit'sreour sispontybili to ol s tve wheldor 'sea grhatest cges.llen is thy is whearcwe sr h fothe a bestrighnd b.test wh ty weinra e forryve enevytualit on d lanan r,d wate in a the ir,sp e acd anenevyb cspacere. we ra open te impa cowolex rldth wi s onee impliomissn.
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>> e'> shtts wid y anticreave. we no're stt juki talbong aerut h ch tearac tr one'v, walre t king t abouemthe wamy ainrd w ning esactrbrs dessa meing. d ansheus jstt loon us thep sna .chat e >> w ghave sreathanapcint gog. >> on i dnd't uanerst.d it isted ng goihe to e lp mrefigu o itut. >> th in ste mys erieauof lra, de a brplays laura diamonds, a no senonsenud attiten we evithen co to fmes y.amil
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oli tdad d'v ie bsoeen busy m withyad d and myte voluner .work w >> yououldt shuup. wantyou kn to iow how know u' yongre lyi l, yourare ips mo ving. now mtell ye whatreou're ally to in. m >>yoostly diga, meon, tatijust ttrying bo findce ialanfen li .>> d yout o no twanto mess with me today. m i'in tryg top hel you. >> you doto ns mesndarou. i >>no do sst meun arod. do i n't. i t.don' .yeah at theb's drybie an. co o >> ha wdot ou yhi t snk he's lyrealng doi? s >> bhe'sad. s she'nebad ws. ll>> ads kinho of lerribng this. s >> bhe'sewad ns. an>> cta we bolk aouut yver li ee tw stings?kill ka>> oy. t >>here was r aneaso we put you hein tit kchen withhe t ee tw.ting twyou d eeteinjustbe bier. or d hisad? >> id i d. wa i tcs wa thingrahe g immysn my pa majains ed b. i' stm juke, lian -- end th all a ofde sudusn, jbitin ceberomes beup, eforesaven , yingi and
2:23 am
ss pod esseme, and it jus said, s hidads iud pro o hfis s.peni aland lf o a ensudd, itam bece th is, ,likent iterne l,vira cr thazy ing. >> ry angyo at u? i >> it isesnter.ting t a loeoof psaple yoid, owu kn, go i the tet twe t forinhe w. t bu tthen where- as -t i goa up cof le os girlwewho lire, ke, bu 'st heat gre. an m,d i'e, likco of hursee's gr eat. m i' sjustg ayin tthatadhe d is a lelittrd wei. i >>se've heen te nudurpictes keta--n >> y the lwered eakethand t en i biwas wsg ne t andhihen d s da lwas, wike,--hat w >>t as inebig r ws o-- i >>'t donw. kno >> id i dsen't .e it d>> i kon't now. >> k youwhnow s at iy,funn you twcan --eet ge for.t it i k thinhowe stauld bolk aut yo erur s dies, yon'tou? es>> y. w >>ngaitise to ye ife ou'r edpickfo up urr yord thiso sean. y >>es. >> pp wrap.ed u c >>onome w., no om>> c, e onnbc. 'sthatht rig.
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first half of our asonsein fe al an itd s go ig in knoto yckr ou cksooff.s it i sos hock sing. b >>auecse ofs thirlbad gi ? t'>> tha os part.f it erthis ae ot lf su orirpd ses an a tlot ofs hing athatoire gng s toofort ke shang thi.s up ou>> y't dons mesndarou. n >>e o, wt.don' w >>n'e dot. w >>asha tt nnboie? >>ha ts t wame. >> l i'mngookin dowheto tt. lef la [ erught ] w >>ouas yn r soy happ tthathe se iasonnds widoing ndwn a u' yoe ll b mhomeore? >> , yess.he i i so ds myenog hhory w m youet on s theet. i >>de bonthd wiry hen. c he tomese o thwiset erth h ev daery y. i >> v wasjeery s aloualactuly. he ed immlyiate, was -like- >> ov i lu.e yo >> lo he kaved th. bhe'ssoeen f rt od a badog la .tely >> you have g toetar cesan mil. c >>e an hhifix m? h >>s e wad.fixe
2:25 am
w itncas iblredie. li lltera -y my d- myasog w, keliwh, iatgos g inon? >> m theriyste oeslaf a urrsai mo to nrrow, ight, 8:00 7:00 central rehen oc.nb u yodownha tt dkvoa, girl. l >> set'see it. >>er h ge weo. t >>htonigin's dmener olnu sved. i' inm go tg to tweethat. oh my, od g. j >>oe mecasron' with us, and he g'sngoio too ck it up aerft isth mmcoalerci. d>> i won't panteeoplting get t.upse i >>wat was r.te a >> rll, ight witodas v.ka cabeyouse cou sauld vendhudsreca on surar innce. peah, t.rfec levaint parkg. inevenir.g, she llo! 's here key thes. d, ano uh, g on easy rmye, idmate. hmwo, muldn'tsomeind th of beat lief weln...ngto s to mee howu uch yod coulsa cave on rar insunce, go ic to
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> >>.yeah ouif yal're iwaysman a shd da etto gne din tr onabhe tigle nht af niter oght,eaur tntm wa s to yhelputou o.
2:29 am
al hemethy haal tedt fefas a mily of r foug usin ifivedingre ents tfromenhe sreior ntsidef, che gjoelanamor. >> ie i dng beik ovi le beingh wit you guys. th is is a vefire-ingt dien kechicn. ic chisken im intinidatcag beuse it ks looe liklian anden a ar sceoes pple. bu ist thea is sy. fi krst,e athi ilee, b gotr.utte i itoms rop. tem n camiyou gx inc,arlion lem and sa ge. we go're toing ce spis thierbutt awithhill teas grgrt inntedies. y >>ayou ss thineis oth of e rbestedoastck chiens. d>> it idn'onsay .e of >> he idsa, "the ."best >> us jt >> so we havem rooem ttuperare ch keichen .re mai sdee omomrond u ter d angra t eaictrisk o tketahe t bu erttnd aut pt i lin ae ittl pa bstryndag aee squt.ze i u >> tnderkihe sn. >> is it ng goima to terina. h >>onow l yg doeaou lhave tt in th ere? >> ht rigy. awa o go tnethe text sp.
2:30 am
ma heke tck chillen a s one hape or wi it ooll cevk unen. th eae grict tr tk ist o puthe in tw te inowhe b il soest don't go o allthver ace ple. ll i' t cuthis. is thak freers evy ybodbuout t it is ea so sy. >> hoda likes it -- y>>enou wthe t rey,toda i love . it y sootou g to pull u tphe gsle- -doi t n'owkn if yeou'r a le g orre a bpeast .rson kei ligo to f legirst. i thput rie stndng uster, ring r,undel pulogit theet r. l>>e ikeasnrsker omesointh g. >> yes. d anenth t tieanhat u d yo ahave tibeau--ful w >>meant cu to ?t it g >>enood .ough egoodh.noug yo t u pun it opothe estato and sthenhiomety ng mshjewi gr otandmsaher itys, at crees ul smtz. >> o du yoowknha wtht iats? >> oo gstd f.uf
2:31 am
at thpl supe etvelvynt ir.erio ov>> ct er iusor j lt inike th at? >> li in hake tast, ey. >> y verlesimp. t >>eyhe kth to i'is, ipll we is th, offt i gotta liitle b of -- k thes ey ietto lre it orst f in20 m sutese o thesjuic't don a govell oe r the.plac o >>kay. >> ik i l te tothake gse le off t.firs ta ffke o t >> y didutou pem a ln on ie?ther diyou tdn'tusell p you ut a n lemohein tre. g >>ood point. onopti bal, iutov le iem lon in er the. i >>to do o. i >>e tak othisff. lo t ok a. this oo>> lw k hoy juic lthatd.ooke >> t thaoo lks so ,goodt ilyreal .does he>> tce juie s arinrunneag clr d ansti ju m putery thtemomer be n tweeeeto sit if do is ne. 16 p5 iscterfe. sh wouldy?e tr go i lit a pttleuian jtoces o. togot r pou othisthver p.e to t >>uihe j yces, yeah,eah. t >> yhankou. y >>elou t, l meonbe hest. i d asketoyou ho be .nest ha>> t rt isy eallcidelious. i togot . say oi>> mst. s >>leuccunt. w >> ne'reupot sd poseayto s is mot. >> ? why ui>> jcy.
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> >>e we'rintalkoug abw t ho av grisity l. evi it ti is orme fis elvan durd t an arhis otiste f thh.mont he>> tl halamof fdie rasto ho in odtrinucusg o t-y18r-eaold sogreyann ch.ce gwhenonreys 1 wasar2 yed,s ol s hethang vee co lr ofgaady ga's "p azaparatzi" oo schl. th asis wt posouon y atubeotnd g remoha t55n il monliie v, wsenev leelden neges rew e shs wafaa n. ey grcason n me oshher ow. thand heen tt resisis h. tory >> h nowbae's itck ww h nec musi in cluding his new single hit and ru icn whsth mugr be oreat is elv ntdurald wouben't e. her i >>y onlg brinbethe st. idoesket ma f youweeel whird en yo e u se vthat fideowhrom ouen y 1were2? t >> iwas a leittlan strge. ye ah. i' ndm wog erini why e chose thos heclotuts, bid beshaes t t, i tlike hat. id>> da gagh reactoout you r afte athisivnd gu e yoceadvi? >> ye wah,ee werua actllyne sigd t toheam seel lab after itll a wentn dowhaand edppen. d aninran acto eheh otcor a uple of es tim. d anththe wiing erth he , shjust al sways haid,foey, oncus the si muouc, ygo're toing in be the du in, stryg goinetto grd wei, it is ng goige to ugt toh. >> t sheyoold l u al. that
2:36 am
st doill thing odat tay. >> at greic adve. >> v the cideoouame mt 55onilli ew vie s, h btookseack ndat a en the cam.back s hie voicgechand. yo tu'rer,allee lik n7'5"ow. >> er pubty. >> t wha tdoesdohat th to e ic voe? i islit a wttle?eird t >> iouis tgh. op peanle w lt tondie a say at thas's e'ly, i tl beirhe fst toone i say tt isblerrie. i >> at isrdwkwa. wa ntit uouil yr heasihim ng. 's heso aweme. >> 'r youine go lg to--ove d >>idha that cnge yourif le ow shuping on en"ell"? >> ail mlion pet.rcen wa i as nlormaoo schlid k in ok malaho. vi el fs isterom hxas,owe kns. en whha it edppen c, itedhang my li ntfe ey.irel d >>heid ts kidrago ct zy a olscho? t >>hey did. >> doy there tat youif dntferely w? no t >> ilmis aliost rke ictespe ei thinr opmoion hare tyon anne el se. th noey katw whea's rckl ba in ok malaho. h >>dee unndrstaw s hoorit wks, so mcial.edia lepeoppi's os nionatdo mter. yo epu keey an ae anf ll o. that >> t io,ry t. yes ou>> ye werabprobaily rbysed
2:37 am
-- i't canal tk tayod. fa lymi. >> m. i a ommy m d andbaad, omck he, pr lyobabch wat ing. nd>> ais elvo,, to h yousoave ny mapl peo ce toe.hoos wh asat wsp it icecif aally bout is th t kidyohat idu sas thiguy is fe dif trentalhan tl ofhe rsothe? is>> hto hishiry, ors steiy, bng d,a king beiou famths wit tha o vide 5withll5 miviion ews th en. d an ttheng akineaa br athernd co bmingwiack pth aanlan d a gr voeat ice. e we'rg goinavto hm e hiuron o di raowo shor tomrow. 'r weine go dg toe oublwidip th gr n.eyso uwait yntileaou hm r hi.sing llyou'e lovit. >> y. oka ghe's toingngo sihiing w s ne "songanhit n"d ru. so d gon'tf.o of nd>> a n theooew batk thl wil uopenw p nes doorr afte.this chec isk thbr out, o. 's twhat bhat,?roheim i chedswitge to ico t and go.more smore oavingsr n casuinrance? ahyees bro-fndsor, ae. mor enlike rnsters ice.uran wmore says toave. nice o-, brhitato cp. nthat'sll,ot ao- brhatein ske. geic s o haycmotorcanle insd rvceuran, too.
2:38 am
eaoh y'm ah, iboll amout ddre, teosevy brelt. ico. geec expt t greangsavis a and lowhole re.t mo s let'thesget e l dayqui gliquidand els go. thbut liquese elid gnes are w. cine mustx fa-max. 's it sam theffe di.erence is th is onestmax rengthghand fiucusts m. ci mustnex fa-max. onlythe nd brad ed coland u li fl gquidel that is max-strength and fights mucus. s let'thend is. emselis wkevee'it h r a oadocblk. atthin reme.ds m.. yone ane havonoccasinsal cotiontipaar, di.rhea.. as...goa, bl?ting yes! e phonpsillin ' colothhealpr tiobiop eac caaych d s dehelp afend ogainstioccas nalivdigestese issu. hrwith typesee tgo of ctod baeria. live r thearegule. lif
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
i a am anhit n d ru andh o nd a oh a ihim a d t an run t >> yhankou. >> g go,onreys. >> t way.o go >> and'r youeri wting as well? >> ah ye. ha>> tunt sogrded eat. >> re we'in try fg toe igurout wh to isonhe soug abt. i >>'t don owkn. gieted askbo a tuthatll a the ti me. >> ho w ieverabt's out,y' there no t in goodav f worith me. la [ erught ] t >> yhanko ou s.much ic>> n me toyoeet u. >> r you mname bightlle caed wh e en w igiveayt aw. s >>y pankdatuesy. m >>iey frennd jr nifeanmorg ar sheres hpi insonratitoal sry th ouat chald cyonge ifur le. e' shdos a ll. ri afght thter is. >> nk spay. >> nk spay.
2:45 am
2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
da sy inpeuch alrsons, way i and n --otus jt erunivy,sall but ep deerly plsonas. way sando iad h mywn o coenrsunte ro th eugh,iaspecllyre dams and he g arinhisns iidevo ice. an end thn whe iid d aos hpital mi rynist, ild wouk talto enpatiants, dn whe ild woura py th wim the andis lnte tohe tm wi t thoujuntdgme,he ty begano t e sharrtheito sriesh wit me ab toung aelic coenrsunte and st juut bea,ifulut bea iful iestorous abw t homigod ernisted t tohem andro pdvidee hop and inhealg. i >> it isesnter, ting yas aoung gi horl, u w yo ysaiddaour d wo gould a to ithospooal rm. u yo awent alongernd w e an rvobseorer fhi a wyole, u izreal- ed -izrealhaed watt th ul co ld be ike. h >>d e die -- hd woul mtakee to vi hisit tis pa aentsnd ild wou se e when hein mreiste -d- so ablylute,ec bause theyld wou ju -st -he trk spa ofop held wou
2:51 am
and ldheouin be m thet omen twithhem. an sad i atw thm fro very nnbegi ing. hy>> wyo do inu thopk perele a ra afo id t atalk -bout s- toay, ini thisk thpe haptoned me? >> re thea is oflot gm judinent ou rlr wod ouabt, oh, you owkn i, n' doowt knt wha she's doing, - or-ut b t'shere- -ur o world ke lis to say thatt' ishe tlm rea maof itiginaon. bu rt intyealiav, hes en i sipresntng i ao uspend sg akinto trus, tyingouo, yw, kno i gods ngtryiin to uvitetos in a lydeepso perrenal onlatiship. o >> susyou - ed -riin w ttinghe ok bou , yo ausedti fic onal ar chr acted namearmarget. wh ao isgen anbelic aning e d sh ha ens beyo -- uaur gn rdial ange ul wo ydn'tayou s? >>ye s. >> w dhyidou yic prgk ma?aret p>> id ickearmarg- et -asit w i -- t wasg ryinrito whete t ok bo i andde neemed so sp inioiratd n and i haeaa drm. he i thard woree rds. use agen anl. d an wso iupoke ca, i tn dohat.
2:52 am
ma etrgar s and fhe's, unnyshe s loverito dofnk c sfee,imometes or snhets we n shhslaug. ha>> ts t watofun do. i togot . say a >>hend sng brie s thhe-- s gsbrin s thed acree spacheof t rd gao en tme. opshe upens me. th tois sevry, hoen ti ugh a use iofictchnal tearact r, iasis bed m onuey tre lifriexpe.ence e shs takehrme t toughhis jo y urneifof le. d an -- >> w one soman how. o >>omne whoan sw. knyou haow whit, t ts -- iheres m socoany iempanvos in wlvedith th hais te,t are, likpo supg rtin th liis, fake, fthomheor t one n >>on gna ben i terheatsll a over th une cotry. >> a andleudibex is ivclusely g doinauthe bodio ndok an the n simous& shanter erd evy ybodis -- >> is it ex an enperirice w ating ok bo a andxpll englodi. c >>atongrioulatns. awhatcrn inleedibke, lirs, fit -- >> is it zi amang. >> t andhohe s mw, i tean,hat wa crs inleedib. too i' evve noner d ie --s t waedfilm dant iwas my first. er evngythi f's a.irst
2:53 am
o >> sy happyofor weu, s.etie ca "lled tcomee o thengard." itand ju is - st -ilit wesl bls ur yort hea. t >> yhanko ou s.much t>>hank you so much. >> you won't be ab tlento corol ur yoit exct emen ywheneeou s at whre we'ng goigi to wave ay. go nn, doa. f >>, irst ithisods "tonay" c. nb e thlechal fngesgacine thtrcounvey neopr st . nsoereiths doeu.the rms. ay. tweinra. ad apt. d ansmget y everiesoldr. ev unery it. every day. t noeeto k p upthwing chae; t bu dto irivet. dynobows knot whapr msobleor tomwirow rill bng. t buo we d wknowwiho olll sheve tm.
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
ma urke s yeou enterin aga for ne xt ws eek'e.priz e >> w ahaveut mine. >> c foretompllee rud s an laregus,tionto go ndklga.chodandom aer aft g youo e therhe-- tu n yo thavet o hi-- >> p sto it, !hoda om>> tw,orrony funne waydy bra. su asheme tit posion. an e d thyoguy auur drsghtee hav r theioneye ko, nita sora. ell >>jose'oi gngo tol s yveour sh faionrg emeesenci and- - what ?else s>>etomnghipe salcior fll af o u.yo s>>nkpatuy daes y. m>>y meik isal f dlingown. >> ve leaal me one. le meave ne alo. av le ae me.lone [ htlauger ] >> is it ti getonng langer d ng loer. >> mo no re!
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