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tv   Today  NBC  February 18, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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er whume trs p haa had lebig ad. thall atat m rters nights ow i th ate st se of couthinarola. >> ha we nve aolew pomfrth sou ca narolita to bolk aut. >> r > outop story, there pdesint tta liorle mane thea a yter afr op reg enin wtiescuith ba, pr enesidamt obana pl ts tol rave er thxte neth mon. ro len al on isitn whuse hotye du orin m.ning mgoodngorniyo to u. >> or rep gter:moood g.rnin th ese prt idenfiand larst dy twilll raveubto crca masth 21 22and nd. a fwh esseritw of meetsbar. oma sa exid nntt mollh i've tra l to tcubavao adounce ogr pr aressnd ef s fortmpto i troveivhe lf es o cuthe peban .ople avwe hffe diceerenths wi the n cubarngove.ment er amwiica tall sornd fan hum tsrighun aroe d thd.worl adthe stminionratiri's c tics yi sahing t ns isheot te timto re twardashe cretro .gime sta hi voric eisitg ndin more athanf halurcent y of anestrntgeme. pr enesidamt oblla wiit viso kwo i ubrcn ma ph asart of a larger ur tola of amtin a,ericki marng th rse fimet ti88 in rs yea a insittesg prt iden vwill isit
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ye s arvehaho s twnt haatisoln io ha nos wot edrk. it im's tr e fow a neoaapprch. ep>> rr:ortemi warelng rnsatio n begar afte-tfaceceo-fa etmegsinet benwere pdesi ontbama ruand asle ctro. ey thou ann tncedwohey beuld gin no izrmaltiing es. >> r ove itime pt isblossir e fo o us t tturnaghe pd e anlodevep a renew onlati bshipenetwe our cotwo ieuntrs. ep>> rr:ortet lasstaugu the am anericas embassy wpe reoned a and fu.s.ralag iisedn va hana. si thnce ecen sryretast of ate hn jory ker t haslerave td tohe la isndnd at jus wthisu.eek s. d ann cubacioffisials agned al dere to csumercommeaiial r af trfofic e r tht firs itimen if ha i ecve d.ades to tsurisre aot n visit the is alandrand tande crenot mesu ti uneyl tht lefemthe bargo. pu reanblicsi preiadentl idcand mates rarco aubioednd t bcruzofoth an cubce desernt we ic qu pk toe ouncheon t no anmeuncent. o rubingsayiwo he nould it gof erhe wese prt.iden ot>> nit if ot's nee a fa. cub
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rngove tmentishis a not mm cot unisatdictiporshis it an -aanticamerimmn cot unis atdictiporsh. w>> iadas sd deneeato hatr th, sni waur't sedpris. ep>> rr:orte w the hhite ouse sa heys tsi pre wdentmeill et wi ubth cfrans llom aks wal of li fe. , guys tbacku.o yo ha>> tounk y. yo aru hemed soth of e re icpublanan ctedidalks taing t abou tcuba, herethsomeeling se th hatheas tlkm taouing w r ne tpollshhat teows uzd cr now ad lenaing altionly. we e havlecompovte ce eragof at the racthand tte ban le othe de atmocridic se. b we weginnbith tic na onal co porrest ndenr peteanalex der, i he ss in couthinaroleaa ahd of tu sa'srdayub repn licaarprimy. te peoor, grnd mo ing. ep>> rr:orted gooinmorn g to you. na doruld tosmp mpot imtlrtany is ld hooning a to ancomm ldingead ihereutn soroh ca.lina nabut altionhily tces ra may ha eave r achedni turoing pnt. ke taoo a l ok atewur n n nbcews "w stall jreetalournll" pot tha ow shr s fofithe tirst me onnati tallyrued c lz isngeadi do tnald brumpcoy a ouplef in pots.
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s isinavors g hipenew atrch op th pue reanblicld fie. he>> tnd sou'r youare heising e thd souncrof s ceamsg ominfrom wa gtshind.on, c. >> or rep wter:thith p e go line liup sg pginr aftenethe w shhampprire y imarpothe owll n s showama dr satic fhiftlarom st ucruzpop 8 , intsp trumpidropng 7. >> av i hvee nener dol welhein t al"wstl etreou jalrnpo" .ll th i soink dymeboth at ale "wl st jreetalournes" dolin't m >> or rep tter:aywo d ss to outh carolina roets. t >>ishis uy a g r whos aisethe e biblyeand tt he fells hibs,e thels lies. >> or rep tter:ruhe trump/cudz fe e isatscaling. cruz daring trump to sue him er ovs thittad angackimp tru's pa omst cs ment a>> io m prcechoiev in ery re t.spec e >> wotcannst tru donald trp um thwihe t sseioer dusisecnsio. ep>> rr:ortemp truaw's l yers llcat ifadetoma iryisnsngtie h no pow opabses ortion. tr taump nguntiz crurebefo ck baofing s f hiatthrein durg an c msnb htown all. h>> ihaave ead grcct suiness si bu, ness hi'veread gucat scess th wisu law iits,e 'vd hagreat
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t don' tknowwehat l wil ahave la t wsuiwebut er cinta wlyt anto epkeom sodeby honest. r >>teeporerr: h se in outh ro canaliru tmp still dominates wi ruth cllz wein behutd, bco mar o rubiicis p ukingeap std m an ot ancrher aliticor endntseme for e th pmostaropul t popinigs the at stove, gr ernoi nikky.hale e >> wthsay veat eayry da is t greainday th souou carina. dila aes gndtlenenemif, e w el maect rurco ebio, dveryay ll wia be t greainday ri ameca. ep>> rr:orte a notat gre f dayor jeb bush who just h24 ours ieearlldr to n nbchaews s ley' rsendot emend woulhebe tt mos we po orfuln ne istthe ate. nbushckow aednowl hgingis sa dintppoi bmentemut rngaini fi de ant. i >>alt's enl beid deced ap ntparely. e thitpundves hae madllit a -- ait'secll d widedn'e dovet ha g toteo voue i gss. i ldshoup stoaicampg gnine.mayb 's it d allone. 'sthat h notemow dcyocraks wor, gh rit? r >>teeporndr: ae heris
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jday,useb besh chbut inmphig s otbrthher rme foreer pdesi nt ckbata s ageerft.' ws doenemrst enrlear ieisthee w k, rtpaf onea caw aimp vgn ideo pjustd osteheat t j ends eb i he saard , yingksthan. lo i ouve y. va sa annahilnd wbalie o ck tyou. >> on i dhi't thenk tsi pre dent rewas foady atr thst chep bumhe t gokeknocckd baai a rt.l bi r peteanalex tder,s.hank >> t'> lelks taut abo the crdemoats. hi y llartoclind n aniebern ersandrks wooving meerti to ur conot mi vritys oterd aheaof saturday's nevada to t nigh wtheyfaill ffce o in velas atgas ow a tlln hant eve m on.snbc s nbc'eaandrch mitisell ea alrdy p inioositn. dr angoea, orod m. ning oo>> grnd mo sing,naavanh. wi epth r tortsclhat n'intos e tauprsdonoe havaicamp tgnedo he mpr ca waignitith ass grs ot rofos efilrt h claryonlint and be srniersande f areg acinoff re hene in , vadaata ste e sh really needs to win afteher r sibruiosng l hs ton im inew ha ni tohight y llartoclind n an iebernde sanilrs w al belippeang to ad nevtea vourrs da ing
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jwithtwust yso daor befe e th uscauclies c'sntond leahein t si slver htateisas darappeed. w a ne hpolleras ht jusone in poeat ah sd ofrsande t, 48o %. 47 naand altionhily tcongs beuld getting worse. honesngoldiom a cinmandadg le on ammeg woinn cls ton'rafavoble hris snginki j now6 ust tspoin d aheardaccotoing ew a n niquin ppiaccooll edmparhe to r do duble ligita ead wefew eks ag o. no thw bodi cans datereare ngachi ou at toanfricri-ameancan d nolatier votths wint clion sp ngendine wed osdaye n thh sout osideicf chfoago ngcusi on alraciri barers and the problem p ofe olicenviolgace a inst rimino. ties >> we vehabr to doeak hewn t ba rsrriebi of e g ow. tree s >>lshe acuo acofsed de sanrs of waifrg support for president am ob 2a in 012. e >>trven toied oc advfoate r bosomeo dy tagrun t ainswhhim en anhe r r forcteele ion. >> de sans rs iinlookeag ah d to h soutlicarona. >> t inkhie' w gve aot rl eagood sh iotnen davand a h iesony tl be evliwee il wl do a lot, lot
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h>>inoptog ul pofl anf ps u et d an tshowhehat w cann in i esstath wit mmoreitinorthies an ed pranominwhtly neite w mp hae.shir >> the momentum wisusith i and in th ek oniolecty n dalepeop wi e ll b sveryisurprboed aowut h wwell. e do >> h witrathe eace h idingnto e thh soutweand tost, day cl n intoecis rnglosiew a n ad aimed at nevada's hispanic vo ttersg akinheon tue iss of de atport ion. >> et le m tdo wheinorryg. wii dllalo thl woe yirr. ng j>>t usfea how s uro aginclton pestop td to wreatrsorketh on e er ovghniift sh ht onoter hn el o the s las vegap.stri wh r oeve swinsdaatur ty in hese uscaucn es idaneval wil have mo ummentng goiwa forexrd nekt we to th souol cars ina'arprimd y an ndbeyo. w inishat ar cleoily go ng tbe a pr geolonimd prbaary bttleenetwe th twese moo des.crat wi le tut's o rn t hmarkrialpen -h coofost h witduall spe reect wh alich irso a ms on.snbc mgoodngorniyo to u. g >>moood g.rnin >> 's letk tals poll this
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s let't star bwithbeloomrg po cslities latllt poau bect se i ok lo ss at couthinarola. ihereats whse we e. 36 na% doruld tarmp f a andway th ade lender an the tthis ight ra orce fon sec td or.hird ouis sarth ca olinedpoisbe to stthe thate inat wws kno the el fi wd astee ofarn heut abo in po csliti? >> hi i tt nk i.will , looklddonamp truwa is eay ahd re heou in llr po o and ther s.poll i k thing a biy storowis hge lar ruis t lmp'sead. th oat'sne. th hee otinr th lg toatook is is thl reah matceebetwrcn mao ru o bid anb je.bush th rme foroer p, tegefothe rmer go orvernfl of a,orid t thef wo o th efem bi ore ghthout maybthe ey cboth couldouome st of outh licaronona, crw inngeasively en rdaccotoing h bots campvewhoer a is hheadinere th souol carina on ur satisday ba progobly toing toget on go o intfithe , nals oe whisver in beh gd toutet o of e th qracelyuick. e >> w thavenehis c w nbl "wal st jreetalournll" pot thas show onnati dallyd onalp trumthfor e fi tirst inme sovce nr embenot inlead pg, 2s ointndbehi ted uz cr t, 28 wo 26maith rurco bio 1 athi7 bend. it as is ve we'ke taloud abt di enfferant thot a lth of e
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edshowmp truh witada leto 15 p 20s,oint w butdohat r youead tintonuhat imberrmn te ts ofed cr t uz at?leas oo>> lhek, t " nbc swallt tree jo l"urnal pol gis apoood ll rm no ballyveut egon a olod pl n casioccalyonalof be f. i k thin pthatdooll t esn' ecrefle t th tfacttrhat ump il sts l halethe ad. wh t at i rdoescteflete is uzd cr en evug tho'sh heng bei b hity lddonamp tru m and rarco hubioas mo upved 's, heso contelidad a t loupof s iporte n th ns cotiervainve w tg ofarhe pty an thd i think s ere'ouno dbt th edat tz crue whill stilndbehi tr naump altionroly py babl is a lifinan st i cthisstontewe as ll ga ressrdleho of dw heonoes sa ayturde herouin sarth ca.olin nd>> a's letk talt abouthe de atmocrs. tu sa trdayhahey cve as aucuin ne .vada e we'v pseenngolli o outvaf neda at thge sugitsts a is hdeadeat er the. dohow t you hhinkryillant clion ha ans chheged ssr meifage at inall w theofake t whaenhapped n inamew hrepshi? el>> whel, sea's rholly inned to t onmehis e ssag athata ndre ta alked sboutg ayin bthate erni nd saisers p noticractthal, at d het idn'orsuppest prt iden
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fvoteimor hau becisse has ide n' ca mt beinade awto ln', cat be ma ntde ialo reity. th s at issa methage aat'sy ver pr caactissl meage. idoesopt stni bernde sa ers' ntmomeum? do t es ialappepe to 'soplees hop drand ?eams 'sthatll stiop an ueen qn stio d aneaandr q was ruite ight inleadtog in n then otio that tu sa'srdaycu cauarses e im anportr t fontmomentum io so cauth naroli i andmanto rch. ilwe we l senga lotr prod acte cl n/intoersandtts bahele t al che lenghefor tr isuno blt th omis mm entuh whictiis s ll a rfpoweorul fitce wthhin rte pay. >> k marerhalpthin, yoank u. > >>tonow es a dteperat hun de un frwayanor dusgero oaradie ctivrimateisal m isingn aq ir. of alficiars feiting ld cou be ausedwes a baponrry tetsoris. c' nblls kebiy co hellaoras me on .this ll keooy, grnd mo ing. ep>> rr:orteqi iraur secity fo hrcesbeave eaen sngrchi day an ghd nir t fohsmont t forhis , casesithe f ze opta laop, ho g ldinntpotey ialllydead di raivoacttee ma, rialsuexpore
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a inat mr te hofrsound ahe t ir isaqre aor wedrit iulcofad ll toinhe tro w hngdsan. it's a nightmare scerina io,s si pa inckrag oadiivctmae rite al eintosixplo mves,g akina so le-calrtd dimby bo. w noy a keedingr uientbysed the l oistinduo ry tk checlefor aks ipin pases his vaninhed so rnutheq. ira an qi iraer govt nmenmedocunt en senb by wsc nefi conthrms at a lyhighge dan rrousacadio tive te ma, rialmei re imberm d yu192 wa hos sc folena rom agstore ci fa llityd inkeeato wfotherrd l oiancomp ny inbeovemr. -bu.s. wasedereath ofordolil td nenbc e ws wotdo n, ownatopere onor c strolesourci of yurid m 19 t2 orunhe bwhker there e cesoure s aredstor t anda hat di enffermpt coheany held t te ma.rial >> ha we otve nn seeany in tidicaheon ter matinial qu onesti b hasaceen edquir by h daesnyor aer othro ter rist
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ob ouviwesly ti contonue ak te these reports very sioer. usly ep>> rr:orte s the tate de mepartaynt sers th ne iso id ev tenceishat hiis wolch hds mo insul th norirern utaq b no rr tey itorhein sdoath teminad rbasslla puffed o t the.heft bu tt atpohis thint aqe iris n' doowt kn d whoid. risecuouty s trcesreold s uterit lo lokedanike id insb.e jo no ke brockn loo s, ns signof fo erced.ntry >> er intngesti. y kellelcobin la ionlonda on ry veor imp stant ftorys or uthis mo g.rnin ksthan. >> pl> ap ge isetting support in it ins stdu trys hirnmog in iints ghfiagt nsaia t urcoort r de to ihacka nto e phon busede y onof th n e saarbern sdinoerhoots. it r's astequet thae appl he velymentos oppndes a is fi ngghti. c abonnatioral conresp dent elmiguag almhauer e s thstlate. >> or rep iter:a t's cedevi so ny maus of e, havip an lhoneike th neis ot thas lockr aftet a se pe oriodmef ti r andreequis a fo igur-dodit c oe toitpen . th s is i twhatbihe f't can get pa anst, pld apyse sait if ps hel stinveorigat js dothust itat,
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ec prt edenevfor neeryoho wwn os e on tofsehe. tw nto mofths aheer tro terr attack that le 1ftad4 desa in n rn benoardi i thee phon busedy gu snmanfayed irooktts seing a off tedebar oveacprivd y an risecuty. he>> ts re it a lossof iues. yo n u ca salsoppee a ple's oint ieof vw. r >>orepr:te with fbi investigators unable to unlock th pue po5clar ik lthe ois ane fe l derae judgorhas d deree appl ctoatrenee sow waft treuno cklo e thhoip, nesya emsto tpaby ss cu se frityiouncto ns sanit c be ou scfored idr ev.ence j >>ceusti t has so bed.erve lepeopiv's leres wste lo i and sfeelgltronaty tht' thae s th mo thral toing do. >> or rep ater: opplegeutra d by th tee orrrtt ak acyssahe thay ve be aenisssting the fbi but plans ftohtighe tou jalrn o'serrd. ainopn lenteetcer tio com ok sa crys, ngeatiqu a, bote,ack do o or tssbypary encn ptiois
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ev prphent coone iempanoms fr ecprot dtinginata es case lik athishand tult co td beexhe nt ep st. tbacku.o yo t >> yhanko ou s.much we t wannoto katw wh v ourrsiewe th abink thout is. ldshoule appp helfbthe loi unck e thteshooipr's .hone o go ty.todaancom igd we.h in a >> d bige ebathaon tert ov the la 4 st 2s.hour a ngstraore stt y ouosof l ge anwhles e erhoa itsp hal as in ra red am ansoacto h wkersho hwerengoldiir thepu comter ho e.stag ey thd pai00$17,en0 whfe it ll imvictra to men sor. wea t bi icoin os ane nlinencurrcy th s at i thardaco tre. th spe ho'sital c ceod alleheit t st moic offwaial ey tohend t ob prlem. ne r itheenlaw emforcnoent e r th ho alspite gavinany tidicaf on o wh gho mi bt bed ehin athisk.ttac ha>> t at istl litrae st nge. >> le> ust ur tton l ackro. er >> e wveha l a ootwaf thrmo t ta alkutboom cg in iupthn nee xt raseveysl da. t' leows sh w youwehat e. hav t righrenow wcordwearm r athe da torey stngtchim froplthe ains
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so rnuthein plawas upofrds 30 gr deabees avove e.erag ok lo r fordsecorra in cipid ty, nv dedoer, andge chd wiita. al trso sinetchl g alwathe wny do in l to e, pasoilamarndlo as ros we l, wilen phoesix yayterd hireactsng ime war0 st 9eedegr ad rething aris e plierofart the ye ar. ilwe we l serdreco s in ar chonlestll, taseahasame, tpa, himempd s ansemoushotousn. he irewhs watree'oo lngkior f, te atmper curesinlimb ig upl ntoe th80s horougheut tth sou, west th aenwes ea hond ow tard shnallvi ae,antl, tackjanvsoleil s bydaatur5,y, 7rl cha 6otte6 d an alooke t thhenort ast, up s ward0 of 40 to 5eedegrs, en ev a 60su s yodoget ntwn io sh waoningtc., by ene ofd wthiseek. we go're toing to get lyourocal
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get 30% off every guest erevshy iipthn cae bbrinea t buy,hurrhi tfes ofwor n't llastgon co k me seeyathe ro l bbcariean bo tokayodt a 1- . im>> kt : iis 7:26 o tnhis ur th sdayinmorng.hi , e.ther m kidaand agna w anertew ns 3. d >>ana: l'set cckhen ithwi te meogorolkeist cllyn,urraom s eac pleres hne ith souneern vada got ao god drinkve or the night.>> yeah, and nowha wt weil wl bede g alinewher areus ginty wds wi th thepe temreratus ,s 62g prineyvall 58 and isnell, 59 and theig hh today, 70 gr de bees,ut i wtill fcoeel olerwh
7:26 am
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7:27 am
ethog dit wh ahe macte and ex edpectbe to a in oc lal ur comtroo todayin facger v y ouseris crghaes but ckmithey, e wk-9beill k bacth on jeob on so . k >> sim:ico ne to hear. nggiviry eve aone s-headup, to owmorrn whe youak we upit wh us ,re the n are cewarur insance
7:29 am
ggoin totu sn l aot ofal loc > >> 7:30. ur thsday inmorng, farebruy ,18 . 2016 th ats ieth view from the top of th e rock. >> > c tedruzas h idnchead ahe of na doruld tmp nnaatiolly inur o w ne nbcew n wsstall reet jalourn . poll cr uz firstho cicef o 28%. >>an mydi cansdateoo t pkartn i wn tols hal in s couthinarola
7:30 am
e on topic of disiscuson, e'appls gh fit astgainou crt ordery b fbi elto hp ckunlo the neipho. >> t ihink sitecury fi rst. >>ny a ytimeou are dngealiit wh is sues ofur secity andiv cil rtlibe yiesavou heo tan balce them thbo. i kthin wean ck wal and chewum g heat te sam ,timero pctte rs ous elve fromrrtetsoris. >> apsple' argument is thathe t de ortsr sege danrous ecprt.eden > >>no ather signth of e fgnorei tirela bonsenetwe.s u. and cuba. idpresobent pamalans to tveral th nereextmo nth. th ilis wl be the firstit viso t e th idslany bti sitreng psident ncsie . 1928 >> re> fshtr consyover tiedo t "the peoplesu vers j.o. sin"mpso as a mrembeth of e brown fyamil sp eaks outbo aheut t show.
7:31 am
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7:32 am
st ju tedir of srdipeesct inur o un co try. bothfxnd a imschwmer had no mm co ent. rsome leal ifeaypl sersee the show dienffer tly. i >>'mki loongt a ith wit ti anticipaon. >> or rep cter: arlildougouss i one of mpsisson'or attneysnd a lhad wunchthith eor act pnglayi hi m. >> hed tol meit whe rar ex iocepteyn the wer dteirecd to no htaveny air dcoect t ntacwith th eoe p wpleheho ty were rt pongrayiil untft aer the infilmg. >> or repter:cc angordi to new yorkag meazin filming wndou down
7:33 am
to marsha clark. sa syinghe derelived fngeeli sso be fuauti wllyith souc mh neuanc u yothget ele fe oingf fuittilly t inhe urcom.troo >>ya tonwn broel tsls u shes i notch watingny a of it. e shs say sheps kee rgfongetti that it is even on. >> igi imatne iea trspe on the un wogad a0in 2ea yrs telar. ota lf oeo pple areki tal ng t abou the. show anme,timeer othew ns w,no sthedeconin wners ofas lt nt mo h's.6$17 bonilli jackpot ha cvefoome d.rwar w noy thee hav rrathees modt anpl fsor the moment. >> took atl lite moren tha a mo nthor fau mreenth smi to get th beirucksn ia ro w. e>> w justep kt iequt. ep>> rr:ortebe may not luabsotely alnorm.
7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
owinknyog futurisure ab reout mon ju thaoust y. etso lrt's stang talkiut abo lyourrmong-te.. goals. limultip13ed by ,000na fiadncial .visors it's ig a b deal. an 'sd itdw how eneard jo s s makeofsense ti invesng. e thruflu vi bs hits ig.thwi, aches,chills feand ver, there's no such thing as ali luttle f. itand a needsso big on: lutintan a.iviral so th when hie flu ts, ll cado your rigctor ahtywa
7:39 am
a withalntiviriflu tam. escr proniptilu tamif is ntivan a tiralhat ck attae fls thruu vis sat itsource d ansthelps op it from ea sprn ding idythe bo . u tamifl ais fdavedpproto t treathe flu in ple peowetwo eks aof ageldernd o os whu e flmssympto testarind with lathe dst twoays. re tbefogakinfl tamiu, y tellctour doif yor eou'r eg pr, nunantg,rsin haveri sehealous onth cs,dition or t otake diher mecines. ouif yop devel an lerg aleaic rction, se a asvere rh, s orf igns ol unusuaviorbeha, stop taking taflmiandu ca r ll you idoctoriatemmedly. childr andendo ascenlets ar in prticula ma bey an at cr inseead risk of ei ss,zureon confusior, ab rmalnoeh bioavr. th moe cstmoom nside ff ets aecre ld tmimoo ratedeau na anse an -fti? luntgo airiv al thwiam tluif. m, >>n. no at fw th hedexstas nereamlir e-d ouercomm ced aned uhelpows grus our biness, i itthink e 's timtartwe sti ace ng liknea busiss. >> .okay.. he e re wgo... >> lookoh, th at is... ok, so number one. no sona pereml it s areitpermin tted orhe w.kplace ...s oso th ne willeed ome to c.down
7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
d anllceosul e. he>> te y arinlook cg to heat hosomew. th reey ain try dg toveecei us an yid tro ng thido tthngs e at w do non't . tice utto cne coro rs s ctheyakan me ne moy. >> or rep tter:dahe fs doew allo erfillkes lilu cel ilosen cheese but can lyonak mupe % 4 tofalot grinieeds.nt he s say charde heesn is othe st lifo of wiods octh dteumend sl miliabelng issues. so alth on ste lita cerrain bnds of ra extsi verlion oilve o. so orme mpee exe nsivooseafked li telobs sr oropcalld s an some an oruige j ces. rwechea oed tuttho ine lvvo ed
7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
ok lo at thet resth of e-d 7ay caforest,un sny and eapl.santpe trfecdi constiondi heang into theekweend.>> ha we vene oir donecti of a jo marer artialse clod that way rfo a ce ouplof urhos,fa buflo hbnortound at lmeake ad evboulard with 7eh vs icle lvinvoed and 7eo pple sptrandorte inhi ts acntcide, e onh witouseris inesjuri. this hneapped at 006: ien th mo grnin and it's still sis i a live preictund a they e aror w tking coleart i uph wit a t tow orucken th sceneut b it wi akll te ,timeo s for the mo grnin rush ,hourta syy awa from blouffa andut o tsidehe velas gas eyvall, tuoverrned ac trtrtor raile rigck blothing e anentrcera at'sng goi tbeo he t,reim k d annada. k>>:ime wvehaee bn waedrn. an>> da: a localan m aedccus of rd muerur sedpris eboveryhedy wn he
7:57 am
sis i jravie geretty, when the imvict wasbb staed and raped and head m teheur sepris
7:59 am
dplea . it :0's 8 t0 on today oday co uminghep, tm teahtcaugn ian undercover scheme impersonating a doct.or today he speaks out about his arrest. >> i've never been a traditional guy. >> a new report showing millions of me acari hnse avvenechr geand th r eiedcr citdsar. oush yld soutcwih? l we'lh weigprthe ndos aon cs. and inside oprah's closet.
8:00 am
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8:01 am
>> ay todmy is e wifstchris ina' harty bi.hday we ed dathi in chgh sool. >> h. yea h>>pyapir bdathy. >> ak speofing an romwece, 're incalll g algeengaupd coles. y ifovou lmyed " f bigreat gek inwedd" g, wwet anu yo ctoe omto ne rkw yoy citgeand rrt maonied plthe aza. a >>n nd isiour csternyompa un saiverlll wie givyoyou ur dd weofing r youmsdrea. ptacces ed u vyour tideoaro she ur yoe lovy.stor we t waneeto murt yoil famy. igwe mhoht cyoose r u fog a bi fa dat toowy shdi wedng. n' dorgt foo et ty applrebefo fe rybrua. 6th >> ly wiloi's go ng tnaserede yo u. >> go we lot a gt too et to. is thni mor tng'stoop sitry wh natalie. od>> theay tte whise hou is
8:02 am
ba cun imithe oddlemaf h rc du aringp triatto lmein a.rica w itbeill f the tirstinime stalmoe nindedecaats th a si g ttin pu.s.deresiasnt he gon ubto ca. evnot neeryopo supthrts ipe tr. rc mabio rud o ancrted bouz, th ubof cesan d ccentciritize idpresobent s ama'.plan th xte neit pol sicalowhowdrens a datwo ways ay. rathe arces ghe tir t fo both ieparts. pe alter deexans r ha fmorerom co ialumbut, soroh ca.lina r,peted gooinmorng. ey>> hod, goni moro ng tyou. tfromtahe soute herse h e in lu co, mbiah soutlicarona. he n re ipathe tolmette sta, do tnald irumpils stm l go dominating. poour umem n sberswhhow igat mht be ha a cg ngin nracenwatioide. ama dr faticaclip incord ag to
8:03 am
lddonamp trua by .hair >> s the younde ou'rinhear g is sothe ofund ea scromms cfring om sh waoningtc., d. c >>chruz ngalletring toump sue hi m. e >>inven a thes nnalof pr egiviluse lowse la, uits this s takecathe ke. he>> tht figers ovs thi acruzir es quintionuzg crbi's a tlityo ck piup a s creme jourtceusti. w>>cae otnn trust donald trump th wise theis dec.ions ru>> taymp s'ss he now -aantiiobortn. ck badoing bwn aurit dthing is to alwn hl. >> i don't know that we'll have a uilawst t buanwe w kt toeep hi nem host. >> ki staisng him claso to h ut ca liro, narcmaruo o bithwi b aig as fsistgorom orvernki nik ha ley. i >> ef we mlect rarco, ubio
8:04 am
t greaday. >> b jeb susch--aid >> 's shere a gerat pson. i' rrm soe y sh'tdidnoo m i >>l wililbuond the progress pr enesidamt obs a ha.made h >>ryillant clippon ad ealefor ri afamcan-anerices vot. w >>ede nefa to hece tli reaty of te sysramic .cism wifare goe g in btoabe tleo br doeak hewn tri bariners our ec y,onom s ourieocties, and our li pol ticaemsyst. >> d twounays netil 'svada caucuses bere niersand s is lo g okin the'de o th snextintop ut soroh ca alinalls we. >> th if isere ar a lotge ver tu t,rnouhi i te nk w got to t winhis. he>> toc dem wratssqill ouareff osin lel angnees, , vadaghtonit n at ac-msnbmutem nd oo .show
8:05 am
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8:06 am
e on wwith comanedleanal up l oday,tonly d finhoher me edburiin agaay tod. i >>ne'll cover inmplaut abo a stsnowagorm ain. t >>shhey coulditall e lik ha meiry r ss othsomeing. ea>> yh. >> es livto up i hisilts b.ling y >>e ou'r falsowiollohing ts swild otoryf ut oidflora, ghri?ts >> ee a tr nageenpret tding ao be ordoct. ohe'sngpenith up oris m.ning i>>s t'a nightmare. he>> tna teeacger d cuseof po asingdos a dctornooes elt fe he d lieheto tmu com.nity le. i >>nk thiry eveg thina was lelittrp oved.laye >> s he'onout l bair aftean rcunde sover ttingayuesdwh in at th auieority s saa was camedil pr tiac hcesee upt . 'sheac f cesrgha oeslaf enrcy d anacprciti wngngit aut li nscee.
8:07 am
di meofcal bficeinuild tg onhe sa fmeorlos acea ifrtied co onstlogi. e thagteenaier s nd he teverook s examusbeca we het asn'ngtryi to a be domel .ctor >> i'm not trying to ba e camedictl door. e >> h idoest nsisishe lted li vaedd cralentis. ik>> lsae i soid, eome pmaple y sa aty thse thops stee wert no uaadeqr te oe thoss step nwereot th ade trnaitioutl roe. ni've bevera een ittradl iona guy. >> in an igvestn atiolawas edunch in ua jan ary afterd n elrly pa t tienmeclai sd he ctoles heck hfromer. tethe erenagld wou c notntomme on a theatccus iionstan deil. t bustinsie s thnebusiasss w r nevecioffi oallyanpen e d th op pehole we cameeto s w himere t nonitechy callenpatits. >> tt prechy mue lika ndfriefr-to- ciendrsonven,atio it er's ve-y onneon-oed bas. erthree lyals i tnoatrentme per nvse id.olve
8:08 am
ngtryihe to islp hmu com.nity t >>oahe g tl ofushe bs ineswas o toteperaa as alnormin busess a asma norctl doffor owoice uld, i todenclule whohi itcndng a te alivrnatdie me.cine e >> hd askesathe omme ctymuni r foorsuppt. e >> hslhas d ippediand d me sog thing.wron ai dohask tert evy ybod fprayor hi m. >> r all.ight ll wee , th ateenedccuspo of sing as oc a dlator east y wr asell. erwandthing lle ha as ofrb neay sp ho.ital he n was ceveredhargk bac then awithme cri. he s sayashe hed hiror att neys w nothbut e ey'rrenot toady unannoowce hy' theoire go ng t eeprocthd wi c theesharg. a >>hend t ny'reeaot rlly at eytorns. t >>rehey'pl peoo e wh alookt filaw rms. he>> tedy nefo to allow tr ioaditpanal th. >> di "mesccal ."hool au>> lodgh ce. h >>d e hasta hiofory ng doi is th.
8:09 am
as>> lart yeth in ste wem pal ac beeah ar w, heauas cthght en. he a wasist thpi hosfotal r an reentith monor befeye thal finly re wee, likt wainua mihote, w isold ki in d? r >>.ight e >> ha had orhisty. th cte fat thaashe we abletto s up ho a wffle o aice,edlleg- ly - gealledly. e >> hiestud wd byinatchogg doie ho .wser ou>> yw knocothe owp shlls wi ha fve a dielday. ll>> aht rig. up t, nexyo do idur kers eve giv yo thu datadre eed hyel?oe >> y oh,eah. >> t? wha mthiseaay mren mon thayou think. >> and we get to raid oprah's >> nd as i tite im ctonghayoe ur edcr citd armpcoy?an e thnebetsfiou yig m bhte mi inssoug ont . rsfitht e esssmeesag.e mi ssing (tlet oih)flus ou if yeed n oanoid pi toma ge ynar ouronichpac ,in you y ma soobecoo tipansd te itfeel lis evekeonrygoe can ...except you. io opucid-indonsted cioipatn,
8:10 am
which maneedy a fferdient approach. in longr a g fogechan ? have c theatonversthion wi ur yor doctooiabout c, an abd ask esout prtioncrip ea troptment s.tion ulisteni'm p! theret o gee th oladythf hoe e us obackhen .r feetan ve hd giheer tgt strenanh ergyd enst to ltay heahy.wh tho's wi! me? compthe bleted alanceionutrit ofn at greng tastie. ensur with ra 9 gprms of ..otein. . an.. vd 26s itaminneand mirals re. ensu ltake!ife in want a different way to cleanse? try new micear wll aterom frer garni. cethe mittlles a dirractt a liket. magne reto 1. makmoveeup 2. cleanse d anef3. rshre. no h rarsh, ubbingsino rinng. new llmiceerar watom frnier garna skictive. ev ooer l ak atir squanrel d in thk, ea"y ch, i uouldhase tndt ki ofgyener? pr settythure hat'sutow nres wescdiedover.
8:11 am
i' kem liox a bn er inga ri .sma xeall bor. n'you doctt expeh... muc and , thenwham! i t 'ehiwim hugth eeamycroo gess!dn ri alrounght o!d tw g bringirlit, ndfrie! ch rimy, crea0% , 10ranatusel chee. mi abni bybel. acsna lik lettigge br. get 30% off every guest er evshy iipthn cae bbrinea t hubuy,rrhis tfeofwon'r t la lstgon come k seeyathe ro l bbeacarin bo tokayodt a 1-
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a photo of my eggo waffl et when i up.pops l' my eggoeggo egl' mgoy eggo ns (a mweringne) achi hey!a leave e.messag , hi yi knowe thou'r ere,se'cau s i yi' llinm cau g yolto telu yo'eggto l eo myggo! anncr: some ingsth t aredeoo s liciouhareto s. go cldenspriary, wand m fyflufo eggles.waff
8:13 am
> >>re tgndin meti. >> let'sk tal nebusiss. th etis gnds uheer ts eye of just ab outry eve ntpare,ye e llroing. it turns out yout jus sdnhoul't pu pt uh wit . it th ene "rkw yoes tims " haa lu coocmn fdussepe scacifi ollyn un yo gwo men. wh eey t gnageirlsol r tlheir ey es. it makes thee cast thas kid 'tarenay alws able tore expss th lvemsees tuma. rely theap per sstuggears pentse tak a moreer unddistanngpp ahroac ngsayi tnaeegeye e rliolnge w tcanake the bioehavr pnaersolly or ry to t seem fror thei peperse.ctiv e >>olye rl anst. doff >> iav he aee tgena ugdaerht. i wldouat rrheee s theye es roll an th tryo tee s her tiartecula
8:14 am
>> a lotf oes timee tnson d't tfeelcahey nmu comtenica so ey the giv youhe t . roll >> iad h one and iav he one trigh wyouanto t gop sto it, but you ki fnd o lett i . go >>ng beihe t reencipi otfn aye e rollak mes you azcry.
8:15 am
htdauger i gets thind ahe tnat crees aun f rnalteeativ s tonscrees kide hav roin f ontfm theig rht now. >> iik le atth. ou>> y gett i stiny.antl >> it ltlee lov s.note >> y thee makse thoh witce voi on ur yone phond a leave asa mesge an dt i tgoese o thngliviom ro. > >> ikea peshoprs? u yo get the lumbernd a you get to putt i toergeth. nowe k iwt cane b a toughce pla r fo upco les. co anmedires dgssinp u as a lecoup's tpiherastnd a wngalki ou arnd ggivin out aicdve werheth lepeopt wan toea hrt ir o not. >> 4,000pl peoe break up.
8:16 am
>> it isik le a tirelaiponsh. >> ha tts i y neworked comian ty filer dshernsispeingt tha up cole's wiomsd. >> ow no t adelepe oning uput abo thera gmmy orperfe.manc >>de ale gngettist fir inrvtewie nc sie orperfemanct a amgrmy's ueplagyd b audio is. sues ad celeslaim a opmicrhonel fel t onheo t o.pian da tohey say ss shene kwre the wa ps aemrobl imatmedi ely. >> iw kne where theic m wndas a ifr oze. f ielte lik itt wenl wel i'm wa alys a bit ckpiy. it 's otem ion. i'm baemserrasd.
8:17 am
tdon' wo rry. i ed critt preyh muc all day ye dastery. >> c youory tr you own . song >> i would haveed cri if iten wt lyreal llwe, as well. lwi aays o>> s nnfuy. >> iov le her. >>t nexim te sheil w jlustto sp d anrt sta allr ove n.agai th at dsoe air datoy. oahpr and how canou ywn o a epiec of her rowardbe? op irahsel slingig desner iofashnns oy ebah wit o 2ver50 ge untlysed emits. sedress, oeshs, wejelry, atcos. dd bi singstart at 99 s.cent pareedrocesl wilef benit the ra opeah lhidersp acy.adem th e itemse comro f hmer udstio c ingohicach whi is cnglosi te af yr 25. ears > >>ekany west.
8:18 am
malbu f andonashi neli, po relyrted mngelti downk bac estagt asn "l" andet gting bu brnedy traylo ifswt. no ones i suret whaye kan meant sin a owingf eetwts. ae wisan mul sho bde heumbl en ough to admit whene h is wrong an dat ler added myum nber one yenem hasn bee my ego. th ierenls o oyneon thrnde a th at's d'gos. >> oo lkse lik flreonecti. >> for now. e>> has w tngalkiut abo being thehr t aonesim claing to be the ng ki of rap. >> jfeennirop lez jdoineim jmy fa allonn nd iatc skeh cdalle
8:19 am
>> myal tents i c ian dance. ri'myeall >> 's let put some m usicon >> oh,y m gosh. he>> s ryeallan c e.danc it>> ltlewe tgrkinll skisng goi on th ere. >>ha tt was good. i >> was done. >> ,al youti sllat winchg it? i>>on d't heav to dohe t we heat r. cwe kanpeeun rngni it. >>,work ,work rkwo. >> let'soo lk att wha isng goi o onut west,vy hean rai and snow ngmakits i way into the picacif rt not,hwesth nor erncarnlifoia.
8:20 am
hoon sreod tay inlandh wit ow sh ers. cayou etn gut abo 12nc i ohesf ow snch whild wou bere gator f th em. to owmorrth anotoer srmnt iohe t no esrthwt pngushiai rn intohe t t.coas ra llinfaun amospts ellecian y i ptheicacifor nstthwe t oneo re the isnche of rain tghhrou rdsatuay.
8:21 am
okloginny aerwhero fm sixo t t >> e > artoyou o l woyal ihent scome to yourdi cret ?card naew syurve finds 25 monilli er amsicane hav not cedhanghe tir ogo-td car in atst leaen t ye 20 li milavon heve nerha cnged hais toyt laltyoo gdr ooe dst i hu rtu?yo tyguil as crgha, ed tsospo eak. ier nev cehang my ctredi . card hais tt a mie?stak he>> t arere aot lre of s.ward u yo oarenlybl ae to calapitize t onhem if you cehangr you rdca. lo yyalta is small ponorti of ur yo ctredi orsce. yo rou pybablon d'tan wto t get ri f d o cthe yardou t hadhe lo t.nges h >>owan my sdhoul you veha? >> t'shere noag mumic nber but yo anu wt toav hnoe eugh sot tha yo reu aot n usinge mor than 30% y ofourdi cretit lim on a onyf th tem a anyne o time.
8:22 am
ifou ye hav abl proemit wh ed croit ne mor than cc>> angordith to eur svey 44% ofpl peoe dt idn'wanto tig sn up r foew ndi cretar cds bseecau ed crcait rd. >> sngigni up and cnglosi a onld one cane tak the scoren dowa li ttle bit. if you dot i like every six hsmont n and boteeforou y apply fo mr aagortgre o caroa ln you bwille . fine >> aot l of dreiffent feofrs. cayou etn g s,mile rdrewaass, ch ck ba , 0%reintest. whats i odgo? y >>ouav heo t lookt a how you e us thedi crerdt ca? at whwa re ardsre youe abl t o earned bas onr you sinpendg pa n?tter tandhatil wle giv you the id gue.elin w >>hatut abora tvelmi les? er thase h been ang chaen i cypoli. i >>fou y are not aqu freent eltravifer, a you rre aaregul e jod kinf ove tra ilert is
8:23 am
sseat you are brette off just ggoin c for ashback. >> aot l of them doff oerl rea ca sh . back o>> sou yt wano t lookt a an alactuh cask bac . card forha tt eqinfruent tleraveurr o pi ck iths ei cit deoublh cas rd ca. it givesou y 1% when you pay for it w andhen you buy. no alnnuaee f and noap c on re sward c youan . earn ithatsla ft 2% back on sp ngendi. w >>hatf iou y don'te hav great ed cranit c youet gff oerse lik es the? t >> ihiss new. yo u used to not bee abl to pi cazetali t onhe warerds at al l. no ew w areta sgrtin toee s cu searre cdsol r olut forpl peoe wi otth nre gatre c fditrom sc di. over pi caontal ase h theh caswarerds rd ca. >> how did yemou rr embe?that ha>> tnet o i prceactid. 1. 5%ac bnk ory evegthinou y d.spen
8:24 am
0%nt iteresat reou thrgh ve no. mber ithists noar a cd where you twant coarry aan balceec b ause %. 24 i >>f youav he at debr o bcealan p toayul shoud yoe boo lkingor f 0% iesnter rtate s.card >>warerds areot n forou y if u yory car a laba nce. u yo wille savor mone mey just by antrersfngri banalce to 0% card. th e one wee likth is ese cha sl cateard andt ier offs 0% te in frestheor tst fir5 1 mo . nths alno bancera trnsfe fee. st mo have 3%al bance tferansr e. fe yo u have tons trafer thean balce th wihein tst fir two msonth to ca tapi olizen atth. tdon't waiil unt you had the ca rd for six ntmohs. >> youee klp al thoseum nbers an amd nnes i your . head >> t wha isr you name aiagn? >> nk tha s you ochmu.
8:25 am
ti ops g to tocoday.m. >> us> jthe aad we getet tog her withog trnetheessta srma a nda tepeho w iser h aend not mo.ving t firs lyour nocalanews d atwer.he 6 d >>ana o 826isn th sdthuray rn mo ing.ti owme n heto cutck o our heweatrer fo castwiheth tir ormeteisologllt key ke rn.>> s yeteatmper uresidoutse e artonot o bad.63 re deges moand inunta asidet
8:26 am
gvery wusty.inds uthus 4p tole5 mis hoper ur ex edpect toinday l theas ve gas va alleynd ndwits gusto up 65 mi peles urr ho in risp ng mo inunta. he s re i wwhat e'reinlook g at aras f as s the devenay fo streca. nd wiy coionditodns tay an d we twillop ou0 t) 7eedegrs. a iequt sapleaeant w ther will rnretu on ayfridh wity sunnd an 71.75 th by e d enheof tke weend. t>> s hanky.kell e we'rnghaviub troitle wh some heof t tomonin rs i syouro e we'rnghavi bltroulle teing e wherheon t. air whmeanjeile ernnif lowapez s on the ghtoniowt sht juss hour ago wi th jifammy llonintalkoug abt r hederesiovncy t er aetplan ll hod.ywoo gi>> s ve usome shots abt ou whatenhappn ed ilas s.vega >> oo l tk ati hat meoman ce on.>> t' ilos a t diwhy d i toput ergeth so atth s isrdo ha forsemy lf?th neis o oiis go ng to be s od go! m ohshy go, tthisanhis isd th
8:27 am
>>at gre shweow, t jushad an oc oncasise to e thecat ry entl and sh ve isery geenerantic d at th sh cow ielan tu l yoth soe al ssaysovhe les plg ayin at aalsmveler nue ra tther han la rgerar.enas shand e dootes ntr to avel
8:29 am
t onhe velas trgas ip. . bright clear day out on our plaza. igbr shtnyhiac fesn o the azpla. a littlehi cll ithn e air. >> t'shere anwr. gler >> hi tngs to doo tiv le a ng lo her,hiealterif le. >> h witt tha i mnind youav he to pr totecr you ncfina wes,hat you ca n doo tp helou yren parts
8:30 am
>> ul mti tenaldtema aand peets i he real tkingut abo her hbo mo re. we r.athe u yo r are night texto me. i>>'m leikha ttha sken up a little bit. >> cany the ?meet >> is it ayok? >>er he we go. looking at you. >> we need love simu c. >> nd ae wo g f torheni sff rhtig aw . ay t>>thake word outwe ll. >> y,he no w. ayok. no gbody otrthu. er evngythi is all ghrit.
8:31 am
onro aund theou cntryht rig now. lo okth at eke weend ouootlk ayfridw sno irtn no nhernew en d.glan t weth wea ieren thif pacic rt noeshwt. enth on satdaury windy co ionditns inas tex andth in e ai plns. micyix inor nnther newglenand. nd sueay we havet wea wther co uintinn ng i ptheicacif no esrthwt. lo fts o nssu. hine lo ok for wet wereath fheor t gr laeat ikes ntoxates. ea oast coost l pkingyrettn dar
8:32 am
at th isha wt isng goi >> and that's your latest we r.athe > >> t nowoiv ling lo,ngeriv ling tt beer to day. e onth of e wosrld'di leang icphys aians pnd aerione in bio di me calsere. arch eatrdteh hig ilprofe tipa. ents thisor mninge hs i reinvealg inth ygsanou c doay tod toiv le lo ingerisn h new book. go od rnmo ing. tgoodeeo s you. >>et l's starth witthe ti tle. >> it's now. rkrema ablenotech wlogyhere in thregs ape hapning everyee wk an de wen oftef benitro fm . them >> you haveiv f teips for us. youay sak te the twok wee al che.leng i >>t wan you toet gkn to ow seyourlf. en wh yout lis a bunchf ohi tngs wh retheck cheingod blore pessur
8:33 am
rfloo and c youan getp u nwitho nd haon or ane htd iut ps you in e th top 20%f o sgttrenh and me yansilou wvel li lo. nger it. wh atoe dst iea mnf i you can't do ?it w >>ork onr you reco. ou>> yr next tips i you say get vi mong. it ns meafe difrentng thirs fo ff diteren pe. ople >> ay bodwases ddigne to . move if you go t hoourst athe gym an ord wk out and sit forou hrs hein tay d is uieqntvale to sm gokinac a pk of cittgaree. er evouy hr get upnd ak wal for fiveteminus. th eic r yheroure aou y don't ve ha to walk too g tohe t ba omthro. f gooron lg wa lks. >>th is aere magic nrumbe for iyoun terms ofem moventry eve y? da 20 mis?nute 30 numites? >> f iou y can do 30ut mineal wk er evayy d youiv le erlong.
8:34 am
t pue fivut mines inhe treo t wa rolk aund and vemo. do n't been sedtary f lorong ri pe oodsf . time ak>> tedv ageanta ofon wder dr ugsch whi are x,seep sle and to uch. >>f iou yak tehe tm out andt i ts ge brettef halhe t . time erwe weig desned toe bch toued wh rethe b ite uctohed,in havg se xr ohi tngsik le sleepno is t op altion but ndmay.ator ithatows h weet g oalptim utoutp. >> i heardhi ts fobere. take ay babsp airinry eve day. dwhat toes dhatoor fn a adult? >> 002,0 years o,agn air aspin a day heart disease by 22%nd a ro styke b 17%. nit'sot for evoderyby.
8:35 am
theg lon run the bitenefes ar dr icamat. lk ta y to dourroctout abo it. >> reseducd harea disndse a st ,roke as ?well a >>nd cr.ance os three aee thrgi biges for ki tang p aa ill thday dat'toesn co erst vy . much >> d ando the sere. arch e>> wre a inrg chae of elours ves. in tosday'or would y cand fin ytever. hing kthesey i go toel wlte vetd te sis. hwatc the "y"toda . show hwatcer oths new alookt panews. pers t ged goo imanfor ationnd write do vewn einrythbog aut seyourlf. ayou ire cneharg of you. otheldoc dtory there dwr you oo blndd a cdalle you up two days te lar. th ewe noc dtor youo g init wh ur yo own tada. in y'todas world a younre i ch . arge >> il wil take aab byir aspin d ank wor on that cross ldegge st uandp inthg. ksthan so . much e thk boos i theky luc s.year co umingpt nex we are cchatgin
8:36 am
8:37 am
rsfitht iiss "tod" ay nonbc. th ere am picane eopltcan'af tfordito wa i for tdeashatso gound n od or,pape w but illr neve imakeint t the real world. the grandmotr heo whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent cawan't it. nga siomle m d whoraespe telyedneras a caise wan't it. uda stwient mth aaiount n of cdebt wan' we m canreake palgrros esghri tnofow per leop f andieamils whneo t.ed i
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8:38 am
> >>k bac at 388:. daaman etpeas ht il algetother rineal life but in hbo's ge tonetherhass ts t iifa dntfere or sty. >> t whao d y douo in. >>t' isus jt ach bun of st uff. it's so mpcotelicad. >> t wha is it, th?ough >>us jtom se eprntrerieneual f.stuf t >>shat' . cool h >> tard oexn.plai >> i leov that youre a so in it ouat yr th sat i awe.esom >> yes, i am. t>> aou yr age. u youl shoavd he pedunch her in th e nose int tha sc ene. >> well, i don't habeelve wl af teratth. >> ou yrha cerract isth in e ol wheesalnc bououy hse sibu.ness th iats soinmethg. di oud y love ?that >> i love pdt io s chmu. noet bter phmetaor. >> it's not as pigrestious ast i un sods rhpeaps?
8:39 am
lifamiitar weh thw sho it is ab toutavo heso sean ca tch us . up whats ithe tusin?atio y>> m --t thara chacter is ay plyed b -- youav he aer vy te ininrestorg sft on whear hry metal sly lareshtionip. d an heet gs a frgirl. iend t sohis isut abo whatap hpens en wh hes get atl liteit b of essuccs alsnd a hoas a rl gindfrie. it'sut abo my maabysl vibehaor. >> i kind ofov ler you acchar ter. sheee sms la ike mehot utss b me so ioneld wout wan toe b fr siend . with >> ita srtedch wating itnd aas w li heke s is cool. >>he ss itsnu. >> ou y guys arell a u onderne ro of, lgivin with your ersist, yo ur ersist'sba husnd ahind ts he otarr chr acteyowho ayu m or
8:40 am
>> weee nded a p tlaceayo st so ou orr moge tretheen fri adnd insibl-g - ou>> y arein livg on the si 'sster h.couc nd>> a all hellak bres lo ose. t>>ell mef i younk thi this ridescbes your acchar ter. re>> fe itspir? >> yes. ig>> b h.mout >> yes. >> e freerload? >> yes. as>> f hion?icon >> no. s >>ashe h realer intngesti get s. up yo u geto t be civreately lvinvoned i that prs?oces >>t i is like i have anlt aer eg o where i wearll reay tight ewhit jeansnd aav cleage inshowg. >> l tel a mebouthi tatngs meho. uyore a mriar tedohe tat creor ofme "gath of s"rone p areeeopl li kein ask wghats ioi g tngoap h sn n. >> op i h se itay medarrio t him te afher tso sean bensgi. if i't don seeoh jnno sw vili,ng br theaginnd a tkialng- -
8:41 am
i >>'m not theier. >> ou ye havee thr kids, 8, 5nd a 1. hais tigt rht in. >> ye s. >>k loot ase tho s.cuti ar hee ty imesprdse with momnd a d? da hedo towy knt wha youo d for wo rk? t >>hey areot n esimpr sed. 's it kindf o sad. dtheyon't ryeall care. lweiveht rign o su. nset th ere was ae huget togesherns po stert lasr yea wheny m show came outnd aol mly wasik le y,momm iats th you? id saies y likery ttoing be nf cotidenau becouse yer nevno kw ho ow t actbo autng bei an ac s.tres e sh wasik le i'd beo s rrembadasse ifha tte wer . me >> peperse.ctiv t >>heer altvenatis ilyreal y.scar 's it bretteha tt they areot n esimpr sed. an>> co i g to the ongpenir o wh eratev. do i knn't haow wtt ild wou be bu tt ild woun't be odgo.
8:42 am
i t wan to be fdsrienh witr you acchartern eveho tughhe s is a sdiz,hort for stdisaer. >> it'st jusal vley girl . talk >> iov le it. >> nk tha s youoh muc forei bng he re. yo cau cnchat tetogrnheses sunday night on o.hb ck ban i besusins why the delore iansbo auto tak me a joma rmecockba. fi t rsisths iod"t" ay non. bc e thonpers l who hiveshaere s tolvsoobe pr alems sg biheas tld wor. an sd asllmas auryoit kchen table. that t's jhe.ob erevday y. d anw,nohe tir f lsty adowh lphe ged hetlteaarhce r fomi8 iollkin .ds e thnaser too whlphe ted cheyit seriga e thcrsearetofy ta s wte sho tood fupmeor a aricatand sred
8:43 am
prfor enesido t whevhas yter hing tit takes eo do pveryart of the job. sh lle' never let anyone privatize ciso salurecyit meand redica. or t shu pdownedlannen paroothd. she'll takone g theobun l by,llfinat y gel equafopay mer won, d an tstopephe rcaublirons frim g ppinouall r ogprssrewa ay. osofen uabr 2ryh 0tanstupd or fhi arlly. cabee us yif wout anpra idesten knwho hoows kw toameep aeric safe, and build a stronger econy,omil hryla t's cheichoe. i n'womat pkemiros secai tn' keep. we can make rea dalfeifncreine pe leop l'sesiv.
8:44 am
> >>st bla fthrom eas pnt ohe t everg of a mramge bacomeck. >> theel dnoreas ing goiac b k into production. gabe gutierrez went to thene of a kindto facryt tha is vireving it. r >>teeportr: i wasad ahe ofts i ti me.
8:45 am
a time chmae?in t ou a of deanlore. >> or repter:he wn marty mlycf as tkedheim tselesst que iionn ck bath to eut fure theel dnorea was imalmort. ized >>or delean its no only ahi tng of p theast but ang thif othe pr tesennd a a tnghi othf e refutu. r >>teeporhar: tt feutur is fo ungldin in mbhule, te xas. he>> won d you etxpec toe bk bac in du pronctio . in hi>> tsim t neext year. >> or rep tter:he ceond a says for the first time inhr tee cadesdehe t cpaomny wlilui bld ab out 300 new deaelornsnd uer a manufacturing bill approved by the federal govemern. nt atwhs ios mt un?ique >> erevngythi. >> or rep tter:oohe d trs,he fe tel,he orhisty. >> ry evebody has ael dnorea y.stor r >>teeporhar: tt gabenth in e mi '7d 0 s. in 9219 the inorigal
8:46 am
re isfurb ohingldor deleans ever nc sie. >> can iel hu?p yo ep>> rr:ortema desnd ite hotr an th1. 21ga jig wa tts. th ewe n rcaeplis arexp edecte to co lost co se t1000$1. ,000 ow>> n it isim teor fhe t redelooan t inshe. >> thenl oy car that k i tnowhat liseik a hssapne inmache. >> or rep hter:s e iari wter in st auhoin w has dnrive his cl cassios acrhes t coy.untr o >>ne oef thir fstim tes i took itut oor f d arive i pdulle up to to a spht lignd a a guy os cr asingnde h tdurne and st teardow bing ttho ear c wchhi ha s nerevpe hap inedn my s.priu ep>> rr:orte t aime mneachiha tt al yread a hadil wd deri. >> that was fun. ep>> rr:ortela a b fstthrom e stpa. >> t' ia s eadrcom meuetr. r >>teeporoir: g bngkac ttho e fu retu.
8:47 am
c, nb hu,mble s.texa a >>llut abo thes.door l>>ove it. >> whyasi w in e.on >> how did it elfe? >> ht tigut bso awemeo t ben i e. on w >>ne ca wkorro adun it. >>t' is so olco. >> he t mblainorghi. >> ts hat'ghri t. cinom ugp next,s i ite tim to e hav theon meyk talit whou yr pa ntres? wh yatouho sdul beng doi toak me msureom and d'dasin fsancere a
8:48 am
8:49 am
rs fiist th"t is " odaybcon n. >> > as we h aeardllee wkef sli an spres a lronge than erev. se nior pnaersol fceinan rr condespo ent. ithis ts aoughve coniorsatn to ha orve f p anytarenh wita il chd. >> it is ay ver tough nv cotiersaon bseecau aot l of orsenires a rrembad.asse theyon d'tt wan todm aitha tt th ayey mee nd help. yo uee nd to havehi ts co sanver btionseecauti stasstic show whenre thes iud fra lvinvoedt ild couea mnp u to 0, $3 o000fut o po. cket >>'s let starto tav he the nv cotiersaon. ymone talk. av>> hinghe t moneyk tal iser vy
8:50 am
open cniommuoncati is very po imtrtan iner tms of evprngenti d.frau wyouant to askhe tmol snsutio h toelp them toev riewir the ncfinaites wh . them so memetits i isif dltficuo t haves thial tk. yo edu nehi a trdar ptyo t step inbe mayal tko tnaa fil ncia seadvir. >> e somay ws thats i ugto. hest ce onou ye hav gnotteng goip hel tset uhem fpor fesaty. ou>> yee ndo tknowre whe the do ntcumes are. wh dereohe ty keepan fin cial medocuannts xd tatu re rns. ow knpl peoenv idolve in hinandlg medocu nts. iov lenl o bineill pays ah muc as t tha they can do for sethem. lves wyouant to get rid of junk il ma. nt co dacttirec rkmag.etin rgetfid oat csalog and inth. gs ge t onhe to dot n call gire.stry im>> syplif it a leittl bit. hwatc outor f signs of outr ble. he>> tre are a lotf ossign of tr e.oubl
8:51 am
ti no tces chatould be a sign sthathiometsng i going onh wit em th and alsot tha atheyre be ingba bomrded by ts,hing an chges in theiril wlha ttay m be s aign that myemor is ps la ing. ,also lookor fus soupicis na filnciaac tytivi. if y souee a l ootf atm ermoth b has aeenllctuay dr beniddet thas iot n ibpossle. fi utnd o t ifhats i pphag.enin pa unidls bil and unlusua rc pus.hase u yo tknow wheyn'oulduyt bse the in thgs. th et nex one ials rely im anportt. wa otchorut fam scs. theaarp btiulleidn d ae hug etbullboin aut srseniong bei ettarged. >> allf ohe tm sayed meicar is on f e othe tops one toat wch out for. myourarediceum nberds nee to be ot prd.ecte u yot wan to makee surt i d'toesn fa iult tntohe wrong ndhas. yo uan w ttoe makur se pntayme s
8:52 am
im anportt one. g weet terklemagetin ca lls. u yot wan to makeur sehe t si bu inessgis letetimaor befe u yoanbuy ngythi r orndespo in any way. s >> iethereb a w osite r thsome ingin. >> t jus go to theet bter bu sssineea burndu ae make sur it is aeg latitime sibu. ness in er tfms o tsuech tpporer he is one tthhat rpe aa fo und. t ifhey arein askoug yo t lodown pad acuarti wlarteebsi at th could be air vus or me sogthin for tmhe to get ascces ytoourso pernal imanfor otionn yo ur mpco. uter theig b ogestne is irs . scam th sat i a v moice oailr call yi saoung y owek bac taxes, as tkingayo por f that. nirs ceveralls you. th ers i onlyta concts tghhrou s. u.ta posl rvse ice. yo hou suldno kw that soou y can bere awa of amscs. when alle els fails youig mht ve ha tote spfo in rou yrar pents ptsplm dw tshat' a bigte s fpor a lotf opl peo teo take.
8:53 am
erconvonsatior befe youo d it. yo nu caan hdle aot l ofng this re lymote andn the ulconstit wh onsomefe i n youeedo tnd aee s if c youiran home seone to lphe. >>at gre po. ints an thuk yo so chmu. >> th. anks ok loho wne joi odur co uch. st oarf nbc's dycome. good inmorng. >> bigso sean nafile. >> we are funnynd ae w get out. h>>as she n?grow nelearnyd a spisanh? >> . no ze froor her. >> ha we adve h m souch fun. stheneasoal finea is li cff ng haer. etheril w ble ae hug cliff ha sngerory evebodyet gs to tc wah ndmoay. he>> sms seeo sut pog trethe but
8:54 am
>> artmi ingtatie lif stplmp dw texacdw --. >> exy.actl >> we't wonw knoor f a e.whil rit'syeall gr eat. it 's n.fu we had a greatim teh wit being ir paped uit wh rssupetarnd a er am ica. were apy hap about our dicomees. h we topeo get pdicke . up >> ot lsf o talkbo aut . it >> i't canre b iathens thi es drs. >> l youook lo. vely y >>anou cat breexhe nt urho.
8:55 am
>> >> u yoy par fo aitt 6 85hion ts thursday morning. hello there kim and dana wagner live on news 3. an>> dhia ts aisan strnege o, co ernsidthing is hoadme h a fi otre n nglo. ago fi ghrefi stersaid eyth mom htcaug fin re imbnoveer. at thid incent po sliceasay w e thre osult af an rsonatth rn tunted io a zabihorre demici stinveioigatn. e onwaman lls kinoed, t in the bfiren ut ithnde ha os of ther op pe her otrs cling udinbya ba we erre slyioust hur aine hom siinvaon.hetti vicwem's re bo d und anhaone d anstnedalos s --pat astb eson. ey thno do t haheve tpl peoe th ilat kthled n e main osidef e th homeinto cus dy.we haalve ttoked lolacal w rcenfot emenofalficio s wh
8:56 am
to ximedrcan ug rtca els.sp eedyanatd thti con nuesto be in igvest, atede th -wind - we ll key. >> iheres loa t ok athe cu t rren gwind ustsouarhend t ll bey. we haenve ciatennl reinport g 45 s miler pe whourguind st. ou mnsntai geedmi 32 peles r ur ho. is thl wilincontntue uil ouabt 00 2:s thiteafn rnoostand art into ws d itdoway nde wi llwie makfeyou el a li cttler oldedatohey, t ndwi ll wi d dieown riduheng t ov ghernid t ans it iqu ite we r athe intowethe d.eken nextekweh wits highin the 70 m ony ayto pay tod to kemae sur tait sys on e.ther >> moto mrrowngorni we uwakep th wi, a upcohile twengs 're lk taabing out.on e y mactaffet whau'yo re go toing don wheomit co es t ca sur ine.ranc th neeir lew ru s inacpld e an
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
stmo good morning. theot hstteic ttke in . town mi halton and weav he oneth of e st stars. >> ro> fbcm n nsews this i da toy'se tak whitl aror,ke tanae limoleras,il we liisge t danam tn roha. ll >> wcoelmeo t "datoy" on
9:00 am
i' m weilli alonge sid linatae, al nd aam tronut on o asmesignnt. ry an goegldli filng in. >> -ralon. t >> ihiss your m.ja >>s thi isf i youee nd ait letl pi eck m up andee nd toce dan in yo urer undwearth in e mngorni is ths ithe . song >> th is haat wtou y do to get re ady? >>id inseco sopn o howou y pr eeparor f ani morng like da toy. >> er undwear indancg. >> i love . it >>'r youe aan strge man. at th is whye w love u.yo >>'s letal tk atl lite po alwerbl. re ermemb b theig pot $1.58 bi n.llio ethreup gros n.wo no wwe have aernothup gro in
9:01 am
on ire-th odef thnt giaow pllerba ck ja pot. eemaurmin sthnd a davidoo t tkhe $327il mlion lump sumnd at kep btheig win aec sret fromir the family and friends. >> it losik lene t dspoun. ota l ofac ping at ghnit. >> i'm adfrait il wilak m mee le ecss b iauseil wl be rrwo ied. >> eonveryeas way sing youre a bfromeach do ynoou k wwho won? no . w >>hen i aedrrivat le foror wk. >> ll reaony d k'tnow yet. ani wot tet g a ssma age.
9:02 am
>>ry eve df ay or thei life sd tprmp. >> i shes a hakomemhoer wel sls . avon e shay ss she vraery rely pl hiayatzepl ays theerlotty. >> kngeepit thaec sretll a these we eks. yo ur mifaly,r youri fendsy the yknowivou le ien thre aa and ngaski u.yo oui wtldn' be able to sitn o at th. i ld woue bur bgstin aet th esscen. i >>ou wldt jus be scinreamg. >> sl no eep. oshe lent t po. unds >> t' thas ad goo etdi. ge llt aha tt y,moneos le ten un pods. >> all it ketas. nowe kew th two erwinns. th ere is one more inal cniifora th asat h notom ce arforwd. >> hi cno llhis, licaiaforn. w >>ed nee new ndfries.
9:03 am
an ryal wked inas whi ts sshtyli etjack. it'sin vtagero fm san anfro?cisc s >>os thi gis aood topicor f yo u. th ale wrel stetou jrnalas h an ti ar cley.toda theue qnstio isho suld a sman' oe shnds a belt aslway tcmah? a asad ly we sortf o -- i't don we ar a lotf oel bts butn whe i do ihi tnk ien td toch mathe tm to my s.shoe i >>on d'tnk thi youav he . to do te whaver you . want dot wha feels . good isu ually do. in my ciaivilnif le i don't re allye. car y >>onou d'tea wr ntpas. >> iev nerr wea s.belt >> are belts ouedtdat? t>> i hink. so a ot l of umcoste dneesigrs --
9:04 am
?belt >>an pts are verym sli and al reitly f syou. >>t' thahes t inthg. i>>t's notik le youav hee th bi g t.shir ou>> yil wl seet tha a lfot o re d ctsarpe andtu sffou yee s ys guh witooa gdte fit pdantnd a anot belt. t>> ihink were a mgovin tdsowar nu dity as a ciso ety. t >>ons awer thest queion the wa trll s jeetalourn peeopl po lled say 70%ay s you sdhoul hmatcr youes sho to . belt 30 % say no. iofashn rtexpes says ag lon as they are ien th same fyamil tone wi ses a wells aam se ns seitibily. yo ouu wtldn'ea w ar erwestn belt ce neilssarity when tsni sh oes. >> i'mn o your anpl. ro thew than pts . away >>wow. t >>his ials relypi sngrali out
9:05 am
slet'nc lau ohurht hasag ba.ttle rewe ang goiee dpn o the to pic. r fos yeeetwust it wh #m er>> plyfectat mched like the be lt teo th sh oes. p.shar ry vece ni. i ovappre. we ll . done >> for no #rreuleb. aker d ioe havat mgchinel b atnd sh oes. oni dhi't ttnk i is a irrequt.emen live your life. >> ou> y haveaj morma dra ghtonit. wh at odepise are we ?in >> ian wt toay s . 16 >> us jtad me that up. >>le puld that one out ofn thi ai r. >> so m'tos lifepp atlareny ha gnginth in ale bance for tonight's episode.
9:06 am
>> white lema, approximately 30 years old. >> what did he do? >> you know this guy? >> not really. >> your friend's friend is in a lot of trouble. cepolire ad sen de egretectgin ctdete. ives i >> mdisse that. >>ha tt's hdar to do. i was in bed all day. w itas rrte. ific >> waith bag overou yr face. ul codn't tellt wha ias w do ing. >> canou yiv ge cxtonte to atth? >> tg ryintoe b ahe fatr and swant toet g medarriut b sk undilleth in eay w osfng bei a ma d n ann humag.bein so ital f blsack onis hor st of pa wst,hat hes doees bto t get ne moogy trethe t tory wothoork it outnd a itsn doeea't r lly oworkelut worl f m.hi
9:07 am
h >>is heart isth in eig rht pl aceut be h hasot a lle to arn. >> keeps caesnglati. >>li cffha ?nger >>s it' a t.lo it 's t.grea i'm teexcid. >>la bck ltiss airig tonht 9:00/8:00 racentl. pick ytiour onme ze. >> 15th odepise. wyouereea rlly oscle. an>> wt toch wat your epe?isod >> mesos.time me so i do and some i do n't. en wh youre a solo cselyol invved hein tdu pronctio it issu ually li arke hod tta sy jeobe.ctiv >> were ang goio t talke mor with eva nglo. oria oo>> gd to be . here we arera tgckinaj m worarm we ratheos acr msuchth of e un co try. rdrecores a inpa jeo ordyf
9:08 am
ertempesaturut abo0 3re deges ab oveagavere. yo nu ca see warmea wther exstend fr oman cnadia toic mexan rdboer. anso myoy enjinghe t wa. rmup ahereecre rordsor f this y.da 74 in wia.chit to sday'di pre hctedigh te atmperure 79 grde ees. as youd heant ioex tas 80s in br fe. uary es the e arrdreco s inaram. illo 86 yourec forasth hig ertempeatur in aram. illo 87 desegre inos r. well hethe at ndexpainghr touought th ese rf t othe week. ge gttino int itn o thet eas as cot. th aesehere tt nexee thr ysda. ll da1as 8or tom 7row8 ase wea hd in heto t wed.eken g goinakto te lrongeor f at a.lant u yo see traempestureth in 0e 6s to day. ar ne 70 by sdaaturynd a head to in theth nor weasted nee this rafte the cstolde farebru dyay nc sie 19. 63
9:09 am
toinhe t0 5 tand ihatsr youhu tyrsda re fo. cast eerarlihi tsee wek wsk aed u yo s tohare some ofou yr ld wi festirston ccert lo oks. i we shodve edyrybo aic pture of me . is ths i 14 went to myst fir nc co ert,anspdal ba. llet is tha is ndremier twehat t wan vi sewer toen sda in urpicte. u yocanin wha a ctonce f belown
9:10 am
oeto t ovmakeerrt couesy of j.c. nn peey. po st ato pho to our fooacebk ge pa. ll te ushy w weul shodel h ypou ro ckr youyl ste. rs fit erconct? re ermemb. iw gre up in j newyerseo s i'm g goinueto gonss b jovi. >> i want to sayen gre dayr o so inmethg. >> d goost fir cot.ncer >> a lotf o n.fu >> > cg omin eup, vaorlongia, a wo omanfy man leta nts. we il wpul het tor he tt. tes uifrt. nu .ts
9:11 am
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9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:14 am
now evago lonria is . back >>pa s snishoap opa,er the srta of he t swhoit wnhi a swhoho ws i bait of a diersast. >> >> oh, . no what did weo das lt ghnit? i >>'t don remember. i wokeon up ou yrit kchen un co gter,otss drended a w tento th e >> howre aou y not huerngov? >> i'm very yo ung. m i'ng goi down. hcatcme . d >>id you catch ?me oo>> gd rnmo ing. o >>nehi tng i leovbo a tuthe show yobend the fact -- ie lov at th you seem toe bil w tlingo do ytan. hing >> al. ways i e lov pcahysil mecody. ev teryime i didt i inou hse wi wveshich was all sma amount ofe tim thean fsed lov . it
9:15 am
re spyad min wndgs ao d it. yeverk wee ild wou goe hom with alikewe taked oush,lder beruis m ony . knee i was itcomm ted. >> you guys came along and did it t.righ >> el tel m a tboutheov leet lter el "telenov la" iove thed win inmachnde ata sirs ander cama ve mos.ment w iasay alw bs aig fan. i wasn o theng yound a the st re. less eso we werik leha wt a great me cody. ouit weld b funnyn eve if we we n re ia dstenti fiofce. th ace ftha tt were ain trygo t ma tke i wnithis thiho s iws pr lyobabt whas ilyrealqu unie an ped s acialbout . it r>> ibeememeir seheng tst fir om proros f the . show tyou aalk tbouthein wd inmache. sthis ihowsng goi to be good. he>> wwan i urs mngderieb somody
9:16 am
awasin wdhi macnne o me. >> d i kon't inowfou y know this bu t i was in ael telenova lfmyse. w i tento coialumb. g i aotit ltleli cpec bause i t llis a about- - i wtanou y to dgju mey ainctg tantle s. >> here we go. 'sthat how its i . done >> the slap ahend tho w tlehing
9:17 am
ytheoungad ly whoau tght me that. >> ie likhe t cutwa ayth of e ho rse, >> she ttaugh meow h tooa sp op erafi ght. >> i was azamed. u yoowknhi ts they w lorkike 14 hour days. >> youor w lkong dayse her in ho oollywd. th oey d anepeisod a day. akwe te likeiv fe . days >> youhi tnk youou wld havee m on? >> >> weal tkedbo aheut t lip .sync
9:18 am
i was soe sorft aerea lgrnin is th. mye lovet lter to n ickimi naj. i loved it. >>wait. itet gs erbett. >> youid dn't shown whe i was ke lium hping the gr. ound ri cha stinleaguiomra cutes o ca beuse thiss i allut abo the gu estrs sta cgomin outnd a when yd haasen win sging andhe tre co meshr cnaisti leaguira. i wikas l le iost but ice dand myt but f.of my bhautt dle faln off. y >> gouot the ltbe. i>> did get the ltbe. >> he s isti sgckin ndarou. h weave one more li spfe as box okesreis gat. peop llee meovor favin sthg ovem alf er hana grd wh y en thech tswitogo pre.ressiv so ab i'm dinbling ven news.ture it b wasamoard-gte nighwi heth t l dalai ama. eat grguy.ib terryele pla r. go rlpapeess
9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
> >> were ak bach witeva lo iangor. were aiv dgidino intea tms of twoor fen fridly coitmpet ion. >> the lgosin teamga a instme. >> see whos get the most -pping bongalls tohe tth oer one th wiy onl a spoonn i our mo.uths >> i'mot ne surow hs thiil wl rk wo. w >>yohen ayu plal a ble gamut b t nohi t sone. >> weo d allf oe thes asill ga mesut mine to win it megas. an od nen talt edneed. >> ou y y?read >>'m i so adrey. el>> wl- - >>ou ys guy -- >> no s.hand no s.hand no ticheang. >> all t.righ
9:23 am
>>he s's . good >> ro dp it. , go wi,llie !go comeon. make up for . that >> you guys . suck >> s thi is s.bogu d >>on'tak mee m >> lide. cate de cali. te i>>'m estxhaued i >> got . this i got isth. >> t thaas w my bad.
9:24 am
>> be ntgele. >> aree w done? ye s! y >>etou g a lot ofct praicet a me ho. d >>idou yr heaom se oef th mm co?ents >>racongtitula ons. >>ha tnks te o thtgrea eva bwehtroug h youtoere day gtoouet yner hopist onionab thout ewis n. car eeto kinp thnbgs ud,iase emwe r aovedhell tos log. elfekes limw a b. rendmimes l atlit ebioft e likudan ai. thso, aris cpp su aorts cppleayarpl. risi, open maps. sh tse ge a ithalso ens tedr tiverolechnogy. it n eves muterathe undio tile th bseat aeltsucre b.kled vei'm urry c wiousithat is. isthth is 16e 20vy cheib malu. an sd it fellsor? itta ss rt tatntwetwy-fio .ve wh?at i wmeanalith isl thhn tecy.olog 'sthatam a gane chger.
9:25 am
th wat'shehy t bre'sneiote. it om cn es i roral,insesp orray gel heso t mre'suroistgizinre fliefveor ee.ryon enbiotore, fpl peooe whff suroer fdrm moy h.ut >> ho we oupe yr urth sday inmorn g isf of gto aood arstt. m kiand wdanar agne aheret 3news. u yomee t shenis jny omfr the k blocand shs e waheon t witjifammy llon s hourla s.vega he>> re soare home sf ts owh at happens in the s las >> h oosmy gh! u yomac alookatt th i mean ocomen. >> ia t's oflot wo
9:26 am
is so d harfor semy lf!>> is th ouis yllr ca. >>isths iingotog e b so go , od mohgoy sh tthisofime is th thand end th heat t o ende f thowsh m i' like >>awwe sen rectly haat tt ow sh in anplolet hodlywo and an r otheg thine shs liket abou las s vegahais te t sh tgetso ay plor a me maintiente vue th rahaer tbin a g a aren show sthathe tetonds n plaar ound wothe rld. w nodoshe otes n thaveavo trel ndarou. >>and oalsoe n thc topi of lejay tuno, inne ig tonorht f r heshhit haow sofdes bl is ingettlog a t ofgo od bu zz.ri noght aw weuzre b zingt abou wethe r atheusbeca ie itnds wiy ou ert the. >>nidefi htelyang yonto our ha s ts igotoing a be poilnyta y dala.dies ertempesaturh higinmm pri and umpahr tp ishe des,greeld bouer ci 1 ty 770and des greeasin l s vegay todabut wes ndy' west so esuthwt wiinth wstd guing to m 45 pileser ho l wil makeyoelu fede colr d an balsoawlow omay se aggarbe ns ca andatsummyoion t u pu
9:27 am
ge.lo f ts osunenshidi heang toin e thenweekd anxtd nek wee with mp teurerates tureg rninheto t mi ved-ses.ntie th>> yoank u. to owmorrni morng whouen ye wak up wis th uilwe wl saouve y a fe w buoncks r youcar in ncsurae. me so coriol tofcks thetr ade th e at whad nehever ofard be refo
9:28 am
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9:30 am
gechansim aed atpi keeng and mo titivang rkwo ers. pthe irovesig des tnedoe giv more rocontl. >> > tripis adv ooryut wthith e st bech beaes ien th. u.s based on tleraver ewrevis. rcleaer watea bch inlo frida na tmedeshe btea bchlo folwed by ha awaiind orflsida' saiest be ach. fl idor haasee thrth of teop five hebeacs. gori flo adand hi awaihas >> he> tpa comny thatro bught us ltheeittl redag w ions tg akina ot shli at n fe i ftheast lane. ra fdiolyer perartn wedithla tes c toe reatfithe kirst idds re on te utst lhatun rs onit lhium ba ietters. it ea fstureor wkingea hd tsligh, rw foard and rsrevepae catybili, tr a funkoroy t asnd a sound sy . stem allha ttor f $499. at th cane by m first
9:31 am
>> d gooni morng yoeverne. he gadino int theee wkend a great day tope snd oue.tsid mo torrow traempestureut abo 25 gr de aeesbove erav age. n72 it. s s.loui the only etixceponor nstthwe or stitmy waih rn and maiountn ow sn. tu sa trdayhat warmea wther ndexpants iheo t rtnot.heas f62or norew ycik ty. ok lo how quiett is ios acrs the ti naon. no majorto srmsn o rdsatuay. a leittlin wdyut b. dry n86 i phx.oeni nd suaiay rn res.turn gh litho swersm froas texhr tough io ohal vley andti sllm war in
9:32 am
mp teureratesl wele abovagavere andt' thasou yree wkend caforest. >> f> inl o tyheou fgndinhe fatrs hadxp eedlainou thrgh hipop hn i yourig hhoh scolto his ryascls? ithatsha wt tyhere a doingn i il"ham. ton" esinc theex ntva aleilabke ticts areet som iimeen tht nex llminienum we bugro ohtut ar sta to day. en>> wt on tort sta f the irst atpriverp ogehanaer he inew n rkyoci . ty socrinleedib. w ias rngeadiut abo you and to ar lehan tthi ts isr you bwaroady t.debu u yoic basally gatraduedn i 2012 an ndtexhi tng k younowou yre a hein tt besw shot tha ist mos
9:33 am
rneveam dreed isth. t >>abalk thout are chr.acte k weabnow houttoamilndn a je soffern. sh d e haema rblarkaife leer aft d he ied. he>> sed liv to be 9ea7 yldrs o an dab estedlish their fst ivpreat oharpgena in norew yk ty ci which is an ongngoi dafoun stionlociavi serce og pr ram. they do a lotf o good. e >>orxtrarydina mawon. w hoo dgei tit etcks? gi'llet you a ti. cket >>t whas ithet mos funt par ab outoi dhing tows sh? t>> i s.vary i av hen beeit wh itor f atlmos tw eao yrs now. yo turyo td fin neway ws in ev eryt.nigh i kthin for me its ie likho tse tt liacle bagk stmee mo wntshere u yous jt haave it ltleun f back st bageeefor youav he tous r h on.
9:34 am
>> sinpeak ogf backta sge ntmomeous yuy gsus jtad h a back ag steen momt aet th mygram's. ingett tghe what was that like for you toe b a t parf o ?that yo uyu g dsidr you rfpencormae ve lie herm fro y neworkhi wle it is ng beiro bstadca onhe t gr 'sammy. i >>t was nicet tha weer we in r ouwn o terheat and felt like our howometern vsionf othe mygram's. it wasat gre bseecaue wad h a ve liie audncehe tre ofri fends andfa. mily an dy theld wouio radn it wha was enhappingn i. l.a weou ctldn' seet whaas w ha inppeng. we ld cour hea what was going on. gh rieft bore theynn aedounct tha we won weer we likeoi dng the t se andmi jamngk bac e.stag asit w t.grea >> areou ys guy arawe? you w arengorkiha so arrd, ue yo eawar w ofhat ispe hapningit wh e thw shosi outf de otheat theer in ms ter ofow hit excedpl peoe ar hee, tno phenmeno hainppeng? >>
9:35 am
i k i d't see a lotf o it ca be iuse i'men that theeror f so manyay ds a . week t bu justnk thiing about oppele's ds ki gngettio s into it. lamgsike t 5o0. 1 ey th aotre tallyo int it. the album iewill's kidsre ag kin on alg. t >> dheyo theap rat btle 6nd a ea8 yrs old. ey the hav htoamiln andef jonfers ra aing boute'stats ghrits. >> th by e timey the are 12 they mareore wellse verdn i hryisto an thas i w by . 19 >>in askgst queionsut abo the ysgund a gngoinl oine and intalkbog aut sthi ory. 's it azam ing. tssgli rrea rlly erancou ged lepeop toak te ak look bac and ar lehen t facts into hisryt tha m weaye havfotergotlmn sbpt. e>> wem remberhe tsepl peoe are re al oppele. athey nreot atstus. atheyotre n tipain png,eeopl
9:36 am
mand adeakmistes and had su s.cces i >> at's pilotro pgramht rig no w but it'sch teaing atrtis raproghem wasre ct arein act ags hiteacng tiar sts. rewe a wngorkiit whe somf othe ki ds ien th coitmmuny. tsohe mrastela cssesre cgatin th oeirwn rkwo. 's itot a lf o fun. oo>> gd for u.yo we re a soap hpy for yound a for sthessucceth of e . show ev hieryteong pple saybo aut it is e tru andol accadesre a well de edserv. congralatuonti s. >>am htoil insn o dwbroaay. >> >no kwnro fm ydiet nrkwoow n he trehoo ssw uim sepl urapgs de itorence asluvaofe ou yhor mewa i t s ouhein tin dinomg royo, owu knet, mething sie resdent d and i hanta genlemast e op masand ik mef dei ma d hisr.inne adhe ht loswihis ecfe ry,entlbu dit i kdn'tthnow at. he e madmaa reo rk tbome aut sunot e re hedwantbe to th anere e,ymor
9:37 am
r aftenghavir youerdinn , iinthwak i o nt tk sticndaroua e whilthand eaat rmelly antmesog m vei ned r haxpan enceriekee lith ndat aju it etst lkn me ow wthati'hat inm do mg is uchremoor imp ttantjuhan oost fd. dingblees? gumyo thu may it'sink es a r ult ofngbrushi har .'s notit ig's a s earn ofguly asm disee... st lir)erine(el can hversp ree... early gum disease in just twweo e(sterinr). po r toweou ymoutr h! t doesmellhe sa of yfreshlbo presund taenonti ll yfi wouh opitmitism? do ov you lur we yoesirelkes yboard more than ceain rtlyfamime s?mber r is youess succtodue in a fil g em osystyonly rsu undetand? do ntes prifroming r you tabletou to yreler wiriss pnter gi yve a jout ol conofdefie?nc
9:38 am
whmeone s o know thethatht rigof eafice gr s yohelp gu dohireat tngs. an erd the e's onthplace as at h a itll. doffice offepotaxicem . p gear ugreafor t. ev hingeryts kid touch during cold and flu season icsth ks witthem. ma urke sgee the eyrms th br hoing 'tme don a stickd.roun e cl us oroxsi dingnfectiduct pros. be e nocaus k oneerills gms er tbettclhan orox. e ther16are sh freke-picd georanues sq iezedeanto chlebotttr of anopicrea puem prium. d anluabso ntelyaco spre fo deadgad suatr, w er, porrvreseesativ. tr anopica. we put the good inor m.ning mm mm ..mmmm m..mmmmmm mmm mm mm mm mmai, yoplt sh ywiskour coin unuld bo baceikck le it o?used t
9:39 am
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9:40 am
m so dy kidsavon't h fore toage,tw got to jobsy a o pagamortge, and i've also got a brain. li 'sfert shota, s lk ieachp. ll i'work be whing u ile yosleep. il stt l don'k thinvei' b got arain? yo ink u thsua renome's eugh? o' wh stellupp hen w ingsthet gough t? n'doyou t ntwa thatnd okiaif brn? a grdes ee idea .gree reyou' w gonnasoant e m bu ont yoly if au havein. bra >> f> i youe hav gone tghhrou a me hoen rioovatn youro pybabl nd wo heredowuc mhey mon youre a go tingoet gac bk from upesgrad.
9:41 am
va oluef your homeit whout br ngeaki b theank isos ht of in comeerprop. ties >>d goo inmorng. >> ha t fnks eior berng h weith . us e>> w areoi gngo t play aam g e igof hh and lowit wh xtfiurese w e se w ifne caue gsst whas i on htherighend e and lower end. >> a few craompable prtsoduc. h weaveau fcetsnd awe shor ad hes. >> d you hon'tave tond spes a ch mu nemoy. et>> rurnn o stinve. ment yout wano t find a laba nce. yo u wantd goo qtyuali but you n' dotan wt to payop t ardoll. >> youdd aingue val to your me ho. er evngythie her isd goo alquity. >>on dop't cy me. >>o n chngeati. >> here we go. is tha is d har one. is th one is h.toug >> hi i t'mnk i going with that. >> i'm going bkwacdsar now.
9:42 am
>>on d'tor wryut abo esthe. you have one meoro t . go >> you otforg. >> areou y d aoinge hom nore? >>t' is g not woing ell, ouobvi sly. >>be maye wcan help you. >> youuy gs did pyrett llwe. ot>> bh cctorre . here yo reu aoo lkingt a ace pri ff ditierenroal aund $65er he and $100or fs thi light xtfie.ur ifsignticant cos ngsavis. %. 35 t>>eo th eye n tothat much di enffert. >> s thi h oneas atl lite bit of g.blin is th isha perps atl litore me ulmasc ine. >> n,agai low. so dymeboue g ssed low. i oe d tnthug youss gueedt a >>ou y did aoo gd job. $90nd a 30$1. sh howereads youuy gs areix med up here. 'm>> ihe t anorge.
9:43 am
>> you areng wro aiagn. re he we go. 25 s,buck5 4 s.buck bi gfe diferencn ice pri erthe. >> soow n l tet'sabalk whout en yo anu w ct toovergl uy inthgs. >>s way to disisgue it. >> e somf o this is diy ande som i oft isut aboin makurg se you ad vad lue. op perele ask aing how do iov cer ra tdiant hea miny home. it s i not ay ver slyight g.thin re he iset somhing c youanet g neonlita sgrtin aout ab $t65p u to a h fewedundr lldo ars. i its all metal but tcahey ne b t fi toe siz ddiepennng ot wha yo u . have here is shiometesng lsn tha 0.$5 yo nu cauy b theseri glls precut at thear hedwar orst e. hweeav twof o emth. th iiss just a derress of aw dr ers. avwe heak tenut ohe t drsrawe
9:44 am
ftlehe tac bkff o so that there is s lot of airw flo and c youan sl ide itn i and ascros erthe. yo nu ca t seeishis ol an d dr r.esse t >> ihiss aernothea rllyat gre ea id ifou yan wt todd a an ac wcentall inou yr . home is ths ia pyrett peinexensiv way to do it. p >>eeoplre ain askbog aut at fe wure aallshell t meti. e tha ide ofoo wdp uon theal wls bhaseecomre trndie andor m e pu po lar. ota l of peeoplt wan aireclmed aror bn doorch whi can be ex ivpense,ul bndky al fulf o bu gs. laot ofpl peoe d ton't hink t abou. that e ther bareinugs mye.hous p >>yrettch mu. >> you have aod rent obpr lem. >>nk thas a t.lo we e havn bee doing this a for w fers yea now. th aereanre mify dntfere onoptis. wh at a youoore l aking at is ny vil . tile
9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
agimliine wfea ith weloc.r a1 e arviyou loour ng yernumbs? ere' thlys onnv one i okana . k asocyour daboutor t itby name. >> i>sou yr to-dois lt gngetti ng londer a ngloer? ou>> ce ld b ythatreou ani burng t ou t but ahereayre wso tea dl wi ithtnd ase u it toou yr vaadagnt aes jryer remagi did. >> tmohis wmentbeill the ntmome ofom sngethil rea andun f d an spingirin in a god foenrsak bu sssine and weil wlo dt i to thge. er wh o isom cingit wh me? o' whsom cingh wit me debesis fl rippe ?here >>ne o rspeon. enotboveryandy c say flipp er
9:50 am
e thut ahor of id"dece". ea gr st toee you. >> nk thasor f hgavin me. w >>owe kn why you areex an pert on se the pitocs. w hoo d you defines? thi ur>> b inout ws a worde seem to us wehen weet g the fngeeli that we e havn bee wngorki toouc mh r fotheng this we h taveoo d in li ndfe are a notnd spe ting ime with tshinge w wanto to d in li fe. iwhenay sav heo t my ditefinion is ou yon d't do the aitctivy it fwill indyou. it l wil beug bro thto your at iotentikn le pgayinhe tls bil. u yot don' thaveayo pr youls bil t bu ifou yn' did wt it fouldind yo u. ta okinguthe t trash,oi dng un la dry. mtoouchim teit w thhosehi t ngs tecreahes tli feengha tte wm see c toall ouburnt. th een we havhe tan wt tosn i li fe. th sat ife difrent forry evebody gsthine likea lgrnin a new ualangge, gngetti a stmaer's de ogreereg dree orng goi for a
9:51 am
wanto to dn i feli. th teseshingou wakld mr e ou s liveerbett. o to muche tim withse thong this avwe he too dnd a notim te with gsthine wan wt tocr do seate ouburnt. ow>> h do wetr saesz a goodor wk li fean balce wheree w are not lihandnghi tngs wed nee to nd hanle i ourl reaes livut b al eso be abl toe dar to dream a lelitt a bitnd ceronqu the in thgst tharet jus't don fe ikel le ainnyth igsti getng an y be,tter itas h beenea yrs si incel feee likng thi hsave d.move an dhi ts can spinireom sere gat el fe. ings dyouon'tnk thiur bnout has fibeneots t . it enwh younk thiut abot whaasit h irinspned i ust is i body and mi wnd'sf ay ongsayi i its time r fo you to arecqui new sk,ills ngain ewriexpe,enceet s aoa g l andacehiev it. ti orme fro psgresnd a menovemt an d vaadenncemt. me ti for ntmomeum.
9:52 am
itou y cannd ep u i n arut, pr ded.esse y ifctou a on it it cane b a gr peat oointfpp oniortuorty f ous tak mae g dreatioecisn. >> s youyoaid ntu wa m toark youral crendait whmp imerove nt ta sks. ithatmes ti t forshingt tha you ar eam dreingbo aoiut dng. >> h the taveanos cl fil your y. da the wantos tre are whee w want to nd spe . time we ut p themn othe caarlend. en why the aren ohe tal crenda th atri bngs stutrucreo t wtheay mweake deoncisis. en th we ddefen itec bauseou y ow kn thet wan and nowou ycc aisomplth i and ac ehiev it. ynowanou c gok bac toav he tos wi sth aense of iee s them for at why the ricont. bute o>> sh muc to tkal ab out. rewe at justi getng ilwe wavl h yeouac bk for remo. anthyok uo s chmu.
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erof he y earl mthisngorni. n e ow wdeare g alinwiheth t nd at t. tha here lis aatook t whae we'r ctexpefoing r thighraempes ture y,toda o andonvert eg74 d, rees anindi sps ringnd66 a lilockn da to.y 79 we exare inpectndg wi s gust up to 40 lemir s pe phourer end wh s gusto up t65 ss po iiblee n thngspri tamoun s d las vegalli wi70 be eedegrs. nd wil wilnidimis sh aetwe g to in o theigvernht thand en sh ine,iequndt consitio adhe ing th h rougthe enweekd d an into xt nek. wee a >> drbig ofink er wat niover ust anved hae mor thana half inchaiof renn wh he mo ved th h.roug >> ane d th kwinda ept oflot op pe le iveha a feg.elin rrtomoow mog rnin ywhenou wake itup wish th clamee ouplof ngsaviey mon on cyour ar in ncsurae.cispellficar y fo lepeop l whoinive thate st e of ne , vada tsomes rickof the e tradyou nhave hever eard rebefo.
9:59 am
fr midayngorni, wh fe uabrry 18th. >>essmil! >> oh, sod goo teo se emth. bo yb b g isoing to be wusith to ll te t usheat lest stuff. >> on d'tab bies m eakethverying be ?tter do i can't hare wtls eeap hpens t inhohe sw y.toda
10:00 am
ie fr jnds, lustike t heirmoms. ho w omawese. t >>hatas ws biby b eykels. >> he soe d esn'tvenea r lizeit. >>e lik nykae. d we hoave a great .show fromer"entmetainnt we,"ekly tim kstac g isoing toil fls u in on ev hieryteng w't canor affod t ,missom cgin .up a>>nd tnhet' is irth,st lisew an jdlil are heeroo lking for a se degrvin ce ouplamto .bush ewe'r goingo tea revhel tir lo aoks fter.this nd>> ae whave all reay salpeci ve lo story,vi prongt' i nsever o to tlateo tiehe t .knot d ane wug broht a songal cled "i nt'sever l tooateor f "love an tdhe gouloristo vicriala c rk oiis gng to sing .it ou>> yno kwt wha today is? ait's rtbi.hday ahhannot kbs i 9! y>> seshe is. h>>pyapir bythda to nnhaah. sh wi hinger ad goone o today. a >>qund eally poimt,rtant i is onnatiinal we day. >> t whayo do meu an,al equly


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