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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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htcaugot shoingil k tlingnniyvoe yltaorls mil. wthisashe tay dis hra gthndmoer rsfitaw s him. y >>onou da't wont t have t soit hain tt seat. ep>> rr:orte s she haider ugda whteroas nte abl to at.tend e'shtis sllhy pllsicayic sk. i >>'t donw knof iyoua re madrrie y oroua hveid ks,ut p yolfurse in my sesho or my dahtug'ser sesho. it hturs. we. cry cant jus walk aunrodnd a. cry >> or rep ater: tfter hheearing biroonns m'sheot srdaihe sel ft it nseces taryo speak to tineyvonyl taorls mil' dmgranr.othe >> i'm ao m wtherhoou wtldn'e b hurt? i'urm hgtinor fhe tm. blackiv lesat mter,er p.iod mnoratte wtho i is.
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asheernd h son arem fro aoaklnd. shame ce in andd sai's heev ner enbe inro tubleef b.ore y>> mn sohasev neree bno t julevenil. hal he has great ptarens. mi'he n'sot ast moner. my, sons he' not that. j>> iustt wanus jcetior fer h. ep>> rr:orteti jusnce ias a ce atthk tooa on lgif lend as i eawrngki hocavon o twot mhers andhe tir fieamils. and 2ar4-ye-old jimmy rsobinon ilwel bck ba in court foris h imprelyinar hnearig int jusa upcofle oks wee o,n brfe uary.29th llwe' h be aerernd b yingheou t telarost fhem tas ce. rgseiovi a nla,ews. 3 tbacko you. >> er powful engxchae benetwe two womenot bh ginrievhg, tankou y. cl nivedy bunl wily sta in ilja. datoay er fedalg judei dened
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unb ddtoeaatrneyai sd he d'tidn enprest derangor befeng bei starreased ltk wee t athe rpaiort. osprorecutays s he wasn ois h ywao tup sporthe tcc oiupaton pat theef rgeu wn hehe was arrestedor fgn iinorg four rafedeoul crter ords top keei hs kaletyff o feredalan ld. jageud aeegrd's he aan dtoger ethmu com bnitysecau oef that etens softandanf bdseecau of hiocs val srtuppo ofhe t liwildeffe rugeup occn.atio thude jgeme com hntedeba probly wo'tuldnow sh up forut fure urcotap arpeceansf iheas w reeleasd. > >>hia cld fsind atr say btulle afrom gun that left aso pern ldeadasth nigt. meo'tr gsgan dtietec avesre stinveiigatng thede murr of at anrt apamentpl comexr neah 44t andam lb. ethary ooe l fkingorai lrcy imcre.
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imcre orhe wrehe ay me, bal cl crtoimesspper at-3 7025585-55. >> s > las'vega1s 91t syswoem t sweek w ago dentown forut abo sixrs hou. ytodare we'e finp gyin fally haeppend. lskehoey t imasis lve atet mro haod t say. r >>teeporelr: whel, tte sysm aswrl ovedoade. 'sthatat wh moetr isin sayg ghtonindt aic pole sheay trey a tuac tallygakinps ste tove prent isthm froap hinpengga ain. tbu weno kwet mro'sl pan isot n furoll pof frooolp bofsecauee w incontnoue k wwhat edcaus the tesysom t o maxnut i f theirst place. out theyd saice on thete sysm was orest tred they tried goet it back oinnle. trmeayo sss it'e liket resting cyour pell.hone onceyouo rebot itve einrythsg i pewidt. ou enevho tghuol pdoice han't ve a nidefitivese cauo frha wtau csed thatra c msh,etros iak ting
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ufa clueai fslurenc iinludg elatimin pingeeopl to asscce to eqeuipmnnt i a cniommuoncatis andt setingp un aff o-sayll ca ntceoer tup stporhe tn maial cl ntceer. w >> ie'renh tero psces of mangkidd aioitlnara upgthdes at awill ullows toro impve aoperstion atti cricalme tis gibegnninh witit addliona uieqtpment thall winc ierease th edfef oow h --pe sed of how quyickl c callsbean sent to rnalteveatil cal crsente. we're ainddgku bacpne phoses lin oushldhe tma priryho pnein les ilfa. ep>> rr:orte e andyemplorees a onno lgerll aowedo tl pug thumb dr oiveselr chol p ines tntohe emsyst. ethasre wo alsk talay tod that that mtigh h aavelsose caud the emsyst to max out andsh cra but trmeodm angittin even whey the keta allf ose there piocautnary st tepsreo pventi ths from hainppengg aain, nngothi is
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kelsey tashom, news 3. h>> tank. you >> e> w arer lea mningorei tonght tabouhe tye 22-olar-and m cuac osedfvi dringn druhek wnhe hit ar cad anil kled a ea61-yldr-o. trmeo says2 2r--yeaold choprist her wleeas dngrivi west ronllussehe wn he d'tidnto sp aat red light. hitnappeed about 1 t:00his mogrninr nea duecatr. trmeo dtietec svesay lee's llcadiac hit the lefte sidof a yototaol corla. thice vtim wasen tak to the ithospheal were hed di. hisam neas h notee bnel re.eas thisis he t5t 1h fitraflac-re dted ieathn metro's rijutisdicon in 2016. > >>andan ad man h was aitnd iccrityallt hurin tryg toss cro ncratho a t theexasta s.tion llconsisioet bweena crsnd a pe aoplereap hinpenglm aost ev weryeek now. gedraral ramho is livem fro ngduraeao nier s arrandt tha was sthecene ofs thir' yeasrs fit lydeadra csh. r >>teeporhar: t rt's,ight. jim
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n'doeseet sikm leha tton lg ago bu btveliee i otr n sot,ince th ten,here havee ben sneve rothe fatalsh craesol invving stpedes.rian hin tasis ce, aan womas win tryg toro cssur d, angoyouan cee s, this is thepo st where she tried toro eshas w h bity aar cnd a llki.ed datoey, w did speak to iscommersionsa sunge grer. lafot opl peonoe kw. her e'shers vyas patsionboe aut peopleng beiat p,ientg rinhe t retispecheng t law, ongbeyi the wla c soesrash like this don't r.occu nf>> unaortu,tely itke bro ytever fhing mromyst wain. dow mmanys onthhein t hpiosl.ta 'sitot nom shiet tngthaoe gs .away >> or rep ster:tihe seell fhels t otemliona andhy plsicain paf o gbeintr s bucky a carn whehe s wasnl oy aee trnage. ein h crase, she wnas ohe t side of r theoad hngelpi aen frid thwi ao flo td wirehen hyit b a undrrik d.ver >> h i tink wed neeba probly ggbier.
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ih tkine w ndee toak mee sur we hite pleopn i theoc pketbook. >> reporter: since her accident, she has always shared tath sentiment when it comes to drunk ivdrgsin e,ven tis stracketted -- distracted utbod tay s'she nicotgin a ffdienert kdin of pesediatrn agtr,edye on where theed bs stpedesrianms theeselv n areot owfoll tingulhe r oesray pgin teatnntio. ershrry g oeenasf las vegsh, e swail k wledhilery tingo tro css duorangve dri odeutsi a of cralosswk. w >> whene'revi dri tng,hey need to bein paygen att ttionheo t d.roa >> or rep ater:dylreas thir yea etherve han beee svened piaestrn agtresediep rdorte in velas gas. ofho trese grge bieelves% 0 80% ulcoavd heee bnre peventd. ilwhhee s's hulopefhe tre tnd ancn tur adrounhe, s sitays lwiakl t le aotf oca edution .work tsadullil nede to change their
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llwied ne to a cdoptinerta vibeha wor thilehey arell sti g.youn on>> do't d it. it's notth worin takgi a lrfe o gbein thee lift tha'sak ten. ep>> rr:orte, now she says she would week t sottar an edge sakactaml cnpaigu aboht tis e.issu shed saithisl wilge tart ilch idrenchn sools t but ihiss ssan i tuehatff a aectsfll os, u uladsts al. wel llwe aee ndoo tpa ytt aioentn an odbey the laws. b tack yoou. t >>hank you. weer undndsta why the iscommersion s iso ponassiate t abouincurbhig tsbl proem. > >> ftimeor ack chen o trc.affi htomeyawl isp un i syk 3. w>>vee' been here forbo aut fo murutin aesndhi wlee' wve beene hrehi tst rc o busn the rpcoier, a wastbou to sayt i nhadotov muted bt i justov med iasas wom cginhe tor cern.
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we't can say for sureth wheret i was ionv olvedr not. it wast jus sinittge. her overer h te inhene corr,re whe sethepl peoree aor w, kingether aisyc bicndle a iaw sic pole kitaang alook tthe bleicyc. thisis a pblrobay a vclehie vesrse aclbicyne ad its wa iainitllyle cal ad insin havg ouserisid accents but wnhere the enwhre thes in aut aiomoble ciac odentr aed piaestrnte snt, eythlw aaysal clt iin suserio. 'rwee hgopin the bycicle iso nt riseslou iyurnj.ed eth vicehle is not. it is ptuth theut pngtihe t hu ort tnheom ctmue. asfide tromhe bleicyc t onhe sheroulde, we havupa cofle o hpneh vleics. and they should bele abo tle car outai frlyoo sn. we'reop hinghi tans c be revesold wutithoio serus iynjur hto te bliicycst. th aeyakre m tinghat eatvaluion trigh now. baock t. you
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tabou 30%f oer othul poponatin i hesoutevrn nada. nd>> a b foreernide san arsnd llhiaryli c,ntonhe tup sportf o atthro gupay mea mn a wtin a thisea yr's cusauces. cogmin up, w te'llake a crlose look at this importantol poice f ethit pollica pe.uzzl > >>tand ed cruz aebnd j bush wiell be herad ahe t ofhe ca.ucus llwe've haai detnls o y howou can sign utop go hearhe tm k.spea >> mo> to rrow bwillhee tm warest dayf o2016o s farut by bhe t afooternyon, ilu wtal sort t feelhe t ceshangsedsed a nd-- anch agesownd h tseho cnghaes wi ellatmphimpact you,t' thas micong up. >> d> ane popnc frais wraps up hirs tipo t mcoexi and lseave
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th'satom cginp ut a ne tw a0, 6:0 thetl batre fo ltheoatine. vot itld coun mea thefe difceren for theiiler h claryonlintr oiebern ndsa tershisat sy.urda t >>hatis he wevn nadaem datocrs llwiau ccus andel diverhe tir vetrdicut abo who twahey ont t hebe tir p'sarty neomine. jeilff glan is on the csaucu tdcounown. >> a in nt couy ofil 2 m,lion tilanos are0% 3f o our pupoonlati. rfohe tw to rngunnifo r prenesidert th ae isit pch ba fttle torheir srtuppo. she stood with rrtobe kdenney. she medarchth wiar cesve chaz. today,ig immtranoc advate lodo hresad aes m.sage >> la hilryas hee btn wihth e latinoou cnty. >> or rep ster: che'sigampaning for conlint bseecauer hnd staing maey b spilipitng wh the uncomm sityhed nees. rbeniean srsde. r>>llea ny motofuch a cotinnecon >> or rep dter:esolort meei isaah s.wire
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tevo. mi'xc ed.ite tfirs >> ep rteor hr: welilau cscun o tusaayrdo fran s.ders he'sar pft oa ou yngav weha tt ayme bur tningan s'ders surge into a tmsunai. t>> ikhinh teou ynger ragene ttion aalkstbou him gibrinngut abo a rlealy big gechan. atthha's wet wd nee inri ameca. ep>> rerortr: foli c,nton ersandss in amm iatigrionfo rerm lametecor,ar platicurly his vote agt ainsan irammig rtionmefor ilbl in 2.007 he>> tt facat th he did, laet oflot the leribs al--t' i fsro lal ofs. u >> or rep ster:rsandea seys h suorpp ftsmor and votedh tat way in 2007ec bseaue has w wrordie the bllild wouve driwn do gewas. lshe aido dot nke li au gest rwo pkersirovi ton hhateid sa waims s tilaro sy.avel memantihee, t bleatt ctionesnu.
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decmotrar o republican? >> em dt.ocra >> or rep oter: irtizs undedecid. whilat wol yoou lkor f? whilat well hp yakou mae key sidecion? s >>onomehoe wl wilnt co tinuehe w torkhatma oba t dido set up th we tayhent cou irysn goig trigh. now ep>> rr:orte b theeattl ntcos inue tforeahe hrts and tevosor f aom ctymuniha ttul cod de wcidehoin ws. a >>otnd banh ctedidasi wll adsdres a lo atinil-- wl be adsdres loatin isssue in a town hallrs thuday ntighev teldise rehem fro v las.egas cyou atan w ichnt os mbc n. ckba to you. ha>> tounk y ande thep rcaublin uccaus ae nxt tayuesd andhe t idcand wates bille cgomin to soeruthevn n tadaory t toin le up thosete vos. dtez cruwill be in v lasegas andru pahnmp od sunay. atthe frely raln iru pahilmp wl abehet tra dgk picpo srtsar b onig h 1hway60. thvee esnt i etexpecd to get deun arwaytbou 2:45.
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nglenk bec formu comnityir fe desial rhely trey aal cling. it atth sstartt a:0 60. if yanou wt to checku othe t ev,ents rsvp ft.irs >> d > an bjeb iushs pinlanng an teven onda suny in v lass.ega ilhe we l bat t aownl hal etmeating theer destst via uncommityte cenrr aound:3 50. ordopes otn a 4:30. wee havin a lk on oureb wesit withis regiotratn imnfornatio on al tl ofhe es.vent just c olick tnhed fin itge pa. m torefirafroc t wublee're infindutg oea nr theam cpus. om>> tl haweys ir neaa okynd a retoryin pes. w >>vee haou a cple ofma sll st oentshen tt wes side. thsis i orrn toey p.ines ait's leittl boit t theth sou ofy. oak ooit likks l yeoue havupa cole ofeh vsicleol invvednd ara tcffi uesqinez agunrodo t tge by. toeyrrin pse rateleliv sylmal restetom crepatod h te big aeert -- aiarterl. you seese thosh flainght ligs?
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thatil wlff aect a fewor me oppele. itks looke liff trasic i sqinueezy g bthon e left. a plcoue of nncewsane o the left si bde,ut itsn doeoo't lke lik ereithl wil be abl proacem bok t u.yo >> ns ew i3 suryo wtearhe lalytet' is bneeun f ttao lk about the wereath. vikeann j iisonns i w theereath ce.nter ikeptt pyrett warm. nouit qte aas w brmut ita ws hard tol. tel >> y no,ouou wavld he toe hav teastuin skin defy.itel eryest'sdaygh hi was 7. dato6.y 7 bo13 aveor nmal. ferybrua dayot nnl oybo a dveay bu tt inhe 70s. the rd,ecor 13. 13de 70- dgreeays inru febary afnd i we canow bl bys, fur by sdthuray,e' wakll m ea rd.ecor this fisrom nasa, from the lehubb. isth is the gasng bei teet jeced from ar, sta ar staha tt's
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isth is sfiigni.cant ourun s willo dhe t samehi tng if you hcanang out for bi5 onlli ys.ear hisunsne. gr peaturictem fro thepr sings utsotwheasard andey bond. ou tt atheak le,no atherea gr jisay d. ertempesatur t inhe lrowe 50s in the w.ater inwashgton andnt moud hoo. eg65 d areeshet te momnt. roachess tle valoy t the utsot,hwes thewn toen cters it a 64. anrothee on ofur o 120 ignehohboreaod wrthe sontatis in ousnther hills and hrsendeon, yoneur orighb dhoodown there eg67 d.rees awe h pve atocke osfde 70-gree air but ank chu ofle valy indippng i the- midppto uer s.70 mpteurerat es, seastidef oow tn 8 esom of thosegh neiooborhds cobeuld t inhe m0sid-8. 38 t onhe maountin. meitsquome c ingin at 64. thighraempeesturay tod, toover1.n, 8 hllaug 8in,2.
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moto,rrown plefty osh sun.ine hwatcut or fohe td. win ites firp uinhe tft aonerno. aw feus gts t mo 30 ailesn urho. thtall wip help jumrt sta the ertempeature mor so to 80. the windo als gust4 to le0 mis han oournhu ty.rsda wthat killnock temhe ttuperare wndoo t0. 7 wifeto sp a tt 69wohat bulde a shame bseecau wereath hryisto dwoul e bedtche in seton so e,clos yet so far. ewe'roi gacng bok t 7 the0s nnbegi oingnri fthday hroug the wedekennt iexo ntwe ek and refo.ver kquicl heloo ty mri fsendu ot at stsier rerobt jeposhai byle elenemryta. theuy gths aeyreea wngri a ti.e het kynew they were gonane b on vtnd a dsredsep urfo the occasion. gotto an hgup it whhe tm. >> that was nice thatou y tle emth bero fnt r,ow srttaed whit th oemn camera. ait letlew rdar for their their shpolieddr warobe. i >>u f yo gare wonna eariea t nion secdra g-de -
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th eik zair vuss iff angecti blood dioonatns. >> , yesl we'l ytellhaou wot yu need to know if youon deat relaguy.rl > >> fameorrfl n pyelawhr o serves as the face of several
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what he is a erform p nflrlaye who ctdire cedtiharies in clalevend is aedccus ofte sinalg from osth perograms to play debts here in las gaves. ggreie rucker played for the brnsow. investigators say he used fdsun to payis hor magtge and buy meals and entertainment. he's accused of stealingor me than $100,000.
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mbga dlingtsealf obo a5ut 6 65 dgran. >> , yes here comes 20050,0, and cayou on ds thi work andke rucr dwoulim atmedituely rnun arod danwa forrdt tha ttoheas cinos yisangoo lk, i'moo grd fohe t nemoy. uc>> rs'kerye lawrsa hiys ts st femsrom a ginamblg pamrogr, theat h atsccep rnsespoitibily dan pslan toad ple gtyuil. pr eesidbant omaks talut abo ethus j sticeemuproue cftrt aer ethea df th onianton scalia. >> a> bndorefe rpueicblan prenesid ctialdaandi hteseado t ne,vada theyre a onve congrgin ouon sthol carina. swhatomeer exptsay seb j bhus ene tds doo to sviurve
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that'sex n > >>ecprot shingerouthvan neda ketahus a ffge eort. to tdayhe hlaomeend stycuri ancnoune'ed wgell tor me myone fito ghtro ter.rism yharrd reid sai9 $2.iomill nis ncomiurg oy wa tote proct nsagaitsi pos tblererro taatcks. lagas ve os isne29 of re afas o uthe.s. toec reiveon mroey fm ethgr proamal cledrb uanre aa setycuri iianit.tive > >>ouin sarth cnaolih witr fou tdayso go untilhe t rliepubcan arprimyre the i,t'sni turng into a-t twodierete const. t >>rumpse verrus citz whhe t otheran ctedidaigs fghtino t aystli ave. stevean hlsden mashahe t latest omfras w >> lee ovoshutar ca.olin let'so g. ep>> rr:ortea donruld tinmp nsgreeevill t aodayt a rally in aua,gustr tdumpea c ulledp a orsuppter. >>lddonamp truu, yo t arehe


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