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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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ba(dogs rking)
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me. mwhatolight s omon sunhavedg ha s heiseen th . n'i ca t.i' td turnlt.o sa ve i't ag losain. i'm fdones or thitime. ll wee', ther ll beothe rir chs.stmase i'd yhangomou frip the n,ples bu d t you'k shocchthe .ildren ey thd kissetly,sweedn diy?'t the h i'llhim ave tnext ime. n i ca.wait th ah, u ere yo
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. e we'r ilocked n r for anotheyear. eafour s morsons e. awhatat desol ion. lwhat awoife's rk. t is ichtoo mu? sur be se to quintou as yroac app h.yo beu may nded bliby au my be ty. y merrmachrist (cs. lehucks) ha is ty yot wh hu're ere? t tome tell hat? i th tough ghyou mi lont beely. , chherellance or.y trn foit ozer si. it zl's puz ing. membi rey er mbithird .rthday
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bu o dit whatd whom to whd anit fhow elt. em my mreory sts tcheth bat far ack, nebut cever onca remen i mber yt an frohingu m yoheor fatwar tharmerdin incefferen. y wht?is tha do i own't kn . that n waseaot an qusy on festimerom , d ant i don'edeservan e anasy swer. the ere artimes i k wethined lovno oune of ildrr chen. l tostilsyo eado, u n't yok?thin i' ary,m we y andtou wanmp a sinswele a r, d anven'i hae.t on i' icm so sofk of allyou. ghi thoucot i'd anme oad glttt a li le. er'smothed tir . ticome sinsck p owtomorrng morni . i' e moll b re sp re tonsive fu's no gon g adin tanyone.onight st bas board'usxed up. at's wht, tha dear? e we'rprishis s,oner t iftehat ins yorest
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it co was, t merrecif ro i'm wng... t bu mit wasesy impr sionth wat you anted he s nry' fthroneor me. we't canri win, chard.e lowe'vt st iimthis te. th you m ink i'shedfinido, you? i d so o.i've fe sufrered mots defeaan y thavou hh.e teet ow i kn one when ha it toppens me.ta our ke ywowormkeod lid a goo boy. al sw alow ittond go . bed i bwillng.e ki so il you wbul, t tht noeais yr! leavoh, , e itd!richarit let for go now. t.i can' nit's sotrdo ha. try ngsayi m afterjoe. ins,hn wos i le. d an if what djohn ied?yo uldnu woar't de! woulwhy idn't ? if a kn e. he a's got! knifeof c e ours ahe has. knife lwhe as aya has ifkn e. ll hwe aknave ives.'s it3, 118an e d we'riabarbar ns.ho r w cleaake we m it. poh, my, igletsre we aorthe ofigins war. no stort hifoy's rces,e nor ths, ntimeusor j tice,e nor th of lackit, usnor car es, nogionreli s, eanor ids, kinor gnds ofenovernm t, r noheany otg.r thin
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ars. rywe car it, slikes,yphilie. insid oddead bties roin f ield d anam bstreseecauli the neving oe ros ar.tten fo e r thf love o god, n't caovwe lane one otherjust l atle?it 's thatea how pegince b s. e we havuchso m ov to l oe each forther . h wechave subi possies,liti c myn.hildre c we chaouldthnge d.e worl wh and ile wehugg aced er,h othewh ouldat wli phip do? odoh, go, ph god!ilip e we'redsupposto s atart war. at if ffindher t,s oui' rull be .ined st joeady, hn. t padon'nic. me soiser adv a you re. dodon't in anyththoug wi.t met ledlme han.e it mhe's a ade wpactilith ph ip. yo viu adhnsed joto ining mak war. f thats earles boy. 's dheheisinhirited mself. en whry f hen oinds ut... twhen ihimell at whs john'.done.. ed ai netl lit.e timen cakeepyou n joh from tphilipi saill ?y so ythianoung y say.d,richarant i wouyou ht offoere behis re tksbrea. d aneathat mhilins p p. t go bo him,spere deate. omis pryte an xin,e vett bri
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you phsee you' dip thet.loma u se yom,e hiu yoo talk t him. re you'en a fri yod. owu kni him, don't. riand chard! prom anise .ything huck (c les)i' tve gotld bhe o oy is th time. e th foodamn l ks thinve he lohn.s jo iehe bel.ves it that he's w kre the nife in.goes kniv. iv kn wh thae isrrt mii'or? nom eleand ir, a cant look anganythi . , my a lwhaty ovelgirl.
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ph ilip? ip phil! it or's wutking o . mor by, ningbei can chosthe onen s. th owe crcon can meme to . are styou thill wi me? hawe'll tove ht t figalhem l. 'll they tbandrogetheon his ce tenhapp s. ghave iour ot y?word do ave i hs?your enall d's glan landra in f nce ifsupp i yoort u? ar ae wes thllieen? w wernere bobe. to sh i sayouldet som hing , solemni but ve hae n't thtime. of i'm fatf to herth wi news at thn's johaia tr tor. thafter .at.. inyou styok! ow tu knhat? re you'nk a sti aner,u d yostink. i'll il kyou!l !ah .lump 'rif youprine a ce,th hoere's or pe f apevery fre in a ica. ha i u sad yoved. sni wan my't o wayat to futher, bwas. he ouldhe we havo gone t henryd be anedtray you.
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t it's rue. t i don'whknow frio my aends re. ckin(kno g)ri pchard:hilip? ph ?ilip ?may we th wat'sthape taristrees aor f . ll i'ev neaer l.rn lli'n ruierevngythi. ch ri ard?ll hehao, ric rd. reyou'ay halfwd. to be i' aill wmot for rning. come in. er smothmeent me. coyw in an ay.ou emr alch ists shavedtumble t on ohe art f ing boilunburg dy. nsit turea to st anm, end whol it cowes, l it calnd braywine. i'm y'henrons pris er. findyou t thangcharmi? no. w thenthhy armie chming s le?i ghthoui cat, thn't y,ink wh
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ast. itcan be o twe yewholagars o? . it caned ai nemyn ar. l it'lhetake taw cold i e st havrssoldie . i ahave ged?eedo i sr m oldeou?to y ey'v thene betw ceo fierrs. yea tui've s died, an ved i'ed train e a to b.king ll i'yo have weur ans yer. ns oro? yo avu'll h whe it gen i.ive it u yo see? c i'veed.hang i' t thm noye bou yo ttaughtnto hu o twagyears reo. er?memb ra ftcing aoar,er byo ngu flyi, first me s blcramteing af r, l da altoy in dusk. n' do.t go must i w. knoll wiel you h?p me t an si'ld weusl discs it. ne you writver e. onto anye. shouwhy mld iuake yoki f enng od?glan ar ien'tr bettewioff ohn th jeoor gffrey? y whouhave ygh to fi t en whld i cou have th ete crthin or d?e fien
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you' tire soyll a b. omin s.e wayswh way ich yodid u n have i?mind u yot haven'd askemuhow rch you i helprth.s wo yo tu'llme.ell cayou tn haveinhe vexk. bacwhand e?at els l alttof bri any.'sthatre geoff y's. thadoesttt ma er? ib posso gely teyoffr. d anlswhat ee? an etd in r urn, at d whu o yorowant fm me? thtwo sousands.oldier wh and e?at elsfive dr hunghed knionts se. hor an atd wh else? a armsiegend sip equment. atand wh else? i wrnever caote be useth i yoought veu'd neswerr an . goyou rriet ma d. thadoesket maff a di?erence esn' do?t it pei've swo ynt t earsve on eeery str helt in
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u yon't have saidlo you .ved me en wh tim themee cos. ck(kno ing)
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it t's noteoo lat at ht nig? i' d d hoped coyou' me.od go! c wen't ouldeleavgo nenstiatiore wheey th were. ah! li keepng ookir foatyour f yher in ou.he's t nothere. ll m i'hiiss m.
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does ma it tter?he if tven'y hat,t yeey th will. i to wanthreac lea sett.ment ft yi leitou wo h to, littleier.earl s. yeth no ting isittloo l e. so i'm you'rry otre nfo f nder, ur fyor athe salways"baid, nd oe forof stennger m." w nor onde l heveoved eryone. ci've yome totoou er p off.eace ss piur on yoce. pea ur yohe fatulr woved hat. wep hemy fata r was er.weep fi me, ght yoand osu'll le. n'i caset lonr, hey. ha i tim wh usy, j at lookt you. gr aveat hems.y arbu yt eacheyear th gettta livile hea er. e sa thoend gpas pit- t he gin t.lass i' no m iny,hurr. henry g i'veime.ot t
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ossuppy e i saenthat d isglan atthwar wie. franc fthensurance rsrrendei do. han't five to toght . win tallke aan you wist. thnty, cout thayoone. t u won' it keep.long k what cind ofge ourave haot you g? tidathe ndl ki. c it andomess. goe god byd , i'olove trn tu loo youn se or.eleanore mondyw braine? yo cognu reitize ? th ere ey winboil g it lain ireefornd b e akthe lef we inll, thkgs loo tta liakle ble for henr ony, dy?'t the ll syou'esay ych to ri ard when co he mes. soarms, rs,ldie hi anytasng he ks. bei'd lish foo t notaho. ye. d andrawwithal it bel hefore ttle batev rter sta ed.ul wo ydn't ou,y in me?plac fi why nrght he y en whon his s s ll d wi fo it?or you ye cts, exa ly. veyou'ro got plamise, d. 'sthat-c firsthilass tg.nkin
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. od go. night od go? nightre gyou'?oing enwe havettl't snyed athing. pe we ostn chripresmas nooth till en.cayou fn't bed inishe me.with oh i , but am. bit's een atmost sctorisfa whsa's so totisfac ry? winn g in. is jui did w ysurelyicou not ed.t noina thyog. veu hawon't a n tdamn.hing m. hm )(sighs i d founthout yoe way ind ur mswork thand oe kindn f i ouknow yansr pld anatexpections. you' urve bvebled e ry bit str ofy ateg gyou've ot. owi knctly exawh wat youill do acand ex tly at y whonou w 't.d anoli've tu d yotlexaciny nothg! heseto td ageboeyes, y, at tht 's whagwinninlook kes liez! dorm bien.
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weyou ayre alwers bett . u bu yod llie him, be you willied is wth hife, u yo himbeatn dowin w every ar, yo teu twisy d everty,trea u pl yo mayede ock thmonk, th and ou men yhiade m oulove y it. for wa i e.s ther lasthis ds wornt weu. to yo w heovas a lman,ing an ved you'ed learnnoth ofing it. i nelearmud how hech fat lirs n ve isons. ki a e ng liks you hacy poliep prn ared ohieveryt ng. 's twhatffhe oliicial ne sod onomy? ho andsw st c the rown s on boydo wwho boith
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. s let'ouhear y rs d se anw e hopait com res. f hee ound mt firs iwhen5. was 1 we hu were g. ntinasit wy nearldark. hormyelse fwal, i wns thro . i o woke tdricharuchi m skhe a ed meovif i lim.ed h p,"philiyou do mlove e?" i and imtold h.", "yes y donow ou k whyld i toes him y ? haso tdat one uly i cotelld a youutll abo it. u yo icannotne magiwh t at thaco"yes" st. imag snine gugglin a toncre chaord wh e... beand g bandinouck yr lips sintongomethili smike asale, ying, es, "y ov"i le you, nd "aind i
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ul." n't i do hknowidow i d it. no it w! n'asliket t! tha itbut . was u lo yomeved . r.neve ou get least. p e. n'i dont yt waerou he. no it'st grearepleasu b tore.e he so roy theoral c kscrews findwistme tdoed, es he? i' o ll goutell yerr moth sh. be'llsee plead. sh s.e knowshe msente. mphow co letelyrs y hereou a. you' adve hso four whns. youo doim cla? nrnot het y. nouriemy botd br her. no mt thatt onumenuck,to mat thid epic
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? the wasldeshe e t. e he camfirst. stchrinr, heisy, al that l? yontu weel with eanor. u yor caneve mlledu e. yosanever y naid mme. ha i'd keve wali'd d. chave.rawledha i'd one ve dhianyt ng. notit'sfa my ult. i won't be blamed. i anonly wu.ted yo no cro, my wn.wa you kint my m. ngdo epyou keki your m.ngdo wthat i ill. i ho t pe iyokills u. an th k godve i hather ano. son th god ank jofor hn. o and whweshall nk thar foeygeoffr? n'you dokt thinmuch me of . "m ? i uch"t don' thinkof at youall. nu usedrse sa to y yoi had andsur h
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ha i t ven'arrich d'sli mi stary,kill t buashe we herbe intrayu,g yo i not . vei hajon't's . kngod owsat wh s youn ee ijohn d an bhe'syeetra d toyou o.yo inu thd k i' ever ymakeinou k g? llyou'me make kinguse becaali'm vel you' got. i to bwas s e hillchance or. him ask why. h i'venoeard e ugh. r mo fo jving ohn t toon.reas i do don't oubt he,ffereddon' i ubt dotrt you ied, i and dodon't ubt ljohne.oves m ke litt a glu on s lovenchis luh. turdyou .we hnll, jo ? it 't isnyo what k.u thin wh i at do k?thin eowhat gy saffre id.i 'twouldnt plo t againsveyou, e r. kn i ow.reyou'd a goo
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ed. 'tcouldnai you w cot? 'tuldnru you t st me? was it y allours. ulco ydn't bouveelieha t t? ywill lounisteto g theefri ? o wh ydohiou t nkbu i t il kthisgdinorom f? me! y didadd ad itorll fe. m anwhen ce i havdaddit, noy? l t untiy we bur you? d i love you. u' yo colre ad d an bloody stbad, yar an dod you ven't lothin any g. m i' it. i'm thall efat's lt.
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am. mu(mur rs) l myheife, ws n it iten,writ ll r wibeead tter an thlive it d.he tznry firess-emp , t firsgeplanta net,ki a 21ng at , th leste abdi sol er n of a timable e. ed he l wel men l, ar he c jed force ustiwh coen he uld... an led,d ru 3 fors,0 year atea st reas g cat's he ried mar o out f loven a womaof lout d.egen anot inrilexand a r or come or amelot ha ers th se beenquuch a ree bo man himily chdren, no sbut ons. enking had nry hnso so. he thr had ee ke whisinred th gs,bu ist he dd thowneem.
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denyi ! you ne o nou f yo will my get gdom kin . av i lenoe you g!thin an shd i wi pla you gue!al may cl yourrenhildbr ndeech a die! s my boyneare go
5:24 am
dareyou da to mn me,do ? you
5:25 am
go n ddamyou! my ar boys ne.e go ve i'my lost boys. (c rying)suoh, je
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nry? he ttm chriseas win n is itthe po t hrishe c ctmas oals re are d l i'lmyspend day th vee loyr's wa pp unwraall ing ifmy gts
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hr the cas mistmass ov is ower n c theashristmrs praye e ar done eno oneis clse inarolitg. a mightll bs wente le. wh wen itlas litche, mas rista was time atof grefusi cono on t le holyhad and kitwo ngs, d god ane rauncld.ymon ve i ne wr knew birhoseythda w weleere ceing.brat ishenry heren't .od goan, we ck talhi be bnd his ack.what pe hapdoned? u n't yo?know er tha e was e scenth wian beds std tape, riesd anhimany tt ngs go.said ic spine.ed w d i'otteforgnrn hed y like it. i stmay ay? ouit's yom r ro s just as much a. mine bowe're reth in nce.side pack n ed ihelike t poor,ree th bto a
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ev er? befbackthore d?e floo lon aso g agamas ros und. thah, reat's py,historb. lam e ther ware no rittencord re ss orrsurvivo. e therctare pi ures.e wa shets prhatier tn you. oh ., much he es,r eyin in certa, light vwere aiolet, nd allr te heweeth eve 'sthate, a rarfe fair e, aturen ev. teeth sh ede smilexce to ss,sh but ede chewwith l reactdistin ion. u and yoerhate heven . now , nodibut i d. p heer iut h pn my lace,e,you se th and vat washardery . li , ke you she aded hery henle's tab . 's mthataiy chr. yand so ou hehad onr pois ed. i no, vene r ispo ronedamos und. (chu s)ckle, ohedi prayfor toher drop an iledd smit a lwhtle den she id. y wh yaren'tpyou hap ? y'henrepins keu.g yomu you clst be er ever ithan am. i'rive tlied feeyng pitr yo fo
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lse. wh ty?y pi yo hu love enry, t buu yo love s hidom kingtoo. okyou lom, at hid yo ane u se,cities e,acreagli coast tane,xes. al see l i enis h ry. av letoe him me, t yocan' u? le i yft him agoears . i thand toughco i veuld mo. you re we alw you ays t like his? wh wen ingas you worsand edhipp you, t iswhhis wat youlikeere ? mo ikelst l y. il ch fd, i'md,inisheand ci've gome tomive hianyt hhing fe asks or. kdo youwhnow shoat iliuld r ke fomachrist s? ldi shou likeee yto sufou s
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g)(cryinor ala pes, m.tite ai p j' meur, no, . ng(hummi )(d enoor op ing)th ise sky ked poc swithtars. what s eyesethe wi men havmustd e ha to seew a nein sone nyo ma. yo cu look old. uli've msoled w ndi wowereer, re thewe fes r star?then i t don'i know. fancyere' thmys a instery it.wh thiat'swas? e.rm win swhy,s.o it i
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of u gof yo . owmy wid t wantse meo se .sh te came oo find whut ouat ys r plan are. ow.i kn she s wantckyou ba . to go ryour oom. u so, yoe want m.back she ksthin i do. shkse thinee the nfor d nglovi s nevertops. sh a e has point. i elmarvu. at yote afl thr alyeese ars,st keill lide a aticmocrwb draridge, dogoing ewn forbodyvery . in(laugh atg) ag my ree, the 's notch t muicraffre anymo. you toter inlerminabh. healt , well, wifewh n at's oinyour m d? i' t ve jusicseen r.hard ndspleoyid b . s heyoays ugu foht. lwwe adoays .'s it i hisssmpre ion ythateaou mton in dist heri.them
5:32 am
do yon't u?do i mun't arch c e. f in iact,de wonenr, h ry,if ar i cr e fohianytng. wo i inderm f i'ryhungou ht of.abit uli costd lio en tliyou e r fos.hour y soluour s st iy.rustgo usrgeo . y,henr s i'mreo ti d. p slee.then p sleedrand ofeam mewi th tocrouns. i henr ma laode. he snry,ittop . ea el hnor, i saven'ted.tart at whu do yo? wantu yoy want mn name or? papell i'an sign .ything yo tu wantquithe a ainejo for 'shn? itn's. joh it is, 's h yit's ours,'s itbody any's. in ng exchawhe for at? nofor thing.lifor a quittleet. r anfo t end,o thisgo for saked's . e sail mo back tand,engl m lock e up d an thelose keyle and e t me be.alon veyou hath my oa
5:33 am
we, llll.we d woulkeyou lilo a pil w? ot fostool? how t aboul?a shaw atyour o hs e arofall prs,anitie yo dsur worurse a cyo, e ur nameron pap a w is oaste!f pulp i'm fyviliu,ing yor fos sagod' ke!at pay n!tentio how, om frre w wheare st ted,di ed wereacver thh isis chrtmas? y step bstep. si [ mud whc aninistlg ] ouwhen ye go tha miextr tle bo helps usinesrsowne o savemmern co cialin auto e,suranc te you o drnd taw lo a folwing.
5:34 am
o: ufl.nh.. ti [ squeres bral, crakes s eech,rn hho ]onks oo oh!h, o ck[ baep-up be honing, ]king tr a d uckloacoof dis unts y forsiour bu-ness -
5:35 am
hwhatnsappeme to ? now at thivel's lriy cu osityucfrom sdeadh a . cat if w youto kant nownsmy pla a, m co chnquer ina, tsackiche vat an, ake or tvethe il.i' amm not e ong th onesgiwho amve a dn. ljuste siet my gn m landsoh to jd gon anbe to d. yo no, toou'red. kin t i can'pt.acce on,come, manigi'll sthn ing e thloin bspod or orit ght bri iblue nk. t' leve is hanet do . nolet's t. non', i dok t thinnt i wa syourreignatuyt on an.hing
5:36 am
th eae pl ssure iettill g gfrom yoading ou. do you ntn't wan joh h to pave myesrovincbull? ye's-e. n' i ca yt bear whou ouen yug're smkn. i i know, ow. u yowadon't ichant r rd,yo and t u don' johwantyon. rau've gt.sped i ghall rihen,t, tsh meatter ! me hlet itave wh. yoat do nt?u wa a fenew wi . . oh so , bi'm tolle annu ed. we willll, thepe po m annul e, do y hiou t
5:37 am
ill. t el our,eano in . alais y? wh nea wifew wi, , fewi r ll son is thatsithe hingle tng af ch whild i wouth have t oughu yoouhad en gh.wa i onnt a s. c weopould pulate tra coun y town wi outh cirntry g ls o've whne boron you ss. ho iw many s it? me helpt counstthe baards. l alons my sbaare .stards reyou meaally dn too it. dy la love, a withy hell mart. yo onur spas are yort of u. like ts waroi and g ters, an m d i' thavingmohem re
5:38 am
, i knowgoodand , godlo thok at em. offr ge ey,e' thersts a maece.erpi 'the isn, flesh a dhe'se.evic's hes wheelgearand s. joand .hnny.. s hi wates laasst treyoon dea?ur i ughti ca l him ying,an ve sd i' "aid,ouhe's y ng." d i founeahim ch, tingan sd i've aid, e's "h ajust boy." i' atchve wimed h stealwh and ore whand sip hiss,ervantand nhe'shiot a c ld.'s hean the mmade we . him shdon't johnare h wit me. youhe'scor acmemplish nt. an chd riyoard's urs. how d coulndyou seff him oto d wieal lith phip? i tirewas d. i busywas . w theyfrieere nds. r,eleanos he wabestthe
5:39 am
. yo ver u needwant one. yhow donow?ou kyo hu took im. ra separotion f yom usur houband y b could ear,nobut st your on. evwhataver i h,e done yo deu ma. me do thyou me orew f ut o bed chfor ri l t untithreyou ow mefout mur rosa t's notmphat si le.n'i wo it haveet to bthat pl sime. edi ador. you ver. ne i st doill . of a hell t lies, o thats thne i e ermost trible. i kn thow. hyat's wsa i it uved r p fo now. , oh whenry, mane've gleder ev wything toue've.ched
5:40 am
y doememou rwhber meen we t? t downhoo the ur d anofcolor st your ngs.ocki i hacould seerdly youth for ige sunl ht. asit wng rainit , buatteno m r. e therrywas vee littl, talk ras iecall. ve tlry lite. d i hasenever en bsucheauty. wa i iglked r ht uptoucand ithed . wgod,idhere dd i fin th lle ga t to do hat?in m esy ey.
5:41 am
nome annul nt. ? whate therewill bnn no ant.ulme t willothere n no? m , i' afraidll you'e to havwi do thout. well w, it as a justm. whi i' relm sod.ievedn i dit 't wanose to lyou. ou urt of c,iosity as el intllectuato elle intl,ctua thow inamehe n edof blesuing je s yocan mu losee? do ev we eer seeheach ot amr? ve i e yr near ou? witeveru?h yo e am iywver an buheremet soelwhere se? i do? write e do wessend msages? in do dbeghies g giarin ftsupfloat ha the tto ymes ou?u are yoerrememb ed?you are. u're yopa no mert of . o nowe duct to h pat any.oint w hoyou can mlosee? t can'feelyou c thehains?
5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
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