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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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> >>nito dght,roangeus freeze. lobezew ro in 16 st esat. 65 million peoe pl geplunnt itho tee h et aof polar vortex. ur gentni war ongsf a te pontial deadly nt wi erblast. >> donald trump re ths atenueto s ted uz crbe as srniersande accuses hillary cl toinofn an l ading bllow ow. it g'stietng y.nast machete rrhoor. a vicious restaurant a man suddenly starts slashing and stabbing people inside. th fbe i iesnvgatingti and asking was it orterrism? aptrbyped war. our teamns iide syria wasoford al deao t tstoplohe bedodshs i t mewith skepticism. an asd dsa vs owto kereta their ente co y.untr an urd yoic medal re s cordisat rk of being stolen and sold r fod.frau ouone t of teehr am anerict.s hi tohow te proouct yr
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"nightly news" begsin ghrit now. a>>ounnerncom: fr nbc wnewsorld ad hetequarn rs inew yo rk,s this inb "c gh ninetly wiws" th le ster holt. >> od> goni eveo ng t viour s ewerin the we st. tr o ue ticpredtions git'sngettity nas on e thpa cam tignrailn i so cauth naroli. d asd onalp trumedlobb heanot-cr sodalle hebirttar atck datoy, th enreattoing sue ted cr oruz fot, quote, n be aing nalatur bor n zeciti cn ifruz n'doess t, ap trumputs it ea, cln up his haas t bteattl is just e onevof seralro fsnt en opuping as the gop ca atndidhaes s rpen r theickattas onac eh ot her. nb gac's utbe gezierr o ise n thltrain i gr ileenv,le south ca >> reporter: republican on frnnt-ruoner dald tr isump l nowngeavi a w nena sig oturen this , raceatthregenino t su se hise clost varil, crted fouz, tr no in benag a lturan bor ci n.tize on wi terttth, e billionaireal cling e ths texatosenar a li orar fni runng tinegadsve ain agast
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lelittny iro in ddonal siaccunyng aofone be naing gisty venhe t am gazinre torfnt o ltinsuds an ob itscenanies d lg vuiearitats the com ofout hish.mout ep>> rr:ortese the te voavrs hrie seous erconcbons aruut tmp re inpeatvug a itlgary at aly ralhi tees w k andes dedcribim hhi ts wa y. >> r.lose >> hyflas. >> ch ri. >> atdogmic. >> nasircis.stic i>>ngpi sonrati .am >> cruz mshielf inmocksg hion opp ents sin aserie ofew nds a ou thhigh tsne o ai agmanst rurco bio ba reckfid. i >>ket mas mel fee dumb for trusting him. >> be may s youhould vo orte fe mor than ajusttt precey fa xt nee. tim ep>> rr:orte c theruz ca gnmpaiki yant ng i r afterethe tivelaon athatssctre had ap arpe ied anltdu fi s.lm w>>woe dulot n heav stcaer had he wowknn of ha tt hiorsty. ep>> rr:orteio rub da toriy fiacng bk in e ansixcluve in ietervw. t >>othe blitom s ne i 'rtheytoe acanrs, d i in th'sk itt parof a erbiggbl prohaem tt d tehas, and that is he es tri toct ae lik onthe only censistt
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jit'snoust uet tr. he v's aerycu caldlate tipolical atoperive. r >>teeporllr: ahi ts as er sevopal gef hopul ho lspefued tri to co evurt liangecal cr >> faith is the most poimanrtint uefle ncin my if le. >> ne oig nht rdieang e thblbii e stjuot g a niserety. >> or rep tter:htonig id amlu a fofrry ta at scks,iterenyn i th acis r he isard to fi nd. th pue reanblic nd caesidat s areo et t ofacen ff iheanotr ba deomte tw.orro stthe makese ay b eshighr t foo marc o.rubi ehe'stexpec td toake me sof otheea htvies , fireciespe fallyrom s hiorment f andwello fl iaoridebn, jh. bus ab>> ghae, tnk you. > >>tt a aacksrein flyg on d theraemocsitic de t ofache rthe wi rn beanie sders ac ngcusila hilry cl n intoitof h htingim th wi a, quote,w blo ow blth on eeb date st laage igst nht. an d ate head beattl toverifhe dntfere re dinsctioy the take eaon hcalth n re ithis un cotry. le get's ret mom fro snbc're anda milltche. r >>teeporryr: ttoing otrebo her mpca,aign hi y llartoclinn seaccurnd beanie sders of ng bei dioysl talo esprenidobt a,amho w
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mi tinorin es i the arprimanies ucd causes to meco. >> thed kinf o it crm icis wthat e've heard from senator ersands about our pr enesid et, itxpec fr om reblpus.ican >>am mad etsecr ary, thats i aow l bl.ow ep>> rr:orte s andhe po d unceison h pr ezo-mo medaredice alfor l. rt bi dh to eath rngove hmenth ealtcare pl an. >> with health care, ithist s not abou .math ithisous abopt pele's li ves. th mbe nudoers adn't d , upi and k thinonce m i'hein tte whi us hoee, w will have en poughicolital ca l pitae to b tableo t dohat. >> re sec ctaryonlint, u' yootre n in the wh hoite yeuse t. and let use ble car th eatryvero psapol th at ie havnt icerodud s haenbe paid for. r >>teeporanr: s ders d woulincomblle a go meverneant hlth pl iansnto one. me redica, meiddica, ravetebens tsnefi, ilchendr h'slteah su ine,ranc andplreace em erployed-basea hh lt care and pvarite in ncsurae. w hoayto p i fort? nd sawoers tauld txhe ch ri. s hethays dde mile cl woass pauld y50 $0 a
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bu et thra avege fyamil d woulsave00 $5,0 a ye yar b enalimi ting rainsunce empr.iums ho>> wor's c hrectere? >> re the a are o lotf x taeaincrbuses ts it' ce nlrtait y nor clea wthey bouldoue engh to f payllor a the di adaltion nsexpees. r >>teeporr: nonpartisan budge pe exsarts yan sders ha gsn't eivenhnoug details to price the an pl t norvoold ters that in caanadnd a t greaitbrain,ch whi ve haer govt nmenthheal , carelepeopen oft mwaitsonth for proc esedur . t >>ouhere wld be tr eoads ffdanf iwe wa o nt t msave, oneywe ul woved ha to un tadersound ycer acss h toh ealt mcaree ay b telimid. r >>teeporndr: an the pothe calitistl cos, ge g ttinrecongoss t ss pa hislt heareh ca pl asan w m theost ui brsinght fig oef th ob ama prenesidcy. bu t be erniersands is incallrg fo a tipolirecal tivoluon, a ss grasrooty arm he li be weves couldl ompe recongo ss tptacce his vi .sion th arere rne waings to t nighof a droangeus freeze about to pnglue gea hut par othf e co truniny ts iri gp as th ead dreedar pol exvortes movth sou,
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wi eell spe temreratus w belo azerond wi ilndchhals tket ma fitl eeloa tldcoer. s,yet' is wiernt. 's itru feb aary,nd it 'spo supsedo t be .cold asbut ve we'e com to ow knld, cops sna of isthre extanme ce b ad deanly, td inhis ca tese, fns oli milons eoof parple rae b cing thfor e bstiggell chi arso fs thi asseon. nb roc's ttn mo has ildetas. r >>teeporr: 65 ll miamion anerics against the brutal ld co ashe tr eve enpreslat poror vtex un heleass erwint's heharsst bit eyet. dato ty,olhe cd ou braght ur bfst o ow sn as far south as nnteseesane thd e rocanalis,au cngsi tr bloufoe r commuters. mmcoerutals so stranded in new york, erwhcoe wldtheaer lyliketr conedibut to ntraiay delsin durg ru sh urho. in sypennanlv,ia a br enokat w perip letef this home frosted over. and in chicago, or fl aistsakre ting trexcaa wreh iteithr le vae'ntinys da de rilivees. >> s it'ri terble for erflows. t ifrehey'ze fron, ep>> rr:ortee herat fe pnway tark,edhe r
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to florida for sinprg tr ngainivi, gipng u r thei thomeoki sers an d owsndeboarwhrs, o e ar laliterlyum j ping for .join fu r rtheh norte,in b th eia bnthloor wld cup ft leto exiitrs wh fr ozenfaces. re lcordow te atmperures are possible from mi otnnesao the t d- mitycounlo of s ge anboles istons ok loating el 4 bow su mndayngorni. w ne cyorkisity ac brfoing r roze, pp to aling nd huyered-ecar rord. so d col that rdsatu aay'slnnua racentrkl pa ice fe alstiv, caedncel. y >>ouul shod take is thth weaer ,very ve ry ouserisly. we 't don t see hese ertempesatur very te ofd n anthey cane b -tlifetehrea.ning er>> h te inoshe bton ar thea, ein wlldchi s foare strecadi to p wn do 2 to t0o 30ow bel ro zer ovethe enweekd, ev olen cder ine som pl .aces owas l as0 4 below ro ze o andusbviot ly a ethospe temreratus, pr ctospebiive te tbfrosbeite s comea al receonrn. >> e > thisfbi ve inatstiga ing ouvicitas athack tt ok toce plaid inse a re rastaun nt i.ohio apit hd pene awhen man
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d an owentn a agrampe, hislasndng abb sta ing lepeop asto cusmers ma ande pdickeal cls fo r he.lp quthe onestis ve inatstigorsre a ngtryian to , swerwhy di d h ie dodt anld cou h itbeave enn a act of rr tem?oris etwe g l thet atesfrom pe te iawillms. >> or rep pter:e olic a say waman lkedo int th olis csumbu aurest arantdroun di ernntime, asked some tiques tons,cahen me ba sck a thortime la witer th a chmaete. >> uy a gle puldut o a ma echet andrt staed st biab pngpleoe. i n rat outhwi my kids. >> reporter: some of those inside rethw rschaifi to baght ck. anhe r, outedrov ay awd , anstwas d oppe r aftea -mfiveile as che. li poayce se hs waotsh d anllki wedn hehe lu nged holding a knife at one of them. the fbi immediately began searching the home of the man id tienedfis athe taaterck, 30-year-old mohammed barry. law enforcement fiofalcisas ray l dica encommy ts bfohim ur ye agars ouo braght ie brokf lom frohe t i, fbch whin the moved on . re austntramp eyelo es say when barryir f st icameen, hsk aed wh there wne o iers om fr.
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ba i ransrois fm ra isa el, stchri ian ar ab. ve inatstigarors e lo g okinathe wther rr baouy thheght was shjewi. >> i a'm0- 5aryeld-o ma n. i've been crngyie lik bya ba. >> or rep fter:our pe woplehuere thrt, e st moio ser buslyill lefo wy, shogsin at e thaurest.rant innow ri cl tica but lestabdi con.tion >>e w arey ver at gr tefulouhat r ct vithims usat sedtain un woasds lght ni atre l alec exptoted verecor. r >>teeporr: in igvests atorthsay ey n' doowt kn b whyarry ckattaowed n andho cse th at ettarg. k nonownne connsctio t yewith isis. it may b oene law rcenfot emencioffial sa onys t aightnd ble f ofrsacto l, aong si inmmerteg in irestn ra lidicandsm a t allhe te atn ntion giveto te rror aksttac wo idrldwe. te peli wil nams,bc ,news inwash.gton >> th> wi in a,week a mp tey orare ceasfire in ia syrke broredh wit hethe f lp ou.the s. is sulcheded to take cteffe. t bupakey srtie have be efen lt t ouheof t re agt emenunannoced la igst nht. ke meirsoitns w rh aare ok loid ins seyria
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sk tiepsmcive or wh heetthr dee walith end the bloodshed. >> reporter: a little boy is pulled from rubble after an airstrike. the video, said to be in aleppo provinc weas stpo oedfan boceok st lak. wee nitot,gh trehe is ttli slen igosthe airstrikes will end. ev wenh itrlwod leaders, including america and russia, ag ngreei to a ce iossatn of hostilities thwi oinne we aeknd hitumann aria toaid om ctimunies r undeesieg sriuffeng st tiarvaon. >> w andwehat e hav aherereor wnds o r.pape wwhated neeo t see in nethe fxtew dsay are ac ontions he t gunro d tinhe elfid. r>>orepr:tehe taj mor pl erayins he t fit,gh in udclginyr sn ia esprenidbat arshl a saas ad, tnd rheeleb s tifighhing m, are not partth of edeal. ne r itheis isis. an dad toy assads i ngvowi to retake the wh coole y.untr idpresasent isads ry veib vislyn i rocont tl ofhe ca l,pita mada, scus ewhilsi outde the
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cl yearl onhe t fe ofe.nsiv e thia syrnrm ay ncadva bing,d ackeby ru n ssiaaiikrstres. >> y the ghaved aine ntmomethum, e upper nd ha. y whd woul stheytop now? >> or rep wter: ihile n scdamafeus, liw beeve th e finightgil wl .stop oudo yie belheve tre wi ell bea pce w?no >> on i d'thi tnk .so ini thbok nodyil w-l - bo nodyws kno wh.en r >>teeporr: ye 6-ldar-o's ayas leg bwerenroke in an air ra hiid whele s was out buying cookies. s she'ofone s tenof sathouwhnds veo ha .fled osthste l ilrehe, losing hope. ir ke sis,mmonbc n ws ne, scdamaus. >> ma> a jor no anmeunceodnt tay fr hrom tedee feral ag esenci about a ss poiblege danrha tt nenbc wsir fst re edportne on aarly ayear hnd aalf ago. gothe mevernntil wl in igvestthate e te pol ntiathhealks ris afrome typ ofur tf at thld chiplren n ay o allcr aoss the tina.on s nbc'hastepnie gosk s ep>> rr:ortese the cc sopler s,ayer all
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th wice canpar, srked a ba ottlethver ese uf o bcrum bbruer. gr ound up carnd a tr kuc tesirn i tsen of th ndousa ts ofurf fi eldsro aundhe t trcouny. da tohry, tedee feral ciagenines, includg e thepa,ou ann anced w nees rhearcn pla to yzanale e thtysafe of cr umb ru.bber e thisexngtidi stues n dootpr comsiehenvely ev tealua the ncco.erns c nbnewsir fst reported on crumb rubber inct oerob 2014. >> this is the stuff ev ybery od tiskialng ab out. >> or rep wter:'somen ersoccch coa amy gr fiifstn tear adinskg tiquesafons twter o of r he gesoaliel devoped nc caer. a erconvonsatih wit inaust evt,eret w ho dwouler latie d of nonhodgkin's lymphoma un haheted r. s >>aihe s jd, iust ha aveee fling it has so inmeth dg toito wh th blose ack .dots >> or rep tter:oahe cch ar sta ted olistf al gowiies anth ccer, ic whewh grm fro ajust ha l ndfuto now 75 fo inllowc'g nbs rtrepos. er th ne iso rrceseah li g nkinbcrumbe rubr ex supo trecao ernc, d aninthe rydust in poots ten dozs of st sudie asro pof that
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t bu theed feral ve gontrnmeay tods say rmorerceseahs i edneed. e thethrege ancies ll wily anazemi checal co ndmpou ts inruhe cmb errubb, mreeasu ex reposuth to ose ch alemicd s anh reac toout ce conrned repas,nt scntietsis, an dnd itrusy adleers. parents like the damms, who fought the us ofe crumb rubber, pe hot thauncomms itie hwillofold f on st inngalli newfi.elds >> whyot n pause, use tealrnatives until this thing gets gu fired out? usbecare ould chi ren ceare nlrtairty woh it. >> or rep tter: oday stindueary l sdersay th eley w tcomehe new re chsear. t in wheir, ordsthey pe ho f thealeder ve gontrnme s cane ettl th misteatonr acend fo l.r al st leer. >> ph ste, aniek than yo u. >> st> l ileaahd to t,nighev thies after uryoic medal cores.rd why you ulcod be at risk without en ve owkng wh eaterxp sts yay ou oush nlderevha s re ywithdoour 'sctor fi ofn ce ir ordeto pr t otec iyouritdenty. > >> talsooshe ct of ll cocoege beuld out of reach fory mann i th inis kardergten cl byass t theime ey thol're oud engh, bu t aen gs erougifts i
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t lohtbriger. >> d > ananow ni warng tabour you most pe alrsonor infonmati r atisk. me l dicardrecoins beg ha , ckedenstol, and fsoldor d.frau up 1, 1 l000%ast ye,ar hlrougey on out of er evrey theme ansrica ha ens be w hiterheth ey thw knorit o t,no nggivi cnarimils a we oalthfof iniormatn th nlat uike co mimprocrsed edit ncardrsumbe l canast re fover. nb toc's mte coshallo s wh ouat y d canoo t pr otect uryo.self r >>teepororr: fn joh
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x- afray ater w sno diboarccng at identhat tu irnedannto ac ticounigng nrehtma. en wh h thepiosl ta llbied him $0020,0 for su y rgerevhe nader h. i >> had to gon dow in on fr tt ofheli bilng de mepartnont, s, les d anpull upy mrt shi shand owhe tmha tt i notdid have anyaj mor arscngrin o stomychma at ll a. r>>orepr:tet irnstu ou tht e sphoalit's hard drive had been stolen alongh wit jo mhn'saledic co rerds. ju nest of othe nd humired n lliothheal rcaredsecorle ston st lar yea onale. many of thoseor recds ushowrp foal sen o th rke da web, where ck haersnl opey rtadvethise lvemsees an atd why' theve st .olen sthisofite ffersresh thheale carro psfile ol stent laspr a iiln focali, rniatiboasng, yo n u cathuse ose pr esofil n forlorma d frauf stufor to get a d-branhenew alth re can plafor ur yo.self lthisooks veryr use fr lyiendd , an ithiss gndesiored f kscroo. t >> ihissre whe fo iniormatomn fr big bdatahereac esndsp u as aom ctimodies being .sold ep>> rr:ortele ston ed crarit c gdsoor f $1 to $3 , eachalsoci
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t bulecompeate hlth ca ecre r aords re a mgold gine,oingor f 0. $6 usbecaime crs inalnca e usm the toer ord es prticrip pons,oray f tr eneatmndts a su y,rgern evefile fa talse xet r.urns >> douyo basically own a rs peon. yo n u caalactuly cr aeate a newntccou. u yofacan iske h ole tiidenty. >> or rep tter:oio avd tt gehaing ,cked ibm cu se prity arosedvis owfollng goisw pasord ac prs.tice t don'thuse mee sa ma e-ccil a fountor ba g nkinand shngoppi. e us p.ines codor f ur yo irs res.turn oi avivd ging out your ci soecal sy urit ernumben, ev l theast fo igur ditso t ho alspitd s anordocts of s.fice ou>> yll reaedy ne to sh puk bachoon tse atsitu aionsaynd s, n cai give you a i. p.r n. o psome iece nfof itiorma con ian ba s?si r>>orepr:tef iuryo al heecth r aordsre mp coseromioud, yr na fil ncia clifean be to o. > >> wwhenome ce back, surf's up, way up. 50 oo-fwat s ve su rcpergha bed eyl ni ano mreinak ognef o e thrlwosd' most ip
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oreven mere dangous. >> 's> itne oth of e mo anst dusgero sngurfi en evts in the rlwod. the tsitan of ma ckverimps coioetitn li caiafornat, feg urin it ele ersurfs. d an thisarye, t he t gians wavearera ext noni. ou mor anrg rfoadrd ketass u there. ep>> rr:orte 50t-foo wa vesar blirengn i at 40 il m pes herr.ou he .re r>>orepr:teus j15t se ndcoaps y>> cou san hee ow eestanp ind nstee these drops are. >> reporter: titansf o ma rives ck cisleald e thstmoan drogeus rf supe comontiti in th e world, and these ar e e thstall-ars. he>> ts guy thatre a in this event, they reweor bno t be g-bivewa sus.rfer ow>> w,ar cjulos st ch ngargi. w >>o hy ddoyou s? thi riyou ousk yver lis er evmey ti c youome ou ret he. ec>> b yauseout jus ri vgeddeath, got as os cltoe t i yasou co d ulbeuscafe o your, n'i doowt kn, why but ljustuck. >> or rep lter:ofots ck luau bechase wt ma kes mavericks
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ro yck reefsvend u terhe wa r.te eythau c tse wheesav to ic pupk as mvesi sp d eed anrcfoe. in ac f tt,he wesav h crassoar hdal hf a mi le fsofhoreha tt iescisnt sts tayy he re j gi re lsteranike rt eakehqua. en evug tho'sh it not inraind g ansuthe n is inshg,inhe tse ma ckverife surrers a still feeling the feefs ctof el ni,no which causes super charged waves in waters that are al adredey lyad. co etmps itor gonlyet 72 rs houti' noasce bed on when fasorecters y saswthe ell,deti, an ndd wi arell a ecperft. w hoarbig the ees vewas? >> ik lae four-story ilbungdias balicly co ngmiig r ahtyot u. >> k loollat aha t t e whitr.wate i>>st' a li-lfegon like journey to get th wate.av g>>esivou y cckhi en inskal tngkibo a iutt be uscaet' iso s r>>orepr:tewe ameso, or as they say here, ar gnly. anmorgra d,dforal h f bmoonay, licaiaforn. > >> wwhenmee co back, wh isy thle who kindgaerenrtla c isss realy adcoegllboe-und,
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frfar uaom geerantd. in fally ghtonit, a engoldor opptytuni for an eentirss cla of 26 ki ganderrsrtnel, al om fr-i lowencom mi fa aliesavnd sing a for egcolle ed ioucat an is ggstrule. bu ot asurue migl
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ieworrous abe t th future are now over th ksano t a mi iolldon-arllif gt fr mom aakan ming a erdiffence. r >>teeporodr: tsay i co e llegayfridid inse mr s. onasht's erkindengart s.clas >> ts hat'why s'she ingotog r >>teeporosr: mt o f herst 26 tsudene com omfrow lnc-ie,omin sg -pofenarhot s meerwh e th pre e icofun lch mu esch llls coisege out of reach. bu t t nooranyme. y >>e ou'rg goine to b a ter?ache ep>> rteor mr:tyar rb buwaank tonts pay fo err evudy stheent re o to gto llcoege. >> g i'moingo t put of etf reniremt a few ye r>>orepr:te l ayeawr wh t o mewihis n fe oa at bo g andarot mried yon a wachtasdy rea to buy his dream cruiser when he al re tized where as a erbett t waypeo snd hi mos ney. o >>urto pasavr ge a se armon cbouttyhari d aniv g aingnd sa iccrifnde, at athat po i int lyrealt fel like ild counv iinest thisst boa,t ornv iestn i
5:58 pm
difference in their ve lis. t >>ifhe gd t anthe fe of r is li hafe-cg.ngin r theirefutu laliterly d isreiffeecnt bause hiof ts. r >>teeporr: ilsabe docelacon dnul 't libee eve th negesiro.ty h,>> o my gosh. r >>teeporher: t am sessstres sayher so jan, son, can nowe b hianytng he ntwas. er evary yese the kids ll wid neerato dw a ct piorure te wri a erlettut abole colge to ty mar rbbuk,an o' whves ingstin over m $1onilli t inheir tu fure. >> g i'mfuratelor f th poe opitrtuny ca beituse bsring me soh mucoy j hngelpi kids. >> rorepr:tene o co gupleg ivino up s ch mut , buingettgac bk in rnetur at gif 'sthat presicels. mi elgu gualmaer, nbc news, eianahm, li caiaforn. > >>thand gat's oing o to dnit os thi id frigay nht. lei'm sterltho. r foofall a ust nbc ws nean, thu k yofor hiwatcng.
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