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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 4, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] 'sthatta fan.stic hain tset cat', let s geheto t ne ws. te uzd cr h andryillant clion re weed nam w thersinne of mo 'sndaya iowuscauces. cr eluz cteebra gd byg ivina chspeehi to pps sursorted , an hi y llarbrcele batedviy moerng h st inuff heto tte whise hou. [ htlauger ] t onephe rcaubliden sith in e wa iocu cau tses,rued cmez ca in t.firs na doruld tammp c se ind.econ an b d je ibushils ststl loa in co azrn me. ug[ la ]hter "n amew hrepshi!" te uzd crd tolorsupp ttershat hi n s wiowin i ma ony ondaldshou ll hiclary n into stoldrtuppoers on da monaty ther aft c her lose inwin a, iow b shehereatbid a g gh sire of .lief rtunfoelunathey, we n sh sdid,he rn buowed d on anarld bn. la [ erught ] thbreahres t houghoser ne. pr enesidamt obdaa todey ma his fi virst tosit os a mwhque inile
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v heedisitos a mque. ic whanh me'ss heic offy iall te enthred ase ph he ofis pr enesidnocy ks wn ae "come,at m "bro! ug[ la ]hter r aftelddonamp truis finhed se iconde n th ciowaseaucun s, a trold twump speet areads cros th tee in, rnethiin we ch hedquot go wlferr alten hageayas s ing, on"no mee res mbercowho inmes se ."cond an atd thot's n o theolnly d um treep twatt thks loo em asbarr nsingow. infor cestant las hyeare tetwee'sd, "watar thrs: rce foe enawakils' w al bee hugbox of dficeud." ug[ la ]hter an e d th byeare efor, thathe tw d,eeteth "noquing esench my stthire liklla tass gla of t flinr.wate" ug[ la ]hter ck ba20 in he12, et twe"'ed, the y cosb' showreis gndat al wil du enorre f."ever la [ erught ] togot ca be l.refu ctheybaome o ck tt haunyou. th avey sose theee twts. ntreceelly rd easemedocushnts ow at thme forw r ne gyorknooverr t eliozespitnar do$5ted 0 0,00to inmartal o'ms ley'idpresalenti mp ca.aign
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en spatt thh mucomon sngethi at thy onledlastho an ur. la [ erught ] ok ay. no knw i ow. i 'tdidnw knorebefool i t.d it ha i td toitell fi to utnd o. [ t lighhtlauger ] icpublca edu otioniafficn ls i sa ann fro cisccoare ernsida ing prnew aloposdi to bustrite nd cotooms dl midhoe scs olerto om prsaote exfe s. a or'ss itwn knomi to ddle sc erhoolals, b dloonay! [ htlauger ] po a oliceerfficth in k.e u. osaidthver eke wethend e at h miwas enstak a fore malppstrier af acter ntcide wallyngalkion in 50 a irth by thday.part whmean aile,s cros, townlea ma ppstriader hda to hince y s wa ou at ofta hositge sonuati. la [ erught ] an nad fi ally,diccoro ng tw a ne po reamrt, anericens spret mo ne mosty lar yeaegon lal ri maa juan tthandihey d on ri doantos eed chcotos edmbin. a ort s poersmoklls cat, tha a la sad. gh[ lilat htug ]er
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asfantshtic orow f t youhtonig! ee[ chndrs ala app]use s he iofone s the otarss'n cb he "td goo."wife ahe'sonlso oe ofavur fe orit gu , ests calanngummion is the tshowhtonig. [ rschee a anduspplae ] y anyonew etrk mnss fath in e us honie toght? ee[ chndrs ala app]use hepitcttr mave har jy isngoini ! us ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] inlookrwg fotoard ki talo ng t him. d anavwe hthe wito us t nigh orauthth of w e nel,novee "th ee qu tn ofighe n ht," analexchder s ee ilaon "te ni t"ghhi tens eving. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] fa a tintasowc sh. bebut wforet e gehato titt, wh e th ciowaseaucuhis behend tm, th o.e g.anp. ctedidaves haed mov t onw o neshhamp aire,hend ty're ngfaciho a wewle npa camduign e to c teds ruz'orvictd y an lddonamp truec's splond-ace ni fish. r fo omoreisn th's, ite timfor "a se clookr lo." [ auapplse ] >> h: setde so e spits poll that sh howedheim atrad, diump t d no thwin wae iocu cauhis, wasch w go ewod nr s foblrepus icannghopi
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um tralp cherleng. noand e w thtiquess,on i who ll wit thalechal bngere? we thll, s ere'guthe o y whwon th wae iocu caueds, tz, cru and tthenuyhe g a who lctedheike thwon wae iocu cauhis, tlard-pce shfinimaer, rurco bio. >> th so s is imothe tmenthey id saou wevld naper hpen. th ope pef le o gthis sreat tate asenty verr cleaagmesse. te afver searn ye s of ckbarama oba a, weotre nti waing y anerlongta to urke ont coury !back et>> shah: trit's ght. no sit a rngleteegisred re icpubln an i viowa foted or ba orack!bama ug[ la ]hter t but don'y,worr m the wediaas re mon thay happumto j bp onoard wi heth tio rubge sur. >> wa it bis a ghg nifot r rcmaruo i >>obt's slvioug y bimomentum mafor rurco bio. >> e her nis aorew wr d fo your po calitical vorybula. it ma is enrcomtum. s >> neth:o. ug[ la ]hter ni amddot a"ming mearco" ntumto my ab vocy.ular i ljustedearn a bae'mnd i pr settyi'ure inm us wg it.rong la [ erught ] 's it s not fhortmaor "" ybe, ri ght?
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de atsperr e fobia rurgo su e to tecounumr trndp, aio rubti getng mo ttre aonentio alss meanl he'l ge ret moac attroks fs m hi lsrivava, riikls le s christchriwhie, s o ha iccrit rized fubiootor nin takg qu onestioms fr p the aressasnd h w a nenanickorme fio rubt tha he ry's treing , allylyreald har akto mice stk. >> kind rofinem mdsofe he t boy t inubhe bble. l>> get'sheet t i boye n th >> b then oy ibuthe 'sbbleta got ouget t of the bubble. hgets--ere l >> get'sheet t i boye n th lebubb o oute f thlebubb. >> n i'mheot t i boye n th k wewhnow e o thinboy the lebubbup is e. her s >> teth:cohis frmes om s, , k.a. "the lebubb." la [ erught ] so alme, soshone touldell ri chris ch tstiethhat y e boin th bbe bus le impa sytiathec ch tearaco r whs needtato s y in e thlebubbli to ve. ma noybe e t th abestgynalo. th lat'ssaike , yingco"mar is alikeov belraed gthndmon er o slifertuppo i andhi'm tg nkin it im's t pe wed ulleplthe ug! o' whths wi" me? ug[ la ]hter w nostchrindie aio rub b areoth fi ngghti w forpuhat s ndit call th tae eshmblislaent n ne ithe im pr--ary at a bthtle lsat ao udinclanes ctedidakes li
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r fobujeb jesh, shb bu. la [ erught ] lijeb impednento mpw hae shir r afteingettstg ju% 2.8heof t te voio in wa. bu n't dorrt woccy, angordi to b, jet' thatus ac aallyto vicry. >> b jeb rush,ngunnith in cke ba of p theheack stre, clill ings opto he. c >>eban jh bus sbe aisurpre or strey heca on nucus?ight es>> ync, sie e thctexpensatio ar le soow. >> l, wel h yousuave decceed th gere,nooverr. m >>onissiom accheplisd. et>> sish: m asionplccomd.ishe en evse wor h foricis v tory chspee t, he triedrao pae chut aontorcn ai crafterarrit , bu ss minded ade lan td incehe oan. [ htlauger ] , alsoouif ya 're , busht don' c ofe,ours b thetoig sn ry iiowa is mp truis fin ahing sa dintppoieced sond. an dd inibescrtring s ump' se -pcond flaceh,inis m the edia shreliheed tor opptytunius to e e on iwordrtn paaricul. d >>d onalp trum ileftlaowa st ni wight tth a titlehehat is no edt usho to g ldin-- se lor. s >> adofor tnald, rumpashe h a ne tlw tinie to lght,.oser >> e somodof t hay'sineadlowes n incallumg trlop a ser. d >>d onalp trum lis a!oser [ htlauger ]
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u yod coul etellboveryasdy h en bedi holhang te t onorin f nt mohs. ug[ la ]hter il stt'l, it s noweas ss et a ar heiting m froorthe aligin, wh isich t whynthe enaire tion as d sumep trumd woul ttakehe ag stnde moigay nndht an burit to g thed.roun >> fi we ednishon secndd, a i wa nt to l telsoyou inmethg. jui'm onst h.ored i' alm reonly h.ored s >> weth:hat? la [ erught ] awhate hugppdisameointnt. wthato as sonratial. p trumdiimmey atelhereacd ptacce, anceh whicn'doesket ma ns see. th vee fige sta gs of ariefre de , nialr,angega barg,inin de sipresndon an theptacce.ance webut ge forrut, tsnmp iik't le e th orest, f uslahe py ys bhis ow len rus. g heesrievre in e.vers ug[ la ]hter tr s ump't firse stagwas ptacce.ance he e camtaon sumge h ablednd iogracbuus, r t fop,trum ce acceptanfo is edllow by esdepr.sion ho ww doowe knmp tru was de sepresd? tohe s tppedinweetg. co acg rdinthto "lle hie ," h dn diwe't toret f an pr uneneced15ted rs hou. la [ erught ] n caimyou e aginuma tr sp soad idhe dhan't heve trg ene y to ee twgat ne ttivehthougs? [ htlauger ]
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thhim h rougdothe "dor, u o yo twanteeo twout abw t hobujeb sh s haenlow ?ergy [ htlauger ] w hot aboutehow uzd cr n haso fr s?iend oudo yet twen meagsthin to ro o'sie eldonnl? athats lways makesmyou "ile. la [ erught ] an end whca it o me te stage,thre ba nirgaithng, wat'strhen ump su tepporoors terk ov. >> r onen easo tmany rump orsupp htersdoere fen't adel bly ou abs t hi tlossd o te, cruzis at thy thet don'k thin omuchf e th ciowaseaucus. j>> idoust lin't i i k thin ythatanou ck tallepeop t ouhiof tngs. mayou vey hake, liyo -- ghu mit n go ilyrealti wano ng t fvoteor p trumthand omen s ceonean ch yangemiour t nd ae thstla nu mite. >> h: set u howr nfaihais tt? la [ erught ] me socaone ann chouge yndr mi. t byngalkiyo to u. [ t lighhtlauger ] ic whplh ex tains'srump new aicamplogn s "gan,r cove your rs ea v andtrote "ump. ug[ la ]hter so t for, rumpaibarg iningf s, o co , urseowfolly ed br.ange d any todap'trumges ans r wa ba ck. >> al donumd trlep und.ashe s >>edtart h offanis rtht wi is th. is thfr is onom dtrald ump.
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wa io s, he itolet. at thhy's w o alle f thllpowes re so wngro." s >> teth:y'rumpcks ba, er evy!ybod ug[ la ]hter obut,urf coafse, anter cager me de .nial d an cwhaterlearre expn ssioof ni des al ie ther rthaninefusg to ptacce r thetsesulth of e tielecon? >> mp tru b hasoneen et som hing of a tetwitorr stism thni morng. s he i cevenngalli a for new el onectiio in orwa, r thetsesul to nu be iellifd. et>> s nh: aleew en?ctio [ htlauger ] oudo ynk thire theoi's go ng tbe heanotwar iocu caus? o noanne wo ts tacgo bk to bl [ ] eep !iowa la [ erught ] noand i onewan iots wan you ba ck! e thos ppoore eopltohad ch wat ca gnmpai f adsonor m tths,hey tohad nd staa in shighl choo m gyarand wigue heth tir hbneigors! ey th t had to gosto a ckarbus on wne tor oveusbecae ri chris ch wstieolas h cdingourt in ir thes. d anthyou think e ey'rg gointo st foand otr anelher onecti? wtheybuill oury yth in rne co, an od noilne werl evd finthe di boes! yo bu'llt e oue ther twith hose bdeadalasebayl plers.
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's it h notn,eaves it'.iowa in e thetrnd, s ump'f grieof shfiniseing cconde an bedblam hoon those wse rais d hi ex atpect.ions th whose ulo woerd eve mak it em see likndseco l wasthess an a anplccomenishmt. pe , opleesi guiks, lise th. u >>s nlesn,i wiou i wld co ernsid a it, big bfat,ifeautanul, d, heby t, way everysixpenasve wte t ofime. et>> shih: ts s ha "beenosa cler ok lo." ee[ chndrs ala app]use 'l we rl be bightwiack th al uman c!ming ee[ chndrs ala app]use ormaperf..nce. style... ...r nveited.en sophistication... .. edef.redin.
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ch[ rseend app ausla]e s >> weth:meelcok, bac er evy!ybod d ansepleave, giup it t forhe 8g d ban tover!here ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ysalwapy hapha to heve tm. veand apry hhipy teks we'r, wee fabig f ns omedrumerrs h e at at "lghe niant," ttd siining th wial us ekl wem frothe jo pehn s bncer eluessixploon, ss rusiell iminsres he! ee[ chndrs ala app]use an thu k youcso mr h foinjoing , uselrussl. ha>> tounk y. >> h: setha so toppy e havyou. >> nk tha you. yt anime. s >> oeth:irur fuest gonst tight o isf ne ostthe ofars h theit ow she "th wgood" ife,h whicairs su nndays ightbson c. nehis buw alalm, "uman c ming s singy sapps,songll" wi be ai ave lablebon fy ruar5th. heand l wilerbe pinform g at egcarnalie h ml ony,onda
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sepleaco welacme b tk tohohe sw, ou frr ndieal, uman c!ming ch[ rseend app ausla]e w hoyoare u? er>> vody goan, thu.k yo >> h: set l youliook mke aonilli ardolls s, aysalwa. >> t oh,s.hank et>> sndh: as thieris vy tiexcing. rn ca hegie tall,ishis ig a b al de p fore.eopl ea>> yt'h, ibis a alg de m fore. >> h: set y arexcou e?ited a>> irym veit exced. ac lytuals it' lmorewhike en op peayle su , yo, know'r"youe ay plcaing iernegl? hal" at thes mak m youscore .ared aci'm lytualll reaoky loing fo d rwart,to ius 'cahae i ve edplayke, live, i'n beeesa gut on er othpl peothe's bingse,efor t'so ires a ballyifeautooul rm to y. pla aland itso, ik's l ie --a t's gr theat thing hois satw the i'v knyou maow, p,de u a i'mllctuay g doinarat ce negi.hall ait'stt preg y et>> shah: text's ngciti. y >>eah. et>> so h: s tyou,s hat' in sttere ying,etou ge som-- op peakle mu e yo nmoreuservo an th a youre. el>> w ml, i iean,isn th aninstce. ke liu , yo, know, likembremeer wh hen id osteur"satniday ght ,"liveua actlly. >> h: seth. yea i >>em remthber nginkiu , yo , knowi'oh, inm doisg th, i dn diea't rknlly i ow, 'tdidn un tadershend tor impe tanc- of - e thenport it oft.
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li "yke, e ou'rinhostatg "sy urda ni light hve,"sholy su -- gar. la [ erught ] sand,aho ye. i but l stilneget s rvoueain rl fe li. 'mif i - notm - i'prnot edepar thfor , ingsknyou ow. s >> beth:ouut yt mus vfeelery pr edepar t forhis. 'v>> inee dos thi, show i've idonefot bendre ae i'v--got 's itit a lditle enffert. ve i' s gotguome .ests bu eat, y'vh, inde kiwo of rked .it et>> so h: snti wata to bolk aut is thum alb. so m , i'g goinhoto se w thr cove in ec a sond. "a culan g mmins singy sapp" rs fillt teab me thout bue alm a lelitt. bit w hoyodid meu coth to deis ia? w >> tell,hohe s cw isd alle la "ammn cusiing " ngs, lit'sike li a erve v osion sf myhow. i and t -- iliwas onke s'vgs ie wa al- ys - ri'vezeealiatd th lepeopth in ouis c, ntry pe eslycialwa, alanys w kt tonow swhathiomets ng irebefoy the ma jke aenudgmout ab.t it si muc. ir wed. an ted oflon a st of iongs lyrealne cono ct treare ally y sapps song wthati hen whearho i it ws, iikas lwhe, "o?" s >> yeth:eaou mhon, wgs sin it, or ? y >>eah. >> h: setch gota. o >>o r whe wrotit. knyou soow, r , foplexame, er tha e's y miles cyru osongn my im clb." th i itink uc's sbeh a fuautil
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d an jso ithust t,oughm "i' in go sg tothing n at ihomy sw. i' inm gongg siat it ne cargie ll hamo on nndayight. d angoi'm --nna ug[ la ]hter an m d i'g goinutto pon it my re ."cord et>> shah: tfat's tintasc. a >>o nd s ait'sonll sikgs le at that, thav i hise thd kinof co tinneco.on t d ant a loheof te m ars songi ne rever tallyhthougou i wld si ng. an med soth of reem att scoish on a es, chfren, oneovall heer t ac pleae, r klly,ofind yl stcaisti blly,-ut - s >> aeth:o,nd ss thi sis ahow oryou aliginidly dth at e iscarlisle, t thaeccorrt? >> t andafhe celi car ysle,eah. >> h: sety. oka y >> ieah, i didstt lae juni d diit. >> h: setyo so lbur aovum cer - isu - yo itooktst outhide e ca lerlis. ea>> yh. >> h: set t andwahis t s no pl d,anht rig? so ha we o ve t ipostt. la [ erught ] th s ere'he-- totse ny onlare u yoy-full- ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] am i -- nd>> at' that s nomathe , gnum u yo, know'sthat -- et>> s'vh: iece chwiked heth t ns ce iors,al am d,lowem i a weallo dd toato th. so re the g youo. li [ laght erught ] t >>lohat wooks rse. th ooat likks lmee sog thin inhangt.g ou et>> shah: test dok looe.wors owso h t didcohis bome aut? >> ht rig's, itra a ctozy sry. >> h: setyo so e u ary fulld nake idoutse e thiscarlle? 'm>> ily fuled nak. thand s at ia not ummagn's, it a bojeroam. ug[ la ]hter et>> sh h: owow.
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[ t lighhtlauger ] t so'sheres thilyreald goo ot phphograaler cled rd joatan manter td he akes ot phf os oerdancnds, ay' there lyrealut bea pifulreictus. an ad he -sked w- heoias dng is thng thile caland "d acersfter " darke wherashe wng goita to ke pi escturda of s ncerr afte, dark bu ket naoud arewnd nk d anskhe ae ed mo to dit. i so l was "ike,myoh, , godhe ksthin a i'mce danr." sso ii aid d i li [ laght erught ] et>> s ch: i ban'tveeliet' thas th rte pat tha ymadeayou s, "oh odmy g." la [ erught ] reyou'al totinly fthe wing bei ke natsd ouinide y nework. asit we, likda "a ?ncer ?" me ug[ la ]hter k>> inow. fe i ikel l we iteras vody go ghinsitot inch my tearacr. bu wat i rcs foo ed towgo d in -- s wag doinhomy s tw athe iscarlanle, wad i rcs foo ed tgo ba owck d en toviast e llagand itakeert the. itbut so -- neme utexpecesd guts re we a in, wnd in as ioomy rm knyou drow, nginki. tiand adme he gonanby, d i , said j"oh,n,orda y canusou jt ucomerep he d and?"o it an cd heupame d , an wtheyere st thill ere. d anidi sa c, "iusan j it dot ts outhide ore doth of rle caisle l.hote" an sd he "aid, aah,"e nd h saw, usbecad e i'edhost t thes,ony' a mys gent mgave me --eranags errathve, gath me igat be hug t falebott-- of >> et s yh:r ouroje.boam >> je my amrobo. sand, so he "aid,dowhy wen't
12:55 am
fr ofont r you-- ."junk ca san i nky ju? li [ laght erught ] s >> yeth:anou c j sayunk. >> k. jun ug[ la ]hter d annd-- an the-- et>> soth: ny onlyocan y u sa ju bunk, m t i'g goinhoto sisw th onpersut's bt. w!>> e [ rschee ] is itn't ta fan?stic et>> seah: yheh, t hy'lltoave ur blla it ter. [ t lighhtlauger ] et>> sech: b pausee eoplomat he, th l ey'lthsee - at - ilikedsf ki waare ngtchiey, thbe'll e, lik h, "ogo my d." >> l butpeike rople nightow, cthey lould rike, aights ey thwa're ngtchis thid coul legoogn alaincummalg's anbum d u yod woulthsee maat ige. s >> yeth:eah. >> y butanou cee't son it tv. is thn't eiat wrd? et>> st'h: irys verd wei. pe eslycialke, litt, buck cra. ani meis, thon is li at ke i1:00e n thinmorng. ke lio , whs?care k>> inow. [ htlauger ] wh s o hasenot ben acrutt byack now? s >> eeth:lyxact. t'if i00s 1:th in rne moaning d hayou t ven' aseent butk crac y,toda'r youine do wg it!rong w >>s hat'g wron ywithifou le? la [ erught ] nyso a sway,rdo jo sand,ai et "let's g d tworsancepo to se th tte boikle lise th." >> h: sett wha itime?s it >> s it' i2:00e n thinmorng. >> h: sety. oka nd>> awe so rt stati texng pe .ople d annethe orxt m, ningt i goall es thxte teoms frfr my s iend in goi g, "thgot exis tkit asng t memeo coth to rle ca aisle nd t ged naketaand pke a ihoton t,fronth on ree stet."
12:56 am
ayanywes, tho e twerdancavs, ren d an, lisa ocame aver,e nd wdid it. i'and lim a dttle, runkweand dwentanown kd weofind pr ceactithd wi c ouresloth on an e d thrisecuanty mm frothe rl ca cisleouame d t ans i wa ke li'm, "it jusngsayidb gooye to fr my s.iend" et>> sigh: rht. be e caushayou pd nossermitoion hido ts. z >>ero. s >> oeth:kay. [ htlauger ] a >>hend tndn, an theorwe st of pr ceactioud, yw, kno p the ose, an t d goreall ady. yoand owu kn's, itt thay funn g thin ywhene ou'rt abouo to g nyskinpi dipr ng othsome ing, e wherdoyou --n't t you, hink "w s ho ig goine to bfithe rst on de to?"o it d ane we'rdistanheng taire wting d anoui th "ght,scoh, itrew , m i'a gonn -justo -" ssti ju mtooknty paf,s of t and ohen,f ur coonse, 'dce ie donit, yoeveroone teik thotr clofhes f. ca beyouse d u ha-- >> h: set, now ithiss te ininrestg. i and t don' twantlao bebor th is. yo pu go-fants?irst la [ erught ] >> id i dah, ye. s >> seth:thee, elat te ls mmore ab yoout haur cerractn thathe ot thher being e caus-- [ htlauger ] i d woulnidefi dtely io --ld wou s pant.last ug[ la ]hter esi guves i'er nevyo -- d u haa je amroboh wityou. okso, -ay - o >> sidwe dt. tha d an ionce d haditone , er ev -yonee - thr otheditwo d.
12:57 am
na foked ryr veg. lon ke liin a morute so. i but acwas lytualnk thi ying,ou ow kn'r, we te ontrhe sineet new cyorkity. illuckt y, iprwas settyafe wh noere i one as up 1fter, 0:00 bu t -- [ htlauger ] bu wt ituias qcate ssory, e meon co hauld omve ct e ouseany .cond d an, thenusbecahae i ned do th hoat pwhto, wen iomas ctoing do l theveive n rsioy of m, show we i acnt b tk toarhe ce,lisl lypureha to have tott ph to onhe ve co tr oflbhe aum. et>> shah: tfat's tintasc. t >> yhankou. >> h: sethi i thenk ter oth g thin-- ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] kei lii -- tlikeino thatk th twhencahis utme oey, thle cald sthatitecurary gutod in the ceoffi t andanhe m sager aid, , "hey, garyyocan plu exhoain w is thpe hap"ned? la [ erught ] w hoe threlepeop f got nullyaked ts ouanide d d diota phooo sht? >> c theslarlis e ha vbeen ery, nveryabice lout, yike,noou kw. ac i lytualnk this it'oda go in thr g focathe lerlis. s >> aeth:utbsolely. a >>lsnd atho i inink ay a w it rt sore of enpresy ts mitspir, in ve a thnue rle ca wisle ihichs it quoue, yw, knod kinyoof, u kn trow, ioaditnal. d an tthen'sherewi me y th m ot clofhes f. s >> teth: yhereo.ou g ug[ la ]hter s >>itays . all
12:58 am
hdbirtay. harty bi, hdaytebelad. >> ha t ynk vouy erchmu. 75 . ug[ la ]hter >> h: set l youfaook tintasc. w nohayou - ve -goyou tat a ttoo fo urr yoth birday. d>> iid. et>> soth: nr yout firsootatt. >> s no, teth, yhankorou f in br tginguphat . et>> souh: yrsr fittt taoo, pl .ease >> y oka-so - s >> eeth:onveryede ne ks tonow th is. i>>s t'tea ibrr sleryto. >> h: sets it'uta caryionae. tal i >>sa'll y. so ut aboye 16 agars mo, iet is th, boyheand i and t hadhis ry vepe temusstuoat relhiionsp. d anwetwo afeks knter g owineach r othewo-- tks weewe -- o hadur s nameootattn ed o oeach'sther di boes. o byrour g- in -hein tin gro .area gh[ liugt la ]hter d anoui ththght asat w m theost ns se tible ihingve'd ener do in ntmy eliire fe. li [ laght erught ] so n, ther fouh montr afte that asit wr. ove we t jusllrepeaced eheh otr ay aw. d and i hais-- he namrawas ven, an had i avd "rwren" n ittey on m n.groi d, anal so fl mydsrien who th iough c was wrazysaere , ying c"you pould-uut on -s oenthe d akto m re itouavens." s >> oeth:hah, tsmt's art. [ t lighhtlauger ] r >> o mc toitake ve cran. o orsonce dymebod sai ttakehe n of mf anitake m anditake ve rar. gsthine lik.that i but 'tdidn. pti kean it end thnt evey ualli
12:59 am
asby ler. w itoras hy riblfupaint l buthen ab a out ayear tfteri hat upmet wi avth rgaen andin awa he s , likell"stie hav tyouro?atto" an wad i kes lio,, "nad i h it wr edenchm froodmy by." an end thai i sdod, " h youave yo "urs? an pd hed ullepahis donts ndwn a er wh ue ittosed a say ilan,t no ysw saan balce. ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] et>> se h: hdncoule 't hdncoul't t geofrid . you o.>> n i' pam a f rt ogibrinalng b ance r to.aven >> h: setre the g youo. >> t' thae s thtibeauthful ing. et>> sheh: toure y go. "a culan g mmins singy sapps"song ll wiav be blaila fe onarebruy h. 5t ee[ chndrs ala app]use tsnighcb on s. ar , oundt?righ 'l>> i hl beere. mwithalore uman c.ming ee[ chndrs ala app]use an pisio muc.i'm ygladalou finmaly t, dde iad.u yoohave texpe cerienci this ty. 'sthatt yo whawau al.ys say you rwereboight a fut thed.oo johhi hn. keveyin. sp e ent ththday wiastr an t.onau
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it ut's beaisiful, it?n't w hoa about llbasebame n gatiext me? !done done. pbookssriceleie exper arnces toundbehe glo.. with.
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weer wloe be we th s88therouthran pa.llel h weraad tdvele for over 850 miles. enmy mven drilynearro mad fm starvation and frobitest. today we make history. >>envebidonis! we e lcom sto theolouth pe! if 're you tdoralohe exprer, yo oru exple. wit'su hat yodo. at >>whyo took lonu sog? wif you sant toave n fifteeenperc mt orore c onnsar iceuran, swityou o ch tgeico. 's ityo what u do. yo>>itu did , yay! duinencelg... no onge lcor s atme p ace.ri ll, wetuacly ialdot bu it'st us j$9.9t 9 w neothot shsky whikechicn plebap'see grill & bar favorites ma a ldetlitbette fer youor. feuratg neinshw di es wloadedflith ,avor
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aqwhen la.couintndm segs craion wilseady a r y forrtou ale the ndsecooo his ream is rdy, ya w kno hwhatcoe bemes? ea gropt pr! osals let' mtalk oreerovf. gol eagrt. abhow erout ovnis? ten en evr. bette me a ganger cha! re the for ady alyou nlert, olqy at ic(mus ) woma n: i'll never remember all the projects, pr taesen tions, oreeti ms nggavei p u myight nr.s fo (music'ums drtenss in ify) but days like this, i'll never forget. t get thoue,er thein01 2ford6 sc ee. ap be ns uppabto.le thi iss y fi mt ghng so t backake li my g fe son
1:03 am
[ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setco welacme b tk tohe sh ow. i' rem heh wit calanngummi. d an, alanhayou eeve b n in me nu brouswaroadody pronuctis tovereahe yr. d an ithisrys veit excing. i thearyohat e u arinwork ag on munew l.sica ea>> y ah, ictm, ay.uall 's its thii'one eeve brkn wo pishopt ng ia for e,whil and it n's ausew m.ical 's itle calood "hdaver hem: t mu casi"l. et>> shoh: " dovertham: e si mu"cal. th fat'sstantaic. ll well, tea us lelitt a bitbout it . w >> iell,y plahothe doveram's ch deief ersign's, hele cald
1:04 am
d an ahe'sy verentormsoted ul, heand ul's f sl ofdoelf ubt. usbecaoue, yw, knoco he esmpar hi f mseleato b, versh,whic as knyou arow, tue nay rallbethe st madam .kers la [ erught ] >> h: setco he esmparse himo lf t erbeavkes li a thel nimathe be .aver >> hu uh-h. ug[ la ]hter se'caume, i than, e ey'rtypret tmucholhe gand st odardf il bu ddingams. an cd myctharas er i wveryedorri at thgo by foing d rwar with gndesithing ove hoamer ds , hi wworkbeill pa comtored t wha erbeavuls coved hae. don gh[ liugt la ]hter s >> seth: so --'so hea in h >> h, yea k you hnow,e's ab tesoluhely, ll rea.y is d anbithe mbg nuf er oshthe ow alis c"dled d amne dif io, eddamni if t.don'" ug[ la ]hter d anini th rk ity eallecperftly ca enatpsulyoes, owu knw , hohe's es wrg tlin awithhell tss preure an oud, yw. kno >> h: setl, welt' thants fac.asti i'and rym veit excboed ahiut ts. an erd evy ybod shered houlbe everyedxcitca, bei use hear yo gu're toingevo pritiew for onus t.ight >> h, yeat' thaghs rit. i' inm go, g toi and e wrotit. ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> souh: yte wro it? >> ol absy.utel et>> sadh: lanies ntd gen,leme re he f is,heor ty vert firs , time calanngummigi sinng ne"dam id if d do,d amne if i do " n't, "fromerhoov: damthe
1:05 am
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1:06 am
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1:07 am
>> no! i s seehiometn ng iyou jo avhn sage thsomequing beite -yaver m youotay n be e lievouin yfrsel bu u't yoadve me a be erliev o out f me h >> tere,thake oois wd. yo gu're toingedo newh it ouen y bu thild amat d. el>> whal, tnks. acbut lytuale , therhoov i dams in go bg toile but t ouof nc co, retewonot od. 's itna gonbe to m wayore lecompanx thth anyyoing ysu gu ul coerd ev do. yo amur dn's dornt haess el icectrwhity s ereahias te s on wi e ll brcan agrhed y avitdam pthatcerodu2 s 4.iobilln ki ttlowa es ofrilect ecityach y dathfor eae grlater gas ves ar ea. ilit w al beve mar hl of uman gi eninneerg. i so, t don' yneedliour ttle ec pi we ofood. >> y. oka sc yorew tu,n.he
1:08 am
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h.ah.. ahyeah! h... ahh...ah . u pr yolyobabt say i a iomills n timea day. h.ah.. ahh! ah h... h!ah bu ct atnaig w, weant to help everyone say it once a year. say hh"a". ah>>h... mecigna l pldicacoans ver e hu ond ndretpercen y of-nour inrk aetwolnnuaec chkup. a so, mericagolet's . know . ah h! d anontake c of trol hyourh.ealt
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> selh: w bcometoack te "la gh nievt," oderyby. neour uext gonst t iights a ar st ptingeritch t forewhe n myork aets,lbnd m-s alltar. he ls's a ao ansambastodor the
1:12 am
er amfoica w r ne myork en's sh faweion ek. pl weasemeelcoth to owe sh, ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> sowh: h y areou? s >> geth:ood. u yo llooka ike iomilllln doars. >> nk thas. at th w wayyohen llu foow al uman c, mingse'caulo he oks gr toeat o. k>> i snow,userioly. s >> ieth:fat's n shio, weekand so e havbeyou oien go ng ty anof esthfae ioshown shs? >> h, yeawe we o nt tupa cole. we t wen cto ae.oupl s >> neth:doow, - youwi- i ll y, sae i'v tgonemeo sohi fason ow shd , anmothe wdelsoualk t -- th lee mael modors, f's men sh faweion ek. i and swillt'ay irys vee rar ithat a seece piecl of ngothi ithatnk thiou i culld pf.l of w >> iell,nk thiwa it ats th, an wad i nds wog erinheif ty dn haee't btin ean ng ilathe st lecoupth mons. s >> teth:rehey'th on ine thner si f de oman. y >>eah. >> h: seth. yea yodid e u sef stuf ythatou ghthoui't, "nnm gocka rot tha ok lo"? y >> teah, where cas ae.oupl >> h: set r all, ight'sthatd. goo gli'm o ad t iheart. s how' oyoureaff sbeson en?
1:13 am
ng colaratus tionakon mthing e rl worid sees. oeit d wsn'touork e t thyoway u wa nt. w ho tmuchdoime g youive seyourftlf ahaer tfot beoure y ar strkt woouing ait agn? e >> wabprobooly touk abt a nt moonh, mndth aal a hf. pl aayedtl litlfe go. et>> shah: tnit's ce. en>> w tt toahhe b aamastl lite t. bi t buitno, ua actcally uime qck. m i'inlook mg attcy wandh, a it eb's fy ruar a2nd,-nd - s >> yeth:epou rfaort sirlyoon, ri ght? s >>g prinnitrais ng ienin t da soys, -- et>> so h: dcoyou templehely cck whout ouen y n areraot tg inin bafor llseba? ke li y, do- ou -yoare inu thking ouabitt ll af oe th?time >> i no,n, meaio obv wuslyree we di oisapp wntedwhith e at w did, - so- s >> seth: io isbut a immer ou britght up? ea>> y lh, ae ittlbit. >> h: set s i'm.orry ug[ la ]hter at th s was buperorad f mm bye. >> ne ruie d th orest wf myeek. [ htlauger ] et>> souh: ye havofone the gr nieat mecknas. k "darhtknig." pe sopleveeem ntry eashusitic ou abist thne in rkw yoy. cit hayou omve slae res,tivee som fa , mily ysomeeroungil famy -- y >> yeah,eah. >> h: setth -- ctat ay uall show up th to mee ga t, istrhis ue? we g arin-- ea>> yy h, mesniec n andwsephe re gally kot aofick it. - so- >> h: setch gota. or>> f e me,boveryskdy aw s hodo
1:14 am
an atd th. ifbut f thelians t,ke i my ec nindes ahe nepo ws gg alonwith thit, 'men ipy haph witit. et>> sowh: n y, ife ou'rdathe rk ig knwhht, hiich ittere n th onnatieaal lisgue r you?bane >> -- oh ug[ la ]hter et>> sikh: lhoe, w g hasouot yr mb nuer? o >> ss i waalactuotly nn evein e thlebig s agueyet. i and twentrio sprang tg,inin an ysd jaeron wf th othe na altiontss hi o onee f th bi t,ggesge lonomst hnse rue i'v severaneen ild sts l hanot nd laeted y. [ htlauger ] wso i pouldblrobay y sa that ja wyson ierth bs myanane d i al reucly bdokle o wn t hfaceim ev tiery me. >> h: set w nowsohen inmethkeg li at thpe hapn ns ingspriin traing, do r youmateam--tes 'c oauseusbviothly, ake strees a lo iwer,est doacn't lytualnt cou thfor ase seon. oudo yr heat abouonit ctlstany? , like ywhenetou gk bacheto t utdugoe , arlepeope, likw" "wo? ea>> yh. tiit sasll hlan't .nded ug[ la ]hter othat-ne - at th l onealiters ly ithone at op peille wmel re fmber lor aong .time et>> sheh: toure y go. ynow,ivou l ne inorew ytyk ci. ithisfas a tintasc -- th s ere'eaa grght nifet lie. her vi oby,ousl'r youtoe inhi fason. er the e artibeaupeful ioplen
1:15 am
rs veheus ter othie citiks, le, veyou'ne tur id upssn goip co s.lumn y ifo ou g don a pate,e eopl cenoti. ha ats thn beeradistg ctinasor h eeit be n th?best >> d how kid ithnow hiat ts nv cotiersaason wng goico to me ? up ug[ la ]hter s >> beth:seecau m i'medarri and nti wahe to llar aut abo it. [ htlauger ] ou>> y i andlit's llteraiky, le er evrry maguied my onamy te or so dymeboor i wt k ou, with th e ey'r, likel "teloume yr or sties. t' le."s go la [ erught ] et>> scoh: "o me toc lker. i' adve ma.e te te e ll mytever ahing lboutast ni "ght. w >>hahat edppen? tci piceh onry evee fiv.days wh apat hd peneotthe foher ur ?days la [ erught ] , noani meen, i nejoy rkw yo. th i itink g's a creat aity,nd, yo owu knm , i'g.youn 26i'm rs yea. old i soav'm hfuing n. >> h: seth. yea yo ftu le e outthveryi ing d care t,abou t butwahat s -- [ htlauger ] yglade ou'rnghavi. fun .yeah [ htlauger ] ynow,bvou olyiouswo -- armen e in ke locomr row,s noth as ey ou she,ld bh witpethe wopleho co baver llseba -- rtreposhers bouldloe al nwed,o ermattir the. sex yobut veu hala a ponyer the
1:16 am
ja decob -grom- i isuet trt tha bfromd,ehin you llwiom simet tesnkhiha ttht e er is ad a ltty siating oc a lker? ug[ la ]hter ea>> yheh, w an hellctuarsy fit t goedcall i up,we -- e wer lo mcker.ates d anuli wolkd wao intthe lo , ckerpeand aoplellre a owed a inrtt cetiain mes. wabut g lkin mintocky londer a kithinhang tcat i ndn kido of wh wat itoant do. an end thin seestg jur hai over th cke bath of aie ch wr, ias ingettlig a cttlernonceheed tre wa las a itdy s ntingtoext -- my insittxtg nemy to ke locr. bu o,t, ns he'gogot lood fw. et>> sndh: as he'kisticitng wh it s, it leemsike. >> sa he e id hgowas toing cut , iti but t don'k thinashe h. 'l wee l se hwhatnsappe. >> h: sethi i tt'nk ieas grt. i ifld couit do us, tr.t me i' wam alurys c aious mbout usic t inoche lroker whom, io isn ch oarge.f it hiis tpos a plwer y ay b you, inlettopg penole katw th you --are a youulre fn ly igechar i oft? >> h. yea ug[ la ]hter , noctwe ay uall l-- imuove sic. si mus c ha sbeenhiomet'vng ie li edstenmy to ir entfee li. ismy s aters cre ae oupls year r olde ithan-- am s >> ieth:e lik ythatadou h to yosay veu hate listoned ic mus ur yoir entfee li.
1:17 am
as yo if bu'velieen "hke, ave u yod heart abouc?musi ug[ la ]hter m i' 2justo 6, ssti jurd hea t abouit." la [ erught ] el>> wf l, isayou e w thc musi th lat ineiste, d touli wod be dithe erscovfaing .ctor s>>h:etch gota. no ouw, yf r ofs gameyoare u in rethe r gulautdugo? or y areutou oth in lle bu pen? u yot don'd spen tyourinime the gu redular .gout so c youhian cutll o b ande ol co. d anexi'm d citeguyou ys igre-scened essped. >> . yep >> h: set w who kas aey, vi oby,ouslyo to ecur shaond-lf su rge. ithisphs a thoto aat inelso ed esomenaxpla.tion th s is iwihim rath che -- 's ti earang cbs. sh i n'ouldy t sa-- he at's ecring abs. ug[ la ]hter --and h didt e eaofall se tho? ug[ la ]hter el>> whal, tact's lytual w whye igre-shined ecm, b wause ne'reot in gockg baba to orltime. w sodne diav't h we to aorrybout eahim atinghell tbs cra. s >> teth:s hat'.true doyou han't o ve t tplayhem an e.ymor >> b no, wut ictas ay uall de tefini ply aofart t. tha et>> sh,h: o a you pre aofart ti eang. oudo yoy enj m theanarylabd crs e wherhayou heve ttl lite mm haer? d>> io. is t thalithe httler?amme do i thn't anink y ybods wantto sa e y thlelittme hamr.
1:18 am
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1:19 am
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1:20 am
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1:21 am
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1:22 am
[ eech ars andlappe us] s >> weth:meelcok baclato "te ni " ght,ybeverody. ou xtr nest guea is nttaleed au wthor hhosey ighlciantid pate co seovnd n"tel, uehe qf en othe ni " ght,vais aleilab in bo orokstowes n. sepleaco welo me tshthe ow, ex alr ande!chee ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: set a howoure y? >> d, goonk tha. you
1:23 am
ur yok boo cjustouame t. vei haer nevtt wri ben aook. i' wam almpys iedresst thaneanyo can. thbut s is i syourd ur yost firk boo ocamen ut i 20 02. >> . yes s >> weth:ashy hta it soken ?long la [ erught ] yoare slu a riow wter? ii --ur'm c oiousurf yo oc press. >> is i wcoh i sauld way i s a sl riow wter. s >> oeth: bkay,ouut yno're t. n >>o. la alst fftl, a ter id urnehein t nu maptscri w, itovas nr,embe and asit wno "nao.wrim" i and ghthouhat, we t th?hell i' usll j mt -- taybewohat rks. i and e wrotpa100 inges a mo nth. et>> souh: yte wro p 100 iagesn mo a nth? >> a of nonew vel. et>> so h: sreyou'ea alr00dy 1 pa inges heto t o newne? >> it a lmotle hare tatn th. now >> h: set m oh,d.y go haso wd t didoyou m fro t2002o o- twsathouownd-n? >> t' thagrs a queat onesti. la [ erught ] s >> yeth:eah. >> ea i m -n, i- e thera was oflot ea resrch. s >> neth:thow, -at's t- sohis bois a 1ut ace9th y ntura oper
1:24 am
or>> c.rect >> h: set w andhias twos a rld yo ewu kn? >> ne i kthw noabing itout . di i .dn't >> h: sety. oka so t' thae s tht firsakmistu e yo , made ywhenicou pthked at. [ htlauger ] >> t thaalwas y so mghthout, tu i ou-- yw, knohi i thank t it -- di kdn'tannow ngythiut abong bei maa woenn th. la [ erught ] i 'tdidnw knohianytbong aut cefranth at mee ti. di i kdn't--now ne i kmew so ab opout anera oud abert opa ng siers. i but kalsothnew yoat, owu kn, er opnsa fa s areofome m theost te infanse n ns iwothe rld. et>> sigh: rht. nd>> as it' opartatf whes mak em thll reatey ininrestg. bu 'st ito als opartatf whes mak s itrro tengifyiwr to ite an ngythi t forhem. >> h: setou i wmald i.gine be e caus'rtheyine go cg toomb th h rougevwhatouer yte wri. ilikeif -- ro i wbote apeut ora si s,ngerou i wayld sd "an then e sh tsangouhe lrtd pa. ug[ la ]hter d an sthenothe get quiuter b you ul coild stdel unndrsta the rd wonds, a c the wrowdas anentr"ced. xa>> e.ctly s >> aeth:hand tult wo bd bead.
1:25 am
et>> sndh: a o notopnly era. i'but eave hourd y w sayyohen u lk taut abois parke, liu , yowere t nofithe perst trsonito wre a abook tbouteihat .ther -so - or>> c.rect s >> neth:whow, - at -diwhy d u yothput reis pe ssuron yo lfurse? ani mem , i' iveryssmprehaed tt u yoe choso to d.this s wausit ju t yod founthe ecsubj ft sonaasci?ting i >>s t wa psomey rett tr exinaordnaary eivet o n my rt pawo, i sauld y. la [ erught ] u to fse ah renc.word et>> seah: yerh, vlly wee. don yo veu hae don ryourrceseah! la [ erught ] >> i no,t jusedlookth at e odperi i andug thoweht, thll, e si angerist the timd wouln be i ri pas. pr lyobab. if w sheamas fous. heif s g was toing, o beyou kn a ow, brceleofity k thei ind crwas ngeati. so w offnte we. yand,noou kt w, ineis oth of e mo opst p sularngettir s foa ve nol. d ans it i, alsoexfor e,ampl why f myh renctsrighen havol't sd. be e caus -when- >> h: seter intngesti.
1:26 am
, likell"reay?" [ htlauger ] s >> "eth: lwe'dtoove r heawhat yo inu thk." [ htlauger ] "o ouh, yio obv ruslyfread urom o at detitut thae we'r just de atsper he toyoear piur o."nion p >>y rett.much ug[ la ]hter et>> sreh: pmutty ch? ye ah. it nt's itieres- ng -'swhat so erwondabful thout s is iidthe ea of op an siera angerles cey.brit thand waere res a peal ora ersing i, isnnt jendy li? t is--hat en>> jinny lord, c.rect >> h: set t andishis t sorof lo y oseld baseheon ta ideof me sowhone to isfahat fmousor r theie,voic? yes y >>es. et>> sndh: ala exp- in -, likeat th mee tier, three wepl peoe o whhe-- tpese oinra s wgersere le ceiebritnds, aot a lpe of ople 'thadnn eved hear stheming. >> hi i thank t st --e o th am g azing thint abouy jenn lind hais tout, yw, knon eveshnow e whhas n at aa operha-- wu t yo d woul acallac "cl"k. th rte soin of e tens wfansho evbeliate th w shemaas a.zing e shd endecaher breere eforthe e agecof rngordi.
1:27 am
s who'e alivnow. t bus it i ttruewhhat heen s ti re tred,ouhe hf se os lordin lo cndond easenebusiorss f two .days i t can'lyrealnk thia of co pontem erarytanter tinerhat wo cauld a use rngove tmentuto sh do hewn we n shreretid. s >> yeth:eah. s >>ato th f wasnaasci ttingo . me hito tbonk aliut, -ke - th evat lf el oiopassd n an de onvoti. s >> ieth: t wasinhinkyog bence. thbut ten ihthougou of r recongndss ahi i t lnk af ot o ys guba proarbly ben'tceeyon .fans [ t lighhtlauger ] 'dtheyba prostbly goill to wo rk. >> wo it beuld mu so etch bifter wtheyere. s >> teth:rue. it ld woube be .tter racongtitulaonons b theook. nti wata to bolk aomut sngethi telsei'hat rym vere imp ssed wi whth, isich u , yotestar--d a ca i ben't e liev tthatishis tr ue. bu wrt a 'siterid res pencyamrogr on ra amtk. e thn.trai >> . yes et>> sowh: h t didcohis me ab out? ->> i a- inten inw,rvieai i sd, u yo -know- e thtiquesason wet som lhingike re"whe y areosou modt prveucti?"
1:28 am
nstrai. d an sso isoaid inmeth tg tohe fe eff,ct otr "amhoak shauld ve a it wr rers'enesidincy" the te inw.rvie d an sthatncentet e goedpick up on tt twianer, s d waouput t e therfiby, byrst fr my iend ma neude , wtons who'g a bi te li traryerwittse pre nce, erwrito , whvei lote quiit a b. an atd tht jus okindntf we ha e.ywir thand hren tayee dtes lar, tr amenak s at metl litsse meage on tt twier. wo"we liuld o ke tyotry deur ia, se s nd u-man e"ail. gh[ liugt la ]hter d anoui th wght,ishat ng goi on? heso town, ns it'ala re raprogm. et>> sndh: aho so esw do it wo rk? u yocabasigelly tt onrahe tin wrand ite? la [ erught ] k >>ofind ah, ye. mefor . ke liah, ye. >> h: set d you gon't- et -a deresiimncy s plieliyou ve whsome bere,-ut - a >>tl litt.e bi u yoa get necabitte.
1:29 am
co tmmparent. et>> seph: y. w >>a ith anbed ttd liesle dk. e'there s on wpluga ith ershav ne o xt tit. [ t lighhtlauger ] it re's pfatty tintasc. yo owu knth, i whink lat iove t abouthit, , oughlsis ae o th wa wy in yhiche ou'r -justu - yo nn cavoot aheid tpl peoe. s >> yeth:es. hi>> wouch slinds elke hutl, b ac lytuals it' ithisdincreble ateducinion t' whains go ig onn er amnoica atw thhi i tnk alactu lly af ot oerwrituls cod eldo w.l by >> h: sett' whaurs yoge lonst tr train ouip yta've heken n re i stthe ?ates >> i oh,s t wa athatk mtra itrip to rook fw m ne tyorkrto po, land or .egon et>> sndh: a l howdiong atd th ke ta? t >> i atook bout e-threa-and- dhalfays. et>> sowh: w. e thg thin ithatnk thiou i wld t get a loorof wnek doi is bet r fo shuges wathhaof thet, tre's i nonentert. c >>ctorre. >> h: seth. yea thand ouen yli're weke, i ll, t mighelas w sl dowoome rk. [ htlauger ] ur>> se. th s at i.true s i wa lof ae ittlkeshoc d to
1:30 am
ly onth on rte not heasidcorror. et>> seah: yh. >> h. yea et>> shah: ts t'ghrit. t inidhe mofdle c theryount, ey then havve't earn he d of legoog. ug[ la ]hter sthey utillncse epeyclo fdiasor er evngythi. t >>ushey oge goo le t find go .ogle s >> teth: yhanko ou s fmuchor be heing re. co tungraonlati ms soonuch the .book t >> yhankou. s >> aeth:ndlexaheer ce, ev neeryo. he "ten queth of ghe nis t" i laavaiinble ks boos torenow. l we'ligbe racht bk.
1:31 am
ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> h: setth my tankso an almi cummang, artt h vey, analexchder ruee, l sselnssimi, d, anco of , urse8gthe d. ban ay sted tun " foroncarsy. dal" we se'll u e yorrtomoow.
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