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tv   Today  NBC  February 23, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>> ry evegl siny e dathsomeing s comeofout c thecaruz gnmpai th dat'stiecepndve aru unte. >> le whi o the ctherdaandiittes isout mp trua on e guid tpatho e thnanomi. tion >> ll> bies gates sidh witthe fb yii sappng ahole sunuld lock e the phonneof oth of n e sa be dirnarhono ss.oter >> s thi sis afipecisec care whe gothe meverns nt ingaski for ssaccein to atform ion. w >>apill reple ulent nder un mo ptingssree ur worl il bite up a to e judgdedoo ?cide >>. th the mof er othe 14 r--yeagiold horl s ut anber iv drn er iigmichs an ikispeang ou t. t >> ia was clmira ie onwnts o. >> s thiinmornw g ho ythat oung alive ev aenths pee ho hs ofer do s ctor fwereg.adin
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orsp rtsorepr teinernd awsre ts ge d hisn ay it.cour wa ths hoe l teglneenigfot r le g ttinapit hpen. datueseby, fy ruar, 23rd.2016 a >>ncnnoufrer: bcom ns, new ithisods "tay." thwiat mlat r ued anvasaahnn gu thrie. flivestrom 1udion -a i efrockr ellea.plaz >> od> goni morng. we e lcomtoto ""day. it ue's t msdayngorni. i' vam sa gnnahieuthrgt chl w ha ilve winlie m forthatt is inmornd g an bthise attleebetwn pl apd e angothe mevernusnt jt evgot oren mtee ininrestg. em>> rblarkaise twstt yey erda owhenf ne ofothe ngundihe fatrs s ofonilicle valily, btel gas, ocamen ut osithe f de othe go meverngant a ainst. pple >> n ande'ow weeve stan tif ns o du in astryilnd s vicony alleline o upffn dig erin.side >> to> a orp st py isicolits. rethe icpublrean pntsideial ra ce. da toney's gvadaauop cancus d of secourt nex'sweeker supsd tueay nt co aestsoore l lming fargeor bo arth p tties.oday pe alter deexanr.
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>> or rep gter:moood g.rnin lddonamp truth in ive dr er's se n at i rthisanace t d yehis ri hvalsbaave trelyd ooch.them ghtonie t th csaukouan y say ll wi t pit arumpstgainco mar bi ruo. pehe s lnt af ot ochhis ooildhd rehend aas hor mfae lymin iisth to twnn haammii. il whd e te icruzoks lotoing sm inoke ecto sond. 's itrt statoing nd soue likit's ly onas vegct a. nado tldmpruhe tne e >> w ahave l biganead n'd dot twantowo bl it. avwe h ge tol o alwathe y. r >>teeporter: solam r ilingnto to s day'nddefecaant can a . ucus e >> wnoare lot altowed ch pun abackrenymo. ydonoou katw why the tusedo do uyto gkes lis thi twhenwehey re a atce plae lik, this wtheyould arbe cedriut on osta tcrer,he fo i' ked lipu to hinch tm inhe fa ce. >> or rep tter: irumplls poing ah ofead r hiss ivalenin t of th xte nest 14 , atesraon to ck t ck rade up telegaths wievout er ac cr 3kingf 5% opothe r pula . vote f >> iomwe ne inatonsomeate th lfhaf oe threpublican party te ha ws webeill ht figing
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l untinovember. we l wilr nevethwin ayat w. it>> wb h je obusharut mubco rio ryis ttoing d leathe ta eshmbliss ent'gecharti posng rsendotsemenm frodobob , le riorhan > >>d teuzcrs ieaclngnip ua mess within his campaign firing to a d p aipofor g stin this vi o,decc ainusrug o bi bofwilong of e f the.bibl >> av i hdee maar clet thawe will conctduhi tmps ca waignith th ghe histest rdanda s of grinte ity. >> or rep rter: oubiogeutra d to thfor o em t atakeeo vid and sctran wribe tordsarhat the e co lemp oteitppos we ofi hat .said itnow ve's einry sdagle y me sog thins comeofout c theruz ca gnmpait' thatrs unue. >> mp trust blaing cruz for more rt dinty cotiribulaon, teter eing of cf on ruz. hi>> ty s guicis sk. th s ere'thsomewring wiong th th uyis g. >> reporr:tees dtepipe slacuonti th aatub r cioe ascai tin etck d coule provmifor bed i e.liev e thioohov gr ernoinpick g up orsupp ht ofwnis oor acc ding rm foeaer h hd ofanomelcud serity
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oo sh htinglfimseth in ote fo pu oblice fficlynearye 40 ars ag o. >> ju we otst gar an f my olepeop wh ao --annd mmey woo n wh left r theihekitco ns tutgo o g ando or dodo to ndor apu to rdt ya gn si fs upe or mthall y e waback wh yoen, owu knin, thergs we ff dit.eren >> c theonlintpa camign un po, cing 2it's016. maa wopln's isace re wheshver e s wanto it tbe. si kaatch lpoer azelogir d fowhat alhe canled rt inacoful t.mmen >> or rep tter:mohis g rnine we'r ingettneg a apw sn oshoterf whe gsthinnd sta. ou anr brw d nenenbc urws svey eymonkl pols showp truminholdg on th to omat cinmandadg le ti nalyonal. he s i 3at, 6%d teuzcrn i ndsecorc, mabio rueeo cr upingp hein tt las aweekubnd rlsio ao ga tinedpahis eest wthk wi two y keblrepu gicans roupilheavy re enpresheted n re idaneva, e whitgeevanlslica v ands oter wh eno id atifyrys ve ns cotiervave. 's itng goibe to at a lghe nit, th uce ca duses eon'tntnd uil 9: 00. >> nk tha. you > >> oovere n thcrdemo saticide
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anpltos ea l tve rhee,acve en with hilla cryntli tong akinthe ad lede in atmocrelic desegat. toclins n haana grtad to 5l of2 to de san1,rs 5 c butonlinto als inmaintaa s mmcodian lngd ea on e thy'partads leipersh. a survey of super delegates behind 449 backed clintowhn e il s19poup nd satoers upld serportnds moay he s seetha pavi to y.ctor s>> a thort-lhreer etteeransw is -s y-e. a wen re iamin cn paigheto t d. en we e hav mgonefauch , ster much hefurtanr th - anyny- mapl peoe wo d ulvehael bveiepod ibss.le >> he's got the resources to stay in. xtnep ur foe thmodeatcrs the south caronalima prin ry o sa ayturdre where sec ctaryonlint ld hobis a adg leth in lle pos. et>> lri's bn ng ikechuc, d to de mor ratomeof "heet tss pre." uc chhik, trns moweing t wanto do et som ahingtl litffe dit.eren
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ny maab estmelishepnt rcaublins e arinrunnrog thriugh noght w w howoyou stuld ruop tt mp athis t poiniswho a in ancomm ding tiposion. upa coifle dntferena sce rios op pealle touk abhet, tst fir one u yoiomenthaned ums trp lo -sings - ha lcruzg osinto p trumexin tas. ex n.plai w >> sell,naavane , thnecleast toway p stop trumuris hp ry u geand it ina nto onone one tw bemaeen rurco anbio umd trp. at whhe's tte fasayst w t forhat h ton,appesu on tuper y esdafor d te tcruzseo lo h hisstome ate in as tex. it a is aneckecnd ncek ra. th s is i gwhat divesd onalp trum te pol ntiantadvabeage e caushe d coulk knochiout e s vis vallby at bething n em ir thei home at stvees oe r th cnexte ouplof we eks. ouif y m are rarco tubiohe fa t stestoway t getono a e on e, onz crus loses texathand en ensuddvely edyrybole coa ascesnd po a ilssibofity ne a oon on e is th ere. ru>> tweck, r healmit aost ev foery eaur yhers tm ter br edokerve conn,ntios thig thin oiis go ng tcothe ngp ved s anit ha hsn'tneapper d fo tmore60han s.year d coul bthise e th ayearhand wt do haes tokt loe? lik
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itand k loo tlike ohis,pen sur tu y esdahoof t2 se 1escontts se esllntiaery evy ybod awins few escontmats, rurco wibio ns ac plikes lnne tee,esseou a cple ek wetes la wr heflins a,orid ted uzcroe gons o tn wixate js,n oh chkasis win, ohiolddonamp tru ns wi f hisshair are. itbut th is orree r fou erdiffcaent atndidines wbe may onregitaal sortes ir thee hom at stndes an thedynobo a has de telegad leabyand w thee ay w swillthhow n is oh marc.16th we l wil tknowayhe der aftt tha se scond tuperayuesdma in ifrch er th oe isa nly 1el00 de egat ad le t for wrump ge're toingo a br enoke nvd coonenti. hi>> t ts ishehe tofory at a le tr entoant r theace. el>> whil, tuls wo id beumf trp is wi blohrng t mough aarchnd tthenanhe peaic rselly n ts i an end ths it'aball siout mply indenym g hijoa ma orityf gadele dtes, woingvehate r it s.take er th se is atillin filadg deline akto m te inalhe cniifora im prary. yb mamie a omtt r tney,ishis a sc ioenareo somutne od linee to m a lecoups day mago,roitt mney
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ot faher tevoris sonauor drsghte ilto ftee lath in laese te pr ieimarims, stoply t tryato be tr dump,hieny lem des gateand tecrea a yetnoth f way or a br eaoke crnedntonveion. at thhe's tt mosiffar he etcd. an ad dotl litlge mahut, cck. we d laithout ale chesleng iebernde sanasrs hth at is po aint, 2boutf 0% othe for orabspen sur datuesd y ant a lohoof tse st hatesryillant cliason hd goo d sizes.lead oo>> lhek, ss. doe onthe ayly wt tha sthiss tartto be - - gto tetghou h forgaer ain is n if,r umbe bone,e erni ersandmes coths wiinin sgle digits on satuayrdn iutsoh ro ca alinahend tomn frre the he ot's gbe tat ha in big st ate. xa teens, teenessrg, vi, iniago, e thosfoare f ur obithe t gges at stn es or supedatuesy. hecan t beainher o oneosf the ur fo? h ifese don theini thybk mae he s haana cho ce t osortsef ret th acis rute, bht rig i nowt n'doesokt losi pos ble. hu>> codck thad, tounk y so mu ch. in stteretoing t runghhrouse tho arscen ios.
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there is a new crinklen ithe gh fieet twpln apd e anfbthe i ov cer alpelnehose ubyd ne of o e thn sabernardino shooters. ll bies gatwe is ngighith in is rn moaning u d yot mighbe rp sud risehaby w'st hein sayg. wpeteamillis s ha omoreatn th. >> or rep ster:isurprbeing e caus up il unt t nowthhe oecer th an gincts ingludieb facs ook'mark ck zurgerbeck, jase dore y th fo r undewiof t atterhend t og goeole cda sunchr piavai he edclosks ransu to t ppore appl bu llt bies gats saye applldshou w dothhat i e fbskis a ing. i >>th do peink woplethant e go meverno nt tact on their ha bef lf ieyth feel like the safegudsarre ahe t. re >> or repter: bill gates the unfor de mofroicftsos ieabrngki ra s nkthwiil sonical vy.le he says technology compaesni oush bldfoe edrco topcoatere wi awth lor enfntcemete in rror stinveioigatns. dheagisesreit wthh cle m ai of e applticeo okm cot thainforcg etge dan prousderecent. h >>riistoy callgothe mevernnt
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ba annks tsd loco of iempan s to ga ithermanfor. tion as>> wtohingwyn laeder ten ols wh ro isseepreg ntine appl says th vee gontrnme n has ever nddemahied tchs mu. p >>cyriva l andtyiberve is ry im anport tt toithe cs izenof is thnt coundry ath to ope pele bthatppuy arole ps.duct are gwengoio tloaltew orrrtsis to e tak rthat aightfrway s?om u wi t thoutifighacng bd k anngaski th ure co lt toinook heto tse is ?sues >> or rep wter:ngritith in ewe "n tyork" imesyonew prk'se olic co simmis bonerbrill n atto also agoes after.pple ahes skw ho nis sotviol ang mu ordert r noinfindmeg a e ag mthat sightthtop xte ne orterratist ptackteroinctg an neyo? a ponew holl s1%ws 5 a say pple ou shelld he p thunfbi tlockhe e,phon s 38%wiide ppth ale. f asator ghees, s sayhe we eslcom c theovontr.ersy eo>> pfeple el like the vegomern nnteiot bling bndnd a being able to try and stop bad th bingse efor htheyn,appes it' go a ebod dtoate ha be . ving ep>> rr:ortele appto cus wmersho su t pporcothe y mpand stan ag t ainsfbthe ani pl
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an thci 30 .ties ey thl wily carrerbannats th say do brn't oueak hor ipnes. iewillva, sa. nnah f >>naasci dtinge.ebat e thr othe ysideavou hfoe a rmer annsa a d cif chiengtakifo up r pl ape. yso cou'tanre pctdihe w tresehe llwike sha. out we n turheto tgi trac oo sh ptingre? la kao,mazohi mic agan,n em naotiogil vis l wa fheldheor t vi s ctim nlast.ight e we'rinhearomg fr f they amof a agteenhoer wcl is ngingi to li afetht hisr ou pasicoltre y f toe igura out vemotith in es at s tack sthatr o faarappebe to doran n. ro t n no twithathe lonest s. thi mgoodngniyo to u. r >>teepord moing. a ea14-yd r-ol igirle s onwoof t ivsurvofors s thienweekd's tishoo sngs, bhe's teingedreat t assthis d unneuncommisity yi tro ng trefigu w outnyhy aone wo tauld urgetpensusg ctinlepeop hlikeer. >> he ss iivalane shd ise ngeror he. lif or rep lter:moate tnday ears an ped hom fropathe s rentof aiabigpfl ko y theesoungctt viim hein t kalamazoo shooting
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bi>> a igailros stndng a w sheas a anvibraut bel tifug youn lady an d d didenot e serv. this r >>teeporher: s s wasinhot the cr r ockeelbarrki parotng lng alo th wir foun wome ktorpd.ille ab l igaiprwas nconoueaed dhed, s ezsqueered hhe mothar's nd. >> at breinhtakg. w it mas aleiracit on n.s ow otthe suher orrviv a tnna ca herrutasrs hul a blolet dged erin hne kidt y buxpis ed ecteto co rever. githe ierlfrf nd or tyleh smit llki aedngloit whih fas erth arrichtsd oua ide decar erip su edrvivhi by uding ander keblan tt inache batk sea of car. suthe t spec duberr riven jaso da hltondmas ad ittelvinvot emen hein tdo ranm m ra tpainhat ki edllix seo >> ma he sde ametatent kn acdgowlehiing vos inenlvemt in is thid incent. omponsre theve is ry lelittor remse. >> or rep tter:mohis g rninl stil no we anso rs tquthe onesti. why >> ou i wreld pjufer o st tinrema ntsile. ep>> rr:orteho autesriti say
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ss pageen irsben eetwshn w >>d e dihanot nyve a red io pr tr todahat s y hirdreco ok loooed gd. ep>> rr:orter ube dsaysn alto d ha obeene n thfojob e r on h,monts thirgundea one ba ouckgrhend cy ck bcothe y mpan th rve sus ivorreand ermemb the imvicts. 45the r--yeasuold t specueis d ek we ms on 1arch0th. tbacku.o yo on>> ran, thu.k yo ngcomiin up n herhaext oulf hr ilwe wcul fores moho on w ancompliies beke urer scen ntpoteemial eeployues, qnsstio a t loeoof phaple n ve iwathe ke of s. thi o> in ntherthews oris m ning cbill'sosbye wifnohas w an edswerst que uions onderinath ci a suvil ieit t hd toer hu d'sbanles alseged xual as tssaulse of woven men. llcamisbe coswy an qerediouestns twfor d o anlfa hars houa at sp firing meld,chassatsuset te hol. th see n vemewoacn secuer h hu ansbofd ef dinamthg bemy nydeg intheir allegations of
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e thaiplifnts f'wylaer spoke teafr the deposition, he said s hiiecls ntlibee evjua wry wilryill st rethore goeir amod nndes a pu reontatis. t >> aenthe td ofayhe dur a jy g is toingteo dee rminhawho s mo rere clidibiisty, th it e n seven wome wthatpre ret esenor i isllt biby cos? c >>leamilby cosl wileransw tiquesatons ec a sdeond tiposion xt neth mon. bi osll casby hea repdeted nied l alaicl omsmif onscctdu. th isere hr a tofeat er seve at wer he tin shethound al a is tcwanghiha t t. n >>usot jdat tot y bu tintohe er ovt nighs hourh whicbecan po iatentvelly anry dusgero. 'r wetce wa thing sheses torm al adrefiy ngrip u hfromonoust i onganto tolvesorn, cpus stchriusi, p thinge o th.east ri noght hw wea ave adtorno atthrem froornew s leanto ha sbttiebuurg l t alwathe y to tohousn. 21 li mileoon patple k. ris e larg, hailadtornlioes .kely thbut veen ohtrnigig tonntht io to owmorrni more'ng wotve g a se rvere aisk,on strskg rim fro
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ta asllahinsee edvolvwe as ll, da ngmagids winnd, wits gusup of 0 to 6s milehoper thur, ilis wl tpushe o th, eaststthe iormsn xa tehes, tuin loa,sian new or s leanr undeguthe n. ethisngveni s thes torm move in isto mipsissdapi, ngmagids win an ald reigly scanifionnt lg tr toack oernaders ovt nighand th eden waynesdtr it iacksnto ge a,orgi c theinarolweas, 're ok lofoing tor a o rnadatthre in e thstean errocanaliass el wl. ov ter nhet exupco oledaf ys e we'rinlook ag aternywhome fr 2 4 tohe inc rs of bain,guut, ys, th ale reea thrpet eslycial nioverweght 't canes striss th ou enhegh tge dan tr of hese to oernadpes eslycialg lonk trac aonese nd w bcomea ack lelitt la thter isere in a wsiter o de t th tois ss rm a. well w >> ce'll bheckinack t jusa co send. th yoank ryu veh. muc ne rows ferm ov, seasthe ri syovan genernmyit saodng tay a itteccepd a halt to coatmb eropioat inslin wneh ite ths.u. ru iasspln fan aorar palti truce. risysaa iidwot d ulorconadi te ruare tssiacio dehide wch gr aoupsrend aouas we ld b cl in iudede n thefceasire.
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.deal se arcret sy of jtatekeohn rry ll wiea appfor behere tei forgn tirelacoons temmitere ov how ol vinsatiol wilanbe h. dled > >>tonow o thengngoitl bate er ov s themeuprert cout sealeft ntby a sonina.cali re icpubleaan l adersumre j ping c onntommedes majo by dee bin 24 ye agars o. in e jun99of 1de2 biidn sa the tesenaul shot d noidcons er a su e premt cournenomirie dun ng a el onectir. yea n bidespwas ngeaki po hyicthet, allysethe wnateas t noidconsg erinmia noatnee at the. tim on da mone y th pvicederesint sp red ondeinpostisg thet twe, as my or recowd shprs i edesidr ove th nse coeridioatofn us jceti edkenny. ag reoman n, ineewawho s nf cod irme pin aderesil ntia el onectir. yea w>>hae dvemarac tideviouo oft stauliratha misnior, nga trconsonuctine cra o wasren fi m inurelbone. datoany evd tuenlyal that led to this, the arm of thera cne as cr thinge o thndgrou. o noasne wur injn ed ithe ci ac.dent fi ofs cialsay the fire may have ar stinted m the ootoratf th
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>> hu> wgeesavre aau cngsiig b leprobn ms iiihawa. hi a icstorll swe t hitorhe nth sh ofore u oah swithwaome ves mp juoning ro to ysadwa and insoakrsg ca. tr oransptatiic off aialso re t e closhithe y ghwae.ther calo sls tay shef urs wae th bi esggtht heye avensen iouabt a dedeca. ranatua lly dadue sringrsurfe we rare bnove etough p jumndin a atakee. rid >> i> alcks bah wit omoree n th heweatr. ui>> qoock l yk atnaour altion re fo.cast we l wil yshowe ou ware ex inpectosg throe sttong srms wn doou thrhegh tth sou, au bel tifuheweatonr ale g thwest co sast,ounow tt ofoche r, kies th ilat wkel ma w itsuray f ther ea astit le tltelaonr . we il wl get ytor oul loca caforeomst cuping n th inee xt s30onec.ds
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atthil wmal ikeayts wth furer sn siowy f de ostthe wiorm ll ucome tp ininen m. utes > >> wwel iloklot ae thowsny desif oisthto s irmjun astutbo n teminutes. >> en> opsting enatemegts bin y todapoin srerts erportn eri an ewdr $s' m75liil ponpiee tngom la uiwst. wa ths tee hoerl whe e shwas deviapot bedsty a r alke ignegl ent. >> us> plre inc sasedincrutery ov th tte vepring s oces busedy
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t ofdehat radlygeampa in makala mzoo,gaichin. how do you know your dveriisr tr twusthory?
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fi t rsisths iod"t" ay non.bc >> st> juad ahesh, kedia's e sput twithrohe pctdun ioe'shs seaccu ad of.buse at whs he'ngsayiut abo the al tilegaanons e d thowfellrs sta yirallehng bheind r. > >>duthe ndke ahe ducstss' aff atsi kennngtoac pale e ar atthreg enintrto se.ik 'lweexl n plair afte lyour ocal .news mintoy rgalleasy se.on.. i alstilar cl citin.lear be e caus iwhen gotit wachy etery..yes. .i..ta sedrtin takg ar cl eitin dveryay. ywhenalour ylergsy msmptort sta, ctdos orcoreenmmtad kingon are cl eitin dveryay ouof yler alsergy asonfo ntr cousinuoie relf. 23 s dayefreliom frez ..nd.aun r nnye.os ar cl iitinwes po,rful s lastou24 it'drnon-.owsy thget mbe nuneer o ordoctom recedmend... on...nws-droley albrrgy and.
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evy ery.da on klyftraat nalurhe cees ha a s uctoofh hi pdelahilp a eacrchm seee, so ha wveteyor mau ,ke is creamier than ever. li usten p!hei'm tret o gee th oladythf hoe e us obackhen .r feetan ve hd giheer tgt strenanh ergyd enst to ltay heahy.wh tho's wi! me? compthe bleted alanceionutrit ofn at greng tastie. ensur 9 withms o graotf prein...
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:54 am
en worse s whilng taki n,xifaxais as th be may a f sign ooua seri s or ateven fdial con.tion ll ter do you ictor f you livhaveiser dr ease oare kitathng o meratedicnsio, ca bee use thesy maeaincrse am the ofount fa xi yxan inbodyour . te youllr doctor if you are pregnant, an o plcon bereming p gnant, or n are.ursing e mo thomst cdemon si fect efe s arnausea an incd anereas iv in lnzymer ees. if ou ynk thiou ye havsib wi rrth diahea, to ask do your ctor
7:55 am
. . . . . an>> da: 567: onhi ts datuesy. i itsau cscu tudaesy. im>> kt: ita cerinlyis . ibutt's not caca atweher. it'sic ne oue.tsidle ct's iheckthn wi ke lly cu.rran an>> dana: c you say atth?ca oun yay s caca wer.athe he>> tth weaer y,toda we are ok loing atui q bte afit o ns su, hinetta liitle b of a br oeezeut e,ther and te atmper wures dillitefinelye b ercooln tha what wvee ha been
7:56 am
wn i primmruah9mp 4nd a deboultyr ci and 65re deghees t alnormnd a thein wdsng dyin dow t inimeor fcu causes and the ertempesaturur retningo the t s 70 by the o ende f th.week >> nocu causut bti getnguc rkus t onhe rayoadws on i-15it wh a rtrepocced atiden oen th 2 a15nd st eadboun r onowainb in the hsoutle valny a idnk this thi unaccoorts f 4 jam, 13 msoinnetafr om thenb iound sley thand sue ualus byra tffic on th e indboun .15le ct'snuontie uccag.usin im>> k: iov lw e hoayhe ss "j d.amme " .>> a: danem rsinde mf o his late th fahoer wen rectly pa, sseda si mu ociannhe t strip ahend wn he ai sd edjamm, iho tughtf o his
7:57 am
nd a ylou'l see thee latav de ha 'swley itob,uary which he wr oteelhimsf. speaking of the utunfornate pa ssing of peop,le celine dion on he tta sgeor f the firstim t e in myemor of her late husba nd an d rhtigft aer shet los her sb huand,he sls aoos l hter br r othewashe ser v cylose thwi, so ares a ,sult sheoo t tkime of f w andas oen thta sge re lycent for abu triteem cer ony no here lat hud,sbanut b now sshe' back on the job, so to speak tonight.
7:59 am
pl >> 's> it0 8:0toon ""day. co uminghep, tel angefina .fect w a ney studalreveres moen wom an thr eveopare ttingdeo unrgo preventative mastectomies. is t ie thghridet sici?on > >>then the pop star the producer. mathe hin beesnd k bha'sstigge
8:00 am
sh cue achises rm ofape. th ghe hirt coutl batate th has some of the biggest names yirallehng bthind nge si. er bi no deg al up for the job. >> "cosmopolitan," here i come. >> natal fiedsin i oute f shhas wh iatket ta bs to ie ann nterat mo"costapoliagn" me.azin >> first off, tea, little bit of , milkugno sar. >> today, tuesday,eb farruy 23 20rd, .16 this is how wdoe knocking at my door wanna know what it is, make th boe wyst anremo e takp a di >> re we'm frodisan anego d we love "today." >> , heyanmom d d dainare new york city. h >>e i, w yloveou. >> d gooinmorng!
8:01 am
ck bavi in iargin. i love you. >> hey, guys. >> it's 8:00 on "today." it's tuesday, february 23rd, 20 .16 i know i say this every day, but it's true, we have the best crowd. everyone isos excited and happy to be here. cit'sy hilluron oza plat , bu 'rtheyree hego so orod m tningo em th. dgoodoray fel a s fie. a >>d l anrei weng doiit a ltle sw .itch at>> m at istl litdee une r th at weher. 'l he bl besoack weon, e, hoput b we av hwie iellil fnglin. i > >>mico ung cp,ebeltyrity s le thfor ste reus of . we sh'll ouow y t howcko tale me soth of ase se hon'sstotte dstrent thathyou yoink n'u cat pu ffll o. w >>e,illi c you pouldthull at of f. >> t you shinko? >> ol absy.utel > >>t,firs's letd headeinsi th wial natorie fhe a cf ck othe sttop s.orie br ngeakis. new pr enesidamt obs a ha just ilunveised hn plaloto chese t
8:02 am
gu naantaaymo b. w he tantsano tr dsfers ozenof re inmag intadeeeintos fa liciestin ie thitun sedtetas. e thospropoual wulld f hfillis 20 am08 cn paigisprom se toerhutt dw anan tw kno an gumotana. >> m foryeany tars,ethe donenti ci fa alityant gumotana bay n'doesvat adounce tir na onal risecuty. ndit uneermi.s it is thno is stt juop my n.inio is thth is ine opofion er expts. ithise s thioopin mn ofinany miour rylita. 's itnt couoderprveuctiou to r t fighnsagairrt tetsoris. he>> tub repn licarmchaif an o hothe aruse semed esrvic itcommsatee e'id hldd ho a ar heoning he tla pbun het rn wahaed tngt co wressreill ject i it df itnooes ovt prenide ough ifspecetic d.ails >> na> doruld toamp bg sting a bi bleadlaut p rying houghngeadi to inay todev's nreada icpublan ca esucus p trumadunlon ed ocka he ler, sa , yinge,quotd he' tlikeo h puncinhim f theace. lshe acuo acrised teval uzd cr of ir d ttyckri cs,lial hng im
8:03 am
cruz fired a top aide on monday twfor d eetenaan iatccurdee vio fthatlyalseus accubed rf io o hibrusffng o b the.ible thwieb jus bouh oft he tac r e, o rubiopis htoing get sufrort stom eshabli ment pu reanblicacs, bbyked ew a n rsendot emen bfromolob de. de atmocrreic pntsidekaial nd da lt ca -- atndidrne beanie s hdersas no ns plale to thave cee raen, ev th wint cliakon tthing ade le in de telegas. cl toinman tains incoa anmmngdi adlen oe thrtpas y'erlead.ship a rvsu oeysuf r peledetegas ndfiths 4at b49k acincln,to lyon9 1ppsusaort s.nder il stanl, s tderssuold tepporrs m ony,ondase he pes atoath orvicty. >> rt shoee thrte letswr ans er i e- y-s. rewe ath in mpe ca taignthill e d. en h wegoave ucne msth famuer, ch
8:04 am
would have believed possible. >> t nexorup f d theraemocts, ut soroh ca plinaryrimare whe in clhoton a lds lebig n ad ithe po lls. >> ti> na ronalisift wi grong ov pper a rle'salefuso tlphehe t fb cki ha p the ohonesaf a n arbern sdinoerhoot. dsstan b are heingateld le app st tores, odayniorgabyzed h tec dofreeoum grps. ne a llw pows shor ove ohalff am anericcks ba f the ebi'st ffor orto fppce ao le t help in igvests.ator mi ofcrosunt fobider aill gts tehas me co i outppn suofort f thebi, ngsayis thi sis afipecisec ca d ana not ragenequl rebyest the ag .ency th mbe nuf er oicameroman wen nghavite masiectoms s hahereacd re a hcord eigh,thven ghouhe t br ceastr ance hrateemas rd aine lestab. rafedeall heffth olsicia say er ths e wa% a 36eaincrn se i ev prveentite masiectomoms fr 20 o 05 t.2013 the number of women undergoing do mublectastes omieletripd.
8:05 am
al heth. > >>licharshe's reeen tivelaon " ony"todat thaashe w hiv si po mtiveavay hd e hafea li sa ivingt.mpac pmoree eopllegoogv d hiand re d lates termr aften'shees arappe hancethere vean er fo bere. se reerarch ss atiean dtago ste un siiverayty s n ther umbeof chsearores f i hivmanfor tion mp juy ed b m2.75onilli. r aftes yearanof wining sttere, ne epws r mortsonentihiing v eaincrmosed re than 250%n oe th y da tof iheerntewvi. a univertysif ow ne mphairshtre yo tou assis fonh o te the ic after the mehoea ts m't firs .goal when the tradition called, this y guopflped. het heave the heavy, sl peip fryh iserovhe tla took him, apparently, three tries. >> disgustin g. >> to achieve the goal. his embarrsiaserng panformce, a now l viraatsension. fl foppyish.
8:06 am
hy>> who -- d w difithe etsh g t in?here i >>a t's ittrad ion. i >>u f yot don'itget r ove tw pice,t ut iouin yg.r ba c >>itook fo up nnr dier. >> w,> noha kesin aga pst aaropul si muodc pr. ucer >> i sheghs fi ttingt o geofout reher incordntg co aractnd sufrort erom hlo felarw sts s rollin. thmae atn he ten cter of the sp diisute ak speouing r t fothe fi tirst me. he s re ifrjoe my ak speupers ig ton ht r >>teeporher: th higilprofe bcaseenetweop a pr stahiand t od pr iucerrns tuining tto arial t byerwitt. sh ketta gea ing ryflur of sufrort elom fsilow s ngerand le ceiebrittes afr r heatdefe on id fray. ju a dedge tniedinhe ss ger'bid e to basreleroed frem a incordg co ctntrah witludr. thke, e pr eroduc's shere cur sntly, al nglegiua sexsal asult. he lir alsees ue d thtahashg, fr esee kha.
8:07 am
a kesh.rose la dy gaga writing, i can say, truly, i am in a oweurf yo bravery. taylorwi s iftdos ngnati ,0$250o 00 t whelpleith gal ll bis. es>> ks ha ig goinavto he a ff dit icul aroad oheadr f heto wi tn inouhe cf rt olaw. ho r,weve s she teems o be inwinnigg, be, timth in ure cot of li pubinc opion. >> or rep iter:14n 20sh, keeda su ludr. thke, n e madiwho er cher,inlaim sg hellexuay, ph alysicvely, lyrbal and ot emllionausy abered h. lathe t,wsui a sheeslleg dr. lu onke coutinufosly hrcedlfimse eron hle whi w shentas iatoxiced drand d.ugge. , dr aluketolso o ok t tetwitchr, e doinglsenias he' fi inled rt cou. yi sa nng i rever kaped aeshand r nevesehad thx wi. her 'v weene been frindds a's she li y ke mlelittte sisr. in ta a snttemes , hirnattoeys accuse kesha and her kounsecoun l of inusa g easmcar aimpo gn t ruin s hitarepu ftioninor falanci in ga. ludr. s ke ig suina,kesh
8:08 am
le alongatish so ule cot d geout of her recording contract with anhim nyd soic mus. u getetp, g up y loour yove, ovur l e a'keshtos ats rneye arguher re cas er i sat a stand till usbecae e sht won' wworkdrith . alukee s thraconteqct rs.uire hi tos ats rneykesay issha e fre r tod ecorreand e leasc musi wi t thouinworkthg wi l dr.asuke oda pr iucere f shn'doesntt wa to . he la cedimhe ssn i f'te,res ia th my. sboth aidesigre d igingn, fi ngghtian in t d ouheof t ur com.troo r foay"todoe," jer fryc , nb ne lows, ges an les. >> s it'licompd.cate t' leins br "g iny"todaeg's lal an t.alys go orod m.ning g >>moood g.rnin e >> wn'havenet goou thrgh tr ial. ithise s thnnbegiofing the .case s she'ngsayiab he mused e, i t don' twantrko woh withim. efther iore,t wanofout the co reg rdinracontct. ny sosa is , yingdoyou han't ve to k wor hwithbuim, u t yodo ha o ve toube by nd bthe racontct.
8:09 am
h whicn is ay earlinhear tg inhe se ca. it ot's nal tri. yet he wyr laader hme to het aigh le bagal r. id h'tdidnt mee it . clthe msaien werpe't sc cifi ou enndgh adi he bdn't fringorth ev ceidensu in t pporerof h le alongatis. >> s thiusis jtht rse fiept st an e d sh tlost fhe lirst egal tt bale. d it'toesnve preernt hm fro go foing arrwthd wi c the ase. ig>> rht. ha>> wppt hatoens c thes laim th heat ses makal of ndl ki s of e de? luk hwhatnsappeth in ure cot esprocths wise tho? sdoesavhe h pe to trovehem? ve>> ellntuahey, t wrebeill a l triaheand tor at crneyrian bng fo wirth setnesd s anenevidce, an y d anobcorriooratatn thy the .have t atpohis tint,udhe jaige sd, ok loer, th ne isreo irblparae ju inecry b yauseonou dav't he to rk woh witludr. nyke a.more sh cle's ngaimibe mayy son dnwoulro't p hmoten er ithe refutu. th dge juide sat' that s noghenou hiat trls eaagy ste. n >> oalthe tilegaofons ua sexl ulassar.t, de, luk p therousducer, ys sa g shea ave emstat ent, a,kesher undh oat pat aourevis de tiposisaon, iyingdnt di't
8:10 am
hais tprt a m?oble he>> s a wasuln adent whma we de stthe enatemt. sethe axualltssauvi sur vors ttendy o saidit dhan't ppen rebefoy the fcomerdorwah wit cl .aims tit's fougheror hov to meerco. s >> i pit aemrobl h forhaer tt e shreappa nntly wevertoent law en emforcanent pod re irtedt? >> t' thasss lea of leprobm. st moe rapimvictn's do tt goo enlaw emforcent. sh d e dig brine thesmsclai arforwthd wi l herr awyehein tse ti acons. >> s youheee teb celesriti and th e ey'rngsayiee, frha kes and sy hempattotic a herernd h cl , aimsshbut fe istoree co res rd a alonge s shs staywith so ny. t if aheseatlleg wionsere ov prifen, u sheatltimely aiprevatled al triul, woatd th e beh nougetto g o herf ut othe co ctntrah wit?sony >> hi i tt'nk iwis a g nnint poin r fo, sony sthatoehe dt s nohave to k wor dwithukr. lyme anore. ey thnt poi t outpuhat ntrsua to e thracontthct, e ey'vd liveup t to eheirnd. ey thnt speli milofons la dol otpromheing sir muc. e' shees frwo to itrk wmeh sobody el se. it b's aomig c.pany ey tht wanroto p hmoteuser mic. ny sots wanma to onke mey. sh kenta wa ms tomoake ney. ny sots wango to wa foritrd wh r. he he>> trt coupu of obliconpini
8:11 am
g >>poirl suwer tipporerng h. t >> yhanko ou s.much > >>ngcomine up hoxt, yw doou lehandwh it ouen yat're a re rastaundnt ar your ordeis me ussedp? snthe weakyneay o p ceojouts b idcand tatese o th. test >> er intngesti. one >> us> plgs, pisp in ace. abhow goout asrill? we ex'll n plai sthis oighte n th internioatl naacspste ioat n. > >>e tht noabso fs ulou osidef e thiofashrln wod. na e talis takeon an internship coat "olsmop" itanzimagane. l we'l yshowowou hwe it ftnt aer esthmee e shldtoe mth hatiruma lphepes leop kelie m t ge uucernd ntcolro d anepke it under corontl wh eren c taincamedistion ha t ven'edworkwe noll eugh. hu cmiraowan ler ayourtybili to fight infections, including tubercosulis. rises,ouom simet esfal tafeinioctns an ncd ca iers,dinclung holymphama, apve hd;pene
8:12 am
ouseriles al rrgicioeactns, anned orw or wnise ngarhefat urile. fobe treatrentme ,getet edstor fb. t te oull yctr dof or iveyou'be o en ts areaewher rt cefuain ngalinfections are common, an ifd ou ye 'vd ha,tb he tipati as b,re e pronnfto ionectis, avor hu-e fl likesytompms or sores. dot n'arsthut mira if you have an infection. israyoe eurecxptitas.on asyok gurtrasntoeolerisog touabhut rami. wi hthirum a,corontisl os pblsie. li p!sten uhe i'm o gere ttht ladye f oe thushobacke n oether fe .giand tve herenhe str gthenand o ergy teastay h.lthy s wiwho'e?th m! e thtecomplece balantritd nu ionre of gtiat tasnsurng ee. with ra 9 gprms of ..otein. ... an26d in vitamd mis anlsnera suentare. lkeinife ! ev ngerythiee you n knd to aowut lboe,if you n caarn leomfrrano keep it simple. alwa be ysalre. dot ben'rt aiciaifl, but always be sweet. turenaal vy grleolanbarsa .
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:14,er othwiseno kwn as tr ngendime ti. 'v weell a been on job rvinteiews kand tnowhe tiqueson,he wore d u yo y seeeloursnf iiv fe aryes? 'swhatr youesbiggakt we? >>ri ght. he>> t oce ofha crlesch swab stakeif a dntfere oaapprch. he es tak theer p tsono ea brt.kfas nit'sotco s anesnden gre tea. be hafore hnd,eel tlshe t aurest trantoes m usphe t job pl apt'icans order,o tet g me sogthinng wroo t hseeow they re act. do y the get upset, fratustr ed, tarehey deunndrstaing, so onlutien-orited? he d tol thene "rkw yoes tim," we a'llakll meis ms.take quthe onesti is, w howweill co re averndl wile we b ecresp ttfulo ostherhe w tnhey
8:15 am
's itay a w to lookid inse ei thr s.head g >> reatidea. >> iik le it. >> s it' teininrestg. t onthhe ohaer ind,ouf ye wer on a job -- o >> hneaso to d wthith e heotr. in ietervw. reappa,ntly g itoes on to say at the somse bosshi tnk if'r youe no t atisserndve a't don y,sa i or d deresathe , lmon tnothe kechictn, i sayset somhing ne vegati. t i ihinkf ier w oen a job in ietervndw ay the bhtroug the on wrg deorr, i wn'ouldayt s one th ing. i' usd jt eatt i andon cracentte on tinw.rvie >>usy,uallou y're too nuservo an .yway ot>> n. me >> ion wder ifny a hbodyaswn sho a upndte gotn so mad and fedlipp e thle taber ord when theer ord wa s g.wron 'sthat myuy gig rht e.ther >> 'r youe d!hire >> ll> a right, theor w dsmola mo la lamo. it hi's tsas m fsiveish creaptud on eo vid off theoa cst of po alrtug. itantresslat to ocean issunfh. i itshe t lstargey bonh fisn i
8:16 am
th epe s ccieseian wgh upo t 00 5,0 unpods. th ize sfe o ama sll suv. th idis veos i upo t more than 4 mi nllio ewvis. >> so olco. >> mola mola d'toesn antreslat to tfyerriing shfi? >> no. g >>iant foadrehe. >>oo lk at the shapef o that th >>antresslat to a salpeci at re d lerobst. >> wow. >> e rar mola mola. >> sorry. > >> nowo t aernothan strge cr reeatut, a lstea in space. wh sat iin kngg kong doi aboard ithenanteraltionce spa iostatn? of course, it's not king kong, it st's autronael klyin hav gfun, ch gasinun arod alo fel cwrew mb meer. wh dereid heet g the gorilla su it? >> meac. >>no, a care pgeackaen st by hi wis tnth bromaer, elrk kly. sc kott welly urapspis h -lyearongxp eenerimt inpa sce
8:17 am
>> tshat' whahat sppenhe wn you en sphad tuct mhe tim in sp ace. >>re gatxc e tuseo playny ben hi ll c.musi t >>rehey'ri amecanos her butt i mi bghtee tim to come home. t'>> i tsheir enrttenmaient. >> ow> nth to ope pr sta whous jt td ouheid tin kg of pop. ati fic ponalderesints get a re al nohor. >> rnaihans i first uphi ts mo g.rnin e'wherhes t iltequa? >> oh! 'l>> iryl t andak me it thugroh. ha rinnaas h aug he mesilneto rehe. sh heas a new sgon cleald or"wk" featuring drake.toedpp the billboard singled t,char giniv g rhe her4 1th t.hi ne meor tnha melicha ja n.ckso 'dtheyn beed tie at 13. wi heth t newho nor,ih r iannas ly on ndbehihe tt beeslesbeetles.
8:18 am
he esr rcyidenhe wrehe s'll honor ba dttle ercanc. th hoe silw wlk kic o afft 010:3 st ea ern.time if 'd youik l teeo se it, the r he wee.bsit nafi ally, bigor hon for one of thena'stiont mospe rescted an ead fred erleads. ryouctespere pntsidera f nk de und,rwoogh rit? >> of urcose. >> theit milary v fetrom s outh licaronaho w isot n above mau ni ioplatn -- ermurd? kenvi sypacela pyed m.hi it 'st par of aub ptylicint stu thfor eer s wieshichut debs ma 4rchth. typretgo od. at th'sr you poprt sta datoy. qu teila ssle. >> ou yee kp ait letl ftla datoy. >> tnkhas a t.lo al , hows ihe t wtheaer oklog?in >> ha we vete win wrereather he in s thi eaar. t,firsai agn,an wot t rraeitete th hre teat ofev s wereereath downh.sout
8:19 am
got a skri s,gtron risk,m fro ornew slean tto ha. cr ieestvw to ,al sfiignicant nioverght adtornoes. we w'reinatchg wet snown ithe no asrthet. 'l ittal srort aund noon. iastes mak its way teo th h,nortw sno in bo,ston rain galon thet.coas erwintth weadver aieisorros fm rt pafs ons penniylvalla a the upway ve to t.rmon yheavnd thuorerstn ms oeswednday in thernafteoon. we k loo forom sece plasic pking
8:20 am
>> that's your latest weather. willie? >> al, thank you very much. day two of our upor f the job"t"oday se,riesre whe we put r ouki slls to the ttes byei bng in s.tern m ony.onda linatat'e, iurs yorn tu. i >> a'veslwayed lovhi fasndon a thadpphe oniortuoty t watork mo"costapolin "c poosmon,litahe" tt besli selng un yowog smen'az mag iineen th un cotry. so lunds aikeea dr dm,'toesn it? i fdille in fheor tcu exetive assistant to the editor in chief. atwh aay d it was. os "climopo"tan,e her i come. moh,y .gosh f ieele lik i'mn iy m dream right now. i'miv ling my dream. l i tike hate.on iki leha tt one. iki le that one. lelitt l bit"dike wevilears pr ada." he o.ll ow>> h are you? >> nieatal lemoras. yi'mourss antista t forhe day.
8:21 am
myts booav heot gog d hrsai on .them canou y find a lint llroer? >> e sur inthg. bi'lle inh wit at linllro. >> nk thayo u. >> where is the lint llroer? >>st firf, of tea,tl liteit b of lk mi, no sugar. li ckpsti, ian c r'tememr bee th co lor. n ieednd elesspl supofies .it th rue fowit bl behind u,yohe t na banaks looik le it'sng goi to ve gi off pnooisous gases. t ge ridf o. it es the oeshs, it wan t moeet the de ersign. y tr g toetm then ihi ts te afn.rnoo >> okay. >> t thaho suldo d for i >>ats th l?al i>>ist or f you,ut b'l il have mo reng thins i apl coue of nu mites. >> ay ok. te a, a,tete a. e shes likar el aygr. e theris neno. er the'sng elish kfbreaast. th iiss her cup but it d'toesn fi t. ay ok. >>nae,tali nae,talin whey cit r fo aup c of tea, id neeit diimmey.atel
8:22 am
rtdese,y mer innrg oans w ould haveiv shrdelle tohe t size of a utwaln and ild woue hav hy deeddrat. i >> g'lletfi it nerst imxt te. fancy,oo l tk athat. ca tan i mke ageessa for h?er w>>ishat he t efch'sci speal in e th ?cafe >> ll gried kechicn. >> iee nord me ttsickeor f "h toamiln." >> 'd shee liko te,se if po lessibf, i h youfoave ur ti s cketlaavaifoble r ayfrid's ow sh. >> this ayfrid? >> ee i ndom se wejels. he>> sld woue likeeto s s ifhe ca nro borwew j felrysyrom dney ga .rber ayfridou, fr ckti ets. li>> ckpsti, id neeo t rey.appl >> neeedln i a hay acstk. >> hi i tnk i f aound tilipsck. >> g lon eagsrrin, fereathed. >> ta nalie, trys thi .on >> ffcus. >> sa senaltionol c. or
8:23 am
>> . no c>>ldou yetou gha tt t?ou >> re wheo d i begin? >> niarmae, wan wt the g own. :0>> 30. >>hi tnk weot g "hamilton" for id fray. inamazg. mi'o s gdoot a my job. >> theks perth of ejob. ok lot a atth. es three a inamazg. oh, my shgo. >> t whaare you doing? j>> iustan wtedo t smakeure -- ethes t areheje .wels ani wted tood m tel fhemor you. >> ou y d,di did u?yo oui wld takehe tm off nownd a pu ttmhe en thl wil youin dis tfecthe ea rring, natalie? >>.sure i >>t jus got in trouble. >> let's go dnow to a shoot te laonr . i t wan some help. >> tl lite r.lowe gbrin d itown atl lite bit. na e?tali >> sure. >> t iwas super n,fu dila,es
8:24 am
ckbao teth fiof.ce by e. >> y >>ou llcaed? >> us i jtte wand to letou y know ctmy aual etixecuve aisss itants ,back atheher. yo eu arel rdievef o your du.ties hoi t yughtou did ad goo job. hoi tught you did ad goo i n' wastxp engecti a lot and, tu ac,ally youxc edeede my ctexpensatio. y ifeeou nd a rencfere ye,ouan c vegie m a call. >> yours now. >> th . anks >> i'm t!ou >> sod glao tbe back m atyl rea b. jo ob slviouy, aot l oatf th was -- id>> d g you tet at icke for am "hn"ilto? >> .no but t yhankoou toa jannna d her af stf. ey the weret swe to lete m tag al aongndte preo nd thebe tir stassiant si ast.stan ouif yt wanbe to anrninte er thoue, ye havbe to inol clege to ec r ceivetredi for it. isshe gh tou buts i aat gre bo ss. >> shen' didtic noteou yev n er goter h the a.te >> don't tell the st.ecre t >> looate but'r you e out. er>> his asstantsa id, iwi stch nit o a her tllhe time.
8:25 am
>> you t hhrew uernderhe t bus. >>ha tt's her last day today. th yoank eru vmuy ch. ouseri hsly,ow'd you get il"ham?ton" no>> kw a guyt a the front fi ofce. >> very urresol.cefu h >>oad t doet som fhing mory job,t?righ >> ki wor ngrdha. rrtomonow o "up fheor t "job, it 's rscaon's .turn he en wto teth rpait.or h>> aadre gat ethen mnd aom went a deltak wor .hard gyounet o ala pne andss a ume lit'l y getou tohe tes dtitinaon safe andou y never think oef th n me anden wom and whathe t dyo b inenetwe to gethe t planebaeggagnd a d >> ana: goodrnmoising 0 a 2 00 6:. a.m tons hiasfanttic datuesy. ke ba ry iam fore,only kel in go g to hbe wappywehen do
8:26 am
d >> ana:'sthatt wha theyllca . it im>> k d: i kon't jnow,ust a t loifof dntfere in whenn'i doowt kn whyeyth ul wod! a ifn cioffial te rm.>> : kim wiupth ser tuy esda we ha ve r supedatuesy ghrit? re he 's aoklosi outhede t ertempesatur as u'yoeare h ding out thore dos thiinmorng wn do 5town2 des greetamounins 5edged 2 annd53 a -- ertempesatur areg goine to ba tt lioole cthler is rnafte oon an d we bhaveeen ngseei. h weave sbeeng eeinanso my 70 de s greeertempesaturch whi is e abovalnorm forsog lon that alnorm y,todago is toing elfe ol co. f 65rom a lelittez brey y toda thbut nde wi yiis urwe t tn to0 he 7heto t o endf e thekwe. k >> im: k thankeyou lly. d >> ana:aryou e vearry c eful owin h aryou yie sang er evngythi a for pesuesr tuday mi cop ng u next.week im>> ks : ili lke af ot ofun iwith t isalactuwely, in're
8:27 am
tt geing teexcid. d >> ana:l leveheof t ntatteion. whmeanweile 're intalkoug abt a mu trderhat enhappboed aixut s ur hoo.s ag ason l s vegaevboulard near g,crais thiis nor t fa tfromhe r aie forc.base ca lolil porece a llteusing at th isth h maybeave en dra ug de onal ge bad.on rse peon ashotilnd konled scthe meene ilanwhe o metr is lo g okinfo19r a 90 daolrk-c ored swvolk jagen ettawirith a zona li e censesplat. th rde mu ierers l stilheon t st li isth morning. speaki angthno erdaup otenen ws 3 li avenot .on an d torrmo wown heu yowa uke p thwis u weta yke toufro onemt
8:28 am
8:29 am
ha wlwl iey i e her weo g >> >308: it t'ssdueay rnmog,in 23rdf o brferyua, 20.16 arstngti tseo e thelo cudsl rol n in ithe henortast. we g'llomet s reainve othr e ne fxt ewysda. so meto s irmsen thth sou that al behas elen tling us ouabt. go od y,da thnoneesels. >> lookt a thege bigst selo r.
8:30 am
gg biest r,loseiv le oen th finaleas l tghnit. he h'seernd ae' wk to rtrobeo hnaereznd. >> ls a wo,ree'at cinch ugpit wh de a brssmeing. a t lotok tal to her t,abou from her hitho sw toty dir g.dancin what'sng goith on ere? >> ylou'ld fin out. he"t martian" was a hit at the box office but boref ethat, w it as abook. h weaveou y gruide teo th year's tt hoest r beadse efor htheyit th ige b sc. reen also,lo taiadr m cerielebty st yylesanou c pullff o ur yo. self do n'tetforg p toackr ,bagsng bri f adrien ande b on theza pla fyridani morng f aor an choce t win apo seontan tusrip to a losesngel over the long le ayap d wed.ek amakere ceativ prosteo t show owus h'd youpe snd yourxt e 2ra4 ho urs. th teripnc isludeee thrig nhts t atinhe le teho al, b tikeour on teahe b dch,rinne anduc mh ,more cesourty of ovdiscer los an s.gele hayou o ve tvebe or .18
8:31 am
an da friynd a rsvpt a y.todaplcom/aza. >> ow> n's let sayel hlo to ro obert hedernanz,he t -y36r-ead olo whstlo a16 p0ndou s danro cedwnhe tig bstge rtrobeooo, gdor mningnd a co tungraonlatis. >> nk thau. yo ha>> wt a whinirlwd. u yo jwereustwn croedt las t.nigh ywereou keshocd? >> youno kw atwh? i' eeve bn bngusti my buttin sce pt serembe 9th. th rse fiayt dil f.ming iwas rpsud?rise ayesnd no. na fi. list ou>> yr brr.othe ig we16ht, ou0 p ondssor d, own to 188. >> s. ye h >>ow do f youpheel alysicly? >> az ameing. my bodyel ft beatp u bseecau i wwasngorki .hard h atyoome keu wa g up,clo cying an urd ding lunch, iou wunld r re the lemis.
8:32 am
azy cra ouworkt. you owkn, rkwoouton ctlstan y yevery. da ooi t okffbe may fours dayro fm e the tim i >> ow h did i ctehangou yr feli? >> wa it s inamazg. lmyeittl boyob jacel tls my wi efe h msissehe t fatad ddy be ecausou i wlald pity wh him mo re. bu tt' thall anchge. ion wor't wtk ou fourim tes and ilhe wetl ge mor of my meti. >>gr conatatul tionsouo yr br heotr,s a we.ll it 's awe.esom >> ckbae,stagas i w keli, s,ye s! ye gg huing rasts.nger d itidn' care whot iwas. asit w amg.azin y >>ooou lk t.grea ng colaratus,tion rtrobeo. >> nk thayo u. > >> now let's get a checkf othe heweatr. >> t waygoo , rtrobeo. t' lehos sw w you whatvee hahr t toughhe gu lf. wa ngtchit tha tfordoornaes po lessib s andgtron orstms. y ic mixe her ief th rtnot.heas ok lo forun sny out stwe.
8:33 am
mo to,rrowre we'xp engectiha tt hisunsone tti connueth in e ut sot.hwes n82 i l.a. i 79n phx.oeni the ernastef half othe trcouny, if a yourely f oingr drg,ivin it is ng goibe to a real tmnighare. wi andynd y.snow co beuld os almtli bdzzare lik itcond iionsen thp. u. of mi anchig and partsf othe upper tgrea kelas. micyix inor nn therennew d glan riand fsk oon strgrm stoons alg e thatmid-iclantst coaor tom row dandowno tthe hesoutast. we nsterfnt couoory lking
8:34 am
th atat w'sha w >> t' thaous yr ltates heweatr. sa ahvann? >> tal, yhankoou s chmu. mm ey wrinne d mebrangessi is a y newciork etty dveecti ien th te"mys oriesf a.laur" enwher his srteoo lksbe to in bltroue,he sdg plees all she can do to help. atake oklo. >> if yout wano tid avooi gng to fjailor mrurder oei bng mu edrder yolfurseet, l me .help ili wl pctrote you. pi ynk easwr.d rnmo ing. re>> a g weoingo t ahave clf if clngf-haer? we a'retlmosth to nde eth of e se . ason om>> tworro t isirhe falst hff o theo-twpart feinalnd a it'll be jo mar.
8:35 am
at thwe we re os fthe nk piy r,swea but not so much. >> s is lheikehe t dark desi? >> 's shehe t dark .side sshe' one, ouobvisly. >> ino kw her redr hai ljust ikeyou. >> she .does >>ou yoo lke lik stsi ers. t >> i awasllctuayy m 11 r--yea soldon maron'sde ia. >> lyreal? t >>wehey li wke,e w tant o gbrin a i >>like, d woulbe t.grea h >>e'sik le a cngastint age no w. >> w weedatch se"jesor" f s.year he>> tho sw is doing llwe. si wa thnginki,f i you could in aventsh ow, wn'ouldout ye hav de ma ?up 's itny fun, irqucak i ny, ermyst yy,ou ve tsion wthe -h exndusba. h itas a leittl shiometorng f er evy.ybod i >>t does. asit her evngythi, for me. itea rllys doeee k op me n my , toesitand ps kee me civreately in sttereed.
8:36 am
icdiff multrurde myiesters,o t fi tgure hoseout. ovi lhae tet w keephe tie audnce re qallyiouest uningpil unt the la st teminu. u yo know, the ccthara ters hat bhaveeen tecrea td,rehey' ac quirkypl peo e uyoan car ce t.abou h we aave o lotf fun. >> youen medtionr youlelitt y, bos he'. 11 is it aoo gd m omjob, beingn o agu re slar lhow ike?that ar oue y a tbleope s tndhe t ime wyou tantpeo s wndith him and l al ?that >> we dll,oingn a urhog-lon am dra is pyrett utbral. >> ahye. b >>heut tat grehi tng is,e' hs te liyrallwn gro upn o the. set ksthan to"willnd a acgre." hit'secis sond .home af terhoscol, he'lle com over d an han out. he ws kno evneeryoam's ne and saysct"a aion"nd .""cut a >>asnd couts ystr sier, ap ntparely. >> y verll weal, so. >> p youut aut cetu picrep un o so cialia medf o his ckba,pack ic whh is enusormo. c >> ome. on oo>> ltk a that g.thin
8:37 am
yo uai s wd itikas le aic mverowa oven from the '70s. w >>hat does a 6thde grar need at theq rsuire that much? u' yooire go ng tbe clerippyd b the time'r youe 12. ou>> y'reoi gng toav he a back ck bae likr you mama. >> av i hoe t askut aboty dir da g.ncin e thernis a abc mareke and yo bu'lle 'sbaby mom. e ar youli fgppin t?ou >> al totlypp fliing t.ou it ee's bn olretoed. th era chacters i ryeall reinteg.stin you,know ngsiing, indancg, 's it -- ir"dty dag,ncin"e com on. or chapeogr fher rom"htoamiln." >> lyreal? >>!yeah m iean, come . on id>> dou yov le ir"dty ncda?ing" >> iov led .it asit w t the thinghatep kt me on my path to being an tracess. asit whe t firste tim iem rrembe insittng i aie movhe tater and se aeing cctharaer and yisa,ng i co suldysee melfla p tyinghat ar chr.acte ke li, she's quirky andot n ittradllionay tibeauful.
8:38 am
n >>neo os put hern i a rncoer. >> d ebrainmesshag, tounk y so mu ch. you'll be backat ler withhi kate e le and daho. ys"mritef es oa,laur"ea sson lefinaor tom rowghnit, :08:00/70 ce ontraln nbc. > t >>hear remkable life story of 10the ar-o6-yeomld wan who nc da hederay w through the white ho eusnd ato sle arhe.ts
8:39 am
8:40 am
nb c. > >>re we'k bact a 418:. lo gokin ,backov ming arforwd. r ou sserie in honor of black st hi oryntmoh. onda>> my on trending we oducintredou y to the ar106-ye who-oldul ffilled a life dlongfream o visgitin the e white.hous hhodaoras mfe o herry sto. y >>eou'r omwelce. ithis gs a oodone. cyou han'telp butle smihe wn u yo t seehe video of vniirgia m riclaun, dnganci wthith e idpres aenthend tst firdy la. theti meeasng w part of a black orhistony mthec ronepti
8:41 am
ephonl calth to ete whiho use. forinvirgia,wa it s aom ment of jo ayerftiv lginhr tghou some of e th darkest times in our naonti's orhisty. >> hi! >> howre a u?yo >> i'm fine! >> reporter: a meeting for the esag. >> ou yan wto tay si ho t elmichle? >> reporter: at 106 years old, vi iarginau mcl rinmibecong icamera'set swethearn whe the me getinro pdmpte her t sotart a edancty parth in ete whise hou. w >>s hat' sthetecre to dcianng at 6?10 r>>orepter:tu snnedy b her wf ne ound.fame >> in' didthi tnk i'dr eve be is th fa.mous i ,saidhy w dtidn'he ty dot i when w ias unyog? >> or repter: an accplomhmisten sh enc oesi conddere unkathinble. >> iug thoht i woulder nev live g toetth in ehi whote use. a iom s pphay. i >>us jtrt staed
8:42 am
blackto hisry h.mont >>k loo at him! gh rit e.ther >> ala bifck we. >> t' tha.s me >> yes! >> or rep vter:niirgivia's tsito 00 16ns penniylvavea a mnuedarke ail mtoesneng alo afi difcult nejourhay tt begann i a se atgregedou sarth ca.olin iborn09n 19 t asauhe drghte of a shroarec,pper shear m ariedt e ag 14nd a h two drchilen. th reers yea r,latehe s became wi ddowe anded mov tohi wasn,ngto sheor w akeds a y.nann lsheiveshe t treodaynd a vo ntlursees a aos frte angrardpteno tle earmentych sool il ch.dren nwithigo sfns olo swing wndo, she not only sveers asn a in atspir tioneo th enstud bts,ut to all of us. in includheg tst firfa .mily i>>t wano t lbeike youhe wn i gr ow up. r >>teeporror: fnlm oywi knong a rl wofd ock bla and itwhe, to one w noll ainowg uso teb cel aratell co . lors d>> itidn'nk thit' i edver ha ,ppen i butte sur did ha.ppen
8:43 am
a >>re yoou spy hapht rig now? la mc turinhthougwa it sim te for ca a creere hangat 55 a am sessstre. in 1994 she sedtart vteolungerin atoo schecls b sausehees lov the ateducion peasct. dishe isd thte wrica-in gnmpai si nce,2014ry ting toet go int wthe hitee.hous e sh idsaon, d't worry,'l il come to i yf it makes itor me co ienven ant,hend s got to. >>ow n she's the star. sh eupta ups gedyoeverne. >> ov i le r.he >>he s's seen aou cple world wa crs,ivil tsrigh, aownd n an caafriern-amican idpresent. th .anks tgreaor sty. n ooine boks t b readeefor itthey h the big screen this
8:44 am
8:45 am
fi t,rss thi isod"tay"n o c.nb e w bareackt a 468:.
8:46 am
2015 with book to s bign cree taadaps tionlikeoc mjakingary pt 2, ns inturge t and hertmaian. th yeis ar,he tre's aew nro cp of raliteryov mheies g adinto theer th rseate. y ifanou wot td reaor befoue y e seem the , w yhave ourguide. we elcomth to e ay"tod s"how lo .unge i've nevern seehe tseha cirs rebefo. w >>hoe shauld vee som chscot. w >>e ldshou. er th ae'sn eaid. t' leos ghr t soughome of esthe. 19oo bouks y putou t. lepeopd nee toea rbed refohe ty hi het tth rseate. we s'll wtartith .kids rs fit e,on "the bfg." >> itel tls thery stof oop shie s ashe'sen tako t lthe oandf gi bantsy a big,en fridly angit. 's itir dd ecteteby sspven iel bu rg - te- s svenbepielndrg a has ibeenen thks wor for.reve ow>> h about "theun jgle "?book >>ry eve iones inhi ts movie. u yo bhaveill aymurr. soy man peeopl arenv idolven i
8:47 am
to acndr, all it'e b thisua visl ermaste.piec w >>vee has thi one with alice, ou"thrhegh tki loong gl"ass. thistasn'n bee a movie be?fore >> no. u yohad al"l isealicn i ndwolaer."nd nyjohnp dep iset rngurni as the mad hratte and this ,timeli ace is hngelpi the red queen. 's it a tw ist. >>'s letov meyo to ung uladts. ithiss aug heus bsines for ll hod.ywoo g g yo veu ha " theerhunges gam," "t ghwilit li"twi"ght. hiso t s is f"the ifth."wave >> s it's thiry sto oic bas ally emo ohi tgryin ma erke h waynd a finder h hebrotr. >> howut abo "aialleg?nce" o>> s ciex.ting ithishes trd thi -- bicaslyal ki taheng trd thi ,bookik leh wit theng "huamer g aes"nd ar"hry tt po aer,"ndid div iingnt i ha lf. ithishes tst firal hfth of e oendef th esseri.
8:48 am
rt buson i dtiirec ngmesog.thin >> t sohis o wasen thop tth of e by.a.est se'slleris lt for so ng lo. 's it a pycree,so aweme book. 'sthatt wha tnsee they w aanttl lite goth. wthey tanto look at the dark si de. th sere' a not lot out onhi ts vi moe yet. 'rtheyepi keetng ind uerk loc andkey. i' emedxcitse to e what t dheyo twithhe orsty. >> od nobety b tteroo d that than ti m onburt. >>soablylute. h >>yighlnt aaticipedne os for ad .ults ir "gn l othe aitrn." i >>t's this arye's"g one rlgi." i' usm jtng goi to say .it in ibcredle llthrier. yo veu hami e blyluntn ithe st ngarri .role e' shs tgakinhi t tsrain every y da and lookst ahi tous cple who sseemfe perutct bhe t ny'reot an hed ss get lvinvoed. >> 't can gong wro withan d br "own,rninfeo." an mdy man tomhanks. in gong o aon wulderf veade.ntur ngtryi f toind his waynd a rifiguoung lwt, aaysry ting te thzzpu. le l>>tasut bot n asle ft,heor t wh ole mifaly, j.k. wlroing,
8:49 am
>> tishis he t e oneonverye is ci ex tedt.abou rnretu tingeo thiz wdiarng wo rld. it er's hen iew nk rdwiza wing corldomes to am a.eric 's itk. j. rog'wlinsst fir sc reenwriting credit. th iiss a teokxtbo. isths ine of oeth bksooha tt harry potter would read at hog ho tzgwar. r heee scrynpla o isne ylou'l ve ha g to toohe tsater to see. ov>> l yeour sspaion. avwe h le aot ofea rding to do, my iefrnd. >> p kee reg,adinli wile. >> siaee ya. > >>hi fasonoo l fksrom ywholl hood,ow tol pulhe tm off
8:50 am
8:51 am
rsfi tt,s hiis ay"todn" on m fro skyh hig toea hd to toe de tnim, aherere l a ootf iofashren tndso t try. ma insterg its i n aotslway syea. h we avedatomy.coty s etodir il emery hoe t show usow h it's ne do. g >> oodinmorng. >> s youeehi tngsel ctiebries ar oie dndng a ,goan c il pul it off? th wat's thatishis about y.toda >> exy.actl i nk thi it's %90 idconf.ence 10%-hknowow. st ju wearhe tre t ondrav hte i wear you. >> ayok. y >>reou ari weaheng t first ie fr and, byeauttr end,e blu ma upke. yo hau ve a ltlitelu be mcaasra ingo g. c>> yan sou ieet the?er >> we st ee iomon s te ofhe st ars. er>> kryhi wasn.ngto nobut st a scary as the '70s
8:52 am
it's a mlietalc .blue ma a,scaray mbe anye e r,line st juou a tfch o . blue f >> ihayou luve be ,eyeso d mo fre o a lepurp t,hey co olorouf yr esey. w >>ouldou y do it w yithour na ailsndat m ochrs i tthatoo ch mu? f >>unor colors f theai nsls i wa al gys aood ch. oice no>> ather trend, w leg nt pas. 'v weeee stn i a onot l of brceles.itie it's ryeall .cute es alpecieoly p wplereho a ti pe tte, ohey ftenthink, i do knn't fow i i can do isth. t >>shat' the quonesti. en eveicolic rhieul plst i f.of the vcaertil linese makt i look ng lo and . lean hi>> t os isur model coinrr. >> he s's rkiocnghe t oklo. 'sitbo a tuthe fit. high wdaste ,nt hug the al smstlear p otthf e byodnd a sk aimll the wayo teth r.floo h >>eels are a .must emayb after the otbo. >> tlexacy.
8:53 am
elhe wshit ,it t kpee the leg lo ang >> f iou yre a peteti, doou y twantoo dhe t fditte top as op dpose s tohiomet lngike a bl ?ouse ab>> tesoluly. sh e'sri wea angy bod .suit yo onu d'try wor about theop t ngcomit. ou 's itom celpletyng goio ty sta ac extlyre whe i s niceh withe t back of you bo dy itsu,t i has aid weol he to aadd e funntleme. p >>y.rett k than syouo .much th eex nt trend. le st'showeb celesriti bseecau 'v weeee shin toks lo a t.lo anit c bey, very ver chic. >> re su. iv olilia wde iars wea ing big s'70 wsbo. csheanr weahi t tso work at a w lam tt lio le tthe desi. it's pdinne ait l otleff we inar lgeik a tndrey miinki srt epke ist merod asl k. h>> dowo youe make surt' is not to o, iue gliss, ooke t sprisi isy, gu ess?
8:54 am
gghug ine thiswa lt,g onnimi sk tirnd a hes.el ke inep tg hheraiow dn so it es do fn'teel toogr pilndim a co reve dup. n >>o ageim litn oea wring .bows cyouanve eon d a i bownou yr ha ir. >> s it'tr a end, wngeari a lelitt ribbon, mbeay a loe,os w lo poilnyta. t no a as"gree" nypo. tail >> t yhanko ou s,much alaeri..riel mdeni onm.deni hayou ove t t get ohisne right. he were, e,se iats that ke ds huon? >> we gn sti.efan it 's aat grepo airoort lk. w >>vee hael janleel moding it. >>t' isbo aut twoif dntfere sh waes. do wn't tatchwohe tf o them. al , soeatrdet m ni aasne rautl. ad adop pf o corolit wh yrou pslir o eriarsng or a fun erpattn. e' sheas wring thepa leordla fts. it ik's lare we bing blackut be . tter ba>> llsica yy,ou't donan wt t o
8:55 am
thavewoor colrs o >> al,so d'ton sckti whit jnsea dan a bnuttoow dn shirt. a t.skir l >> bet's tringheod melsac bk ou ort fne oor me look. di laes, rrte.ific yo tou, o, y.emil re mohi fason tips,lu incding how pto oullff aha t,ea hd to our pi esntert page. >> >as ceyff ackles iom cgin up. rsfi yt,rou laloc nsewnd a
8:56 am
:5 8 o6 ams n hiucca us tu y esdanitoitght l ot eml,iona'r youe idsacu caudas toy again right? >>kim: what am i a 12 girl boy? >> dana: ccuaus tuesday and we have pesutur daesy next week an hed her t arwill go on. >> ki m:rsfitht e tipoli cs, li o ed tcogevera d allay but th veis e wninge kwillwhnow o n wothate st e ofne.vada neceli diilon w bl beack on the ovjob t er aarcaesal's pace. hashe ens be on hi batusseecau e shhas had a lot of tragedy as of late.losinheg hur ansbd and the internet thwiloout sing her otbrr heo whe shs waalso very close with and even as eythid dav hthe atceremony on st e aga w fes weekago pa ying uttrib e tor heanhusbhed, s is tu ac ballyack rfpengormi in ne tvadaishis a owshhe he lped cr feateeror h. will he e th mustsemonts
8:57 am
th wi theerwagns. d >> ana:whand s at i in reteg stinyou nwillavot he toa buy ettickbu to y ohalff e th showusbecae e shivis le amstrepaing n rt othbse we e fi10rst ut mins es i tfreeo r im>> ke : w ahave fr ee fo streca evneeryoh witke lly.sp x ace is log okintypret go od, a lelitt br teezy todayo rntu t upushe dt anlld po t fur n forgalley suerffers. t bumpteurerats es ie wher we sh boulde thimis t ye ofear. it l wilrebe ptty niltce ah houg coolcoedmparwh to e at wha ve be eeen sing. ar -oundsq- me uite cisg omin in ri ght w no3 at 6grde ees.lo f ts onssu ohineheut tre d an -csome.lass da tohiy's 5 gh 6eedegrt s bu we wi ll acbe btok in thes 70 by enthe d ofwethe ek.>> : kim i st isceo ni to live sinthoun ervane lly anthu.k yo >> da: nand aay tod it ais de peanstri do lublewieft th a canopy on it but aryeags ito s wathple e ac btoe enseor f resu. cr siui ang ndirflngtiit wh
8:58 am
8:59 am
e ng onto "y'das take," oscardrian brody tkialng about his new ri th ller"braacktck." >> >as cey affleck on playing the od go i copn ri"tple 9." plus, thege gadhats tllt wi t geloyou gokinrg go.eous lalha t at mndeorom cgin up now.
9:00 am
isths i "today's take" with al ro ker,at nalie ramoles,li wile ge aistnd tnamro ,hall live fmro st iouda 1n ioc rfekeerllla >> >el wmecoo t od"t."ay 's itsd tueay inmorn fg,arebruy 23 rd, 1620. i' ilm wlie a wlongith nieatal an d al. ta omronn gnassi.ment myor m jningamak tes yacou bk to mi ddlesc,hool he"t synympho" by ma rley marl ahend t juice ewcr. i'89, think it was,at gre de vio. nt fac.asti >> iem rember atth. g >>reats bas . line >> teicrrif. l >> tet's aalk tbouthispp ale st ory. it ps keeet g mtingore te ininrestg. n atwew tist,heht figet b ween fthebi and opplever ckunloing an ph ioned use by one oef th at ertackn s ithe seran binnardo ma ss shngooti. mi ofcrostnd fouiler batl ges ig we hedin,id sing ,with risurplysinge somlepeope , th fbi i. fb ngsayih tecpa comesniho sd ulbe fo trcedope coo wrateithaw l rcenfotemen in trerro ve inatstig.ions >> i donk thipl peo weanthe t
9:01 am
ha bef lf itheyee flik l tehe sa arfeguds are there. st hialoric tly, ghenmoverentas h ne go tone pho cniompaesnd a ba nks ands lotf opa comnies to ergath rminfon.atio lepeopl fee likehe tertnmen t nong beind bling beie abl to trynd ap sto badng this fo behere ty enhapp ad goo tedebabe to nghavi. >>tio many of the other sonilicle valy ec exesutived immlyiatee sidit wh ap aplendim t .cook in includacg fkeboo and terwitt d an legoog a,s llwe,ua actlly ca nme i on t sheidef o apple. he n's atl ouier a ondneth of e fo ngundi theat fhers ofic silon va tlleygakins thi sipo. tion e>> hay ss t iheres ais rkn eve am ongic silon llvaey, ashe ty're nghavi the deebate ware vihang. >> gh slitly meor tnhaf halid se th wi f thebis aos oppoed t ap ple. n >> o fthe slip oidef it, ge lneraha mic eln,hadehe t head of the nsa and a ci asays pple thhas ige rht .idea
9:02 am
e arng goi toe comn dow o nthis. >> s it' scfaininatg. ink thiil blat g esidsa, iist a go onod catversiono tbe nghavi. ab tesoluly. we e hav thedofree am,nds it' ot prdecte o byur cotunsti. tion ik>> lehe tre fedom tok loo like anot idihe wnou y'reti texndng a wa g.lkin i >>'llra refin fmrosi u tnghe rd woot idiau becsee i'v been ow knon t do isth. nt>> io a scurulpte? >> notnt io acu srelptu buts thi ha oensnoc rk crn see p lk waont piars. s tias gntcu srelptu in gl enand,al cledhe t sski. ptheemrobl ,ist' isn ithe wa glkinpa th. 'sthat notoi gng topr tesen a leprobsm, iit ? ll wet, i sure did. ithis0s 2ee f t.high th ayey s wnithiou hrs of st intiallaon alinstonlatihe, tady hig eht op pealle wigk rhtnt io .it h >>owo d y mouiss that? >> t iis angit. .path o>> tverhe thpa. t no in the thpa.
9:03 am
o whke waldnt io .it n >>o. is ths hitlo c tseoom heor f u.yo >> irl neadalkeo int a table. >> 't done mov it. ouengh ofn . it pi>> ec fa tintasc. >> pa aplyrenthe, ty hado t veremo it. ey th put ito tthe .side >> oh,om ce on! >> the atrtisai shad tt trsexte pa aplyrente wer not inlookg, of ur co wse,hile wag.lkin er the you .go th uge help scuture i psartf o r i>> can'tie belve theyav cedo t ertexts. c >> omeon, !guys rd wo gets ar.ound s>> ytandour ougrnd. >> l> iovehi texs none. if 'v youote g moreha tnne o, kid hayou heve ttom ergeth, so inmethsg ing goio t. ch oeckhiut ts leitirl who
9:04 am
>>atwh? >> i didt? wha [ laerught ]. >> i love .it g >>oing tove lea herrr scaed rlate in,life thetl lite si . ster he>> ssn doeay't s anngythi. ok los at m herikom lhae, w t's yourleprobm? e >>vener h .face >> t' thaes tht bes part. >> n whe thetl lite onens tur ou arnd. fr ontnd a ckba. >>ky bin in her utmoh. >> h wit hertl lite ttbu. iov l eit. >> a.zebr >> e com on, brzea. >> l iove >> t andhey ladgaga,er cov ing othene eye. s >> i athat she,arpi a pe enrmanrkt maer? >> t' thas my esqu. tion er>> pntmane ma. rker t'>> iots nng goi to g ooff si ealy. >> theeech tk,he face.
9:05 am
>> clylear momsn i't that upset. ngcomi w inthith e caamer and as heks t esqu. tion i>> can'tt waiten y fearsrom nowt wha the acpayb iksoi g tngo be . >>l-alr.time i >> t'st.grea lit'l o benef oho tsere whe dad d an mommb essarrahe tng youer si bsteryhi wgppint thaut oo t a da te. lo haok whet tir glsid d back en th. c >>gomin a outhet teh ralears nn dier. ib>> s rlingryivalre theer lat in feli. s >>o nnfuy. >> ou> y had a late night. a cenitizs bre?igad >> the riupght cenitizs adbrige, themp ivro groupe hern ithe acityndow nos acre s thtrcouny, it's sedtarty b amypor,ehle and th oey dht nig tela,e lik aat l e ghni towsh i,nnt fro of aiv le au cedien. is th angmaziup grof ogyoun to acrsnd ate wrirs at ucrib w te thema,rialy thero p tducehe .show dtheyidll a the hardwo rk. th e ey'rsoun fny and nttaleed.
9:06 am
'ltheyle b thet nex" "snlewrit erwrits wr s.iter lit'saike k talow sh. d iid a nomoe,loguad h ae sid .kick co niwalle ellac m wasguy est, ta glkinbo aut the mpca. aign hi>> tans mle kild it. enlist toisth. >>oh, .no 4>> 2ou hrcd md'onalns iou sth ko wrea tillryvi serngr beeo t at ttracto cusmersau becse if e'thernes ong thi i'veug thoht wh ileti sitng atcd md'onalts a i2:00en th inmorng, 'sit ,boy, isi whry eveonee heras we mor k.drun >> ro i wom jokes d any thero w te. some ou>> ye hav a fu,turey m fr,iend wi .llie ai'veslwaysa id,'l youlo g pl acesmeso day. uc>> b is omawese. if g youet a cehanco see ow ,l.a. evwher cer,heck th em t.ou m souchen talnt it tha e.plac w >>ell pl. ayed w e're as,king we got this ou sh toutg.goin ,momsd sen ushe tiril wdest rs fiont ccert s.look ds daan cnot plapy. >> y? wh >> on i dkn't ow. wit's thathey . said ot>> n .fair i >>on d'tnk thit i eisrithe
9:07 am
fo r aha cncebe to lo fwn to new ayorkinnd w a heado toe t ovmakeer,rt couesy of pejc.nney linataere shad her wstildeir fst erconcoot lk when w sheas 14nd a we ont t splanda llbaet. ar shoue yrhr tckowba pictesur. 'lwepil ackin wrnet ahe t e nd tofhe h.mont go o tur oeb facpaook ge, fa okcebo/".comy'todakes tand" a ll te w ushye wldshoul telou y ystour yle. sp ngeakigo of tinguro o bofaceomok.cda/"totay's ke" pa ,geod tays i day0 2urof o 25 daysf o g s.away atwho de wha,ve brneity? >> aoo ckar we >> or w th$500. we w tanto bakre00 300,0od t.ay atwhre ae wat ? 296,000. come on,eo ce fa.cbooktoom/"s day'keta"." ch eck it out. a rill ght. ,alsock chehi t sout. at whoi's gng on rehe. so bome hdy mity ttbuon.
9:08 am
w, nove we' gotvy hea th rsundestormus phinghr tough esgalv ton,hon,usto mgovin to loy, wve got ana tordo th reatet strgchinm fro new anorleso teshatt.burg e th crnonces iig tonoht t mo torrow mog,rnin the risk of lo rang-tck adtornoes. aig scanifihrnt teat nioverght. is th r isyeall daoungers. 'l weel bat wgchins thier vy, ve ry elclosy. sy wstem bould pengushi up and th h.roug ndbehi it, snowm fro cgohica, . sts loui intooidetrt. a wexpre engectio t tseeheain ch tangeo wet se.ther av heier srshowe and th rsundes.torm rthe iainntono swor fer intior rt paf s othe henortast. me soce plas pngicki up upsward
9:09 am
th wat'ss hat'ins goin >> faboce.cok/"omdatos y'keta." ge intt agulwfly oscle. >> ue> gwhss at, ?guys gu sesho ws it a our "today's take" table. isth guy. yo geun pstnersor eve to winn a ad acemy award. w, norr staingn i a new hopsyccalogil therrill,ia adrn od br ly,s adiegeand mentlen. >>yes! >> ha we nve a r.acto jo ginin user afts. thi mopet arments tie beau ful, yunlesse ou havrgiealles. th ouen yes mr eyeeay sdi it tlffereny. on naly flos apse iedprovre to e liev iboth, tchyte wayery es ancod onngesti. o no nther aasalgyller c spraysaan aty th. e when we breathllerin a ogensdiur boctes rea by prooverngtoryammast subthances at us casye our mpto
9:10 am
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9:11 am
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9:12 am
ch 3oose10 of or fav itesnjto en oy oplone ate. pl uusimnledital s adanbrd dseackti s. e th tbestofour ly itais o theoune yat cree. r if you ofamilyg isutinic magal al for e wrl threong asons. yo beu may dlin mudg ug throrgh alleies. zy try frtec oweror p fulrg alleefy reli. and eczyrtdi is tfferenthan ri cla.tin be e itcausrt stains workerg fast on f theayirst dak you t.e it tr rty zy ec .le muddmore no . > >> 13ea yrs o,ag andria brody ot sh toer suprd staftom aer inwinnheg tca ademyrd awa for be stct aorn i he"t pit.anis"
9:13 am
isin h new tlehrilr kt"bacckra," ab out ach psyisologtau hntedy b lthe oossf his htdauger. ta ke a look. [ amscreing. ] >> ayok, i'm out. u yoan cet lo g now, wi. llie so>> rry. w>> ias ,liket' is ngcomi. me sogthin g is toingo pphaen. >> e' herhes tin thoug, y know 's it micong. >> i owknt , butiit sapll h.pens dr>> a iany,brodt whawashi ts ,likeho sgotin this g?thin >> wa it -s -t' is lots of fun.
9:14 am
sh ngootith anyingry sca ist' is ch mus lesca shery w yneou'r ki maitng . bu t i love theld wor o tfhe rsupe nal.tura i e lov --t' ishe t buteay of .film you canea rllyet g to ala pce that canua act bllyeri fnighteng d an exngciti. d an it's .safe >> l tel us aboutou yr chtearacr. u yoy pla a thiseraps t, ithat gh rit? >>,yeah i play a polsychtogis iwhosoi gngou thrgh a tatraumic ti wme, hhere-is - he relycent st lois h daerughtnd, as he' nimourng. he rzeealihas tt all o hfis pa tstien are cede.ased >> .oh 'sthat tt maer. >> er nevng goi teo se anyey mon th wiat th. >>y ver uetr.
9:15 am
co nsncery, b theay w. w >>tasn'nk thiing about actscounab paynle ise tho me monts. so 'r youeto resring --r o you ha thi 1800sto sne ,barn sibacally, in upstate new yo . rk >>-hmm. mm y>>'vou meade aum docryenta ou abitt ,ch i ary sto to se itlf. anyre cesepins thern i thsomeing that d?ol >> s it' insttereing. i alactuly,he wn iir fsted mov in heto t ushoe,wa it s an moenorus prs,oces to redbuil thisplace. th festirew fht nig osfin livg th were, whichasft aer a se yeven-ar urjoney,o s ist wa aonly i namaged toe livn i mtheain e,housnd a i wasn i bed,ry t ing oto go t bed,nd a ird heat wha un so ldedike orsning. it wasom cing f tromheon secd fl oor.
9:16 am
ralitelly, theou hasse w insnorg. wa i s sc.ared it m waswny o leittl -- >> and you stillan w ttoe liv th e?er >> h ieavo n oichce. i pe snten sev yearsn e th place. i'm lgivin rehe. h >>oow d you get are bathe ri ghtip str f wor a hhole?ouse pe>> olln ahe t owwinds. >> w, wozy cra. >> yeah. t>> it wen .away tii sll't donno kwt what iwas. asit w thest firht nig. th i t oughasit we soman strge th wingthith ipe pesut b it 'twasn. s >>odomebusy j ltou y know. >> ok i we him upnd a heye stad ak awe, i s.gues y >>eou'r ara b mveranha tn me. an thuk yo so chmu. "b ktacckra i" asilvaleabn o redivct uilnt it hitshe tsater is thid fr. ay he too gduy gn iethew n ac ontiil fm "tplri9.e " we l'lat cchp uit whey cas
9:17 am
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9:18 am
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9:19 am
uifrt. nu ts. si smlky thook darocche.olat vel re tinashe pleof nure doew ruve f nit andut. want a different way to cleanse? try new micear wll aterom frer garni. mi the es acellctttra dirtke liagne a mt. to mo 1. reeuve makp 2. c selean d anef3. rshre. shno harng rubbi rin, no.sing cenew miatllar w frer arom gkinier se.nactiv i evam neter gngtiri mar.ed ve ne r.sspsh.ssgu edarante. ckyou pieaed a bul rutifing. th yoank u. newe're ver k
9:20 am
e.breath ve i lore it he. we ev are niner mov thg tobue surbs.we ev are nettier gneng oth of inose (m).ivan we re aev n herg avinotanr i'm pregnant. r foe all thrs inevefen liat, st ie farmere.s th as ceyle affckrr sta iedn a st ngriit of h films b fromlock st bu likers tehe "eaocns" tr yilog toon"ge, ,baby gone." d antheas asstisinaonf ose jes ja bmes rytober rdfo w,hich edearn himn aar osc nanomi. tion no>> ew, hrs stath in e new gh hiun-strg, pl"trie 9,"re whe he la pys a eaclewn, n dtietecve ousurr bnded ayup grof oty dir ps co. re he's a look. hi>> tins a't a mega, richs. rtheules adrouner he are di enffert. is th a bin'teauckhlld, aht rig?
9:21 am
>> n,ma m letlle te you thsome ying,avou h pe aemrobl th wi me i putnt o theab tle but n' douet qnstio meik le youno kw so inmethg i't don owkn. yo u let an b [ ]leep inro fnt of th e nehbighoorod, you have explniaing too. d >>ey cas ecafflook, gd rnmo ing. >> rnmo ing. ou>> y g'veot a llhef o a ,cast eebetwntn ahony ma,ckieon aar pa -ul - w >>wahat hes tth oer name? >> you racedou thrght tha one. i >> ht'sow weo d it. >> as i wou cgntin on you rr ca myinge rothugh. >> no. rman ha>> wst wa l it oikehen tet s wi llth aha ttin actg wepor? >> i was theai pnth in e ass. th eey'r all so good. youknow,s thi movie, i dtidn' wa alys see emth. th erey w aen'tslway t on sheet
9:22 am
sc ene. indrivowg dhen t st,reetar pk s hir, ca get out a wndalk uphe t st epsse to e me. th fat'syairl lesimp. od wokey tae s thtfirske ta, ra dces towntrhe s aeet hndits a tr ee,um jps outth of e car,d hea b isinleedgnd as run up theat ph to .me i ig f euredonvery weould dndesce an dto s apnd layoo wdy down for a numite. ywoodt kepheto t ensce. it e. her >>ohli milon m,goy sh. >> i didt make itnt ieo thal fin cu t? >>,yeaht i did. ex unedpectgh, rit? w >>sho ir you guy inhi ts o whouis yr archr?acte ewhers doe he fit in? >> i play s oortef thnl oy -- m i' the good guy. ho use ha>> t gt's ood. ou>> yy pla aot l ofif dntfere d ante innsees rol. at whw dretoyou is thbe, sside aninibcred lecast?
9:23 am
t lo b ofad guys, and ite wan tdo ff dit.eren ashe w h --ase h a si,mple moral co de,im s spleense of rightnd a g.wron sthatdeemeea app tling ian wted tola p ayic pole fi ofcer. i ed lik the sc.ript their drecto isea rlly nttaleed, tswee >> you got a lotth in eks wor. ur yoes latilt f am stun e,danc lo ft o buzz. utells about atth. >> t thais wenritt d andteirecd by ny ken andwa it nes o of ri stct. ev hieryteng hte wriss i ex ioceptynalll wel wrn.itte n'i doowt knt wha telsesao y. asit wma a sll movie,nd a it en upded rntutu grnin out g.reat to tok io t sucendan. i' eeve bn in a l oot sfmall esmovit than' didurt tn out t.grea
9:24 am
>> a lotf o g toodalkut abo .that wyoudorkeh wit yourth broer ben it que a u' yoaive se'd hsr youou sgndin ar bodn whe yeou'rsi conngderi a le ro. ve ha yoto y askouut abot. tha h >>. e is av>> he to askou ybo aut "bmaat"n. earou yex as d citeisas h fans ar e? >> av h'ten- - t >>rehey' exd.cite >> i amer vy exd.cite is th t ishe m eovieboverydy ntwas to see. at "b vmansersu pesurman." >> versusde "oladpo," ahye. >> exy.actl 'm>> i ciexted. ani wo t tsee it, ahye. h >>oue sndsit exced. >> ri th. lled et>> l mery t that again. soi'm it exced teo ses thi mo vie. uc>> mh ttbeer. >>el bary cinontas mshif.el d >> arivear c iont a . tree ol egay reren istre fnewsm roinwith... umpl spingfaurelce c flsa or icdramatnsfo traiormatn thouwie t thorneed frs fille. yo
9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
a lo thcal an whe at w bhaveeen se beinghiut t s isaclytual rm nooral f thimis t ye ofear. 67 ov in n,erto bor ulde 6city3, pa p hrumit66, l wilbeit a l tle on theeebridzy sdae toy thwi en whti gusng 3tole0 mir s pe ho theva 2lleyle5 mir s pe .hour ertempesatur y maorbe nmal to 6day,t 5 buwe wie ll b back hein t 70bys e thef nd othe ek we. d >> ana:e we arpiho tngo t ge re ltsu ts inhe uccaonus t.ight 'l wevel haoo a gd mpcoteleap r appearance healthy do ot n toh uce thaldi beusca e awe are llov ierhet aretht e st ioat n. d an wevehan beeintalkg ab out lo mengti caloo ls sllyou' kn ow wh hiat ts llwito, rrmo ow mo inrnwhg yen ouwa ukewip th
9:28 am
9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:31 am
lforiver ti. ssue e very dogas h its day, and ytoda bgselon teo th laboradorar re vetrier. it n's i its 25thea yr ashe t top s. u. dog breed. rotheed bresav he a loto tar bk ouabt. rm geanet rerrievandet rerrievres ath in e p toe fiv stli. > >>he t hesappity cit onth ear is na,ples idflora,cc angordio t lthetates ragsnkin. th poe rert mreeasuows h si resdentl feeut aboir the ys phical he,althia socl esti, fi ianancecl syurit and co unmmieits. sa s,lina licaiaforns , waerrunn . up l get'set a checkth of e heweatror fm al. >> if'r youeth in esoasuthet, yo nu'reapot hpy a wbouthere u' yoivre lingec bauseha we ve a lo tf od winnd a rain. ve seeare wther sspo,ible pe eslycialng alo the gulf. ic ixy mth in e rtnot.heas bsnowack through throe iecks. hisunsutne ost we.
9:32 am
in to toowmorr,ar we oie go ng t bech watinge moret wea w athernd a riskf ongstrorm stosng alo th e seaouthnsterid man-atl tic co ast. ic ixy m ien thth norh witn rai ywever hereelse. th eernastehi tf rd othe cryount oiis gngbe to a m fessor indrivndg a airve tral moto.rrow i 66n lldaas. or st houon. lo orok fig a hfh o 82 and s unny .ain l. at thha's wgot's oning un arod na e?tali ha>> tyonk u, al. >> ow> nth to besrain ndbehi the
9:33 am
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9:34 am
isth gset to youn i8 4 s.hour >> beyritn is wngeari itn o one si fde oou yr face. hayou reve g satkin toeg b in with so youon d'td nee un foondati. c ian't tell. wh ich sideas h -- i >>t's amse.less cyouanel bary tell. >> t andhetl bots e hanaher me. eamaz inamazg. >> t andathe doe s k you wnowhen yo uru pedchas. it iwhat ,love'm i going tghhrou e th sapp'ee scrn shots. h itas aat sinis finhnd a aw eesom unfoondati. i >>t'll bey m newav feorit in thg. t' leovs mne or ove .here th sis iur a pe povar?rize ye>> ts,ishis oi gng to frreesh th ire a andst moi rureise it. wh cat'sisool c youoan go int ol wheds foo orru dregsto and oi l. er th ae's alson d.l.e. onbutt. if you ceirclhr t oughd.l.e.s to an chge m theood. it me perates ,it werhetht' is
9:35 am
i chavemoinnann i thereno w. vi giheng tir a a freshl fee and ke maous yee fl good. >> fenreshan up a, are if you have a smokey . area c>>ool for a nuy,rserog ya st ,udioth anying you want. >> t' whas this? >>n itheum smern whe h youave yo ur dimeoncati, kssnac a,nd th sis i aut beayme segont s upmakell, a thetu sffs iot h and lt mes. w no youut phi t isen th ferreez an 'ld iteel kpng thiols cd for tfourevo sen urhos. u yo cane hav tshin oou y all da y. et whher yt's ourlos,tion ke ma wup,erhethis it the di meoncatiot, n a prm.oble pu tt i in theoo c ilt y.cadd th akey mte i for guysnd a s.girl oo>> gd chtegynolo. iwhatois gng on here? nicleaheng t usbrhes, t?righ >> high tech. is than cleous yr besrushn i 15 nu mites. it s goehr t aough soap cycle, o twse rin clcyes. ni've sever aeeninnythikg l e thisor befnde as it' thghorou. pi tyy,call c youlean the besrush st fa.
9:36 am
thiss goe tghhrou a pssroce and 's it amg.azin >> iss guest'mp intorta to nclear you upmakeru bshes gu rey,larlgh rit? >> soablylute. >>so rean forin havg isth. lmi a bosttough thist a the orairphet ter oth day. s i taid whis ihenal wked up, i al bmosttough this. e thay l no gme costic bag. >> myis sterot g mehi t fsor ch strismand awa it sy m -tgoo tr avelbag. th ese bart p -t- e >>thvery iings laid out. ve>> einrythsg i laid t.ou >> ou yan c see evhierytng. >> zip it .up it as h ara dw ethoo c lrtpa, you g toeo th ho atelsaynd l thisn ohe t un coter. do fun't itss wyth an.hing ai'mslway a in rush. iak tte ind ao g on your way. eythav h aeir wed ven,rsio s o e therarepa comntrtmeors fou yr te lochno. gies >> asfant tic. s>>intarttg a 5.$2 ha>> wto d wvee hae? her pnailholis locors. >> tishis ae frepp a cdalle rdsupe.uper ait'sboll autin fding
9:37 am
c itosan c utp to $15or fl nai po .lish it'sibhorrle. yo u can cehoosou yr fitavore co anlor omd frre the'l, itlll te you whichha sde hashe t ap ripropate r.colo yo cuano go tdrthe orugste and bu yhe t $9 ockn vkoffonersi ic wh h isomawese. >> ks loohe t .same th sis iho a pneas ce that lhtigs up for the perfect self. ie i>>t hashr tifee dntfereht lig ti opons. ma yde b bee'yoncs stt.ylis ewe'rng goi to do afi sele here. om>> cen i rehe. y >>ou can seehe t ffdiceeren. >> lk ooathe t tilighng. >> 's let cutff o wi. llie >> hey! yo huad me at bee'yoncs isstylt. >>$80. ait'slso prtiotecve, c >>ool f.stuf >> mi> cop,ng udb hantoags e. hop ohowomne wuran t hned lersos in atoai g fnoram fil i weednviten woma to tospa atest b newwaody sh.hi lc. weome. di sshp?oa u yonomay elt febu it t
9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
in using navoka w aith su lfonylurea or insulin y maseincreak ris of w lod subloogar. aginimlie witfea h wer loc.a1 ar loe you youvingmbr nuers? ther one's ily oneanvokan . as dk yourr aboctoitou ne gemillral rs isgemovinar cialtifivo flars coand rslom fror oualceres. you so l canreove ceal. again! >> >hi ts mngorni h onopeo t ,it w hoew a nse jeryid wows iin copg th wi a dtaevas lting bossy he glpiner oth lifamies. sh e'sak ming a hugemp itacn o ethiv les of those in need, one ndhagbat a a meti. >>e wvehahi tsew n .line r >>teepororr: f rimassa, running her own boutiques i a bo lafr o love. >> nk thau. yo ha>> tounk y so chmu.
9:42 am
t >>arhey hee ten esstial ceacorssy. yo cu pankicut o a ndhag,badd a r,colo addylste, andak me yo lfurse ueuniq. r >>teepor r:liunket mosl smal nebusiwnss o wers, ehere sachale re enprests a itprof, ater h st ore, lucy's ftgi,ac eh an triosacteln hps a noprn-itof. >> itak mesy mus besinso s iqun.ue r>>orepter: marissaat dones 10 f0% oer hro psceedoio varus itchar aies,lln ion horf o onsomehee slo st. >> lw i aaysan wted to be an en retrep.neur oi d not t ihink w houldaveon de wthisutitho myor hcrifi tr y.aged osi lyt m bedloveus hbandos almt ve firs yea agoo t aer vyde sudn d anio vlent death. >> or rep hter:se wale kilhid wle a on besusins trip,ea lving behiis mar asandir the htdaug er.lucy e thir ctacumsncesf o his h,deat il stndl uer >> myba husnd waso s nebentvole. wa alyshi tgnkin ofry eve one .else
9:43 am
cylega isar c riedon. ep>> rr:orte andt in' was ltong rebefo the maeuricrt dhaitcharasy w rn bo. i >>ie belhrve t oughfaith, lo ve, suorppt, coenagurenem otf sonyma, ias wbl ae to takehi ts li ttle idea, selling haband,gs dan jtus cnuonti tingo olevve. >> or repter: pfirot forh eac nd ha fbagunds charities, rngangi fromp.g. cerhambs slchoo he glpinld chirenh witpe scial s,need to safe, an oizrgannatio sungortien wom c andrehildn fe af bctedyom dcesti enviolce. >> n whe'r youne i ae holnd a you lyreal d are aeep tthe ombott, it es tak aon lg time toli cmb t ou of that. iow n see thatan i cti con tnueo gr ow. ifth oerpl peoe c manake rtfoesun m,beay i canak me one an ivd g eeveryny pen oft i .away
9:44 am
inwillgo te giv .back bgiveacko t lthe aessnd un unfortate. an yybod k whonowsy m bossl wil y sat tha she has the bgeig st arhetn ieth wod.rl al hel sll reay wants is fors thi to aecff tthe if we cancc aisomplhah tnet o nd ha abag at meti w,hy not? >> or rep fter:or ssmaria,in givg ba eack hlser h he art. 'v>> ilre aeady avechied the most itamporntoa gl. h myndusba isli sming on .me ma kingim h prouds i just er evngythi m toauy drghte and i. she iay alwsh wit me. >>t wha are gat ntset.imen c gomin ,up sdhoul you pay of yfour debtr o save for ti rentreme? w ho p toouut yr tax furend to go odse uh witur o pal, right increase speed, full throttle! ve(oinr rcteom) ann, are you coming in? netiga! veayst on target. atwhre aou yuy gdos ing? toar to,ushrrsteth! 'rey eosclg in!in i' gllrduahe tas be. evfor faery tmily hatlistves arar ws,
9:45 am
where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. mecon joi.aus..ars sts war enawaks. no ww atdialt sney rlwored rtso. ro(fx-m ngwi )hyrspecepa! 's it a q not fuick'sy mciside ton okemaeaut blay .st roretic l nodstartesibl viduy recing my f liine dnes anin wr in klesweone ek. an thd longe eruse i it e thttbeer wit.orks re notirrl con exioomfr roc. thodmeots, nle miracs. we wonerere. heand re. an red he. he.rean red he. uh re, n so ndbehier he. ext es thyse gure, he. hein tio natlan's t,rgesin nddepestent udy, meroots tric njust amedrivenuzon omberetne nrkwo fo e r thh fift itimeron a w, rehe. so when the other ysguim clath e ey'rbethe rest, ermemb: e'therlys on, oneernumb. one noand 'lw wey l pao up t t$650o chswitth to ste bewo netrk. th neis oht rige. her
9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
itplus, ll 's ana ctural, lear,tast eee-fr di and vesssol tecomplely. it ni's cli callyprov o en tekeep mfu lonllerger lpand he ms keep e thhealdey insian t.d ou be r nefibethy heale.shap , thisdoi can . fi ennd b hefiber ealthyshap te inerhe fib. aisle >> ha> t t'ss.your m i' so rry. an>> wot tea rd iget to?ther >> . no he>> tnu aveaxe t refund is ,0 $3 t00his arye. ouif y're etixpecng oyone, u ob pr hablyplave fansheor t wi llndfa. f >> -irst- >> te lison t ay"tod f"ciinanal it ed sor,he hasre gatdv a ficeor us. in am a ge ofhi tsr o atth? od go rnmo ing. ha>> t t'sghrit,s thi or that, ta rex fund edn.itio gi'moing tosk aou yue qnsstio d an you picks thir o that,y b pu gttin the 00$1il bls ithnto e op priger pgy .bank sh youldseou ur you taxre fund , tos thi or ,that payn dow ,debt
9:49 am
re metirent t? willie is going with the debt. al isoi gngit wthh eet reniremt ac t.coun anwe wot t pay down btde. it ec's bausehe ter int restate on the debt isba probly gh hi-er - oh,y m odgo.ness th ngrowi awayhe t m. oney w>> ielas ctiebrayng mn. wi t >>hent iteresth on et debs i pr lyobab hrighen thahe tur retn u' yoetd gn ithe remetirent. if 'r youe gngettich mating ll do iarsen th remetir ent ac count' thahes t t wayo go. ysalwa t forhe himatcng. >> t' thahas w wt ias kithinng. >> st que tionwo,ti get ang re tfundhis ,yeare lik youo d ev ery ,year is ,this good, or th nat,ot so good. h >>ouow cldet g ating refunde b ba d? a >>ls ihe t it n'soot s good. it ns mea'r youvie gingle unc sam an er int festreeoa l onurn yo mo ney. wh ouat y sulhod ,do goo t human re cesourrs odj a yustour howithg.ldin ouif y're notut pting 0%10 of th axe mn i youret renirem t ac t,coun bump upt tha
9:50 am
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9:51 am
ibutast hbe to a datedic ed ohomeeffic e.spac in stterey,ingl thesir isy onl au ngditiut abo 1% of rsfile, ptexce p foreeopl who meak over $1 million a arye. 'rtheye ainuditg 7% of osthe. >> okay. >> s thi or that? ouif y g're toingose u your fure tndo rceeplaol an d pl apeianc ap ncpliahoe, s buld it a te arn-ye -oldshwaer, or a n- te-oyearld igrefrorerat? iewill g isoing shwaer. al isoi gng reerfrig.ator ether yougo. th nse awers i isth. erwashads meor befehe t year 20 av03 hell reayee bn ovimpred .upon llyou'e savrs you aelfbout $180 a year byrg ene ystomar.c. wh oo isur wi?nner e>> w getne o remo. ll>> a t.righ othisr ?that rdaccotoing ew a nve suryro fm ll heo llwaomet.c, warhat ose mt pe oplend spe mingoref ohe tir fu re ondshin ts arye? i is ttlraver o otcl?hing he>> tos opp titeop kee it reintest. >> it is tr.avel
9:52 am
op perele a sinpendorg me on eltravhi ts .year wgoesithnd speingey monn o riexpesencehe rathar tn gsthin. ke maous y hpiapernd aho w is the erwinn? sal i the nnwier. >> i'met gting aag b of nemoy, ba by! >>wow! >> ew wh. >> nk thaors fyi plangur o .game ha>> tyonk u. raconglatuonti as,l >> ha t nku.yo
9:53 am
9:54 am
th iiss "today" on nbc. i ik le brzea. >> atwh? >> a brzea. >> !oh >> n wher youig bte sisr has a pe enrmanart m akernd ait ltle o touc m htime. >> oh! s >>oci preous. >> i can'tdl hane .it t >> bheestid veo oef th day. >> t tha .wins >> zebra.
9:55 am
an thuk yo for kiasng. >> hello,ra deb inmessg. >> llheo. ea>> bulutif newoo bmik cong out ll caed "c tomeeo th rdgaen." oti g the au dio. ye>> s, you d.di a >>nde' wllk cooom sngethi nd wol.erfu
9:56 am
oa>> rsted hi . dad uhuh h. ye ..ahor.s aryutboha t t. t nkhibo a iut t t mherebeust he higver lo n dowhein trt hea wh o at dthyou ink? nd ath in are stovs ab e t higled, ouad yld coun joi us, twe yhinkou'oire gng ikto lese thmbe nu ers. ng bria me erhighe lov ou i cisld rove ab
9:57 am
>> : kimd gooinmorne g, w are de enad cinter thdde mif le oa tipoliwocal rld atth b has een so exngciti d andd onalp trum of co tursehe pa ccked lrowdast gh nit. e thone p trumrithe n se ilas ga ves. w heheas asre lght nit awithn ti esd mate0068,0pl peoe distanoong rlym on whe en h was be ing leheck hd byutim b hein t di au aencend htheyo ad t take th utem oth of ere. whsee onat dald trhaump d to say abthout at.yo u maary he g theuy throwing punches, and at the house screaming at everything else when we're talking. tand hen yo owu kn guthe aardserre vy nt geitle wm h hiand 'she rk woouing t bwithig high-fives, smiling d an la i would like to punch emthn i th fae he an wd te hededecihed an wd te ptochunhe tinm the face? >> kim: >>gi ng in t the humbgei t t ouerof he de eosk plople ved trlaump st ni ght. is ec exptoted wine thescontt d ani t puilwe we.l se we ge'll sut relts ar 7ound
9:58 am
im>> k l: af ot ope wople ill be ingot g ouand ke wlly,ereath ist nocta fan or iour co itmmuny. nore nasono ot tget t ou and vo te. ac sp we itbeill a ttli le br beezyut ilit warl st t to mi di bnishe y thmetiry eve one is inheadt g ouheto t pu reanbliccu caus isthni eve ng ar ound005:. r oueshight y toda bwille a lelittle cooanr th atwh we ha t ven'se s fe i70 eedegrves, o rton 67, pa p hrum6566, linegas v at aisllctuarmy noal r fo tthisofime .year n agaia ttlirele bthezy at da to ty 58roomorw d an wwill ill di e wdownbeill k bacin t he 70 ats theofend w theeek. d >> ana:n'i cat itwa t for he past two we can have be en te ifrr.ic rethmae e,yb w a aywean c d't o atth anorymbee uscae th ey dr peopthd e no isw apestdeanrial waykw. hec ock tut hee scen ibackn
9:59 am
em front ra>> l:chaeat gre t way sortta your day,et gn i the evalerto with aemichl. amichtrel s,ahan the[subt^ tth,iado he>> tl fee] doughy, iik l ro fmbc n ,newshi t s is ay"tod." th wi ke athilee grdiffo and haod ko .tb veliro f smtudio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> o,hell ybeverody.
10:00 am
's itru febary 23rd. ea chrip thlls. ho ow dou yro pcenoun her mena? >> sia! >> s oo inurch kitenla sving away is emmy wnginni and the al fwaysuneb d rameinssg. an d dahebor's notus jtan hging ndarou k theenitchng doi no g.thin sshe'e livet tweingur o .chat so t' whaous yr ha?ndle >> ra@debinmessg. 's ity verre ce,ativ't isn? it >> iik lehe ttu picre y uouse on it twter. u' yore lngookin dowr o up - - ha>> tnk u.yo >> bt'ut isy ver eacr.tive >> i ps itcarovo?tive tta lile nahtugy? >> is t'keli atth w'sthaou ye'vot g ingog. >> e' w grengoi tbeo oo c ukingp so inmethng i the hekitcoon, t. i see aak nedck chien. w >>arhat e we incookg? s >> rageedoastck chien. th sere'e fiv grinntedies, ghthou. so.easy t >>het besst roaed cenhick of alltime. t >>shat't wha joel says. ll>> a ghrit. mo nth.


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