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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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out, who st dsano tingamo a ng tevo rs turned off by trump? s inhootg agrampe, aer tinrifyg and deadly night in igmichan. xsieo p sple ahotnd killed before a su ecsp at, nuber iv drser i ptca.ured plus one gi'srl re abmarkigle fht for ivsurval. eonma s llsedo. th degeanusro newg dru fl ngoodio ints thi country. one teenager's tragic story is a warning for parents everywhere. and a work of art. a neighbooorhd once in indeclowe n tr oransf bmed y a kestro ofanbills. th ure mals rengmaki a co itmmuny. "n lyightws ne"in begs w. no nn>> aerouncom: fr nbc ne ws wo herld aradqu itersn w ne, york ithisbcs "nht nigly ne wiws" th ka note sw. go veod e.ning a onht nig w dhendonal ptrum s istillid ring gh hi a off bigic vtory
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b jeh bus o isf ut othe ,race q theiouestn ni to dght, toesrump ha heve tub repnlica mi noonnati ldocke up anor c ,heil w hle be op stped? hi ystor o isn p'trums .side esinc , 1980no blrepu ican idpresalentidi candate ha ons wh bot n theew ha irmpshnde ath sou ro ca plinaririmases a um trasp h a gndone on l toosehe t mi noonnati. d anhein toc demc rati , racea mi siqular onesti. h isryillant clion sl mowlyg akin waher ty tohe no timinaiton wh a wi nn ina evad eryesty dad an utsocah liro ana bllut lo cked up? we e havllit aer coved t ashe ca atndidanes f out ssacro the trcounniy to ght, nnbegiwiing th ka urty tat in a,lant er whume trp ld heal a rodly tay. >> s it'tibeauful. th yoank u. r >>teeporonr: dald tr s ump' grip heon tin nomn atiois ge g ttin tetighndr, akn he ows it , ag br tgingcro a ofowd tmorehan 5, in000 an atlta. >> wo we thn wi er evngythi. ll tapl peohoe, srt pe , oplefat pe , oplenyskinpl peoe. st ju. won ep>> rr:ortemp tru eeswngpill a of th souol cars ina' recongnassiol st dis,rictki banng al tl oftahe s 5te's0 le des gate itdesprce mabio ruo's hi rogh-p file rsendot ementeand d uz croc's fn us o geevanlslica. vo a btingtrloc ump
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% 34ruto c26z's %. p trummay have won but asit woc a reeky wk st ngartih wit him ca gllin l the ast blrepu picansirentde a li ar. >> he ty lied. sthey taid whereere ap we oonsfs mas st deioructn. r >>teeporyr: b ur th ssdayinmearheg t pe po asradisgl.cefu o>> nad le er, ciespe aallyig relious le eradho sdulav he the trigh q toiouestn an rothen' masel rnigio or ai fth. >> or rep ater:nd on fr iidayisn ht las yrallor befhee tte vo, re ticounnng aer intnet my rath pgisins mas inkillyg b.s a u. ne ge mralthore an a nt ce uryago. >> h ande tookhe t 50 te isrror ats,end h ok to 50 n,mend a he di 5pped0le bultsn i g' pis b.lood >> or rep eter:xit po shlls g owin lthatinike new shhamp tire,he ma tyjoritr of s ump' rsvote ci deonded m hims onth ago, inmeans g hiadmyri of co ventros rsieand ou eotragus st enatemusts jdnt di't tt maer, an itd nedoher his nsinconcisteies. fl loip-fg ppinn agai y todaon re icpublotan hto-butn su ises
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re paodntho. la>> pnnedar pooenthd do es aot l of good -- a ll reaooy gobd j a in t lo d ofreifferent aas bu nt ootn tiaboron. so n i'moiot gng to nd fuif it s it'ng doi e th tiaboron. i am not gngoio tfund it . r >>teeporndr: at wha eahe mnt in 00 a 2wa2 hoterd srn di rao te inw rviee wherhe sa e id h orsuppthted aqe ir va in.sion re>> a f youor in ngvadiq? ira ea>> y gh, i suesso. r >>teeporodr: tay, un tableo ar clwhify heere oo std. i >>ll rean'y doent ev wknowhat i bmeanseecaut tha a was long atimego. wh owo knats wh i wasn h myead? >> or rep tter:sahat me it ex ll poshing nowedy earl ohalff ut soroh ca vlinas oter nodid t ci dentde uheil tt las teminu and mtheyy ostlnodid t ci deorde f na doruld tmp. th eaat moins gng fo d,rwarce sin e thd fielis wi innnowe'g, hs in go hg totoave n, gai junot st ma inintapo suprt. an td ifcrhis heowd re in gigeor aa isny in tidicathon, e mp ca iaignnfs cot iden wtheyill be e ablo to d.that .kate at>> kr y tuwiout th do nald p.trum ma rurco s bio'very na srrowd-econeplac ni finsh ith sou ro ca olinatever uzd cr enwas toughivo gime h enewy nergytoda h ase ie tros tab est lish elhimssf aum trp's top l.riva
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rtheubio aicampgn. ?gabe ep>> rr:ortete ka, go evod g.enin itdespote nin havong w ina sgle pry,imar rc maruo sbio' cpaamnig el fet s iuiis bgldin mo ummentav, h ing unrebo fded tromhat ppdisainointing f ish in new hampshire. ea ierl trayodn i te sennesee w h sawis eslargalt rly yet. ar ound04,00pl peoe hi ams cnpaigd. sai crthe soowd ge lar it thadeo bed mov ts ouide. a tukey g rnint poin rufor bio wa s s hi-phighlerofi do enenrsemt om frth souol carina go orvern kk nilei hay. on alitg wenh s tatorim ot schet trey a in pa ttingelhems avess e th g newatener oionf co vansers.tive tbutrued cowz n gu arhaes tet hth is e on ese btte suiod t gbrinn dowum trp, ha vingea btenim h in io wa. ex tpectruhe kz mp ca taigneeo kp mm hagerinio rubn o his co rerd on grimmin.atio ru sbio'pa cam iigns al yreadki looheng aad to er supes tuday. ey tht juspp wraped u a ll raery hne itl lite ck ro a andowre n ad he tingneo .vada
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sc leramb j foreb 'sbush dsonornd a es qustionr oveth wheer e thme forlor f rida rngoveilor wndl eorse hi s tione- meotprege. ka te? >> e > thd soli ctrejeofion jeb bbushtey von rs i , iowanew ha irmpshnde, at las t nighin so cauth narolit lef lihim ttle cechoi t butd o enhis ca acndidy. st a ngunnier revsal fo e r thman ma hony t wught boulde xt ne in li n ne ilia pol tica stdynay. ll kedoy o'l nnel ghtonitht wie moron atth. >>ep rr:orte a for sa dintppoiebed j sh bu -- >> nk tha. you k thanveyou ucry mh. r >>teepor-r: -re the ul wo nd beo pl exioanatoin pont t fi tnish his. race o>> sig ton'mht i su dispenngy m mp ca.aign >> . no >>ea yeah, yh. r >>teeporftr: aer three un stning des,featus bh ma deis h etxind ais h seca. >> de i po cyli mas.tter >> or rep fter:heor t nd ki c ofdaandiete h ie trod t. be h>> iaveod sto my ndgrou. fu re tsingeno bod t the picolital whims. r >>teeporutr: b the tipoli tcaldoornat tha
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withul instst tha st uck. >> no i kouw y 're ngtryi b to uuildp yo enur ,ergy i butt's wonot g.rkin e >> hfahas iiledn is th mp ca.aign bit'sa een l tota stdisaer. no cbody.ares ep>> rr:orteh bus was keknocffd oan balce an add fned i aro cwded d.fiel punching backit wh co idnfceenam ctoe o tela. >> le whial donumd trp wa bslduigin r alieaty tv show, myth broer bwasinuildg a cu se arityatpparous t ep ke usfesa. r >>teeporamr: f ily seit wlfas co camplited. ge worgeus. bhll sti lapopunr iou sth ca naroli hit thera til abuttiffecndon a sp re fector a mifaly's plongcublivi serce d di notsltranate to an rothect vi ory. eb>> j h ranis cera. he n' didtun r the race at th g was toingo alappe t tooshe mt te in vnsesotern ihi ts impryarse onas. th 'satha w it rteally boils down to. r>>orepr:tede itsp e lalhe tdv ageantads an pe exioctatns ctexpensatioeb, jh bus
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re icpublaran phaty tt ha aks ten a dreiffent tu rn. ke llynno'doell,bc n ws neor, calab g les, idflora. > >>g amonthe de atmocrews, n me mo fntumilor h lary toclinn da totey afucr caus vo itersn va neecda d tidedo ac pleie thr ts behe on r. in clston'to vicvery or rn beanie s pdersuts he ar inon str ger tiposioion gntng i o ethem draocctiri pryma sinthouar cinol natex rdsatuay. we m get oorehan tt to tnighm frost krien erwelk. >> reporter: hillary cl toin rninidag av w e fofshremo ntme. um i>> tsshi g aatre ni tghr o what? ep>> rr:orteer aft a sideciveto vicryn i it cr icalvaneda. >> e som mavay he ub do uteduts b we ve ne dredoubt each he otr. r >>teepororr: f be iernan srsdehe t ilosss a big owbl. da toouy cgrtin af n-ricaicameran vo aterst aap b tist chchur s in outh carolina. ro>> bsthernd a si sster -- ep>> rr:orte i andt s wack blaer vothos w la yrgeliv delered cl toinsn'ic vtory sichooerng h a by wh ngoppi% 76 to 22% rafte shere aggelssivy en gega demth. an dly raling with recongnssma jim
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fr neema whoasreleed a anewd y.toda j >> lust sike he's ysalwaod stoh wit. us ep>> rr:ortere sectary cl n'intombs e oracef pr enesidt a'obams cipolis es a awells he r crinngeasily -cuplosend aso pernal st eyl h may aavelso pr leopelhed vir, edent du tringhe ms c/nbletendmu tonow ha ll sakpegin to a nwomase who husband behad en rtdepoed. >> an i wo t t ytellou ili wndl e theee thr d an tearn-ye bar isprov sionoha ttou y do h nottoave ac fe th veat er again. r >>teeporutr: bre the earls a ootabsescl th sat mhetus cooverme. la stinose chode sanrs by gl sine dsigit and geyounr vsoteric pked th ere v smontorenat by %. 72 e>> wl wil w doell wh ouen yng pe,ople inworklag ceoss p ple comeout. >> or rep tter: oday toclineln ctiebrang he icr v btorylsut ao qu onesti sing pomeolls sh gowinan a sdersea ld gamon las.tino he>> t are'sot lf o enevidece w did,very ry vel welh witry eve
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>> or rep bter:oth nd caesidat now lkioong rwfodaro tou s th rocanali w,rehe cl toin hn aasig b le ,adnd a serup estuydahe w 1n s2tetas ll wiin be y. pla f >> iwishe igns b in so uth ca naroli s, asome pe tople hink wishe o,ll dn the s she'g gointo ha reve toumends me mo gntum oing nintoweext d ekenand th pee sur es tustday .ates tso i ihinkjut's st a re roal p fblemor be srniersande. r >>teeporlir: c nton n is oo-a twday fu aind-r ssing iwingn li caiaforn. il whnde saers ou setraiind clfoton r th rse fite timt las nt moh. cl ninto m hasthore an tw wice shatrsande has on.hand lstils it'h cas she nwill teedoo ghe t di cestan. k >>enristke welr, th .anks we n turtonow at th te yirriftong srory fm igmichhean wixre s op peerle whoe sndt a ki edllas l nthtig by a gu annmho was wat ler ar edrest. ub erfi con trmedoday at th s thectuspe a was erdriv fhaor tt mp coany. bl mcake hacoy r s ou rtrepo. r >>teepor sr: aerhoot on a ra e,mpagam rly don omrandlyer tror
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op penle i kazolamao, igmichsaan, ayturd gh nit. w >>vee haeo somne ju rist d ving ndaround, fipeing ople an d oo sh ttingdehem n ad i r thei kstrac. r >>teeporonr: t ight police have tiiden tfiedhohe soter as -y 45olear-sod jan ia brltn daon. th ayey s s his opreef rr teor be atgan 2 5:4p.m. a ermothth of shree ot lt mu tiple iimesn a re ntsidepaial g rkin lot. sh exe's edpect to su e.rviv then810:0. ric it smndh a t hisgeeenar so n,yl tarer, ote sh at ar a cle deap.rshi sha t ormetiat l, er 4 10:2, p.m. ur foen womt shoand ki illedn a cr r ackeelbarrki parng t, lo on th waeir mey hom froa ay pl. on amemg th, -y 60olear-ryd ma jo ny hoe, w k wasd,ille on althg wi her sister-in-law and be st fr , iendea62-yolr-d ma lryny. e. a -y 14olear-ird gl wi heth tasm wen tak to th ose hlpita on predouncd dea for tmore ahanoun hher wn li poelce tbcl n ,news ct do wors pererirepang r toeemov her oanrg s rfo nadoonti a,ndhe s su endd slyeequdzeer h mo m's.hand lstiliv alhee, ty ru hshednter io surgery. mi igch'sanov gnoer r tmeit w th he'sgirl re pa tnts his rnafteoon. >> 's sheki worarng hd to y sta ival ae,nd sshe' a goturll o ou th aghtsnd prsraye
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co me back from >> ep rteor dr:ocemtsra arseinch tg hheeom and ca jronas dtoaln re recoved a 9- immill heterand gu bendn aer oth id ev tence sheyieay ts m hi t tohe shngootis. hbneigorscr athoss e re stroet fhem wre ondalt lived withis h fe wi t andidwo ks are in al totbe dis.lief >> talotck sho. swe'dypaot t oalut of accharter for jason. r >>teeporalr: d ton awasve driorr f erub. latsteane o psoern aicl hms reeodit w h hi hem t dayf othe sh ngooti. er ubs say it's ifhorranied d ar heketbroatn,th it ba grckndouhe c ack nd lipoce t no ahave im cr rinald.ecor avemoti? w >>one dno't kw an ngythiut abo a mo rtive ightnow. th ane resdomnss id har eato ditl wndh a at thne's o t ofhe most fr enight tingshing ab outit. r >>teeporsr: a a me almorims forer het a ctheerrackre barl to t,nighar we e le ngarniew a n il ch lingildeta. th auieoritos dfi conrm u tohes t ayre ve inatstig ringtsepor at ths thier ub drrive s waki picpng und a
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be ntwee the tishoongs. ub eler tlss u tarhey e op coineratitg wheh t stinveioigatn. e thpe sussct iel liky to c beedharg mo to.rrow ?kate o>> sd har toevbelie. ak ble mcc toy, hank you. >> wy> lafoers ilr bl sb co wy'sifeil fed heanototr m tionoday ki as fng aalederge jud to ponostpe her po deonsitior tom irown l aitawsued fil a by ou grfp oen wom who seaccuosd cfby o alsexuau asslt. ca e milly cosbis sc lehedu d to hgiveeper dioositn at a l hote asin mussach.etts y'todaots m biony sb co ty'seamit ced co nsncerut abo cusetyrind a bj sungecti llcamie co tsbyno a ceunneyssaria med rc cius. we m getfrore om st niephaske go. r >>teeporilr: bl sb covey ga his ilastvintero ew tthe pr iness 14 20. s hie wif m ofthore an 50 rs yea h atis ,side oi stc. i >>ouf yte wanod t re dspon a atboll aut hewhetnyr a oft tha wa trs ue? >> re the's no sp re.onse ep>> rr:orte llcamie ycosb f may eaceven to rughest que wionshen sh e'ssedepond i a vi ciasl cein agaerst h hu dsban in acmasstthuses.
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is el rareey snn i bl puic toergeth. he asr ltat sntteme was edissur oveea a ygor a fo inllow sg agtrin of w neua sexl onmiscduct al tilegaons. th ane met i m f andell in e lovh witnd a wmho citionenuo tov l e, eshwr e,ots ieth man uyoll ane kw touhrgh hi srkwo. she went on to iccrit tizeedhe mia fo otr net v ttinghe cu aconsatis. t >>llhe a vegedmsicti sareuingos cby in ma hussacssett for madefa ationhend tir wy laaner wots tr hea om fr llcamie who edwork h forer hndusba isas hin bus ess gemanaorr f s.year atprivone catvers ions eebetw mn aedarri couple are pteroedct by w,la but binusses conversations are not. spdeeitpp oitosnio fr coom ssby'al leg am te j, audgeul red th epe dioositoun cld goarforwd. t >>ishis a now th t.icke nit'sayo w n toow icpredhat whet ss doe ve ha a tornswe and at wh she d'toesn usbecaeve einrythg at th's sheng goi to lk ta b isothar mital andnebusiss. >> or rep tter:he ma hussacssette cas is ju psttar of a mounta oin lf egal onactirl swi aingdroun co sby. on ceriminal case with
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sexual abuse. a12eglledic vmsti vehaed fil uilaws,ts an dos cby uncouetersd gh eift oem th, in includosg mt ntrecelyre anda taconshond wse cu aconsatieds l t tohe im crinalrg chaesn i nn peansylvia. co ssby'ye lawavrs he atrepe dedlydenie any gaallestion of gdwron aoingavnd he bo bught aackvet ery e.stag hnowifis whoe w st oayedf ut o the me litligh d foresecad i ishen tdl mide of e thgh fit. ep stehani skgo, nbc ne , wsnew york. in the sou th at deolh tsl i a nowt po rfwe culloycnewe spt ro th ughjifi destroying hundreds of homes in c the ohainf lie la isnds. of alficiais slld a ur to iistsn fierji we fe sa. e thorstwam ons ofe th moe st wepoulrfve e tro h it rthatn.egio > wh >>nien "ghtly news" nt cos oinuehin ts su anday, new and ng da derous thrrug eat ngfaci young,people who n mayw ot kno
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king ta. > >>e we'r nbackow wi gth angrowi new re thonat, ate th has th une cos try'inleadg ug drer expouts sg ndin althe foarm rer pants teand erenags. te poewnt nmi che cals osolde n thrninteet si eaadly mtoe ings dru dthatrsealen thesell in usreg moil famiar na onand ale smsel do can be dl deay. ep>> rr:orte -y 17olear-rad ta fi ratzgeasld w an ho ronor tull s, dent ve ne tr inleroubt , no in arto p otiesugr drs. t bur heiefrs nd in od wo, buryesminn ota, sa e y shcuwas s riou t aboudrthe sdug l. >> a sheedssurit me 's t noerdang aous, nd i dn dino't kytw an hing t abouit. i soum asshaed te t sh mu e st bg doinher
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poslee tver,anara d a ndfriek too twhathey ou thweght inre tbsy ta sdof l. m byngornira, ta was de ad. y >>eaou hisr th te lerribry stotv on , yoand aru he t allhis ag tredy. t buneyou thver t ough ithatult coppd haen ytor oudski. >>no, not in a >> or rep ater: ag tr bedy,lsut ar o fo stinveorigat ts inhis sm toall a wn, ermysty. d lslyrarese caus aal fatrd oveose. tu ourns rat ta had alactuvely oedrdos on a hesyntdrtic a ug, fa rer moge dan rous em ch cicald alle 25i, n ofte sold masquerading as lsd. >> it wa,t' thashe t ug dr on thatit ltle ptiny pinkiece of pa per? >> s it'lesmalanr th p my finkyrningeail. r>>orepr:te5i 2as w made illegal ithn e u.s. just months be refoar tdia .ed y>>'routae inlkg ou ab it antrndusy at thil's k olingur dski. >> ep rteor tr: hhed ea t ofeahe ds saynew po ulwerfth syn etic s drug 2likeav5i he en beod floining heto t fu.s.heor tt pas
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cfrom.hina and sold right over ethin the fmuorslare a eatwdkeon canstytly b numactfaerur tsinry g to stay one sptead ahe of l theaw. >> is it am a gble. er evmey tiid a ks get lda hoon of te ofhese th , ings'rtheye mb ga, lingptexce th e ey'rligambitng wh th lieir ves. nsincontiste? a >>utbsolely. e th tsame ohinge n th dsameinay, s theame pl aace,otnd n hing en dd upead. >> h sucrna wafoing r i' hlle avchmuor mone sthis ttoryhtonig on "d inatele." >> en> whco we acme bk, on tte liirle gl's
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president obama. > >> ithisf s, o secoures, prt iden a'obamsts lar yeain fi of, cefaa tctt ha s ha latstea o onef hi pps sursortete qui se upt. wa whtch apat h pens twhen4-his -oyearld rl gira's gthndmoer,
5:53 pm
a obam nwillngo loer be p thederesint. k>> inow. anhe cy onle servtwo s,term h andimis te is up . n >>o! no! i >>okt's ay. 'v wet e gootto vr e fo heanotesr prt.iden >> ? huh 'm>> i r not feadyor a w neone. t >>idhe vaseo h had owell2 ver million vi onews eb facook. ev heen tsi pre dent ms hireelf despond, y drteher bears e caus m i'gonot ing an reywhe. thand ncat olee i ave th ite whuse ho'le, il be it a c jizenliust ke aher,hend we n sh lvinvoiged rht al idongs.e me >> ea> sp okinge f th idpres aent,r paiof ba agld ewhles ppo haen e to bn m pr enesidd t anthe t firs aladyesre nting pa a f ir o aeggse t th onnatirbal aumoret in wa gtshinseon, eren h a onho 24-agur ele ca m. ey th e aretexpec d to h hatchein tdl mide of mnext.onth e theseagllt buiir the
5:54 pm
edrais e one lagleast ye ar. e thesthare rse fit ba agld etoles t nesin e thtinaalonrb aetorum a int lmosea70 yrs. > >>spa taeclacuvir ew om frce spas thi we d ekenwion t tter ugthroe h th olensf tr ast onaut scoty,kell wh neo's g arinenthe d h ofisis m asion fter mo al yst aabear oard inthe atternl iona e spaciostatn. ll ketuy retorns th ear aron mstch 1h wit r othe mcrewrsembe, d any todahiwas s hdbirtay. sa naet twehiing m rtbiayhdis whes. > >> nupt,exow h artists are sftranngormi the nd lae scapand
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5:57 pm
on th ear. >> na> fitolly t,nigh we vi're ngsiti a ne orighb ihoods n lo ge anthles asat w ersufffring heom t gerava us of drbanecay t buunhas onderge a bi chg geanit wthh e ohelpstf a orokef a br ush. st paeve sottern po reonrts t whahas be meco m at ostiaricst uncommity. >> or rep wter:eaith ch ro sta ke, tiny sftrantiormaon. ar s tistg usiny empt s wall tasirhean cs,va eacrngtiur ga erllowy r nesojan wa ednto td adlocor to his neighborhood. >> d howhiid tols whe th sting art? >> st we d arte owithne mu l ra ton shee id of ou bur diil tnggohat t t a loomof ctymuni pp suort. om frre thede we d cide that let's take it a little bit farther. >> aidn hiea wch fu edelhe tll a ey oj pr aect,si mison to rntuas devd tateesspac winto oorkst.f ar s ity implnsbegi by kias nnggheirsboor f pe sirmiso on tt pain althe yslen ieithr
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