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tv   Today  NBC  February 18, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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ie fr jnds, lustike t heirmoms. ho w omawese. t >>hatas ws biby b eykels. >> he soe d esn'tvenea r lizeit. >>e lik nykae. d we hoave a great .show fromer"entmetainnt we,"ekly tim kstac g isoing toil fls u in on ev hieryteng w't canor affod t ,missom cgin .up a>>nd tnhet' is irth,st lisew an jdlil are heeroo lking for a se degrvin ce ouplamto .bush ewe'r goingo tea revhel tir lo aoks fter.this nd>> ae whave all reay salpeci ve lo story,vi prongt' i nsever o to tlateo tiehe t .knot d ane wug broht a songal cled "i nt'sever l tooateor f "love an tdhe gouloristo vicriala c rk oiis gng to sing .it ou>> yno kwt wha today is? ait's rtbi.hday ahhannot kbs i 9! y>> seshe is. h>>pyapir bythda to nnhaah. sh wi hinger ad goone o today. a >>qund eally poimt,rtant i is onnatiinal we day. >> t whayo do meu an,al equly
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a ld chi b wasorn! t tohe d!worl >>well,hi ts childas wn bor ti na wonal iney.da >> you k hnowanow mwey tets i got autboat nnaio wlein day? at wh p doeeopl inthk? w >>ree we sinhootg ahi tngn o th tre s teetthhe oer day,nd a a ktruc goes by and theses guy ?"wine tu y.esda lm>> a aosts big. if you saw t dheailys new today, kchec out theai dlys new mncolu. itiv ges a greatcr desonipti of kyspan datuesy. hwort a read. >>e' wrelo fol uwingp on st yey,erda rmandoct as of nekindss y.da an oud yre shadr you iestors. >>an meg saidle whi sheas w oc gr seryinhoppgh wit chergryin ba aby,hi caseran h hdeder a gift,card tngelli her, e,quot onsomeane w ytedouha to ve isth. d an she,said iue gssy the refigu cd iouldse u a .hand w it gaslyreat ecapprd.iate edhelp f payorom se of her gr ieocers. >>ri tsha said sneomeo oeaverhrd r heintellerg h le ittl tgirlhey
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theoo schl .year heso t womaner offoed t treat he r dteaughor t new oeshs. ie lovff stu like this. >> do ranms actf o nekindss. mi tstyusold oance o- cerwork ca nme in o her day offo t bring co sokie h forer hdbirtay. op perele ay verd kin and t.swee >> w deon'tea hrbo autm the en .ough 'sthat whye w like to do isth. ithiss ait l gtleirlis dincussg r he brp.eaku >> er ham ne is k.quic isheers vy ttlile. sandhete wan tdore bak up with r he yfbod,rien but she is rr woiedbo aut how sheul sho ddo it. ta ke ak loot aer hki talng it ro th wugh hither ermoth. >> t ihink i'moo tng youo thave a riboyfend. t bu ,it's like, heoo l skso hay. do i wan't ont tak bre h his.eart oohe lo ks sy.happ >> he wn he'sit wh you? >>
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lyreal- - >> t whare a you going to do? i >>ss gue'l ilus jt tell m.hi tit's ohenlyhi t ing can do. i guess i'll j tustell him -- 's ite timbr to upeak . >> ando segit bins. do r youbeememowr h y olderou we bo enyfrid? >>,yeahas i w in- - t ihink i iwasn sixth adgre. s>>'she 5. >> 's she 5 years old. >> oh , my god. ho ouw abyot u? el>> wtl, ias wn't my riboyfend, bu twa it msyir fstru c wshas on a guy -- wwahat s his name? ti'll ohinkf it in a mo.ment re there well reay .cute wy de ifpher,oh jen lend a chuck nn keedy. al hrl t oeefm the aet tham se .time oo>> lk at u!yo u yow kno wshat' funny? >> ?what hr>> tt ee a stheame ?time >> ,wellhr teeuy gs iho tught we re .cute h >>ldow oe weryou? i >>nk thias i w inrt fouh or fi fthe.grad
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ju avst h aing momery. p mytsarener weup ser st.rict i mbreme bereingt air vagini acbehnd a t whereass thi boy out in w theater ande wh botat s on a t raf geto.ther d anl i'ler nev ftorgeha w itt fe lilt ke,ec bause it fel ,like u yow kno- -y men partse wer -very-e lik i told u,yor ube ri st actnd r ibeememimr h kind of ti putngis h h oandn mine. and youou cldus jtee fl like yo eaur hrt dipounng. ini th wk iroas pybabl- - >> r ibeememowr h itrt staed ywhenouou tched ,mine .hoda >>wow. li ouke year hrt ferluttnds a you mbremeer it. 's ito s irwed. ha>> wst wa his mena? >> on i dem't rrembe hismena. t buiem rreembed -- we as lway bwentackth to ee sam beach. mei re lmberngooki form.hi d anwa it uss jtt tha one ersumm. f>> i w you tere ghat auynd you nt wa- -ou yan wto t love ur yo sselfome hoda n,woma you gi sve ual a cl. ri al.ghty reappa -ntly- ,wellhi ts is te ininrestg. w we terengalkiut abo alede styedaer ay wndthat ius mte hav lfeltike wshhen weasin sging d an had theio aud prm.oble he>> s had the aioud suise. she was onhe t en"ell "show i kthin t forhe f tirst iime fnive ar yes. d an shepe oned upbo a wuthat
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akso te a .look >> he t soundck che wasgr eat, re ally well. si wall reay teexcid. d an thenur ding the chovangeer, theic monrophe fonell th to e pi sanogstrinch whi is what the it guoiar nse s.wa me sopl peoeug thot ht iwas erbieb arrehe,sing but itas wn't him. we e wer g on reatterms. >> ld cou youl telhe w ynerou we insingg? >> irt heaea hrdt i st htraig.away hein t resahearl,e' woire gng to ledoube mikhe tia pnon ie cas on oee d sn' d an widante to turnro aund and i ozfre. a illctua tyhthougt it wen well. hein t omro,he ty allctuay rt soheed tbl proemnd a i'm wa alys a bitch pity an.yway wso itasn' pcuartiylarl --s it' em n.otio si wa baemserrasd. lepeope wer yisang,st we ill loveyou, don't y.worr d anas i w sa,yingon i d'tsk a yo fu i youti sll love me. i was baemserrasd. d >>ouid yl fee badhe t next da y? i >>ri cedtt prey much all day st yey.erda
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w>> i houldaveri ced ift it wen al rely .well tif ie wer a suptand pe marfor ince,ay alws id>> d yout wano tta srt erov? n >>extim teav i hnye and sou is ,sues g i'moing to stop. rwothe ise,bye. >> ahye, .yeah >>he te ban ofr you eenxistce wh ouen y a're ersing. e on pnersotr con yolsoure lif an idtht's oue snd guy. d>> itidn'hi tnk ild coue lov aherny remo. sshe' so.real a >> sndheay ss she hasta sge fr ,ightch whies mak l you ove he r. of . sn>> i'tha tt reinteg?stin tallhese srsingee lik cyarle mo sin, adele. ist thaom sngethi you see a lot of int tha d?fiel it'sreinteg.stin t >>hene os yound ep uea lgrnin ab aouthere ts one whoav he go otten if h youreave taal sge igfrht, u yoer neve mak ito t ptheoint wh aeredynybono kws your name. >> ghrit. >> iem rembery m sodon cy whos i an ns ititincve acr,tout b is te ierriffd o tiaudi sons, hoe we nt the other way.
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yo uowkn. re>> a youdy reaor f "i ?"hoda st aallny remo. so memetifs i you no,tice kath dr tawsshing s out woeon d 't thave goo this way. >> peeopl getad mme at or f not li kingt wha i can- - what i co ernsid g notood simuc. y.sorr ewe'rki talbong aeiut bng a ersing. wa i s age sinr for 40ea yrs of my .life an oud yus jte hav ata sdndar at th youe car about. >>t.righ 'm>> i notoi gngo t pndrete to tlikeshingt jus t moake ybever odypphay. >> ayok! th asis w eagrt. soh.watc ni dael brrradbey is aou cntry ersing and sheas h fedigurut o thowomo c cbineryount r andock. i atin'tna gon bere ptty ou y't wonee s itin comgt' is ke li a cbaurvell ou you y d'reoing just f ine e' hots gou y onhe t
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ow tards thend e zone 'r youe just hdeade teo th ndfriee zon et>> l mere bakt i down for the sfact ha tt'sll a iot gtaay sut abo th at ea youh y g'veot toe tak a ri de i >> getit ,et i g .it i ed lik it whenwa it s a ngso. >>ou y't done likithe w n it goesrap? >> no, idon't, .hodi n'i dot. >> y areou resu? >> i'm .sure yo anu c lnisteo tus on ssiriu , xmnn cha10el 8. d we kon'tnow why yould wouut, b reappa yntlydoou . yandanou cd fin hoda there yeverda monndy ane wedsday at 2: 00. ar ue yoll stiin lovthg at? >> o i de lov atth. ait's o lotf n.fu ksthan foron anye who is enlisting. i t don' iknownyf a one.does >>he t dyon't doin ratvegs or er thoe s yavou hoe n .idea nl>> u yessskou aor f a call. th wat'shen i'mea rlly ocshked. if yousay, y,he call in- -nd a en th you go, my gosh,pl peoree a enlisting. pe ople call.
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t >> dheyo call out. >> seomot g theirus ambh ma erkeov. p >> oull yutour caarlends. h we aaveis l otf some mu-sstee inow andiblncree rth rebidrfor .y hair ne lw fromal,'ore rdextraooiinary ampol sho. ama sho poemsyst fu inwithsed ci lusous, ligh eitwt ust in jwaone hash ooir lnstaks i ntly an visid y blhenourisd. sftranorms dry hair thwit ouigwenghit do i.wn su oumptuftsly so , htleweig fssly,lowing illibry antl shiny. f as isfrotran med.ex intraord ary. an nc idiblreree rthbi r drfohay . ir w exneaotrinarrdoiy l lfrom a'orealddvance ha reirca. paris
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n'dot t leaca crwiked iendshruld ouin yanr pl s.t truslisafe wte. saith tefeli's usexcl"oive wn myexay tt" u'yonoll kacw exwhtly e'en wll hebe tre. vigioung ye mor ftimehaor wt ermattsts mo. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. t up eadd, bu'ly. youget l itis ye ah nokooot tck quido t n't lentgo u sil iay so. goi u.t yo.. start strong with the stlaginen oergy10f 0%yo oiu're d ingt! e grwholquain ataker od s. anyou off go. no yow cau crn teeaou y rn owurtof oalit y oatveliar gn,de arstngtit a2.$1.99 oo ch ose 3 ff 10itavortoes oy enjon on ate ple. pl uusimnledital s adanbrd dseackti ste ber toutaof ily heis t y onereou c
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hobethld, mae pogical fwers oall un latedry dergent! erit's p forfect t all he s pigpentherout e. pe the s moanutvie. mi con ng soo-rto bludvay, d digiand hdtal . [ ulie j ] ethle wrinkam g creyaraverd. iifn't doesrk ft wo..ast. y e ou'rthon to te next. hing trogneu ena rapid wrinkle repair e has thtfastes iretornol f mula o ty visiblce freduliine nes ndankle wri js ine ust on week. neutrogena . a can hptoot dasteevo hierytelng w l? cthis wleanikas lw!e po ddedit as thi otherl leveleanof cit to . jitndust ki..a likeed .wiperev cythinglean. c 6xinglean teemyreth ang glowith. re sey aito whe. 6x teni whing i allyactull realiy 2ke theps. ste , step 1cleans
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er ev iy time thi uses ertogethel, it fke..t li. ea...l thevingnt defiist ofce. hdcrest . 6x cleaning, 6x whiteningi d swwoul titchto cresve hd oat ir wh u wasefsing bore. ow n thathe trere aun hsdred d andr hun oedsfce plas to go to be rtented,aine we ththoug we dwoulp hel youro naroww dn the s.focu o>> sha we veha wtt no tois m s ntheextpl coueks wee on the sm sallncreer o bigee scrne lik onou yrho p oner utcomper. >> i hes nt"einertament lyweek" it wrimer tac stk. ou>> yul sho cd bedalle ablovele. >> do peeopl call you kastacble? >> pl peoe dotu, ac, allyyes. it 'stl mosyy mil famy. but .yeah pe opledo, alactuly. yooh, u'restblackae. d an'm i keli, .okay y >>eou'ro als kasnacble. >> oh, lord. i >>'t donw knot what tha- - a >>ll right. so 's let get arstted. avwe he a hulandff o tshing you wa nt ppleoeo tsee.
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yo ur list. >>ul"fler ho iuse"sig hhly an patici tted,ethe rurn ofhi t s siclascit scomro fem th 0'9s and 's it t theranne fa.mily th ovey mace bk in. i djs aot mher now. sh ae's ow wid and movesk bac hintohier codldho homeh witer h as ay i s ritte and her old best ie fr and,ndhe t onarigiasl ct rnretus. ,daven joh amstos,i lor lalocknd. iloris onou yrw sho moto.rrow ur>> s eis. ut>> bve eeryon isea rlly teexcid. 's itt sor of thee samld o t.hing vi obyousl o thelsenns twi are t no t inhis e.on t bu sortf our ret tno form. d anhi i tnkry eveloone tveshis sh oow suc mh. ando st' ishl hig yanpatici ted. ou>> ynk this it'ng goibe to a bighit. >> t ihinkwi it dlloll reay we ll. fo r nex,tfli i think. st noaalgi is a bigea ditl wh ne x.tfli hiso tits hns o o allthf at. >> tishis et som phingtsarenan c tc waith wheh t irdski. >> ye ah, lltotay. ail famy . show nd>> a on tfnelix. a >>ll ghrit. t' leals tk about hugh ckjaman, r ou riboyfend. >>,yeah yfbod,rienh hug
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edcall dd"ey the gleae"es com ou tex n tayfrid. 's it aru teto sryut abo hows he' an eshngli wmanarho ppaticited in 1 the9 88al cgary piolymcs, d an was kofind a rdne n,ot ac ex atlyatn e.hlet >> but a pmehenonon. >> s it'ha cg rmin randyeallut ce d and kinof mifarily-fy,endl id asroe fnem o e.scen ra>> fnk and iid d- -te hoshed t -nlate oighticlympacs bnk i 19 88. >> wow! a >>ndhe t bedobsl- - the ma jaica bod.bsle sose tho ahere t bigto s, ries usbecaet iwas so rmwa. >> ahye. >> ist wael unbblievay .warm lyhard any ,snow butdd eyhe t eeagl waste quihe t enphonomen. >>et l'sk tal oscar. >> is chrk roc is theos hts thi ar ye. b >>e'ut hs notro dgppin out for su re. >> s he' d notinroppg out. op peutle p a lot ofss pre ouren bhimseecauth of e oscar ve diyrsitin thg. h >>ere expsses dsiiveryty b be inge.ther
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tableomo c omentnt ite qui ho lynest f androm aso pernal e.plac and ink thit' ists ju -- he's so te ininrestndg a so pcarovotive d an aat gre coanmedi. t bulhe'l be there. >> opnainioted. >> pi oatnionnded ae "thnarevent re ntvenaas" he hug ,buzznd a ibr rs laoron f oo"rm"il wl nidefi telywin. bjaco tlarembomy fr m."roo" d an g gaaaa will orperfm. rr caway gtshinon. th eee w ikends pemirforng. his,songdd eedie remayn. lots of pe.ople t >>hend bli spots ihot and 's it ckba. >> nd blit spos ior s otf the esbiggewt nho swth of eea yr and ilit wel b .back bit'seen on sinceem novber r 23d. re fover. it ik's le thgianks.ving t so i cwillome ckba,nd a e'therois go ng tbee mor sort yof,ou ,knowec sretsev rdeale tabouie jam exalr'andes accharter, herat ttoos vi obyousl --
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>> e likoa a rd mapo t her stpa. >> and ds"car." >>ar"cds," sneaso .four ithisnes oth of hoe s iwse hav tocover. 's ite lik gngettier govtnmen etsecrmps, iblossieo tfind out an ngythi. t bus it'om cing up for its thfour se.ason 'rtheye agddin aun b ochwf ne ch tearacrs. he "t inkillg"nd a ui"scide ua sqd." se tasonhreend eedit w chelair av le ingk.fran d ano shi tsil w slort of seehe t fa t.llou y,sorr hoda. >> ahye, tshank a lot. >>k?fran >> i anme, o.hell us>> jt aou c oplef ses.cond bu ta tiny'fes new vimoe. >> "weyhiskgo tanox f ottr " tabou aan womho ws goeo t gh aftaanisasn, bed on aoo bk ou ab tt arueto sryf o thisom wan wh cto ayuall d dido isth. s>> is thi a dycome? no. is >>ik le a dry.amed 's it coc.medi an ved einrythsg i ncbeyoe.
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ngcomi outth in neext few s.week >> ?what >> yes! >> ahtlrigy enth! >> rmfon.atio >> atformion. >> nk thau, yos. guy >> ghalri ty,!then , oh bybau', yorena gone lovt wha bo ibbiszi buzng t.abou >>ew n gearha tt'sun f and ncfuonti fal torheit letl >> oh! hi er the! oh oh, ,oo lkt a fobehere toure ce ld btia naon, e thertohad pe be woplengillito ht fig i fort,to on take wor the gld'streatesch ngesalle, wh atev theerghy mit be. so th, s.e u.rm asty mas er not tonlytiacndcs atr sy,ateg but palso ahysicsmind che.stry m webaake plattlendns a bcreatethroreak -ughs in icin med e, e sciencgiand ening.neer ou xtr neon missi b coulde yt an.hing
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st toptaaking umifl an yd call ourordoctia immedtely. enchildr andol adntesces in ti parcular mabey aatincrn seeariskd of re seizu s, usioconfn, abn orlormabe .havior th ste moom cdemon sief s arfectlde mi odto materuse na eaan vod ngmiti. ti-fan?lu go ir antival th t wiluamif. t' ise timor f i'bobb sbuzz. i >>ouf ye hav ait ltle one at me ho a or lrengookior f are gat by bawe shor ftgi,ha we ve the pnewctrodury eveom ms ioi gng to .want >> e her tow sho us, bobbi th ,omas h who bashtrougng alo he rra adoble leittl guy. a >>nd her frndie's mena, dr anea.
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>>s thiis allbo aute somab by lo ve. h iaveec ryentlco disdverehe t nd wolerfuld wor ofoo fd that ge pits stac bk at me sos thiis a bndraew-n hhig chair from for mo ms. i wdeondre why hn'as stodomeby do hine t sbe.fore is th tray top hse' tinry tgo get into theow bls i allctuay a gn maet seba. wand atch,this guys. >>.oh t >>heow bl stays put. >> ea yh. >> ,oh my !gosh >>nd aou y cant jus- - tcwah. id gle the tray back on and it sn iapsn e.plac hiso tlss aoom ces off. gandoeso inthe thw disrashe to wash- -hean c'tus ph thel bow of fo tng flis ik bac at me. bu out y can -- i >> -t's t-heam g ies over, dd buy. >> so,yes, yanou c eat now. >> w!aw >> t' whas that? nd>> a if you adylrea have a gh hiir chat tha you love, easy ypeast tha tishthoug ofno ather y wa toee kpry evegthin put. u' yollot niceha tt tag isiv ding into choseeri. bu hit tats mht rige her is az aming.
10:22 am
cosiliatne m ands it'y b easy y.peas it stays put. 's ito als at rerastaunts, on the go c,eoffe establ. th sis ire a gayat wke to heep t eplat o in neplace. >> er very, vy tecu. >> .okay so -- >> nd aha wout ab t?bibs >> b theibs arehe tre for fun. >> t jus forfun. >> he ty're insttereing. ju st kesticrs. he>> ty're just -- >> ecperft. >> ha w ot'sisn th table? >>s thiisct ayuallh suc aat gre .idea hboonase comp u withee thr ff diterens topt thao gn oto -- jnot tustheup c y gouet with e thra st bw,ut its goe on to any ycupou ,have at aes rantaurrt o at wht. no land aookt that. >>tecu! s >>o c youanav h aepy sipup c an heyw yre ou.go an td noes strs about it. so s thinois atherat gre inthg. an td ies como t bath time,l nai fr daei s,uch ama srt eaid. ta ke aoo lkth at eshs-ape here. is th a isllctuay a nailil fe at th s isdhape so thatou y can igetnto thene corrsf oou yr lelitt guy's nails and shape all ar .ound so that yanou c get in those
10:23 am
hi wmithou yr bigai nl .file >> ll reayel unbblieva teo .me >> y thell ae com with clrsippe. an dn wheomit ces teo thct a ual bathmeti, this otherdu proct -- mi sle is getting all the love ov errehe. >> aww, go toun aty diho. >>s thialis c aled fyshel, not a se,lfie a elshfy. l a tedge shatstickn oheto t si f de obathe bthtu so thes toy n ca ahave p tlaceayo st t.pu >> t tha is so tecu! >> nd ave orer heau becse our ki ovds lure ol cel esphonth, is omfr spki hop is a settrych li siconehe tetr i andtck stis on a tonyol strlernd a yceour ll ph one't won goly f oingn the ndgrou and kibreang. sk ip p,hoer vy arsmt. lo fts oto cus rmerssteque it. an itd csty ork, ifou ye liv in e th city, t aherehere wovel cers fo our yrol strlero sou y don't ha ve tock trahe tt dir back into e th house. >> ll are gat ideas,bi bob om thas! lo o ve t seeu,yoil m aesnd
10:24 am
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10:25 am
esch nect,ank d cfaceroream fm roc. me nthods,iracot mles. is k thakid mines sta cs like razy wsooue got her new hing wasma buchine oot it trevek fortu out rns asit we n't the,machinit w uras oge deternt. e so wedswitchtide to bo turea cl wn. nowt wae gey clea clner waothes ery fast
10:26 am
>> hi erthime, k d andana gn wan er o thissdthuroray m ning tt gereing toady sl inide heto t enweekd. >> somepe moplee ay bheg adin toout see nnje lifer iopezn etplanly hol.wood ho agurs e o shwas onhe t tonight show lktatoing my jim onfallbo a aut caloshl ow.>> rehe s areshome ots oft wha enhapp s ine thvelas shgas ow. y acou mgo oh sh. >> alookatt th i anmee com on.>> it l's af ot o.worki put thtogeheer t shhaow t st iso ha orrd fel mysf! >> ithisurs yo llca. >> as i we lik it'singo bg toe so, goody oh m, goshth tiss hi an itd .is an thd t en ae thofend s thehow i ikam l e >> yifavou hene se e th show woyou uld owkn s whys he i pa ossedftut aer erevowy sh. >>hinegh-e rgy,detefinindly a ofurcohese son is adshf es o bluenitoright heght re is ernumbee thr be tfore1:he 100 .news t righwenow wihell cn ck i with ou rer fo wcastith ilch e -- ll key. >> iwinds ingust g to45od t ay in l theas gavells vandey a in s areag alonthe rtno h of
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10:29 am
d ane maybe the y money > >> in case you dtidn'w kno it, 's ithi trsty sdthuray, ande w rare feadyor the big rleveaf o r ou ahmbus maerkeov. two luckyad l wieshoer we pr peim adnd mppa,eredrt couesy of to "day"tr conoributnd a isstylt teo th stars,ui ls ca li lri,aa l la .la >> ll a adrounhi fasonie nce at at thil, jl mainrt. >> hi, gu.ys >> ow has w it outhe t retoy?da >> it was go.od i inth akit letlor m wh en the wthea iersor me ldmi, hweeavor meeo ptople ak te fmro ic whsh ih muce mor fun. >> andou y t gete o semore of
10:30 am
>> plyam is 53 yrsea old fmro stbo,on mpaor w akss ancc aanountt so en sposds mft o her time in nebusiclss s.othe da tosy i heras l dtayf o va oncati and is ready to go home awith b-nrand ewoklo. y.stor hi>> ts ekwe,s it'vi olia and hu !rray tbut ghis iifts for. mom wh o y dwayou adnt h for her? s >>hen' hast had shiomething ts niceor f ahi wle andhi i tnk it wo beuld d gooor f a mveakeondr a dsheveesers it. wh eratev we?want >> iue so. >> allt, dski. eei sba hus ndd,davi i see da erughtne sydndy a iaoliv. >> y theon d't see yo .hoda >> acextly. ke ouep yinr bldsdfoln ofor a teminu. re he p'saamel rebefo. l alghrit, mepala. t' leees s theew n u!yo >> allright, gang. ketaff oou yr bldfindsol. ta akeoo lk. >> wow! >>ry eveone --
10:31 am
keta a lo.ok >> ,oh my i love the irha! a >>tlmosct exaikly le -- >> ,oh wow. >> aubel.tifu y >>ourba husnd -- >>oh,y m d!go >> k looig rht e.ther ur yoba husnd is yicrng. >> vidad. th ere you go. vi dad, y areou ayok? y >>noou k wwhat i love? i e lov isth. ok lo at davidor f one ndseco. vi dad, whato dyou k?thin >> be fuautil. rg go.eous >> nk tha. you >> luis,he t color ispo st on, tlikehe daerughts. e >>very now and then, you get y,luck hoda. at whid i d hisere bv olyious -- e sh hadhl higsight oner h hair. e sh ista sgrtin to go atl lite t bi .gray apit h tpensllo af ous. >>.yeah butin makg herai hrk loo as hy. r hen skin eve r.pale d an theee dperor col rkwos.
10:32 am
si ,mpleau bechese s hasat gre urtexte. >>lljiat, th tfouit is kierll. i>> leovin wrte itwhe. yo culdou wrea wtein wrtehi in th e ntwier. wh hoite buse, mlacktarkend a alooket th astrymme icalslits. >> iov le atth! >> ,kidsha wo t d gyou uysk?thin >> l sheooks inamazg. s >>hes i tibeauful. >> w!aw me pala. en yojoy ur mifa,ly swtieee. >> ur o sonecd lyad isly aass ufkaanfm 4, f5mro commerce, mi anchig. al yssaor wks as ape sech pa ogthol aistnds ihere on ca va wtion hither fa.mily be foreur o glam squad had a ha ondlen her, she hadev n er recoloerd h irha. >> wow! >> 's lette lisno t her orsty. >> t iheres atl lit eeemxcitent in here,au becse youea rlly edwantis th. ll te uswhy. 'm>> i soxc eitedbe to rehe. my fyamils ith at e tehol. i got up at 5:00. a.m toet g ahere'mnd i >>ayok. soe wed asks thi ieearlr. yoare oiu gngle to t us do at wh wevere ntwa? >> um- - wvehater you ntwa. g >> oodrlgi!
10:33 am
>> 's shee her wither hus hband la yrrnd aau dteghr slbhey and em ily. >> ry eve gbodyot o outf bed. ygladeou'r .here l >>ookt ass alya beefor and in brutg o aalyssff kauman! >> saalys! >>woo! wo>> w. >> ,oh .yeah wh at ae nic -- all ghri at,re yo uyu gs adrey? >> tibeauful. >>e tak offr you blolindfds! >> oh,y m d!go >> oawh! >> llwe? wow! i t can'evbeliite . y >>ooou lk omawese. >> olco! >> wow, c i ban'tveelie it. pi>> s rnight adrounnd aoo lk at me cara ,12 eaplse. >>ysalsa, t whehole thing is, is lu d, i won'tear mp,akeuon d't do my hair, neverol cor it, re bautly c. it so ite wand toee kpt ise clo to .home i e mad her wrarme adroun the me sa shade. it l wilw gro out if she wants to
10:34 am
ll i'e giv ahermu forola t take wi heth r. an ditaider vyur natal upmake. a soft, simplai hrcut by ne vassa. >> k looth at mie faly. >> andha wt y did pouut her in? >>e somie pces,eh warousela bck etmark. l i tovehis fauxea lther erblas. gr eatix ming andat mgchin pi .eces o>> sht lightweig and abwashle. yo nu caas wh .it et>> l'sng brith oer our- - me pa cla,omen oou wet, s.etie >> vsaanes and eboverydy ck bae.stag ptwoeeopl who p irovet'sev ner o totelaor flo .ve >> ou ye'roi gng toov lehi ts st y.or i>>an c 'titwa. n>>eic j, obdila!es xt nee ,on therhufingtwt ne ork.soi'm ry, sorovmy le. y, whling dar? deyou muserve e ch mor thithans. we nell, a hew kitcd min ai xer d nic know i . ouand asr tv hbe seen daytters. at wh we cando? couwe gldino to d anw get loy monthlentspaym on hovermialf a n itllioems?
10:35 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
li yndsate wro usbo aut her wo funderl dmgranr,othe phs.ylli >> sheen rectlyri mar hederh hig wo markn. to us. >> last year was y theearth of e dd weing for me. ur fo. te afdsrwar weed joke w had asse.on t,bu boy,er we we wrg.on >> 85.83 w ho awesome is atth? >> n i late mbnoveer,hi w alet a mi fairly bythda di,nner my gr otandmsher' 85r--yeaold bo enyfriatd neli cnked onis h as glnds ann aedouncy the were gtyin the .knot st juee thrks wee later,as i w abacknot ather weg.ddin is th meti f,ory mes bt fr,iend o who alst jus happens to be my dmgranr.othe my y.bubb 'm>> ioi gng toak me aoa tsto t yo u. >> s acu is arstomy i gave a ee spndch aol tdve eeryonut abo ho w i met my ybubb at my birth an hed s was intnstaraly c zy tabou. me ow gr ingup,as i w fnaortuteo t li love cse by toy mes bt fr.iend a as agteen ier,rn leaed that
10:40 am
esmy brit fend hadrt staed ch exngangi-m eailsit wh a boy na med tena,m who she had ce re rntlyneeconctedh wit at her 50 reah higolscho ren.unio my bbbuy has had a ceas oef th olschol-gir gesigglve er e.sinc dni dihi't tt nk iwasos pesibl r fo my gmorand ttheroom bece ev en more betiaul.fu nbutate has cast theos m t ifmagnticenht ligt tha sshine th hroug s hermile and slepark s hin eresey. wheil thet besri fendal usuly os cles the toasth wite som dd we ingceadvi, iec dided st in teado endh wit a quoteha tt mb syedolizir thee lov and0 7 ar yes of frshiendip. a oo gdar meriagwh is bereoth lepeopl feey theareet gting the tt beernd eth of eae dlnd am i a idconfent thaty mut beaiful best fr aiendnd her homandsroe gom e arh bot cgominut o opn to in ei thrrr ma.iage o whld woue havghthou tthathe t ft fihdi wed ingou wlden attnd i mo mee?rabl e>> w neveret g tired ofto sries li ke .this
10:41 am
re here a the wlnes,ywedhy pllis an de nat alongit wh liphyls' an grghddauter, liy.ndsa >>ow h isar mried life? w >>rfonde ul,ghrit? ou>> ys guye lik it? n >>ate -- l>> aot of fun. >> you do? >> tena,e weryouvo nerus pr inoposg? i >>n' didprt e.opos we t jus did .it >> ha wto dmeyou an? ow>> h didha tt ha?ppen ak>> t esplngannion, d 't?they >>e w aweret my boenyfrid's hdbirtayne dinr. wein fdishe egatin oure caknd a s he utoodpth in ide mdleth of e aurest arantndap t opedn his gl aass,ynd moy bndfrieas w li ke,oh,ha tt's so nice,e' hs g goinayto spy hapth birtoday me. an de hsaid, re"we' gngetti ma d!rrie" nd>> a liphyls, what y didou th ink? >> s andaihe se d >> so youcu disssed .it >> ye o >>n the car ride erov. >> ,oh onhe t c rarovide er. s >> oomeef tht bes tshing in alifereha ttpo seontanus, ri ght? he>> tady hn beein dat fgoren t ye ars. >> t andhthougwo it neuld ver la st.
10:42 am
inweddgg sont a your ddweing? is t thaghrit? >>ha tt's ghrit! >>e w had a ddweing? >> yeou'r about top one. do gn'tano reywhe. h weave ape scialov l seong tewritusn jort f t thewo of you, ay ok? >> nd at' i gsngoio tbeom pdpl by they tonrd awain wning vi iactorar cligk, rftht aer th is. mmmm mm mmm mm mm(l teaughr) , mmmmmmmmm, m mmmm m, mm mm mmm, m! mmmm mm, mm mm yomm. plait. on ye-upcuour ddp. aew a fsi impledingre fents sor a nackwhthe famiole illy w.l love
10:43 am
yo eaur hovrt lmees bu e t th3somega-sh in fioil erdiff from me gared krill oil. un islike fh oil, megared is easily absorbed you bydyr bo. remegad. dithe cefferen is to easyrbabso. lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff i csoasan wh it. use i ttideouo get t e thosldweek os stain downy etto gfr it anesh ftd so. aryou te free.o go ti dde andowny thtogeer. il at hre flshi sarm,s pice ithe e ofspice. lif 's that our whyft craeasmen sevson sausery peage y.rfectl so an you cou coax eat t grorflavfo eflyrtless. hillirshfarme be. use ca it'sh wortridoing ght. ilat hrelshim, farre the 's aasreuron ow sloteroasrkd tuey e tastreso fsh
10:44 am
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10:47 am
> >> we aret jus back withur o ne ewestonveryeas h ato sry ho esnore. nd liseynd ara gthndmoerhy pllis and phs'ylliba husnd tena. >> theyt jusot gar mriedut b lstild nee aed wdingg sono s ddavied friman and ite wro one fjustouor y it 's cdalle t'"isev ner l tooate forvelond" a here tog son for us , o oneef that gres on oa br,dwayy tonrd awa erwinn,
10:48 am
e w allro gwld oers ars yeao g by andde wonr have we had our na filha cnce tok looin our r'lovess eye again to b alusheend fl alive ai ag n o td holth anoloer cse again dandance aom rance el wl it's never l tooate for love evfi to ndt wha 'v weeee bnre dgamin of l noveeveroe gsut o of sh faion e lovev ners run o outf pa nssio i not'sev ner never l too ate
10:49 am
e w allro gw gyerar asea yrs go by th youfulut beayes fadwa ay weg lon for the years wead h be forend ade wonhar wte' wre nglivi for on lging for that shiometng mo reom seday y b i say s it' never l tooate for ve lo er nev tatoo le tndo fit wha we b'veeenre dgamin of e lovev ner goesut o of fonashi nlove reverunsut o of ponassi not' iser never nev t looeat r fovelo so openou yrea hrt open our yo yeur e ist's crlosen tha you
10:50 am
ro aund thene corr adroun the be omnd sesetim'l youlin fdt i trighre the in aen frid ari f wendhol wilov loue y re fover soem rrembe toer nev say ve ne r t' is never l tooate fore lov er nev l tooatefi to ndha wt we b'veeenre dgamin of e lover nev goesut o of fonashi ve loer nevs run ofut oas psion it no ev's nerve en if it's be oren f ever
10:51 am
fo ver lo >> yes! be fuautil! >>racongtitulaons. >>o s aubel.tifu w >>e'll beht rig backit wh an rothe suserpri. b >>ifeautul!
10:53 am
amthe anericpl peon'e cat rdaffowa to orit fas idet tha d soun ogoodpen pautr, bl wilve neker mat it in th ree al world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt cai't wt. we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppe aleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
10:54 am
>> >ay tode w hareinonorg aer vy iaspecl fyamil newly woods,e nat d anhy pllis heerit weih thr gr auanddteghr, lisandy. eyther weus jtre tedat to a sp lecia brayoadw ngso. ddavi fmariednnd aav d widild fr omllhoooywd. >> what y didou guysnk thif o the?song >>on wulderf. el>> w il,st wa taoutsg!ndin ou>> y kwhnow at i nod,tice ,nate w you lerengooki at
10:55 am
t >>s hat' iwhat do. ha>> t wt'shat a man in love do es, t!righ y >>avou houe yrdi wedonng sg no llw, a t?righ >> yeah! y>>ourif le is cotemple! e >>boverydyul shoved ha e.on >> eboverydy ldshou. >> e w want top keehe t le ceiobratgon ing, ayok? eso wno k ywous guyre aoi gng to he badacko t mahussacs.sett soba barra nclyh's fhilagsp re rastausnt iat treing t youhree to a salpeci nndier. >> wow! a >>ndre the's remo. a >>ndhe ten rown bnosto hosympnyrc orahest wouldik le to vi inhete t three of you to a rf pencormafe o yourho cice ugthrohout their asseon. so 'l youavl he aut beaiful erdinn a andig nht out. >> aut bea nifulightut on i bo .ston >> wow! >> ifterric. oe>> dsha ttou snd good? t >> yhanko ou schmu. >> nk tha u,yo guys. an fd iou y've alln beeed movy b is th at ,home reermembe, wan wt toel turl yoto sry ngo o our itwebse, tusell your st aorye'nd wll beap hpy to wr aiteg son fouor y too. ow>> h ameweso is she? m i'wn blo away. he llo?
10:56 am
g >> c >>gomin ,upha w atoure y in dog? >>ew n aumlb ceam t.ou >> eagrt, t.grea da vid? >> films in hooollywd. >> and orvictia, wyohat ure a u yoin do g,?baby h>> iave ace conrt cgomin up wi heth tut beaiful cast. >> to owmorr,i lorhllougerin he oito jn us. nd>> a the guys fromli fgppin st boonho suw yo how todd a a
10:57 am
10:59 am
st lioen t that icvoe. ee[chndrs ala app use] nn>> aerouncda: toy on rachael y.ra. . >> chraael! n>> acenounr: k latieowes will stopt aot nnghio trd guahe t cr se oetsf "dascan sl's"neaso finale. >> i love my job. ie lov myob j >> announcer: then cckhien pot pie. >> rachael c:eom on. n>> aunnor:ce three bakeries ba ittlet out. on lyne o wlil take theak ce as ed "w idingwen a ek" continues. now, are you readyor f relacha! e[chendrs ala appuse] >> ha racel: ,guyss thi is our te ex ndedlyfami.if ou y areus jt cinatch ugph wit t us hisekwe w,e arehr tgowin
11:00 am
,girl bnerittyai sd yes tohi ts y, guhu.nter[c rshee a anduspplae] >> ha rac hel:runte andis h whole lfamindy ahe tirri fdsenll reay okindfid d aas ntyri tnck o u. yoyo usee,ri byttne ththouge w we re allet g ttingheogetr be ecaus hu,nter who htasn' had fu llye etsigh in7 1 s,year she thsaw is gtadge on our ,show th isesight thing,ac mirle as glsest tha canto resre ieyes ight,omn se s.caseyo awu s i otn our owshou, y ou thyoght wuere cgominer heo s he c souldee you, which he can. t>> is iut abo m.hi thele who thing.>> ch raael:e hou cldee s r,he h, oo's she hot,te betr put a oringn .it e>> h did. >> rachael: now, they are ge gttinar mried toowmorr. he [c aersppnd ae]laus ac>> r:hael this allge hinnd o


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