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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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an. ed kill, himso plme peoghe thou t. holew, kild him? su one onmmer lo, g agse n bastiad.decide .. giv w thattias in bet,in im the h.alayas s hehihaved ad,s he gi was woven a bowoden l b toe eg ric,with an s d wa happy,ti unt ll aamvi ce. w why?d hat dido?she li aved in hut, tooevenwsk vo-- ha or wwotever do men h in suciecountr s. anyt thingeao be n r him, get tohi to tom, hi make me hm coome. wh theyile e wer there, c word ame. . mre venablinwas dy g. h hesead to e her. d sh anose chtae to sy? e shtochose her let an husbald die one. bu yout ifno'd k wn st seba ian,yo unu'd tanddersw hod she haicno cho e-- nohow usne of ha ever d oia chcece, onti sebas an dehad wecided to were - be-
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yes. is atn't thlo what s? ve i peusing ople? an e d mayb that'sat h whisate , not g bein able pto usee.eopl -g o on.on -go re? whe heanyw re. he to tst m firyemoryo tu come my forst mem y?it onc was e arat a ms di gra.ball ma the asrdi grl? bal yes? ermy vt y firs.memory w itt as las.spring fo bet re las,springreme i nmber--othingin noth allg at .it if's as life my anbegan dd ende th igat n ht. ll teabou me .t it bat the-all-
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i twantedomo go h e. c mysoat wa he cin troloak om. th ouey cfildn't thnd eck e chitfor h inkeis poc t, saiso i d, h "oh,etell, lgo," it arand stt ted oua tafor xi. th eben som ody my tookanarm ,d said dr"i'll you ive ."home as ft we le hot the el,k he toos off hi...coat pu and t itou arshnd my s.oulder th and ooen i lat hked im. do i inn't th k everi'd n see him re befon, r they.eall toohe hk me ome, but oohe t k me he anotace r plt,firs ar neue the d oakling s he at tf end oanadespl.e st to we s pped. i d askeorwhat f. id he dswn't an juk strucha matc the in t carto lighga a cie inrett c the ar, i and looked h atn thim ire caan ewd i knt fo wha
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wa thrlked tough ghe wet rass,towa thrds t e greaoamisty ks,f-as i- as so if dy wmebo ereg callinlpfor here. the d anthafter at? st i lo him. heme took home. en thsaid he an t awfulo hing t me. aihe s"we'd, ttd begeer fort it. if my w e'spe exa cting "child. ..and. i ntjust e theeredse hou t and sae ther ngthinkile a whi .en thnl suddecay i a tlled axishand ruhted rigk... bac he rto tveooseellt hotll e thasball wl stilg ongoin . i ght thougoi'd kne bacto k up picbo my crrowed
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't. dni haone 't g backatfor thl. at al nei'd goto back e makena schee on t floorof t alhe blroom. s, yen' i didck ut pi p nt aut' violed sis ol flver ox he in ttroo coa m. i no, i-ed rrush ightto inal the bm...lroo spand hiotted tm onloorhe f... ra and to n up himan ted star...d to himbeatth in e faceth and este chwi fith my llsts ti ebusin san astiok toay me aw. atmiss c?herine cmissheat?rine e' sh.s heress miheri cat hne's ere. in s tpiri l as welleshas f . noand waw you pnt toa galay me. t look aespictur ? ll tehe you t t first hingth esat commy into d-- min oomy peranr, dmiged
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shathat dowhe on t- wall- at whs it doek loo like ?to you lihake a s adow onl. wal ug-i thoe weht w re g goiny to plame.a ga ig-all r ht. e.i se.. stforeess, tregi, a rl. d antrthose ees the are induel,g oaks atand thment toriged f ure he is tl ca girinther e ho nor. i'm ngtryike to ma you sorfeelorry f i hom. i a ori am s
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th s ere haa to be way. y thcarrnte ce,imeter di y vide b 3.14thinsomemeg sosothing g.methin ..[ inbeeprrg, whiing ] gr caeseat alar s ad! noand we th younameprr e toicol sh opows peicle poltiony op selto hthp fit budgeir et. is t a tha struetory?ah ye !pe eaople rdo slly ave a an overageer $f ov500 wh hey en tchswit. i meant abouinveyou g ntin it.i in edventto the s ry,d anthisn't whateaat rttlly ma
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x = l he me.ikedso.. ed i lov him. w? ho ani meha, in w t way di u d yoimlove h? th we onlyd ay he'pt.acce i-- ie i travd to sm, e hi .doctor himsavem frowhat? mp co aleting ...a f sort oheimage hadof lf himse.. as a. sas a ort ofsa a ice a. -ter e riblf sort o a-- od? -g
6:08 pm n,bastiao whgentwas kile, nd, saw thsomet ing no,gentle no ndt kihe, in trs unive e-- th thinsome g ib terrhile in f.msel at wwht?as iyo can mu tell e? on y ate daez caboba de l o-- er wh e?th heat's wwere we lare umst s mer. wthat's--here 'sthat s whereanebastid, die itisn't ? es -yow. -he did h die? stheyeaay a hacrt att buk, dot i men't rember. ali reon'tly d . u yo aftsee,rderwa s s i waerichysttaal, lked-- id t sashingdo i enn't evembe rem hyat's wer i'm h e-- caus besae i gsy thinop peon'tle d , d an...thati evdon't emen rem
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r. and you stseba ian, la umst smer-- to rtry beememr. th ace bewas h wveryhite. , ohe how thrnsun bu ed! it w as-- w ite as likeyethe wof godg atchin us. bu g,rninng burni. wathere airs not tha day. the-- the hasun edd burn up l th alr.e ai ou e tsid lit was ike side in. a.. a acfurne. th y en the.came o wh?came afromtsll par t ofeachhe b . an atd th n awful oise ey m th-ade-
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sicamustl ins,rumentma all f tide o n. o is whey "th"? th and at-- at m th.usic awfthatusul m ic. ar i hemu that sic! i l stilt!hear i it ti's getloseng canr erd clos and-- ba sen! stiasc [ g reaminhe] lp! [ so g bbin] miatss c!herinemiss at crinehe! at whne happe d? hapwhatd penethen? n' i dombt reme er!i !do not ca e,therinp th sto at m thisinute. to -sthp oiat do , ctormui eest sou y -- te-sis gr,utet of ha -w yout don? mea-s gister,ut aet oonnd d 't accome btil k unlli ca you. bb[ soing ] [ do huor s ts ] ca i remen't .mber ca i remen't .mber
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s al-it'ghl ri t. i -bute to havwa. i nt to. he -twin you ll. -wil u l yoe?help m u -if yome.let -y es. s -idn'thoule hav hadone t t. hy -w not? w itrias a fkiendly wass, isn'tt? e maybasn'it w t. e maybu'now yohinkll t a thatsell tho ... orie stous abgat the rdenere tr arue. what iever,s truewe find'll . [ s chbellg imin] snif [ fs ] nti wao you thaknow t t... n i cattlook ae.ractiv if i m had dy hair one d if an -- en wht i'm a vlion's iew,ma ary i wett a preess?y dr
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ike. majust i--gine ce onin agato le be ab.. to do . one g thinkei'd li. [ ngknocki ] me co her outone, s . nt i wa to you seeso g.methin ta gke angood lo look. tell me,o what de?you se ol s,d tire can tinans rid a "di"nk neh .sign th heat's tt pas lyou're aooking e thcaus anks c to a yertain manoungfr caom chi go, er thine's go beg to bua new ildingon t vahat otcant l,
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to mem theofory at the l e stiasebanan ve ble.wi i ersh i wate thimis opttic. il[ chhodren s]uting i'vwhy,ene beng workith ole e whinmorn g... wi he vth tleenabrs lawyean cound acs,tantan e d we'ring-gett - li and o sten t-- this , in big round be fuautirel figus, llone million do ars. likjustate th ? inno strttacgs ahed? tr no sttings ad.ache ou of c sherse,ts wan you no and elsbody de to o erthe opn onatio n heriece. you but tcan'bl r ame hethatfor . e theranisn't y beybod.tter thsomerring ho hibleneappe d to t tha lgirlsuast --mmer dresomel,adfuat traumpeic exce orienmef so kind. t?-wha d -inoon't k w.i n'haveund t foyeout t. d anrefushe sesll to aseow hero relf termemb. sh nne's gove ta ha o bede mame to re it.mber [ k atknocr doo] [ adhockst coer ] i ex e,cuse m hoc dr.dekstar. mr lys. hol her and sonreare hee to see ne thpaw ent,tioc
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i-how cs missneatheri ? he -s l looksovely. e shr had heonhair d e mthis, orningikjust l e sayou cid sheould. shwee's aringn her owhes.clot ni've seeeverotn cllihes t ke tha's ggirl ot--om fr. paris -a nd-- y-thankssou, mison. ben ll b i'one alg. e but shatis a p. ientcayou t n't learher wer ow heotn cl hes. ve i'pu also r t hein ur the ninse's w g. d -ianon't wr t he win the ard. -the se nurg?'s win ye knos. i w. m i' atakingk. ris forbut,hi a wi le, wadon't er nt heeto fs l she'ena pati t. i erwant h eel to fs she' free r ofictiestr..ons. re-and f e b ofateing w ched. -t ishis un very oxorthod . s so inityinsa . wthat'srehy we'e. her s strikeyourme, le whopr apasoach hy li ver tttle o do euwith nrgerrosu y. perh faps, tor theinime be g. but 'sthat whais th bui newgldinis b being foruilt -- dica detoted ne-- geurosur ry. -yi es, e--nabl e shtoseems nk thi outhat yep're pr to ared go ea ah td withperahe o.tion
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ca s inthy're the ? , george me holdnow. m i' so-- tell i , you ni'm so,ervous uld i co cjumpoulean y t of we n'll, doa.t, mam oc [ kn ]king n!-kitte cu- [ z krowic b] missn, enso n'why dogot you lunc to h? k thanocyou, d tor. p mybyoor ba . a myngel. is-in thce. pla-i l t's al mright, ama.jui'm fin ysay,k ou loo pretty go caod, onthy, cngsideri . y-so dogeorou, ge,id cons ering.e wa -w snted to muchyoo see u. olbut vi et,sh ne said wo, not hileyo au weret t sain's,mary be thcause ore docteres th 't didnan want y ybod yto see wou, sodn'te di
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n -wheudid yo thget neat, ho y? n pa -iris. in scoustiebas an ht bougfor it me. ah yewe? i'm g arin hone oftsis sui . s, ye ri...zeecogni it. 't iwasneet swit of v ive to ggegeor baall sen's stiaroward be? t th noheat t re washi anytlse ng ecoshe uld onhave dth ie wif t, o.course but tit'sughe thoatht tho ni's sce. 's itho the tehught btheind ed dema that tters. y havenou see vauntnti rece ly? ye e sas, wrw he iglast nat hht, ouer h se. e shd invite us lto aprittle suivate .pper sh d e's ha thisel ievatorednstall e sincreyou wero in eu pe. te cuittlst line th g ev you id ser dee. , wemama gotssbusinelk to taut. abo , i know son.knyou cow hown hildre are,crhow titicale.hey ar wh aat didvi unt lasay htst nig? outhat y werein e mextreably capdsle han . i-andel can t l aretheyab cap.le too-c rineathe . -mror. b hssard,e e's th lanew wwyer he got.-e can-uch -scea nioo man t. a r toweenof str gth all inse the m awful onthssinc bae ses stian'onbeen g
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yo dnu di h't see er e wa thdiy i evd. gri ing. grie lvingmaike a .dwoman i ,meanli hke her woueartreld b ak. he w eras hwh feole liu se, yo e. sh hie wors pedth nde grou ath benefehis et.ll wester, sien, whot she g l thisr frettehaom tet plac thewithny fun- name- wh etteat l r?, wellhefrom thori aut,tiespp i su ose,ll teabouing att whne happe pd tosebaoor n stia at-- , ohaswhat w nam the e ha of te,t placey? hon e whersehe pas?d on ez -caboba de l o. t'-thas it. y -didee tou sethe l ter? n -oh,eaveo. ho.ns n t buess i guolit tl d alhoabout bastw se ianishad th a heartk...ttac d anthhow caheerine .re.. t was noe hequitf,rselor po baby. i'm lfmysema now, ma. re -a dn't i,r? octo-o sef courre you a . d doant n'u yowo y a rrinth gouabwhatt pl peoe say, ca benobouse n dy iitthis c y ows knhianytutng abo youwhatbe've ouen thr gh. y,do thee? georg no tht a ing. no evebodyown kn s outhat ycome've k bacfr opom eur
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e,we sa just at yy th ou ed stayd abroatudyto s , th some oing or.ther do an wc, clke tato ri cathelonene a ? n yes, olea littpriv faate atmily m ter. ju omst srse papett go siga be soes busin s. is t thaghall ri t th y wiou? wodon't ocrry, d sintor. ce b i'veloeen alto swed ,mokei' omve becperfe a laect mb. lit mygitle rl al was a pwayscterfe lamb.
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u. uehe beqd toathe us,ou to yo and t me,00$50,,0 each taafter are xes .paid
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t buisthere tt a liegalle lbl pro em. ly real v, it'scompery telicad. . but mrrdbrossa he-- hi's tlas new wyer-- oingis d v hisstery beet to g wil thethl prrough obate. it-only 't won go ugthroobh pr ate. ot-why n ? un -a wont viet't l it. l, -welhas it o to douwith y , youwithinr beg ill. you smeansnhe doeus't tr witt mee h thmoney? itot's non the mfiey. granfty d isn chickeo feed t vi.aunt -t athen whit? is el -wn l, whentyou we yo offocur r eker in-urope- rg-geo-shue! , t upmama. canothy's att th gon farare, ce you,athy? wh wenen ift ofmy r rockeuropin e e?u yop made ucrsome storazy oy orabther baout sen.stia wh unen aeat vi h rd it, wh eratevs- it wa - lasevenght niupt at snoper, wordt a ld wouay she sce, exhat pt tbayou bbled. at ther was hfo word . r ityo leu babb sd some toryou abstt sebaian... howndli he d-ved anie- -d d. pin a laceedcalla lob ayanyw y, whatdou saigave a hertu real
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y, whig she fyoured ght u outato saty ar st. m-y's- eve orghn ri.t here seethisucms s h ce a nice t plaoo. wihath t,t nicebl capactore do . -go on.ut -ben writtmiss per ions wa tneededep yo keerou he. t so thathe was tpoin t ofvahe priuppete s r. ca cthy. athy,yo gotu'veun to nddersta. is thed hundr grandhe mis timost t portan thingver to eenhapp. to us m iteoeans gwillrge e haval s l sortdvanof as tage now. in the cogs w'tuldnhi give m e 19sincil29 kurled yor fathe an r d ouggnest e. th mou er, yo sdidn't thignpaose pers? -y idn'ou dmmt co it me l tos viion' ew?ot -n yet. bu hyt, cat , wathe vy auntiti put , e ther cwas noathoice . all ama'-mt s sigid -beshonees, t'y, i s nott like ifor was ysalwa. ac in fhey t, t sayat th t in no imete aflir the pettle oon,rati yo e.u'll be .. abl to--bb[ soing ] .. whatle. littrati opeon?
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hy! er thonlye's oneli pettle oon rati erthey perform h
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