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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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thousands fromhe t ir meho. to ghninbt wsc nees tak u yo ttohe srcoueor f eanluxcvesiie vw. and super bowl cu se.rity we take you inside the enormous operation to ecprotet thig b game in he t air, oaabrd bl awackhonks, the ndlaan, d a st.ea ig"nlyhtew n bs"inegs ghrinot w. >> ou ann: ncer nfrombc ne orws wld he aradqu itersw n ne rk yohi, ts isc "nb tlnighwsy neth" wi le sterltho. go veod e.ning 's itat debe night. ll hiclary n intoand rn beanie s idersn ei thrsr fit on-oe-onne ba deuste jvet fis day rebefo t nheew ha irmpshime prary. it es coms a ara bnd ne nbw cew nswa "ll st jreetalournri" mas ll pows sholi c nton mwithiles ofro g und l stilakto me up. of58% el lik y crdemo vaticsotern i w neshhamparire e ba gckin ndsaers,he t se r nato from-dnextoor vermont. clintowin 8%th 3. at thir's vlytual anunchfrged om aee w k o. ag soand on t fightrom in cl aton,ng chae of ne to and air dect ch ngallee to srsande
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ma ontlestf mo og privresse. t' let s gevithe ew fr otom bmph cas, ar st wtingith nbc's eaandr an idreaalniti. r >>teeporoor: gd en ev ling,r.este onnot s ly ioiit gng in hito t dseebat dsoe r ouponew holl s twhat iebernde sanrs is ea ahd ofil h lary toclinren he inew n ha irmpshute, bha he s sl a ightea ld angmo mewoann ad gntia ldea thwiou yng people. as hillary clinton prepar fesor tot'nighs doshowhewn, p r to ta ,rgetch rea yingoung vo atersnd mewon. r ou new nbcew ns poll sh clows nintoos l ing yothe vouth ote t sa sndery b a. enamwog nme s theilras by ou fanr d forou yng wo men by 29. i>>il wlta sndp und a ghfifot yor euryve mpcagnai. >> ep rteor sr:wiho ng r heftso, ermore reecfltiveid sne i new mp hae.shir rea ramp glise last gh nit. i >>ha've od t ben i icpublli deangit wh
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esissud , anonpersal is .sues ep>> rr:orteea revling sh eel ries on aes juit ra pable. >> gr be ulatef for your talimis.tion ep>> rr:orte a shelso edtout her pesrogrsive cr tiedenals. >> m i aaro psigresve wh tso gesu re alts,nd lli wia be reprogss pr enesido t whgets ltresus. r >>teeporutr: bs it' heanotmmr cothent at co stuld wiick erth h. ru stnggglian to swer shwhy oke to 607- - 75 $6 i,000uln pa re stet banks. he esr tiwa to ll st areetst conapt attack line from bernie sande arsnd su o re t ucomep to t.nigh an drea melitchbcl, n news. co ernsid k i'masie nt huh witthean sders aicampragn, ngllyi the oo trefps bhiore s rs fit on-oe-onne de wbatehiith y llar toclinn. i >>k loondarouhi t s tibeauful ,roomnd a i e senspethe hopleere wa o nt tmake a lipocatirel luvoonti. am ig i rboht aut atth? [ eechndrs a auapplse ] >> ep rteorr: tonight peex bctniersae ernds to nc oage n aigoft aer
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tiqueson. wh tho's ose mt pr ssogree?iv >> do you think ll hiclary n into is a pr ssogreive? >> e som,days r >>teeporisr: h mp ca taigngakin to tw r,ittehl higinightg r heorsuppr t fothe wa trll sbaeet t,ilou e thiopatrt,t ac and irthe araq w. >> thero pgressive mm coy unitprwas etty edunit in sg ayintdon' enlist to shbu. r >>teeporeyr: k for ersandnis to ght, hireacldng ooter vers. a rimajofty o new shhampvoire otersver b 60haack .dn't lshe anoo ho r an ad ntvae agonamg independents, leading cl toinbyn 3 4 inpo.ts sa s'ndersa mess ge i adalrey hitting home for unyopeg leopli, ke th esede stuatnts the un siiverty ofew n mp hae.shir r >>teeporanr: mgagin ex atpect iionss ot ancoher n ncerfor sa s.nder she'sro faad ahe ri ghtow nt tha if hi y llartoclinesn do na mao ge te closthat p, gaco it stuld beill pr a m oblehifor vem en eif hom ces in first. erlest. k >>, asiek thanyou.
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k chuc,todd n nbcews li pol ticactdirendor a mo toderafr o " tmeethe es prs." he is -mcoatodering ghtonidet's atmocric ba dente o c.msnb k,chucde sanasrs w ng losi cond derethe on frnnt-run er i this hanew irmpshcee ra. es dot thatakeny a pr reessu s offtaecrery in clinton s thi ma p tchughtonit? y >>noou k dw, ion't k thinits doey onl be e causheof tnt clion ad trnitioe hern i new ha irmpshe. w neshhamphaire ens be gverytoood the cl n intolyfami, saved bi lill c'snton nd cayidac in .1992 klfrany ited sav hi y llartoclinn's ca acndiddy anpe held ex tendha tact re in 08 20. i so't donhi tnk ce neilssary it buys tiher bume, ist th de ibatemis cotng a a wtimethhen e two of em th areav hing a real de abateboutha wt ou shheld t draemoc tic y partbe? be en? is th it rte pa y of a obamcland n?into oeor d ns it teedoo g be srniersande and rlclea ay an ormyf orsupp wterstoant ke ta it? ch mu. ni tos ght'c msnb crdemo daticeebat ck kif s of fliverom unthe siiverf ty onew ha irmpshe,
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an rdlachedo madwt a e9:00rnaste time. >> ot> anneher wol pl ow shrcs mabio ruo ap leoving er trued cz in newshhampire. bu t ass nbc'iehall ck jason tells us, biruso' aerdvessari piare oling tn tory an opd st his rise. >>ep rr:orteh wit memoumntn iw ne shhamp mire, rarcoubio is in hopr g foota pho fi , nishindrawgwd cros e inveryho s ats re icpublanal rivaks te ei thrs. >> nk tha g youfouys r g ep>> rr:orte n theew attacks sparked by th slis ip. en indorsbig ruuto b se g emintrto se uggl when asked why. c >>ouan yam ns e hi actop licompntshme? m >>yee f olingn marco is om seone who has tr doemenus tepol,ntia em trusendots gif. y ifooou lk at being a mi tynori inhe t udnite esstatat sen ae in year where nothing -- fo eaur y wrshere th nogoing net do , i s gues hit'stoard say therare e coaclimpmeshs.nt >> or repter:io rub's es bltahmist en mp cooretitsps dee erat aito goun grn nd inew
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abeendroun his own am onbitinds, as he' edgift. c heuran tphn a rase lyreall, wel w buthat ha ds heone? he>> tt facs ihi tss i a guy who's only done e ong thinhein t it untaed ssetes .nate wthatrias wnte a ne amstyl bilfor le ilgal grimmi.ants ep>> rr:orte the idflornaa sepotor ints to w hisreork informg th a.e v.nd aht figing hu man trafficicing.ngkitrafficking. >> reporter: rubio yitr tngsto aaybove th eeabstshlintme fray, and so is jnoh ka chsica, aimpingnatg nccod orghhich sl.oo >> y areheou t es prt?iden a>> im. d >>ouid y a run ga ne tivempcaaign? w >>n'ouldtt i be gr ifeat c youould run r foidpresjuent st li ouke y runor fla css pr enesidert whue yo tjustellpl peoe what u' yoorre fns iadtef o enspngdiou ytir me astrnghi somebody ?else ep>> rr:orte but donald trump is as tr ehingonverye se ella, sg mminall po cilitiinans catypitrlly ump fa n.shio w>> ioias gong t say th e ey'r ofullf bl [ ],eep i but't won say .that >> or rep wter: hile p truml stils lead in hanew irmpshebe, j
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tboosit whom sep hel fr isom hm. mo arbarbsha bul wilbe he inre y,derrhe t t firstimein scee thartwo e arappetoing ergeth on th mpe ca aignaitrl. > >>aor fmerg dru co y mpanceo s who ome chaved allemothe st d hateinman ri ameca okprov led afot o ge an cr onolapitl hil y.toda inmartre shklief rused to ti teseffy bore me s mber cofesongrs d an lthenater in edsultm. the ne anmp thohason es th ildetas. r >>teeporr: arippeang s to -mirk- a >>oure y stlig?enin r >>teepor- r: -and of ten inntatteive. >> yes. r >>teeporr: mapharicceutaral mtin sh i kreld liveoup t hi s d-baboyep rioutatn pe apg arinrebefo congress. >> i intendo t use the ad oviceyf m col,unse not yours. ep>> rr:ortein pos g pifor escturte insad of stlig.enin >> i nt'sot y,funn mr. elshkri. op perele a indyg. an eyd thge're gttin si ercknd a sierck. r>>orepr:tehk slire indeclo ed teransw why th mpe coheany e onc raled tisesrihe p ce of a lsaife-vingg dru
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d >>u o yothink'v youe ne doth anywring ong? n >> otheic advfe o un co isel, ienvok my h fiftdmamenent pr egivile. r >>teeporndr: uer federal indictment for launreseted ticuries aufr td,he 32-year-old shkreli usually lesov totalk. >> i'm fmro the st etre. >> or rep bter:odut tay l heiset h anettory ea spr k fohim. >> e somhaof wut yo w sawasvo nerusne ergy by aniv indlidua who mverywouch liuld ke to la exphain wt ha edppen. r >>teeporear: l ving otthe drher omug cpany utexec tivesaco fe rifus i>>in f idt reivpulse ywhate ou'v.done >> or rep vter:ntalia de unrer fi j forngacki upri pces onwo t heart me nedicid s anr othe ewelllistabshed ug drs. w >> where me'veade akmistwees, 're enlist aing,e'nd wre gichanng. >> or rep ter: rmdete tinedveo ha the la orst whkd, s reli to toktwo teitr, ca inllthg e co rengmessn imbeciles. no po agyloro fm aan m who once ran a cpaomny with theot ptien talo save lives. ne anmp tho nson,bc ,news newrkyo.
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ka zius vire havled fl a oridxpto eandts i e statmeof ecyrgen to ve cover fi uncoesti. vego rrnorscick ott sa hays tet th2 1scase di erscoved inlo frida e arsoal foinslk tsoueid the u..s theea trems a out in rcfoine ou s fthriloda sp yira fng torhe mo tosquisha tcat y rr ka zi. ot scsot al issk aing e thcdcor fap rida zik testtski. we n turto the war in syria andew n drone o videthatho s tws he teutr devastation in th cie wtyrehe 1 llmin iooppe lleediv be refohe tar w. today the u.s. pledged andd aioitlna 00$6il monlio tdai refugees while those wh ano c't get out face gr gowin draespe.tion itheydencluse tho in a otowndeutsi ma da wscus thereedhe r s cros isayst is close to gngettiid a to. ot foweage ob've edtain sh soows meta sngrtli d anurdistbingai detl wh eoat pthple arere e ci fang. he sre i ourhi cef foreigcon porrest nden arrichd geenl. >> or repter:s thi
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be ing teexatrmined. th aat's syrian government helicopter dropping barrelsul fl of eloxpvesions ato rmfa bew,lo kngilli ca lolct atsivis say, e onpe.rson y,dann the aivcttis who took this video, to ulds bombsne raid do upwn, to0 3times a y. da enhe sst uno ather vi deo of mmmohaed, a ln mashouried 11 r--yeadol whose erfaths saye' hs too we o ak t.walk y dann tsays hese osvide ahere ty onl g thinanhe cfo do r hi pes leop. >> e we seemthnd ae w n'cadot ny ag thinfor th em. th reey ang dyi in fr ofont our .eyes >> reporter: the government cut them off as punishment for its resistance. sy anripp oitosn io rcfo aesreng doi the sa tmehing to ve gontrnme sgtron ho lds. in m thee.iddl anso mufy sngferi lepeop. t >>sihis iotuatn, th is e,sieg cnuonties li hike trs fo aee wk or s. les nd hu oredsfpl peoe
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an ind udclgin me. yb mau e yot won'see me an e.ymor ep>> rteor tr:here's no er powhe eitr, so nn daoky sp ue to s by lithe ofght ama sll la sower-polared mp. >> n whethwas ste la me ti a youte so inmethg? i >>s t waeryestday. i sohad me ol.ives >> some olesiv? an thd atas w ?it >> ha ttas w it. pe aoplere dyingn i si be cegedsitie all ou arnd syria, and no rbodybeememrs emth. dynoboes carut abo .them bonodyes triny agthin toto sp th,is this di r>>orepr:tehi w ichs wh nny dayis rked ev hierytng to take e thesesimag, so the rl woard hes this ar5-ye c-oldgryin out erto hhe mothor, w has no ic med fine, oood,r lk mi to give. ri d chargeenl,bc n ws ne. h >>blorriale reityf o olifeen thun grond i sy ria. >> t'> lesur tnow no t at th hugete mhane gas le haak tst haec affted th ndousas ofam fsilie a in a losesngel ig nehohborod. to t nighavwe he ex ivcluscee acsss a a
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aithe or t check on e c'nbsts eveat prste on swah wit him. >> over porrte ncrah. >> or rep iter: tt ishe co y'untrsis invible sa di.ster uma ple ofha metasne g amstreing into thet a mo phss sere. seene her ifrn in ared inpourt g ououof y a s gawellve abo the flafntueom cnimu otyf erportch ran. e thntamou ofet mhane ew spouing t is poimibss tlemeo urase fr tom gheunrod. hi>> t os isf ne o our esbiggakt les. so re we'e herto as meifure . r >>teeporo r: tthgaer the datayo, neu tedo fl yo int .it sc isient. t drhestepn nn colyeln in a peeslycial itoutfted e plantole colct uccrl iatada. nc sis e hiiainitl ig fln ht imbnoveer, nn co'sellya dat es tetimares mo than 20 ll0 mipoion oundsf th mehaane ouve pred t. ou 'sthatut abomu as ch nhgree gousemias etted by rl nealfy ha a iomillrsn ca each .year
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gg bionest ate thve we' en se. r >>teeporhar: tt realization in their a le d to 1 d00sayf o tahearonche the ou grnd. d davihiand sau dteghr ar e among,0 500 fa esmiliin livg in ortempary inhousg. >>ki walnng i the uncommevity oren f ve fite or n mesinut to wa y lk mdog, i dncoul't eabrthe. r >>teeporonr: cy nell tsaysathe r te ofhe me e thanhas si icgnifyantllo swed. ga spe temreratuancompfiy ofs cial thsay see rer rvoiwill be in dranded ape capd t byndhe eth of e nt moh. w >>e'reki worng lyreald har andel safy to p stos thiit sonuati an ind bremg th meho. >> ep rteor lr:tlite co ormffot far limies wa inittog o g heoms a th e iisnvleibhr ttea ha s nginhe t air. st eev ttpasoern,bc n ws neer, ovte porr ranch, califniora. >> st> l ileaahhed re tonight, protecting e thpesubor .wl fwe wlyh itethye es in the sky and go siinde the ferbi n ve ercent tasked with cu se tringighe bgest sp ngortint eveth of e ar ye. > >> talsohevi eedenc om frt thae planwith a bholelown into it
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ar onbod. > >>s it ithe bstigge or spvets ef nt othe ye anar, owd n the pe suwlr boal is neso o of theuncostry' la trgesec syurit op ioeratsns a s thean fr scanciy o baarea ts ge setho to hest t me gaze, dons ofaw l fo enenrcement ag cies geare garin up. onnatioral conrespdent mi agueluelmaghor sws us t howarhey e risecuheng ty cit by la , nda,se and air. >> or rep wter:h itremo than 1il monlieo pe pl
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fr cianosc for the r supe,bowl o thenly inthgig brgeha tnhe t ga me may be risecuty. th e fbi lngeadi 60 enci agn es othe ou gr, nd tin heair, d aneaat s. >> s thiyis b far the mo sstniigcafi nt cusetyrire pncsee we e 'vd ha aat enyntve t inayhe ba arefor su re. >> or rep wter:h it bomb-sniinffg gsdo, ca swr-piee-rng xay chmaesinnd aha srp teshoorsit posdione on toroofsups, llrveiance on he tro gd unisls ao key. the bay area is wired. cameras, high-tech sensors and video feeds are recording nd hu oredsfge imas ev seery ocondn st s reetjustik lhie ts one. an chd muth of at rv suaneillsce iei bng be ramed bightack into e th sis i the i'fb s ntcel rammcod an ntce, ererwhehe ty qu acarterbek thaw l fo ent rcemenblitz. b>> theuys ad ghave g toucet lonky ce. h wetoave getuc lky y everday. >> or rep tter:yehis ar r ais teamfacequ unie al ch.lenges le vi's stadi iums 45 s mileomfr san francisco.
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roadway for anything unusual. on game day, airspace will be restricted, but not for blackhawks like thesely fginn i ta emnd t,inakgar p itn an ia aerl btallen i wsyncboith inats the bay. th oais cuast grd cu , tterinone a fl peet,llatroing up to n 200caautil m iles atout a. se o >>obur j is tose u tourinrainndg a ex enceperino to tice en whs thing n mayeot b w100%thhat hoey suld be . r >>teeporher: t re thouat cldom cem fro an reywhe. 's it j notthust e pe suwlr bot thas make bathe ayrea a cu se it a'so lss itatstus aasym sliboc arimenca ci ty. a wcity aherells eye swillbeoon n o the pe suwlr bout, bot n er ev wyonebeill tc wa thinghe mega. mi guel alermagu,bc n ne , wsn saanfrsccio. >> we> e 'rckban ia mo ntmeit whil monlis more air bagsei bng recalledve or
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aw fls.anpl peon'e cat rdaffowa to orit fas idet tha d soun ogoodpen pautr, bl wilve neker main it the real world. the grandmotr heo whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent cawan't it. nga siomle m d whoraespe telyedneras a caise wan't it. uda stwient mth aaiount n of cdebt wan' we m canreake palgrros esghri tnofow per leop f andieamils whneo t.ed i m i'llhiy artoclind n ani ovapprise thsa mesge. > >>arhilliny cliston thnot lye on one
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e statrtdepa ment cioffihaals ve de intermhaed tt cl fiassinfed itiormaon s wa tsente o th onpers-mal e ail unaccofts ome forr etsecrofary ta ste co polin wellnd a nise aoresid to frorme cr sey etartaof ste olcondaeezz rice. po twellold nbc news th otat n shingt ecre twents o hionpersal co acunt. a esspokfoman cer ri ys sa e thels-maie wer tabouip dlomatic nv cotiersaanons d co nentai d no llinteceigen fo inrmation. mu leltiprc soues te bcll n newsha t tthe rc foate thpe ripd a iholen a pngasseer e planoverom salia was keli flym roaom bb demaf o mitali-grydera pl exesosiv. ve inatstigdiors ndd fi osexple ivsireedu in th afe rmteath, but if witas a bomb, no orterrgrist oup has aicldme rpoesibnsitily > >>remoir aag b re mi ioll mnse.or ho sanda noys ather 2.25ua q mrteronilli r ai mbagsbyade ka tailta wvel ha to be replaced in certain nd hoa andra acu models de mols. co enntintalom auteotiv
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n owal recl in upo t 5 mi n llioa,hondt, fia ry ch aslerernd ms cede mo .dels a nosad o te t rtrepoth in sie muc rl wod. ma icurwhe e,ithe t fo r undeof h,eart ,wind andir feas h .died tahe s trtedanhe bd in th tee la0 196s. e thp grousiwon x gr ammyrd awaans wad s in ctdu iedo nteth rock 'n l rolhallf o fame in 00 20. icmaurite whd e ha lebattrkd pan'insos disease for more than two decades. >> n> uphereext u, yo n' do tt haveo wait for
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is th ys ear'ads. r fomany trehey' the mo ster entintaingt par of s the uperbowlhe, t ercomms.cial ifbut you't donan wt aito wtit unndl suay to see,them c'nbs joe fryer offers uans y earl.peek r>>orepr:tehe t ck kimioff beght ee thr adays--way >> re we'in movg on up. r>>teepor br:heut t pe subor d wl amega is al y readinhe ton secd ar quter. ceonga a minyan companies are lereinasthg r ei co iempanfos behere t g bimega, hinopg to rageneayte ds ofz buz eainstd ofus jt urhos. ev f en imany fans
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>> tylur, yo it sktles po.rtrait re >> dam on. >> higher. >> damre on. ep>> rr:ortes thi tyear's,rend ce itlebries. >> he tut fisure ar stbaing tck a us. ep>> rr:ortem lia onneesha is gwkin tvs. ake dr sellsel clne pho pl >> come on, p unchit. >> reporter: and ch heristopenr walk is a carsaanlesmng alo th wi serenali wilams an dya rn reolyn.ds hi>> tlls wie b the britcelewly bo . u' yo pll seeyrobabl no ofrth %75f othe s adhiat tsoint p ha ngviom ssoe ortf br celeity emel ent. >> epor rr:teerha p ps e th tonly thinghat ca ton stp parowers i y puppr,powe the or ad aablehend t za bie.rr a ec30 sond spot is in goasg for uc mh as 5 iomillz.n dl 'rtheyenk cra uingp the comedy. m >>moiss , nroea eat kesnicrs. >> ? why
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cr wankyyohen u're ryhung. m >>lly feow am anerics. r >>teeporn r: ay earl rifavothte, udis b te liit pol sical poof with amy schumernd a seth roggin. jus >>ait wt tu ill yo ou see ucusr ca. >> reporter: don't rrwo thoy, ny ma sti adsavll hen't be eaen released, lngvi plenty ofoo rm for ga ayme-dsu serpris. e jor,frye n nbcews. >> at> thoi's go ng tdo orit f o usn a ur th nsday.ight m i'es lterlt ho. fo l r alof us at nbc ne thws, u ank yofor
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t.nigh > w>>ree' lkioo angthe tce sne f ohet acencidt. ponenerso vovd diedt ahe t sp hoitalf aterin beg transported. this stretch of lakee mad bo evulrda isom ctpleelyut sh w don. is th is not theg orilina al eignm ontf lake md ea
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