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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 13, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> announcer: from r30keocllfe perlaza in new york, 'sitla " ntehtigit wh se mtherey"s. nitot gh-- da takooh jonns, om frad bros way'et"som hing ro enttac" r to n briacyd'ares jam, ac amadawy d arminotenadid ctreor an scd enreitwr aerm dakamcy, urfeatthing be 8gwiand th afredisrm aen jndetanei ch[ rseend app ausla]e dila aesnd gentlemen, seth meyers! se eyth mers. s how'ybeverdoody toing t?nigh ee[ chndrs ala app]use ry very, ved gooeato hr. le get's tt toewhe ns. is thke wee snd'stonowsonrm jas du ampedt lmosnc27 iofhes w sno n onorew ytyk ci i andstt's ill na jos. la [ erught ] lathe ctestolbs ps l ha iebernde sanears b ting ll hiclary n into% by 1owin ia
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fo g ldinr.chai ug[ la ]hter hi y llartoclinidn sate yesrday at th f she geels areat hbouter ch s ancee to bdethe atmocric nenomid e an cbillonlintd sai la"hilitry, :3's 3 t0 inhe mo g.rnin acgo b sk to."leep ug[ la ]hter i"butl feet.grea" er ov w thendeekele whiki talng ab thout yae looflty his su tepporonrs dtrald saump id th is. i >>ld cound stath in dde mile of av5th aenuehond somot sy ebod i and dnwoulos't ly e anrsvote, ay ok? it ik's lcre inleedib. ug[ la ]hter >> h: sett whahethe s ll ig goin ? on [ htlauger ] is al donumd trnnp rufoing r es prt idenryor ttoing o getut of y jur?duty ou"i curld mwider mpth iy unit evand neeryold woull stie lov me." "o jkay, furorisive mi dis."ssed ug[ la ]hter no fw inesairn ws heusas jt intalkoug abe t thltloya hy ofis sursorteug tho dh it'toesn un soked liwa he mps contlimeing th yae looflty s hisrtuppoers. he nd soukes lis he'lacompg inin t abouina clirgy genlfrid. uli coood shopt pen le o5th av aenuehend sld woull stit tex
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[ htlauger ] on ine thfog's rer su , if lddonamp trurt stahoed sg otin lepeop5t on enh ave ue hdnwoul't t hitrany suump tepporrs. [ htlauger ] 'rtheyt e nog goinacto s h's, ey thov're n er is timeresqua at m&the orm ste. ap [ seplau ] bujeb oksh jn ed iw a ne in ietervatw thd he' tlikeo arappea in teg-raisd epofode ow sh stimes erieel"hom aand"nd wo liuld iske hra cha tcterllo ki rra tet oris hwitharis bnde has. so hi i tebnk jht miga be lelitt usconfboed ahaut wn t can be ia ra g-moted vie. ialso't donnk thial donumd trp t isicechn aallyro ter.rist la [ erught ] w a ne otypearf smgat yots pan bhavedeeen peveloatd the maka un soend wh w ther earesiis ung co t rrec fform por aose. un unforty,atels thiheis t un sod.
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ug[ la ]hter s >> aeth:innd f aallydi swesh mp cohaany ves ded lopew a ne ti saxen tuesdo dd igneitto f on th nie pes. tit'suihe satt ths say, "heyi do knn't haow wmet wontn wa." la [ erught ] we e haveaa growt sh y forou to t,nighry eve.body ee[ chndrs ala app]use sh te istahe s tr ofewhe nm fil ow "hbe to gl sine," tadakons johs on i uwiths ni toght. ee[ chndrs ala app]use i hee s onheof trs sta of dwbroa "ay'sthsomeroing ."tten ahe'sinlso f thestantailic fm po "shttlig." br d'ian jarcy james uoinsiss th ev g.enin [ rschee a anduspplae ] he an is de acawamy aomrd nedinat ctdireoror fe "thshbig " ort, madam sckay btopsisy thni eveng t totoalk ab us thout at. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] weand ha'll usve mroic fm rl cae y raenjeps. h soboow ahaut tr t foa nt fac asti?show pl[ ap ]ause bu fot bee re wtoget o allf , that aheree t th wshowe evbeliate thma no htterow
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ca iln stvel hamo comoun grndnd a p to iroveitt t'se imceonga ain "vfor dienn msagra." [ plapseau ] et>> souh: yem rem"vber enn ag di" ramsakwe to e twinseemgly se teparaup grod s an ofindut wh heat tvey haco in .mmon t firsonup, s oneweide e hav do tnald'srumpl polernumbs. t onthhe oider s he weave ch maristcos deonratis. inand m thee iddlavwe hine thgs at thul sho sdn't btill.e up ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] exup n it --lat's note eugh. ee[ chndrs ala app]use 'r we le injaate y.nuar up t, nexon on dee siha we heve t yonew nork srmwsto. t onthhe oider s he wewhave ite pe doplenganci. d anhein tdl mid he wetwave o et feth on oue grnd. ug[ la ]hter [ rschee a anduspplae ] s >> ueth:xtp ne o, onidne se we chavectharainers me "ga of th s.rone" t onthhe oider s he wethave e op pen le oosthe s car'red ca .rpet hein tdl mid he wewhave ite wa s.lker
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vi mon,ng oon on dee siha we ve mi nillenals. t onthhe oider s he weave hewertorr's aligins. t inidhe mwedle e, havng this rn beanie s hdersn as ihis po .cket la [ erught ] ap [ seplau ] >> h: setin mov.g on on s oneweide e hav lyourinips withe .nter heon ter othe sidavwe he a pseaninenn ietervw. t inidhe mwedle e havhael cpo. la [ erught a anduspplae ] l myarips ce el.hapo vi mon,ng oon on dee siha we ve th wee pol rbalerwinn. t onthhe oider s he wethave eir bo ss. d anhein tdl mid he wethave ey ne go. ug[ la ]hter atheyotre nck stiaring .ound mo ovingn n, osione e de w, have lokay looksthike toe acrs ar snoldrzchwageenegr, h dolpgrlunden. on o the stherweide e hav blrepu picanderesil ntia nd caesidatd ran, paul mi ucke he,kabe and y carlinfiora. pe exlendabs. la [ erught a anduspplae ] exthe abpendles. ap [ seplau ] d anllfinan y, osione e de w gsthin s youn ee imethe n's
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on o the stherweide e havgsthin seyou te int hrifesstor. wa un jntedunk. th "at's dvennamiagrs." tadakons johon. [ rschee a anduspplae ] go niod morseng sun got.orod migning nht. go niod morn,ng neoning shiig brht. go niod morgeng hunr. go niod morrsng sta. go orod mngnipl peowhe sto jule arft bs. good morning gamers. good or mng mnioon. go niod morning
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wh uien laqcom nta.s send craig awilsondy f reaouor y t alert hese hcondm is roodyis rea, k yawhnow at he becomes? t prgreaaloposs ! let'ortalk move oler gf. gr eat. abhow overout ni tens? en evter. bet game a ng chaer! e re thfoady alr you nlert, o lqy th ose who define sophisticatitaon s ondut. osthe who dare to redefine it stand apart.
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ne r haves luxury been this expreivsse. i thise pus thtrsuiof ct perfeion. an c s you lay iitove ? o veh lo it? an c s youeyay h ? ey h ! t hat'e s thitspiroo! oo oh. oh o ooh oo wooh h w ooooh h s siing bang, abby by vei lo. youesoh y . oh oooh. ooo
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> selh: w bcome eack,boverydy d ansepleae givp it uthfor e 8g ba nd. e we'r everyedxcitau bechise ts ek weti sitn ng i twithg he 8 , bandcumiralylous m sheitade in t last nighthall y e wa from laportnd. fr somerleatne-kinany, jeiet wss o ise n ths drum wthiseek. ee[ chndrs ala app]use be e surheto cutck o tesleannr-ki ley'st atesrdreco, crthe aliticccly aedlaim "no escitilo to avve" blailaw.e no k thansoyou h mucbefor heing re ne jat. al repply aatreci.e it pl[ ap ]ause >> nk thar s fonghavi me. >> h: set, andmayou tiy noced al acso bthk wifr us rmed a.isen ee[ chndrs ala app]use t greaavto hu e yoy.budd frand oued y t had so doome se s rioueltravasing l wel usbecau e yo cwereg omin from onlond. f >> yred:soes, s thieais rl. nti wem fro-- u yo, knowlimy fwaght s nc cad elle lfromn ondoewto n yo ark indan wd teakto m e it sheredio i ndd loo on t jareyk rvik,aveykjo ik tonbost, st bomton adorak erwn he. s >> neth:-ow - e so w twerengextiin dururg yo tr amak. be e causwiyou dmll a-it - muhow o ch dknyou boow aut
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re>> f td: i vhinkliery tttleo no ne. et>> sith: ltotle e. non gh[ ljugt la ]hter yoand reu wea on n trai from st boo on tyonew asrk lght nit ngduri a thehafc cnsmpiogahip me d anteyou mxtedd e and askewhy ar l e alpethe ooplee n thn trai in goazg cry? la [ erught ] >> d: frel, welwa it kes li all sof an uddesti jurd heas thi sdeadceilen t anda hen huge r cheethand eaen dled sifonce r mu a onch ltiger me. [ htlauger ] d anali reidly dknn't haow wt ay plitoff . was di i kdn'twhnow poat st rt iwas. li [ laght erught ] bo .ston wa i kes lis thitohas wi do th bo .ston et>> sesh: y. >> s thisohas inmeth dg totho wi onbost. [ t lighhtlauger ] losheromck hes. yo duu deitced . la [ erught ] re>> futd: bn theoui thght e mayb bit'sseecaury eves one' thtogeer. yo owu knt whaani me? la [ erught ] ke liyb, maeye thal're kel li, , ohe we'r ton a -rain- la [ erught ] or hoay. [ htlauger ] >> h: set t andwhhen eoen pple bo ito'd o wasomh, s geoneot of f. la [ erught ] ea>> yikh, lwwe, a.
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ho>> trese a f ourdsrien. eaum yo h, s'sthatt wha enhapped. et>> st h: ifawas tintasc ingettteg a roxt fu m yo nd wog erinhiis t es an gventoing on do or t you phinke eoplon th rais trein at jusy happe to b ge to?ther la [ erught ] wa i ars heketbro tn toyoell u, no 's, it f the.irst re>> fndd: as it'y funn also at thwa it u s yoi who edtext. ke ligh, riayt awas i we likseth s knowt abou.this s >> ieth:la'm gcad i yn beour co tinneco on tthall singss.port weand so're py hapha to ouve y re helc, webaome reck f td >>hank u. yo ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >> yeth:noou kr w out firs t gues hfromreer butak oe rolin ha50 sofdes y grestand ngarti br fe 1uaryyo2th n u cahesee r in th w e nedycomew "hoe to b nglesi." le ket's tak. a loo f >> itexttom u s yoenwhen wt e caustiit's saylill dwaght it urs 4 hoesto rpond. w >> iot eas nthven ainkingbout tom. ny >> ag sothin ioner tmplieshat nyourndeedy ay reall co de-depennd int aabncapa le of simp oole hhik up walch is l he g isr.ood fo hi>> i t counk ictld abeually li gke aood-- and >>n whespyou re nond doot on respuld in fntenl seces. d anou uif yn se ai emoji will ti h t puncyou.
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o, >> n oh, no, no. >> an you cth have ack is bheat t d enhe dof tay. mo an eji? >> h: setas plelce wetoome the , showtadakons johon. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >> ieth:sot's at grese to e u. yo loyou eaok bulutif. t >>s.hank s >> teth:ovhe mitie, er's vy ce ni. n i ca ftellthrom aie tryoler u splayneomeoit a lbitle ret mo apage riproptoate rs youelf. be e causreyou'an 26 u d yo have adalre yy incaour r rreeedplay a up cof le oermoths. y >>eah. s >> seth: io iscet ni t nowo tu ac pallysolay e meonage prapriope?at >> ea i m gn, i.uess ll we, , non'i doalt renoly kw ca bei use okindt f ac alike mom th wikiout ds. et>> souh: ye 'rvili tng mhe om ci soifal lthe without dse ki.
12:50 am
tlikeblhis rdizza t waseshe bt th thing veat eppr ha benedseecau ha i ed ane xcusotto nve lea my ar apt.tmen >> h: set t oh,s hat't.grea ug[ la ]hter t >> aall. >> h: setpe so sopled houl ouobvi--sly th shere bould ae anmewesoie mov t abou lyourbeife e causit so pundsy rett akickss. y >>eah. [ htlauger ] ye ah. >> h: seth, yeale caltad "s ying in." y >> ceah,d alleng"doihi notng." la [ erught ] ng"doihi notng." s >> seth:ato whth is oris f th whose ulo wo cd beusurio at whs 's imothe abvie out? wh s at i t"how so bee"ingl ou abt? i >>abt's a out p grououof fr rl gio s whsoare f rt ondin a out of at relhiionsndps ain com g to te wirms hath w mt it teans ao be ng siomle wn an iwothe rld. [ htlauger ] >> h: set'r youyie sahang tket li reyou'di reat ng ithoff ste poer r fofithe tirst me. [ htlauger ] w >> iell,hot's bw tonge sile. oit'se n the.titl >> h: seth, yeal wel-- la [ erught ] ok lo y, ifusou jrot thatw th ck bamy in e facfithe tirst me i d woul ghave yivenoiou pnts.
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is thie mov. me soy very funnlepeop. re wibel , lsonsoalliien br, le mslieann. re wibel ilsonld wouum ass e is -very- uc beyoase otu shhe it n re i ne rkw yo? y >>es. >> h: set i andld wouum asse, wh ouen ysh're ngootiau becouse y a did oflot ff stu i oute n th etstres. is w sheknell-own? s isomhe s weoneraho d lws aot of en att?tion ea>> yh. 's ite lik msoh ucteationtn. w weshere ngootisi outf de oan enelem staryl choodaone d y anwe edwalk o oute f thtilocae on w swereinhootd g anasit we lik emmayh. s >> jeth:kiust ds. >> s kidamscrefoing r.r he s >> heth:o ow d ktheyhenow r st moly? f >>"prom pitchcterfewo" i uld as .sume >> h: settc "pirfh pe"ect. o >> swashe olkedndut awa it s ke lizy cra t andi hen edwalk out an eyd the wer, likeel"reb!" la [ erught ] d an ithend kineaof rd lizethat it ro's py babloda gong thit tha dthey kon'tnow. >> h: sets it'erbetty thet don' yknowwoour yerk, ah. [ htlauger ] ye ah. y aninkid dl midhoe sc lol'sike my"oh , godtadakoik," le me imeldiate y thenguidce co leuncilir's nke iyoeed ur pa s rentomto ce in. ug[ la ]hter i tneedlko tayo to arur p ents
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tiquesabons hoout eyw th're se meing.edia ea>> yh. et>> so h: sielesln manntrecely ve ga a youpl peoche's oice d.awar wthateras vcey nit thashe wo dould t thayofor u. t >>prhey lyobabd paiher. >> h: setyo do inu the k shgot pa lid ae ittlthsomefring heom t pe 'sopleic choe? >> i no,nk thi a shellctuay ve lo.s me et>> skah: oity, ewaher e y sh abprobotly gif a gskt baet. >> t' thay s wh ti dos.hing et>> sorh: f g thebaift ?sket y >> ieah,t wang a mu ywithour na n me oit. [ htlauger ] et>> shah: te't onlds homying nc peils. la [ erught ] i >>ta'll hake tt. s >> yeth:anou ce havone ilpenc. oudo yt wanpeone ?ncil es>> y. s >> oeth:kay. yo n u ca cjuste hoosone. we rall, lyndom. o >>kay. [ t lighhtlauger ] h, ugte whi. la [ erught ] s >> seth:.orry f >> osecour. s >> aeth:y.nywa [ htlauger ] i' adm gls thi htripeeas bn wo whrth noile w. i >>not's ent ev o oneurf yos. tit'sewhe nk yor.jets et>> selh: whal, ta t's , very wverywhorthpeile .ncil ug[ la ]hter er thu e yogo. [ t lighhtlauger ]
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et>> shah: talt's n so ilemidd sc , hool ptheyhaut tstt pop er u ouof yh witnca peheil tndre a it s sayn learrito wte. [ htlauger ] tadakos sayn learrito wte. so li lesnne mai' -- adm gls thi we oire dheng corst wrek he ca bewhuse wat ioias go ng tsay is li lesnne ma-- ll wese wholt fau t was yhis,ou to ouok yarr awd d anhosomee w sh edhugg h youenard toughyohat ur p to ocameff? >> m oh,esy dr ys --eah. >> h: sett whaenhapped? >> t than'doesppt hao en tyou? et>> s'vh: ivee neenr bege hugd h soanard ngythi c hasofome f. >> l, welad i hsen't eren h in hi awo le sggi huered h. asit wjun't ikst late whdi we d er wh we itikas li,e "he nicto se u.e yo" ca bei use sjustouaw ye fiv teminuo.s ag >> et s yh:h,eaha ts t'.true d i dihisay ks bac atagend ba agckstshe i souldouay y gg hue ed marso h td myurie bst off. ea>> youh, yntr paews fl. off et>> sy h: ms pant oflewff. >> h, yeawa it azs cry. s >> oeth: lr at teastwahat s my ar ntgumech whie nonouof yamr te edseembu to y. la [ erught ] >> y the'tdidn n seengothi. bo noawdy shi notng.
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ug[ la ]hter o >> sieleslhu, i lggede esli thand y en ms drese.brok >> h: sety. oka i >>s t wao a twe.piec so to my mop alelst ff.l of >> h: set, wow wthat houldave be heen tpl peoche's .oice ug[ la ]hter ea>> yelh, weal, yh. >> h: setwh so idat d s youay? wh yat'do?ou d >> l, welai i se d th bword oobs on e livvitele.sion ju i idst dag it ain. ug[ la ]hter et>> seah: yh. u' yoe ll briall ght. s,boobse thes, dayk, loon whe tadakows shoif up fe we ikel le urwe sd viveorif wnyst ag thinis sa s id is.boob lit'sthike asat wthn't adat b. t >>strue ory. >> h: setre the g youo. an thu k youcso mr h fog bein he re. i lyrealre appe ciatndit a you n ca tkeepenhe pcil. >> nk tha s youcho mu. ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> sakh: djoota n hnso ybeverody. ow "hbe to gl sinpee" on ns i tetheavers eerrywh fe onarebruy th 12. 'l we rl be bightwiack orth me at "lghe nit." [ rschee a anduspplae ] ingettlig und mite fdataor fyoury amil sis agltruge. heotrrr ca eiersrithen' dofet of,r it iortot's nso expeive! t t-nolemobi!
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i >> a wass cros ttowng ryinto t ge whomethhen ize bl hzardit. i d trieaito htal a utxi b i co 'tuldnd finsoone ec i d ided alto wt k bu das ithid, owe sn st jut kepingettrsg wod e an i sort stao ed ty worr ithat sn waon't gakna m.e it thand sen ihiaw tn s madistanng th wi a hisexrms edtendko becning me . d anuli co sdn'tisee he facbut th waere mes sog thinngstrout abo sohim inmethalg re. an id as c gotr loseoui thght "i iss th i howon'm geena me t th i man d spenrethe f st oifmy le ?"with thand ren izeeali wd it as a masnown. [ htlauger ] thand e en w lmadefoove ver fi s hoursoand hime cn ldre nidefi u ug[ la ]hter ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >> weth:meelcok bacyoeverne. ou xtr nest guea is e thre time ntonyeeomins whorestar d in s show slike threkushe m aicalnd xt neno to .rmal s he iencurrontly ad broinway e thshhit soow "inmethttg roen" aland n so iosthe nocar teminad
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1:01 am
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1:02 am
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1:03 am
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1:04 am
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1:05 am
un thder ble ta te atlohe gbal gl .obes heand ik's lfoe i twund o of .them fo i twund to ofhem. an fod i onund e. he o 's s, gamet.righ et>> sy h: bwathe thy, oer pe aoplehire tg nkin gthats uy i ngtryifi to isnd hnt joi. la [ erught ] >> h yea'sthatht rig. th roey py babl.were webut nd foum theanall d of ur co gse ip et uy -- bwathe y th asat w w the morstruark o ffal pr imonessir. eve et>> so h: nasit wll reaody go. a weholl t iughts t walyreal od go. [ t lighhtlauger ] >> nk tha. you ge i at uphond wst is ngandi th buere lit memcssa hycart. yo u?" i and liwas lke imyost tux ud sts -- >> h: setee i fkel li s youd houl rs ea"thot ishis fi my gorst lden gl ."obes so me "sog thinenrott" co tungraonlati ts onshhat ow h whicpeyou merfor td athe 'stonyt jusaua bel tifu asongnd ha i o ve tinimagste juho a sw pestoperr evghy nit.
1:06 am
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1:07 am
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1:08 am
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1:09 am
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1:13 am
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1:14 am
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1:15 am
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1:16 am
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1:17 am
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1:18 am
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1:19 am
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1:20 am
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1:21 am
ss mewiing outh y." d an lhe's"oike hah, todnk g." gh[ liugt la ]hter d an tfrompohat onint we st d arte -goofd - anurit tutns o stchribaian s le i rlikey eall fu annny god a alof bl. et>> selh: whal i pve a ohotof u yo fguysthrom ite crchics oice aw .ards eehe sooms gthd wi g younouys w. wi i ayll s. li [ laght erught ] wh eratevue iss hs heyoad, ysu gu em see likreyou'ck thi as ie thnoves w. t >> i tleadato th. ye ah. >> h: setgr conatatul aions.gain obestckf luth at cae osndrs a an thu.k yo sepleae com abackimny te. t >> yhanko ou s fmuchavor hing me . al gways hreatg avinyou. ad ckam mveay edyrybo. ec cht k ou b"thehoig sinrt" ea th ntersow. we be'll k bac mwith fusicrom ca rarly pse jeen. pl[ ap ]ause lks,fo c youakan't mthe tuffis s up.ur fots bandise a chous pri as getheir watar.y ca brniavo-r,ners in pu auit oftoyo rita perus. ov. ho haw s rd i tittco caa h prius? over. th tishing is actually pretty fast. over. ryveun f.ny
1:22 am
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1:23 am
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1:24 am
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1:25 am
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1:27 am
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1:28 am
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1:29 am
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1:30 am
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1:31 am
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1:32 am
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
1:35 am
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1:36 am
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