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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 24, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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th seer meys." to ghni--t bbbocay avnne,al oredit"t of ewhe nke yorr", da revid k,mnic li "vew nerkyo" errtcansoo, atfeinurthg 8ge an bd. [ cheers and applae us] la adiesennd gentlem, th seer meys! [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setd gooineveng. m i' mseths.eyer ithisats "lghe nit." ho ew isboveryoidy donng t?ight ee[ chndrs ala app]use nt fac astieato hr. t incahat lese, get's tt tohe ne ws. an pl cs to tloserihe patson ait'stt prempy silale pn, re .ally ghe's toingt o pudia rackosha gn siit on . la [ erught ] t ouusof bs ines win aeek. dfilmtoirecikr spe e lehas en eddorsni bernde saaners r d fo iebernak's shoe i t'pe ires mo fe efe ctiv sthan lpike oee'sther
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la [ erught ] 'r wew e noeka wey awa tfromhe r supedatuesimy prs arieand caben irson es soedxcit he ba grely4 ot 1s hourleof sep la igst nht. [ htlauger ] rat a iallys n las vegalast t,nighal donumd trldp to sursorted he' tlikenco puh ot prrsestoth in cee fa. ghthoulo he mooks ikre le e th okindy f guwowho stuld aroke it wht e cae whilbosomelsdy ee nc puyohed tu inache fe. la [ erught a anduspplae ] cioffiatals up a sacer ped aim ce re, ntlyre"theno is ve silr etbullge to d t riruof tmp." of rs cout.e no p trumt isn'rea we.wolf mhe'sliore vke areampi. >> g no,hoet tigse lofhts f! of f! la [ erught ]
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co acg rdin nto aalew gpolup ll, % 21meof ansricank thit tha hi y llartoclin dn isneishost. wa shs, "hoe's , nestshbut e's di esshont." ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] arhilliny clreton lycentit vised e thofset h thebcit aw sho nd"scaal." is t thalyreal s theyohow u ou she ld btivisiigng rowht n? la [ erught ] nowhy opt drth by t e sei of " nodid g thing"wronma or ybe re"the n wasngothieg illn al i os thmae e-?ils" 'sthatoo a gowd sh. go le a hasncnnouhaed t t to rr miheor tld worli we n ve i to tday,omhe c wpanybeill di adorng w mkinghaom, apndicped, stand t-ay-a dhomeigad fesurin. st juid a stee noe , th ha apndicleped iggo fe urinmebeca bldisafted ae er hpestep ad on go leef baroot. [ htlauger ] sback.tory ki ovds lene whir thes toy have sback.tory m kiaskard hhianelas rd easethe t firsosphothe of n,r so
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t' lekes taoo a l ok atne. aw . [ htlaugnder ala app]use avwe hgre a sheat orow f you ghtonit. [ rschee a anduspplae ] fr boom hvi's ", nyl" y bobbavcannisale e herghtonit. fa a tintastoc acr. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] afromat gre s newhow. al edso, oitorf he "t y newr"orker , oundfrie da revid k mnicacis bk. [ rschee a anduspplae ] al awaysas pletoure k talto m. hi pl veus, xcry eg,itinha we heve t tu ref rn o"lthe niate ght" erplayo s wh bwillage stliing ve ew "nke yorarr" cs.toon no efw, bweore t getl o alof at th s fun, tuffcathe gnmpai of p goidpresalentidi can date crted asuz he comr unde ffireor le aly gedladspreing si mimanfor ation bout o marco.rubi 's itt juslathe itestsen a ries of il simccar aiousatevns l eled ai agcrnst hauz tvet haen tak a ma tojor n ll ocahis gnmpai. r fo omoreisn th's, ite timfor "a lo cr selook." ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> so h: sinall , all wit'sas to a weugh d ekentefor uzd cr. c heiname rd thi in so cauth narolist, a whate heere
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an end evt losg amongeevanl lica te vohirs, res cost conncituey, d tod onalp,truman a m o whonce de bescris d hichchurng goi bi hahits ty s wa-- >> l wel ai gochs mui as can, ysalwach on maristlws, aonays st eaer. al wwaysthhen s ere'joa mar ca oc asionurnd d--ing in durg th nde su--ays a i'mda suny ur cherch pson. [ t lighhtlauger ] et>> s'mh: iun a schday urch onpersop as d poseyoto, owu kn, sdthurhuay cperch .ople st sill,eao grtct wa hhingim me cowi up hath tswt aner. he s getstchri emas,r,aste but nohe khews t sre'shiometng mi g.ssin e'therbis a e g oninmissg. li [ laght erught ] pothe isint z cru lost geevanlslicath to uyat g. isso hpa camwaign res alady go thing h rouguga rotch pad h an gsthiny onlwogot onrse da mony en whs thienhapped. >> s the uhake tp inedhe tz cru aicampongn, he ofopis ts aid d firer afteadspreing mi orsinfonmatiut abo rc mabio ruo. >> c tedfiruz hired s uncommioicatirns dr,ecto ri ylck ter. hthatneappecad bemruse le. tyr ac intecuraeply rd orte some encommarts mubco radio mabe out th ble bie. yl>> tweer t aetedeo vid of
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af stinfer h the lotel.obby su lebtitais clatm thio rubd sai th weere qure, "ote,manot ny sw aniners b the,"iblen whe ru acbio lytuald sai b"the ible alhad e l theransws." et>> se h: hghthou st henoaid t ny mawe ansrs? di ckd rier tylll reainy thk rc mabio rusto ju s sawneomeo inreadbig a anble oud th ght, e "timakto tise thke sucwnr do a g! pe" ug[ la ]hter eryest tday, aylergipolofozed r re spg adinfathe relse aportnd tr toied en defmsd hionelf x "fo frand s"iendci by ttinghe or aliginrc sou te ofidhe veo. >> " they dailsypennialvanutn" p t upvihat andeo eyd th t puthe ca nsptiowh of heat tidy sa was trthe rianscn pt o vthat.ideo i cjustedheckfi it inve m utes o, ag " they dailsypennialvann" is ck stibying ir thens trat.crip s >> seth:ato whd kinouof srce heis til "danny peansylv yian"ou as k? 's it u thersniveofity nn peansylv cia'sgeolle ws ner.pape gh[ liugt la ]hter ruhe t astedle colewge nerspap. al ghthoube to r, faiir theed op- inon tetder ttiques e wa very rs peveuasi. ug[ la ]hter e therbiggbl proorem fz cruis th hiat tans scisdal t justhe la itestsen a oriescif ins dent th asat hen giv c hisigampan a
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caethianl sts.dard ouas y r maybeememrur, crsz fit t go rthatateputafion hiter s aicampprgn sfaead lse in atformabion beout rsn can on i tiowaeao stmel soca of 'srson te vors. r.>> d c benn arsosiaccuheng t ccruzigampa pn ofnglayity dir kstricwi to e n th ciowas,aucu r aftecrthe cuzpuamp t t ouword th dso cars n wapidroputng o heof tsi preiadentcel ra. d >>arr. cs son'aicampgn an cenounatd thwa he t s no pidroputng oth of cee raay, ok? he n wasroot dg ppinout. th idat dstn't enop s cators ruz' onnatihaal cn,irmana co-altion rmchaicoan, ssngreman st kieve frng, enom s odingisut h n owt.twee an atd thd saiso"carokn lokes li 's he." out et>> sowh: nbe to r, fairs "caon ok lokes liis he " outusis jt w ho pmoste eopld woulridescbe be rsn caon. [ htlauger ] "d dso carstn jue takan am ?"bien "n e o, h ljust looksheike 's ou t." [ t lighhtlauger ] ani men evesuhis loits ikok le pa s.jama la [ erught ]
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wa iocu cauhes, tllse aioegat ns chavenuontio ed tcrdog .uz in t, fact las, week ecruzven re tequesmed a g etin cwithn arso datwo efys bthore e ut soroh ca plinaryrimatr to y to sm oooththver nte corsrovey. me a g etin athatctttraed at iotentt n noitfor ub's s ject tt mabuer, r t foloits oncati. >> n cbshaews nfs cod irme ca atndidedes tz cruand be n carson h aadri ptevaee mngti nlast iighte nsidora stage cl .oset t'>> it s noeiso whard teyt th t, me w but theremehey t -- deinsia of etclos. i >>nk thiy' thealre c tlinghis a etclosmi sumt. li [ laght erught ] oncars i mete nsidora stage cl .oset mea mo'mnt ie sur bthatofoth em th a, asganti-ghy rits caadvo ites,iammed rtelyttegreed en why theizrealheed tuly wod en evlytuale havomto ct e ouof th ose clet. ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] ge to.ther so d howepid rrsorted finout th heat t w twoinere c thet lose hein tst firce pla? ll weco, acg rdinto "t aihe dealy b qst",, uote re"secrvt semeice s mber were ar gu tdingoohe dd r anlysimp tsaidreo a icpublpean overati t inalhe h, lwayh,'yeay' there in t thaetclos.'" [ htlauger ] usbecau e yo tknow shoset ecre
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b "[ ]leeps, thise i u bd toe a ma .rine ug[ la ]hter w nowai'm g itinthfor twese o mm dutoies is finayh plseing ven mi s nuteeain h"ven? [ t lighhtlauger ] so se thees latlet alongatiy s ma urbe h ctingnoruz utw, by' there t noatisolnced itsiden. f in tact,ishis ri a csmtici th veat euzn crel's flow re icpublhaans evve l aeledm.t hi l he'lr do oansay ngythige to t el d.ecte ttakefohis amr exple. ju efst bthore wae iocu cau ses, uz crde sudcanly utme oin agast io bwa'sn an owofiresarks les. wh uly woprd a enesid tial idcandtaate ucke spoh a onsiti a onal locue iss? ll we"b as beloomrerg" edport rl eathier onis mcrth, quuz, ote, "h o ad nicpublit posonion wa ioir's fksewor u law hntilis an tsalysnt ided ifieot60 ves th ouat cotld palentie ly bedsway usbeca ie oft." c ofe,ours r theheeal neadli re heth is heat trere ape 60 ople in a iowvowho bated onsed ir the oloveref gh[ liugt la ]hter ca beouuse rer foerfathugs foht fo tr meveo hafi my rkrewod s an ll i'e givmyyou tl botcke roet wh ouen y p cant ry i mfromy ld coad, dere, thnge-fi heredand.
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, alsoouseri isly,mef soone al reovly lires fkseworey, th're t noa gonn fvoteedor tz. cru ey thgo're vonna orte fs thi n romalecand. ug[ la ]hter gthats uy imaa huren th asis hn, beecl "a loser"ook. l we'ligbe racht bthk wie mor ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ah h...ah ye..! ahh. h.ah... ah pryou sobablyay it a n millioa times day. ..ahh. ahh! ah ..h. h!ah t bu cigat, na wanwet to help everyone say it once a year. sa"ahhy ". >> h.ah.. a cignl medicacoplans ver e ond hundreentperc of y inour rk-netwol annuachec kup. a soca, meris let'go. kn .ow ahh! keand taol contryour of lt heah. gnci toga.heet allr,he tay. w
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> selh: w bcomeevack oderyby. ea plivse g ue itr p fothe 8g d ban ee[ chndrs ala app]use jalsongoinith us eeis whek, s's a anplccomd ishemedrumd r an oscomproer frem hene in rkw yo ty ciis allilon mler. th yoank mu souch. >> nk tha. you an thu.k yo et>> sorh: fng beih witus al n.liso ee[ chndrs ala app]use w noerwe h "e at nlate" ightwe sloveestudi l, wepoove bulls t 'v wetie nothced heat tolse pls t don'ysalwa u add ep tolyxact 0% 10. th s ere'ysalwat thariminoty th alat fntls ie o thermyst ious so we've sent our "late night" resechars er dtoeretnemiha wt in s thentegmele calhed "tt las e slicheof t c pie."hart ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> sllh: aht rigr , out firs po uell qn stio, askst "whaheis t imosttamporront p fblemg acin e thtrcounday toy." 52 id% sano eco42my, id% sa he calth 6are,ll% feo int that er"othte" ca.gory t' lee s se twhatrehey sallyaid. ey thd saicoour y'untrggs biest leprob tm is"that lohe p t of
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[ htlauger ] n up pext,e eopl awere, sked"do thyou prink enesidamt oboua shld nanomi rte aceepla fmentor ju e sticiascal?" % 55 ysaid36es, id% sa no. esleavot 9% her. le e t's sehewhat tallyy red. sai ot "nil h untmie nos nate a emreplacr ent fo."zayn [ htlaugnder ala app]use bu ott, i ghota be witnestu,h yo en evhe if s, doe s thee'enats nn gooca bl.k it up t, nexpl peoree weed askow, "h hmuchh ealtrminfon atiooudo y t ge tfromnthe it?erne" % 41 asaid. lot sa44% lid ae.ittl d anot15% her. le set's ate why the.said h "oodmy g's, itce cansnr, i't it ?" [ htlauger ] n up pext,e eopl awere, sked"are yo ouu pr bd to ae ancamerin?" 86 id% sa, yesai4% s.d no s let'whsee heat ter oth 10% .said ey thd, sai." "si la [ erught a anduspplae ]
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sp "ort? 46 id% satb fooall. sa30% asid bl.ebal sa21% asid balketbl. 3% er oth. le set's ate why thelyreald. sai at "wg chinlepeoph puss,door sthatpuay 'll.'" ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] am a'ericmes ga. beyou e lievllyou'mo be re su sfcceshaul turn yoen parts we re?" sa74% esid y. sa21% o,id not 5% her. le set's ate why the sreallyaid. s theyme eend mveryi onth, bett b" la [ erught a anduspplae ] d anllfinaeoy, pweple skre aed, "w hahat yd isopour n inioon do tnald?"rump 26 vo% fae.rabl % 64vounfae.rabl 8% d sai hthey'tavenrd hea ghenouut abo t himcio dede. 2% er oth. le set's ate why thelyreald. sai a"whohere torse mwhons ilo stl ha t ven'd hearghenouut abo na doruld tmp." [ htlaugnder ala app]use at th " waslathe list sf ce othe pi are cht." we be'll ht rigk bac mwithore "l niate "ght.
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use s >> weth:meelcok, bac ybeverody. fiour gurst toest t nigh tis awo me tiy emmd awarinwinntog acr o whknyou roow fs m hi oworkn th cle acd aimeesseriar "bok dwal reempind," am fros film asuchs lu "bsme ja" ine,"aand annt m." he ur's clyrentrr staining the w nedrhbo seama , riesyl"vin," as 0s 197or rececd exe,utiv ri fchietrinesa. s let' atakek. loo e'>> wrire tg mminfathe t. ay stleing an. th d e olerrost n hadheo coe.renc t >>'shereor a cpinuco a of ardispe atunso.ds ka>> oory, cpinucouna sods vaguely go.od thsomeeling se. >> an in sey ca. pa wort t. >> e likntatlaasic ho. atc xa>> e.ctly ok amay, anerictu centary sys ta inutct bh witesa frprh imint la bel. ok a ay, l labe sthatays to owmorr. e threfutu. a >>c tomirdrecos. t >>uthe fsture ngartiay tod. no 42t 19. >> ke roct. ot>> nke roct t bu irockt.
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>> h, yeao. i d l stilno. s >> peth:e leasomwelc te tohe sh obow banby clenava. ch[ rseend app ausla]e et>> selh: w.come >> nk tha. you s >> veth:haery yoppy hu'reere. >> nk tha. you tnice ho beere. s >> aeth:onnd culgratnsatio are in er ord. erwe wlke tabaing agckstoue, y d han a soe thres weekago. >> ee thrks wee a and, day.yeah ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> shrh: teeee wndks aay a d. ng colaratus.tion ha>> t mnks,an. et>> serh: vciy ex.ting m i't abouoito jurn yoks ran. y >>eah. >> h: set p i'my rette.clos ea>> yeah, yh. et>> snyh: ay , anceadvi? yt an ihingd neenoto kw? y >> weah, yell,hoou suld le --arn t jusitput s thi way, reyou'ng goikn to orow moue abt stbreak. mil la [ erught ] s >> yeth:eah. >> n thaik-- ltae i bolk aut br meastliilk tke iabalk out th nke yaees. [ htlauger ] li llke a t theime. i hknowanow mncy oue es wldshou g bengetti h andanow my he sh bouldine dr akingo nd di el smkel lias brelkt mi? s >> ieth:'t donw kno iwhatt
12:59 am
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1:00 am
ca bei use k thin, moreifmy we s wa wmoreedorriut abot wharose wo thuld beink e causeawe rlly ha cd to uleane p thtmaparent. bu wt itusas ju.t yo yjustamou cd e ankechec d it rout,?ight >> n no,oso, rmee ca. >> h: sety oka.good ou>> y t haddohat g. s >> weth:d e hag,a doh. yea ea>> yeah, yh. at th w dogomas sngethi. s >> weth:s hat'g wron twithhe do g? j >>a ust ilot,a t's ilot,t s wat.a lo ug[ la ]hter et>> sy h: misdog ou 7 pnds. i >>w, kno i buts t wansintee, ma n. w it las adooud g. >> h: sett whaitwas ng doi? a >> o lotppf yianing ppd yaing an ked lipi nipng. et>> st'h: ihus a myge, i dogs hu a obge banby clenava. fan ug[ la ]hter ea>> yh. >> h: sete hugrd"boa ewalke"mpir fan. wa es soedxcitme to ouet y. y >>eah. it c was iute,s t wa.cute .yeah et>> sonh: culgratnsatio on "v ."inyl 's itta fan.stic sit'sgetranme to t thae ther sn haee't bshn a boow aheut t 70 19cks rone scepe, eslycial iherew n ne.york ea>> y ah, i.gree owi kn. ll we'v, wenae figolly e t onand it p's ay rett pgoodreedige i th ink. u yo, knowinmartrc scoanese d jmickr,agge t and werryr,inte soand e , thenaudihoce sfeuld el tlikerehey'go in anod hds. i , meanowi knid i d. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >> ieth:emt secrs inlyedib th auc,entih wit bthemd ehinit. >> h. yea s >> ieth:e havmato i aginelso ti intimidaorng w wkingpeith ople
1:01 am
ob slviou "y ondwboaremalk ."pire ea>> yh. >> h: sett' whae s tht firss -- a ctan awhor, iat'sket li the t firs ytimeeeou mmet solione ke rt macoin se.rses el>> w hl, i uad ae niqu atsitu yion,noou kitw, wrth may be e,caus"b on waoardi lk" -- , yeahnei'd mever m t hirebefo, d anidwe ds thie tabl areadnd i wa e s thgunew ty inashe cd t an ey th l had aike, t big sableet up h witthall ece exesutivm fro anhbo l d alacthe atorshend ty ha nd myoname it a lpltle ace ca exrd n mt ton artisescorse. so as i we likkifreautng o. d and i hafithe scrst inene the sh ow. et>> sm-h: mhmm. nd>> ath in ene sckie i hill ts d olwiman pth awripe aenchnd af heter ul inse,ts mn eveghthou 's it r noty eallnsan ianult d , sos i wa, likeounerv bs toegin awith nnd i severthaid uyis g's rd wot s ou bloude eforfiand rst ti hme ivead eokr spheen tds wor asand n soo sas iedtart sp ngeakiu , yo, knowini th k my t firs wlineikas lhae, w yt doou me y an b.that an isd thd , any mart sjustedtart hilaugng. licackysng hcaterilly. li heke, ws knot' whamis u thand heen t i guyads rething e in theag, r tdingtahe sge di iorectndns a g theoeuy gs, yp "get rosicti pp ks upea pi chwren c ands haser afteguthe y d anesraisab it hiove ads he."
1:02 am
ug la ahinge'nd hkes lind, "a en th g theeayp bimts hde to ath ov heer td hea twithiphe pe en wrch." an rtd majuy's onst ge. 's het jushilaugysng hcaterilly an ttd himeing er und t the able an wad i kes li'm, "id. goo i' thm wis thi"guy. gh[ liugt la ]hter s >> yeth:eah. othe ger a viqy unenue sf se o r.humo e'>> ht s gorya vequ uninse see h of bumorifut, h seeifis, you wa hitch vis moyoes, owu knu , yo thget enat sf,se o k you now, ait'st soracof m sabre oensef mo hur. it er's valy rec,isti i andt's ve enry tse. an , d so sit'sofort s theame si iotuatthn winy "vil." sti jul fee ilikea t's ecperft rr ma, iagelyrealrk, wowiing th hi m. s >> ieth:e n tht firsodepise u yo atalk tboutsohat f rt odark me cody. thand s ere'pethe t rfecplexame haof ttht wire andcew diy. cla >> h. yea s >> teth:plhat a ays thguy at ow adns rtaio ss.tion ea>> yh. s >> weth:yoere fau a n of ewandre dic?clay >> w i, yo owu kn d, soanice wd i,e dlweirnny cod ecteovnow heer t st la y few.ears ihe'slun "bsme ja"ine. ini'm ue "blmi jasne." >> h: setco of , urset,righ i fo rgot. nd>> a t nowhis. an hed, wwan i os 19 yr 20 ears i old twentato thce cont rt a e thengard. yo owu knce, di t wasirhe fst co anmedise to utll ois madon sq guaren.arde ashe w b thestiggeng thi in li 19ke, .90 s >> ieth:s t wa ha --s e waa hhuge> it >!huge soand w, itikas looe, cr l fome w towiork imth h.
1:03 am
, crew atheythll, e ey'r, like wtheyhuere ange fd s an htheyad en bein askoug, yw, knoyo do u in th'dk her eveikdo lmee so ke jor s fous? so e , onweday dr're g ivinetto s d anewandr a is,e ll htohas do th ole why e daayis la in pool loof bod. he sn doeav't h se to opeakr an ngythi. an 'sd hee, lik g i'm toingsto ju helay ecre b mausecky bats hur so j i'mgoust toing h layere l alday. ju ivst g ae melo pilw. so y the hgive pim aw illoand he ay's lining b the aloode nd h d diofall j his fokeslirom ke th s.e 90 d heikid llle, a d the -irty- s >> deth: nirtyryurseme rhys? >> d the nirtyryurseme rhys. >> h: setng lyia in opoolf oo bld. ol pobl of liood hike t s -- [ htlauger ] an wd he douldl o alheof tm. et>> sorh: fse tho d who on't yo n u caabprobuely ghass we t th e rhym dwithwaock s. gh[ liugt la ]hter olhe t, d mekei asm,d hiai i sd, oudo ye havinany f thethile at et>> snyh: aty dirse nurhyry rme at thn' didket ma c theut? >> r anytsejec. ye anah, td hemeold . one et>> silh: wu l yo utells? i >>dit's trty,h.houg et>> so h: gitfor . i iftot's rto di'ly westl ju >> id i dwrn't itite me, re, mber asit we. dic
1:04 am
t so i, goesa doe adeeral feme er dey,, ra d thetheer at ee[ bldop ] te insshe a. at th i wast. ap [ seplau ] at whs doe mthatean? ait'sw ndre cdice ylay,noou kw? s >> ieth:'t canie belhave tt dn diak't me e thcut. >> an i cit't eher. s i wa, likewowhy 'tuldnt tha tmakeuthe c? at whhe's tye -- ah. >> h: sett whathwas ghe hi bar hayou d? y >> yeah,eah. it ik's le -- et>> sheh: t tn atndhe eth of e d >>'toesn. fit ah ye. s >> teth:ishis qun't ite di lace cy. fe i ikel lise th a has bad rtafte.aste ea>> yh. , oh the'sfierric. >> h: setyo so owu, n s theishow averyntutheo ic ttithe me. u yo hmusttoave ba garp ge u ig nehohborbeods e,caus of ur conese, rkw yosn doeoo't lk yt an lhingitike i dide n th70s. >> t' thaacs exritly ght. et>> ss h: iruit tate thn whe weyou o nt ts timeresquaau, 'cse u yot shooe,therid dou yav htoe g brinaggarbthe wi? you ea>> yh. h weo ad tg brinaggarbeae, yh. d an ythenotou gakta t ae itway. [ t lighhtlauger ] et>> sigh: ryoht, n'u castt ju av lee e thaggarbe. s >>e'o, whore sg otin odownn th 46ee strowt, d hn ins ell' hekitcndn, ay thet don' icallt ll heit's k achenrenymoht rig? th aley c ll it cike,onlint or me sog.thin weand sh're ngootith in is grplay wound ihichw s noa ay plndgrou c forrehildt n buit us o ed tikbe lple a ouaygrornd f
1:05 am
>> h: seth. yea [ htlauger ] >> s ande o, w imadeokt loe lik athat, gainthand weere ikre le nk juanies osd prtetitud s an th , ingsgaand e yoand seu'd ope perole fe m th hbneigodorholi go "yke, 7eah,0s e ar!"back ug[ la ]hter an end th s youikee lw e ne op pelile, upke y opiesr at wh, ever glikekeo liha, "wt's ha inppenreg heou," yw? kno be ll rearvy neous. so 's, itea a rgnl sith of e me tis. et>> st h: iunis fowny hre the ar w e neeryorko s whisdo mats th me tiat, thke loo ad so.wful i >>w. kno s >> ieth:n, mealo it fuoks n albut yoso, owu kne , th fact at thy, there theeo's pwhple o e ar, like t"oh,arhat kee li oh ba n ck idathe nky juusies o ed t ohangerut he. w itheas tt. bes" y >>eah. bu att th t's a, hingt?righ 'sthatt sor nof aorew yink thg yw anay. >> h: sett tha nis aorew yk in thg. ey tht jus -want- n >>heot te samoranyme. s >> yeth:eah. an end thry eveg thin ttheyell abyou whout 'sy it t notamhe se, is mu so orch wse. ea>> yeeh, sayms wse wor. s >> yeth:eah. th ace pl le wenoive w, i me re tmber uheretosed a be t nigh aclubd rouncothe .rner rebefoiv i ln ed ithe ne orighb ihoodd useo to gall th mee tid , an cit'sd.lose i and mbremeayer s ting, o my madoorcen onau, 'c lse i oved g goine.ther ea>> yh. s >> aeth: wnd iikas ldoe, " you re ermembt thae?plac" d anashe we, lik, "ohasit w the t.wors lepeopd usehrto tp ow uhein t on fr tt ofobhe lf by oour bu ngildi t allimhe te." an jud i emst rr embeg bein, like
1:06 am
ug[ la ]hter >> re thed usee to baca pl e on s42ndt.tree iwhen a was i kidem rember li itke, l was iike,'t don me re wmberithat c wasd allebut it l hada ike kiblinyeng e. s >> ueth:h.h-hu ig>> rn ht odethe uce. li rike, thght ere. an ked li k youitnew d was.irty thsomewaing pps hag eninhein tre itand j wasanust t eyehat wo opuld nden ase clo. an ned i gover it tot. li thke, otey g o rid.f it li gike, niuliae camndin a got ofrid it. bu knt i t ew i--was et>> sefh: byoore reu weag of e g to to inhe -- y >>eah. ah ye. et>> seah: yh. s >> seth:u o yoa gottd spenthe re f st o lyournoife owt kning ac ple. s >> teth:s hat'tbhearinreakg. rt dir y fo.sure et>> seah: yh. w itt asn'.good ug[ la ]hter o.>> n s >> seth: to in0she 7, vi oby,ousl d yout idn'toget pe excerient thawathe ury yo ar chr acte.does at whe werliyou acke benk wh you we rore g uwing tp in0she 7. i >>e n thi 70s a was olcathic sc khoolid. yo owu knwe, i o nt tolcathic sc .hool >> h: setyo so reu weoo a gd?d ki o,>> nus i jntt weca to icthol ho scol. [ htlauger ] s >> oeth: gkay,a.otch w>> itoent ho catsclic .hool asit w n alluns. i kigot ockedf ut oolcathic sc .hool yo owu kn--, i ot i gke kict d ou atof cc holiolschoth in h e 7t e.grad >> h: setyo so deu mapr it etty far. i >>e madreit pfatty r.
1:07 am
th the ca colich hurcusbecae i d,likee, likik i leied bn ng a r alteanboy wad i kes li t, inhe ea thgrter anoup wad i ts inhe ch anoir wad i ds, illid a of th xtis errracuariculff stu. ju i idst dlin't - ke -nuthe ns us o ed th teacus. s >> oeth:kay. he>> tsty juen werer't vcey ni m tonde, aot i g -- >> h: setwh so apat hd?pene , like dwhatouid yto do get edkick? out >> un i hstg sioaer jupnna a on ihooke n th ccoatt losehein t h 7te.grad la [ erught ] e shthwas ine prl cipashbut e us o ed thebe tde kintergarn ac teher. an end thgo, i ipt skinped nd kirtergaen. >> h: sethi notoung ygo're toing mtellkee maiss thy. oka ug[ la ]hter y >> reah,.ight et>> so,h: n k butgoeep ing. at whe elsyodid ?u do et>> lte me oull yt wha enhapped. li yeke, yeah, noah, u', yore ri aght,llctuay. >> h: setwa so yoit, cku pip ed u n a nupuand r t he hon aook. ea>> yelh, whel, sd useitto h a mehell te. tim et>> skah: oy. >> s andashe wtl litd,e an you , knows i wa, liked i ha alike thgrowrt sputh in h e 7te grad d anpishe mcked be upe y th th ying,noou ky w, beathe ndr, a adwe hse thet coaetcloss. ke li d i'mg atinlfmyse. knyou yoow, owu kn. ke lise these cloouts ywo 'd uld wa hrlk t aoughannd h yg upour co ndat a h youa ave y cubbin th anere u d yod,coul'd shel pul ouyou tt ofhahe cndir ao int
1:08 am
an d d i'ithad ea alrdy. sh lle pue ed mofout se my ndat a liit c, cked'sthat it. d anedpick u herd p anheput r up on h theanook wad i nes go. la [ erught a anduspplae ] >> h: setsh is ile sterl the? d>> i ton't shinko. >> h: set s she otille n th?hook d>> i ton't shinko. ah ye. s >> teth: yhanko ou s fmuchor be heing re. ng co oratse n fit'sstantaic. >> nk thaets, sh. an thu,k yo. man goand ast sewoon tgh, rit? t >>s,hankh. yea k thanyou. [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setby bobna can vale ybeverody. ne isw ep oodesinf "vaiyl" r nd suigay nonhts . hbo l we'ligbe racht bthk wi vi damnd reick. [ rschee a anduspplae ] br .ing it w hoyodid dou t thadidnyou ev't e en movanyour hd?! ait'sn ll iwrthe istarschw..tzy. ghalrinot, a gtherame. al wexa,tihat s me iit? 's it3p 5:4m. i' otve gab a teale r ading6:t owexa, hhe t's ticraff?th stese fautt ro5 e is 4sminute dow ton.ntow we can e th takkee bi?!
1:09 am
ja gson...n thet idee si-car. ght.alri w scne hhickydro ve usrshe l te with h aratiyd gng reselvoerir givthatoues y40 le% riss fioctn. dit'siges nedke nliheo otrr razo to protect from irritation. rr soube y, lp.stri hi scrock hyd . y freeskinour . bwehtroug h youtoere day gtoouet yner hopist onionab thout ewis n. car eeto kinp thnbgs ud,iase emwe r aovedhell tos log. elfekes limw a b. ndremi as metl lite ofbit e likudan ai. thso, aris cpp su aorts cppleayarpl. , sirienopap ms. e sh mgetswoe. w. a ithalso ens tedr tiverolechnogy. it n eves muterathe undio tile th bseat aeltsucre b.kled vei'm cryiour wust ha iits.
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itand ls sel? for sitrttaats we ty-nto twvefi. what? w ohow. ani meh witthall ecis toghnoly. atth g's achame r.ange y am wh f i aan ofeb appl fanee'sor favboites sturbon icke. chd n an?shrimp 's s itoko sm mey andouysteris... hathen tjun t cae.spic mo i algost fori t dcoul feel this way. edshe ustalk to ou abikt me l.e that yo ever fne's aithan w pl ap 2ebee's $2 forn 0 fatefavoris. smy ion andto used ch t wathe rpred cawset shon o tvnow, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable one inthi neg tedbe o edprtablicise o be tla f frekee. causbehae i d ve usendhead aould shfoers ear 20 yrs. rusedlyegularem, it r oveso up tf 100% oflakes ke yoeping pru teotecd ev y er, weekerevnty mo h,erevyey ar u yoy readma?
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life is unpredictable, so embrace it!
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] > >>: sethomwelccke ba er evy.ybod neour uext gs st iputhe erltiz iz prnne wiauing athorhend t it edf or o n"theorew y"ker. w neodepisf es omathe negazis w neesserie "thyonew rker pr tsesene " arlaavaievble ery tu y esdamaon an zoe.prim t' lekes ta l ak.oo >> first cowboy coming to you l al the way from oklahoma. [ cheers ] w>>are stmuted bttonngusti to 4 he 6 tdey riep shese cau you wa hent ts kideato lndrn ay the n learr theiamfundlsenta are ngridith as etey ger old. en thy theuagradntte ilvo ca, es then juniostr rseeth, teny hego to our senior steers, then our juorniul b als tndn heeythe 'rin the big bulls. t>>t'haits ! mkeepinovg! move! move! vemo! >> move! >> move! m>>e!ov et>> gol a hd! ge hot a ld! ovget heer tre! ge ert ovre the! ey>> h. [ ngcryi ] t geup. wh reat a c youg ryint?abou awhatoure yff sni aling?bout gi e ve m.some ar u e yop chamhuor cmp? >> mp cha. c >> ohampumr chp? c >>.hamp ha>> cr mp op?chum ha>> cmp. s >> peth:e leasomwelccke ba to
1:14 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> s lh: ithike e at wedshow a ll buin ridipg clin to uctrode u yousbecaate thms seee likthe fa strthey awa tfromhe da revid icmni k owkn. ea>> yh. it ik's l ce myhohildod. >> h: sett' thaghs riost the e ar hyourviome .deos >> no in jerth .rsey ayeahutbsolely. ch oramp mp chu? s >> weth:ree weua actlly la ngughi -- >> mp chu t allayhe w. s >> ieth:'t donw knoouif y ow kns thiusbeca we weere la ngughiay tod. li obslviou hy wetoave te wri ur yoe namt a lo ywhene ou'ron th owe shh wit -just o- inur me anmos atd wh a notnd da revid k.mnic ed>> r.neck et>> sedh: r.neck it o auteccorro ts t d daviecrednk. ea>> yt'h, irys vett flag.erin ug[ la ]hter v >>flery riatteng. >> h: setau becgase ahain tt or do ys ofliour fe. [ htlauger ] in th anoifer lu'e yore da revid k dnecyoand tu'reuyhe g inyell tg atidhe k r forg idin stthe eer. ea>> yeah, yh. s >> ieth:te wan ad toousk y ab soout inmethu g yoe wrot r fo n"theorew y"ker. t abouou-- ypa comthred ume trp mp ca taigne o thalbrutofity nfl bafootll. >> h: seth wit sthisofort ou amf nt or angeviand l triothat ha ens bet sorreof pntvale ro thutugho c thee oursisof h ca gnmpai. y >>eah. s >> eeth:inxplact exahaly wt u yo.mean
1:15 am
th e en wdnwoulee't sm thee quit ftas oen. s >> yeth:eah. >> is it it -- or's hinrifyg. 's itri horg.fyin e therknyou inow, 6 the0s, ph rilip goth, nreatisovelt, wr thote haat tert am ican incrazisess cr so thazy t'at is be ngcomios impe siblrito wte fi n ctiooranyme. hebut n hadeao id. he d wasngealih witara chr acte rlikerdichaon nix. et>> sm-h: mhmm. >> b whoday tosty's rdandas wo beuld in a k rd ofg aviny left hein tub repn licay partweand w no thavepehe slectac of po calitindl caesidatea scr ming yeand g llinheat te. pop heat te. pop s >> aeth:t nd inghavi no fe efct. >> it no hi -- tis rawengs p.nt u p'trumtis rawengs p nt u as a su relt. so u , yo, knowheso wu n yoa see ntmomepo in cslitie likdiyou d st yey erda 1whenea06-yd r-ol n womatsvisi w the hhite, ouse af n ricaicameroman woman cing r fok blacorhistnty mod h anis gr d eeteheby tma oband's as it' ajuste rarntmomesa of anitynd ce deanncy end thre we'k bacto,
1:16 am
wh --ere re whelo it lioks ke a n clowcar. s >> weth: we --tue ac hallyave ipa clth of at. do i knn't f ow ineanyo s haseen th r is oveif ee'ryonens se it. >> s it'inamazg. >> sh: hete'erthe s 6-10ar-oyeld man woatthet t mbahe oma's. h>>ey! ow>> hou are y? >> in i'm fe. o>> ih,s t' nsoe ic sto yee.ou >> i'mus j10t an6 i d -- do ou yan wtot ay si h to chmileel? >> es y! >> come on. s>>w lowndo. >> 06 1. s she'106. >> he s's 106? >> no you arnoe t. >> ho i t iughtld wouer neve liv etto gth in ite whuse hoe. w >> yell,reou aht rige. her ou>> y h areere. a >> -nd ies- blu.s yo ou>> y h areere. >> i am so happy. >> we e arpphatoy e havu.yo >> b acklare pntside. oo>> l hk atim. y >>ay! >> ht rigre the. at the.'s m ea>> yh. [ htlauger ] [ auapplse ] >> h: setet som -hingth- i ink th aat'spon imt rtang thinusfor emto rr.embe
1:17 am
at whex's nt? et>> selh: wo l, dthyou ink, sp ngeakiwh of nat's iext,s e therhianytrung tt mp a this t poindocan sa or aty thl wil ca thuse nuese s mbero to g down o or dthyou heink ro's povven er e thsecourt lasmofew -nths- i >>nk this it'ibposshale tt if amhe ct e ougaand rve anaatiol li popecy sabech imout atmigrion or c gunolontran or ngythi at thct's ay,uall k you now, po imt,rtan n hisrsumbeht mig go do wn. >> h: setre the g youo. > ll >asbut g lonut-- blo as ng as s it', pure hraw,d atre ma d rrientto einerta vment, alue .zoom et>> seah: yh. nd>> at' tha ts --s hat'ictrag. s >> aeth: wnd isaill thy i ink th s ere'eano rtoson nk thi at thch'll bangeseecaudo he es ahavete betder unndrstai ing d woulofsay er entmetainalnt vue an tht mosidcand iatese n th .past eehe serms vugy plinged . o >> n ii --e hatscto a iribe t don' twante o uswothe rd ge tnius bo ite ut h hdoesave fsomertingeenip sf se olipopusm ev hoen theugh b's aonilli.aire >> h: seth. yea nd>> as he' ibeenown sh si bu, nessbehis n en ithe ma inrketsig bu, nessbehis n en i ntessey iallrtadveg,isin the
1:18 am
dedecas. me i nyan a y newr orkembremeered thhim nce sie e th 7late0s. >> h: sete havhayou y d an -- i pknowe eoplwrwho abite out th lingspoike cslitith or nye ma gsthint thalihis asfe hss croed th wi. w heinill ctterah, witwi he ll wr anite legry s tterto. ve ha h younyad aso pernal orhistthy wimp tru? y >>noou k -w hear- yeo s ag rk mage sinotr wrbre a anillit of profile a himound yld cou si bay callispubl th it aodaynd it ld wouju be s st aapt. t bund-- ak marersing a got lot of io furwius, igth bhe -- a had shugetuignandre awr he ites e thesedscres. bu e t th rmostt ecenini th k is at thha he lfd gors coulles a toverouhe c antrye'nd hrys ve ss piffed ot thagothe lf zimagaannes e d thancompaty th i wo t,rk ade cont, nas h not appy "with dgolft.iges" as ge he - ts -eswritll reay y angrerlettous abw t ho mcomey go oulf c yrse,noou kitw, we h th st ueatf oliju cussaae r, wh eratevis it n, isetot g ting plthe haay tgut auhasta t.s go et>> shah: t tt -- ahosere th tat'ss hingesa prt idens need orto wbory aut. >> h. yea luabso.tely ug[ la ]hter et>> shah: t vt ismuery t ch a tothe tp ofishe lt. y >>eah.
1:19 am
>> h: setth so ipe clth at e be inginn tg ofhohe sisw tha is tenew silevienon v.ture ea>> yh. s >> feth:thor "w e neeryork." ll cathed "w e neeryorkse prents" it n 's oonamazme pri. t >>s hat'ghrit. >> et s sh:exo aiple n thatform t ofhohe sr w fous. >> l wel ait'saz magshine n ow i sethe thnse heat t dre'sreiffent ec pihees tre. it ea's mo nt tecrefle t th zimagan ne isethe thnse at th s ere'dycomeit in . er th de isreeep inport ig int. er the e arrvinte iiews n it --and i buttet's silevion. so ca it don't s thethame ing. it 't canu , yo, know ma layor rd guaf ia o cthis ity, s yearyeand agars eno wh the panews wpersonent ik str ne inew rk yoy, citwe he n nt orathe dio be e cause thernowas ev teln isio haat tmet ti w, heonent the ra andio rd hecoead tmicsemo th heon t. air 'sthat w notwehat go're toing . do e we'rgonot toing d reathe ca nsrtoote on silevion. be e caus nit'snnot itoate le teonvisi. at wh n youiseed at gre fi kilmmang. th ilat fipm clt thasayou w is heby t t guydihat e d tht grea medocuy ntarp "hoomsdread " an galexy ibnes who'rra te ific do ntcumen ariaheis t w guys ho i ru g nninshthe loow aitng wh ha kaoone canperm r whothan "e
1:20 am
ut>> bse theng thie s ar trealv pr cos i pan'tndretedo to it my .self et>> sreh: ay thestnew s orieor thare oiey gacng b sk toofort arthe e chivthof "w e neeryork" to d finiestor -s toke- li --for t tha rbullg,idins kid inrunnllg bus. hais tt -- >> t thabawas onsed ie a pce th asat we don wby ar rited name bburkr.ilge et>> skah: oy. a >>- nd ---but i andant's te ininrestpeg excerienau becse r foita wrouer ynk thika, "oy, w no dit'sone. i e wrot sthat.tory 'sthatis fin"hed, in ay a w'r younde haoving er th toat so ry tbosomelsdy ee's se ilnsibity. yo gu'reg ivino it tlma fir make s who'a gonnavto heie thn r ow otake hn itr is oowher ken ta i ont. u yo thavecoo ree ncilseyourlf to t. tha 's itlo no ynger.ours it n's ahiew tng. et>> s wh: i iouldnemagit mos wr s iter bmustppe ha fy soar wi owth hng thives hane turt.d ou t>> i thinkrehey'y oka iwitht f soar. >> h: sety oka.good thnow hee otinr thatg th'r youe in do yg isreou ati hos rng aadio sh a ow, aspodct. at whld wou c youitall ? wh aat yre coulial ingt? i >>bot's th. it ot's b th onsterre rrial adio on io natpunal rblic adio iostatllns ar ovecothe y untr an sod alil ava aablepos a t.dcas
1:21 am
w how --hod woulgryou ade yo lfursea as o radi shostr.o fa el>> winl, s'dce ide grael mysf a aste wri ar as about i "b" gu i'ess gem a mentle"cn's " so r. fa et>> skah: ohey, toure y go. o.>> n yo ouu she ld bh tougouon yf rsel --and s it'.hard dit'sreiffent. be e caus'mif ier intinviewr g fo a t prine piecn i cayoask e u th dsamequumb onestiti 15 anmes d d it'toesnte matr. s >> reth:.ight j >>asust g lon gas iheet t in atformthion nat ieed. pa aplyrentdo it t esn' tworkhat wa ly inwhike e'at woire dng he re. >> h: seth, yeai if akeptg skin ityou e 'd br supengbori. li [ laght erught ] y >> feah,otor b uh ofs. s >> yeth:eah. >> e andiaspecfolly u r yoguys. et>> selh: wt'l ley.s tr o >> gd.ahea et>> sowh: hld wou g you rade seyours lf adia rasto ho? la [ erught ] y >>noou kybw ma"be a ay," mbe a "c s. plu" >> h: sety. oka >> th is oris w fkingouor y? yet et>> sowh: hld wou g you rade seyourholf tasugh ad a r- io -i n' doy t bu"cthe s. plu" fo bet re ia was legents men'"c." no 'sw itc a "."plus ea>> yh. m i'g goinllup a t theime. >> h: set c why yan'teeou kurp yo y storigstraht. >> g i'm uoingp. >> h: set, nowvei haas to u k yo , this yhaveisou ld teneto yo lfurset hoso.radi t'>> irrs hongifyi. s >> yeth: ieah, isn'tt. i >>hot's yirrifng. >> h: seth. yea o >> dwayou yotch lfurse on te silevion?
1:22 am
wa ngtchi. s >>urhe touns y. off et>> so h: nllshe'wa be ngtchi ke lihe on hor ipn ne ithe mo g rnini and thavekeo live lea rothe om. ca heuse g arinoimy vusce jtst pu n me id a ba.mood i >>'t canl telmahow ilny fm -- >> h: setov i l ie asmet cot.s ou sti ju't donr heait. li igke rowht n l i'm oike,'sh it tibeauful. th s is i-- w >>l e al ilovet. la [ erught ] s >> eeth:thveryabing thout is. >> al we vel loas it co it mes ou t. >> et s yh:h.ea ut>> bhi i thank tert tha e's lo ft ofakilmmwhers n'o wot h watcr theiesmovier afty' there do ne. >> h: sethm mm-m. >> se cauy' theicre s ik oft. ini therk the e ar fveryew bothe heok t bn goanack add re ei thn r ows bookplfor reeasu. juyou onst d't. >> h: seth. yea ou>> ydo're itne w.h it soand n eve, thisn'i dontt wa h tomyear ce voice, exo pt tsee ho gw toetet batter it. >> h: sethm mm-m. h >>o ow tbeget atter.t it et>> selh: watl thth is ine thg. u yo thaverco foure yo tselfo do so inmethatg thim ulty atels make unyou orcomfe tablusbecau e yo swillhiee tngs. >> h. yea s it iffa dit eren -- a lecomp dtelyreiffepont srt. >> h: set l thethast i ing want skto a b youseecauhi i t lnk aot p ofe eopl "readnethe rkw yoer" an vid oby ousl ait'sst preige ga ma azinehend t py're.roud lepeopl wil iread tt onhe su tbwayowo sh t offero evy ybod hlookooow gm d i'g.doin a i'm t smaronpers. so th as ite eddoor, w youhat ar ure yolt guieay pls?sure do h youanave y?
1:23 am
u yo tmeaninhe kcad i lkn ta ou abent evla on igte nht le teonvisi. s >> yeth:eah. >> re the g's a greatp ossi itwebse. "t aihe daily ml." >> h: seth. yea e'therlos a pt ofe eopl that t don'k thin git'satre. [ uglaerht ] ea>> youh, ybe may. >> h: seth. yea b >>erut hthe's e -- ug[ la ]hter s >> neth:ooo, lm k i'only yi sahang t--t i h >>s ere' iwhate likt abouit. be e caus bit'sshritiha it nss to elof ctiebri'ves ivee nearr hed . of et>> shah: ttrt's riue, ght. nd>> ath so arere ese thope pele l onbaike led teonvisiws sho in t greaaibritd n an therehey ei ltherbaook gd orinood a ba g thin asuithend t hy'ven ad a iraffah witbosomelsdy eate th i ve nearr he id of ln myanife d it nd kish of thows soe ab lute idstupofity si gosenp evut abo e thlepeopkn we ow. wh r ethe kit'sarim kiadash n or vewhoe ir its. bu tt incahis t'se imes so ibody r neved hearof. th s ere'eca spdeial t lighin at th. t busethe icondr evearappe on th ebat et>> seah: yh. >> n thetei has it'.guts s >> weth: we mys ife'napregnt. we t wenfoout war a lk. ju sst a whortalk. we d got mailyd aileweand e wer
1:24 am
y >> weah,wehat oure yri weang? s >> jeth:liust eake w lringike je anans shd t- birtsotut b h of weus, us'd jtet eandn, ah botof w usliere orke w fkingouood t of ou etr teh. la [ erught ] liall hike ts. b >>piig s gnachobs. >> h: seth. yea idwe d - not w- so we -- ae're tt liwele, st're a ill lelitt re som fro othatne. i >>nk thige it orts whase tn at th"t on aihe daily ml" we e.bsit et>> shah: ttrt's thue, rse wot in th cg weavan h le isloike ok t at cheseesoupl. i >>ctn fae "thyonew " rkerjust bl pud isheeaa grect pi te onmz. s >> aeth:ta fan pstic.iece a >>ownd hy thethget eir iestorics wh lh is jet'ssaust y ff dit eren tfromayhe we "thnew eryorkes" do. s >> "eth:nethe rkw yogoer" es ab itout . y >> yeah,eah. >> h: setl, wel t tryt o not shif tintomzhe tld wor. ay styo in anur le. b >>y it bbit. >> h: sety okabybit . bit yoso, gu're toingico stouk arnd gh rit? y >>etou b. s >> weth:tte go "a do nliveew yo crkeronartos." >> 't cant. wai t can'.wait et>> savh: demid r nick ybeverody. [ rschee a anduspplae ] ne isw ep oodeshef "t y newr orke enpresarts" aie ave lably ever datues ay onn mazoe.prim l we'ligbe racht bk.
1:25 am
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: setco welacme b "k to late t.nigh" dnow, oavidf ne omothe st po r pulaurfeatn es i "the w neeryorke " arcathe nsrtoo. ey the makauus lgh. th akey m te us.hink mtheyusake " go,y,honeyo do u t ge othisne?" >> t' thaats whre we'ng goi for .seth ea>> yreh, gat. >> ol absy.utel >> h: set i andatn wh b hase ecom ada trn itio ohereten laht nig er evmey ti a your ppeaheon t ow shpr we t esene "livyonew rker ca nsrtoo." s >> ieth,e n thd worledfill th wine madndss aos chas thi pi isece o thehine thang ta t's ac bef on oisconsy tency in m li fe. et>> s'mh: iha so toppy r hea .that ea>> ye h, mtoo. >> h: setwi so t thouhefurto,r ad r outetheaour trn pe ideresince th ate "lghe nilat" p ayersre ha toppy deday thbut neeir west ec piive "lw e neeryorkto carons rtpa: 4e th sdarkofide the ."toon ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] t' lee s sefiour carst n.rtoo inorig dally brawnily emaky fle. i >>a t's c magionpotit tha s makeytever yhingayou s reinteg.stin
1:31 am
pl[ ap ]ause et>> savh: dcaid, o re taiexpln e thoocartr n fous. >> h, set y areamou fr ilia with gedrud oriesthf mooderho? s >> ieth:no am t. >> l, welm i ahoand e w are thes ud dresgeriap esced? wi lcth a.ohol in s thi, s >> eeth:lexcelient pce di lastil otione f the,piec vi dad. li [ laght erught ] r ou cnextonartoby is ex algo grery. >> w buta hen n womahas so e'meonads heof cuthef, s 's a h.bitc ug[ la ]hter ap [ seplau ] et>> savh: dwhid, idat dju we st e? se s >> heth,yoave eru evn seea ca n rtoo'sthatde so aaflynd hu usmoroxply e toseshe co ximple otiesmaf fele le shadern ip iwothe lark pce? et>> s hh: inoave t. w >> bell,e ucklutup bupterc ca beyouse stu ju. did s >> seth:dnhoulou't ye havtold me bu to ucklefop behere t rt caoon? >> an sem, tics.seth
1:32 am
j. ufc. dfy. >> as pletee, snove, e t th duck .face la [ htug ]er [ plapseau ] >> h: setid dav. et>> se h arawyou ofare the ck due facieselfno phen.meno s >> ieth:ie bel ave it m bu sepleala expin. i >>ap'm t we whll, eoen ptaple elke s fies ttheytoend e mak fduck taceso ac uacenthete tt pouheof tir li ps. >> h: sethu uh-h. a >>hind tkes maems thea appr, sin a, enseersexi. >> h: sety. oka n >> i cthisonarto c ourctharaer ev stkee tae s thesexpr sion te liy rallfoand e r ontibeauful mo hmentcoe bea mes -fduck aced man. et>> sndh: a y didhiou te nk h edlooky? sex xq>> eteuisily. >> h: set r all.ight ug[ la ]hter r ou cnexttoare - on -oocartn. so memeticas i hell trem ca on tos s, iarby fkaley tz. y >>eah.
1:33 am
wo gon't br to ynookl? la [ erught ] ap [ seplau ] >> h: set i nownk thiet i gt tha on t e bud daviaiexplstn ju in se ca. y >>eah. se cath, ivb drthers atey hd e an pei reatat hine go bg tolyrookn. et>> sesh: y. d >>u o yo hknowncow inionveent it fo is emr th? s >> ieth:no do t. o >> snvinconteniey thed woul erprefdr to thive h rougr oute e spacthall y e waheto tfa surce of m theoon. s >> aeth:ownd nid daver, whe do yo veu li? l>> ionive u the wpperest si de? >> h: sety, oka d andu o yo ever o go tklbrooyn? >> k godnow. >> h: sety, okah. yea la [ erught ] >> t jusingettreg heju -- st ingettreg he a wasn paihein t as s. s >> oeth:grkay eat. r oul finaoocart bn ise y onof ou vor fas rite kzach.anin d,davith anyyoing liu'd o ke t y saetto sth up aris c.toon >> , yes cthisonartoa is brcelen ation of aicameran ma pisterthece vie mohee "t za wif rd oanoz" thd i itink tu as ctelyreaptuy s whfithe lm du enthres ste teti of me. s >> eeth:lexcelnt. le tat's lke aook. a >>rt heald wougr be seat,ure, t bu iwhatea'd rlilly s ke ia rk wohuing peman nis.
1:34 am
pl[ ap ]ause et>> s gh: ihaet te.t on n'i doedt ne e anynaxpla.tion g>> ihaet te t ontoo. >> h: set l theniate plght s,ayer yoeverne.
1:35 am
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[ rschee a anduspplae ]
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soallilln minder aco of tursehe [ rschee a anduspplae ] 'l wee l setoyou owmorr. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> so carndn: ad gooineveng er evy.ybod reyou'ki loot ng askthe k ylar here in new rkyoy. cit ve lolaly pance, itd 's gonna ma oke hurtoome t nigh"lfor ast ca ll." i' rsm caon daly, thanks r fo be heing re. heon tw shonitoght, nothing but thveie gs is ponnarmerfom fro trthe dooubandur are actss em deeraubi toutsa ge our lispott gheatrentmt. bu wet l 'larstint thffgs oh wit erformpr "so sano"tar mi l chaeriimpe wouliwiho sbyngs t "las" callalto touk abs t hi


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