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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 11, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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[ cheers and applause ] >> ou ann: ncer from oc30 rllkefelaer pn za i yonew itrk, la's "igte nitht wh th seer meys." tonit gh-- anryey rldno--s fr "omanscl,daac" estrs ka e tiwelo--s si muomc frno "wyannna e d thbig no "ise. at feg urin8gthe d ban with eljaleto bunn. [ rschee a anduspplae ] di landes atl gen, emen mseths!eyer [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setd gooineveng! m i' mseths.eyer ithisats "lghe nit." ho ew isonveryine donig toght? [ rschee a anduspplae ] fa tintas hc toear. le get's tt toewhe ns. e thhanew irmpshime prwaary s la igst nanht, gud i i'ess t m no su serpri td astahe shote wse o mottliis "reve f de or ie," d voteilheavr y foe "liv afreend di e." ug[ la ]hter iebernde sanears bt ll hiclary n into nlast.ight w neshhampanire ard nevely ery
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r oldee whitrsvoteun, yoger e whitrsvoted , an'sthat all th avey h ne inamew hrepshi. la [ erught a anduspplae ] fo inllows g hiorvict y in w neshhamp bire,e erniersands s hamebeco f the jirsth ewis idcandinate . u.sorhist wy toin pr a y.imar te afdsrwarrn, beelie hprd a ess co ennferhece we re heranswed qu onestiths wiue a qn.stio ug[ la ]hter ighe motht ne likbuit, t e'therlos a jt ofh ewislepeop h atriome noght siw i ug[ la ]hter ac incord gg toe,oogl c benn arso wa e s tht leaschsearored f pu reanblicdi can ddateg urin ye dasterney's mpw hae'shirs im pr mary,y ostlusbeca'se he an st rding wight wherefte le m. hi la [ erught a anduspplae ] the' u yot don' thavearo seorch f m. hi she's be oforeiafficdrlly ngoppi out of r the cace, christihrislde to po res rteranhe wtoted ho go me to e takepa deat breteh afs r hi h 6te placshfini in ne mpw hae.shir gu i heess en momlytarigo fort at the homewis nse jery.
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ke tare a binath h newhiampsre, th o en g.home au listrailan we dlifcioffi als, th eeis wisk, drecoverad a re al tbinoe urtlngmaki w itsutay o tsof ihe motner's st. it ei's balng c"jled eb." ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] th itat lfetle lla. [ htlauger ] e thlapopuc r amertv s ies, w"thengalkid" dea t hasd eameup wi alth hk lmarreto ca ate new li f ne ontvales ine'caday rds. it he's tfe perayct wsa to y, s "thitirelaiponshd dies year "ago. [ htlauger ] lepeopaz maghaine nos and unce at thor actn ryaolreyns ds ithe se t xiesaldad ive. [ rschee ] co imingstn laur, yo dad. ug[ la ]hter an tr ausn aliastinves or i niplano ng tchlaunep a r olicaf tithe c,tanile calitd "t 2anic."
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[ htlauger ] co olca c aa isptttemtoing emtradthark ghe rio ts twothe rd er "zoro" fir thee linof ca e-lori sfreeodas. rtunfoelunathey, td woro""zer ha res albeady raen trkdemay ed b blrepu cicandaandite m jiorgilme. gh[ liugt la ]hter we goll, a outotnd vr e foifhim feyou o el sbad. [ htlauger ] ok lofoing d rwarimto hin havg a ho w t ne.york ug[ la ]hter d anllfina ry, at eceny studhas fo thund eoat pwhple y,o sa "i lo ouve yri" duexng s m areore li tkelyelo feis sat fied rwafte.ards leand liast tkely so befiatised e arlepeop s who"way, arhat e , we?"brad [ htlauger ] esladi g andementlween, e hava nt fac asti fshowouor yig tonht. [ rschee a anduspplae ] 's he s theoftar ad "de,"pool and e thd'worlxis sedaest d. ry eyan rs noldn is ihothe use to t.nigh [ rschee a anduspplae ] falsoabrom "c's,dascanl," ka lotie isews th in use hoe. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus]
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no wyjunna isdd, e her hwith er banew wynd "a nonnthand g e bi e.nois" t, buor bef ge weo et tofall th asat, en i medtion, na doruld tndmp ani bernde saers twereighe bne winn rs i last su rehalt ts t hawnthro the blestaenishm bt ofpaoth s rtie cinto.haos thwie morhaon tt't, imes ti for c "ar lose."look pl[ ap ]ause doso, tnald arumpnd iebernde sanotrs bn h woas idoutsruers g nninnsagaieit thr rt paesy's istablt.hmen lebut bet's ar cleut abo me sog.thin at ths doemenot hean t ty'rehe sa ypme t ce ofdaandiecte b ause 'rtheyt.e no ersand rs isngunnier a s ious aicampn gn oesissu. p trum dis aogemagunue r ning reentin ly oonpersy alithawho s raconteddictse himn lf ostalmo ytever hhingeve's aier sd. th lye onng thieys the havin oncomm t arerehey' a badint usg mb cod s an btheyproth nconoue it "h "uge. ug[ la ]hter at tht.'s i [ auapplse ] me i juan, akst tloe a t ok ahow di enffereyt the werivin ging cr tediteio thvar rin ls i
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fi hrst,s ere'iebern. ho>> s artly tfterolhe pls edcloscr, sey etartoclinlln caed d anvewas rary gs ciouerin h co tungraonlatis. th i heank r r focaher anll, d i racongtetula a herernd h orsupp ftersheor tor vigous aicamphegn tn y rain ne mpw hae.shir ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> skah: oowy, nre, he's tr ump. w>> id anteonto culgratthate e he otndr caesidatay, ok? no atw thot i gt tha wover--ith ug[ la ]hter et>> sruh: thamp totnks her ca atndidites we h th rsamed ushe ee spd d anenlow iathusi'sm, m es gu hsinguae usrelly esserv for fo ayrepl. y,"oka t nowi hat thgot veat or , withwecan t gete o th good f?stuf" ug[ la ]hter e onheof tt mosnistunhing tngs c toouome nt ofamew hrepshi was th cte fat tharethe icpublan erwinnel bareny ev t hadeno spd y any moneakto trse fiact ple. b je, bushexfor e,amplnt spe mo hare t6 n $3iomill n in hanew irmpshe. um treap, mlenwhis , hat spenso lelitthi on mps ca taignhat
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ighe mctht ay uall mmake ooneyn it an, tho ks torsupp wtersho ha ouve bmight nslliodo of s llar wo ofrth ke "mari amereca gat ag hain"anats shd t-.irts p'trummps ca iaignsis bay call ju n st anaold havy tppt hatoens unbe r fningreor pntside. la [ erught ] il st "l, a amakecameriat gre n"agai i hate s thpecheaayst w s too ay t fyourdsrien, ea "rs ssesytever yhinghiou tnk ab meout ." la [ erught ] babut o ck t tjeb,hat $3 ll6 mimiion acght lytuale hav opaidkiff, f.nd o >> me fororr flgoida orvern b je wbusha ith ngstrort fouh ac plnie fish in new hampshire st laht nig. b >>s ush'aicamps gn i brceleg atinfohis purth lace shfinit last,nighal cling it a >> lo it lioks ouke y h allave se ree t th, racefoand atr th, i am ll reaaty gr.eful et>> stoh: seap tr ftingh ourt e plac aliketo vicry. la [ erught ] in se hores rac's, it " notwin ac plhoe, sd w an"jeb. st nill,toice h seemiim sle ag ain. at st leadi he ttd behaer tn h fifte placshfinier rc mabio ruhoo, wt loshis
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sa inme leres vm bati in a stdisa drouse ebatorperfe mancto st ca o outs n hiitabil ty toalk wi t thouria scpt. en wh r thetsesule camasin lt t,nighio rublo apod gizeisto h sursortein sayi g, "nodid t do we n ll ordsatuigay nht. at thl wilr neveenhappin aga." bu rt if'subiong goist to op re inpeatmsg hi helf,e's nidefi gtelyomot srke wodo to . ec cht k ou cthisfrlip tom aown ha hell t b daye eforprthe y,imar as io rubli reahezes nc's oe n againgsayi e the sxactame wo ovrds nder ar oven.agai b >>seecauyo as w,u sane jeatte an ard i ise raouing urr fo il ch idrene n th c21stryentu, an kd wehonow rdw has it'mebeco i tollnsti v ours alueurin o , kidseainst td ofalhe vthues ey y tramto rn dowthour s.roat hein tt 21surcentt'y, icos beme rd hahaer tern evin to l stilin cyourrehildhen, tue valu s yo ac te oh inomur hndes aou in r ch , urcheainst td ofalhe vusues rtheyowam dr n ouatthros. s >> leth:atook e hisyes. e movi twhenobhe rinot f ally izreale'es hros a bot. [ htlaugnder ala app]use
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ch chris ieriste , tho rubi sl -ayerll- wesp, deite ra deg ilino rubiheat tat debe, ch ieristn' didt t ge omuchf a bo muncey ostlusbeca'se it po imlessibma to ke ch chris ieristnc boue. la [ erught ] ch ieristis finsihed axth,nd y todaunannoheced was sp sungendi c hisigampad n an inheadckg bane to rsw jeey wh bere, oasedern evngythi we kn boow aimut hm , i'miassung he be'll er supd lai abacknd ch ill. ouwho e tsidruof tbemp, , rnie a and sidelu jonaluseb bd h haa od goht nigt last?nigh we thll, waere ios oher govnor kjohnh,asic c whoiname on secd ac pld e ancewho atlebrhiing s ngstrowi shos ng acta vifoory r si po ctiveigampa.ning as>> ktaich pking iriden ru g nnin sia po ctiveigampan. he>> t mre's iagice n thwiair th is thpa camn.ig to t,nigh l the oightamverce e th nedarkf ss otinegave ca gnmpaiing. ee[ chrs ] >> t whaheyou toard t nighwas ve hiry c sckenfooup e r thsoul. et>> shah: trit's ght. hn joic kas bh isalasichely t ep dehoak cofpra the idpresalentipa camign. [ htlauger ] 'm "ini runorng fsi pre dent usbecabee i e lievuswe ml t al nnrecowiect urth oss bli and mebeco w onethith ive un.erse stnamae." la [ erught ] so algh, lidnt diea't bt rk da.ness
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ug[ la ]hter th pee suwlr bo c wasr,lose and th pee suwlr bon' wasatt th os cle. th pue reanblicpa camhaign s gechannsd coabiderftly aaser lt gh nit. as t foremhe dtsocra, iebernde sanusrs mw t no mo deatnstrate thca he rfn peorm ll west in watesmoith ivre derse el raectolites ouke sarth ca,olin wh isich h whyt e me, withy,toda twithevhe rd erenhaal sn.rpto fobut yor anhone wim clas iebernon's cuestitisncy too it whowe, hyo do plu exthain is iebernpo sup wrterusho jt dncoulel't ht p budahis onnce af thter sue rewelts re an cenound? ug[ la ]hter cahow u n yobesay 'srniee facis o toe?whit ok loth at ooat cdel du. la [ erught ] lli wi, sayfri'm om ne mpw hae,shir i andn hanew irmpshhae, ty t gu does ch tellnicaaly qus ifietras seet. [ htlauger ] al ghthoutu it ourns hat, ty t gu 'twasnne alo. rn beidie de sombrceleg atinof hi n s owlaby p ayingtl lite ho aops,t fac ethatwoven ern ov nefox ws. hi>> t bs ise erniersand s, a t shor atimebego, h neatthe
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ct vipaory rty. 's heyi plaoong hitps whih o s tw t adul asons gnd 7kirandds. >> s he'typretd. goo hi>> t ts is4-he 7-oyearld ve t rmontosenar. >> k looimat h. >> ti geteang ro dy t agive big orvicteey sponch t.ight he ak's mg ine'-- hkis maomng se sh thots ere. >> th is liis, soke, inme k ad of ?joke 's hein makerg evngy sinele o. >> s he' bfromlyrookn. la [ erught ] s >> beth:e erniersandtes has th nke bauts, blo he thves nke ba s.shot ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] ou>> yw, knoav i h se toitay, 's tofun r heanefox e ws b tniceo de a atmocr. les t'arheha welt hsed e hato sa y. >> he's better than idpresobent onama the etbask cball.ourt et>> se'h: ht s noerbettth at an ra baback ot ma aetbaskball. he 7's aar4-ye m-oldhaan tt bo nos dy idiguarng. [ htlauger ] bu dot i e lovfoyou wsx ne. yo owu kn t howolo trl. this has been "a closer look." [ rschee a anduspplae ] we be'll ht rigk bac with
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remofu youthinl lookps.g li apch stick t puuryos liprsfi t on klyftraat nalurhe cees has a touch of phidelahilp a eacrchm eese, wsotehar veu yokema,
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ke i taic ps ture sofseunri s, bu tht wiy m pbacknai co i dnulle't s epan ged it uptin me. fthen i p aleve pm is the only one to coinmba sae lefe s pep aidlus hthe 12painour ie relving ng stref alth oeve. m i'back.
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[ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setco welacme bk, ev oderyby. ea plivse g ie upr t fothe 8g d ban ee[ chndrs ala app]use so alti sitn ng ightonid t anall wthisoneek ms druom, fron tv e tho,radiee jalntl bus on i
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use yo n u cak checjaout eleel very aymondry eveht nigun at poion ol b inlyrookthn wi l thechove oir. th yoank mu sofouch inr beg re hele, jael. >> y very happto. >> h: seth suceaa pl.sure ee[ chndrs ala app]use fiour gurst isest al a td ente r actoknyou roow flmm fikes li om "wn an i,"golde "thospropal," an usd "jiet fr"nds. nehis viw modee, "oladpope," ons t inerheatd s an eimaxwhverye er isthri fy.da t'letas akeoo lk. >> ow nyo, veu'ro g bwnk acdybo pa s rtw,noe. wad w>>n hem i'nifiedshth, weyl il vehao t bgrowyoack u. g >>onood e. p. ye 'sthat g ad ooe.on t'ledas and by dance, i mean, let's try ktol ilcheath ye[ lling ] [ grunting ] [ clanging ] av[ heeay brg thin] >> fine, sit. >> oh, soundlis yker oustla sa rdtu nayhtig. [ htlauger ] s >> peth:e leasomwelc te tohe sh ryow, eyan rs.nold
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s >> heth:reow a, yourimy fend? i >>re'm pgotty od. >> h: sets thi-is - hi>> t gs isood. >> h: sets thieris vciy ex.ting fthis ailm,fas a cn of omic s book-- y >>eah. et>> ss h: an a factof aion fi dlms,ooeadp sl isofort p dee n canoaccharter. --not ea>> yh. >> h: set y andavou hrte so of pu tlledchhis tearact r ouand pu m t hicron seen. heand er's vffy dit eren athanny he otper suo rher mi've iovie've ev eeer sn. y >> yeah, yeah,eah. >> h: setau bechise t as isd har 'r.' >> s it'--not et>> st'h: it s noe clos-to - t'>> it s noee[ blarp ] , ound .seth et>> st h: ilyreal't isn. la [ erught ] n >>o. et>> st h: ilyreal't isn. i >>alt resnly i't. et>> sndh: at whavei'm apry hpy ou abaut, cn se it a lorhsupeero mo nviese o on deveries. o >>ahh ye. et>> sigh: rwaht a ty inhis mo vie. >> h. yea et>> souh: yl kil otonsf op pele. >> h. yea er th--e's s he'anprofioe, vlent an trd exy emely,funn t and hose ar e e thgsthint thavei lod ou abist thra cha fcterthrom e t gego. et>> seah: yh. ro>> fe m tht firs itimer eve aread hboutim. >> h: sete' her ds myipescr tion t.of i
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>> ov i l.e it >> h: setee i fkel lis it' "van wi " lders meeten"grete lanrn." at thik's lnae fi blly,ofoth em th. w >>ow. [ htlauger ] ay okrt, sogo of sood, f rt o l.awfu et>> seah: yxah, e.ctly ou>> yw? kno et>> suth: bee i fkel li n vaerwildva elethtes e ee grntn laern. >> v theilan w yder,eah. ini theak, y sh, iofort k looat l itifike o "whedframer rog bb raliit" adke h w sexith "h "eat. et>> skah: oy. la [ erught ] nd>> an thend-- an thehosomew de en od uplln ced.uloi >> h: setre the g youo. y >>eah. ini thatk thin's k -d ofah- ye. s >> aeth:s nd aanwe c f seerom th ipe clch, a tearacatr thl wil esaddre s thracame. >> h. yea s >> weth: ihichres a lyalun f th asing l. wel ea>> yh. , yeahorhe s ht ofeae brheks t ur foalth wl. 's ity ver, metamothe vie. he ws knos he' cin a bomicook. i , meanakhe mokes jboes aut ry eyan rs.nold i , mean lhe's yike,noou kw, it t's alyotalfe dif brent rand -mof xen. >> h: seth. yea >> k you bnow,alasichaly tt's wh t at iis. ani me l, he iivese n thn x-me erunivse. et>> sndh: ar you, fansfathe ns t ofchhis tearacshr i soulday, ar rte soot a lth -- avey he a t loakto tede crorit ffa as r as gibrinhing t ts tocrhe seen. >> y oh,eah. r foea11 y'vrs iene bein tryg to t ge fthismailm side, 20nce 04. e tht firsdp"dea cool" iomic er evd reaa had l panet in iand it d sai-- me so abody dskedooeadpatl wh he lo lioks ndke uheer tk masheand , saidoo"i lkek liro a css
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la [ erught ] an knd i t ew a mthatt,omenas i w , like d"one way iplill hiay ts gu y." la [ erught ] >> h: sett' thants fac.asti >> s andveo i'n beengtryi to ge mt itsiade thnce en. si 20nce 2004, nd05 ano to l.avai d an wthendee mae som -- a li bttlef it o ftestgeoota. at tht tesagfootake len ed othe te in arnet tbouteawo ygors a and wh haen tppt ha, enedfathe f ns o "d ooeadpusl" jeyt thrw oveedhelm e thiostud. thand ude stasio wt jus ralitefolly trcedy o sayes. prso, aettymeweso. >> h: sett' thachs sure a gat st ory. an>> cak't mise th up. >> h: sets it'a not y stor that enhapptes ofern whnse fa get twhatwahey nt. >> er nev. ve neerr evr. eve et>> sndh: ahi i thenk t y're a gonnerbe vppy hathy wi the .film at thow's he "thgeavenrs" ha edppen. at thle whong thi. s >> neth:'so it. not o,>> n no. not. >> tt prechy mu., no nt fac astigsthin. u yoiomentfoned e otaginleakg on ea>> yh. s >> yeth:idou de somt grea otpromion. u yo owentn ut oowhallaneen d tayou , lkedouin yadr de pool .kids o >>ahh ye. i' onve d ie --ne've dover ne a fi helm where tke mar wtingas su n ch ansexteofion a thel ctua .film heon tt lasdathe sy ofinhootg fti leh witita suse cau i it waened trs yeado to the vi moo e, stai'm akingle [ bep ] su it. [ htlauger ] >> h: setht rig. r >>.ight et>> so h: sowyou e n th suit no w.
12:56 am s >> yeth: ieah,. bet ik>> ln e beecaffliek tr d to e leav twithuihe sd t an they retasem.d hi ug[ la ]hter >> h: seth. yea cayou n't. >> c you lan't weavethith t e ba .suit dso i kon'twhnow apat hd.pene me soi how thgot ite su. bu vet i'ua actwolly t rn i more te afe r th tfacti han weverore it th in vie moe. la [ erught ] junot orst fy sex tsexyime. [ htlauger ] et>> seah: yh. ut>> bo alsprfor ioomot tn ofhe lm fi. et>> s th: i ihinkgrt's theat at u yo itookmet ho. no att th'r you re atofisk s, thi atbut e somt poingeyou det olr an u d yogoare toing e havayto s in re curhant secpe b nausengothi bwillrse woane that a f ad de.pool la [ erught ] >> n no,o. , ohahye. tp faool. s >> yeth: feah,olatpo. fa>> "l"tpoo"d is ooeadp",l 12 ic wh'rh wehee scd dulefor re e.leas gh ritet afear "dl:dpoo co sclono"opy. ug[ la ]hter et>> sheh: toure y go. >> ed rat" "r! et>> sh,h: oan i cai't wr t fo .that ea>> yt'h, inns go aa bemeweso. s >> seth:ouo, yt wen yout,ou pu tt onuihe sd t anweyou utnt o alon henlowe. y >> yeah,eah. >> h: set y andalou ttoked e som .kids >> id i de somuirecrt,tmen you et>> souh: yed trire to t cruia i >>ed trire to t crui ksomeids. tr py tothull veem o tr tohe s >> leth: tet'sa ake rlookeal >> h. yea w>>t hae thllhe y'sr oumena? ra bay- cnse omrehe. yo upur sweerpor? s >> lhoots aser oeyesf ut omy ey es. ha>> ttht's upe stt ides ee[ blsup ] owperp'ver iere ev la [ erught ] yo nu'ren ot otethe am. kii'm g,ddin'r you te oneahe tm. ge bat ockr veerthane sid t
12:57 am
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12:58 am
>> h: sett thaanis fictast. un eadernheth tk mase causyou lo ikok lure yo iselfe n the.movi ea>> yh. >> h: set'r you ue inrmnifod , an e'thersos ale somstbad uff ha s ppenouto y. >> r oh,baeal ufd stf. s >> aeth: wnd i jannashust ow a ph beoto e causvei'm - ry -vei ha esa qu ation tbouthis. >> h. yea >> h: setth so yat'supou ser fuglyace. ea>> yh. er thnoe's lot a dt ofl etaiin th utat bs it'typretye -- ah, it re's p--tty oo i lndk kikea li be innjamnk fra tlin,lohe bssodle os gh bt ofmienjaann fr, klin e.mayb et>> seah: yh. la [ erught ] h >>exad sh witatradiion. >> h: seth. yea a >>hend tatn th m wase. s >> ieth:a t's lelittdo -- you mi e nd mngsayis, this it'a tt liesle tlaticur? i >>, t is.yeah tverycuestilar. [ htlauger ] bu lyt on l thenueft het, tht rig e onucis mffh dit ereninlookg an tht. tha s >> yeth: eeah,lyxact. i but thask ecis b yauseavou he da a erught. ve a oury yaung dr.ghte d>> ieao, yh. s she'tta livele oe,r onh. yea et>> s lh: ae ittl ooverne. , socoshe tomes ? set y >>eah. s >> seth:amhe c se ton et othis da y. y >>exes, y.actl et>> sndh: a d howa oes just oovereane-yd r-olt reachito ts? el>> weel, st tha sface htillad s dad'e.voic et>> sh,h: oh, yeat' that s no good. b >>heut son's ge na bacreenting th omat mwient ruth cocde sk etpupp as tora the fpistheor t st rehe of fer li. >> h: seth. yea [ htlauger ]
12:59 am
>> et s rh:lleay? ea>> yh. s >> ieth:'t don i whyay'm sing re .ally ea>> yh. ke lie comon. >> h: sete lik sdoesothe n de unndrstaly hol.wood 'm>> iry sor. ea plcose, n!me o ug[ la ]hter sashe .w it r fo tlike dhreeshays s e washy ndarouaf me thter at. mi i haght ctve ay ualledcaus al reag dame. >> h: seth. yea ug[ la ]hter ll weu , yo wknow ihat,a t's inwaitmeg gafi to utnd o. t'>> ie s tht firsanof my. ah ye. et>> st'h: ie s tht.firs w, nor youctdireasor hd, sai ca beaguse cain,reompa ad to anbatmsu, a anpermad, de ipools t norematu. >> no. no . s >> heth:s e hameclaiatd th you eqare y uallmmas ie aturheas t ar chr acteplyou ay. >> i oh,he'm tst wor. i' rem moat immthure eaan dl.dpoo et>> sheh: woere du s yo tuimma crityfrome om? >> av i h ie nodea. >> h: seth. yea p >>blrobakey lit jus an qu unabenchhile tforst r li vaondati. s >> oeth:ahh ye. at thdo'll it. [ htlauger ] >> t i'm thinks hat'ara stt. s >> yeth:eah. i >>'t donw. kno m i' ljust--ike >> h: setli sib dngs,u o yo have insiblgs? >> av i hree thdee olotr br.hers et>> sh,h: ot' thames sog.thin w>> iheas tng you sest,wao i s ju orst m ae ofin movrgg taet th ban aerroth. ug[ la ]hter yo owu knu , yotohad sm be art wi outh yutr mot h no fyour.ists so t thakiwas f nd oit. me i onan, i set a wass lway g doin ajust swful.tuff et>> seah: yh. >> e likpodeadayol srrs ho ible th iingsisn thm, fil i and'm ta g lkin-- at p one iointal'm t aking bout vithe n llaievand seery s t haa ptscrier supr visothand rie scpt rvsupe iisorals rehely to re t
1:00 am
ouif yge forlit a hene tsty ju icallt,t ouy' theelll y ol itut outo yyo if lu'resiike g ttinon t see caus ctheyusan just pae r focoa send. an 'sd itif a dltficu. job we e havn,susa's who the tesweeomst wn an iwhthe wiole de rl wod. s >> seth:s ound nlikeice. su s san'alare sways.weet er>> veey swt. ah ye. n'susawas alreys f te onethe s. sh wae aleays womrs srte so of am g usinhat. an e d shbawas heck tanre, m d i' st juh suc j-- i iust,em rember i dowas a ing e sceni'and m lk taabing thout lle viain. an sad i thy, "uyis gpu is re ev il." d an ithen, says "thiisguy re pul. evi" d an ithen, sayst"tru me. th --at" i andal totorly fget e th.line i but t don'lyrealge fore t th .line i "say,n?susa" an e d sh, sayst "thaziwheeagng b - ofbl- [ ] eep htipst as i ngcomi?" ug[ la ]hter itand us's jket lian -- m d i' g doin tthathohe wovle mie. >> h: set y whyoiou dusng san li hake tt? su s san' tjustg ryinivto lr e he .life i >>w, knoht rig? st ju o addnebscemmly ie.atur et>> shih: twas i asnna usk cae
1:01 am
sa sultn, uelimate'y sht s ouof yo ifur lw.e no yo ifur wn e, i lyourife. y >>eah. ug[ la ]hter s >> ieth:na wank talt abousome im rimatuhaty twat i nt co manfir ftionyorom cau bemyuse fe wipr is ntegna'r, wee pe exg ctinfiour barst by. >> h, yeah. yea s >> ieth:xc'm e aited tbouthat. [ rschee a anduspplae ] a oflot ki talbong aikut lw e ho acyou tt inelhe dy iver, room weyou n re irothe om. >> h, yeah. yea sufor re. >> h: set y andecou d tidedayo pl so a ng. ea>> yeah, yeah, yh. s >> weth:dihat u d yo wplayhen yo ifur ws e waabin lor? >> am i ja med lelitt ma grvins aye''s"let i get."t on ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] ah ye. s >> heth:idow dt thago? >> wa it kes liak steve knimes ca ofout e heryes. ug[ la ]hter e' shkes lire, "a [ youep ble ] [ p blee r] me nightow?" [ htlauger ] s >> teth:s hat'thnot mee ti for le .vity ea>> yh. al re. bad ah yeah, ye. s >> yeth:eah. b >>heut s a wasce mer.nary ani me w sheikas lthe i i ink cjustt aughriher inght the lemidda of racontn.ctio washe ets pr mtyh uckima jngesok e threentie. tim et>> sh,h: ot' thaods go to he ar. >> h, yeah. yea >> h: set d andu o yo ahave- ny - veyou'n beeg doin jthisovust er ye a ar. at whic advule wou d yo pgiveost bi rth? j >>doust d the wirty mork,an. et>> seah: yh. u yotogot .
1:02 am
mithe oddlee f tht nighg,thin ur yoe wif h-- a buman weingill ex ouit yfer wi. la [ erught ] s >> yeth:eah. >> sh so doe's none eugh. >> h: seth. yea esi guats thru's te. >> t jusgechan d thersiape , do thall tuat sff. >> h: seth. yea ea>> yeah, yh. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >> ieth:trt's ue. >> h. yea et>> sheh: son's doue engh, sh doe's orne mane thug enoh. y >> yeah, yeah,eah. >> h: setnk tha s youcho mu. t >> yhanko ou s.much et>> sonh: cs gratheon tie mov. t >> yhankou. th yoank u. s >> aeth:s lwayt greaeeto s u. yo rryanldeynoves, edyrybo. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ea "dl"dpoons opeth in rseate and im n ax oayfrid. 'l we rl be bightwiack th ka lotie wes. [ rschee a anduspplae ] ramodeo te tresevehn crodi's e seasouis tgh,t bu mi'veedanag. ptexcet thagimanay ng mtosympwams l s als i wag.doin d an iwhenal finolly tmyd to docr, aihe smid hura is or fdu as ltkelie mowhha tveedrith oeder mioicatns stbut exill enperihece tmp sytoms m ofatoder se toeeveroh crdin's e.seas thand n at iicclintual s,dies mathe tyjoripa of tstien h onaumir sisaw icgnifsyant m mptoefreli. maand chny ad ievessremiion. hu
1:03 am
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1:04 am
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1:05 am
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1:06 am
s >> weth:meelcok bacatto le gh nivet, edyrybo. ou xtr nest gue p hasd laye n quininperk ts onhohe sw ca "s" ndalthfor ste lae fiv onseass. ne isw ep sodes utartaip agn mo to nrrow oightc.n ab sepleaco welo me tshthe ow, ka lotie wes. [ cheers andpp ausla]e >> hi. >> h: sets it'onso wulderf , to yhaveerou hr e fofithe rst ti me. >> m i axcso e tited ho beere fo e r tht firs.time an md toyoeet 'vu, iene be al reisly lngteniyo to oiur vce. >> h: set i whyats th? el>> w'vl, id,e habe to ki worng a onto boscen acnt. >> h: set y oh,avou h de toe o on wofor rk? y >>es. fo ar aniouditn. s >> feth:n or atiaudiokon, ay. y >>anes, n d, antaccech coa nt seal me tl of chese, lipsof ke lial, reto bosopn pele. s >> ueth:h.h-hu >> w youinere edclud! >> h: set, whyghthou? >> " theonbosten accpot" sof vi wadeo cls in.uded s >> yeth: beah,haut ts t wathe du osmb bacton .cent n' dostt lio en t.mine n >>o. ll weyb, mawoe i gen't e t thpart
1:07 am
s >> yeth: leah,n isteto au tithenopc pele. yo n'u dontt wado to bo my ston ntacce. ou>> ccagh, , ughtonbost. s no-ee - et>> shah: ts t wa.good ou>> ys, guy f i'mnerom rkw yo, li i ke, t can'osdo bton. noi'm att thd goohiat ts. >> et s oh:y,kael w tl do shis,ay w ne ayorknes a rkw yoaner, d en th n sayorew y sk asodomeby om frto bosn. o >> nkay,orew y nk isorew yk. ay okst, bos on iyonew rk? >> h, yeare the g youo. at thea's rgolly od. >> t' thal s alksthanyo to u, se eyth mers. >> h: setl, wel'v younee do it. bu e t th tonly ihingrys, t to ha lve ae ittl cmoredeonfince wh ouen yit do . ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] o >> okay, ikay, i gotw.t no et>> so h: nonbostso pers n ha er evit hes batede efor'vtheye id sath anying. >> y no,e ou'vtogot r get ight hein tre. >> h: seth, yeay theveare ry co ennfidt. >> h witweyou eare rlly pr imveessi. >> h: setnk tha. you >> as i wt jusindrivoug ary nd m incar . l.aenlisttoing th seer mey ts oneghe r.ular et>> selh: whel, toure y go. i' avll h ge toapet tf es otoyou y repafathe vor. , umhiso t ss iscio ex, tingthat "s alcandco's" bmingack. be e causguyou akys thie a .atus es>> y. >> h: set w andyohen keu ta a hi , atushayou vve aloery yal fa sen ba. y >>es. ey thag're sigres, velyomawesely, pa nassiote. s >> aeth:o nd d gtheynget ary wi outh yen, wh g youtauys neke o
1:08 am
h,>> os it'ibhorrle. 's ite likt'-- ikes liwe we re da , ting wlikeree well reay ouserie s, w tlive wweetith , theme we'r, likeincallemg th, , likey eversdthurigay ne ht w .talk thand heen tw sho, like ogoesff e thanair end thli we ke, to y tallt ghos.them s >> yeth:eah. i >>lit's itke, ik's lore, sry. bu mot to nrrow wight e're fuhope ylly,noou k'mw, ina gon, i' nnm goeea twe't, woire go ng t acbe b tk toathe dscing ene? s >> deth:u o yo, guyst a loof yo veu liet tweri, duheng tw. sho ea>> ye h, wliall weve tet. ev epery e isodfifor eave yrs. >> h: sett' thaazs aming. >> h itoave m wary up mbsthum, ke ligh, riw.t no 'rtheypee sut r ouhaof syope, u ys gu. li [ laght erught ] >> h: set, andmoare f st othe in cttera vionspoery vesiti? yoare ppu haouy ab?t it i >>ld wou 9 say5. s >> teth:s hat'edincr hiblyigh fo e r thrninteet. r >>?ight et>> seah: yh. >> co of yursenlou omey re mber bathe esd on. s>>h:etf ourco, seahye. ik>> lnde, aot a lth of em so memetin's doent eve make.sens itbut su's u jallyreust ally esaggr asive yboutchour tearacr. ke li -- et>> skah: ooty, gcha. >> an i wu t yoieto dke, li, in thikgs late th. s >> ceth: tauserehey' a madt -- >> ch whion i dak't te rs pelyonaldo, i tan't hake tt rs pelyonal. s >> teth:rehey' a madint qun? ey thju're adst m-- at as>> blyical y, ife ou'rnsagait iv olopia p ae atoiny pnt.
1:09 am
et>> sowh: ndo, i evn't noen kw i'why inm doisg thca, bei use d ha mcastrsembeyo of hour sw on be .fore at whu , yot can' mtellyte anhing ab whout cat'sg ominriup, ght? >> h, yeaan i c-'t - et>> souh: yll rean'y cat. t >>yoell iku, lyte an.hing ani meca, i y n sa-- oh , god ssee,a hondesrhim i al reonly dan't w gt ton et i bltroue. s >> deth:t o nos cros sh rondas himehaand e ve min bltroue. ea>> yauh, ce se wd woul gbothet t inleroub. >> h: setd we' bboth e in bltroue. m>> i qean,, uinne'therlos a t , ofe'therlos a pt of ower wa g lking goinoron fnn qui. et>> sh,h: och gota. we polkr waing. >> e like'therlos a t. i k thin'sthatpo a s, iler like co n,me o g you luys,ike. >> h: set, nowaci'm lytual -- t >>s hat't a lonfof io. >> h: set a i'mllctuaady gl you ghbrou pt up wowerngalki, ca bei use a saw o promfor "s alcand." >> g oh,od. et>> sndh: aan i cak't tute, b f itlielt tkey hereweea ry ll sifocun,ng o t heyuphis ngcomi ca "s,"ndale, likot a lpe of ople wi e ll bidconfalentially w.king wecan w shoeait ricl quk? ca bei use twantk o as some qu tiess.on h,>> ogo my d. s >>eth: hers e'pra o omr fo ca "s" ndalsti ju. saw s >>alcand.
1:10 am
>> h: setki walng. t'>> ists ju -- [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setn. dow ha ysllwa. i >>lit's soke, 's, itll reay cr bazy,seecau s you ihootl t al y, da t and'sheremu no sic pl g,ayinre theo 's niagladtor sc inreamg. s >> reth:.ight yoand nu'ren ot i mslown.otio n >>ouo, ywa're g lkinlaregurly, thand iken lhee, ter cama's os cl oe upurn yoe facyoand u're yi tro ng tlinot make, wke aeird ug lily, yoke, owu knu', yore ngtryibe to ad a b. ass d an, like fyour yeet,noou kw -- ke warry gtshin ion'sdincreatble . it et>> seah: yh. u >>yegh, ah. s >> oeth:f ne obethe owst per wa s lkerthout ere. [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> u so,lysualus i jt t gein blined ehin aher,hend t in if e sehaher usir jart st bt toob liand weke, ave. >> h: set'v yout e gocea ni un bon ce i cthatlip. t >>i'hen kem liay, okne, mi's bo ngunci g, weheot tnc boue in gog. s >> reth:.ight nd>> at' thaens whno i katw th , likepothe wawer s lk ig.goin >> h: sete havtryou inied r you laregufer liso to f rt og brin pothe wawer n?lk i o.>> n [ t lighhtlauger ] >> h: setdo it t esn'd soun like it. i >>sot's ar embinrassg. rei'm nallyhaot todt go at wa g lkinenin g.eral et>> seah: yh. at thoo's gd.
1:11 am
>> h: setn thet don' ipusht. if s it'alnot y readrea st.ngth t'>> ings das.erou et>> seah: yh. i >>not's t. un mlikesty boccon aent. s >> weth: ihichres al yady,eah. yo n'u dolkt wae liktayou lk, ev oderybowy knats th. w, no w youtoent nyu. >> . yes [ rschee ] s >> weth:t e go nsomen yu ithe ho use. >> wa no i.y, h gh[ liugt la ]hter s >> aeth:ound ydi stued th r?eate d>> iid. >> h: set i andl fee like er ev tyonei hat tknowhat st d udietethea nr atasyu he som we stird abory soout home cice th adey mate th b was oasedn be a ing egcollude stwhent o lyreal l was iike,n 'm ar.acto y >> yeah, yeah,eah. >> h: set i andoi'm go ng tdo so ctme ahior tngs. >> h, yeah, yeah, yeah. yea s >> yeth:erou w "e inetstre r" cau , yoedplaync blaubhe dois. >> my oh , gods,i wago oh d, i s wayo20, ysu gud , ans i wa inplayang blduche iboisn tr "scaeet mer nasid de lre",ike th oat'skay. >> h: seth, yeact exaly. >> e, likt' that s no.okay , likereyou' t wayouoo yng. an u d yo, knows,i waho i t, ught u yo, knowe we'r areals,ctor ke liis, thny is hiu, t ls isike, we a aretsrtis. gh[ liugt la ]hter et>> seah: yh. y >>uyou ge s, warare s.tist so d, weedeciddo to eh a ralears heof ty, pla e and tveryitime ys sat tha dthey arankt, sho we
1:12 am
ea>> yh. et>> sheh: t are's o lotf in dr ikingatn thah, ye. a >> o lotinf dr ikingatn th, s. ye yes. d anweso, y onl imaderot thugh lf hathway h rougplthe ntay uil i pa ossedut. >> h: sety. oka gh[ liugt la ]hter >> , but fthat hirstofalf the pl i ay, thwas ste bere actss i' veve er -- >> h: set oh. >> me to . s >> seth:u o yo'tdidnnk thi, m i'drtoo tounk th do yois, u ou thyoght reu weli kilt?ng i t>> ihthougas i wre ince.dibl et>> sowh: w. i >>n, meae i'vr neve tfelthat go od. th i evink neeryoe elsghthout i s waibterrle. bu it i, on myeawn hs d wat mean thfor olat re. s >> neth:whow, ouen ye werat wnyu,heas t lre af ot otethear at thui reqwered esirdnd s an di nuty? y >>eah. s >> oeth:kay. i >>n, meah. yea >> h: sete, lik a i'ms lway inhearoug abowt shers whe er evy ybod ajustmet sont poi has , liketynudi n foraso reon. >> w oh,d e hatynudi n foro -- no , , nono. w itikas loue, y i're,u f yo th yoink au'retin argest, t ke nad. s >> oeth:kay. ha>> tlit's whke, t at iwas. ge ket naold, r dl inirt. ge ket nalld roth on ooe flr. s >> geth:a.otch t >> ialwas oul abllt roing ar aoundeind bakng ned.
1:13 am
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1:14 am
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1:18 am
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1:19 am
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1:20 am
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1:21 am
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1:25 am
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1:26 am
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1:27 am
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1:28 am
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1:29 am
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1:30 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: seton wynndna a b theig no eise,boverydy. eo pr "rdernnwynod a anbithe g is noowe" n h andovead o er t te latsnighcoeth.r m foan ex ivclusrfe pencorma he ofer nu omberitne hg sonon"no see el aron eth."
1:31 am
ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> sy h: mksthan to ry eyan rs,noldie kates low, yn "w aonnahend t n big."oise eljaleto bunndn, aco of , urse 8"thendg ba." tstay funedaror cdason ly.
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