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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:34pm-12:37am PST

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lo pcaltsarenn joich sool stdirictst tru feesor a t oourf thle cark tycounod foer sevic tckihena tody. j>> tim:heit kchendu proces more than a monillial mes eyver weorek fo lcal enstudts. repa ntsandus trtees got to sa fmpleoodrv seicea frem fro thpae stan d got a tstae of what's in store for meals of the tufure. >>si jes ca:o clinfiude tish s gcks,ekre yo agurtrand g.noladu eythll reapey upe d th.antecmi >>: jimn we i dcornanogs zapiz. >>n:kevine wed isdaysus c danf tur ch[ rs aeeppnd a]lause s >>frteve: geom sta at one iverunl saudiosthos d,llywoo in gelos an calles,niifors a, it' he"tonig t shtw sthoriar ng y fajimmonll." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bryan cranston, de latovo, mu casigul t,eshe tee wd,kn an fed uratg ine thgelearndy
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q>>stuevelo42: t1,t'haits ! wo o! te>> sanve: w,d noe hers,he i ji fammy !llon [ eech ars andlappe us] im>> jthmy: yoank ryu veh! muc th sankscho mu! th yoank osu, lel ang-es - ee[ chndrs ala app]use hafor uvingres he. omwelcvee, edyrybo. omwelc "e totothe t nigh."show is thit is . u' yoerre he. u yo imadet. ee[ chndrs ala app]use ithisats wh t i'mngalkiut abo. al ghl rit.
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ys guis, thou is str law shoin l. a. c ofe ourse we'v hbeenaere eka we. e we'v cbeeninheck og ine n th ca lowsl nee. her an sad i atw th the ilgodzl la e wninoereath tt pa--ern [ htlauger ] th asat wpo suptosed nc dreh s loleangeiss thte winemr ses to fa be adingway. dobut won't usrry y uall an ngythit thas fade iawayn ywholljuood ndst e os upn an "d wcingthith are sts." ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] u' yoeell s. 'em d so won't.orry ey thbe'll k. bac >> ve stedz: go eillanol ni g doinmathe mba. j >>: immy, guys ithisols co. re i haad test prt idena obamwas ot spatted te a sesak rantaurt in . d.c wthiswieek th mo frgananreem t andanom hks. dtheyt idn' oeven rder hianytng. th usey jost clheed tyeir ed s an enlisto ed tanmorgem freeaan rd apthe zepetirs. la [ erught ] >> ic art dhokeip. ccrab.akes
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ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] >> my jimti: are chokdip. anmorg t, is ahereinnythseg el t onenhe mu? b >>olroccini. sa d ut\eroescale. price.ilaf ug[ la ]hter im>> jbrmy: liocconi. ye ah. , guys'shere l thet atesheon t tielecon. rn beanie s wdersalas t king t abouhehow f's aisemint t, a th moe deiccratn tow lhallast gh nit. k checwhout e at h.said g >>a lorinestei em --boverydy kn glows 'soria o onee f th inleadmig fes nistmein a -rica- de maan me or honwoary maman ny, ny mars yea. ago [ htlauger ] [ rschee a anduspplae ] im>> jatmy: ch whint poiwa he s me imeldiatt y hiy on b cbillonlint. ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] w itntas itieresng. asit wy verreinteg.stin ovand t er a nlast'sight re icpublowan tlln hae , th idcand watesasere whked ypat te usof mheic tsty lio.en t lddonamp trus sayishe l ttenso
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kjohnh asic hsaysste litoens te alivrnate. e whilbujeb aksh wp es uy ever inmornarg hething -is - "p [ iriceghs riort" hn ] [ auapplse ] of rs couome, tw orroheis t ut soroh ca plinaryrimad , an wthisdoeek tnald hrumpeeas bn intellppg sursortet thae if h wi ouns sarth ca olinhihe tnks c he, oulde,quotn "ruthe ta "ble. .yeah an hd ifese dowin't e'n, hll fl veip oe r the tabl aliken gr anw y neeyjersse hou.wife ug[ la ]hter um[ trprp imonessi ] yo au'reosll lers! ll wa! !huge pe po! li [ laght erught ] s >>: teve?pope >> my jimrg: moaran, u e yol stil inreade g th?menu mo frgananreem? >> le pulrkd pode slirs. [ htlauger ] tu arna ciopacc. th etai l wtuce.raps gh[ liugt la ]hter im>> jismy: re theth anying le n ft omethe o nu t, read rg moan? >> tu graadity foded rtr paies of o sixrer mo. ug[ la ]hter
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go o od t tknowhat. tgoodowo kn. wthiseras veey swt. a n womad namesiflose ce atlebrered hth 110th birday in hi wasn ngto wthiseek. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ah ye. yo gu'veo ot tthsee is. th cae lowsl net wenalto t k to r het aboubithe y.g da k chec othisut. >> i shejos en syingcoome ffee mthisngorniau beclose f, ssie yo y u sareyou'it a ltitle red th oris m.ning t isrihat ght? >> m i ad.tire [ htlauger ] he>> sve is irry ted. th aat'sllctuahey i yoard ur fa tevoriiv acttoity at do the ercente, herto is e taka tta liaple n. >> take a nap as many times as i can. >> y arexcou e fitedouor yr y?part n >>neot o. bit ug[ la ]hter [ auapplse ] im>> jarmy: u e yoteexci d -- e arexyou d citet abou your pa rty? t nobione t. gh[ liugt la ]hter wthat iomannts fac.asti , ohman.
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ac incord ag toen recudt st y of egcollude st, ents tsomeowv shs he ielp v bwerse ecomerkind and mo enre gs eroulepeop. fo str in, ancey ever atime fter tci waheh "the bac ilor"ay alws t pu mmore ioneymynto ug das'hterle colunge fds. [ htlaugnder ala app]use veyou' t got to gohoo scol. u' yooire go ng tolscho. i t can'evbeliate th w oureek .ain l a. isllctuamiy coo ng ta cl a ose. we well, s hada uch t grea time wand,--ell 'm igl so ad adwe hs thitime to ergeth [ rschee a anduspplae ] us j ht toa ave h laug ug[ co ]hing s or--ing rr so hy, ia ave letickmy in atthro. ca yon an-ne - do aesonnyhae ave wnyeratr o mesointhg? ee[ chndrs ala app]use ca burol t?rnet ro carnl buett! myoh, -- myoh, h. gos o >> dneyou omed stee war? im>> ji my: sneedwaome ter. an thu k youcso mh.
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yo owu knat, thy 's j >>: immy iyes, yt issoour ng. t'>> i ss myong. j >>: immyd woulmiyou - nd - d woulmiyou innd s igingtht wi ? me ka>> oy. 'm igl so ad h wehiad tmes ti ge to ther ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] j toust e havuga lah or g sinnga so s weemsste ju s getedtart d anrebefo k youitnow co thmes mee tiha we ove t sosay g lon ee[ chndrs ala app]use j >>: immyl caroetburnt, ev oderyby! [ rschee a anduspplae ] yo tu'rerehe gatest. i veloou y. ca burol t!rnet ee[ chndrs ala app]use we e haveaa growt sh y forou ghtonit. ve giup it t foroohe rts, ev oderyby!
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> my jime : shalre gly mote go oodthn oatne. >> ve stee': shprs a siofes!onal j >>: immyknshe hoows dw too . it ah yeso, ablylute. hamy ttonks g the reat ro carnl buonett gace ain. w ho icoolats th? t but firsrewe asi cloutng o r ou htimeinere a losesngel awithernothta fan sstichow. ovwe l we itthhen anis ms pay vus a.isit he no is teminar d focaan a demy d awarhifor les roth in lme fi ru "t"mbo. n bryastcrans on i!here >> te s: veahye! [ eechndrs ala appe us] im>> c.! s >>: teve ohe'slrut a.eady cr [ onanstre impn ssio] j >>: immy ghey,toood y seeou. ji immy,grt's toeat he be re. ju avst ha ing t grea.time
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he er's he. en thbf my hf isere. ldemio ovattois sg ppinby. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> ve ste.: aw j >>: immydowho t esn' hloveer? at ther's hum albre the. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] cashe ngn sin., ma e' sht s gollit a. >> ve stee : shsican ng. im>> jyemy: weah, go're toing wtalkheith r. th ayen meebe si if hacan ve r heomdo ssie mucal im sipresons. ee[ chrs ] pl weus, e havt greac.musi thoh, eris panform- ce - ithiss kn a utockofo percerman. om frmm granny-wiaring tist th eke weevnd, oderyby. s >>: teve!yeah ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> my jim o: hepenly msrfor on we dseken. >> ve steal: rely? im>> jyemy: p. t we triedt o gemohim .nday ul co gdn'timet hsd tueay, we dadneshuy, ty rsda-- te>> swhve: boat ahuut ty?rsda >> my jim.: no anhe co 't dit. [ t lighhtlauger ] he s, goell "i'y onlrido f day, rdsatusuay, ."nday te>> sonve: rily fevday g.enin j >>: immyayfridni eveyeng, ah. no rit duheng t. day gu itys, ur's ot lasinday s loleanges.
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ev oderybs y ha sbeenceo ni and umadeels feho at me. m i'lyrealnk thaful. tso ihthoug i, ifcot's itol wh u yo, guyslii'd o ke te writout my kl weeany thu k yos.note [ rschee a anduspplae ] yo ysu gu t areeshe bt. k thansoyou h. muc jhey,?ames ja mes? n cat i ge tsome yhankotou ne inwritsig mulec, pase? ja mes? th heere is. [ rschee a anduspplae ] 's hesu in gch a mreatalood l th mee ti. s >>: tevey angrreentily. im>> jthmy: yoank u, na doruld tfomp, nsr colytant tt geining euto fgods, oning it twrater annts yid sahang tt yo tu'reeshe bt. u' yoasre blyical w the hite e kany.west ug[ la ]hter ee[ chndrs ala app]use dsameude. te>> sheve: he's te sam.dude bosome gdy'so ot i >> my jimah: ye. an thu,k yo a losesngelr , fo hosomeviw haheng tt mosnyskin op pendle a m thedoost utughn la [ erught ] w hohais tsst po?ible ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >>: tevehoand gst do.
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j >>: immyishow t thaibpossle? te>> shove: iw ist? j >>: immy iit'ssimposble. s >>: teve gi'ved aine like ou50 pnds. >> my jim's: itel unbblievae. k than tyou,arhe c lpool ane, refor inmindopg petule sn ck i tr c affi tthatalhey onso d't ve ha f anydsrien. la [ erught a anduspplae ] sa d. de sipresng. te>> sinve: tsultjuo inry. >> my jimpr: dengessi. do wubley,hamm. man t can'win. te>> sthve: s ere'inno w oningn at th. one j >>: immyk than gyou,n erma thshord airetepoinorr, f un so ldingliess bke a oreedf andog red moe likrya veue vag ridescn ptioitof hler. ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] , ohowi knt thaguy. e thangermrt shoedhairnt poier. ah yekn, i imow h. >> ve ste, : oh gthatuy. st mu.ache j >>: immyk than you, be y verls hilltiplasrgc su, eons mafor ekingonveryoke lo ten
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ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] i' avll he e th-- hi'llthave bbe coad sal. s >>: teven'i caelt fefa my ce. la [ erught ] im>> jthmy: yoank iku, hining anlos s,gele b for aeingat gre toway e getisxercd e an afind ada dey. bod [ htlauger ] 's itt just'-- ists ju -- intwo . one [ auapplse ] >> ve steof: twer. im>> jtwmy: .ofer k than iyou,oun-n-t -- ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] fo tur ac bally aeinge mor opappre riat fnamehior ce.potl [ htlauger ] [ rschee a anduspplae ] th yoere , u gok thanveyou ry mu ch! e thosmyare nk tha n you.otes 'lwebel ig r bhtk acthwi
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[ rschee a anduspplae ] j >>: immyfiour gurst isest an aemmyonnd tary awnnd wiing to aco'r whw s nonanomifoted r a anmycaderd awa h foris taoutsg ndin iworke n th film mb"truo." i heens phalomenth in is. 's itil ava oableu-n bl dray,vd d anesitun. ec ch ok itf ut ihayou t ven' se t.en i pl weasemeelco s themeuprely letaedntry b cannsran!to [ rschee a anduspplae ] t >>shhis touldyoell atu th u yo tneedmeo co m outthore an
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use gh rit? ocomen! >> my jiman: thbuks, ddy. >> s it'eaa grdit au.ence im>> jwemy: e lovit. seplea h, we gad a treatime. co tsngrabe on noing teminar d fo an de acawamy ard. we esll dd,ervedy bud. it u wasienbele.vabl ha>> tounk y. ee[ chndrs ala app]use im>> jsomy: l welrvdeseed. t is itiexcing? at whs doeeeit fkel libe to mi nod?nate >> s it' okindkef liin havg a rpa su prise tartyn hrowfor u. yo yo lku wath in ore do g ando -- [ amscres ] br yan? wh at? u' yoomre nedinat! j >>: immygoyou mit nod!nate >> an u d yo thaveruhis f sh o ad lirenane. th sen a oensebaf emsmrrasent. an erd evy ybodinlook yg atou. bu e t the titlde"acawamy ard mi no" nee,ar"oscin nom iee," me than, tat'sirhe forst wds yo aru heowd gruping a as kid. , ohodmy g. j >>: immytibig me. 'sthate. hug ey th n can teverthake waat ay. yo au'lls lway thavehat. ui>> qn te ar.hono d an yalsoetou git a lpetle ll pi d n anoua, yw, knoar a c d to th ube cle housyoand t u ge pool pr egiviles. li [ laght erught ]
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u' yoakre mthing upese . ou>> y c cann ut i flineheor t id sle. j >>: immy'sthat t notatrue l. al la [ erught ] d dipryou e epareea spch? u >>o.m, n , wellvei haid an f ea o iwhat d woul twanty.o sa >> my jimah: yeat, thoo's gd. th i yoink ouu she ld barpreped. >> er oth, wisegeyou tt up here d angoyou m,, "u u oh,ham, wt di had i orve fch lunay tod? oh y , wh tam iinhinkoug abt at th? anoh, nageliie jol! g! ar" [ htlauger ] ot isherwoue, ycr're wazedith ne snrvouess. j >>: immy, wellvei net r ge th ecat b pausee eoplliare ke, d "it idn'k thin gways toingo wi n." lit's "ike,, wellhayou ond a e ixin snc chae." hayou ttd bedder oans thid i d. la [ erught ] y >>idou dknn't ouow ye wer mi nod?nate >> my jimah: ye. u yo'tdidnw knoweyou re mi nod natemofor ?nths ibut,llt wigr be eat. wo i lould o ve t yhearour sp .eech w itbeill d. goo >> k you inow,dof i gen't t -- i can agivetl lite? i if't don a getnc chae -- ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] j >>: immyouof crse. wayou donna -- it w oh,ow. st juit do e. her ye ah. i >>ik'd lste juth to ank
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pr eroducr s fomb"truo." 's itn beexcan eoneptieaal yr. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] d i'kelio tsoalha t -nk- j>>myimth: gre t ea yabrcrn stanon. wthatthay, yoank u. ee[ chndrs ala app]use th 'sater pctfe. th 'satha what enpps. ahye. 'sthatfe perct. nti wase to ate thpe hapn. at thld woufa be tintasc. tlastyoime reu weth on owe sh w wetaere g lkint abou this fi lm. it ik's l we --i'hen tcm wa hing itit, ik's lm e i'evnot en tc wa yhingou. t >> yhankou. j >>: immy rit'sy eallinamazg. 'm>> i i not.n it ug[ la ]hter j >>: immy'sthat p theart th sat'sisurpring. u' yootre nn evehein tm. fil t >>s hat'why. 's ite, likm "i'wanot ngtchi u. yo" j >>: immyno. th s is ichthe tearacher, tl rea gu rey he. th tat'so.rumb rihe ws te ainlot b hisubatht t inovhe mie. >> t' thar s fotha batub. owi kn. [ auapplse ] >> my jim's: heth in the batub.
11:55 pm
d angacittrees. e >> hhuwas d nche hoveris wrtype sitercho mut thaothe g ch a c roni pbackemrobld , anhe wa lds toor in toder ev all iate , thisgoyou tt toa ake bath er evy y daa for lecoup of ho urs. heand ug tho"iht, 't cannd spe tthat"ime. e so hghbrous t hi wdeskith m, hi h andd e di osomes f hi wbestinork b theubatht. it a' >> my jim t: inathe b.htub it f's anaasci sting.tory th i i'ink stm juti get vng aibe yfromou. ini the k thrvinteisiew ng goi t greaarso ft , buini thu k yo twantkeo tato it th anoer le vel. m i'siguesng. [ rschee a anduspplae ] re>> a s youstuggewhing at i k thinreyou'ge sugg?stin j >>: immys let'urdo ost fir er evht batntub iewervi. s let'go. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ow>> w. im>> jyemy: ah. ithisrgs go.eous >> y oh,eah. im>> jthmy: ilis w fl beun.
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] >> im j: myyabr in,an c s't -ee- ca i sen't u.e yo >> re the a youre. j >>: immyarhow u,e yody bud? [ rschee a anduspplae ] oholdsen a .cond ch [ aeersppnd ae laus]
11:57 pm
>> o i gancommdo. la [ erught ] >> my jimee: chburs, ddy. ng colaratus tionheon tw. sho i a put lelittth in foere r you. u' yohere tat greest. n bryastcranon. i twantowo shli a cp. 'sherede acawamy aomrd nedinat yabrcrn stan pons luuiloc.s k. in tr "."umbo ta ooke a lhik at ts. y>> taloulik a rkeicad, bualt you live like a rich guy. >> is that e. tru >> l, wel't i don y thinke ou'r wi g tolline los tall ofhis ju dost to ig the rhinght t. l,>> welespi i darse m tyrdom woand i ghn't fir a t fo lost scause,reo you'ht. rig t i'm noinwill lg toitose , all aicertnonly emt th. i but ilam w tlingsko ri it all. th wat'shehere tal radic and ri the uy mch ga ake t perfec co atmbinion.
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ty opurinif geus. t burichthe w guythins wi the in cunnatg of san. .>> ugh w >>hat? >> us jplt seeahu supt . ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] 'm>> ina gonh was byourack. i k thineli fepo a sinnge .here im>> jthmy: nat's sot ae.pong at thot's npo a snge. la [ erught ] n bryastcranevon, oderyby! go ucod l tk atcahe a demy dsawar. [ rschee a anduspplae ] we be'll ht rigk bac with ldemio.ovat k sticndarouer, evy!ybod [ rschee a anduspplae ] c sfx:phonell bre viates.ah ye? (sig ouh) yay're ok's... hey, okaadhe me it! n.. jaso dwhatmeo you an? we w veere bry badoys. alex ata whth's in ?e news a:alexe's hernethe lews, "aldcbaanwin sod jahwn scmaartzn rewen seeinmoonpag pai.razzldbathwin hirew oes sh at ogphoterraphfos beakre maing forun r it".
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oh! rr soasy, i wing tryutto paw it ay... go n t it okethe e you'rg togoink wor a on? train no tt on a.orain..rainn "ts"! nyou'reonnaot gde stvelop ymuff anore? no i .. am.
12:03 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> my jimr : ou gnext iueste s on of b thestigge s pop tars ou arnd. r hestlateum albnf "cot"iden alhas y readn givereus gat ng sos -- ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ke liol "co t forumhe s amer"nd "c deonfint." yo gu'veo ot t hhearewer n si "nglee ston."cold al heso cerck h t outsuhis mmer nwithjoick onnas " therefutu tnow"our. yoeverplne, weasemeelco my
12:04 am
>> my jimlc: weome! omwelcele, w, comeomwelc e to e yo lou gokgeors.ou ha>> tounk y. im>> jthmy: yoank r u fongcomi ck ba. ha>> tfonks vir hae ng mn.agai im>> johmy: ea, plse. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] l weyoove mu souch. u yo -wereer- evmey tiee i s u, yoo, i g w youfaere tintasc. bu u t yolyreale werasfant tic, nt fac astiheat tmm graheys t r othet.nigh >> nk tha. you [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> my jimin: doong liicel rhie f in orontonf liicel rhie. wa ats thve nerki-racorng f? you ea>> y mh, i iean,s t waadalrey rv necke-raening ough ns coinidere g th tfact yhat,ou ow knm , i'orperf amingtht e gr s.ammy thand aven htoing a do r cove of eb somthody mat'se ade th so xtng elyremeou famghs ri t in t fronouof yli is - ke -, yeah asit wt juserso nacve-r.king j >>: immythwas ouat yrsr fit ti t me agrthe s?ammy i >>s.t wa usbeca me myeranag a hads lway ld toyo me ouu shaild w gt too heto tmm grantys uouil y're
12:05 am
or yo if nu'reatomined. i sote waighd eiart yes nc sie -- [ t lighhtlauger ] ye ah! im>> jcomy: tungraonlati s on th at. ha>> tounk y. j >>: immyini think thregs a nn goana chexge namt gr mys, .yeah i k thin-- ee[ chndrs ala app]use ini thu'k yoe ll bngtaki thsomehoing itme wu h yonow. ea>> r illy,be've aien w ting e sincs i wa afive lnd iedearn at wh g theysramme. wer im>> jyemy: ah. wa ats thr yout firsr cove?song i' evve neaer hourd ya do r cove bsonge.efor n >>cto, ay uall di'vea one lot of er covs. edi usdo to w lil'saynew "ho ovto le." [ rschee ] ah ye. i dalsotaid "e ke mhuto c"rch. im>> jhomy: .zier >> ie hozr. >> my jimah: ye. a >>hend taln i idso dmy -- t firsorperfe manc weveras a co a ofver h "my weartgoill byon" in celone di. >> my jime : tht grea necelin. dio [ auapplse ] oh lo, i elve cdiine on. w >> whichheas wwan i sos al tfivehen. im>> j5 my: s yearold? y >>es. j >>: immyar5-ye d-oldemi si g nginhe"my wiart o ll gon."
12:06 am
n >> icathe rifete ma aty em elryentaoo schl. >> my jimw': ho gd ito? s wa hit ait? >> i no,s t waibterrle. >> my jim, : oh!yeah >> e, like' here s thy.stor , soitand in's k ad ofss claic y.stor sii'm g.ngin my g micouoes t. aland al ofde sudsen i e my h.crus ai'ves lwayd liker olde.guys ihe'sftn fiadh gr'me, i in nd kirtergaen. [ htlauger ] i .know kn i ow! im>> jhemy: ea's rollly der, .yeah >> gl doucdas md.onal li [ laght erught ] an d -- yo n'u dorgt foouet yrsr fit us crh. >> my jimah: yeu , yo just ch d angelihis igfe rowht n. ug domclas lddona. la [ erught ] a >>ysnywase, i m e hiheand 's li auke lg m d anesi guiss thli is heke t t firs itimer evesagot ssy. ilike h sawndim aik i l ie -- s wa, like[ no, p bleeu.] yo j >>: immy, wait, waitmyoh, -- >> i but l was--ike ug[ la ]hter >> my jimu': yon re i erkindengart. reyou'ki in gander.rten w houlwou d yo tknowy o sa so inmethkeg lit? tha m >>tiy at wtudeikas late th. im>> johmy: go, i .tcha >> id i dsan't .y it im>> jyemy: goah, od. >> wa anyi'ys, kem ligi sinng d ane i sefahis ce. he ik's laue, lg m sti ju o go,oh! im>> jyemy: >>ah. av i h oe itn
12:07 am
i and sjust startngingi i and wa il. an ted i hear tse houn. dow j >>: immy.yeah y dotiou savll hate thyo in u? is t tha--why us 'catoe i ld yo isu thn whew i sapeyou m rfor saon "ayturdht nige. liv" d an lit'sive. an u d yosican ng. yo alu reo ly dllit a. me i i'an, stm juse -- slriouy -- i [ rschee a anduspplae ] yo su'rengingi y ande ou'rg goin itfor . go i an -- u d yo iknowe lov you. u yothhit otis nu'e yore li -ke - an u d yothhit otis nd e an, i go oh g, mythod, gat's.reat st op. st owop n. ca beituse h's ait. d an wthenawalk ay. t n yo tu gooto anleher anvel d ng side loud r anerhigh. an god i , , ohosmy gh. mi de! yei'm g lliny at mettv ske, li, !stop sstopngingi. be e caus -it's- ytever'shingng goil. wel reyou'ti setoung yf rselorup f sa di.ster st inop s 'ginge caus it's ecperft. an end th d youoto anruher d n an juyou rust c ishedt. >> k youwhnow t at iwas? ha i ked liin a manute had a lf, ec60 s, ondsroto po ve t ybeverwhody way i ts onhat ag ste. i so l was yike,noou katw wh? goi'm toing cr go inazy s thi s 60dsecon. an atd thha's wdit i d. im>> jyemy: ah, ladougdos mc.nald ug[ la ]hter
12:08 am
j >>: immy.yeah ki ganderr.rtne yo idur voreo fon "stlde co" me cot s ouueon t.sday >> . yes im>> jcomy: tungraonlati s on th at. ha>> tounk y. im>> janmy: ngd colaratus tion on r you wtourniith onck jas. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] 's he b ouroy. w' ho ds he?oing h >>doe's going od. j >>: immy dwhatu o yoa gonndo on r touthtogeer? yo ysu gue havn know oeach ther a for tlongime. e'>> wnove kacwn eheh otncr sie w we14ere . im>> janmy: u'd yo6 re 1sonow at thwo's trs yea. ug[ la ]hter j>> ituust 1rned6. we en havou't ttored ergetha in a lecouprs yea. so w, itbeill f the tirstime ikin lthe i fiink r ve osix ar yencs si've weure toed to ergeth. j >>: immy'lthat fl beun. e >> w tusedayo pld cars,game an w d no-- >> my jimke: lit? wha st jue, lik? uno >> l wel-- >> my jimip: skbo? c>> id urse iwhen y waseroung. im>> johmy: !, no he ? did la [ erught ] e >> hdnwoul't. oh ag, imthine at. >> my jimur: yode kintergarn ac teknher ows. h >>ule wot d noe.curs w we pouldthlay mee gal bul ee[ blp ]. an id sold wou i sayutt, b he wo cauld t ll ibs.
12:09 am
heand ik's li'e, "rym ve sa dintppoin ed i"you. la [ erught ] m i', likei oh, !know yo du'repoisapd m j >>: immyvei lo f himoior dng th at. od go. k>> inow. w, no s i'm.ober we ke smoar cigs. at thre's pmutty hech tzi craest .idea im>> ji my: thave to dohis ca bei use e -- wysalway pla ga ormes so do inmethn g fu when reyou'th on owe sh. owi kn'r you ae anngmazige sinr an u d yo dalsopro imonessis. wa i nds wog erinouif yld cou aplaye gamedcallel whe of mu l sicaesimprs sion mwithe. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] 's it. fun 'l wey l trit. ldemio ovati and plare g ayin "w oheelsif muimcal sipres ons" wwhent e ge!back st arick , oundybeverody! ee[ chndrs ala app]use r fopathe 7 st 2, days mfouren ohavestutlahoed autes briti y tmakingetheir g in awayiua prs. gthisdsame enow n. to cchat pri a,us you' gveta bota e
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, man. yo to. tas let' pgolaces. er evk loo sat arequirdl an k,thin h,"yeaou i cseld ut tha okindenf?ergy etprurty sate thow's hs nutwereovdisc.ered
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and i've also got a brain. 'slifeho start, ilkeas chp. i' e ll bing worke whileeyou slp. dostill inn't thi'k otve gin a bra? inyou thsuk a re enome's ugh? who' tell shep up wthn getingsou t?gh don'yot wantu ha tkit f brnd oain? gra de ieedes a eegr. you' onre gtna wanon someke me lie.
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> my jimlc: webaome ck! we h arewiere emth dvai loto, er evy!ybod [ rschee a anduspplae ] no emw, dvei, ee ryons know that yo au'reat grege sinutr, b few lepeopht mig k notthnow at u' yoctre ay ualleaa grt esimprission wt asell.
12:15 am
j >>: immy, yeahini thu k yo ar e. so th, wit thainin mt'd, is me ti a fore gamedcallee "whl of ic musmpal iioressns." el whemu of lsica pr imonessi s im>> jalmy: ghl riert, hhoe's w w it.orks e we'ra gonn ttake hurnsngitti th utis briton heght hire wch ti acs vatemuthe l sica esimprs sionragenetor. an wd itlaill n nd oraone ndom si tngerwehat d cano esimprs sionof. >> y. oka j >>: immyonand nde raonom sg tl tie. ay ok? oe whs ver' iturn ht iso as tdo i anssmpreofion t thacimusian in doatg thg. son , demie sincreyou'gu my est, y wht don'goyou st fir. ka>> oy. he e re wgo. >> my jimer: chgi sinbing "ngo hiwas mes na-o." ee[ chrs ] ch er. re the a wasme faro r whhad a andog ngd bias-o w his -oname-n b-i -g-o -n b-i-g-o i- b-on-g- d ano binghiwas s
12:16 am
[ rschee a anduspplae ] >> my jimri: al hght,weere go. lo aruis onmstrg. "m ogr. rneers orighb."hood s it'aua bel tifuday in n theboeighdrhoo aua bel tifufoday r a hbneig or ou would ymi be ne co yould mu beine t won'beyou n myboeigh r [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> my jimst: i haill ubve b bles in no my se. ha>> ts t wainamazg. im>> jwimy: ryth braan cn.nsto ay okay, okay, ok's, itr you .turn fe watty inp dowig "t nkle kltwintte litale sr."
12:17 am
ea yh in twtwkle e inkllelittr sta w hondi wohaer wu t yoare boup aheve tld worhi so gh ke liia a d imonde n th sky [ rschee a anduspplae ] j >>: immyy fettwap? at th g's a oreatne! o wh adoesty fet? wap wthatreas gouat yld coua do tta fep y waesimpr.sion d>> it idn' iknowld couil unt w. no im>> jthmy: asat wzi amang. ay ok. ha>> tnks. >> my jimve: dath matews. 'm "iit a ltetle ."apot [ htlauger ] i t don' kevenhonow dw too is th. one i l'm ae ittlotteaprt sho d antstou
12:18 am
d an ihere ss my pout w i hen alget eal stupmed heyou e ar mtshou metip r ove an urd poou me t o byh ba [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> t thapewas t.rfec >> my jim, : noasit w. not e thotteappo's sut. , okay oit'su n yonow. o >>kay. la [ erught ] im>> jchmy: inristuia ag lera si g nginng"spo ebob resquas.pant" o >>kay! where!e go he e re w go! ey h ah ye
12:19 am
ne pie applr undesethe a o onh spb geboresquaspant so abt rbenyeand allownd ro pos us ihe s ohebpongquob sanarep ts ee[ chndrs ala app]use j >>: immymyoh, dn gooess! myoh, dn gooess! th s at iliunbeleevab! me gar. ove ogamever. ca i ton't atp th. mi deat lovveo, edyrybo! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ec chr k hethout umis sonmer
12:20 am
'l we rl be bightwiack heth t ek weland, adiesennd gentlem! c >>onome ! ng spobe bo resquas pant
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the nissan rogue. wi thethow p anderer prmanfoce ourofnt itiveuill aheel-wdr e.iv w genoa t 89 p$1 merth lonseea t on016 he 2anniss. rogue okwhay, iatiss th? 'itews chy. lyreal icy. . wooh'thattes in nse! usit j yt hits m.s gu . it nos 'y totall!a mint its 'ppeadisa ring aas iinm chew.g it wher d e diit go? it s 'gunot a am. nott. min
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apwhat h wpenshen lobster gets grilled, bake d, d paanedirith wenev remoobst l?er you t gehungry. d yoancou t thuncoe setinds unl d retelobslor's rfbsteisest ba itck we h tht largesety variof bs lodishter f es oarthe ye. like new dueling lobster tails with one tail ufstd fethwira cb, thand ote wiher lthstangooinlo tebsc-r mad-ansechee, a pit's oartyatn a ple! d yoanknu eveow brye ofit obst'l lerer'sovre d'am lives up to its name. he atiny, e bg isngelievi. so p dr stongeamian t d starng.eati s53 wtates,in-m and t..obile. wh oaoa, wh. , whoaen, lists.folkve i haol to ape, aogiz.gain lo thok, reose weye last arsernumbsas. it htys rige on herth .e card t-mo dbile toubledtehere lcove iragelan the yeaan thd wilt more rse towen tha zoverin, t-mobile reaches pretty much everyone they do. t i'm no rtakingnsibespoitil y tons onhi..e.
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[ rschee a anduspplae ] j >>: immyneour uext gs st ia lta muati-pl ainummycaderd awa no teminatid arhost wk too home tw amo greamys r rlie wthiseek. ng colaratus.tion ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] orperf "minghein tht nigf " of
12:26 am
ma esdn" s,eapl wsecoel tme he we ndek! [ rschee a anduspplae ] ll ane alo w sheivas ling in or a witld w ahoutdn en b orniegin ng y bab wgirl lasinivlig fe thfor ele feing bu dot i min't nd do i min't nd nd a t allrohe wngs sh mme coditte sh s e wag younshand se wa o-so cnddepe ent he sin lovl g alhashe d thwas tye ci t budoi t n'ndmi do i min't nd i oh tknowshhat e's pa caofble th anying rit'sinivet g ut bn whewayou pke u sh ale's gwaysgoone ne gone in the night she hears
12:27 am
t inighe nheht san's dcing elto r tieveaihe p n but she'll never walk ay awba oh h by obyba n inithe whght heen s co crmes ngawli ardollls bil t and kearseep fa g llin hdownacer fe e' shevll naler wayk aw ad>> lanies ntd gen,leme lams. hurynill! h nge saon a seng wh idhe d it ashe wd colheand was so or unfnggivi ow n d shes anceheto t ng soth on nue mite l altithe llme a t theime l altithe me ma it erde hk weawhen
12:28 am
an gd iterot hhe on eer kns rlikeioelig n w sheouas yndng a w sheas edforcbe to om a wan thall mee ti t allimhe te thall mee ti a knd ithnow heat s's pa caofble th anying it iv's rg etin b heut wu n yo uwakep sh ale's gwaysgoone ne gone in thnie shght are hes m hiincallg t inighe nheht san's dcing r toveelie p the ain but she'll never walk away i e n tht nigh swhenhe s comelicrawng
12:29 am
fa inlldog hwn fere ac he sl 'lvenewar alk way n ie thnit ghshe hears cahim gllin t inighe nheht s d'snganci to ie rel tve pheai n b heut sne'll waver lk away in the night when she co crmes ngawli ardollls bil t andrseap kee fa g llin hdownacer f e s l he'lr neve awalk way th in ghe nie t shshear m hillcagin hein tht nighe s's dancing to relieve the pain b sutl he'lr nevewalk aw ay
12:30 am
co crmes ngawli do arllil b als tndrseaee kp llfag inwndoer hac f e 'l shevel nelkr way awa sh lle'er nev llshe'ev naler wayk aw [ cheers and applause ] >> my jim, : ohoomy gs!dnes aryou ce --onome ! ha>> tfonks vir u im>> jthmy: yoank u. e thndweek! ms ur. lailyn hl! ee[ chndrs ala app]use ea "bbeuty thindadhe m" nessis av blailaw.e no we be'll ht rigk, bacry eve.body 'sthatt whatai'm g lkint!abou
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus]
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we erek h le in.a. it im's t ge tocko ba to ne rkw yot , buadwe h a fa a tintasmec ti i ande hava a infeel'rg wenne go da be oing th gais ain. [ rschee a anduspplae ] my nk tha bs to cryantoransn, mi deat lovaro, curol b, nett wethe !eknd ee[ chndrs ala app]use . msynlaurl! hil ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] d anrothe riots thght frere om ph elilad, phiasypennialvan, esladi g andementlen. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ay sted tun " for nlate wightith se eyth m"ers. k thanfoyou tcr wa.hing ha gve a wreatndeeke. ho o pe tyosee xtu nek. wee
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use a >>ncnnoufrer: om 30 oc rkefeller plaza in new yo, rk'sitla " ntehtigit wh seth meyers." nitot gh-- ulpaia gttmai. om frrt "diany gr adpa"rect assnd co dime, anbrau peyzala. "n yewk ormeti cs"umolstni, anfrbrk i.un atfeinurthg 8ge an bwid th shjoez free. [ rschee a anduspplae ] la adiesennd gentlem, se eyth mers! s >> geth:evood g,enin ybever iody,et'm syeh mers. ithisats "lghe nit." ho evw's oderybiny doni' toght? [ rschee a anduspplae ] gverytoood r. hea in t tha, cases let'toget the news. e th ceast ioastacs brfoing r a wi snter ttormcohat duuld s mp a ch mu2 as ofeetowf snso in me pl .aces s or aloone mecal olteort ogis pu --t it w >>r inteomis cing. ug[ la ]hter s >> teth:guhat suy's ch a erbumm. la [ erught ] du te towehis d'ekenpes ex cted


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