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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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( ooh)
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guyou liys reaonze anyn use cae amthe "n pe your" toriceol fo or freeren proge.cossivm, right? la [ nughinguslyervo ] pick[ whles ines ] i kn itow, e's likey thalwa're n ys ositelevion.
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c onome h and ear, ocomed n an hear a ndlexa rer'smeagtid ban e comndon ar, hea mecoan on ard he s it'bethe anst b d in l the and y theplcan bay a cugle all ylikeevou neaer hefrd b ore na so l tura that wayou gonna wa to r 's itt jusbethe t stes bandat wh o am,neh homby la e comloon a ng,me coal on ong et lta me ouke y tbyanhe h d o up tmathe n, o up tmathe n ho whe's tde lea r of b the and an yd ifanou w ht to ear sthateeuwaner riv p d layeagin r time me coal on ong, ocomed n an hear le aerxand 's rae gtim, band! yeah no yw ifanou w ht to ear sthateeuwaner riv la pinyed ti rag me co n me oheand ar, ocomed n an hear
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yeah! la(appuse) ohar, de. y e ou'rernear t myhan d hea is th to lle pi ow ea nthrer an thnde wi is th to lle wi ow re deaanr th e th irain s
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ci preasous s the un th to ine th gs throat g w y e ou'rernear ha te n th ivy t e o th iwall s ea nthrer an thnte wi er o tfathe s ll i av le e me w but hen reyou'y awa k you now
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' e causvei lo you s o la(appuse) te s' ppin out mwithbyy ba 't canwr go ong se'cau i i'mghn ri t i fot's rer su , fonot ybr ma e ha tm t i' all sedres td uphtonig pp steouin' t mwithney ho y an ce 't b goodfe i o el s bad ev neler f t e quitunso s ny nd aee i k p onoc kn wkin' ood e'there ll bthsmooli sai n' 'c iauseri'm t' mminaimy s ls wi bth at righe shin on myes sho o and nn my ails
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't canwr go ong se'cau i i'mghn ri t sk awh me en wihell t b day e he t d big ay bemay ig ton ht th wiri a bshght onine smy ahoesn nd oaimy n ls pp steouin' t wiy th m baby an co 't ggwron au'c'mse iri in ght meask n whe llwi d thee ay b e thdabig y bemay ig ton ht s inteppt' ou thwiba my by s inteppt ' ou mwithbyy ba b s aby'pistep n' outht wi me ig ton ht
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'm iay alw s c nghasinb rai ows w inatchoug cl ds d inrift g by sc my s heme j areliust ke myall am dre s en ding th in y e sk so elme flolas ok tod finsuthe nenshi
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so elme f mlows ake nna wisoing memeti i rneve eneve makina ga b veelie me 'm iay alw s si chaaing rs nbow w ngaitifi to nd a lelitteb blu ird aiin v n fsomes ella look into fe d thhisuns ne al i lways ook fiand hend tn rai
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vei ne r evaken mgae a in el b mieve e 'm iay alw s si chaaing rs nbow ai w ttingndo fi a tl lituee bl bird in v ain
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n i'my'obod s ab b y w ir onde why e niach anght yd dai pray l theupord ve abo le psease e nd m down bosomeo dy t love b obut n ody w mants e bli'm omue s ehow
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nd ae takana chitce w h me usbeca e i'bom no bdy's aby ow n o n n y'obodbys ba nd ae i'vtogot w knoth ase rehyon w as lekt wewa, i s wag lkin tdowntrhe s eet a etnd moy a b d anidi sa "h maey, ybe s i wat meanyofor u" b e ut h sonly hhookeais h d anidd sad- goo bye ke he igpt r ht wag lkin tdownvehe a nue no
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i ig'm mblhty omue s ehow wo son't emeon arhepl my ea a aknd tlie a ttlean chitce w h me au bec'mse i no bo no bdy's aby i' uem bleh som ow t won'onsomeare hepl my ea anked taha a cwince e th m be e causloi'm menesoon ow my e nsom d ancri'm ying e'ther ds nongenyi on i dea't mybn ma e, i'bom no dy's
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pp(ae)laus n the iighttts bi er th are stves hat losth gleir r itte he tds winw groercold ud sydenl u'yoldre o er nd a b allseecau tofanhe m
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o n more hi ges eallr ca th ite wrsing' tonalhe w l drthe eamsu' yoreve d amed av hl e al agoney stra t anhe mt thayowon u as h o run ff unand ydone ou t grhat beeat inginn g as hn seenaa fi l nginni t don' knowat whpe hap ned
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m no ore athatimll-trie th ll yofor bu've een ugthroe h th mill an ved ne r a lonew ve l wilhebe te sam oo gddd ri,ance odgo -bye ev trery ofick his ou yon're to fobut olsll wifo be ols whand s ere'onhe g e
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r thegeoad outs r gher 's itel lon ier toand r ughe wi opth hu e yo uburn p mo to rrow ighe murht t n up th s ere' njustt-o le up thvee li nlong ight daand y ev iner s ce thoris w ld eg b an re theno is gthin ddsahaer t n e-a onwoman man ki looorng f e th man gthat ot
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m the an at th got aw ay
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la(appuse) b cle a own cbe a lown thall rle wo d s loveowa cl n s 'ehow icm tr ks 'tellokem j es yoand ou'llstnly op twitholop f ks d iressgen hu ggbanty pa s y andl ou'l ride rothe o ad tncroma e b aerutcha or rbake dilaeves nmber e race ba a frber bor a eau d woul sbe al ociaradisg ce atheyilll wmel coca to ll if c youalan f yl onfaour ce be c awnlo ,be c awnlobe, c awnlo ko(cucuno sofed ef ct, enaudiauce lr)ghte
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t all wheldor veloa s owcl n a be y crazoobuff n a hend tmo 'deleisel s awillwoll s on cbe a jracknaacka pes t andllhey'im e itatliyou peke a s b whygre a coeat ermpos enwhr you'srentar in arre s w e hy bjoa maetr po if llyou' i ower t fos year ut bro cs'wd clle omigto g gle ouif ygl wigure yos ear a be n,clowbe lo a cbewn, lo a c wn ko(cucuno sofed ef ct, enaudiauce lr)ghte b cle a own cbe a lown ll a w the orldve locls a own hebe tr pooy sill ass d anllyou'ay alw s tr favel-cirst lass ve gi t 'ems,rick vegi f 'em un t andllhey' pay ayto s'r you1 e a- if b youe ecomrma fa er, veyou' w theereathbu to ck
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b acut jouk, yne'll laver ck if q you luacka ike duck a be n,clowbe lo a cbewn, lo a c wn hey! b cle a own cbe a lown .. be.lo a c wn la(appuse) rc(orahestyi pla ng "othver ine ra)bow"
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j onust n ce ifea li time t 'shere oneec spmoial ment o onne wulderfen mom t w fahen te tayokes anur h d a hind t s is ommy m ent my e onc in a tilife me he wcan i pln ex ore ne a d w antiexcianng l d o for nce m infey li time i l fee alikent gia
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th as iough w had ings f hior t s is ommy m ent esmy d ctiny malls e thand ough ayit m be t jus once m infey li time goi'm donna re ghiat t ngs
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s ha bbeenhtrougyo to u byem gleth tooe,past thwi p theteaten d glfo-70 a.rmul
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