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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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to anannio eay id erwhe e th w? ng omfr getting shot in the face and is n iown ithats a gehuig sofh leree as y. ey th y samathe asn w kig ckin s doorand ytrtoing getin.side woone man arfeored f sh>> ide sa u e yo aokays po r de d okyou nday aai i s md ohshy go tde>> is than woml wilr neve bor lca hlled er. an t righr afteigmidnthht, lle te tis an a mt wen hon a ome va in rsiongeampath on ree st et. d>> a y trckkig in tin dher oo eean ead br dk it own. r >> th mae wan nos cct suulessf asain ti geto ng tfrthe doont or. an eiso nrsghbot thaenhe w t to o* hthis ome. tn wis essehesay d useifa kn e ryto t g ando et tdothe ggie or do . sepa owhomeanner end evlytual the a me tn inache f e. lu>> am i d glaidhe d i it, t n de mafe me etel bthter e at h --
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a heto tpi hosantal kd wehenow el^a owis nov rec aeredn nd i.jail xii_ fthey houndelis conl ph e naou e tsidheof tse hou . lce sthey may arian tored fllcefu y n te en aringast leret thmee ho s t onsthe .reet asit hop pet le a thiseitmmun co nencer d. n cao you. > k> ioneep inth.king [i cendislernab] >> he tliy betheve e oue tcom d woul havebeifen dntfere if he igr ne hhborad nollt ca ed wi th ahe uad'sd p anif r he -dnext oorigne dhborotid n sh thoot spe suect. >> te deesctivl tel tmethhat e neighbor -- >> ei nbogh srs tay heecsusp t tu aclyal velis roacthss ste la a feraw stfrys heom t ar ea. ma f ny oyou bee liev tthathe ausp waman des une r thicncflue e of s.drugrtrepoliing anve, o toni elcast lonim news r. j >>caessi: trmelio porece a ve inatstig aing tishoon ng ithe ut sot heasevally.
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s wafound in the nsguwohot und de la iying n aniginrstetiec oon stviana ard erch th sey nayaro s resteeve b n dmae hovewe tr,y he dos tayy he owknho w eythre aoo lnkig r fo hein t shngooti . j >> im: thn e maseaccu d of tthig ind anllkig in a tw yeo--oar gldl irin north las vegas d anenthak tg inf of dllwi e cefa j ageudat l ters hiekwe . e51 r--yeadaold gniela arci o sma ezrtin a wasterresidd frn ay i dolos dethe ofath ly eveeen gr n. b he sasesaleveron felary ch ges cl ing udinurfail se to top. po slicee ay halwas riso d ving ouwithvat a lide.cens n iunnyacs fa ing btie judg othac rein otogon owmorr h for is pr t otesraof g rzings ight and mafe l dera ulandease nnkr bu er ll be y two aears go. e>> si jes bca: fuddy aaces long th wi f thealederrg cha de mbi ecconntoted s the utand p cl ing udinulassa at of n fi of cer. he wasstarreaed lwednesday after aingettfg of the ple an egor on hon isway to visit his tw jao edilun ns and he-- t us at etorncoasin las vegno is ione s then why he took so long to br ching s argensagaic him.
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ars. p ft lo a is loisng loft chs.arge >> elsm i adonot atwh i'm ossupped towh do isich to pl ape y thticonsontuti . do i knhaow te t thltresury, ve o n ofteini th ik itntibterr le. >> tassje ica: athatnsemsupr tcour jceustion antin alscnia i 20 a 12 inviteralew t kingab out hi s ron le ithe onnati 's hi t ghesurco t. jo a b he sheld 1ince986 un til hi ats deh theeis w.kend >> jim: on antcain sislia a ns coatervwaive s on c the ourt
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g toigay r hts. ra unhis ctexpeased p tsingesouch b de bon aolig palitictl batere ov o whldshoupl rehiace m. >>icjesswea: e arsg okin intoisthe sue. >> o ascrdemo saticoenat ha sarry hiid ts jus st a seat ldshou ilbe briled ght .away rimajoty reoral t--sahey y ey th ldshout waiilunt e th next idpresent contes i.fice thbut e e white housis ngmaki c itr lea athatin nomn atio for a junew e sticwi nll wott air fo a pol^mmcor-andehiin-ceven as washington epprreatos ay s e l farewell to justice antoni n sc , aliadi wis avear os r hijot r pl reenacemd t anhewhet r lr^pr enesidamt obcha's toice e .make th>> ouis c hntryotas nn go e th wisigaryeg -lonncvacaeonhe t su eprsiurt thnce l civi war. >> draemocts e aragoutrveed or th dee arclonati. u yo willnot nsco idera mi noonnatiil untnethe xt pr eesidisfin of ce. th e ba httlepras sead fr om co ssngre to thmpe ca taign.rail >>sethe e nathas a tyduo t
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d anto cidehede w otherr t no to co m nfiroewhthver e esprt iden mi nos.nate i'>> m t nonsayig i'amm ob a ou shld no at doinnythe g th blrepus icanldshou lot al w it ]sto pe hap n. erca u.n yo >> wtheya ant rerefe ondum n v cho e w thua unxtnesi prentdeil w l fully oversee. v>> w wereere edmindur sat day en evbying un an lytimeth dea of at wh s thes tateinare s thi ra tielec on. s>> er whe e onicjustaye awm fro dedlo osingunur fntdameigal r hts t incohis y.untr eng bu>> t t noyoevers ne i s mf coblortathe wis thit.figh an>> to anscnin aalianend o s ss pawaes ad y anthnow reey a n a tifighveng oe r thtipoli cs. si bo>> idth sgres an ee o the esstat i andult coted dee rmin th ghe hirt couir's donecti for rm dedeca cs to ome. on>> ree moe notheto t pes tipolibacal s ttlen -- odaholi y e ce reigss rowht n a butte whi nsho spuse maokesysn sas this in a tosenaetrs r urn,prthe enesid t ll wilf fuleas hin re sispontibilio es tmino anate su socces r.
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te ininrest g toseithow all ay pls out. no fw in iveusse prorscuto of bu diil angas ce agnsai t me coxi 'sngdas erou ldrugord el ap ch o. e thghfi t toget m hi tback o th e cotrun y. ci tiesssacro u thee s onlegal action slagnsaihit fom thr l a cocaine ring he is accused of eropg.atin steth rse fiset cata to lake pn ce i ebr ynookl y new ork. th jue e sticpademert'snts i el br kloo hyn tas sheontr cgest ase esi gra gueat elest so.chap il w heheas t treeawo ygors a esnt gecharthd witr disinibut g 1 iomillunn pof ds ocotwo e.caintod o at wh heverpeapimns hth in e us a e ong thinleis cthar, is tr trcouns y hadedecit d noeeto sa e thh deatltpena ay to void esco ctnflih witxime'sco ex adtrioitprn oceedings. >> jim: growing evidee nc nitot ghatth isis has chemical weapons and has used them in teinatrnnio alsp grou says ghtoniesmiislaatc stmilitants m at cktardkuish forces in cir aq stlaea ywir thstmudarsga s. ba ick nguau kstdiur shtr ps go ckt si afa ter lebatt in so esuthwaqt ir ralaborytoti tes ngatth
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there is no word tigon htouab t wh ere the rrteisor gtsot the weapons. >> jeicssata: st lea 50 civilians were killed after asterix hit for hospitals in northern syria. among the victim's, yog un ilchendrnd aprnaeg wntenom the united nations said the astrs oalso h oits therth region. it is unclear who is spresione blr foe ths tack for ru n ssiaenoan sdiayrain rarc ft have been operating nearby. two of the hoitsps alrewe ppsuteorbyd ni uf ceand docto rs thwit ouboerrd s. th 'ey resangyion thtig thr ei restngths destroyed one of the hospital orctwis outh bo errdsus orppt. n e il stryl ve -- ribun ed ithe ru lebbf oe thithosp al. sp ngeaki a ivmasslie mi tary aitrngnipe otira ondeunayrwn i udsai abaritia wooh trps d an na s tionrtpaaticip ing. the bi t gges ievere n thgire.on e theropioatcon s me hju tst wo ntmo ahserftau s adibirai _aan cenoune d thitcoalofion 34
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ud saabi ars ia i opartisf th o t gen -- ia.syri es>> j: sicaehe te popis re ngachi t outo a spicecif ou gr p inximeoico gong t an ea arre whe ictholisism notperaci n. i ia t doanhousf ds olepeopi_ isth lli aweekacacre thinga sc dentende ts ofbnsmaya . int alhe cwhled asat w the r pr oponessist, mimereatndnt a en lihumin atiohaof tout gr p. m e thesprot rtantioelig n is and e al di ectsl. wel o .la yoget bour ndat age is g ttinre el^, imoresententh by mee mol idpresalentind caesidatm fro y ut inrings aiagthnst vae ri >> jim:danevacocrdemoanats ar blrepunsica getcoy readelto t l e thor tinahoon w n the idpresshent d oulbe . e thtipolical megan plaouand r . ep>> rr:orte - - >>ormeteisologt: e clos0 to 8 urin o neorighb thood hisekwe
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sel>> i >> e hav beenoidhing tngs lo bi'veineen ju a ne e sinc june 16. i wielll tu l yoe i'vveneerr ev t mea oronpersedalize mor t an s. senedor tz. cru vei have neerr evn seehean hing like . nt j >> fim: inightrdg wooms fr que re icpublnsendcae idatlddona um trasp bl ating.isat h ar nel rivahein tl, poo u.s. tosenaedr t .cruz ghtonit p trumgais ain vo wing ueto sz cru toverache fat tht he b wasinorn dacana . >>jea:ssic herumpinmaedtaint tha driv afon dcruznooes vet ha r the tight o n rureas pntsideau becofse er whe e hbowas ndrn aa tod
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nda guy. >> jim: the cruise campaigns i tifighacng brghtoniumt tr p ise l an y grilinlasht g ou with n"n caame-g llinfaand islse ". nol>> si jes aca: e t the tsame ime do inaldils st tl athe head of pothe n le i noroh ca.linana ey thw shoahhim asof w on th ayis d.wiheth tst la secrui f iswiollong pa 70nterceth witr mpy ma o rcbiru jo,n ohsika ach nd tro bujeb unsh r aninge t th top fi .ve >>cai mereheor fw t onreas s. e on eusbecacae i l miepde ly ou abb.t jeonal ^a toand au bec se i dcarelyeep ab unr co try. > d jim:idpres worge . sh bungaskiub repnslica in so cauth nrolia otto vr e fohis hebrotb.r je foridpresanent d fierrmhe t le tsse hthpridest end anrmfo er rsfilat y dicsi-bdesiy- wdeh it j him in person. e thrsfitit tmey heveha campaigned togeth ierhin t el onectiso sea m:usre icpublinans th souol car ina thold pheirryrimaardsatu ay, th mee say dacrdemoorpico es he n re io.vane da. repu usso jvet fis dayo to g nd ou o t whadnevu decrmos atsechoo eebetwlln hi aryinclanton d rn beratandsa ers.
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ab boout th idcand aatess cros e the stateeto s wweekwhhen at ca n cbe a>> g isngetti toc be h runc, time ca aimps gnd aneithr suogrresat on a tibeaumoful y,nda esthe are an st hi ory. >>l civitsrighco i john y wi leins's ttentmpo ca faign n. a s he ppentofart m hisy onda e vi giheng ten ravhis a y stor . lo>> ct doinor kstg juae spok ernumbi 10 nuoke r mbea he>> sa is yingmy evere vot ts. an r d foeln,intomi t. e shwas ossupptoed mpca aign ytoda in orfl iida,adnste e sh nis aerorthvan ne da. sia glne sardtu mayhtigbe to o os clr e foorcomf t. >>e thespureanblice s arckba th wi s the ameaksnl.e oi ic trdokle-wn omecon, icscut espu y, de lareguwaee strait ag d.
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>> both democrats were wallrehe er ov theenweek d. in clyirallnng i ion fa ulithfrdandaris fiupng a cr aymond thnde sateers am also inflexiog unscn mu le. at thecaloecl elaltric rkwo ers wh ich bo ersendoaned s dersququ .week bewhy rniee i d i n keas d? >>owi kn shes tand for ttgeg ine thnemoy ou t of tipolics. ye>> daster y isas id ilfmyse osclt esceraou wd lbe in nevada. >> if there is a large ol outurn tt, i whinklwidol ju fste.inca heif ts re iw a lorouturn t i th va swillgltrug e. >>da osohin tnds moay, hnjo wi les s hae.ssag i >> ajchk thiny todaarhill cl toin inbes ertt prarep ed to b e esprt iden thanyoanlsne e e ineram ica. >> t buthree moor imp tant ssle ionths e'ers. >> wa i e s onof pethe tople o av lee mathe acrch rossth e id br ge. >> sidm:jid an ithathns jon wilem*s a. da, tomey soer am hicanryisto aonce tgainemhe dtiocra c
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blrepu cicanusauc\e thre days en r lateebon fy ruar 23. >> jian thu k yo ff. on is th eesprtsideny ' da of th e most popular rimemoinals wa gtshinison g ttin ke ma.over >> icjess wa: e'reintalk g ou abt a phthilanisropt lishel ng ou at 18nd a mhalfliln io lldos ar rtotoes ree thnclinol rimemo al. it l wilbed useixto fhe t , roofn clealemarb evand dden a a se econdtolevar. d davinsrube iteins be thindhis re tinova on. >> jiso abllutey sthive t s o ente itbut s mo psofuowerthl winume nt li n'ncolrds wodes un ar itnsi gmev hierytlsng e e. a es>> j: sicawi it e ll b tnice o jense t e geesa frinh pa r>> : jimer desitves . a we hall wfat a tintasy c wa to en spe d thenweekd d ansofor me ub lepeopti con tnueshtonig . e j >>caessiev: kenin wtst ou ide r i and tohad k looheat t e le ca andar, gainkeyou ep bb gig erinou-- yp kee onte vedeli.ring c m >>roeteostlogiil: wowl sh jyo w u hosdthurilay wkel ma out sres i but tawas g lkin wlast eek
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a spfor .ring g sh i douldiso thic pretuf oe th .hawk e da upn te ofathe okceboe pagd an .no hw weneave evws rr iewe insend ag usorll sf ts o pi urct oesfof inx udclg inisth gu y. ch k ecisthut oho, abw t ouatth fl htigve oe thrtno pherns artsi u of as leg v asllva?ey i ifd ha s wingowi knil i wpe be o se g llinndarouwe as ll. o el aua bel tifu iday,t d no see y aninrds s the t i a ce nlrtaiw y sapnimfea ghw hiud clo ue juand fst athew, thtch at we e haderarliay todar sttoted ve mo andn e sugohas wn bu it itprill metty tt pu ing! th isere eg77 ddaree y fi oflycial yowedefou bso d e brthe oeak,e n thansant.a 79 vs th s at ieg15 d arees bovel fno .rmal xmp snineghtraiyst dat thaavwe h e ry a abeen boveq.rmal hes snineghtraiyst dat thade hav rma t de iy 70sillre degve th ree rdcos i.13 we have to get past urth, sday e if wo dweil wpul lt t as year thin e arre mviewr.irro se ele,wheroo a lk utat o wside e ar stt wiout th aaubel tifu blue e ou clo ds ty flugthroth bu once dtheyanid, d lyreal h alld e di
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te atmpersture ayed, warm they 'tdidnnyke a t ofhtweig is rareed aoszebreerys veht lig isdennia pard h anndhen,erso d an even d70esegre . er the el romis sase rendo onqu e h oedgee f theyvallt tha will dodie ndwn aon up e thtmoun ain lo ngeckiit in 9 ld 4 redeg th pee ups r 60nnente ial hi , llslo waded 7ith 0s halm welse aheree'nd wintalk g wh at? fi - ve - p5:18d m anidoutse e th evallpaatump f -- ireyou' ki mang anplors for tomrow start th50e tised lo 70h uncsa no me ti t andbahen heto t d- mi70s icwhanh meais agn mo to, rrow someneoighbdsrhoo es alpecin ly o theeadestsil wil hitab80out re degt righ high mp teurerat e. e th\czebree hs we py toda ciespe allyonndarou thes edge rt notehwesarrn pt tofalhe v ley th at wie ll b goneowmorr . ss leos eanthe fivs mileel urho . e th orestune conotry t really rejoingciin th e mp teurerates the at w are. ve ry teatmperfrure om th e mi esdwtot he t rtnot heasand ve sere unthtodersrms odprg ucin adtornoes r foismisspisip
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weall d ha e therbu olkthf sye emstkyayis w .i t upe o thh nortthbut avey h th riese tught s rn ingmaki the e whitr theiinway outo p sky. i k thinl we'lor,vehas lesorto mel than we had today.pera tuteth ine th'rg westhiwatcs ng i as emsystbe numo r br adeth ilis wckl pith up nde wi and ia wthatpee exo ct tn begi on we dadnes y. ce onat thrt sta s itdndulcoind br g s incoirer a . il st ge abovanormvallmpteurerat e e s wacothe tolerwhhan weere n ve han beee as wtoget e the nd lof w the eek. ca in30 cicemat a, 27alnd ce,ient gh himp teureratores fur yo es tu day. s oilema 7 74, 5 inrbo der ci ndty amosatdellh vad. 85. no int go g to trushbuhis t itm s feeltymighe nicacipt oue.ther d 49esegre w mana ith 70dlecoup of hi clgh , ouds highia ertempe aturoeci nid rrtomoosow msutly 76nny . e y ife ou'rkithinbong a ut re , cord thatawe swoid trs yea atago . 81 ithatrabprobafly s e. ecisth vee sey n daasstreca'r, we e de l alg goin0 to 8edon waynesd . w hot abou?that heand are's bigtiqueshoon, ro stilng we l thte oflux f
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w doe alactutoly s 6p at9 or n caxhwe eatale 003: m.p. all niin u, sonthget desmpteurerat es 7 ofd 0 an tkeeptrhe sg goin r w wehaill neve oadbspeeanump d a myudttit ie isa t's e tttli le to rlo eao y tenra rmwabu up t we havedsoto his ry. > a:ssicve gitabeour pero sh es>> j: sica m ande anage thre il ch wdreninere tside ` nd hen erso ihomecon a uple enbrok and hshotim. the 32ea-yolr-n d ma wasa shot rasevemel ticoinm ag up t x, sisuthe sirpriing tth im crppe ha enedd an whatthe imvictfa's esmili intellwsg ne 3 ghtoni t. j >> im: weand ld wouk tal t abouwehow 're adaysfrway om th is anwe coc demcrati uscauc d andaneva ne sw atweix, l wilhyy w onea no rm^are ouligious gr p is mutft o of prthe s.oces o, ithatans brw d-neghtonillt wi et mesi at x. a j >>caessiil: w ol --thr wi a co gullea e becr ned? th wiey rmtee inerama'icl ntad to dop .gs
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h to thp reth j >> nim: ow figrve, g owin nc coovern er eth drsange of la rsse beg intepointd ino r ai htflig s. >>icjessa a: lashser anine d ta ocke.c kpitrcfo ped a lane to li rnretulo to .ndon r d itedecid r ton eturubecala it whwas there enleprobisms v ion ha omen cispromy ed be la ser. br the nilots uo thon t t bigges is fearsea la r tag en hariing aght atca criti nt momeland of ngsayiea a b m ul coind bld dfoltspilo. >> : jime somof u yo know thfirsand chthe ngallehaes tt fcometarom king ocare f an g aginrepa ontotr r titesak a llcaol tonl ca veregi rs.
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e thoswho r. lreca a fored lov one m orliore tkelyveo ha t ot eml,ionasi phyancal d msfi ianancffl ditiicul ec 'rtheysoe als lesucprod ative t taf^ aworkesnd lsss ha le. ar ne mly 8onillier eld ly est icamerarans vie liitng we h th ohelpmif far ly ondfrie s. l alt,righ n our3 ext to 5 nsbegie lik, this jdear mess, anhusbs d haaisperm tsion o ke ta.agra icjessyoa: aru he m gh ri t. bia llisp ur fontkekyuc lawmakers to quremeire gn toet lea erttro fthm s vefobe re filling the viagra prescription. men soalav htoe we s ar ton he bi thble at atheymare d,rrie ahaveast lewot t dosctor vi tssi fobe tree hueblllpis i espribcr edmilierth ae isso reamig o tthatcrhis s ll ie.herbi, nt ke luckykeawmaryr maou l- - mecap uthwi it because of a nscot enlaw on abortion. i was just signed last bweek y e thntke guckynoveror. it ui reqwores men tosu con lt a n womaatst leaho 24 urs fobe re aanrtboion.>>: jimy manun p a parents know about getting a uchno hate tmet com froaca tegui r eab thout cheir ild.
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thall re wondne an the bo s theren qheot rs. an id italpeciruly tr e foa th une yolkg ta our lifamiues bw a nertrepo to t nighs showchngatticl in ass co aculd lytuala be gohiod t ng. i feelsodi vind.cate a jusadge heid ts lesa udy sh ows that s deatch itingasn cl in secreaurs yold chiel's s f of ngbeloaning e d thmore they actr tk, mhee oru yojoenthy e e as cl s. onti es>> j: sica m the ost oc presedur't donw sho the ti naeton gdes un nrwayorew y k la ty ci h hasedundr ds of ogs co e mpetthfor betle n st i showpa esat wsttmin tothe g p dot laskeasar w the lebund ofrg enessy mi- ed -e th lebeag . >>jianm: hnd jo--ny pu hiblisddng o s one tha dog iwint alisl thr. yea and e s it irma gena mepsh.herd er j >>caessiorllbemno is t u mi na ng anifspecogic dst, jug do br .eeds e thg do cod ulketaec sd onpl e is thisunrrter ie at 1. e j >> him: pad aanomer aian, nd
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ghtoniupt, sreme r. wa dethe ofath us jtice iascalmp pro ating -shighs takedoshowwn. e thidpresvoent ows t no temina acc sur.esso re icpublreans tfuseo even consider it. ma ijors ssueleft ng haining the ba nclae. > >>ngfacitr sump' fury. th one frnnt-rugaer ain re thinateng to sue ted
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or gege wus. bh over 9/11. trump's riskytt aack as the former idprestenit hshe t tr ail. >> sp> hoital bombing. a wneor hr roin risya. medical facilities and ho scarols e hit. ilchendrre a llki.ed > >>maa ivssste orm fromou lnaisia to maine. snow and ice in the rtnoh. a rntoo adtbouakre hi tts shethou. >> d> anhe urartbn al ert. newon cscern about pr ipescr mtioneds mi nsllioe taktore tat it in ldke tone kidy se di nase,owke lin tdo an irencedasis rkf o medentia. ig"nlyht news" begins right now. >> aounn: ncerfrom nbc ws neld wor he aradqu itersw n ne , yorkthis isc "nb tlnighwsy neth" wi erlest .holt > >> egoodngveni. a inecn el ytionear al y readghfrautht wi pr imleobabt plowi tsts an amd drowa, n isth. the iogdeolical ba e lancheof t.s u. su e premt courensuddly inmblio. to t nighe'therse lat wo n rd oprwho enesidt am obgha mi t be idconsg erin toplreace th tee lati jusce al scsia aes lin are


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