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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 9, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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nitot gh-- re wibel ,lson ostarhef "tnd gri aer," ctor sfrede,avag simufrc pomsoarjan s,me atfeinure g than8g bthd wi le jaunel bton. [ rschee a anduspplae ] esladi g andementlen, se eyth mers! [ eech ars andlappe us] >> h: setd gooineveng. m i' mseths.eyer ithisats "lghe nit." w' hoers evy ybodg doinghtonit? ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] at than's fictast. t' let s geheto ts. new e therdenvnc broeaos be t th licaroanna ps ther0,24-1t las ni tght,n o wir supe 5bowl0. w it gas a vreatryicto for onpeytni manng. i hjustitope sn doeo 't gisto h heforead. ug[ la ]hter nlast'sighter supl bowurfeated ld co aplaylls weso as olme cd ay pl. la [ erught a anduspplae ] ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus]
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ug[ la ]hter sless to onthhe ohier tng. onpeytni manaing sstd laht nig at ths he'manot dde aioecisn ou abtit re aringilnd witl wa ti un'sl hes lesioemottonal te dee rminfuhis .ture , yeahshyou n'ouldket ma any -tlongdeerm oncisi ts onamhe se y davoyou arluntkiily ssed jpapaohn. la [ erught ] al re. a treal.hing pl[ ap ]ause grudyaniulihii, trns mo ing, iccrit bizedceeyonup's sower bl lf ha ptimermerfo aanceaind sd e shckattaoled pofice rsfice by in includckg baanup d dcersedress laas banck p mtherrsembe. at thud's ruly gi, ianionthe ly pe irsonern am wicanasho w inlook tg atache bdakup s.ncer la [ erught ] ch chris ierist a, in new rvinte ciew,nuontio ed t cr iziticrce mabio rur o fohis pe marforinnce s thienweekd's de .bate saand ubid rs io iptscrinded a t notaspons.neou w to mhich rarco rubioedepli, ha "tnot's uet trmm, coa. eai spomk fr h the, eart amexcln atiot.poin" la [ erught a anduspplae ]
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he ls fee i thecaowa rucustsesul vwereunery , fairimto h aselfnd . drcaben .rson r othegsthinmp trusi con ders irunfahi to clm ingoude , ogle de sis,walke shos,lacege oxyn, an med dai judh.denc [ htlauger ] y todaheis tne chiewse nr, yea d an w2016beill y theofear the mo .nkey m i' gjustitlad ot's n y theear of p the muppyy [ htlauger ] on t tha, noter supe 5bowls 0 wa eryest aday,nend ong thifo is r re su y, iferou wkie a tcd wahing th gae , meu yontweo td beand ha d d matmnigh.ares ug[ la ]hter th coese cimmerweals ayre w too st dingurbi. st lar, yeaio nate nwidhtcaug f griethfor deeir idad k b ad,ut l at deast ieathmes sog thinthat oc ncursalaturly. at whou's ycur expuse, moppy nkey ba by? [ htlauger ] racongtitula mons,aiountw,n de r fonghavi m thediost bisturng ma oscotnin a thght lsat ad o ha lka wacoing f il orga lae te inesstin. ug[ la ]hter hwhatneappe td tooche claa co la poarr bes?
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e thoss?dude ug[ la ]hter weventhhen waere cus a te an iimalcon a cimmerthal, e ke ta waway"ias, ts heg ryinto ne bot thaotmarm?" " orthare oiey go ng ttheat ose do gs?" la [ erught ] at thot's nn eveiomentinned the co cimmerhaal tggt sud este your rnunbold chil wil iturnnto se ro'smaryy baba for todori. ug[ la ]hter , i.e.dethe s vil's.chip gh[ liugt la ]hter he vey aderrtishes, tea disse do t esn' thave to beashe mcot. we st'll unill tadershend t mm coalerci. cayou lln sena toeunil fgus cr wieam t thouinputtfag a n ce o a aitoenthl wigu funs. la [ erught ] th sce maorot fli cian's ist a dlimpwiong ooth geygly es. la [ erught ] "o anh, mha, i o ve ngyener." ap [ seplau ] sp i foeak l r als of u iwhen say i pewas tlrfecppy haeny whs thi wa e s th tmostfyerrimaing scot an uy ofd s haooto lk --
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mm coalercis. ex i bpectr ette ynextear. af a ter dedecag -lonchsear , an 82 r--yeaneold rkw yoan womo , wh ugrewthp wi a herivdopte ntpareous, fernd hye 96-ldar-o bi icologotal mher. rtunfoelunathey, snd fou i hern av he.en di[ au oencehs ] [ laughter ] vei han beeg doin jthisooob t lo o ng tk thin jthatwooke uld wo rk. la [ erught ] th e ey'r ibothavn heen. gh[ liugt la ]hter bo nody. onnot ye ofelou hmeped ! out la [ erught ] i' t m no hsurehiow te's ons
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la [ erught ] d anllfinaccy, angordia to new li vist, iarginch beath is ste mo ntromaesic dtitinan on ithe co y.untr thand ase lemat ro intics un pownd to. ug[ la ]hter dila aes gndementlween, e hava ea growt sh y foronou t!ight [ rschee a anduspplae ] tfromewhe nm, filw "hoe to b lesingeb," rilel wisson h witus ni toght. [ rschee a anduspplae ] fr thom "ine gr oder"x,n fo the wo funderedl frag sav ie ise n th e.hous ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] on ale gsidc musi from ng sioner-stegwrirsr paamon jes. [ rschee a anduspplae ] be wforet e gellto at, tha the blrepu picanderesil ntia ca atndideles hhid a tagh-skes de obatetun sa, rdaylathe st rebefo c thealruci h newhiampsre im prary. an wd itanas howds de n onheof t deweirvest eofnts e thee ntir arprimasy se.on r fo amore tbout ihis,tit's me fo cr "ar lose."look pl[ ap ]ause
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e ththeighub repn licatedeba, u yohamay xpve ed ectegsthin to be ni runikng lwee a illl-oed inmach ne byow. eainsthed, tht nigan begh wit prthe ioecis an ofde kintergarn daholigey pa lant,y ed b n beoncarso , whhosomessw mied s hitocue e takstthe age. r.>> d c benn.arso ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] et>> ss h: icaben rrsony ealla ai brrgn su oeon,d r dilepeop st caart g llinthhim at sa tircasy,call i andstt ju st uck? ug[ la ]hter h, "oh, yeat thas guy'ala re ai brrgn su"eon. ug[ la ]hter wh asat wli it o ke t hhaves im a cta do?or r "youersurglly wiin beg any me mowent, t jus tneedt o ge cadr. irsonren he." [ htlauger ] te afatr th k, itgeept g ttin erbettca, beifuse re thene's o in th'vg weare lefrned hiom ts ec el stionr,o fas it' nthato nd cae idatoiis go ng tget at iotentr n fog dointhsomeing du n mb oittv w dhoutd onalp trum
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>> in busanessmal donumd trp. la [ erught ] lo>> f sridaorenatco mario rub. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] [ htlauger ] >> h: sett waicoa send. at wh t are thoseemwo rngindi me of ? , oh.yeah 'sthat it. la [ erught ] th iat'st. en evlytuale , thidcand matesade th waeir ty totahe sange, d stalmoed immlyiate j newy erse rngovehror chris ce isti owentn th fee ofe nsivnsagaiort flida se r natoo marco.rubi bi rus o wangcomi a offon strg ir thacd plnie fin sh i, iowabut ri ch hstieeeas badn lething e ar chn ge isiaccuubng rf io o in beo g toptscried. t onebhe dstate rage, hubioad a an cho ce te provyoeverrone wng, inbut d,stea t didpphe oe.osit >> 's lett jus ostopannce r d fo al thl wis thiiofictatn th ra baback ooema d ksn'twhnow at he oi's dng. k he enowslyxactt wha'she doing. t buuli wod d ad, thiss let' sp diitel wish thti fichaon tt ckbarama obasn doeno't katw wh 's heng doi. k he enowslyxactt wha he's g.doin nthisn otio bthatk araca obam es doknn't haow w'st heng doi is njust-ot -
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h >>owe knacs ex--tly >> re theis it . e thrimemo25zed on-seceed spch. >> t' thae s thonreas - why- t >> ihere, t isybeverody. >> ar we t e nongfacire a pntside dthat'toesnw kno hwhat e is g.doin nohe khaws w it heins dog. la [ erught ] >> h: sett' tharcs mabio ru ao on bloophtrougyo to vu byine. la [ erught a anduspplae ] if s he'nothe e,mineop i h e he ck pidos a tnald grumps if ahis ru g nnin.mate acin f tt, i -hinker- thwhe's at tthist icked woul llookike. l >> det'sl ispe twithhis fi n ctio th arat boback doama t esn' know hwhatdoe's ing. nohe kxaws e wctlyhehat 's in dog. [ htlauger ] s let'eldisph wit fthisonicti bthatk araca obamn'doesowt kn hwhatdoe's ing. k he enowslyxactt wha he's g.doin s >> beth:heut tht nigth -- e ni waght jsn'talust tcl bohed anentrances bid rulfo maiounctn. 's itep a rcaubliban dete. ouso yw knobujeb s sh ig gointo y trakto twne doal donumd trp. sp icecif oallydover tnald'srump e usmiof e dnentn omaiuito bld a li inmousrke paloing r t foofone cahis s.sino ha>> t nt isubot ppulic e.rpos th s at iridownwrght ong. heand tre'srohe p w wemith th at. a >>igll rokht, ay. t >>rohe p wblemitas, was --the asit w - the- eb>> jts wanhe -- ts wanbe to a ug toy.h gu w heants to be t aghouuy g.
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inparkt g lohifor sis caisnos no r t foicpubl. use >> wa he sts juyo -- owu kn , he s wante to buga toy.h gu a oflot es timu', yoavll he -- yo hu'll--ave i andest don't wo errk vlly we. >> t how iough ts itkeo ta -- >> ot a lti of --mes >> pe profrrty n om arleldey ma won? l >>e et t.quie di[ au oencehs ] s >> teth:strue aory, tfterhe de , batep trum eusedntmine ma doo in t opavejever shb bu and re e placwihim pth angarki. lot la [ erught ] thbut owe cr td --rohe caswd w pa aplyrentje on sib's whde, ich up trset soump h, mucac he lytual we ulnt fesl wrg tlin aheelnd tu ornede n thenaudice. [ ngbooi ] >> t' thal s alisof hor dond s an iaspectel ins restthout ere. so -- bo [ ]oing it's what it is. yo owu kn h whoheas tke ticorts f th ie --al'm t aking -bout - to tethe sileviudon ae?ienc no dosprs, l eciareinte tsts,he lepeopt thapuare g ttinheup t ne moy. [ ngbooi ] an isd th -- um[ trprp imonessi ] >> h: set l ande et m ytellou so inmethseg elw , neshhamp ire, 'sthatht rigm , i'intalk g to ayou,h! la [ erught ] wh t en is comeouto yttr moo,
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pui'm g llinthfor tte laer! ah! [ htlauger ] f in tact,nlhe oiny thumg trp se toems e hat tmoredohan nors teare isrrorasts, de evi bncedy pohis onsitiwa on oaterbg,rdin whand r etheotor nd he'w alloit a inmp truin admatistrion. i >>ld woung brik bac rbwateinoardd g anbri'd baing ck a ohelllof a rst woane th te wardrboaing. et>> so h: s iwhatrss woane th te wardrboa ying,skou a? , wellp trum agavet hin when usdisc hsingkiis st ll a deal ki mang. w >>coith ssngreu , yo thaveo t ge er evy ybod rin a aoom,ound y ve hage to emt thag to ree. bu u t yo thavet o ge tthemo re agthe wit whawayou annt, d at thar's p bt of aeingl dea ke mar. u yo thavet o gelepeop g in,rab h'em,emug 'ss, ki - 'em- ug[ la ]hter >> h: setid incllentagry, "ab 'e ugm, h, 'em 'kissisem" o als tithe oftle mp truoo's b k on ngdati. [ htlauger ] e thhanew irmpshime prisary , of co , urserrtomoow. fo umr trubp, ranio, uzd cr's, it ana cho ce tgeemera as trfronr.unne fo sir kachch, ieristd , an, bush ait'st lasd.stan foand n r beoncars i, itiks, le thall fingsenor bso car n, a inwaitmeg ga.
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hthiseeas b cn "ar lose."look [ cheers and applause ] wel 'ligbe racht bthk wie mor e "latt.nigh" ee[ chndrs ala app]use e atbldirae aremng,ents t we wanntinvaledae's y e to bbievery ert as p fect y asou do.
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de mo trateveo serore c hn'sasdise te is,oughbu vet i'ag maned. ce exhapt tnat ma mgingmpy sy tomsalwas wal i ins dog. whand fen ilyinald tol d myr,octo he d sairahumi f isduor alilts e ke m who thave oried mtheratedicions t bul stilriexpe tencesyhe msmpto of er modtoate er sevcre s ohn'asdisee. d an ithatinn cl sicalestudi, e thrimajof ty oenpationts ir huma w saifsignt icantosymplim reef. d an amanyvechiemid ren.ssio rahumi l can yowerabour yilit f to iighttinfecons, in includbeg tuosrculis. ouserioms, sesetimal fatfe innsctio c andrsance, in includmpg ly, homa haveenhapped; avas hooe blivd, laner, ned s rvouemsystbl proems, ri sealous iclergct rea, ions andornew se wor hning feartreailu.
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oull yctr dof or iveyou'n bee a toreas erwhcee airtfun alngnf itiecsonar coe onmm, ifand 'v youd e hatb, he tipati as b,rore pone tfe innsctio, avor hu-e fl slikeomymptors es sor. do stn't huart imirau f yo havenfan ionecti. as urk yotr gaseroentisologabt huout .mira wi umth h rira,siemisison si posble. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus]
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gh nievt," oderyby. , soouas y h mayheave ard re lycentah sarin palor endsed do tnald'srumpsi preiadentl mp ca.aign d anknyou thow, lingsthike is re gallye et mhito tg.nkin m i'ingettldg' onder aom simetes i alookd rouni and t don' even re izcogne e thd worllii'm ving in. li [ laght erught ] in thregs ang chaeving ayeryd and no wat alorys f b ther.ette ug[ la ]hter an 'sd ite timakto tmoe a ment t toabalk hoout inw thergs we st juit a be morlesimpk bacin aymy d. [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setk bacy in mday sa parah walin esn'tsindorng do tnald.rump sa parah walin dos eng rsin jo cchn manain end th w sheas en indorsbog nobedy, e caus ybeverreody edalizt tha do enenrsemomt frah sarin pal t meantipolisucal e.icid li [ laght erught ] ma itybe ll stis. doe e maybtiit soell ds. [ htlauger ] ee[ chndrs ala app]use ck bamy in d dayd onalp trum
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me nsxica m andmsusli o oute f th un co htry,s e waatthreg eninto ck kiy gary buseomand a arosout heof trd li [ laght erught ] n' isatt thht rigst, ruy? [ badog g rkin] ug[ la ]hter , noreyou'ed fir! ha ha-ha--ha! la [ erught ] ba n ck iaymy d d, wet idn'eat mivita tnts,inhe mavt fl ored ca vindy nstami. ck ban the awhen w mand antehis da doily f se omivitae ns hgot 'e e m thfaold n shio fway,a rom fr fluit edavormy gum. la [ erught ] a got owyell. ug[ la ]hter di cdn't oountm n 'e' bein this y,chewty rus. ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] n i ca 'feelorem w akin'dylrea, y.budd iback dn myblay, rdizzadns di't ve haes name liks,jonaju we st
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g a bipaol' n in iasthe s. thand ayat w k then id i your as clmes nanad jodns diav't he to teget fasedheor tt nexhsmont by er oths kidn'sayiha, "tnks r foricovey n' ms dad'wicar th ow sn d, yaeaickhd." ug[ la ]hter ba n ck iaymy dny, kasne wa't ab toout ea reln se am albuedcall av "w pes",siromit ng ie to bthe st beum albal of mel ti. w healas c tlin'alhat bum sh"swid " anispromiting be to th ste beum albal of mel ti. gh[ liugt la ]hter an fod behare t wt heonas gna icallo t "s mhelpd.e go" maand goybe lld wip hel--him apickle tit s and wtickitith . [ t lighhtlauger ] ye .ezus [ htlauger ] l stilsogot umme gn my oofone t my.eeth la [ erught ] ck bamy in p daye eopl'tdidn go zi ' ppinndarouho on oaverbrds. y popp!cock wtheyzient ' ppinndarou on ro blller.ades an osd thlke fo rs onrbolles lade
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juyou isst wthhed idey d. la [ erught ] do [ rkg ba]ing , nocayou han't gve a!ummy ey thfo're opr pe.le li [ laght erught ] i sjustt aw i esaidumat gn my o cathe rd. la [ erught ] ca ron't m b 'ehiof tmes cody ld go. pl[ ap ]ause -back- la [ erught ] ck bamy in , dayonpeytni manng 'twasn o thet ldestequark rbacin e thueleagin face g thhepantrs in er supl bow50. w heheas tes oldart quacterbk in th age leacue fthin' ahe se awks upin swlerbo 48. [ t lighhtlauger ] an ad as i fandet ma h you appy eeto s it. l asasong y then'werervt sein' pa pans johyo at upur sower bl rt paecy, b -ause- p joapa hns
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la [ erught a anduspplae ] ck bamy in , dayouif yn' didt wa danna omte s aeonerenymo you 'tdidnt jusst"ghoem" th by ig ngnoriir thets tex. no ck, bamy in i dayu f yo'tdidn nn watea daeo somnyne a ymoreou ub dodoled ndwn a m youedarri em th. li [ laght erught ] we oure ypy hap? he o,ck n a but aftere whilyou otforgt whainhappevess elen ft ke li t andithen 't donng sti so ba ymd anore. [ htlauger ] do [ rkg ba]ing oh! th fanksrior b' nginacme bk er thuse, rty. i hawas avin'rd weien momt. li [ laght erught ] ba n ck iaymy dop, peerle w en't te g stinthout boe h ikmb le h norta.kore bano, n ck iaymy de , th only pbombe eopl tweren'esti w outas th " e "f.bomb it a wasf"ll "s thi"fand at" th an yd ifskou ait me was ee[ blinp ] opappre.riat la [ erught a anduspplae ] lo t ok aoime gn n' oonand . i s guestisomethmes rois gd uche
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heon tmp grue. gat [ htlauger ] th asis hn beek "bacy in m"day. we be'll ht rigk bacmofor re at "lghe nit." [ rschee a anduspplae ] let e thmentmoto syou.p no mit the les. th ge jeepherand ce roke awithil 730-me.e rang
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pa go ess perl 't doness, strl gir i he got tcoun dis ts ythatd ou nee it al's a bng aancict, gobut i ivt to ge pee thopleat why the -want - re bmoox. y anwordsr focritthe ics? wh iat can say?crit gtiesegonna n. ap[ ]plauseth at?!e wh ug[ la
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> selh: w bcometoack at "lghe nievt", oderyby. r out first gues vis afuery nny esactro s whknyou roow flmm fis ke liid "bridesmands" a it "perch p."fect tistarring f yday,anou c h seeer t inewhe ned comowy "hbe to ng sile." le tat's lke aook. ha>> w tt ishat? [ amscre ] o >>y h, mgod. inboilt.g ho ait'sllctuaaly reolly cd. >> ou yav hlte .rp >> m oh,d,y goo? i d ea>> yh. >> g tomitave me to s forure. , wait'swhatp. ltr on>> lrmg-teat relhiionsp u yolyreald neeetto gt tha n take ocaref. w >>dohat m youean? i eybarle havhaany ir. t'>> ikes li d youedroppr you . it uli coked maad dres lock with nd ba. at thks looe likola whlle ba of ifpetrcuied frrly ies. 's ite likalgand sf isngtari gh ri mt ate. enno phais sasll ps! la [ erught ]
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ow shel rebso wiln. ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: set a howoure y? i >>re'm gat. >> h: sets it'onso wulderf to ha ouve ye. her o >>t'h, i fs my tirstonime the .show exi'm d.cite et>> s'mh: iy verteexci d as .well ee[ chndrs ala app]use fi lm. d any earlhein tm. fil m->> mhmm. >> h: set'r you te onanhe dce r,floor youaccharister th on e nc daooe flr -- >> h. yea s >> aeth:ound yt jus agrab guy an ard stkit mautng oh withim. >> hu uh-h. sh lie's fke aiounct ning co alc.holi >> h: sethu uh-h. nd>> a p sheesartiup it th in e cl ub. d anneso oou of oor sh dtingays wa kes lit jusitme w0 h 30asextr a ine hug jclubdaust g ncinfor d an tthenirhe dr,ectos he' angerm's, hee lik-- ge [ armant ccen] eb "ri el, ywanto ou t skissome
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gh[ liugt la ]hter thbut heen tic chos e wa like h whicone? s >> aeth:hend t 3re's00. >> . yes so as an ansistret di cctor omes t ouheand ik's loke, "ifay, yo anoene d wsn'ttoant s kis be relsl wigoon, th to idat se of th ome ro." la [ erught ] s >> oeth:o.h, n nl>> ofey a ntw we. s >> oeth: tkay,s hat'.good >> n theut-- bn theka-- oy. it r wasy eallrrembangassi, be e caus tthenmahey e de mdepara ou arhend til ava mableanen, d i d hahoto ca ose fuhand kl toiss in io varceus snes. et>> shah: ta t's oflot es pr osureu.n yo ea>> y kh, i bnow,seecauy the wknows hat'enhapping. , likejui'm alst w aking, long , likeenpret ldingi'ike t m no instar tg athem. d anayanyw o, sof ne oguthe ys i edpick t wasafhis n-ricaicameran y. gu ju i host t hughtoke loiked le a re gallydaood .ncer et>> seph: y. >> t, wait' that s not.righ t?is i ug[ la ]hter w heas. ashe w. d ant i goisto km s hihein t
1:04 am
en thth at d e enheof t, dayhe ca p me ue,to mt jusrebefoas i w g goin mintoaiy tr aler,e nd h sa "rid, , ebelnti wa t youowo kn at th c youinhoos og mef ut oall th guose adys m le my"ife. et>> shah: tfat's tintasc. >> h, yeano i kw. d ans i wa -like l- at heaste 'tdidnho go ndme a " go,myoh, d, goss guet whad i hao to d y.toda" la [ erught ] >> h: set, now opartisf thm fil s takee plac lat airaw fm. u yoa are erlawy. yo ntu wela to how scol. >> h. yea le git. >> h: setit leg. ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> ot i lpe of tople -hink- an thks. t a loeoof plople t ok andme a in thm k i'idstup. t bui no, uagradfrted om a ho schaol tkit's f nd o tlikehe rv haofard tr aus.alia >> h: set y buterou wsoe al -- wh yoile reu wela in how scol, yo reu weo alsctan a wressasho w on ev teln.isio y soadou he someedegrfa of me wh ouen ye werawat loo schl. s? ye y >> beah,ouy abe t thndseco iyear a wasdylreaau on listraan . tv an wad i mos faorus fyi plang th anis grlg gi w whoikas le a re anal gr.gste ke liah, yeah, yeba, i llsh a the he otngr gaeas, yh. [ htlauger ] thand eoen pwople seuld ae met w laolschot , butri'd y to
1:05 am
d i' gweareslass t ando ry t it wrtee nod s anf.stuf pe wople bouldkee lis , "i -that- hais t"t -- it ld wout jususconfe e th hell ofout pl peoe. 'rtheykee liow, "h s didethe g h inere? slikednhoulom't sy ebod hkicker t? ou" i but uagradted. adi grd uate00in 29. >> h: setre the g youo. y >>eah. ve i'er nevct pra licedike de edfend r anycreal alimins. s >> ueth:h.h-hu thyou yoink ulu cohod, tugh. >> ee i fkel lico it beuld al reunly ff ny id.i di [ htlauger ] et>> s th: i -hinkah- yee , th fmores amougeyou het, te mor to inou a comrtroa as real erlawy. y >>eah. usbecafee i ikll loue, yw, kno i ul coked maes jok. e th wjury rouldy eall mlikee. uli cot d geodanybf,y of i th >> h: seth yeae therel-- wl. , lookheif te tims come iwhen ed neef a d lenser awyei who th isink er supny fun. [ htlauger ] no ww, itoant y askboou aut is th. t firsllof aan, thu k youcso mh. o >>kah, ohiy, t s is rrembangassi. et>> souh: y t setuphis . n >>'mow ire regg ttinkiit, nd . of et>> silh: w'sl itr yout firs sheadhot. >> , yesirmy fctst aheing ad sh ot. >> h: set i andsh -- woulde sc de iriberst fi st ord houli ow shfi it rst?
1:06 am
s >> aeth:igll r'cht, iause ve haot a lfo of -ullowp es qus.tion ka>> oeay, yh. la [ erught ] >> h: setel reb! weyou o nt thathe d rvarof au listrad a anthyou t ough this okwas ay? ee[ chndrs ala app]use k>> inow. , like, okay'mso ie likr 18 o h 19ere. et>> sh-h: uhuh. ol>> h adingtb sofmiall tt. >> h: seth. yea a >>usnd j ct inyoase dnu di't ow knas i wrt spo sy, aaloftbl. doum, knn't haow what's inppeng mwithray feirl ha. et>> seah: yh. [ t lighhtlauger ] >> a i'mwelso g arinwothe s rld' in th gnestchold ain. s >> yeth: beah,y arels showup. >> be mayt' thaaus 'cikse loue, y kn maow, i ybe d coullabe cssy. >> h: set n i'musot jr t fo basoftll. ut>> bt jusouso yw, kno my ga erngsttt gheoto roe's, wotve g grthe tiaffith in cke bandgrou. li [ laght erught ] >> h: seth, yeare theo 's s-- th s ere'ucso minh go ag onnd th s ere'ewso fin actrtg pas wh there oris wks. [ htlauger ] i >>w. kno s >> yeth:eah. >> e, likt whai was tiaudig onin for? li rke at ebooleof " oaguef ei thn"r ow? li [ laght erught ]
1:07 am
a smoret treegu"lea te of heir "own. ea>> yh. ah ye. whand fen i sirsti aid was a gonnmebecoac an s,trese lik dynoboug thohaht t wt it ould hevern.appe d aninlook tg athehat hoad st, , liked woulthyou think irat gl wo geuld ret hid? et>> seah: yh. o.>> n [ htlauger ] >> h: set. yes 's ital usunely oth of those ings wh noere bbodyveelie md ind e an ovi prheed tonm wrg. t bu ithiscas a hese woure y alookist th y ando,ou gbo "nody li be ieved an meignd rheht ty re we." [ htlauger ] >> h. yea >> h: sethi i tt'nk ie s th y crazt'-- iazs crw y noooto lk ba hack that i ucve sedceeded bas y on my earlsidecionons ea a hd ot sh. yobut t u ou igrewryt vel. wel racongtitulaonons t. tha h,>> ol welksthan. i lfeeli'ike owm grining y to m s.look s >> yeth:eah. >> ch whiwe is 'ird,e caus most lepeop t are hheirstotteag at e . 18 s >> yeth:eah. b >>owut ne lik-- >> h: sethi i tyonk, owu knu , yo ogrewf ut oglthe ove. th elat hps. >> h, yeah. yea gh[ liugt la ]hter li puke, att thon to dee si. i begot atterdet mo alinglls we awithge. et>> seah: yheh, t nre's lot aot in goghg rit -- la [ erught ] en eve like -- wn'haveent ev lk taboed aheut ttu posre. u' yoorre s lt ofleike g anin
1:08 am
ir>> h, e mectdireors. [ htlauger ] ah ye. >> h: set, nowiecrazanr thng bei awin loo schenl wh w youonere vitele, sionhayou jod a b rk woining ov a mheie t.ater d>> iyeid, s. iwhen i was vn myfiery rst au listrailan f sm, i wtilld orke heat tie movem cina. ca beituse m wassuy caobal j wh wen it as aegcolle. d aneoso pwople seuld ie men th vie mo ie --cat's "lledfat pi "zza. re uaal q flityilm. gh[ liugt la ]hter d an pwhene eopl lwerengeavi the ci , nemabei'd re thedi holheng t as trg,h bath so ouey cutld p ei thpcr poanorn dad so in. i'and ld be "ike, whey,'teren u yohain tvit moe?" [ htlauger ] i'and ld be "ike,."yeah la [ erught ] w it- as -eka weer latad i h to qu it. >> h: seth. yea ut>> bov i lheed t. job be e causgoyou t yoall-ulu-cot d-eaorpopcodn, sa d any gumms.bear et>> sumh: geamy brs. w nod a ba osidee f th ijob, ul woagd im--ine on i dno't kw iwhatlit's n ke iraaustlia. th wiere e ll bagteenwiers ll
1:09 am
es>> y. >> h: sety the uwillhese tk dar e spactwfor uro hor s fo.that nd>> awa it js myo ob t bust .them et>> skah: ohay, wd t di that ilenta? ou>> y't dont wankysticff stu s on.eats li ouke y't don. s >> oeth:o h, sguyou o ys ga t lohefart tr inache b -k of- la [ erught ] w >> yell,noou katw whna teegers ar kee li. s >> yeth:eah. nd>> ah, yead we' ucomethp wi ou asr flhthlig js anliust ke tbustinhem ir thee. fac bwe'dkee lito, "satp th." an td ifdihey , dn't swe'dit ne o xt t.them ug[ la ]hter r forethe f st omothe vie. i but exwas encell bt atngusti te erenagsps, elleciaeny te aged boys. an wod i aluld usso bemt th if tthey triedino brt g ho food tintoinhe cema. et>> sh-h: uhuh. >> av i hree a eallylexcelnt se ofnse ll sme. li [ laght erught ] et>> sh h: owow. a >>'mnd ie lik-- sn [ ]iffs ha "we t arcayou ngrryi? is kf it -pc 12 niecetsugge?" [ htlauger ] d ans i waysalwaht rig. wa i sts jugo so t od actdeteing. en th m i'dthake - em -'dthey ve haea to eit tht r ho food idoutsfoe be'dre i t letinhem to e thesmovi. >> h: setem i rr embe once viha -ngi - ugbo shte omodfo
1:10 am
fothe n.od i ey thgh cau.t me i and thdid eiis whird theng wre to i sok a.tand s i wa, likes "thio is s!"dumb an jud i adst hsi to ert thd e an ilangrt y eamba har.urge [ t lighhtlauger ] ke li c, "i ban'tveelieyo -- u ou she ld bmeasha yd ofeloursf." thand y e guliwas "ike, 't don blike heingeiere , thery.budd doyou han't o ve t be a hedickad." we coll, tungraonlati ts onhe fi lm. >> nk tha. you et>> shah: tounk ymu so ch. th s is i fyour tirstime. ea plomse ccke bain agan. soo >> t aw,s hankhafor mvinge. [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setel rebso wiln, ev oderyby. ow "hbe to gl sinpee" on ns i tethean rs oayfrid. 'l we bl bewiack orth mate "le gh nit." e therisshe .
1:11 am
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1:12 am
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et>> selh: w bcome ack, pl , ease igive ft upheor t b 8govand heer tre. [ eech ars andlappe us] , alsorewe ay verteexcid, si g ttinn in os drum wthiseek wi urth od, bans he'ermemb of grthe baeat asnd bered h e in w ne cyork fity,tvrom th on e o,radiee jalntl bus on ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] yo n u cah catceljaleyi plang ev moery nnday aightiot unoln po roin bn okly rwitheneverncd vie thand vee loir cho. th yoank mu sofouch inr bereg he eljale. lo g okinarforw td tohehe tk. wee t>>nkhaou yer vmuy .ch s >> oeth:exur nest gu at isn co acshmpliired dr ectoanand aemmyolnd gglden noobe-teminad to acu r yo fknowhirom s po yartra kl of aevind rnolon "t onhe wyeder "ars. c henturretaly sg rrinthin "e degrinhir" wirch aess tuday tsnighfo on x. etso lkes taoo a lk. om>> sesetiman, de f, it eels like hayou tve ancende by to tringhe atdramfrics ouom y sr tvinhow to rethe oral wld. >> mp exa-le - ur>> se. um en, wh s youtuay sikff le,
1:15 am
erev. i >>w kno athat hboutanim, d i lo i thand gat's freat tor av ar chr.acte ob prislem r, inlieal fe, la s wyerlesettlo, a t. >> i nothaf i nyve a i say.n it ka>> orey, gxaat e.mple heanote.r on gr lieat fone, ker liha, a rd se nola tv .wyer dobut otes ne havaca plree he. b>> wutt ha hifdie d? >> h: setas plelce wetoome the , show sfrede.avag ch[ rseend app ausla]e s >> ieth:o 'm sy happavto he u 'm>> iy verteexci bd toree he. s >> ceth:atongrioulatn ns othe sh ow. >> nk tha. you et>> st'h: ichs suun a fw. sho erwe wlke tabaing agckste ca be--use hi i thank ts t waa od gop, cliau bect se is showsort of - - th s is irya vean strhoge sw. nit'shaot wu t yoctexpe o,>> ns it' okindatf wh the
1:16 am
it hi's teas idt thay a gus who' al renlly oowy knlln hod ywooand in be tg oniselev hion,hois sw ni fi.shes totry d learma noifal le. b ro alowe and irore bs,ther wh iich,w knos makel totae.sens gh[ liugt la ]hter an o d, stri'm tyinghoo scimol h owon hbe to or a nhumal man be ing. , soknyou itow, bo's aut br rsothe i andabt's faout .mily t buheat te sam wtime e're tr tyingndo kisa of zetiri and ew skeler ctyebri t andhe en aitertt nmennebusindss a le teonvisi r andy eallyteverhing th eeat ks ps uoyempled. s >> yeth:es. >> ch whind sous tecounuirint, tiveitbut 's al reunly fdo to . s >> yeth:uyou ge s arasfanttic to ergeth. b ro ilowe gs soatood ng bei me sowhone ayo plats th ar chr,acte >> fr is noom a pthert.lane et>> seah: yh. >> h, yeah. yea et>> se h: hn'doesemt seik l--e dhesnoe s'tm ee hlikeule wod er evin be se boiah, ido. n >>d o aninhangt g ou rwithob, he he's tes nicest, bwet, st etes guy. >> h: settr he isuly . >> ea i rlolly anve h ogingut wi imth h. evand onery n ce iila whm e i' , like m"oh,d,y goan he d i co beuld e likbethe - st -why do wen't go hanllut a t the"ime? et>> seah: yh. >> t andhehen sa'll iny thgs li "oke, wh, it as aerdinnh wit etgwyn -h or-"
1:17 am
yo stu just exith in oris wld, th cat i nould beverpae a f.rt o >> h: setry evehaone urd yoa ide weof, ul shongd ha w outith ro web loe. mor 'sthat t notarhe hrtd pain comg w upthith arat p it oft. >> ry eve i dayik'm lohe, " , my god. wh eny are 't werbetten frids?" la [ erught ] s >> neth:i ow, ando w at tosk is th -- >> w why yon'tetou rmyurn ll cas? 's itll reakwy award. e i seinhim m thengorni. m i', likeal"i cyoled l u al t.nigh wa i xts teyoing u. t isathe b dtery"ead? wso i gouldimet hrg chaers. >> h: setll stihi notng. >> st no noill g.thin s >> heth:ftow oo en dlepeop ask yo yu ifshour "tow, rihe g",nder anhas nny coonectido to h wit gathe oky hoppup ain, grdr? [ htlaugnder ala app]use ofhow doten haes tppt haen? >> t jusrithe amght oountf me tis. s >> jeth:thust ghe riout amnt of in timg. [ htlauger ] >> h, yeah. yea tjustighe rmoht aunt. et>> seah: yh. u >>o h, n-- et>> sy h: bwathe hey, ts re i-- th wihein t c gayniommui ty, meassuy thed woulikbe lohe, ", g myod. yo ouu sheeld s l robonowe ri 'g'.nder" thand e ey'r, like m"oh,d!y go whe's"hat? [ htlauger ] w>> itoant e comitup w h an sapp, co we bouldike, lkae, oy. if 'r youthe wi00in 5t feeof ro anb, c h youseave thx wi, him ouif y -- >> h: setyo if tcu wah "t rihe g."nder y >>eah.
1:18 am
ig nehohborod. awhatoure yth in ode mo? for hlikente wa ds tonno dier. >> h: set w and tould bheree y an-- y anssacceyo to tu onaphis p? >> a oh,utbsolely. i d woulnddema it. i d woulnddema y it,eah. i d woulnddemat. tha et>> shih: t -s is- >> i bute lov ythatskou aed. th eaat rmelly a ans tolot me. >> h: setnk tha. you r>> iy eallecappr tiatehat. tjustthhat s ere'reintest. s >> yeth: eeah,lyxact. guyou hoys sdeuld tefinily ldshouso do rome pmos. u yoioment--ned l robisowe so nd ha.some es>> y. s >> yeth:avou hene beng usi b ro'slowen ski pcarectrodus? >> ro so web lo - haslo- i owve h m i'incallm g hi l"rob"owe. aumy dr,ghte's whoas 7, meked woncerohat web loas's lmet na s, waau bece se w cjusthiall m b ro.lowe s >> reth:owob lrfe peect. >> h. yea e so ha has cskinliare ndne a aihe sohd, " y, doanou wmet so?" ke lih,, "ah. yea" ilikeb f ro ilowekes li u, "ise is thmy on e. fac oudo yt wan?"some sayou oky, "ay." >> h: seth. yea >> d you qon'tiouestn. s >> aeth:o nd du yoelfeik le it ee's bkin ma dng areiffence?
1:19 am
loyou etok bter. ka>> oy. is thbe is iforert staored wking s >> yeth:eah. a lelittas grey. l >>ovook erer he. >> fe pern.ctio et>> sooh: l tk at phat,cterfe. l >>atook t. tha et>> seah: rnilly dcelyone. >> h. yea i son, meath if s is i ywhatou ge ust, jtet affer a ntw moi hs, lfeeli'ike am ond roa to a lyrealat grece pla. li [ laght erught ] s >> yeth:eah. >> h, yeah. yea et>> shih: ts s waysalwayo -- ur ca areerasrc win so stteretoing ecme b, auseouobviwesly all kn ouew ym fro w"ther ondes"year thand ouen yua actstlly d arte ctdireteing silevion? >> id i dah, ye. >> h: set w andhaas tmet sog thin bevene y thofend he "tde wonarr yeass" wet somhing yo reu wenk thiabing doout ing? s >> ad a kiwai alanys w--ted t inache b mk ofndy milw i aays wa tnted ao beec dirtor. i d love-- en ev"t on onhe wyeder , ars"i ve loe d thanmechofics the racame h andt ow iedwork. i cowas ntnstaidly fg dlin with ndit ain tak ag it.part uli wot d ge lin af ot o tr e oubl-- >> h: seth, yeaas i wna gon. say i >> j wasinust sttereed. th aen ilolso thved t e art.of i y whdione orrectld wouot sho a sc onene y e wausversth anoer re di wctor sould ihootott anher wa y. whand nfat id ormee thoscechois d anthhow chose s oice sftrand erre aintofe dif rent sc aene,fe dif frentr lavo of a en sc te onirhe a.
1:20 am
reinte istedatn th. so s it'thsomei ing ysalwa nt wao ed tdo. an end ther aftle col kge iofind w threlfmyseo intndit aed tri . it et>> sndh: a'v younee dofo it r lo a imng tnce siene thgh, rit? y >>eah. i no, tmeans hat' iwhatbe've en do eving iner sthce "ine gr der" acame.long at thha's wvet i'n beeg,doin was re dig.ctin d anasit wu , yo -knowke- li i sa i id, ysalwate wan dd to o it itand rt staered vowy slly. ve odry my.estl ke lius i jnit fi cshedgeolle. m i', like, okaynti wabe to a di orrect. w hooudo yth -- s ere'owno h-to. wso i jouldliust atke wch te silevion. d ane thera was tshowi hat d love rthaty eall mmadeuge lah an lid i llterasty jute wron dow nathe f me oprthe tioducon co y mpanr afteshthe ndow a ll caheed tm. li "hke, caey, con i anme ht?g ou liand atke wouch ys guy?"film >> h: set t so,ishis s thed econ ytimee ou'v sdonehiometng th rat'sy eallpycree and kestalovr-y heer trs cou -e of- la [ erught ] , lookdiwho u d yo?call swhathow? >> wa it ves "eevn st"ens. la [ erught ] lo i evve "teen s"!vens s >> yeth: aeah,igll rht. >> wa it eas grt! soand un i ht g ou lfor, ike, s.week a i'm pycree. guy >> h: seth, yeabe mayit a ltle. >> . ooh y bo--
1:21 am
lepeopte wan, d meuli wo dn't imake tt tochhis air. >> h: setre the g youo. u yoa gott-- y >>noou kw? u yo tbeatoohe dowrs dn. >> et s yh: bout eae thordos wn do. >> d yout idn'meask be to e. her ug[ la ]hter ! no sii in!sted d an ihere a am,cameri! ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: sete hers.he i weand ha're yoppy hu'reere. w no-- on>> dai't wr t foneanyoas to k. ju akst m he itn.appe >> h: sett jus imakeppt haen. we 't cant waiouto ye hav as a gu onest te "laht nig." w noobyou slviouy, he "tde wonarr yea s", tshowhat an me mt sotouch ma so eony pple. is st it soill inmethatg th you ar hem frolepeop t allimhe te? ou>> ywm knoea i r--lly ee i fl ke liea i rlully ockedn ut ithat ev taen sg rtin las ae ittl ikid, edplayse thets part thalepeop el feon a cionect.n to s >> seth:ure. a >>hend w ithers t wangacti as una yod g kihion tlings ke w"ther ondes"yearev or en "t rihe ps ncese.brid" d ortiirechong sikws le t' "iwas alunys sn ny i ph elilad",phia"p or darty own" or ng doiff stuer latli in n fe o g"theerrindop" peusle jt -- th eeey ft'l, iwas alunys fny. t?righ et>> sesh: y. la [ erught ] 's itd. goo t'>> iwas alunys fny.
1:22 am
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1:23 am
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1:28 am
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1:29 am
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1:30 am
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1:31 am
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