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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 1, 2016 2:30am-3:30am PST

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, ohrahe's gnd. s ha ajohnnytherny o nd frie hs likeim? , th noarere mae not ny ople pee liknick. e or lik ejohnnyr, ithe atfor thr. matte we d 've handera wotiful me, t we.hree we u'll, yongre goihave to t a lounmore fh ju witlia. w, n noyoow, avu'll hete to l an ned e d me b ofsort t guesersmemb of oh the julnny, j ia, a nickannd susb. clu ok loi' what oundve f. n,come ot' le s doo romeliand juet. li"what ght th yorough nder wi rendow b"aks? kl (cacing) u we psed ton shut o owsfo kir the ds. yodid u? thoh, a is is olovelyne. fdo ones. gor ueao ah d. come n on,eddie. ni ck: lo itok at co. all te,mple y everof tone hahe cs.racter yo mbu reme er an ty ofeshe lin ? no (koncking door) ny johnli: nda. , oh, johnny in.come mi etonss s , ai havesage mes y forou. d an ai havesage mes y forou. ti haveorhe honto i m nforyou at thr pr youceesen equeis r dstedirownsta s. gh (lau s) an ved i ha hothe inor toyonform u at thpr your iesence s qu reriested reght he . e'therets a me ing of t luhe cyob. b.ur clu
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no the w's ftime or go all en tod mmeo co ato thef thid orte pa y. s, ye you butthr fa er is lly reaibterretly ups . wh ou dy, y ton't.ell me , whwelleeat s ms e to bmattthe er? , wella, linder evs ybody'tobegun ice notth 'rat youthe not ere an 'sd itra embar ssing e th h,e... oy. johnn .. li a,ndon come , be oo a gt d sporitabout . il it w yl make our er fathly awfulpy. hap ll, wek thinakit'd m e him an ppy ha iier ifed crawl inon nd my hakns and ees? he ,y, hey john jony. hnny. es i guths telat's hling im. .johhny , ohoh, my, my, my oh, ! at thot j's ny.ohnn o no? wht?is i at's ther a v y port impeant rson. n: susa, hello im t portan.person nick : n' doret be fsh. ! ow yo t u treartanimporst pe ons th wipect res. ha won'! i t. hello, port impeant rson. oh ?, yeah tayou r ke youplace. is what?this it v's thef oice orienexpece. ck nius and s an! h hey!ey. gh(lau s) , nickn!susa si t r, thas lady w nick an, thnek good ss u ca yome. fa the s face iarmilibu. t...
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dowife, know we on any e wh ellso smvi of olet? . no ho atw's thdo, you g. . no'tit can be.wh s y, it' cjohnnyase. u re yoermembda him, rling. hnnot joe, cas e thplrail-sr, itte e th ofriende pef th.ople yes. wewell, ad're gl to yo have .u back ba .. yo u meanth rblee mala pil mrs got e. i' y.m read i'll qu go ietly. -h uh uh. n' doare t sp bhim, oys. n' doare t sp ohim. h. e. ther nt (gruing) ha! nowell, yw thate ou'v t goffthat omind my . ne rgver fot, et i .my boy ck nie', thermeths so ingnt i wao you t. know know? u kn yohaow t t deali tellwas yoing t?u abou seabthe toardhing? i k itthinoi's g ng tohr go t.ough oh u do, yomen't an it? enmy frierds, th e is ry a vech fair ance i that a'll beble q tosiuit bu ness ne urxt satday. uh.uh-h . well jo , sohnnyt thanyou ca o goe hon thy?lida su hnre, joecny's dtionlara nd of incepende e. , itwellll's adi accor ng w tobohat a roston c wd ll ca sed bay powtateoeer d
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e maybethey'vne doalre it ady. i t don'haknow wst it i bu owt i knll they'it. do th 'sen letnk dri sto bay powtateer. ,no, not' leink s drulto jia. say, e havt you met?her yeno. an hed if snyth's a ingli ske herr...iste im(excla s) , nodrwe'll ink to jo ahnnyiand jul d anstatbay wee po r, lo nd hve and . he oh, are youre. fo lor the peve of te, t it'schhe wit dop andey. evi've n er en bere up hee. befor ait's qwfully uaint, is itn't ? bo th:ik we le it. li renda, a awa you re at th's therether anoty par ? meyou t an thaaslow-cl das alncehstl downairs? n' dok t speaof it. uh oh, se, excu me, e thes fare myds.rien soprofesd mrr anots. p ter, . mrmrs.and m. cra w hoou ddo yo? d you oloufox, y . fo x?
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you t mighethave l us in t amhe f oily inn it. , welle'sther st meill ti . the not way th tockat sct's aing. e we havrderan oou in cer offi uy 6to b0 0,00shares ro for f bass oaty stre powe the all upway . to 30 yo are ou sureat?f th we i ll, took the r orde.myself c that iinches t. t is, hat itny?john a just.bout , ohny! johnnyjohn ! go oh, or yod fou. jo oh, johnny! ! hnnyme co on! oh od, goou for y . i' yd likeo haou t ve nc lu mh with thee atb clu sdon tuejohnay, ny. in i thulk i colp yd he ou ub doour le yd.yiel my ad dad mroe me p miseto af quit ter my f mirst.illion yo rou're py jobabl,kingof pressor. markbut wo my rds, th wi hel thep of t ighe rt ht sorplof peo e l in wal,street llyou'mo make n re tha that in withea two yrs. it ldn' wouket talo that ng if ha we rid the ndght ki of nm goverent. like ch whiry count examfor mple,m?r. cra now,oh, , now now p noicalolitum argents. s allet' dl goirownsta s d ce anatlebrlle, sha we? hiyes, t s is a wo fundery.l part noi'm g t goinaidownstrs. meoh, co on, don' ft be.oolish t, bu, linda fatyoursaher id... oui thsoght bu m not i'int go g do airswnst. ll weou, of cif..rse . t budni woulam't dre ee of knyping a one wh s o wantto.
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of ig downrenht rud essi' r ve eveseen. has and onsomease u?ked yo me, co,dear dwe canss tisculahis ter. u yo'twouldne to car g swinhe oon trald tpeze diand itscuss now,uld wo syou,eton? we s shall lee you, ater ormrs. pter. of prpoessor rter. i ghtthouou wr nameteas pot r. i e must bwrong. yi (plalideng sst while) (c crymbal ng)ashi ll l (ainaugh g) mr. , caserein appnciatio of gr your cceat suess t inldhe fie s of a loveannd fince, ti wishrao congte ytula ou, o sir,halfn beth of ere memb s he fof t aifth venuean tuffti-shied s rt fl and traying cpezelub. here re, he . .. and. an esd pru,ent yo eamy dr boy, hiwith tles litten tok irof theti affec on d an.esteem . ah th yoank nku, tha you, an thvek you h.ry muc asmr. tor,tmaste la nddies aem gentlen. f myds.rien u i, am h, imunot ch a s ofhmpeecaker, h so iy knardl ow w honkto tha. you we hohiver, tung s yo lady an selfd mye havbeen cipractiewng a fts fea obof acrkiatic s ll wi hichth wsh we gall be lad nterto e ytainou.
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ming(hum) y. alle ms(drung playi ) ad re y? y. read jo hehnny: ey,y, h on put lig thehts. un nto mome o. le al y. p. oo nd li a. ubthe cladjo is d.urne juli ara, di'ling, ve got a d gransesurpriou for y . ju mst a oment. uh wa, i ant you ll c townome do now. n it'sy 12earlan:00 and we w t th tie entyre parhe toget r tto see yhe newin.ear w the ne comyear es to ins ro thitoom, heo, fat r. yo cauu've sed qu enouite rogh t uble for ethis.vening hlookatere, f her, wif i sant to ee th w e nenyear i as p i had,lanned has iedad ask. you.. i ifthink don youin't m d l we'lowngo d d se anate whpe's hap ned to ur the fnace. li jur,a, deais thnick is s and usan.ld i to abo youheut t m. dohow o? you d uand, sh, mr.eton. , oh friyour aends re ways alco wele,me hery. johnn
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oh wh, oh, k y than johyou, nny,bu mt as ar ofattet fac su s san hastthe mo l awfu hrun incker stoing. r. oh , fi, ohne. . nyou'retiot getery ng v,much t busurei'm yo imu can e hiprovm. g) hm m. wkindlyo alk, drunnot to ea the n exirestt. 'r they e... 'r theyd e granle.peop th l waey'l it, t don'thinyou k? n' i doow. t knn'i do.t know th e's er cnose au for mpte, rjustngun alo now,d we anfo'll llow. ju d lia annt ti watao tolk hnnyjoor fen a mom t. li to stenfame, t menigh ansa eagood d me.l to do i own't knpr what ely,ecis i and kndon't ow.ow h some g'thinngs tryi ake to twait a my from e d i ant can' glet it o. ll i'n put ieaan appe ranc aidownstyors if ke.u li th anen i w brit to ng os thlee peopk he bacre.
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at thll r's a ight y withisn'ou, ?t it ur yoce i plawns do.stairs oronce mathee, f r, is thpo is imt tortan me. t asdon' wk me hy. do i known't h. it as th someto ding tho wiro this om d wh an wen ihias a c ld d go animod tites in . at s whalpecie virtu roothissm ha rei'm suon't i dw. kno n'you doo yot, d u? , non'you ca t. we llll, i'yo tell u, roothismym's home, it he's tho only e me i'vgot. s there'insomethre g he uthat iannderst d d anndthat udserstan me. e itmaybot's mher. tadon't onselk n sa as i y. ouyou th ght co i'd unme aro d, ydidn'tou? yo wau alnkys thi lepeopco will unme aro d. oh me, not , no nit toght. i and bshan't e bedistur ed hererithe us becahee if t onere'sng thi hateyou 's, itne a sce . n i cae promisoneyou if nt you ire.erfe ca i isn promu e yo be a auty. jowell, sohnny, re's the n goods ews, ie?ther thwas mo er sw a uleet soer, fath ? a, lindif y e ou'rppnot ha,y herewhy t don' ayou goway? sh i be gall iflad mo next nth tayou r ke you maid a and iocompan n an ad takeso trip ere.mewh u yoressdist you thuse no ingt buoubltrane upsed .ts
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no an maid comd noonpani , gh thoust m. ju e, nd li ka, theerseid hlf. ou as y wish. ve i'dy been ingto ut get oea for yrs. ve i' k nevertnown i elso wonl as tight. n'i cad t staneit her loany nger. 's it doingte le trribs hingto me. d anllnow wi youe leavoothis rasm, ple e? isth room. is th room. do i thinn't u'k yo ll be t ableand o stonit l g.
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rd edwa : do i lin't be eve i ne o ed tabworry e out thway yo taku'llree cali of ju a, ed i ne? 'loh, wey tol trag man e, ks thanr., si se s ton ha ustold ou of y sr veryssfuucce l ni maonpulati seas ofd.boar idi conshater t ry a vepi fine of wece ork.i ngracolatu youte. n' isart it m?velous wh oh, ewat a nr. yea when r you eturn om y frhoour nneymoo if i ot'm nmi much ,staken e'llthera be desk wait foing atr you an the b k. at thy 's ver of kind syou,ir, t... buthbut ese succ s the ofbo seaalard de pomakes le ssib aia cert on plan ownf my. oh t, j, buy.ohnn .. a yeplan? s? m i' iafraid q'm not uiteas us anxiomi as i beght fo e thr th ingsmo plst peork te wodsowar . don' i ntt wauc too my.h mone mu too oneych m? ll we t, morei nehan ed l to.ive by
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d anuithen q t r fog as lonlaas it stsan tod try ou find t amwho i wha andest go on. hinow, w'm yle i oungan gd feelall ood tithe me. , i'wellrem su a unjulitadersnds i whatti'm gett, ng a n' do jt you,?ulia t i'm no sure i do hn, jony. h,you, u wish o toyoccupy ourselfwisether , t is thait? ea pl'tse done me mak g feelabuilty it, out sir. ev iten if o turnso beut t on hoe of tool se fsidea at the peoplabdream outthand flen go at on. i evenfindf i e i'v had gh oenou if ite n thre,months st waill i nt it. g i've feeot a ling l if is et thice gchan,o by er theve'll ne er bot ane her on.for me so i... so't t don hinkne anyomi will f i nd i just a have i go at t. thewilluly, jia? hewill tear?y, d th fat er, le ajohnnye nd m whtalk a ile. just om a ment. llin ape my ex..rience . se pleather, fa , w it aill beightll r , pr i yoomise u. , itcaseik str es me yo osu chrae a stmenge ti el to thil us t s. ve a anry tfa ther. i oh, irsee, s . en.. th.
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th fa er, se gpleawno do . 'l we l come in in a mute. g,darlindn he diet 't g wwhat ivias drit, ang al.t al, oh, johnnyny.john diwhy dod you it? you aknewt ll tha talk woul tad an hgonizeim. u th yotaink allk is asl it w ? th i wink its as les thathant. rii'm fuwithous . you n'it was tt just julalk,ia. bu u t yoredon't alize at whr fatheeris wa init a m deaute,r. we te'd bet r t geonclear this. cleai'm ir ont t righnow. iwhy,thf you ink can you uapersde me th anat a mur of yorgy ene an ad yourtybili po cssibly quiould 3t at0... oh ny, john . f now, ire tyou' ired an nt ad wat, res we'why,avll he it. n'havetht you tee remodeast i ha of waft i'm ter? s, yey, johnnnow. i k.. but . t buveyou ha n't an yy ideahoet of citiw ex ng si bu canness be. , oh, johnny tsee itgh.hrou ll you'it love . kn i wow youill. e' therucs no srillh th in or the ws mald a mkingoney.
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try tta lindle bli faith fo whr a onile, w?'t you me co w along.ith me bu ohnnt, j wh, the way,ole r. dea jo . hnny,johnnyit wal ne tileaxt y r or ea two ynd wrs a e'llk thinitabout in. aga cayou han do tmet for fo, , r usyocan't u? thyou tink by hen i'd gbe aorood sp t d co anrome aund. at tht 's whathinyou k, n' dot you? l itixacks ses minut heto tea new y r any ifs one'stintereed. o comennn, joh y. have ,, uh ve hak an nicsad su?n gone i do knn't ow. ey then't wermy in room. pe thrhaps e doey'raiwnst rs. rh peaps. an caryonere fo coa few utsld c re befoun the frts? sta ?come a, lindis thplai is ubn stssbornnean, yod owu knt. i li justen, lia.
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are coyou ming? th i llink i't wai nta momeh li wit nda if don youin't m d. dobut i mind. ll wiom you clease, pe? in en a momuliat, j. oo (dosinr clg) (m oxusic bng playi ) d beyou' rtterdoun on ,wn now t don'inyou th k? not t righaway. rai'm af wonid ino't k w to how erta entouin y . d i'veall one tumy sff. do i edn't neerta entg.inin u wo yo'tuldn careto p in ste wto a altz t asld yhe odiear es, yowould cu, mr.ase? ye ous, i wd ld. i'
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at's wht? tha vethe ntsted i.erests owi kn . w theyeton't l you ahave any funy nd thet won've gime me tiin to th k. osi suppke te lirehe g at ea fathu ard yoe, you ftold atheral ur ll yoe ittl hopesan eamsd dr. m- mm hmm. et prisapty dtipoinng. d en ba.ough oypoor b . he t y, what abou wnyour ong eveni ? t so no e hotither. girpoorl. ic (musnu contilayies png) rsof cou e, ey the may bright. yodon't evu beli.e it n' i doow.t kn s they aeem soly swfulure. it ll's stiri your de,is ?n't it owyou knre y wheanou wo,t to g t yodon'u? th i i ought did. (c lihuck ng) so d .id i eticpathsn, wa 't it, al fl myd uss anfury er ovin anyth g u astanimpor nt t asrthis pa y.
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ll wet , if ii'm is, not,an esd i guat'ss th a thenswer. ylinda,e soou'ret swe . anks that, thug's eno h. as it w. grand (par orty hrins blang) en list . that t,'s iig all rht. y nehapparw yeny, john . ppy hayenew ndar, li a. (a ingill s ng l auldneang sy ) u youncan co t onsi inster lhnda, jony. n ruown on d beey'll ting wai. sho auuld uald acqeintanc f beorgot or fd la aulynng s e nd li a. ar my de ? what
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e.they'v .. fatyour..her. beei'vetn pu posin an.itio .. ny, johnoudo yju love lia? c ofe i oursdo. we ell, ifshe ver edneed you,sh eds e nenoyou w. reyou'ha all tftt's le . a fornguld la syne, my dear f uld or a slangyne go o ohn, jnny. w ake'll t e a cu kp ofs indnesyet f d or aul synlange r (doog)closin
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sa yome to u. wh iat's t liketo dru getnenk, d? it's ... ho k?w drun ndgood a. drunk d.gran ho t?w is i , towellin beg with, b its yoring lu toife. i does t? hmmmm- m, af and a whter yile,ou... u yotobegin know ouall abt it. yo ,u feel n'i do, t knowanimport t. th t at g s. it i y. he d th anreen pontty so gamethe rt sta s. g whatame? oh, ela sw,l game
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seyou te, you hink clea cr as.rystal t ev bumoery ve, er evnteny ses ce ilea prob m. at ths pr get iettytinteresng. yo beu get hoaten t ugh,do u?n't yo , busureatt thd,'s goo too. youthen't donan mind ,ything annot aythingt all. y thenepou sle . lohow yng canp ou keep?it u wa long hile. lasasong ou yt. las , ohhaned, tfut's aw l. k thin so? othe inr th wgs areorse. e wher edo yound up? wh esere dobo everynd udy e p? u yodie. an at'sd th r alltoight, o. d, ne you cando c it onnehampag ? why? at wh m's the latter,?inda no thing. kn i ow. ah ye ? jo hnny. ve gisome me e mornewine,
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i he'sotn a spn't , ishe? m give, e somened. n you ca metell ab , out it.dear ve i lo boy thedd, neie. ghi thou.t so gr isneat,t?'t i gr eat. lhere'sto yuck ou. do i wantn't l anyuck. ha (cing)tter ladi ndes aem gentl en, ermy v fy good,riends vei haon the h or ann toe ouncto you e thmeengage nt m ofhty dauguliaer j r. to mn ca johse. e an whiventouch d bles eathe pl i tsure akeis in wouhing y the andm st a mo happy osand pr nperousear.ew y th u,ank yody. dad (all la appuding)
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pl (peotee chat)ring so h tappy o seehe you johnre, . ma n: ng cotiratulaons. d. ne
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ar youen'til thr led? n' is...t it ye am.s, i m i'ousure ybe v'll haery ppy. u' yonkre thi ming ofstery si. wh at?no y t i! m.sister , li oh ynda,usou m t maget ierrd yourself. (a clltterhag)in rldaing! oh, thank you, darling. i'm so hpy fapouor y . yothank cou for dowmingn. h,now, u muyou bast go beck to d. owyou knt th whacte dod.or sai shouyou t ldn' yexcitef.oursel y, w saishat this?wh s there'cke luy boy? n'i haveen tt seuche l ky boysi the nce unanno.cement um,you,l. wel .. , oh linda,di u knd yoboow aut it?
2:53 am
d. wher he is e? at's thet som hing wo i 't kuldnnow. bu lit, dar ng..., i oht don'heknow. d wanteto a wrguethith faer. n'he did st make.ense sai heind thfags to ther he o had ntoright . say afthen, e ter thunceanno,ment g townsto do airs le and us lave thike at... 'soh, itribl hore. pl onease dso't be et. ups .. i'll . st li en, ll i'down go f andmind hi brinand m g hiback. e thenthinveryllg wine be fi . a ofesll tim... nda, li t isn' mit toolousarve? to oo mo, tloarveus. i' ..ll, um . m justlousarve, . oh linda,yo st gu muaret mouried yrself. , well ii hope. shall t isn'xcitit e ing? ck (chu) ling s,yet is i. da inrl g, yo reu'o ve s lryely.ov , heoho.ll s, i ye wt isulonderf , n't isit? o.hellow hal's bmotire? ma n: fit's thaine,ounk y .
2:54 am
mr w. caseroent thhereugh a justt momenago. ugthroe?h ther . did mr comcase he inere? n:womama yes, 'am, righ rot threugh hem., ma'a "hap ewpy n" year, ays,he sam ma' . ar (cng drivi away) ng cotiratula ons isto ma,s juli. ma'am k thanyou. nd liome a. cin. he usllo, s an.i' y m sorrt to butin. well i, as live. lo itok, a's the lcrobatady.
2:55 am
n ruhe dto tstrug ore t and ge chasomenempagda, grling,ead.o ah , ohd i trieepto tel, hone t. bu .. ou e'r phon ds beenntinisco ued.ay we pil our bmindls, . you we'r nte coinemplata g le tlittrip. re syou'ngaili ? gh toni t. me co. on ins help u.pack the erunivassity h m given lee toave me do sose re worarch fk inrance. d we ando're ing r ou to best..get... um . my oh, y word,ughtou o av to h te somer soea oinmeth g. lo you eakeok pd. , listeneei've b n nn rul ing al towover n nt hufor ing nyjohn . th i heought ht b migree heha. sve youhim?een ll wet si, nothnce htat nig . kn you e waew h olked ut. yes. , hewelle cam here d analkewe tead st dily ti unw yel ne nar'soon. en thft he le town to nk this thingover. t buletthis aier shed ba'd be odayck t. oh k , thannessgood ! en th s i h 's p heblrobaisy on h way here . now yhasn'tstour si er ar he hd fromim? hif she as,hashe olsn't td me. yo hu love greer aeaat d l, t don'u?yo s. a ye o lot f goodth d m but, cy dear,hild n' cau set yo e at the if shs feel r as you dfather..oes. jo 'lhnnythl fix at. nyjohnx 'll fihieverytng. oh i c, if oouldkenly ma a anjulithd fateer lise.n to m gi'vemaot to m ke theen.list nyjohnsw's so eet, so he'sacattrtive. 's what mat the ter t withirl he gayanyw ?
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we lill, snnda, i 't it st jubl possi te thathinghe t s e we likohnnin jy be may ver theiny th gs ur s yor istestcan't and. th and fe, uh, ate ythatl ou fee that l sahe'lerve h from ma hey be t fat one e t inlehe whold wor hethat sy realls.want do i lin't bethateve . en s evheo, s h loves im d th ans ere' bbeen areak. wo 'tuldnhi you t nk e'd shombe wugan eno h han to..g on o. hang n? s, i yee f shhiloves m. juli s a hainnever if her l e anloved utyone bnny. joh , wells perhapelf.hersth otat's n true. even th in is, of it'sshhim ine's thking, sh y e matabe mis ken, but s it i.of him , ohn'you do t know ho giw a lorl in lsve fee . e we'r lsorry,reinda, . ally u'no, not reyou'u'... yore... at wh m's ther atte e with m?anyway en evi to if ould yat whhe was tter matwi ,th you woulyou adn'tt.dmit i n't i do knowwh 'rat youlkine taoug ab t. a, plinde,leas apay notionttenhe to r. if d youthid anyseing el wthanu'hat yongre doien , th ulyou woe dn't b youwhat. are ic wh my h toesprof msorial ind is h ofead la the css.
2:57 am
so and l do weyou.ove o inghur rou , co uny,uth waur of cose. a,lindy johnninis see g ur yor sisteftthis aon.erno s? ye ahe'shesking air to s l th wid us animwith hight ton. o what dthinyou e'k sh?ll saye' shay yll s she st. at whe if sht?doesn' hwhat tappens hen? what oh's j dnny to o? .. oh . wh ouldat w youwa tnt him?o do oo (drirbell g)ngin th ayat m. be he nich polasorter? th me ie natts po er, but t don' blet ityoother u. an thks.
2:58 am
by good e. nd li jua: lia. llo, her. deal you'lebe lat thfor s'e toddr, dinne t won'you? u yonchad luitheon whnnyh jo , ydidn'tou? he w yants ou sai tonil toght. , oh syou'vehim?een po the s tottere.ld m , ohing,darlyo su mustthail wi. him e ths?potter ar who poe the s?tter st jop it,.ulia stop t? wha pr ngetendi don youar't c e. se you o beem tin tak g my tle liticdiff ulty sermorelyiousi than am. ouif y w don'thnant jo ny g totoo off night keand maash a h ot of b lh your, ives ttyou besoer do ing.meth u ca yolen't t himsa loneil a. nhe's so more ailing outhan y are. does he fat r know u ar yo gen't oing he tto t' odds?dinner a. juli y wh wdo you ant to s mehut out t inold he c tlikehis? sn i waware't a th asat i w .
2:59 am
se plealia., ju if 's therean been shy nguttion out ds e, it' youvewho'it done a., lind me ? n an u'red yoin sid hg with im, 't yarenou? t buighe's rht. . ini th k at's th m forece to dide. t. ? no aphe ho pens twiagree e th m yowhere n't,u dot' thas all. ..but. t bualwe've ways agre efed blwore, aays. n, o ino rder td avoi ascenespsetnd ud.s an .. lloh, we . t isuehat trlia?, ju yo lwu've abeenays st the crongercterhara , ve hau?n't yo eastat lpl peo e a haves thlwayt oughso. ve myou'thade sie deci ons. you' lwve ad ays haeathe id s. yoand eeu've bren ing sentme. ca i belin't iteve . nit's othingto int getsto a utew abo . didn i ay't s nti reseou.ed y yo eeu've b n i an hmmenseteelp of n. wh but coen it mesto mi detery ning mrefutu
3:00 am
d whatu wao yo nt, s justity?ecur si ck st baymugl r in you vaubanklt g amonrtthe wo hies of t orhe wld? , onwelline thn'g i do t want is st to art endthis, lesssaimles ussidiscllon aag over ain! a. juli .. oyou've mnly 20es inut w ino hich ts.dres li idnda, d hea you?r me fa ,ther i k thin byou're oth nggiviy johnn the enrottndest kide of a al. in wa what wey? inll, w everyay. nyou'rehinkot tofing whates is br hit fo am at ll. on t onhe ctrary. th g e youns ouman'ktloo rehas meecomly bmee so what nf co, shusedweall say? an h.d, u .. yo stru'llteaigh n it for out. him ha we s, ll try't wshan e? y but wh't hhasnrie a ght iv to lrt oe pas f hi life as h nte was to? nd li a, ou i shike ld lndto uderstan he whatyoand aiu are t.ming a i but ess,confan i cnot. idi cons wer his hole tu attiamde un-an.eric ffs)(sco oh, yoare ouu seri s? tire enly. ll we h, then, e is d heanon w go 't to he enavhen w e,becausaren app tly,he q can't beluite ieveth ifat a l e devo toted g pilineyup mon is t' all ikes crac to d upbe. ra stsnnge, i't it,
3:01 am
nd liisa, i l tened mo ttst alyentiveth the oay er d yto ourreoung d,amer u s seem to me of 1 the-o7-yearield varty. we i'll, im glads.f it i e we'ranall gr 17.d at 's it t after hat,th knat sictsess se in. we fell, i el ry w vemyell self. coff (sing) th you johnink ny ll wie ar com, oundyodon't u? mp co aromisenyway. yo etu'll gled. foo on he wive 't g way on ttlee lih. inc st ?ubborn no t, righ and s knowighe's rht. iano (pyi plang) wh tat'stehe mat?r, kid i ca ben't itlieve , ned. hnjo.ny.. jo nyhnle's cinart.g ou 'sheli sai tnghtonig , d ana julin'woftt li a ngfio er topst. him ll we , i...i t undon'taders.nd her u yomoknow, eoplst p e, cl injouding hnnyan sed yourlf, ke ma m a big istake ab juout lia. they ta're ken in by l herooks.
3:02 am
d anfethe lishe urpict hes for erself the ise lifloshe be.ngs in ve jyou'neust ver t hiff, it o'sthat all. ned. wh at? um,you,em rem ber at whtalk we boed a ut ye new evear's? , i surembremeer. te soll me ing.meth re su . do t stes iouand t ov all e?er m why? ck a niusnd s an, is therno aft on.i ththink ot iey gt. an whoyonees lov you woul ind, lda. atoh, thwful's a . m i'amso ashed. i' t,m noh. thoug y whld yshoue?ou b on pardis me, mnda.s li s, ye. henry mr se. cawn is do.stairs h havee im com up, y willnrou, he y?
3:03 am
'l hep l be uinin a mute. ar u e yo sure u yo towant ov get ?er him , nonoti'm an 'sd that whatares scmo me st. ai feel livei and i i at feel last so ing'methpps hatoening me. t bu'tit canny get ae wher i soket's liing liv on st that i'vuff.e... gi'vegeot to it over t. be itcause ms s seepeo ho less,is t it tha? eems "sha"? wout do y mean? yodon't ow?u kn me let yo tell methu soing. re you' a twicetracs at tiveas julia ev hoer tf ught obeing. yo otu've gce t twioohe l ks, ic twe mie th nd d anes10 tim qua the.lity coulyou ard chrdm a bi a troff f ee iulyou wo d d wh ant?y no if er you w here in, way rishe'd ou dde y ownli abke a rbit. ulhow co nd you, ed, kn thowing y e wa veshe lom?s hi w hod yocoulu? righall lt,
3:04 am
o,hell. linda he ohllo, jnny. se i or jnt f.ulia . oh .. i. feel i if as ee i'd b n ay q aw auite. while yeah. i o went t.placid se i e. it ... was was itri horerble th e. n i cae.imagin in(exhal g) i' g m goinake to t jthat ob he at tk, l ban.inda i see. ly on w for a, hile oronly fpl a cou yeae ofrs. just il unt g i can et it th h roug tto herhat... we ll, wit wase hat shd aske teand afr all, coup a f le o yearsis a lin't mefeti .
3:05 am
rsof cout.e no i evthink hingerytgo is ing alto be ght,l rinn joh y. re su . . oh.. caoh, i thn see y e wa eethey ft l abouit. cou of irse, h could ardly ex tpect dhem tompo a co letean end sudd-f aboutace. bu t... bu t... hbut,,ang it cawhy eyn't th see wh gat i'm aetting t? s perhaptualeven ly ey th will. yeah at, tht's wha i'm ticounng on. li ..nda. reyou agere'e th s ly onhi one tor mng f e d to do now, youon't? mp co?romise yes. yes. u th yothink igat's r ht, don' u?t yo do i inn't th matk it ters a whatbit hi i tnk. oeit dghs thoua., lind you k thinigit's r ht, don' u?t yo u say yok itthinig's rht. nyjohn t, whenplwo peo loe acve erh othe m asas yuch o,ou d an ng tythikehat emeps th t apare must bwrong. r (dooing)open go veod ening.
3:06 am
th l ey tel me u've yon beeaway. ntpleasaing havbayou ck. it's it... as's ple ant e to bback. ere' thens behe a rat r tice no aable obsence f snow th reese eecent w..ks and . quite. so ...fa jother, amhnny c e ni to sght toiaee jul . thwell, oesnat d 't rp sue rise meat a gr,deal erdaughtt a . not greadeal. lia, ju y not mou and e. co n, dme o ada,s let'-bgo byeye. go niod evehnng, jony. urget yo coat, da g,rlin g we'reutoing o . s, d yeear. , fa oh,ther yocould plaiu ex n t todshe tod ? cplease theloser. doo ti wisheako sp y withh.ou bot oor (dosclg)in inyou n sist og puttin me to init a posation thon't i d he in t r leasth.elis thwho's at? oh i, comeed.n, n rr sousy. i jought thatt th... ed ward: meoh, co in.
3:07 am
co etming b ween tw g o youn ipeopleven lo is thes furomt frsh my wi ntor i.ention fo ver lo l, true ove, is y a ver rare an tid beauinful th g. wh are ere goyou ing? plea itse s down. an lid i be eve th pat its..ath. th s toat i, say courthe f se oovtrue l e, rycontrathe to e,adag rshouldmootun sh. ai amf man ors58 yea spand eak fr onom a lrig expe encean rvd obseation. i it s of ra pat immounanportce... be i pg yourn, sardoir. yes? haif ttit posiston is openill me for e at th, bank e i'll bo glad t it.take jooh, hnny! st i'm t ill noinceconvd. i st doill lin't be ieve in t, 'sbut itju what wishlia es and... an m gld i' ad erto defr to he.wish ed ward:yo notu'revi con nced,yo y?u sa d woullikeyou meto o lie t siryou,? fa , ittherno's er ugh fome. . do i'llytever ching i an mak tosue a ofccess it. ve i ha only e onatreservion. tif, atnd ohe eatf th time, i l stil think it is's wmee for it to qu ,
3:08 am
t i douby thif bimat t e e' there rell b fason.or any we ll sha have see tout abo s that,ir. ll wether, fa? en wh is ityo sh tu wi mo be?arried ooas sosn as psible. w non the su oshinesmorence we and all 're ndfrien,s agai eh? and whnow yat areanour pl fos urr yong weddi trip,y i maask? we h t adn' any ry veinit defe... oh 's, itto wise ge arrann eve ne ho aymoons in bitncadva e. no mw, letggese su t lea littra itinery. wi you and llyat p mouth sou orpttham on d aneedprocst traightono lond . l i shal cable sis mytoter .morrow and she huher sband wi e ll btedeligh d to ha sve youthtay wim. the he i r s si phobarts,hillip on hee of tim most ant port men ri in b bantish cking.ircles fath, .. yo d u coullyscarce br go ad oad anstopnot y withauntour en hela., juli in io additwin, it ll ve sa e hotelsesxpen hnand jocany arn n lethsome ing tiof briethosh mds. en thll i sha cable vathe bopays in ris. he xper's evit ad ser mto theter inisinof fance. a vverye aluabl man you for noto k w. ll weh., i, u .. ha i ghd thou thit of s onas a h meymoonthanore a ssbusine s trip,ir.
3:09 am
i' everve nnd fou thethatasre w . hthey ave velya loce plany, john , ju utst of side oparis. w, a nok weedoin lon n, week a pa in ris, ays 10 dhein t south of nc fraale, ide . th u en, yod sacoul il om fr a genoaeturnd r n t bythhe souroutern e. and ai'll rrange hav toure yo r house eady yofor o u to garinto 1 thanoh, daks, rling. wh ouseat hth is liat, ju a? fa lther's uending s e thstsweetee little plac h on 64t.street jo oh, hnny, it wayo till itu see . s this i nota f deed o gift, yo owu knye, not t. te afver you', , uh edoccupifor. it .. ll wer so, foimme t e, uh my, rd o, haeald h rt so may .ften (l g)aughin en tlistm,o hi rdhis ha hea oldrt. wo yould au also rrange r forvthe sefaants, ?ther li ju sa, i'm orry, bu cat i ann't std it. wo you uld mindin tell g me youwhatn? mea i ght thou wthisgoas anna beal f tri or lea coupar of ye so.s or t if bube we adgin lo ed wn w dopoith onssessi s d ob antiligaons, we n could getever out fr nderom um. the ? eh no! no. yo beeu'vetrn exkiemely nd d ge anusnero, sir.
3:10 am
yo but u... sayou tha .. m ba i'heck w re s, i waia. jul n sei caw e nootit's g e a to bn cleabreak, 's s ity to oh ea, my d r, 've wetogot makeou n lir owfe. er ththe's no iing to t w ift.e don' th s noere'er oth way l toit.ive fo borget a ut ddin wevig instation all and rethe itst of . le get t's iemarrghd toni t. st di mue ecid now, must i? ny johnease: pl. if iand n say o? m go i'toing nightby elf. mys ry veth well en.cayou n go. ppi sue osfathe ict s fi love feelinginsiree de even te bet r i thane yo lovulu, jia. e,goodby. sir i' y m sorrldwe cou n'tma o ke a gof it. th oranks fg tryinay.anyw a. ve you'n sw beeeet. y.
3:11 am
pe yi hoo.ou d a. lind .. pl do.ease go nodbye,ed. oo (dinr clos g) m i'llatiss th. man g he'sone. andyes, y in mion.opin .. od godanc ridh?e, e r he'sgoeally ne.oh r , nevedemind, ar. e if hyoloves u, 'll heacbe b k. be k? bac "b ck,"e badi sad you y? at whu do yoi think am? ho i lipe, ju tha, hiat tris expe ence,rd a ha ms ite ay hav.been.. dooh, rrn't wot y abou me.ali'm t.l righ a levene ittl more an th rig all ht,i sshoulday. wh itat's w h you? wi oull yy. kindl .. u do yolon't .ve him u do yolon't .ve him er manswo e. d nyou orot? wh haat's t yout to , asmay i k? u do yo dn't,o you? e i sedon'you t. 's iten writt ove allu.r yo ryou'reved elie ghe'sone. ppand suamose i ? e she,asks mse suppo is! she u?are yo it. say i' elm so rd ieve co i nguld sih it wit.
3:12 am
oh dd, neddie, ne ie, ihave j got a.ob now is r yousspa iportorn der? ne mis. it wha ydoayou s? whenoh, ? onnow. tight. do i thinn't cok i uld...oh cou, ofyorse d.u coul canif iu , yocan. a, wlind ahere re you of ?f to ouwill ye? com yo iu knowe 'd lik. to.. arwhere u goe yoing? a on o trip.g n a bi. ride atoh, whe. a ridyou do ?mind will c youedome, n ? st lithen, fa. er.. tr a iip nowt s ou t ofsthe queion. yo n'u wo t. n' ca t. htcaug ? e. mayb ll i'ck be baou for yd., ne ll i'here be . u've yo n gotho fait ohnnin javy, h je you,ulia? s hi dlittle reamma fy falloulat, ynk. thi , wellmaso it y. i what shof it uld?th llere wianot be her. oti've ghe all tth fai win then orld iny.john at wh he ever does ll is aht w rigmeith . if want he s todr r eam foile,a wh an he c f dream whior ale. and e if htowants ba come ck d aneasell pnuts, , ho ohllw i've belie hosein tnu peats! by goodiae, jul . od goatbye, fher. good nbye, eddie. go e,odbygo kid. k.od luc oh r , nevefearyou , ll i'ck be ba you for , f myckine bu o.
3:13 am
li nda. an try op md stome, seone. oh se, plea , meon soy e tropand st me. i noshall itt perm it.i ..shall. pe linrmit da? do maken't la me atugh, fher. e' shing s go hwith im, t shisn'sne? i?'t she in goetg to g j hery.ohnn a hafine ce'nce sht.s go be any y ts? an, jubetslia? indato l. iland whe e we'rt, at i atgrandfher. (a heerll cing) saoh, suusann, s . ar de, , dear.dear twhat a ripth htis migbe have en th wiy johnnalong. ouwill ye pleasstop n it,ick? (s ing peakchfren ) n'i ca it stopant. i c 't.i' mm justleiserab . en whnk i thiat of th boygo cking baat to thse hou kon hisnees. oh ut, shea up, drest. fo par two cenltry ts,i' od callhe wff t thole hing. hey! !johnny ny!john my oh, word. wh juere's lia? a? julieft i lsiher ttinger on hden golnethro . nyjohnki is tathng g rie biy de bf.himsel no ! . no oh! yeah. y. b bochoy, e,ampagn amouany f nt ot it, buhurry. m oui,eur onsierportth. ie nametters po.
3:14 am
wh peat hapohned, j nny?n,susaju i've enst wak oued at ofma nightre. i thbut evink ngerythigo's be anna igll r ht. t,in facnow i i me o cohin, c cldren,.ome on (t ing)hudd hiis te s wherubthe clts? mee
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