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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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heat t busopst . w --as drg ivin whenawhe s the pr riess inght frofont a him nd he idsadi he t d noknomow se eon had enbe hitthand e he ard g. >. > t ut t ck. >> po re: rteris it le uncar ni toifght ed spe or stdiedract iv dring reweac a fintor this re to t nighintell tg us hish cras hamay eeve bn enpreve.tabl rtrepoliing ve ghtoni lt atake me anad ald re horancel, ksey 3. >>oranch w 2: ave he moewre n s th wi a shman ndot ale kild in e th westeyvall . op pele ckduining . toavbuoid s.llet
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co cimmeral eaaryo if uru hos o. ag nc>> a2:hor nt a onia elcast lani lis oyinghen t sc toene l telus e thstlate o frlim po ce. >> rtrepoer: m hetroiomicde de titecloves g okinthfor e sp su ectresisponfoble r sh inootmag a n inhis s 20 or 30 s oppeayle st thai ougot t h ofaris c iwentthnto e s ctuspehi ve aclehand t t is wh hoen swets re roin bad yldahtigpe ople tn wid essemathe n otshde to ath in mithe oddle f akiparotng l . i >> d hear ptwoanots d ewi kn ey the wershgun ots. >> rtrepo er: twohis wmann as o th y e wa whomehen e shrdhea nf guire. s>> ieoaw p pleinduckwng do d ani sknewhiometasng w g wron thand en ihesaw ndre aer the a was ersilv yoto ta. >> pore: rter s sheaid sh e ie tr gd toet e thnsliceae plte
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e shsedid o e twspsu iectshen t r. ca g>> ioet t dothe waor ens op a tt liitle b t andy herewery t ing to getin c then ar ia y hurr thand heen ty toffok o . >>reerporthi: t s isth e rd muhaer te t thvi gctimntot i o e th t--enhe me werinedvolv in so me mpcoioetitn. t >> jheyd umpeout heof t car, thand were ere seravemol re otshs refi d. o helypen ifelle n thinpark g. >>rtrepoer: is it er a v y to ugh e scent righnow. vithe 'sctimil famy juhas st ar d riveanhed tsty ju leedarn ou abeit thr fa mmilyr embe in dy g. ey th y sa atheyre inlookorg f a ss nialan l to tmy,iche l ense e plathon tr e cas habenot en re edleas butcepoli b maye re g lyinon eisurvcellanm fro th ore stnes ad n agai the vi 'sctim fa milyis hjust ere an id its rya ve s sad acenes weeasp k. po reg rtinvelito, annia
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nc>> a: hor it s ha abeen ol vient y dae theris otan her sh inootg inbeveg inatstiged om frly earis th mog rnin that aleft n maxtin eelremy cr aliticdi con.tion>>ho anc r 2: theyy savithe wctimas o sh at ind heaafa ter t figh si inf de o theusho e. w no these iarch ts ono fi nd a ecsuspo t whdrofove omf fre th sc ene. >> in takg erov r the iapids t no ronly, ightit wahes ty dut of th e pe d whengnmoverent fiofs cialare ac tingcoand ryntra to the lepeop. th usey mt t no getayawh wit it. >> ch an: or 2t thais moam n nd buy easp okingfrut om ji ll ab feout l deradiinntctmet jus out y.toda ildeta s ofthane st.doff >> chan or:he was now able to teat tnd cherout arhe ing s yeayterd h and e isilst l in l jaiin adhe h th10 oweers re starre ed fo tr hedostanhaff tt edlast mo al st ah.mont ofone thetimilimba meers we re sh anot d edkillfe by l dera tsagen b but undywares ar sted the saayme d . d annow insecreacud sey ritat
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d anntadva agesin nornrthe li caiaforn anutd so ohernonreg hein tk weehiof ts end up . e thctindi mentacescusdy bun d ane thitmilroia gup of cu ocg pyin thefurey ge bcfore il whine usd g anrrca ying re fi.arms inwarng shthe towerhe le ft sh ofare exe tremilciv un rest heif tir dedsmane wernot .met alsoatthreg eninolvi ence nsagait boanyhody w teatd mpte emto rove m.the and enprev ftingaleder cioffifrals om pemirforhng teir cioffiutal d biesy edforc re thanats d miintiondati . i ths llis agu lanage frhom te ctindi.ment alsoits sayy theeltravo ed t the aro ea tmiintie datan d er cohece t potipulaoon t ac ehievir the s.goal pefor e oplarwho ile stl inholdutg oth at e ugref e ni toarght e alamso nned i the in tmdic ent. >> anorch: 2 s attae of geemerisncy ardecln ed i rasevel idfloruna co ties usbecaf e ozithe ka s.viru cithe s tieofmi mia and pe olnsace a arudincln ed is thi er emy.genc nines caseheof ta ziks viru
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st e at fl idora officials sathy ey libee evthvie imct g'sot e th s viruidoutse tofs he u but th ey ilstntl waor flida ane d th orauths itieerth e tobe ep pr jaredinust ca se. a uimosqto atthri carthes e ka zius vir is esprinent or fl.ida>>ow> nac a re r fo prthe eesidnt d andathe y. a panews ipers incallr g foan di au tt ofauhe ccus res.sult onnot ly pureanblice, sid on th moe deiccrat desi . a >>r:ncho d di s-- agltrony rd wodied eatoril tlti ed so inmethg lesmele d th m detiocrac y,partd saie thcera tw beeen sas ndercland n intowa s st ju c too losenotot ak t e an heotr oklot ahet results. the paper pores rto tonmay ac unco htse avmeco upou abt in iscons tenttscoun unaitrd ne and erovmewheld vontlureeans d even cousnf vederots. the register incalle g th de atmocrauic ccus s.chao toclinn n wousby j10t 2/ of tspoin . a >>r nchoa2: hend t vego rnor s rant thathiis trsnke use
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he aisedccus of urdist abing fl syerbeame n ca wrson as li kelyto drop t ouand shpu ing ca anrts d ppsursorteba to ck inhim d.stea na doruld tamp sys mhe sight ue ov er the sure lts. >> chan aor: nd arelipubcan ca atndidmoe alst atbeit hru t ck n iwaioar mubco rio reinsult g s inndeco acpl ne inew shhamp ire. a cnn poutll pm s hid ahea of u. ens. s tatored uzcr . um trip stll t.ou heof t m inw neshhamp1ire 1 in poeat ah d ofbiru o. a >>r ncho 2:eaa grter tina on co tmingo lagas vey s ma seem li lke areot a toomaf ny o us bu t its haerreenedgiz nv cotiersaboon aut u yoi'and ll b e anenevng bri l new ifetoin e thsspoitibil y ofilbu ading w nestm.adiu >> oranchhe: ta ide haens be ss toed arndoufo yer s arbu t to y dawsne 3spe okonone- -one uwithrsniveity president esprenidt abt ouatwht iil wl ta o ke ta get new otfo ball iustadm. >> th on le unv ca >mpus > i th ink wit boulde awe.esom talkouabe t thlaoaknd ras ider insharg a w ne whometith he
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w>>neher veofprsiesalons rk woasing hi i tnk atthld wou bet grea wifnae figelly t to ve ha. one >> s haa ltmulibildoion- llar st iuadwim inth earshot of this nt ceaser w trinedoduct lasekwe c byo asingumo al --n plathat calls for two th oirdse f th en ctiretoost be paorid f by th e xptasayer. po lyssibit visors pa ying heanotxr ta.isthce pie of la nd wasts ju u the nlvbu t er the e art a loofti opofons ha wt eyth d canito wh e i'm ilbu adingw neadsttoium vi hang remoss >> ne we tededhe acs reaubec se th e ca impuss loland.cked >> mthiss an i on amcoeemitt rm foy ed bgothe orvern to ex e plore thosonopti s. >>we mneedspore foace r of pronessindal a adgr uate raprogms, molare pfoces r op peo le t alivend sa umtadi is ju st e on mofyanhi tsng atth we co uld polyssibon do the mp ca us. >> y thesaudy st sentsitay wo imuld e provr theiexenperi ce. >> i tha ink istadorum f su re be secauwe if had when i was ghriret hewo it uld stjung bri ge tor thestthe t uden.body
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no t stheyheay t stm adiud woul irrequble puic moonney ye wa or an r.othe f >> ia stm adiueprojct we treo happen, it would have to happen with little or no cost tohe t university and th at tisnlhe o y ay w cthat ouldenhapp. n >>ews 3. a >>r:ncho a daoungeryls daong st welakee , wldshouth be e bus st raop ct sh athp e toheof t ws ne.cast orno me bltrou e. a >>ornch 2: shrky ts ee i kichecutng o an deaccieant n r ke la menad ad ra.ncho >> poreerrt i: ist telillra y ghrit arndouhe tor cr ned an balsobuy a s opstut bot nh t is e onthwihe tsa menscoueeqesnc . th is tis ahea rerehe th wat e he d arouabt the accident which sureedltn i atafa olityken la ad mele boud varicwh ch isd lose st juth to ste we of swhen how. no w h southeof t teintirsec on th ere aisr reaorend vo inglvin a actrtrtor-r aileand ala smehl v icle hoverriere ght by s a bu bstop yutu ocan e se dit nid otstkerih tbue s opst . th e ers waa dr oop afn out pi jckupa ust femew mo antsgo.
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edclos r foe quit someti me. so re thee arr otheicrust ta inke chneeyenan is eroth on e, yo n u car steer cleae of m ugthroh thste reth of e ea rly pa f rt othe evg.enin rewe' rtrepofring kyom s e.thre nc>> ahor t2: dhreeanays d ticounntng uheil t l fina and ul tetima bafootamll g e ofth e a se son. ne xt toe, fivt whait wiosll c t u yoto see e th igamen pe rson ouif yt wan gtoa et ettick . a >>r:ncho or mae ch angesnd as foked er th fausbulo las s vegarist p. u yok thinu yod couleebe sing a inpl cou e ofarye s. at th's ne xt. >> or rep ter: >> meolteortogis: alreng cha e inteatmper wures ithe th fo g ldinn-seve daycaforef st o
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up. >> nc>> a hor:iv five aloke lo at th e ristep evanr ch gingan d
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>> ho anc r 2:n whes las vegais an pl aning tworo-stopy sh in itaddanion d sos s las vegais op g enina cotinvenenon cter co templeit wh a pooln otop. mmcosiiserons ha averoppd vee th pl utan bre the is tnoetimable yet for when it willbe shfini.ed three days to go into the final football game of the season. the nvde berncro aos nd the ca naroli hepantilrs wcl fae up on er supow bl sunday in san fr ciano scd ancktioset crets a w noteshatg rinevpr ious rdrecos. a >>r:nchoe thagavercke tiet ic prw e nousis jt orsh t of 0.$500 ey thwa go fy uprom e ther to th ste be s seatthand hat tey asurpss rdrecot-seting ettick s r fothe d floyrmaveick eamayw dther ealt lasarye . ay plhaers d ana choce t ce atlebre e thnfl peexcerien t wih eithmir fa.lies >> chan sor: o ergialav on jo uineds omfr f sanisrancco ni to ght. wh ata trt eaatthas w forth e ay planers ed th nfas. >> soablyluteou i fnd istht jus
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me t nex ayearnd a lecoup of ye .ars pl g ayinthfor e ras ideror the od-- tikay loue y sa tidsehe pl erays arhae ngviun f dsthwi th r eidski. >> o gde, epodgo tccah! >> alexander has been in the nfl for eight seasonans d for hi him, tmes ti heon tld fie is th e imosttmporant. >> gr is teat o thaveflhe n to ve haw shomew n hoavto h e an acti rveroole n le ithe child' s li fe. hi>> ts s ithe rsfiert ev ot fo balld dakfbrea ast. a ttimeleo cetebra erfath hood a and t greatouchdown. >> i thk ine on tofhe ts hing wthate of tten imes de untires imates ththe fa er fa .ctor >> h thecoead ach wi th a cispeal esgut spr.eake o>> yu thaveko mae cen rtai ythatou e ardusche tlinghe gsthino tkema ceairtthn yat ou
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wh e eru yontwahe tinm er t ms of vedepmlo ent. >> iser supl bowsuy nda pu sercha id itt s noont tha me ga o butn the o>>thn euncooft he thr t ee oklohe tinm he t icon totally love them a sndintartg. , tone,thwo, ree,!go hi>> t s is myddbu dy,yoo u wa nte thddburey y ad togo to ve gas? >> no no way. . >> is[indabcernle] o >> t get ou e tsidd an fplay0or 6 mis nute y.a da po regrtin .live nc>> a2hor : hi t as ismi faly w sho now. >> ho ancr: is it ll reaoy col tthatdohey t thausbecat e no er evy ybodgcan et acktir et o rdaffotied ackethnd ts at i a wa r y fo tthemo feonel cednect toe the.gam >> chan: or 2gi ser oo isg wnin th at unm.ifor
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at weweher areingo g to have co uming ap in fewysdasa in n fr scancieo thy wobeuld in livg la asrge wo he uld >> temelooro: gist thefostreca p isy rettgoutod bwi we ll rmwa m upore gnsianific.tly ce nlrtaixty ne ekwe . is thth is e rnmoing viorew f eth west side of town rkwo ing lo ngokist ea . nr suthise at we riexpe,ence the tcallarhey e ald lowe jsomeunk s toe ettlhein t ddmie l tof he llva.ey 'r wet e noexing pect imuchn e th whway omen tw orrobut en ough wthate sh houlda ave rcleay da ds. wa thtch em vemoht rigle to ft ro achess tee scrn this rnafteoon. e ro thunugh der cothe ofver nedarkonss t.ight d t ashey gibe wn touarm p. gh riw t nothe stea aside t 53 gr deanees end th e th unext p on 49. ev heen t tamouns in iwishong so ifme le mpteureratase w ck bap ed u0 to 3des greeheat t lo andge hed t enelem tary olscho.
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e thutsothweshe as ed mov to lo w maand miybe 0sd-5 anmed so t ofhe hbneigodorho s inth e st eae sidof ths e laasveg eyvall . ts ouofide toahwn pp rumis co iming 5n at1 des,greell sti 50esin me quit20and s in li n ncoltycounto. fdayigor hh ertempe aturidwe d tta li le be , tterwe dema 54. so av i hdoe a zen lobermw noal a and nefew orighbs ghri t ou arhend t 31 4and 2 re.mark wthatill be c thease tomorrow. we g etarstinted e thr uppe 30s an d israr e outoway e th -5midur0s ding nclumeh ti . ki tainng u the 5pper 0s thwi e thzebree are esotixpec 5ng to 50 mesiler pou hr. at thht mig be oueno gh tupget to d60esegreso in me llvaey ig nehohbor.ods we d ha hthis ugesyemstoi g ng iupn thpae ficic hwnort iest, t ismoarre bhak tten bi . er the e armsoghe rirnt tus go thing h rougit d an osome f es the ouclilds wkel ma toin our sky. mo st pwillthass h rougnitot gh icwhwih lllphen iepkeg inatth mp teurerat e upupa coofle eedegr s.
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te landly a wthenlle wiar cle up hi as regh pe ssurbuagild ain an d tshhat pouldy rettchmu dry heup tse oucl ds. as theghhiil but mpteurerat es wi ll mpju . ni toght slgoows doing o wn t27 , il still chp ly u cinntalied e an sq mee uitinlook g atoflow 34. th en hiemgh ttupera restoowmorr ul bo derci8,ty 5gh lau lin, -- fo e r thlas gaveous abint gog downto 38. hi logh c udsprlyobabro thugh igmidnr ht oitso wh so me cl ngeariy ver tlate hen to owmorr ldshoumo be stlyy sunn 5with0 eedegr s asthe ctexpe ed hi gh fioflycial . me so ignehohborofods ar 6ound 0 d ane we'rt nongjokiut abo th e rm wa ing,how ouabest th e ek weend mpteateresurnt io e th s. 60 yand es la adiesnd gemntleneen, xt we e ek ware exinpectfig of cial hi inghs l theow 70 s . so me ignehohborcaods n e se in th d-e mi.70s twith hese wa grmin ts inhe neewxt f rn mo ingsldshouth be ste be to e sefithe ve anplalets d igne tfromouhe sstheat heto t ut sosthwe.
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athemll hein t t skyamhe se ti me. -- t thad woulbe omawes e. > >oranch: ha tult wo d be gr .eat cobut umingnep, w foiniormat n t inhe lydead s bus toph.cras palsoe eoplinne oei nboghoorhd thsay reey a i andn a tacons nt du tost srm afromgh neingbori trconsonuctite si . ni to ght,we ge it anenndept den tlooke o seheif ty can iscoex t. op pele anstd du -bsidedey-si, lysafe . so al on stthe trip, hereis a pl oran f t youo ketat par in th e coup minguscauc . w nests oriengcomi uptot nigh at si x. a >>r:ncho e thasdiseate th e aty awabrthe ainsof st hialoric fis gure like lenapoalon, on cape d anerhitl. sy isphil a wasll buadt eredicat a co ouplecaf dedes agt o bu it is nowma akingarn al mingco me ba ndck a in utso nherna evad e thavy lee e thtnaanion e d th rate ioftinfec ons. th e mbnuf er oplpeoe
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erdiaping. k checthout e umn cbersinome 00 20y therdrecoed stju for enpatits thwi d theseisea. la east y59r, 2 haderit h e in hesoutrn ne.vada isit exedpectju to mp more 6than000 pet rcen5in 1 ye ars. on ine thg thasat hng chaed, all of se thos appon p the thone hat a oflot pl peooke lo orup f sex owithne kclic s and wiperi.ght he>> te y arnot hatord k loo a for reonlati.ship >> veha e youver okhop ed u with ag enreem tt on?here y>> es. >> yo if u ntwaet som jhing ust ll pu up enghou . e thes arepee opli med t an it he lps u yod finlepeop. i >> t isalrepely, aoplere ok loing fo ir anntnsta okho up an std inant ifgratioicatd n an yo u kn, ow cit bane re ally erdangous an'rd weaye pling ro teuleth wit yourloifve l e. >>an: chortt hiing evagery e ou gre p
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in l locainnursg s.home oka lo at the e rolalsociia med is yi plan ng i thesp oreade f th di e seasteand ll yoe u th best toway prt otecseyourinlf my ec spreial , portthoke ho up al ert,tot nighewon ns 3 1at 1. a >>ornch 2:ok loeas grt t can' wa titseo eit. >> wo> tor maj poretosi aryutbo othatnvne is olvethsomeyoing u n cahan ve i hyourome t righ
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we il wl ha dveaiet clsinomg th 4wigs0 mete of inpernet s fredenom cnkturyli,a lyfamiur of foll can a beneonlie at thimsame t e,st g,reaming, gaminor nl dow moadingovies. , yeahtethe in grnet's,reat thbut i irink ha mak andeupnt wetl a lito fae to r.ah ye ,'sthator not wking. i pmuchthrefer dae two-ard,y be imhorn-rasmed gl ses, -sjust-in-leptcahis-r thkinda ing. , i yeah tmissplhe rumed y uncrazlocle ok. .okay be ul g "pattiama i."th heat's tence essth of rol
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hwitheeigh-sprnd inte etom frry centulink. >> >> ho ancr: lcwebaome s ck ithe d enof an era nitot fogh r . mornoe mepictt esurf oked na men. an>> : chor 2ti is sll s peache wo men ovocpre ativspoes and of course there are the inattim e
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u yovehao tfounded playboy in 19 53. th rse fit e issu ocameinut ce de, mberercent fontr celderfo s walymarinrn mooe. cothe s st i0.$.5 nc>> a hor: anowt ig5a b ca ren ll opaecrt b auseheof t pl exg odinagairb s. a >>r nchoho2: nda is 2 iomilllln cas. ca reollls moder del arye s ti daacng bk to 20s 05 a awells so ewme n01er 2d 5 an1620 de mo ls. th e care bllngriths e nu omber f hi ve clesllrecan ed iusthe erovhe t rbaisago t 24iomill n. p 11leeop dhavebeied e causof e thtfauly ais.rbag a nd otreher calltot nigh phdeci eredthirat dubt dole va ccuumerleans. mo hare t0,n 15000 un oitse f th l totat peoncyclic riup ght va cuumulcousd cae ecelaltric oc sh k. er thvee ha 1beenpo4 reofrts a on proged e n thctelel rica cord ctdeteaning d stg ayinthin e el icectrutal olet h whicescaus se pos sha riock sk.
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l aitawsu b haseen d file nagaist domc'snaldr ovethe w ne armozz ellasechee. fix >> chan por: e eopl areouseri s ou abt r theikssnac in this trcouneoy pple bhaveeen st popiing esctur thwim the with no eechnsse i ide. an d maa isn ui s tngm heenth th e tonesdohat e havch eese arand w e no10rc0 peent mo elzzar la. th ey y sa utheyt se ist art ad veditinds a heotllr fier gr inenedi ts. >> > in f aallyvet fi, ydo ou kn how aero o wh tgoeso riaspi- ng -elto hp heot rs? no w threey'og recngnizi e on
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an yod behend t >> to> ghnit,ac fing of f. hi arllcly toinann d be srniersande as cl thinghtonig in th fieir rst onone-ne-o debate on msnbc. bin aeattlr oveho w is or me progressive. while marco rubio cobes mea bigger rgta ietnen w hampshire. ta tkinghe ftfih. th wimi a srk, the fo errm ceo who rseaid e thicprofe a fe liin-savugg dr 5,000% refuses to iftestfoy bere ng co, ressrlate ca llingom cttmi ee mbmes erimcibes.le invisible rethat.
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