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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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nd a w i'mngarni you i a t's orvict ious py hap g andoulori s neraw st in i l feenga so micon ng o s it'loa me dy f ofull l theteaugh r ch of enildr outte afe r th rain 'l youarl he tua l nefuy stor r ngingiya to ov ld e anyglor llhaaheluj a ownd n ha t tt myleroub s arnee go t let hhosenleaveumy dr s n go omidrum ng us 'cafee i sel a ong ngcomi on ou yhe'll ar a futuneorl st y
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tot,nighth we toughit ht migki be f nd ofun d tocoo a t ncerg usinmuthe sicom fr m thes.ovie r afte oall,hour s w cdoesfrome olom hodlywo d an mevenimore anport t, ifie movd s har neveenhapped, d i'abprobtily sell bon te ofumhe gstm siers g in rrands,apid nnmia.esot ie(audlance erught) i so, s guesbethe last p ce tort staat is b thenieginng.
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wh heen tie movars le ned t to..alk. t andngo si. okmoay, rt? i haf i d a intalkctg pi ure f o you i ld wou i run t evtiery me i t fel blue i ld wou t sit here hein tom glo f oonmy l ely lelittm roo a ppnd a laudch eae timwhyou r ispe l iyoove u y ou t oncrhe s een mothe ment c youiname w vie
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tw we o w i gould ive shten a ows day nd aid a mt nighnemati e i haf i d a intalkctg pi ure f o you pp(ae)laus , toot,toot otto gsie,byood- e ot toot, toot, to sie, t don' cry c thechhoo-raoo t in thayat w sy ay awm fro you orno wands c say .. howh . wa to toot, toot, e,otsi d an then it do r oven agai y nowanou c tcwar h fomathe il ca 'i'use evll naier f l
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to toot, toot, e,otsi odgo -bye t toot, oot, sitootn'e doy t cr (auspplae) gui thess veat edyrybows kno atth f the tirstealki atth d wasone wanes doh wit . mrolal json pin areictule cal d "tazhe jngz sier," d anlii'd o ke t sdo a ongom frt tha,film d anini th k thasat we 1.. su i e ppos,1927 enwhki talames c,e in e'so woll dth rse fivit moe llcadied "harty nds, y dirt."face on wulderfen frireds a waalarys h fd to ind
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e somsfolk vehae non i a was lone yefor ars ut be fatkiwas nd i ande n th end b htrouga me ndfrie ho altheugh 's nocht muhe hig r ha t kn my nee ti se'll h s theae gr ttest hing o rtn ea mh to e ty dirds han d firty ace
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t but o me e' h as an ongely f jo m g akinenoisbr ngeakis toy ay alwghs fi ts twithoyhe b s b isut hs eye e arsia vi on se to e d an mwhenrky wodo is ne in commeg ho atoti setunng s
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he tkin i ss bo my y ty dirds han , difarty ce l e ittll,deviy the say ut bme to e' h as an ngel o y f jo no sw, iseuppo coi reuld cite a apoem mboutn,y so orbe mayw sho you ota phphogra toryoell ouu ab t osomes f hilelitts, way t bu wthatn'ould t be intellug yo
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vei'n seeaiacclm th cat'sedhangin isto dovappral an ccd sumeess lt inaito flure d anapthe seplau tofanhousf ds oshand midi tnishe o thdsoun oft jusshone rutte tthioning nde wiow vin aloery hnely ouse hein tht nig.time bu rot thalugh tl ofhis, aphis seplauan s d hiaiacclm ans d hi floveeor mha csn'tedhang. dmy, eedst righroor w ng, inremaue unqnestiod d anermy ptispec ve myand en strgth arote sobyhed .. and. tkeptheogetr
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d anclthe sean, sunny mell isof hra outs geoumapajas thand ste moqu elophent rase hein tld wor, "gniood mght, ama. vei lo." you i so, hloveim. i hloveecim b ause eehe fndls aws kno hthatn e ca afillce spa th fat ikeeel meeps y awa omfr w the sorldimometes. i hloveecim b hausekee ma s me e awarheof tt fac th'mat ily truve alian t d no djustinriftmeg soe.wher i hlove im i and hneedim, t buknyou omow sngethi? i hloveecim b ause n he meedso.e to
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om choing me toet a s sting un ro fe m th gate tahe storts run he tkin i ss bo my y s he'onmy s g s he'aymy w e' h rs myn easo t ayo st ' e cause to m s he'ngan a el
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fr llom ar ovewothe rld ocameo ut tfocalirnia rito worte f m thes.ovie thwaere rss ge,hwinge gorgewiershn, rojeerme k n, ldharoen arl... , ohanso m y, t so isowas f rt onknow as g theruold n sh iyearl llhod ywoo fdaysomor crspose. d and i hagrthe hoeat nor inof s agingre sco min a toviei hat did heby te namthof "rae pite." . mr pcoler orteewrot woa funderorl sce. i' ked li.. to. l i'd ike into ssog a rong fatm th. t leakme tfe ofmy ke jacret he. 'sit h tooot. iv i ln ed ieaa dr m, myet swe in re a df am o you
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ca 'youse veu lo td me oo a wnd i as noge lonrar aff id o t whafuthe ture t mighalreve fo e r thf stuf t thamsdrea e ar omade f s waensudd ly l rea l ofove li my fe l ofife lmy ove i d userato p y
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l ofove li my fe a s ngele abov s yoent lu at ast tato s y ay alwars ne me w nowe e ar one n teverrto pa nd aer nev more ineedlo impoure y mi to e ss m c toome ar my ms om c e to eamy h rt k meiss ss, ki me e come to m
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o t me l ofove li my fe l ofove li my fe m fey li m vey lo pp(ae)laus
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k ihenew wasst just my yle ho titugh le's c ar eeto s h noe's ght rir t fo me i butam drehi of m thall ile wh e h ese doknn't eow i xist o nermatt w hoy i maispers t s 'so itar clese to e re theo 's n hoper fo me ho ti ugh alive t k6135ngensiavton enue heand es liv61 at 33
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b theexoy nort do l ihiove rem mo t i han sacan y oe d sn't totry as ple e me sn doeve't easn te e me h andvee ne r mseesane gl ce is h way a hond t ughm i't-hear sore t oyhe bt nex door a tiffecoron f me 't wonpl dis ay i just
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o sn'i ca t or ignm e hi b the oy ex n t d oor j i ust do aimre h o sn'i ca t or ignm e hi b the oy
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r doo (auspplae) t whavea lorily t p 'm ili fee ng sosh fre a and live a 'mnd igl so ad toiv arr e s it'soall nd gra s it' teasye o se d you non't eed laa pa ce o t lfeelalike ice
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o dheyou haar tist wh tlewn do l the ine? ig i fthure at eit'se nginernumb 49 s the'snlhe oey onth l at'ld soun wthat ay th on che at,ison petondka a s the fanta e ( whooh ee whooh ohee o ) e seolthe okd smsie ri ng 'r toundenhe b d i onreckt thaknshe ows s she'a gonn ameeten fri d lk foous arhend tarse p ts gee t th otimey f da ro fe m thisatch on, katope t andanhe se ta f w a hat llthri ha (wgrt a bieat g wofunderril th ll) h witwhthe eelssi a-' nginwawesto rd h gh riomt fr d the ay i d hear sthem tart 'c trossanhe kplsas ains n toexew m ico ue i g'vss ite go lia gttle iypsy hn my eart
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eif igever cht a ance neto swaak aomy frn tow th 'len ienl sp d myma bushon's y lida th on che at,ison petondka a s the fanta e er he e shscome l alrdaboa jhey, im,u yoerbett t getighe r yjim,etou b ter thget igat r h, (oo, ooh oohh, oo, ooh ooh) sh goe's lit a st asof perseng s t' thaghs miigty b d an'ltheyl l al wantft li bs to'srownel hot se'caus lotheof tenm be avtr' elinqufor a ite l spel a hell t way pfromdehilai-lph- a th on che at ison th(on che at) ison o e n thisatchtoon, peka hi(atc tson,a)opek o e n thisatch on,pe tondka a w theahah-w
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