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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  NBC  February 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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lalovendce a a ovpratoce ivn o the armstrong williams show. injo us . >> us [m ic] >> lo hellc, wee omo te thw.sho as al tways yhankou foinr jo ing orus f ai amrrmstong iawill ms. em ilykiats ns i twithhe inwash hgtond eralanand ry ve lo laceish witthe amex.iner nti wa to layout soinmethr g fo you anwad i ount y to plex ain. be e causine som ywaysou are do thing one wrg inthr g fo the ri ghtonreas . t soishis theme th te ofhe ensegm ts. a t par iofout, y areindoe g th g wroninthr g forithe ght onreas s.
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meclaid ndbu y. d anthe anst, doffishe not arcompimes hf selto sarok. par s he iyisahang t it hes more ridisctminaaged tainsn the k blacli vesttma er. an sad i id myto f,sel re?ally thand i en d askelfmyse a co yuple earsago whisen h th fander a gra ooupncf ra hers we nvre id olvein sthatoftand f nd a eyth h allguave ns i ef tsforth up is tiqueswhon, at is e thtireacroon fm e th rafedel rgovet nmenbehad en erdiffhaent od thse heranc rs ha end be rimino:stiesarummy af thter ese qu, tion sare tuck iwitht vehan beeerdiff ent if htheybead blen ack? an u d yoknsoow, memetiu s yo ju onst dan't wo t tan.swer usbecae atheysre a king tilegi matetiques ons. so i wao nt t atalk boutndbu y r fow a feteminucas beheuse is rt wof hy o somenaaltion te atn ntiot bulli wirt sta thwi u. yo i >> inthatk tha is lot of
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ngaskie , therdiff iencee n th ac re ftionthrom is anst doff ofrom therprt otesblby ack mlifersatte or rsotheh wit llreay atdram ic. th e vegontrnmet sorof atse ed >> d anrewe aki talng ab out . e kep ithatndn mi . >>wihith ts cuoconpati o gon fo itr qu ae anntmou ofe. tim iand t geloa pt ofleeop th t oughin ltbae,imorbl if ack s liveermatt hadpioccua ed rfedeal gomevernuint bngldi it wo veuld'te lasd isrt shome ti . a ndth aerere giletetima es qus tione theras to t how hese lepeop beare tingedreat. t no bjusthey t gomevernbunts t byheotrs, esprtidenial ca atndid es. if youreermemb c the lydendbu y he t idpresalenti ndcaesidat lk ta tohitam, sexnd n t to him. to lk taou abt e thnntyra y of the rngove ument hntile std arte ngsayime so rocontiaversl gsthin t andhen evoderyb y ac blked off. >> ou abt ajewsnd rimino.ties and thnow p e goidpresiaentl
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intog beinicritcal ssacrois th iqcrit ue. ca e n hcoe mparelhims f tosro a rk pa s: >> ou y owknpe, i alrsonly do sen't e e thcoismpar on. >> trarms ong:hebut does . >> d anohe des. a>>rormst ng: atwhut abo thesuisyae, r n. e thdefegoral mvernent erth e s waira fe atthk tooe,plac e th s firet wento gomevernnt op pr.erty y the swereulchedo ed to go t ajailhend ty epstinped and id sa h, wenoave t ntse yence ou lo ng ouene gh wgoare ing ato dd to at th stsyorem ft thais ndki b ofreizar, tabolk ahaut tt sp aneed atd th is thine th g at th iscoventroalrsi . >>trarms ong: very co ventrol.rsia >> anrynd: awi it ll couentin tobe mesog thinthhow ese di enffert prenesidl tia nd caesidatp resond cabeinuse e th pastthcaese andid tesha ve ru shedout klikeavim dhais tt s do apark lotof coventro rsy. an d ths at ithsomeing ths at i rtimpoant top keeinin md ab out wh iy th s isdiffterenm fro k blacs the insettg. a >>rormst ing: t diseriffent
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th reey ar car.ying ya>> rrin: , ghtrianght e d th se gttin is ffdit erentoo. ca bethuse die mea's itabil y to ycarr is ffdit.eren usbecae in l st., ouisthe usfergreon aera the ish muc si eaer ac fcessedor mtoia be rethe anderev wyoneas lkta ing t e o theaar . r in uralegorheon trey a yitr ng to ng bri in thowe sh n andot ha cvingseell cervi erthe e ar ediff renthacgellenhes tre ic whthh i ink e aredskewe som of thdie me a'sracovef ge o the ev .ent i and nkthi e ther is a co tmpleely dienffert t seof rc cianumstces tsouofide at wh pi tyy callakis ting plthace ere th isat chngangi p howe eoplar e ok loaing e t thev tent, o. >>msarg:tront bu if cothe lor sk asin w dienffertht wi the co thver ey tecazgoriheed tm an e d thrngoves menttireac on to s wardthouem wt ld ibe di enffer t? >>ry ian: n thik thisere a st rongguart mene to b sayth at th woere .uld >> st arm: rongt buwh y? sy i hmpatize wiheth tdi funes d anguthe nn'sand e th'smann , e thy e arkibreaheng t thlaw ere
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at th . . >>ilem ay: thnd is esgo to d gs. we ve ha haeod pwhple e o ar d,armey theinare sta ffando th wi therngove.ment if wthata as erdiffgrent oup of lepeopy theldcou ha ve la d beleit orterr.ists >> msarg:tront bur thei arms are l.lega they havele tgalrro ca y. >>emily:d anthfor e oc ticupaofon a defe ral bu ngildi rm>> anstrog: t tharuis t e ha tt wis yhereraou dw the li ne. th s at i.true mi>> e ly:anved gihen tir tr eat tmenini th k at lo of pe sopleay > ms> argtron: nymapl peo e li beeve win te gos exa thate th rngove bmentlew up the dibuilng. >> ly emian: eyd th do . a >>rrmst ong:aneyd the wer not mitinori es. >> em ily:thand at sp teaks o e th dissstreofed gomevern nt ab out thyoese peung ople why th reese oligin psgrou of ex d istesofor ng lo a andre lstiler powful en aoughrnd amed en toughkeo ta a defe ral bu ngildi. rm>> angstroas: lt ayfrid in so uthlicaroi na, t wanto inconthiue t as on erdiff ent
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o emaltionen mom ts, said mnsolen ly ia toaudi irium n ou sth roca.lina thand e crstowd darte sig ngin p,trum umtrhip, wasch w to es hcortnder a ot oherss ut ahe wa lks taabing out ansyri fu re.gees shnow mie ad tted athate s sh wasbeesing tecord ounyt ma op peinle e thenaudice usprof elyapizologo ed ther for th inis k d ofvibeha or. in suas tmingshhat e ais rr tetoris. d an psomeeeopl weelre y, ling youcaare inrrynsg gu hayou ve osexpl.ives and u yosecan e e thn woma and th e e shwaats whwe do do in th eseaninstwices:th evdaery y o peweple t seeohe god oside f er am aicand nodgt ju.e it buteewe ss thir othesi de wh isich a daoungerais trt. wa mit ae inuti ha0 ve 3 co se nds? le t me bcomei ack 'tdon want ntto iuperrt u.yo ali rewaly nt topo resond t is th . ca beiuse t alreoely gcks ba to
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a incameri. ithatits que dienfferu t yocan u t presents itself up.
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> > yo ou knw icamers a ia ertind box. th e rngove wments antto keta ei thnsr gu btheyveelie the rngovet menis orterr.ists y theevbelie e thrngovet menis nsagaiemt th . d anyoyet e u arg goin tto alk ab thout e e issu twithhe n woma inwearheg t d jihadiwho d innothong wr g. >> ilemany: e d sh'tdidn . >> aronmstrang: d iamry sor , t bu withseitcur ky, inow l al sethopl peoe cwereedheck f beore etheyednter thero om. >> l emiy: anghd riigt, rht. a >>rormst ng: theyd haetsecr rv se iceprtiotec on.
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oa crwd meitntalaty the sh d stoothand e acre ftion tromhe cr frowd oom ding threat g w to the pothint t at i ledto her g beinesedcort. out and i k thin ithats wh at ha s ppenn wheu yo ahaveon strg ke do d nalp trum, thatyou know tquesngioni thwhee er wldshou le slt muinims to thune coattry l al. rthatlyeal caesptur a . d ann whelepeop t seeithat ity. th at i'tdonnk thi's it hel lpfu heto t lipol ticaoudisc rse but lddonamp tru is whe at h has be en g dointato sey ahad hein t ll po s. hes feelifjustinied do ing th ayat s, ingokloer, amnsica ag wiree m th isis t whay the.want ini th k itisit a l tle urdist ibingi thnk onwe d 't wa o nt tpozelarip peondle a sh e st juar clely was t no a rr testori nyin a. way butprshe tovedhe that justpe wopleeeho sr he mi peght vercei it ucas s h. d ani k thineewe nd a di siscuso on tw sho athat lot
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ac pel efulepeop whonoare t yi tr ng. > > msarg:tront bui t go to te oull y wwhateee st tha enbraz, bthatenraz shngooti at th at po oliceerffic in il phphadel ia. an d sheheaid i didt in the nameof is is. yo e u sewhy pe fopletheel at wa y. w itas azbr en. >> n rya: pe hopleevave er onreasbe to idafra . ey thve ha evreery tasone o b edscar w butill pe aoplelre aso ok lofoing r isfor pe tople o nt corol annsd cothole o em s y thedeunndrstaat th eythe hav onsomee iswho tr a s ongle ader iwho t s noingo rg totoush dg ju mentnearcess ily. bu t do tnald drump oesha ve a planthfor e atdram ic. th e ngsayiu yoare fi tred, he sl n ogafrisom hev telonisi show alis ill but hintoeris pa.son whand e at his inwrit pg on rint i and k thin ithats g goinbeto thsometing hat mebecorys ve leprobc matithfor e goinp go g rw foard. and sweheaw tacy re h aolwh e
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au cedienhas tt t don' to bl lluegi reicpubl an. th ey trtoied ch reaw nevo.ters thand e tiquesr on ootns iatth e thvonew tersthonat d ald tr umpprare hieacarng e the sa otme vthers e wagop nnt a d e ned to i win16n 20 andwi ll ch cangee oursomfrm thethfor e la igst eeaht y7rs p iherehes t reinteg stininthg. al isl thli pub, citythall is pr int,all thomis dioinat n by idcandtrate >> st arm: rong allovheer t rl wondd, a i t don'trthe iump ha nove kimwn h a ltiong me. bu u t yoknonow n e ofus lyreal n' doint thk lddonamp tru . o to teof nn he deveroes an ngythi n, he ever igets nto th e bssue.tanc dynobo ksashi in lus vaes, what n,jasoto in s higrback lound ike caben rsonand rspe onal iamerca. quthe onestido is rwey eall wknowho do tnald irumps? e >>:mily and ink thit tha is a pgood.oint ishe mea e ssagpesha teshif r. en wh a ssmeseage toems be good
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e itifven it ntcoctradiths oer gsthin . me rer mbeheti ini sallyd aiatth h wetoave let sinn yria gerefues foher trese a lepeop o whe havbeeren ptesecud. d ant so imwas ore vaadeontag us to y sanoha we o ve t getth e fu re ugeest p aerevsly mu im. so i thheink a is d goo ma lanipu tor. > > msarg:tront budo we know hewho is:mi>> e aly: nd ts ouofide theenaiterttnmen . >>aronmstrdog: we owkn ? r >> yan:he aps pearon vitele ssionto ofen evoderyb y in thks thnoey kimw h usbeca e he bhas een inir thein livg ro om. i t don'k thinlepeopve ha an un tadersg ndinof thwho uyis g isnebe tathhe acsurf e. o wh hasmaimde ho intwho ihe s da to y. is h grback sound torysnha 't th aden ded whyet i ich k thin in i k thint a loitof isis h ll wieingnss to m do,edia vitele asionhell t metiss, ma is ing intalkoug abt .it ime f or oppeo le t thengo inisto h ck baungrod bu gt he tives hem at why the twanto arhe , he
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un soe dbit hthate doeles w l dr vei cosanver ftionor .days itheicslam wowhman s o wa wnthro o outisf h y rall will abprobly t ge tmore hanthe fo onrum er povty foe r th blrepus,icanin tryg igto f ht po y vertin eram ica. th s at ie onheof tin thgs n dotrald umpgnreco aizeshynd w h heeeas b n sopacaofble ki tang tover20his a16 rce d an indrive g thnvcotiersan on othe pu reanblice. sid rm>> angstroha: wt gis oing whon, at do e yout xpecm fro the su mepre t:courak*spe* er11an d er th ae is. lotths at ig amon the inthtgs sill itwatoing , e thdeory r bthe idprestoent or st ivof gree a evprie sto ome of thegrimmi wantsreho a adalrerey he . ve gi wthemanork cd fous whelse tere,ishat e onheof t bigsuis es. ab onorti bisreefo theprsu eme co urtn,agaiis it n beeye ars si thnce e prsucoeme haurt s ke ta an ontiboron d antes xa and a mbnuf er oeroth sts ate have edhack ssloce sinn theatth a relly rectstrie acco ss tatth . sos it igotoing tw be g o bi is csuesg ominn up ianct ele ion ye ar. >> st arm: rong is ruit tate th
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in ridustedalizt that don' have rnmate litye eav ofroms.ther >> em ily:weand e arghthou ts fl leexib othan wtherrneste na s,tionl hilary toclins n ha aalredy tbeenngalkiou abt it. i uram s e we hwillmoear re t abou fthatherom r in a n telecion .year ciespey allhiat tmes ti for th boes sidth, bo reicpubl ans an d crdemoreats allyneo ed t alappe to n.wome haand ve hbotharilly incl ton an d ambnuf er ogothe p nd caesidate havhad outr ble ap inpealg heto t m inthe ss paitive l wilbe bia sug is e. >>msarg:tronr mak maro no i t don'coree gniz himane.ymor omarc o rubiiswho uaus lly re abasonle annsd se, ibleand s watoout f thear ghri t. h heoas gne faghr riatt wh is ha eppend too?rubi ya>> rn: ink thih we ave seen trhim fy toit in gto as op aa im prvoary .ter he is n notsaecesy ril tin he sa inme mt dsehe w was henhe fi arrst d rivein thnae se te be secau no iw henns ruing in a ry vefi dift culimpr pary,perhas ofone m theost mpcoivetit e in
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fo bere atth a hisncudiee is erdiff ent. so yoe u arngseeil al tof hese ca atndides y traito tthlor eir me e ssaghoto wey th thwiink ll sh upow tforanhem hd tat is y whseyou ee thm inplaywog t di enfferst is ues,ghhitilighng erdiffthent i and k thin ithats ywhat ou se ene wh mehis e ssagarappes to ch hange e isinlookrg fo a erdiffauent cdiene hthats e ha hein t stpa f anddalori. >> st arm:rong quy ickl awhat re we g goinetto g thep go tback o ur fo orfianve ctedidas a we ek an t d geaa rel bade te. mi>> e ly: itand b maye a lo ng ti mame, orchr leven ater rebefo athishall s kesou t. ca be tuse heresare nyo ma idcand.ates rethe soare y mandienffert idcand ates thatpeap al di enffertly pins lacem fro io sowa, uth canarolio , t fl a.orid ii thnk well reavy ha e to wait seand e. it y magonot allthe toway he t enconv btionf ut igoyou os cl e. >>trarms ong:tei llyou what, it is certainly.
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donald is knyou ooow gwsd ne ulco d be manydienfferint thgs foe r th idpres enthagns sianed ec exe utivrorde ande th good inews s itdot esn'n mea hianytng. au [lrghte ] d aninjousing te to ll us why oeit dt sn'meucan md h anit n'does t. l is eonrsspeao whis prdeesi nt an ned owr dofncc cod eale we s.apon r caomry.c . in joing utus b d you on'tveha toe agre with dme i ton'tk hin . it. >> he t prenesid t'secexe utiv onactis haurd fots par. on o e, t keeperamsaica n fe i thesethnse heat ts re i an iainit tiveby whthe hoite use t o in $vest500 min llio into he caalthmere, ntalheh alt ac leknowndgmets. soand ha wt isyou hi prod bite
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l localaw rcenfonteme bwill e ti no.fied ndsecoasly, notech flogy or sa fe nsgufe, sas gun he s ha emimpld ente newchs ange in re chsear and depvelo fmentor do hed, tpa dentrtme omof hndela cu sey ritto alactuesly rh earc e thtpsmare honchtegynolo . d andlthiro y, tp kee co itmmunies afs er. mo ctre a ivef attagen s to oresptond eninforcrrg cu ent la n ws obothe oks. d an ltheny,astl ifspeclyical 4 2urhoes accs nifor cs kschec , ti nal onaaninstckt baungrod e ch 2cks, 4/7ac, cess 365. > > trarms ong:aiexpln s to u thall tfe a isng goire to d spon erdiffy entl thanwhe at w have seen fthemoror wks tr ioadity nallnow asit hn beea loback g.
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ex e amplt thaenhappined ar chonlest . e thbaouckgridnd dt no come ibackn meti . d an thatoperssn wa a ibprohe itivrspebuon, e t th cu t rrenrafedeawl l actually alwloed m hito ivrece e a fi m rearcabetuse he tiasme w lo altwed o ree ceivrea fi arm d hareexpi d. h soe s wan giverea fiarm enev ou thisgh h iswa asn'tllctuay mp co.lete h>> ow will gthistoo inre mo rtexpoen-orited tade il. ho esw do atthng chaome fr hianytn ng i the?past it>> is no mt soexuch e plor de ieper gt isg oinxpto ee lor qu r.icke morecieffiy,entlre mo cteffey.ivel >> msarg:tron w sohat wi ll ch tangekeo ma that ppha en? >> o thiorre mafe stt f iwill re hie mor than 200. >> st arm: rong l howbong e efor tithe tring akeacpl e? i itt s nog goinakto tace ple me imeldiat y.
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de orr eythec exprited ghtaw ay. bu att th esdohan't n.ppe >> t i t ishe exatpectofion e thpuc.bli it ld wou bere tmissy o sas it i no int go hg tonappe niover ght. bu t i ulwo hdn'tanave swan er to t tha . >>msarg:tronat wh is erdiffabent thout e notech logy thnow an atwh p thederesint? we>> mall surt gn chtegynolo v is eryntcorsroveial. tisomeyomes veu ha avto h e a wa antchbd loin crose pitximy to rea fi.arm ch tegynololi is ke stngampi on ac tualmuamonniti. mi stcro-ngampi, osthe e ary ver co ventroalrsi telochnos.gie >> msargtron: we e ar reinte stedin m thealent he alth yareou sa tyingathe lest from prthe eesidnt isng goist to op lepeop h whoave suisroes f m n metal he talthpehat oplear e ar aw fe ofor emthha to ve ac s cesirto fs?earm >> theye kt thayou juadst h
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unno p inedtendju it st has ppen e to byou otcannp stoincryg. u yodcan e o thbehast tu t yo , canjuecst b yauseou nnca ot st llop a imcrese do not mean ythathoou struld y d anenprev t th e elsmf l ocrthime h roug l locach iangelin po.cies >> ar onmstri g: yknowreou a in dog yoesur bfot eftort get su t pporand edcritibilthy wi at wh p thederesint isng doi but ani wt o to g tback o myrea lier emstatent. s it it jusa -aband id. >> i ulwo sdn'ta ay -aband id. i d woul icallogt prs.res a >>rormst sng: o aryou e ll temeing ingorwg fo tard,he ns guno, int cenoppeeile b ng sh ot. w itbeill s lesof besecau it gois ing akto t e >>the rdwove preintatve. rm>> angstro: ladeslyed: ow do wn? st d?oppe iwhats wothe rd? >> i wosauld way thd rteinhe t se e nsatth itld woura be d mpe up th in nse see attht ighmi t be curbed.
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me reembr it mhtige bn aitd ur centk ylintvism hasl al favyoure oritlschanne, to tof ns o sliveports, an red mo -- in call alrystar-cle hd. h whwatcnden a y wheretou wan awithd dvanceesfeatur li ur wke oesireltos set-p box,whol mee ho dvr, prand tism onhe go. chand rooose frim a va etyof p greatsackage fit tor youhome.
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nd ...a sta get wrted ithe thm esprisiasentunl tv b dle. u' yo tll getv pl tous up megs 40 tuof cen irylinknetnter foall $r onlyon75 a m th.this l dea gsoundsreat, es alpeciyoly if su loves.port t pr geesism l sentiatv d up an40 to of megs ne inter t r fo75only $th a mon . sc ore! or, if youov lt e greaes..movi .[ hesoutccrn aent ] he cy,mentlee,in go and on tge pr m esisntsel tvia wi p th umeto 40 ings of ettern lyfor on m $75 a.onth !hyah[ rawhip ccks ] no [ vrmal ]oicel. cal .. t getestar dth wism prien ess ttial v uplus 4p togs0 me i ofnentereet sp d. st ju a $75th mon a forr yea th wiop autay. ee spy d mabenot il avaable ouin year ar . on roly fntm ceinuryl
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y. je masus wode t rencfereoes t e thrdwo ibtratulnio . we aldewit oth onef th lemt as ekweh w enheai s jd in ohn 3.16:3 aihe sn d, ioume yl wilehav pe ace. bu nt i thewo rld,you hwillave ultribnatio . he hsaidn e caibut t oume y ll wie have,peac buthein t d,worl w you illha ve tr atibul" ion.wothe ord wisrld th cie sordal oer. so wa he yis sang that ultribn,ation eveouthough y are a christian, even outh gh
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u yo ahave lareshtioniip wth d goaryou ote n pexemomt fr the re iealit hs of umanriexpe.ence lovee thteminu ofwi.sdom knyou ow ittr is ue. in yoifur lu e yoare gotoing ve ha tratibuls.ion ck buowle dcan be useakit m es yo hou w yoe.u ar ni canot thyoank ouu engh, atwh t isebhe we sitr fogaus a in. > > codclenceapodweacns. om >>ni wa t toanthlk al of th ose cawho ndme ar fothe pr tioduceaon tm atthk loo good and mmakeune soodd go, no body s getto e wher atheybyre lfmysed annti wa isto wemh th l ala pphaw y ne yearand le t em thw knohow imuchre appe ciat an lod fokwaor trdo 012 6. .amen that aisap wr. au [lr]ghte
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>> aronmstrg, arromst ng,
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> > therlle foinowisg apa dvid aseerti fmentor chtai beng,ugrougo ht tbyyou ac bey.hbod
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ltheyyoove u! [ eech ars andlappe us] anthyok u! it r'sisegjo, ay, inde 'vtgobi wsg ne y forou. chif apaes, ains,oond pr la baarnce owe slyoing wnu do, wkeepinatchisg thw shousbecae 'r wenne golla te a you aboutnin ibcredewle ngr prohaam tt's a gonnevfix hierytng.[ rschee a anduspplae ] ah ye! nn>> aerounce : ths factare t 1 ou pof 3e eopl 6overll5 fa ch ear, yeaul res itingn pe exe nsivithosptaal sloys, ss of independence, or i >>ro b mkehiy p. h, "ogo my d. iwhate n thd worl gam ioing d tow?o no">> ou ann: ncermathe cajor --use ac anhes ind pahis, weach ld to biimmo alityoond plar bance. >> i am really aaifrofd al fngliag ain. nn>> aerounct : buinfalldg an lo ngsiou yinr pedeennd dcesnoe't vehao t abeac foft if le. d diknowyou ic mederal exptsar heound tld h worbeave enre encomm gdinge entlciexerses ke li c taiorhi frs yeahe to lpre aduce achesaind pndns a to pr imbaove e lancmoand tybili? prthe m oblemois, mest ansrica


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