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tv   Today  NBC  February 3, 2016 2:07am-3:00am PST

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i 1ackn roleefelazr pla. h >>evey, oderybely, w bcomeack. ha>> wyt das iit? >> t' isoo bze day datuesy. awelsol cal it spanky estuday. i' m eedxcitut abot. tha fit'sarebrud,y 2n t andishat w ifule coard he -- >> rl chautie ph. >> is he ra ado ible, hsn'te? h >>ame te ws upmeith ghan notraid r ankhwiz a.alif , yeahhe's odgo. >> we have anso aweme show da toy. s >>oh muc owsn? e th mit.dwes yb maope perele a at home. t'>> iots n ceni, s.folk t >>rehey'ba probly in t oheirwn ve co.rage e we'rouall ywt anay. >> re we'ng goiha to neve o of ot grher gueat .ests ovwe lm.e hi malou dinfrani. s he ig goinhoto su w yotohow sh eovelr.asie ha>> tgot's od. b>> iveeliery eveg thinayhe ss. y >> bwathe ly, af ot o -- i me i an, thatet o pumpa daer, bu lot a ft ofitatalcoies me om frpl peoove shg elin asnownd ha avingrt heaac attk. dthey io ite n thg wronway. we ul shoy d pantatteion. ithenu f yoe starouat yosr clet y everinmornthg wihi noto ng t ar we'l, weowl sh h youo ow tmake
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do oning tte lihile tng. >> ,okay .good ahe's chart-topping r&bta sr o whas h written force beyon and pit llbu. no nkw ta- - >>t tha was a daterogoryer tm in my y.da o>> n ,more byba. >>no,s it'cool. yifou weree homt lasig nht and youap hdpene toav he t.e. ,on you wliere whke, to is hat escorrenpondatt th -hcodoste on o. t.? >> i know. >> itpe haptoned behi kate's re he i shes. t' lekes taoo a lk. n >>o. ye anars dti meny on mdad. >> wa it ils bu tt onache bofk pe leopik lyoe dur.ay ou-- yd.r da t if in'werer t folepeope lik k franorgiff dd, i kon'tthnow at w we bouldine doatg whar we e in dog. he>> tt laslecoupye of ofars tt sianing tcd wa whinghiith m, he li is 'mke iha so thppy at
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th reey ang doimu so etch bter th can i houlddoave ne. h >>hoow sweuld -- f >>veorgifo me inr bemog a m. 's it t notyohat rru wocay beuse knyou haow tert evngythili in fe s haarprepf ed obosomebudy, t y an snext atep,irny fimst te is u , yo -knowu - yo twant o be ck baiting wi up lth af ot o erpray. twhen thoses weett starngcomi boin aowut hur natheal s h is,ow ee swout, yw, knot jus w-- ias so te graful. >> ta my wake-aomy frch wating r heheis so 's selhersf. th i think oat'sf ne othe ha t rdesgsthinbe to n wheyou ar are st btingseecau k you now, ernumb, onehashe as tor nswe tiques bons,heut s t hask o as es qus,tion n andr umbe stwo,he tohas w knotohow l dea awithll e thstlogiics. sh s e waerso h.self >> l, wel's sheng goibe to on ag toain t.nigh tlastime. >> co poprn. >> e com ahomeeend sr youermoth a for gechan. mi i ouss y. t >> irois gogundh, dayso 'sthatn whexs punnyutaw phil
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otor nre we' going toav h meore nt wir er onot. w >> hell,s ere' hwhatnsappe. t'>> i es ane xcusalfor osl the ys guge to est drupsed th in ose ha ts. le bet's es hont. ey the livthfor is. >> l phinodid e t se-- p >>hahil e s thonpersy alitof a sl n ug osithe lkdewa. ok lohi at ets teh. e >> hs needesbrac. h >> ae is o bitbef a .aver >> di he t d nohisee ads show? >> ch whins meat? wha ngsprion is w theay? >> l, welin spr og ise n thnoway ermattt. wha bu t erfast. >> .yeah he islw aays wrong. no wat alys. th tie na oonaliccean and mo atrisphemic adranist ptionegs s hiur acc aacytut abo %.45 wh iichors st ofik l tehe p olls owin ia. dd kiing. >> . wow at thck shove edyrybo ,upn' didt ? it >> but g theneood odws t-ay - ha>> w tt isoohe gwsd ne? >> s it' nalsonaatiotel tat r to day. t >> these tatercaots rome fm e th smelthop. sh toock reps ain spr wkledith esparmndan aar peysl.
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rideschabe what's inppeng? t >> ahosehere tde loads ones. >> t. wai it>> weeh chse. >> ho i t yughtaiou seyd th dn diav't hy.e an >> id i dtan't a ste ofbit ee chn se i.this e arsuyou re? >> t youmeold ha to neve od , an d.i di av>> hote anher. jui'm idst k.ding >> l thed oade pjalaeyarsld , an -- i >>or'm sry. uli woved haer nev -- >> s i'mi'ure e ll b.fine >> whyon d't yasou thite te.s on im>> jimmy khamel os anngngoi in thg. ff dit erenlepeopl fee erdiffy entlt.abou 's itle caled line wit ssnews. it'smean, buts it'y.funn atheyeosk ponple s thetstree es qus tiont abounethe f ws othe da y. w>> itoant on go or recyid sang i thate kheseofind ng this. y >>onou dal't w ak tod n ollady um stg blinn up alaescator. ha>> tt wasus jtne oe tims i wa on. >> te yes ordaye n thofday the ciowaseaucuops peerle wkee asd t ifvohey ted. ut>> by the iwerelin caiaforn, gh rit? ll>> alyeged. ka>> oy. w >>e're tngalkibo aut the
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g biay d p foricolits. h >>yoave enu bee abletto g out an ted vo? yet es>> yha, i ve. >> re whe y didotou ve? i >>ed votan at e oldntlemeary sc hooly boumy hse. >> e havbeyou blen a ge toutet o voand te? >> bs i aelolutvey ha. w >> ihereurs yoli pollang pce? >> is it l therautheurn chn ch i ywhollood. >> w howthere nee lidas toy? ot>> n. bad w >>there ope pet le athe po g lline plac?nice er>> vcey ni. ry vee. nic d >>heid tfey ofokr coories ic jue? he>> td.y di th ffey o cerede offea and t.donu >> w howheas tfe cofe? >> iid dt n'vehat, iut bwa it s ce nit thaasit wer offed. ha aive s pd toe eopl dthatt idn' tvote?oday t>> i yhinkuyou geds nege to t ur yooo cabouses ert thd e ango vo te. er>> hthe's ine thoug, y are tc wa, hingyoand n'u doowt kn if it s's a.etup u yow knoy' theveee bt n seup. yo n'u calit betheve eeey kp in go ag onn.nd o e thernowas ma prioiry gn ng o e.ther ththe ising re, hehe's wodre ha i and grdisaee. yo n'u doket lipl peo me toake na altionls footh of lvemsees. >> y the bfeelf ad i dthey on't .vote o novene eown knats whs goeon
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>> y the thavegno siel a r ease to ow allir theso -- y theare ok itay w.h it >> t' thaess pr tsureoo. yocan agu ima ine retv cmiw cong t upu,o yo, hey ywilligou sn is th? .okay u yo, known'i doint thopk pele --are hi i teonk pjuple igst sn in thgs. kni iowo. d m i'eaa pl oser,kay? >> be mayy theldshoun't. >> o i d pwhate eoplmeask to do . >> sod glahe tree wero n women th ere. -- ort thaco we teuld ll. >> n bigews. th lwey ataays bolk aowut h up stomid wreen a. ba med woivn drers. nebig itws wm h tos hanky.toda we agreeh withi ts. en evug thohre we'en wom. h >> oe isiafficamlly a'erics bmostedeloveb cel.rity ea>> yh. st la arye's wi,nner weho w also ve lod,ze denl wngashi aton,-nd - ho>> wolse p tl ishis? to nkm has s wa -also- >> ar a hporis .ll ar>> hporis ll. fa tevori h tom manks.ovie os>> m tt ofarhem sen'todo go. w >>ishat r yourifavoomte t
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>> ov i lbied "g." lo i "bved ig." " >>plsleeiness tt seale." wthatheas ter othwa -- s it plsleeiness tt seale. th i t oughashe wzi aman ng i la"phihidelpa." yo d u anvei lom d hibrin " idge piof ses." whic h heas wot n nedominat h.>> o om>> s te ofthhe oarers hne jo yn waare, hn riso, fordrasand ocbullk, jfeennir lacewren, t clinwoeastod. so ldme os guyinare re the. hn jone way c and elintooastwd. ad brt pitjuand rolia s.bert >>d gooor f them. w it bas aig nightt las ghnit. if ou y were not winatchhag wt wa ins go ig onn iowa,ou y were abprobatlygchine "th elbachor." am iandares hete to s ll u what enhapped. >> ee thrrs houtv of dn gooess la igst nht. th horee ofurs e "thelbachor." en>> bti con hnuesueis qorst f , loveitand rt staited wish th gi amrl, .anda s she'mothe othero f ut>> ce. en>> bgo is toing e takouher t a on a hotalir b rloonide. sh s e haakto w ee up.arly d heesecidwa to erke h up rs pelyonal4: at n 20 ithe mo g.rnin
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om rot , busheiv lesn i the hotel wi llth a theth oer rlgis. t so aakeoo lk at how the mo g rnin.went ka>> oy. g >>moood g.rnin >> m oh,d!y go >> t? wha >> no! >> i wdante toom c weake you .up >> oh, ik looadso b. w >> whose ieaveiss th? n >>inot me. i >>'t dont wantohim ll sme my ag drreon b bath,hiut t ms ise. ithisw s hoguthe aty thm i a etcompwiing 1 th 1r othen wome fo s r hit hearmesaw s thi mo g.rnin h >>amey, , andaotwe gat a de to go on. go orod m.ning >> d gooinmorng. hi . ma>> awonda p ke u glikeood mo g.rnin no olt co. ou>> yk lootibeauful. l alt.righ m>> i sean,idhe d. >> t shelyotal m hadp.akeu he>> s r was.eady s >> lhe'sa ike eydisnnc priess. sh le's, hike,.ello >> it a lsttle stardu.
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h >>ewe knwa he ins go dg too soit, go he gt top,et ush bru tehis deth,s o i >>t fely sorrthfor rle gi th wi r theneetair. or poorr po la.uren j >>eeubil r wasy eallthe hi ghghli tt ofhohe sstw la be ken lir d he tfromethe g-go. sh ste's ngartibe to vcomeery me an. >> t' thaats whal usuaply h.pens ot>> nth to rle gis. b toen. sh ple's g ayin thardt.o ge bthatuplew he in cer fat las t.nigh i>> n'mseot u bd to eing shoveredadow. go ining onto t, ightlti fe al reooly goud abert evngythi, bu w t nojui'm east rlly sa dintppoin ed ithhis tsough. j >>eeubiln , caalwe tk? >> wa awkrd. id>> d h youwhear heat sd? sai >> 's sheke, lit', let s no hold ha nds. >> j shesaust haid tt. i >> m getany cho ce tyosee u. ke liis, thab is yoout d u ani
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ab grr you, handlejubinde, a wa oulk yta ups airs,ound y 're, , likenono, ., no u yo apullfrway m ho tw issuhat edpposma to e ke m wfeeli hen totry b gra your ha n nd it fron gof a, roupand 's itle pulayd aw? th i itink es's b tt ifhtonig we sa ody gobye. o >>kay. >> ou i wavld hvee lom d hi ndunconaitiolly. >>o st i endedn whe -- she lk waedly sad into a cab,ik le ll baing. th e ey'rexin mico. g heinoes cto ar ornecrand ied. gh rit? >> oh,to sp .it upman . er ev iyoneuns drk. h >> ce isg ryin cin ar.orne henow t has bo goupack rsstai g tocko ban oe thtedait walh l es thrle ginds, a a i'mmet ho in gow g hohiis tins go g to verecor? i hears heketbron. h,>> ois he , notdaaman. h >> ce isg.ryin us>> jtct wareh mo. >> whyo d yalou f flor isth? >> llweou, y're ghrit,ak te a
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>> ig ton hht io ad tsay go e.odby >> ben,s iity oka if ite sal u yo forne o se?cond m i'y.sorr you he andlatsitu lionsike th itat wchh supe resndct a ac gre. 'm>> ie donkibreap ng u with lepeoper afts. thi ou>> ye havmoten o re tgo. y >>eah. he 'sro bheken ou>> y t canhoell rtw huwa he s. w >>hen youat wchhi tsk bac and yo eu sehe t w may actan as,hy w in he tor would wld you evert wan to love him counitndnaioyllor f ur yoe? lif ea>> yh. yb mae. h >>ese dosen't ate wh's ha inppenhig behend tne sces. ha>> wtut abo the oneod noby ke lis? r >>y eallk,quichi ts ended on a fhclifrange with ol.ivia
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wh a ile. sh y e ma ghaven otteedkick off shthe asow lght nit. w it tas a co benuontied. th rle gilds to t benshhat e's bu ngllyiry eve, bodyheand ar sttoted ie belt,ve ine so xt wweeknde fi i oute'f shils stl t onhohe s nw orot. >> t whaoudo ynk thi? i >>nk thi's shell sting goi to be un aror d foeaat lnest oe. mor h>> iope. i >>'sf itki worn ng ithe ti ra yngs,otou gke to erep h. a >>a,mandt thaa was -- >> ov i le e th tfactshhat e evbelilles as thif.stuf 's it, saditbut do's ae.rabl i >>ac'm bodk, ho a, sknyou ow wh haat tant mes. li a sttley pankkyspan. >> no! >> uspl,ee st ir fouryolfse. >> ou lan madfri ins hasoa tiluon to ll aho t aseoynng inttli le ob pr rlems aight tfterhis. (cell phone rings) e wheru?are yo we tll squhereir arelsac b k tin atthe.ic mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can calli b you mack,om? he says it's personal this time... yife ou'rm,a mo u yot call arsthe wome.t ti 's witt hayou do.
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on car insanur,ce u yo tswitchico.o ge 's ityo what .u do er whyoe are itu? er's v ty loudhere. yoare ngu takizu a clasmba s? olit (p wely)aiait, wt!t, wai yout can' iput it tn like..hat... hine to rt fise irst. bthat's-on akededalfro. d-bake'son? itve nenna r ssdish iues? ust tr dyourheishwaswir ascath clade ptinum. it s. power.. through... your toughest stuck-on food. better than finish. casc ade. b i'veon een eemy fdal all i'y. shedm bu! tyea meoo. cu tcomighhrou! ri he gde tavel w ce ofrtomfo wi dth schr.lsol massaging gel insoles. 'r theyovene pr e to givmfyou coort. ic whlps h hefeyou el nemore eedrgiz ..ll.aon day lg. i want what he has. dr ray spy? 'sthatun f. lrit's aryeady d!
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f >> iwiyou pth a peskyemrobl ou arhend tse houn', dollt ca a ha anndym. u yo wknowtohat do. as u.k lo lo nfu maniradi h, he nas aame th hyat rwimes elth ksey ba l y.rein >> wow,t' thas .good li i hake tt. d >>u o yo iliket? >>ooh,er camffas o. t >> todayoshe h "t ofe hous sm aart"tond " cday"ibontr utor oiis domng sngethife >> ha he ous brabght out so onluti as tohell tbl proheems ha ens beed ask about the .most l so get'so. i >>al citl oo ne dl tof.wo ethes arete imst tha geten st to me t tha ihi tilnk w bleea rlly he l.lpfu tipainoung tg chins up iysalwa a ob prlem. gthisementlnvan id ente so inmethllg caheed tpa my int sa int.
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y ifavou h te to uouchoup, y got to n ope uthemd p an ttakehe br ouush t. ithislis a jttlehaar tu t yo t pue thtrexina paatt th you ve hat thaa has h brusadalrey in anit, w d noevwhatoler couor y ha yove, epu keth in ere. ne haver o ve t twashruhe bsh. u yoalactusely us thiouto tch up p the.aint wh ouen y d are yone,utou p it ay awd , ancayou op itff. >> t' tha ss so.mart t >> is comey.empt fiyou t ll indup a -- w >>thith ldis o o caninf pat. cy reitcle . t >>s hat'niingeus. >> heta s brtediny usmag a son ja or t ntinve it. it o 's st.smar , it's, like$15. if y are pou assrofel iona pa r inteyoand au do o lotf uc tos,h-ups thieais r--lly ow>> hut abop soa sthatinits e onheof trase tndys as get pyslop. >> s thiy is mrifavohite tng. sothe aiap-tner. we e havofone se the. sewe ue dov.soap kn i ouow y s cany ee m, skinhow ni t ce iis. 's ity very slim iwhenint's a so isap dh. d it oripsntff ie o th, sinkand u yo thaveepo ker you sink n.clea it sn doeet't gt thay soap duresie. ouif y s canthhow ois hneer cabee us'sitom chre.
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e thmechrole refofcts tf ofhe p toitand d kinleof binnds . it y 's m fmostitavorine thg. m i'intellu,g yos it'mea ga an chinger r youtyvani. >> howoe d ss it?tick ou>> yt jus ospit.n me yo knu ?ow i >>'m rrsoy. >> atl litore m sepit too git wh e th.spit w>> ixcas e.ited ou>> llo, i i hi>> t ts isorhe npldic ow. he oure ye havthall owe sn in ne rkw yot , but a loreof a-as - twhenwahis rss fintt seme to wthisboas a99ut $. th s is iowa plt thapuyou sh ndbehid , anyocan anu chhege t gl an ye asusou pe h th.snow ey the havtta liidle vn eo othis th ing. wh fen i sirstt,aw ias i w kithinoung ye have to bigas b m ifours nchenoof souw, y get t right.on i mei coe hom tfrom irips n my oe shans fld ats and i'll do the iv dr lewaytyickeit spl. th o ey do a tw, foote thre, foot an urd fot. foo u yo got toe hav a big rearnd e oto dha t ftfoour-ot. if a youn re aagaverzee si onpersu , yo dcano isth, and it's eomrgonlyicalre corctnd a
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elshovsning ow. >> m howdouch t es i, costlou? >> ut abo0 $10thfor ree the ot fo. >> and y couanus jt hitang up? >> . yes git's.reat ua>> gn rdial.ange hayou hive cn.ldre yo e u arieworroud abemt th ic st tkings hinghein tle outts. th tle ouovet c ters,tahey ke of f. ythiscrou sigew rn ht otioverme --ig rht onr ove o thet.utle omif s teoneesouch i it,rnt tus e thr powefooff ver fion secds. ythenluou p bg itinack and ythenovou maye aw. tiany cme a ghildneets t ar ior plyou n ug ivathe ccuumerlean r fo sfivedsecon t, it ournsff, an end thgo it aces b.k on $2 0. ou>> yav htoe uy b l a ootf th .em r >> of -- ihayou nve a ewer , home osomee f thtrelec ical co ardes ree alouady s tletin er thate th t arer-ampef,proo so yo ntu wama to urke su e yomay ha hove tse. u yo twanttro ret o fielas wl, is thco is ol. 's itle calapd sner pow. 's itou an ctlet toverhahat s a bu inilt .d l.egh. nihttlig in it . ha>> wt? a >>ght nient wh l the gightoes ioff,s t hat lighheon tre. co rtunte hops,ayallws. a >>t ll i -does-
2:26 am
lemiddth of ghe ni st orhiometng ke lit. tha y>> houe avisthit le tlp tiatth go reshtigve othr --e ou>> yt justhput ree sc.w in th veey eken mane oit wa h b us ov>> l.e it f >>lyinalis, thon is me ofy ve fao.s to swthe o-eep-vac. >> m you tountunhis eadernheth t hekitcbin ca anet,ound yk kicit wi outh ye,r touu vaceam clner. t >> is suckhein twh -- at? wa it. h it vas am acuunecleag.r ba uit's yndercaour t.bine ur kyochit floen ioralwas ays mess. you coare lynstantin sweepg. u yogoh witr youoe t k andick it. as it h l a baga vaike cuum ea clner. ou >> ysw just stufeep tof in th aatrea. s>>epwet $1 89. s >>u o yot don' aneedt duspan? r >>.ight ju hest tom bro. o >> dhayou dve apaust n? n >>o. [ htlauger ] >> re the g youo. ry ved. goo w >>vee lo. you >> 'l ile b orveo t inalstl it. ll i'ri by ng msaw.
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ne>> ote sta pment ciecenean o up r youe styln in aaninstt. th arese e e threbefos. ai>> wntt uilou yee s atth. ha>> tt's a esprent, youan c't ta keha tt ayaw. >> f but tirst ou's yspr rebionsility to ol s tveorhe w ld'sgr steatell chas.enge is i thy s whrcwe seathh for e abestghnd britest. whwey rain tor fvery e tu evenyalit on landand r,wate hein t, air sp e acd anenevyber cacspe. o we iperaten a complex world with o snemiimple ssion. n. wi r ouheclotn s catcstret h outhin she wain, rutheming ev for er.ecprotur ct yoesloth fromtcstre, fahing, dingzzand fu. h ...wity fadown bricitcond..ioner. psit helct protethes clom froda the f mage owashthe . soour yvofalorite c stathesy avyour fclorite s.othe downy fabric conditier.onsh wae in thwow.
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no matter o wheyou ar ara heckt attaap can hpen without inwarng. y if'voud e ha a t hearckatta, a r bayen aspirin regime n calphent prevean r onothee. be e surk to talrto youdoct efor bu ore yobegin a anin rspirenegim.
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>> w > no twithrahe beain tser es tuwhday weere t tryt o geyour mi ovnd mwiing fth aidun rdle. cthis tomes fo usgorom od ri s ddlenow. at wh a hast foonobut s? leg w >>hahat fos a utot ble no g? anthe iswertes afisr thak bre. t >>a hen gabig urme bwiger th a te twxas thist ouat ygo're toing .love >> t inkhit' itws tho gsin. w >>hat? on>> day't s it. >> andow h oneot hcc asoesry can taker you outfitm fro drab t o
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
no g thinr.unde ilikerit's onght - the- ayanyw y, ifanou w gt to let aeg up yo on oour lisk thte winour, y n' doedt nebl to ouow ydgr buet on ra a bewnd nfi outt. om>> sesetim y alleeou n od isne em itma to ske ametatent. thereo showou y how, banritty vi lene. br nyittae. cam i.>> h om>> sesetimha we tuve sn ff i clour , osetyoand inu thk i do wan't o nt t twearbehat e caus onwe dno't katw whca we n do iwithigt, rht? >> lltotay. t righw,no evneeryo'sti hit ng sathe rlesacks tory t tod fin mo re otclhes, butt whae w can do l isinook ur o ctlose anddd a st ju s onemetateient pce. >> 's letng bri k outa.eysh he>> s a hasut bea tifulop. >> sheas h ay graft shi dress on ,ro fm ls.ulu'com. sedress. ftheyerlatt. w >>n e ca istep at upch not. cashe d n adata stt emen.belt th s is ithfor yte daime. ait'sth soudrern beawl anlt, d
2:34 am
.hips we gi've n ver helia lettit bf o a refigutt-flag erinousilh.ette osit cnlts o1.y $1 lyrealy easdafor y. w >>abhat niout imghtte? e'>> wo ll g tintoighe nmehtti. >> sh keya -- >> t' tha cs so.razy th s is iheanotltr be. is thru is opy'ssen rerve. ithislys on. $27 it's really fun. e shascl ipsant pud tts he lvsi cerinha. >> ng chaeres hri earupngs a li bttleit. >> ct exaly. i >>vet mor s heroin fy m dato t.nigh >> in agaat, flngteriho sile.uett ha>> tounk y. o >>exur ndet mo cl e' sht s goasa clousic ttfithat a oflot pl peovee ha. d >>itefinely. >> ot a lti of whmes omen w-en - ms moey, th i gett. th e ey'rg goinanout nnd ruing er s.rand k blaclaon bck. >> t whaldshou d sheo? he>> sgo is toing r paiher bl onack k bacmbenseitle wh a fu ldn bonc treh. 'sthatll rea.y in ithisoms frqu eleaney, 'sd it $1 an79, w d no dit'stoown
2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
th ogis tr.ethe ic whh isea rlly poimt.rtan i >>ats th rer?gula >>he too gstd f.uf o>>kay. >> then we mix thaalt l up lyreall. wel erbettyo if iu dotht wir you s.hand et>> gth in ere. >> i getten afr it. i >>ul shoked mall y'ath do is. i t don' hknow eow i undedp in do.g it pereci. t'>> ious yr re.cipe >> t' thas ht ow or>> f im ithonto gst do. o >>y h, mgod. o >> gd aheasaand .y it owi kns it'ngcomi. >> t' iins reteinstg. >> ea yh. >> ea yh. a >>igll rht. thbut ode got part abous it i th heat trese aat gre - foru - yo tacan teilga. lo a tt of yimesavou he -- oo>> gd. >> d you hon'ta ave oflot m roo on g the, rillouso y m cana ake lot. >> y. oka >> d whyouid y t putthhis oning oftop it? >> sh we heut t w lidwehen ll gri usbeca we weitant o t sbemoky and tasty. ywhenriou galll, swaysthhut e d. li >> y. oka t >> ahesellre ady rea. inow'm gonna have u,yo you can at st leao d isth. >> ido'll it. >> tu lettoce, .mato
2:42 am
>> n wheprthe n oteitsstar ngcomi o oute f thlidog hake tt, at thhe's wu n yo iknowret's ady. ri sey.ousl go e lik.this o >> dit. d >>.o it l >>thike is. t >>s hat'.okay >> is relheh, cese. nwhatot. at>> kakh, mure yo -- >> t whald wouou ye likn os?your ou>> y y eat, oursthswee.eart rei alhaady tad a toter t. w >>arho ces? t ger afteit. utpp amaroxite -- put it oe n th bun! >> r all.ight ll i'e tak othatne. >> t' thains go bg too e totohot heat,oda. h >>anow c - yout'- le.s go id>> d d youato th? s >>idhe d it. w >>a hat n.woma w. wo ot>> ps atoenow. w >>vee haat potheoes .re 'r weine go cg tounook til eyth're soft. ju ofst sout engh. en thre we'ng goiad to -d in- th s is iyofor ysu gu. adyou -d in- w >>ine? in>> we. t >> yhankou. >> ck chitoen sck. at wht tha idoestas po toes rbabsong this. i .know >> e wt go rto
2:43 am
y >>o ou d tlike mhis,a ake na vittigree. i >>got's toing on be our itwebse. t >>ishis ic del.ious v >>viery rynega. >> ov i le it. >> ov i l te itoo. me ti. th s is ilyreald. goo y.todafocom/od. yo n u cak chectiout shm's ow re rastautant s trtuproomor w on cnbc. r supesihot , ngeryoand e u ar t aboueeto s. why
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om fr r&bta s trk anteafthr .is swhey e,eetis it'.time o eyee f thr tige a tvgonncr: fterod a noonneeveryo. crtv ann t: it'serfehe payct da for f game oballfoot. tv a : nncreathis tavm is ha ing asfantastic seon. g mornins ritualspecare ial. ywhen sou wharet haloyou .w..whith yoo veu lo. kellogg's frosted flakes. they'rgre rreat! now.
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iaspecy-lledmark kellogg's product. t'leths get yqese daliquuil id ndgels a go.t thbuliese elquid gnes are w. mucinex fast max. 'sithe s te amfferdi.ence th neis ox is mathstreng andtsfigh. mucus ci mufastnex . max the conlyd old anquflu lielid g th maxat'sen-strgth and fights mucus. let's enthd is. ug rth! heaburn! ononsne bur w on my!atch tr kay aler-seltzbu heartrern chliefews. they worstk fand a t don'taste ky.chal m. mmazin..amg. i hhaverneartbu. alka tz-selrter hea burn efchreliews.
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he t ciitce conrt sserie on ay"tod" isud prolyre pedsento t yo u byi. cit >> i> hemus a talti-edlent -tninegrime nammyatomin&bed r ti arhost ws goeneby oe nam on ly. .tank >> ha he ens beni burp ng uthe tschar y for.ears wi evth s teralopen t msalbu,
2:47 am
r foe som tofheig bgest arsts, udincl bingceeyonnd a b pitull. >> ha he s s hialnew abum,nd it on's g ne tor umbeontwo the bobill20ard nd0, as it'edcall ov "lexe, sd , an."pain de > inpend tg onrdhe oer. 's it i allw n ho--you >>he t first one wash suc a hit, u yoot g dtaohe ton sece.d on >> got to d ao it.gain es>> ys., ye ou>> ye hav bfiveifeautul il ch.dren ha heve tary heisd thic mus? t ishohat u w yo tmade hese drchilen? >> s it'ossuppo ed tdube alt mu sic. u yoowkn? i togot l caleryestfrday y om m stolde s andaihe sadd, ddy, me sothone tinkss hingare apinoppratriwhe yat w>>wae tntheo .ar t>>nkhaou ynk, ta. t >> yhanko ou s.much if nl oy you knew ifnl oy you knew yeah ifnl oy youne kw if oynlou yw kneea yh ify onlou y knew
2:48 am
if onlyou y knew hucow mh i do loveou y dnwoul'te bri tgppin wo'tuldne bri tpping now y ou don'tno kw you don't k now d you kon't now you just't donno kw w shat't i gonnae tak for you noto kw yeou'rhe ty onlne o i wa ront aund ou yth're nle oy one tool hde m wn do rlgi s youd houlknow baby you don'tw kno y onou d'tw kno
2:49 am
ve lo you ulwodn't be tinrippg ooh,h yea oh oh yea you't don knowou y't donw kno yo n'u dotno kw n' dotra gb me in pcubli
2:50 am
if only youne kw m howuch i lo ouve y youou wtldn'e bri tgppin c onome om cen o come on o oh yeah d youon'tw kno you't don know dyouon't know doyou knn't ouow y't don know youus jton dno't k w d o ito te mve eryig nht d youon't know yo u't donno kw a nin'toay w i can ever let u yogo i lyf on k younewow h chmu, how mu ch i doe lovou y
2:51 am
youon d't owkn y,ou don't kn yoow, u't donw kno ou y't don ,know you don't ow kn, youus jton dno't k w >> ! yes .tank ha>> tounk ymu so ch. >> nk tha. you o >>hah, tounk y. >> we'rein givayg aw a big izpr be,ut fit,rshi tss i "t " odaybcon n. t >>wahat aus bel.tifu ea>> yh. o >>y h, mgod. t it'snghe "pugym ent stbag ink" lineutra zer. thand vee "pred nt molmildand ew son thecuhower nrtai upfor 7 da to spys" ray. lsit's a"oo the causdor ingerbactghia" fi ter. evand "en thee'athletot s fongfullus" kier. sc di moroveryse waan you cly use disisol tanfecaynt spr lp to heyo keep omeur hhe r.althie er tha moe's njre e woyable ay toyourget er fib. iltry phfilips' goodber mi gumuses ply energort.supp a nit'sibew fpler supthement helpat pps suguort relarity
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mmmmsem, theoo are gd! ornice wllk, phiips! stthe ta oy sidebef fir, phifroms'llip. i ketatu pics reunof sseris, t buthwiba my pckain coi 'tuldnle sep an t d ge iup.n time en thound i fve ale pm. aleve pm is the only one to co a mbine slesafeidep a plus 12 the pa hour eliein r vingre stf ngth oe.alev i' . m back pmaleve b for ar amette. re stweatss s . hit cananappen e toytimon any ssreat swe is different than ordinarywe s sat, its womellrse. t gemes 4 tiprthe onotectiai agstrenst wess sat. th swit ecrealclinicgt streninh blvisid e solieaand cll.r ge thche ngalleaces f ingcothe y untrr neve.stop eiso n dtherthoes s.e u.y. arm tweinra. adapt.
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ev soery r.ldie every unit. ev daery y. t noeeto k p upthwiha ce;ng bu tot ve dri it. bononody khaws wt leprobomms tw orro bwill.ring
2:54 am
>> or bef se weooay g, dbyewe nt wama to ivke f ye ofeaou rlly y.happ 's ite timivto g ae itway. >> os alm,0t 10nt00 e, eredand th eeis wprk's isize op a gro 4herosi sesamon canera d ce aciessors. oo>> l ik atuyt, gs.
2:55 am
99 $3. 's itro gopma's st llesand gh li ctesta.amer >> k looow h cthute i as>> ee-y ononbutttr conorol f e thosvide p ands.hoto wit'sprateroof. 's itpa come tibl awithopll gro mo auntsccnd ariessoes. y >>reou ao alsg goinetto g a rethwae-moy t unatthan ce bedus a as ,gripen extsion arm, and a l smalteremo. 32 a ab gigsdyte d. car ee>> sok, lod , ancayou stn ju st itart h wit tthis ohingurn yo t.wris ou>> y't donn eve thave o be ineart. u yostcan frart veom orer he. g >>ayet wn. dow inget re the. wh ouat y? got g>> i-ot - >> ? who >> bi debwme neroan fngm kis rt fonn, tee.esse 'm>> ipy hap d fore.ebbi ha>> tnks. st al- -al sly kistennm fro omholcisb, wincons. w >>hat? >> m froonwiscsin. >> m frongcomior, gegia. >> n i'masot w itingt. i >>go've vet ladirne sockern om frhv nas, illenoilli-is - nd>> adg briroet fnem pive gro, li il.nois
2:56 am
wi s.nner smakeure you enterin aga for xtneee ws k'izpre. r fompcoteleul r,es tgoklo ang hod t hie thnncot ecttbu.on w>> ihohes ?re d>>'tonar c be, iuts t'-- >> un f mnyan cinolui q.nn l>>veeae monale. st iopt. op st! op st! >> ga cone! lin >> p stoit! >> it is r? ove [ htlauger ] >> wo t more mesinut of kyspan time. bring >> my mission is simple, to make you money. i' rem hele to thvel aye pling fi d elr foall investors. there's always a bull market somewhere.
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