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tv   Today  NBC  February 17, 2016 2:07am-3:00am PST

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w >>vee haig a b h daytoere day. t'>> iges hu! h >>noe's ret het , buheanotr hu fgely gunny-uy - >> y didomou c mpare de tod onal p?trum or>> s.ry oo>> ge.d on >> ? why wh y? >> au becouse yhu're ge! >> t' that s no, what dwhatu o yo hmeanuge? v>>y a>> im. >> ar we ade gl. ea>> yh. i >>tht's rne moloing ok. dni dino't k iw if a wasedllow to s say ltuffthike n at othe mo g,rnin h abchaas c. nged hi>> t ns isbabc, by. >> h, yeay verteexcioud ab.t it amwhy n i ikithe n,tchet whais it ot, sc ptishe eopl thaverko wo wh teny'heerre he? ic qumok deatnstrriion noght w. >> my oh ! god om>> c.e on t'>> il s alt.righ 'l wekel ma o fun tf itghhrou the wh shole ow. ha>> we t artayou g lkint?abou >> s it'oka coseing t gmenngcomi
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>> k you ynow,o ou g fto a ancy st rentauraat, thl wil ycostou $1 uc50 bks. c >> fraigsoergulln wi be injoin, g us ocooke.r di >> oo a c skinghow. >> al we avso he e therpropty br rsothe a getit visje by nna r hage. bush t>>y'he fre, uneythe 'rn fu to pi ock n. >> whaist na jenri weang? >> lo it lioks hke a couse oat. t >> icowas ld. th ayat d c was old. t>> gheysrammn' arestt juut abo ar aw td,hey're about style. il we wow yl sh rou aared cpet okloh witorstuge bo mhtp.akeu yo ubutine testyog muricag. m soy ant greatrksic. bu stt laht nigwa it g,s biy. bab y >>ep. >> au bect se ithwas ame grmys an g d bierwinnsts laht nig. t >>r aylot.swif a >>amnd lar. ay>> tswlor goift ret thlbe, aum t ofeahe yr r fo9."198" sh s e ha12. nd ke lrick hamar1 ad 1 no timina tons,hoook ivme fe op tr ahies lnd af ot olepeop we ikre l ee itr ithe ymadeou
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ngsayi. e >>lyxact. ha>> td t dienhappot a l. lo a tt ofidhe kows knis he on fi re. up>> "n tow" funkbewon opst p bu al tm ofeahe yr. y >>es. >> jn ustierbieb b gotdaest nce re incordr g fot "whayoare w.u no t >>r aylot swifedwalk a outnd it r wasngainitt gliller ar ove her. sh s e wat.grea goshe r t hemygramrd awa. s >>adhe hea alrondy w two rebefo c sheouame ht, iear. e shthhas nnat anta wiboour b. do i knn't f ow iheyou ard. knyou anow kesye wott wrrie lycs at thic bas tallycrook feditorte lo far's same, tyingi hat k thin he te wan sd to wleepheith r or thsomeliing hake tt. ayanywre, heha's we t sh isaidn sp re. onse
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>> er hs e'atwhhe sai s d. w>> itoant t sayl o althe un yomeg wot n oue,therre the are in go bg toope pelole aheng t way o wh twillo ry trcundeouut yr essucc ts orcrake feditouor yr mpaccomelishornts r you, fame t buouif yt juss focuheon t wo ndrk a d you lon'thoet tse pe sopletride yoack omu, sy e da ywhenetou gre whe'r youine gog, yo llu wik loondarou y andou kwillthnow t at iyowas d u an pethe wopleovho lu e yopuwho t yo eru thd e an wthatbeill the tegreaeest f ilinge n thd.worl y >>es! oo>> grld gi! >> l girr!powe ha>> ts t waomawese. me tghanorrainho i t gughtave e onheof tt beschspeees. >> id i dsen't ate th. loi'm g okinarforw sd tog eein . it s >>onhe wt besarnew otistf yethe juar, efst bshore t e go , updaher pad aplyrentsp whiered in e her"yar, e ou'v imade t, y.hone" e shedwalk up. th s is i hwhatneapped.
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[ c musiinplayg ] h,>> o a i'ms. mes y.sorr vei hath to l.ank eea. rr d fo inlook mg atkee liar an tist eainst jd ofa ust wrsong aiternd ommy m d andorad fay alws be inliev mg ind e anlechars le do fonna kir mae ng mrtan aist. m i'ssa me. i thave co gory. k thantoyou g theysramm. lo i ouve ymu so ch. th yoank u. >> i shee s onurof oor favite pe .ople yo owu kn g, weo et tthsee em riunsc aptedeand rrel he. er evmey ti c she iomeshen, s is djustngarli h andarer p ents mo alvest eimry te e ar hwither. t >>rehey'th in eee gromn ro. s >> ahe'stu nan gcketirl. nt nakeucist er vpry d ou hof. er nd>> aro shan n wo sthatofong th are ye t forinhinkt g ou, loud aihe snad fiaflly foter eaur yrs of en att tdingrahe g, mmyshis ntparen s ca sstopg,ayinyb "mae
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he t wonyehis ar. ad ele. >> h shen ad ao audileprobm. >> id i dnon't iticet. wa i kes liok, load at aele,dele edlooke likerin hs eye slikehe s wat.upse coyou 'tuldnl. tel s >>idhe dstn't op. sh pte keng goi. s >>ephe ksht puthing h,roug th weere omre sobe pr.lems li tstenlio a bttlef it oit m ary he tt atoohe d r o isenly u e yo t righ away e lik iwhensc am oaredf at whom's cneing xt ar ascf ed onghavihi notefng lt t >> idesounodd go a for dr t.opou
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co teuld hell tasre wds cor nn ruaging t ainsanone r.othe t >>iche mth on ane pirio stngs dr d oppe adownusn called ad kin ha-- twht's e at w alove bout her. sh nte we f out bor ar.urge s>> shed aie shs waingofog r an ad inutnd o. c >>saody ouid y t gotveo ha and in o andurut bger. ev oderybaty thes livl. in a. ai cru g yo ilivea.n, rit? ea>> yh. >> ry eve sbodys wearndin a out bu s rgerthare ste be. i >>e makwnmy o's, itea a bn re ucd sa'se iteg a vhian tng. >> o one ff myitavorine tht gs a th ame grwamys nds ki of un ctexpeed. dni dino't kw w ho wthey gouldo ge to.ther y amdigoulndng ara and, dayin at thme coml rcia swithe tevi nd woer. ey tha do .duet atakek. loo si[ muayc pl]ing a iinm th skingghtrai t y m iheadins sp aning nd i t can'clsee anear e ymor w arhat u e yoinwaitr g fo
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lboths adie nwereatominored f am grmys. hayou o ve th watcwhthe ole in thg. a andrs singspa gosoely ng. wh teny heshmaog theet ir,t ex odples. s i wappdisaedointth in e am grfomys t r nolyrealin givg a tr e ibutatto n calieole. on te ofrehe gt atesstartiers ev onand te ofwehe st etesn wome .ever n'i doowt knth, i think ey re -ally- hy>> wld wouy thenot? >> on i dno't ko w whs pickand ch s.oose me co on nf uttorge able >> s she leemssuike n ch a rtaftehthoug. w >>vee haul resrets, ermemb eryestweday k tootousa anday d sc ifientlyicalib scr obledo n wh howe t wught wouldin. xsput c ands.heck he rere a n ther umbeotwe g ri ght. th s is i iverytampornt. u yo yopen.ours og>> tr.ethe o >>twne, hro, tee! a >>ivnd fe. >> t? wha >> t no,s hat'i all rigot ght? i >> t got.hree no pi, i mckedthore hran tee.
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i edpickk marsobrond n an "u n ptow."funk >> a youpilso lckede ittlbig wn to. w >>ishat pe hap?ning lli wie havo to g toverhat ag ain. al ghl rit. so is it e. tim >> e timthfor che ba. elor >> e comamon, aandavery. by w thesiay, angleoond l. king a >>innd fe. t >> that,oo. ou>> y w aremeelco. ha>> tounk y. ey thdo're o wn tgisix onrls the show. n be ttooktohem h hisowometn in di infoana ter das. l so tet'sabalk fiout emrst ily, e' she s th ttwins hat' oleftn shthe ow. enso bk tootoher t meethe ntpares. it n dido ot g.well usbecae e shs seeme to ba ounervlks ta lke aatook ir the nv cotiersaon. >> on i dul't pt l outhall e op sts. do i nen't o ed thybe s d andon't be rl overvy neous. n'i dontt wasc to threw u mi contng iiso thdi, i oud, y ow knr , fo kme ii now ouam yng. i neam oth of une yo ggest irls hein tse hou. m i'23. so memetiovs i inerthk
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i ifeelst've lerugglod a t ro ththugh rois p, cess bjusteing t inprhis s ocestahas mughte ab myout , selfknyou thow, iings 'tdidnn eve iknowde need gr g owinon. i ifld cou a sitd rounwaand tch vi molles a l day tong,wohat uld be fa my tevoring thith in e e whold.worl o >>kay. >> t whan'i doket liat, th's rd ha. i alike o lotinf thgs. u yo, known'i doket li tavege. bles w >> iell,rd heat. tha o >> gh myod. ha>> tdnt dio 't g.well th erey wlie pote. yo t u goeato ratd thie aud nce. e thhe motroe gsto ben asand ys we d neealto tk. hiif trls giin is r youl.fina coi'm nencerd. ke taoo a l tk at heir erconvonsati. e >> hmilyatas m euredh nougto be os a pe siblgeenga.ment ilifeins go gg toeret s ious tisomemes. ho e w aryou? w hoheis sng goire to d sponto th - at -g goinesto r tpondo
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so t parhaof tstt juth -- e ceunairty m y >>soep, m the com'sg.ryin neyou waver o nt t tmakehe mo ctherry. 'm>> ing goicr to y. fei selryoror f m theom. >> k, loon whed a kis crieheon t , showthyou oink,rah, dma. bu e t thlomom heves d.r ki s >> whe'sedorriut abo s heron. if s thi igirl ts ininhe fal si x. li a wttleedorri. cc bes a wa hsentasome l. wel otthe giher harl tntt wee. hom crshe inied l theimo. th yoere .u go na fi illy,t wanhoto sclw a ip auof lren. ini the'k she s tht fronerrunn t onhohe seow, pwiple e ll b lk taabing heout r. tc waw h hoanben r d he atalkbout oeachther. ini th'sk itl. rea o >> gh myamosh . anda >> s i'mg eeinmea mohant tvet i' it waored fr , fos,yearre whe my rl gindfriesi is g ttindebesi me, l alnti wado to wr is erap h up d anikbe laye, s a howmeweso is thfo is . r me a >> tfter aodayspnd elleciay
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ve loh witthben che ba, elori am in e lov bwithroen frsm waaw, in a.dian osoh gh. ah ye. i' lm inwiove enth b. >> t' thates cu. he>> ses lov! ben loshe beves n! n bebathe orcheln., be t >> yhankou. u yo tneedhis? wh o at dthyou ofink s thehow? ha ouve yr eve iseent? >> t, wha " theelbachor"? ye ah. >> yo do keu li it? s >>ure. i t don' twant mo beean. i t don' kevenwhnow ouat y're ta g lkint.abou mothe cm isg ryinusbecar e he isson tv on h anddoe's o wn t lasix ldies weft,ishat t? tha xa>> e.ctly ka>> oy. th yoank u. loi yve. ou >> in com ag up ss wefuaid nny n mag craiusfergilon wvel gi us hi a y storonless. we se'll w e ho gthatfooes dar ho
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w>>t haouabyot u? i've been on myee fdal all i'y.shm bued! tyea meoo. cu mngcomigh throu! tride whe gelofave fo comrt with r. dchol s ls massaging gel insoles. ey'r thove pr en e to givcomfyou ort. hewhich u lps yo feelre moiz energed ll...aay d long. i want what he has. don't use windexo t make owwindotles spndss a! cleargo my seefabig grt weeek g ddin2 leand hoarn uw tose exwind r the wightay ei on wtuffrd s! no wt on!indows o' whtis got etcks? i do! i'
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a arheatt cktaoesn d c'tear if r you eundaveryy, or if you're young or old. no matter o wheyou ar ar a heckt atta hap canpen without warning. ouif ye 'v had aar hetat atck, ye a bapirir asgin remen can lphereve pnt he anotr one. ur be s tale to yk to our bdoctore yoeforgiu ben iran aspimin regen. bar yen.aspiri n a cahptootoaste dyt ever welhing l?lethis c lan waspow!ike addithied trs otheve le clel ofo an tit. it ki just kenda liiped...wev ngerythi. clean 6x anin cleg my t aeethwire glong. aretheywh so ite. hite6x wning tuali acealy rlly helike tteps 2 s. 1stepns, clea ev meery tise t i u histhtoge fer, itlikeelt ... .l teavidehe ofntist fice. t creshd. 6x cleaning, 6x whiteningi
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> >>mofor hare tn n tes,year ai crrgg feonusas hee bman ke diauceenlas atugh is hou r tine d anheon te, late i heins br hgingmais sumrt hor
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di e." ha>> we t ardoyou ing? whats in "joiieor d"? >> s it'owa sh. d wemeo coitdy, d's assiscuion sh yoow, keu tant poi hs onryisto yoand lku taut abo it. it ma's seort psaple ying reinteg stinf stufelon tioevisn. it us's jatt wh d youreo he. [ htlauger ] t >> i bwillkee lie "th elbachyoor" llu wit pos show ga hime tbung, tht wito hisry. nsso i oteade f thelbachyoor, u ok lok bacison h. tory >> s doeppit ayoall hou, t ugh, typreth, mucre we'il so ralitete st hialoricly. i k thinkei lidi fintung sff t. ou >> pl peoree weet tweduing ring e thmygramhos, wal is deexanr ha onmilt? a oflot pl peon'e doowt kn. t >>s hat'ama she. sn>> iha't tsht a ame? y >> bwathe hay, t fnks,otor n ioment iningt los nlast.ight
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ha>> wwet yre aou nreinomedat for? >> t besdycomeum alb. wa i mis nod.nate ic whanh mem s i'onreas fablyunny but not funny enough. et>> lla's pisy the. gam sh weall ? t >>ishis myn't w. sho guyou adys mise th u onep. i shaveinome sttere. e senoi'm int doisg thth in e ow sh. yo ntu wao ed tt do i. here ea>> yh. at whth is mee ga? th mee gath is is. ck bup.le u >> t wha tdoesmehat an? >> sk i a q youiouestbons aut hi y.stor ouif y t getrihem ght. yo t u gee to bedcallf. buf ouif y t getwrhem yoong e u ar f.bluf aryou loe a lser,a ike mygram se lor. >> s youd houl.know ac>> b tk inighe narht fm. a >>igll rht. ue>> qn stio wone,arhat e e th fi knrst usown f es ophthe rase g ominmean mg ohd y goin a erlettwi to n nstochchurill? ru>> tufe, b sf, it'ay iues tr. d>> i ton't whinkoninst.
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t>> i ihinka t's f.bluf n >>hao, tset itotlf n the f.bluf oh ay, ok. riall ght. >> e. tru t >> iruis te. >> t? wha >> yes. mg>> oye kant sentta leo er t towinsurn chl chilmiclaihang tt ashe wpo reslensib h forim be ngcomime priis minr.te >> ee i nmed soof proth on at? >> it is ll reauey tr? >> h, yeas it'.true qu onestio, tw in 6184, ts homa pecrapver in tntedoihe tlet. t'>> it s no. true t'>> ilss fae e, hfamanuedctur a essucc lsfulwhane maich isde h na ynme souonymths wibe numr os tw. i >>ats thht rig? y >> eah. ra>> c.pper e thettoil a wasllctuavey innted ohby je.n pe
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tfirsld foing crhaind ain dner ay tr whichme soe havedlink to ob y.esit be>> o fsity, alse. buff ru>> t ne orot? >> se fal. i >>nk thie i'vengott one ri ght. n' dondt mi me. >> t thas makea you orhistffy bu as os oppo ed tsta hiblory uff. u yo dguyst idn'k thinthis ro thugh? t >>s hat'chour arm. we 't donnk thith anything h.roug n >>e o onarprepared g tbagehat i dug. t lehome conose e. ok ay. th gne siofing thela deconrati i ofenndepe denc cwasetomplned o 4julyth. >> se fal. w >>wahen cs itetompled? >> ou a cmople lnths. ater ug>> a ust. i>>l 'lvegi a youtrn exina pot. >> bi my ayrthd. ug>> a2nust nfd, unaortu ytelyou wrare liong gke ay rammr.lose >> ig craan, thu k youcso mh. e >> w yloveou. u yocacan thtch eme profier oi"jnor die"h t issdthurn ay o orhistany chnel.
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ll>> aht rig. 'shereue a qn,stioyo do u li beineve ic mag? y >>igou mht after this. g>>yorab idur kous, y tube atsensision ut aboen to aitertn . us ohe'situt wneh a okw bole cald dv "areentu ks ofagid mn.icia" st jus in >> da my s d wagia ma.cian ve>> ee ryonouin ymir fas ly i lvinvoed. y >> m, auntoumy csin. cit's.razy it n 's antadveboure ok. t atndhe eev of chery r aptethe ki eads lhern tic magm fro that
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e >> w honlytiave orme f. one >> autbsolely. th sis i tlahe c ossicgif mac. it s usehathe rcndke.hief cai rnn tuin it n to aegg. a cool trick. si'llyohow u the set.cre ithiss not a wood egg. wo odens eggarerd ha to come by be e caus'rtheyide lade by .coys hi hade t yt inhaour nd. ll i'e givthyou nde hahikercef. we th do ogis tr.ethe twaveanhe hp ky udoand thwn, ey n' doe t se tthat iheres me sog thinouin yndr ha. itput o integthe g. the audiencehi ts nku yoe ar inputt ig ityonto anur hd. >> ct exaly. i >> t seegghe e. u yot can'itsee au becouse y n' dovet halo a >> y nowayou sag a m wicalord. ob aramace. wh erateve jokwayou nt. ma llgicau y yoanget egg. hgive rer a ooundplf ap. ause
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n >>heow, tre'shihe tng. li i o ke theup te. ant 'sthatt whaari leasned id a k. ju ikst lshe i n ow ie thokbo. erthise w a taydoo he tag m ic th wiea a rinlly stterething watch this. u yon callpuhe t- - w>>t!ha yno doun'idjut dsttho at? >> no. diyou jdn'tdoust t? tha ok ay. , wellabhow miout ne? if>> yount wato ea lrn the cr seo et t, thathayou o ve tget th oke bo. at e thef nd oy evertechap r we e sharmathe gic. ha>> tounk ymu so ch. >> in com, g upprthe tyoper br rsothee giva jenn hbusherag th ure toth of neeir caw log.l di >> ha twat jus astsowe.meec chis ok thbrut, o. twhat's brohat,?heim i edswitchgeic to o goand re.t mo re mogs savincar on in e?suranc ye -fah bro aessor,ore.nd m r like ientersancensur. re moto ways e. sav ni brce, co-tatohip. 's that all notbr, so-teinhake. ge haico rcs motoycle rv iand annsuro.ce, to
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y oh i'meah, a allbout temore, brosddy t.evel geic xpo. eeaect grvit sa ngsd ane a wholmorelot . aythey sn mr wheea. clsan thw all dieenffergst thinew his n smart phone does... .. t .indremi hedf im oshima c gi.eraser 's itus not jr t forkmaals on wls... touit'sn gh onkitcheea d anbathroom grime too. he's your... .a ..unll arough-d-tonecleamrr, n.. clea er tha e's emoreablenjoy t wayt o geibyour fer.y ph trpsillir ' fibeumgood g plmiesneus epprgy suort. 's it f a new supiberenplem t thatsuhelps t repporrigulaty d anesincludam b vitto hins elpt convero food tgy.ener mm themmm,rese a good! ce wni pork,s!hillip stthe tade oy sibef fir, pfroms'hillip. (sman rnte wly):rehe doyoinu thyok gu're?oing cumr. mu s: tork, wo ywithou. tit'sesaco tuday.
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i uctook mo inex t gehelpd t rimuof my oncusy cion.gest go i'm llod a. day nc[annouer:] cine muepx keins workg. no ott 4, n 6, t 12 burs hou. enlet's isd th ta i pkereictuofs ri suns,se wibut mthcky baai pn i ulco sdn'teple d anupget n itime. i thennd a fou plevem. aleve pm is the only one to mbcoe a in ssafeidleep a plus 12 the r pa houelin r ievingre st of ngthe.alev i' . m back pmaleve a b forr etteam. ji nd kll a ateus sae the ishwme dr.ashe detsamenterge. lybut onl en jilpds u w withspotet, laty gsses. te kas fi add jnish et-drywi ive th fr powesaction th dat drys anishe d ev protent spd fis anlm, so tha alllet's ft is the shine.
2:34 am
t'>> iess tu wday,e e arngtaki u yoheto tpe probrrty rsothe, ey thn tureshouso ints homeon hg tv. y todae we'rngtaki i youe nsid er the's. nn jesha buer hag a gotvin inte to ck che t outewhe ns digasin l ve sitmseeo t qbeteui the elbachador p. h >>ysi gu. th akey msie mugec to ather nd evbeli oe itt r nobrthe r othe br r othe tliveheogetr. >> av i htwe a isin ster. i hloveer. i t don' iknowcaf i ven lih wit her. sh fie delyniteld coulin't ve
2:35 am
>> so we urld oiv indl iduaeshous and have the one place here that's sort of our family hub. t >> iodayn 'm oura toth of at hu b. al 50l 5,ua0 sqeere ft. room. >> it's a great ro. om t>>ishis g the rreat oom. w >>vee hahe tit kenchig r ht ov erer he. en whre we tenovaisd thse hou, it dimerrteeaanfen e. anwe wd te htoe av uitatpd.ed >> in 2011th, ouey bitght in fo osreclanure and trmesfore d th erpropntty ieio thear drmem ho r for theiusfamov hgt.home yo dou shn't a are oobedrm? >> i no,re shawi it y th m rlgiiefr. nd >> he t irea s gnsit thayssao n jonathan allowed. >> theig bhi t ingee nd de to have was a masvesias mr te etclos. t >>ishis e. nic i >>n 'm acieffi fency.reak i have to maximize t uhe osef th ace spe. t onnao jo'sthanai domn. >> s doe aheowllou ynt itho is omro?
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2:37 am
th e'ers more. gu a tesho usee mads ealpecily es guo s whenhappo ed tombe he? h >>loel. >> i, hom mnd a. dad >> na jen. >> s thi gis ai ame tlikello ca wh prich tyoperth broaser w. ay ok. th n e do?juan >> ou i wayld swa it nas jo. than o >>omh, c. e on >> ch whith is tte bether a?lete hi>> te.s on w >> whoa, yhoa,aiou sd na jo.than yoi'm thur oneer o. s >>haee twht's apat h wpenshen yo wu'rea ith .twin h whiccrone aties l giresmovi? w>> i nould. ever l >> met'sove on. >> ye bmo, anm dad d! ho yw doo ou d?this >> t'shat better. fthe sinalistop u theatltime me gam. roo f >> isiyou henk tst firl. bal h!>> o he>> cers. af alter atl thou tngriit, as w ti tmegro aabri d bnkthy fie re
2:38 am
>> e wtogot ch wats. thi uryoro bs i ainpe so.ed t>>rehee hesgo! >> oh. >> that is so cool. >> y are gou aspood ort? yo e u arbethe rost py pert hebrotr. w>> ileill u t yo thaveimhe te? >> b theprest tyoperth bron er i hothe use. a>> it lmost splianmy pts. m i'g goino to glaget . uren ha>> tfonks r having us. >> t i'mngalkias veg. s >> gweet uys. t >>wahat eas grt. asit woo a gb.d jo yo n u cah catcneall isw ep odes prof" tyoperth bro sers"intartg mo to orrowtvn hg. r >> hightonere da "toouy" y can adget s ele'stlates eyeor yl ta lor'susucios. lip if you want to live longer, we thaveeche rfoipe ngr loy.evit r >>y?eallol egay reren istre fnewsm ro..within .plpingumur sce cfalselor fa amatdr ticrmransfonatio t withouneedthe f for.illers
2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
now. it c's aiclass p yetullayf way g too. u yotacan t ke i yfromwoour rk al e l thinway igto nitht wurh yo frgirls.iend sit'sauo bel.tifu k >>smeep g.ilin le set's ie ifont's r youh.teet exno, encellt. >> lo it sooks ge goronous . her eli fees honretly ad ispl stae fo err ev.yone yoeversene ula a c rssiced. if s it'uc$3 bks. wh t y noittry . out ta hylorhias taus bel tifuk spin kltwinthe wi c ther enteerof h ey e. wa i ses ob wssedheith inr sk ow gling. yo e u se cthatr.orne 'sthat a forf ll oo us t that do n't get eghnou eeslp. ouif y do ,thatgi it yoves u a vi t braneye. ev hieryts ng ir supeevachi able twithr'aylooks lo. w >>s hat' nyourame? >> ra ati. a >> edeleyes. >> y. oka ithisaus bel tifulichare. ad isele wn kno h foriqer luid li ner. ch e arlialactuadly hte coad .eyes ic wh wh ise hy wifspeclyical
2:44 am
cayou an doui liqned lir. op pehile thenk t cy'll iovert . up om frea lorril pae s, wtecread e th twingwehat pwnt u.ards it o 's sinamazg. fe i t'el ichs sula a c ssic issophteticay d g t it yakeshoour llod a w theay i upurn yod. hoo 'swhat t allhis? i >>e havhoto su w yos,brow ld bold, boow, brdes, aadle h ld bows bre. 's it d all loing fightereathy ro stkes. yo n u cacouse icsmetoms fr the dr toug slore, .real su eaper sy. bo adom, brele ows. >> oo btom ou y. jnicechob, e.arli ayzenda. >> y didnoou ke w shhedid n r ow upmake? hashe gd nosqlam uad. e shitdid se herlf. w >>ishat 1 she2? k >>ofind ah, ye. ka>> oy. ze a ndayabwas thout olis gd sm eokeyye. l>> ithove kee maup. he>> s t hadbrhis sonzetiituaon
2:45 am
e we'rg goinseto u c thelihena fr osom pnsitiomu forla. okloth at nge ra ce ofs,olor you t geaua bel oeit gwns doe , ths gold look be fuauti ol onkiur snen to. we cedreats thitibeausmful okey go usrgeo. f>> >> t' isos la feswl rs,htig? d >>strug ore. ha>> w tt issthat uff? >> ut a bbrter r.onze c soy.ream l itliike llteraidy o sit'sauo bel.tifu h touctethe e.xtur >> my oh h gosouif yt 'pun it o wi bth a.rush y >>thes, hat'souow y t gethe on brenze z cdayalehiseeed chks. eron h lipswe used nthisaleutr r colot ha>> twht's arat mesy doe her e thldgoans thd bre zeon. >> o saubefuti l.
2:46 am
in go tg upe o thhekitcn. t>>miea ung wp,are goe g in to okcop uhea tyarte sfow usr ri t ghteafthr .is ni obce j. e thrthunde is t,jus it's just e onf o mo thest ainmazg >>hat' t wst'shamazi a ongut there. what it means to you almently. theor memiesu yo takeay awom fr thatr.weathe
2:47 am
li ves. to day day. wh at isn th ie esstor? wwhatill we eat? ilwhat w lyteverhing cost? hoall tse teinionsract thathe t her weathasl reanflu is encen.o th whyat'sis it az aming out th w >>hat itns mear fo me,it ets l rlthe wodno kwt' whasap hngpeni at theer weath nnelcha. i >>nk thi whatke mas the r weathelchanne coveerag ueniqu t ise hat ware eometgirolosts. now we k'swhat goingn o with the we r.athe at thes mak are toumends di erff.ence >> eb somyod wksalup yo to un i th fie eld and saanys, thks for g beinerthe. ewe'r so g yladreou we here to ke ta us tghhrou it. >> wave ae have archage, sp rebionsio lity thelp lepeop, ve ha the comtymuni, help the op pey le stasafe. w >>hen youar sttnk lithe ing pe ople's spide u t tohe weather, akesit m a real connectnio a nd tsstaro tve h driomee th po im ortanceft wha we o.d >> ie loverweath. >> i do love r.weathe
2:48 am
i love working withe pople who ve lo theheweatr. is th is what we love to do. >> yevergle sin dayl be wil so thmegin spectacular. it is ultramy azouintht e.ertercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. wh aat yre gous uyindog? toar to,ushrrsteth! 'rey eosclg in!in i' gllrduahe tas be. foerr evmiy fahaly tt veliars sts, war th iisths ple e acerwh earstar wlis where a galaxy far, far away... .i..cls eros than ever before. mecooi jusn .a..sts warsar awenak s. atnow t waleydisn rlwosod re. rt (fm rowix-)ng pehypars!ce wh iens t'uryoob jo totprtec wothe s rld'tegreaatst nion,it ou's yspr rebionsility to ol s tveorhe w ld'sgr steatell chas.enge th s is iwewhy rc sear h fo thebe ndst agh bri.test wh wey ra t fin eorryve tuevenyalit anon l d teand war, in a the ir, acspane evd
2:49 am
>> er aftin eatl g ale thos olchoc aateswend sfoets r le vae'ntiny.s da i >>. did >> t allwehis week, e hav pereciats th h mayyoelp veu li ng loer. i >> crishanook rsd peitonaly ok toul a cy inar ttripgro ceee, ofone f thereive s gionheof t rl woerd whsie res dentsaare id l toloive , ngerthhealanier d ha r.ppie c hebaame itck wreh a . cipe h>> iave. is tha is teremoce plagr in eece or ? t >>ishis ee a tslny iofand f cothe ofast en aths. s it iaua bel tifue,plac o onef th ace plhees weore pliple heve t eslongt. it f's anaasci ating rea. i >>thnto 90eir s? >> e likencentnsaria.
2:50 am
i >> a metle whop heaheof t m. w >>dohat t you thinkrihe tck is? >> it medneerraalan, so tavege.rian a so o loteif thmer hown gro pr e oducthand isis d ah is ecperfamt exple. seit utss lose of alason edingrs,ients lotruof fanits d tavege, bles olotsavf fls or a we ll. t >>oeomate s art.frui w >>s ho iinargureg he? th s is iana giant bew. ste sh tse pury eveg thinmain, esssag e thnsonioke, li w you iouldn a fr pyingan. ouit wakld twhe a ile. yhaveetou gr yous handin e.ther yonceavou hure yosa masged io onn ns iicgarlu , yoifget ur yoro carbets, cans,lianneni an bes. le got's d forngumpiio actn. o >>kay. ce ni. au bel.tifu tibeau ful. ik>> laie crg. >> as i wy vert upset abouhis
2:51 am
w >>wahat ins go?g on o >> nermanns. f >>heor cauap l ghs. i >>bet's e causreyou'sh iri. anhe wtoted a getu.t yo t >>ishis e. tru cayou e,n ses thituis souff y ve hado or han't n ve ie.ther u yo twillhiop tf.s of yo t u ge ithisaln itfoian od st .ores he ote rwissouse omme tpaato ste. in la irewend, l cale pasttotoma re pue. it l's af ot ousconf wion,hen yo ou gothn wir youe.past sa pata. it ll's afu con, singtoyou p it of fwi thsl ices oeef bf ma to.toes th eais bwiuty o ll g tintohe ov aken b 4e at25. >> t that?is i l>> ae ittltavegestble ock. ha>> ttht's cie repe? t'>> iils brt.lian git'ss.eniu fit'sstantaic. s it isoall lt heaorhy f. you yo p u to othisbaff, afy le, eg orano. th s is i vsomeabegettule sff. th oeis g, s ins bake yoff,etou g le itft we h th bmostifeautieul p tlike his. ha>> wt?
2:52 am
delicious. ilwe wrvl seise th up. h wetoave te tas. is thon is te ofanhe fictast st pa, riesina spanach lod fi. >> ov i lose the. >> , omgooso gd. >> y the wwereoninstrc chu hill heby t. way >> ov i lu e yogeare g ttinin e.ther i >>et'm g itingn. i' urm pofoing u.r yo >> i theesnter tting whingith th ifese d youlerizzm theover awithtl litmee poatgrane la mo issesgot's usrgeo. a e tastheof tw. ste t >> ihere. t is >> ar i wyoned ouu abe t th nsonio. e >>heat tat tom oes. i >> g canyoive piu a e. h weonave r e foyou. >> t osortf. >> . mmm my o h. gos >> he t stbeth gin is e theris an ol whade lo of iniegred ints,t ke baf s ofhein tn. ove he>> t cy'red,ooke r notaw. >> y' theenre t bder,ifeautul, st wiick m i >>it'm wu.h yo , very gveryood. fo isr th o and htherhyealt
2:53 am
k clicheon tlt heaabhy t. it>> sn dowt abou pthis wrizee ve has thi wweekwehen e givit aw ay. oh, it's spankintug daesy.
2:54 am
o>> nh,o. sonmy i andto used t watchrehe rpd cahoet s owsn tv inow, w'malking them. life is unpredictable one thing i need to be predictable to is fbeke becae ushavei se u ad headshound s lder yfor 20ears. regusedlyularem, it roves o 10up tf 0% oflakes ke yoeping pru tedotec ev y weer, ekery evntmo h,erevyeary u reyoy adma? always life is unpredictae, blsombra ece it! head and shoulders. live flake ffree lorife chseooo tvemore fely. fmovee reaultr has iptr-actlen iotsuppor yo for ointur js, il cartd age ansbone ne in oy pi tinll. ve moe ul fretra. t yo geovur me on. an trd now y move e frenight. thfie t anrslyd on1 2-in- jo d int anp n here icitythe ,g parkind is f se keems live ee ryonivdres. d anwhthose hoo do s swuld titchoo geic be uscau e youlcoved sa rehund odsr n casuine.ranc , ahect.perf va rklet paing. en hello! re hehe k's teys. an
2:55 am
wohm, muldn'tmeind sothat of be lief wel..ngton. see to m howu uch yo couldsave ca on rar insunce, go ic to ah! ala(carourm snds) it
2:56 am
>>ef boree ws ayod gobye onth is sp nganki sdtueweay, il wmal ke vefiie vrsweea ry llpphay. 's ite timivto g ae itway. ov ,0er 8f 00 oenyou d terein th eeis wprk's isize xx tre td oufuoor urrnitrte wo98h $3. >> b theifeautolul f cding hair
2:57 am
ma alteri j andanugs und ladry te mas.rial on>> day't ss. jug t >>cohey n me i cmanys,olor ipmultinle daning epd deti seang ll coonectis. le fit's utnd o w ther.inne re>> a r you?eady >> g yourso fit. f >> wirstr inneis! t >>ishis ic a nese pr ent. >> al ger fdiner oste wfroms ilke y,berrns penniylvaa. >> m fro, mesaonariza. >> d goohefor r. go i ott anonher ose, gheh, ty're al icl st tkingheogetr. i ity s amo aroy from qualbue,erqu m newo.exic i rogot rysemate lesomr fral cor ngsprilos, f.rida racongtitulatoons . her i >>e lov her. ne>> oe. mor k >> aathystllenfrein taom ste nt ceioer, wa. on>> culgratnsatioal to ol ofur nn wiers. u yoencan agter foain xtr ne 'sweekze prir , folecompulte res an red laguontio s, glgto k and da
2:58 am
om>> tw,orroan a fictastie mov, jo fsephanein ckd riin sprldgfie op st as by. gain >> a getfrway m >> o n iit'tsn. >> o. n w>>t?ha l>>veeae monale. s>> lheesovt. i my mission is simple -- to ak myoe mou i' hem treleo l vethe playing fi d elfor all investors. there's waal wysk orwhsomeere. omi pre is htoelp you find it. ad "mey monar" stowts n. ihey,ra'm cmer. omwelc "e tomomad "ney. tri'm tyingkeo ma m you.oney obmy jno is stt juen to aitertn buyou uct edanate acd teu.h yo ca e.ll m c ofe,ourset twe@j me amimcrer.
2:59 am
tbig,ethe mofhod ma my s.dnes ani menk thiut abo a it,-m onean ow shut aboin busess? i yknowonou win't fved ing stin ceadvis thi agoodernywhsee el. u yo tknow that,oroo, e elsyou wo 'tuldnwa be ngtchi. ssunle'r youe e onhoof tse pe topletuhat innes se to e if ni toisght n the tighti hat ac lytualdo -- k walrathe il te afltr mu yiple oearsrif erng, th isere ay alwpos a ilssibity. ke isep whing. i y do m sbest do it'toesn. is thw shollis aut abo the th mer od oodmeth bs to freakrom st lyrictti quoheng t t bar o my esmadns. dohow ic i pokk stdz? wh etat g ts onhohe sw? yo wau alskys ath me .at y wh tdo iyoell atu the som ksstoc w are borthg uyinornow don ahaip tain, lu , yo know ?what at thhe's tst quethion at ev oderybuly woked likn to ow. so ig ton'mht ing goigi to ouve y ec pif es oanthe .swer s let'roget g.llin e onheof tie easayst w s to


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