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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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along with at least eight others. the group has been armed at a wildlife refuge in oregon for the past month. >> we just got word from the fbi in oregon and i'm going to read you the exact words in connection with this arrest, one individual, who was the subject of a federal president bush cause arrest, is -- federal probably cause arrest is deceased. they also said there were gunshots. one person suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the arrested individuals according to the fbi, this was just placed in my hands, ammon bundy, ryan bundy of bunkerville, nevada. brian cavalier, shana cox and ryan payne all of them part of that so-called bundy militia, arrested. >> all of this apparently happening because of a traffic stop. they were en route to a community meeting in john day.
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where the standoff has been taking place. you will recall bundy and dozens of others occupied the refuge after two ranchers were arrested for allegedly setting fires on federal land. we also are getting reports that a -- more than 50-mile stretch of highway in oregon has been closed nearly the wildlife refuge as authorities respond to what perhaps may be the end of this occupation that's lasted now for about three weeks. >> you are looking at file video taken in the last week. locals in that area have been so frustrated with the bundies and their militia holding siege refuge. their perspective is the federal government needs to release lands to the people as they say. the federal government had kid gloves on this one, not want be but it has. one person confirmed dead. another person injured of. a news conference is expected outside of the oregon hospital.
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>> and one more bit of information for you from the fib, they are -- from the fbi, they say all people face a federal charge for spri to impede officers of the united states for discharging their official duties use of force, that's a violation according to federal officials. this is just the beginning of a developing story. we're reaching out to the bundy family living here north of las vegas. what they have to say is among one of the many things we're looking into it for later reports here. now to a developing story. for the second time in less than a week, police opened fire on a suspect. this time in the northeast part near pecos and bonanza. police say this all started with a call of an armed man driving a stolen car recklessly. the suspect was shot by police and take to umc with minor injuries. he's been released from the
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county detention center. well, today, metro apologized to the family of a boy who was hit by a bullet last friday in front of the bellagio. it all started when 911 calls started rolling in as police say 20-year-old kahleal black was pointing a gun at tourists. officer george smith confronted black who they say pointed his unloaded gun at the officer twice. well, a 4-year-old boy was sitting on his father's shoulder was grazed by that bullet. it bounced off a nearby pillar. we're told it was a bruise. he's expected to be okay. meanwhile, the 20-year-old mentally ill suspect is now behind bars facing serious charges. thieveses arethieves are targeting a summerlin neighborhood. neighbors are fed up. >> they are not sure why it's happening but they want answers now. sandra gonzalez near fort apache and sahara. you see the mailbox there. a lot of people are angry about
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very important documents are coming into people's homes. >> reporter: and reed and marie, this is the type of mailbox they are targeting. and this looks like they used a crowbar or some type of device to get to the mail. whoever they are, they pry. they grab. and it seems they previous this style of mail books. >> i'm mad about it. >> now neighbors say the crooks have hit a number of boxes like this one. and now new surveillance video captured this white van going up to one of the mail boxes and breaking into it during the middle of the night. one person who lives here didn't want to be identified. but he's hoping everybody will see this video and if you know something report it to the postal inspector's office. these boxes hold a lot of documents containing a lot of information. so people are worried. >> you know, this is a quiet neighborhood.
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and maybe, you know, the older generation has grown up using checks and dropping them in the mail to pay bills. >> reporter: this isn't the only neighborhood battling this program. it's been going on near rainbow and sahara. >> why? why do you have to have to do this to people? >> reporter: marilyn from the postal service met with us to see the damage. she said she's disappointed. >> it's a crime. it's a federal crime. it is punishable by up to $250,000 and fine years in prison the we. we do take it seriously. >> reporter: this is very serious to the victims whose mail boxes have been broken into over the past month. they hope these criminals will be caught soon. you think you know anything about that white van, you are urged to contact the postal
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we have a link at sandra gonzalez, news 3. >> thank you. nevada's highest court taking up the case of a hong kong businessman who is suing the sands casino company. richard swen says he is owed money for helping the casino getting gaming license. he will be awarded $115 million in the high court upholds lower court rulings that he won. attorneys for the company argue that he did nothing to help get the casino get a gaming license. the american red cross is in dire need of donations. the organization says the terrible winter weather nationwide this month has led to fewer blood drives. according to the red cross, in january, more than 300 blood drives across 20 states were canceled. the red cross says it's now down 9500 donations. if you would like to help, to donate blood, you need two forms
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17, be in good health and weigh at least 110 pound. you can schedule a donation by appointment online. well, now for video that we want too warn want to warn you in advance out of england. it's hard to watch. police say street cameras captured one man's unbelievable encounter with a speeding car. as the 53-year-old man was crossing the street, he was clipped and clipped off his feet. the vehicle continued to speed off. the victim amazingly is at home recovering. survived. the suspected driver, though, not yet found. to south carolina now where another dramatic scene unfolded here right before surveillance cameras. two suspects tried to rob this barbershop. there were children inside at the time when two people inside the barber barbershop, customers
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the wounded suspect collapsed outside. he was taken to a local hospital where he passed away. a second suspect escaped. well, people of one california apartment complex have actually been ordered to get out due to fears the structure will fall into the pacific ocean. look at this. the apartment building in a place called pacifica located near some cliffs are crumbling in part due toot el nino -- due to the el nino winner. police posted signs warning them to get out, to leave. meanwhile, a veterinarian who works nearby has a possible explanation. >> global warming, you know. the ocean levels are rising. the high tides are higher and the storms are taking more of the ex , ka vateing more of the cliffs. >> some people in the threatened apartments say they have no plans to leave despite that evacuation order. super bowl 50 is coming to the san francisco area in less
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you think everybody there is excited, right? drivers are not too pleased. the nfl is setting up a so-called super bowl city for fans of san francisco's justin herman plaza. construction on the exhibit is ongoing. that means plenty of road closures and detours in an all very busy downtown san francisco area. >> i don't like it. i wish we had a choice. i'm not a sports fan to begin with. it will create sayious. >> well, super bowl city regardless will open on -- will open on saturday. it will feature two concert stages, even a football field. visit. a lot of people love to eat on super bowl sunday. one local chef is changing the
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>> kelsey thomas got the hard assignment to go inside a program at rancho high preparing careers. >> what's this one? >> reporter: there are no textbooks or pencils inside room 501. >> this is no longer your mom's home ecclass. >> reporter: italian meatballs, come inside the kitchen. >> not bad. >> we got the pasta running here. >> reporter: watch and listen. >> these right here are like perfect. >> to a man behind a program with a 200-plus waiting list. >> i'mismi'm impressed. >> reporter: at one of the oldest high schools in las vegas. >> one of the best ways to get out of the dog house when you are were a kid, make your kids
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when i moved to las vegas almost waist. >> reporter: he turned to healthy cooking, competing on the tv show "chopped." >> someone took me under their wing when i was a kid and i'm them. >> you feel more connected to the food you are making. >> reporter: for now -- >> reporter: it's just practice. >> on the strip that would probably be about $18, $24. >> reporter: kids in constant motion, turning out you can lynn culinary creations. >> you go from sitting at a desk to creating food. >> reporter: kelsey thomas, news 3. an officer goes beyond the call of duty to help deliver a baby on the side of the freeway. >> you have to see the special birth. stop! stop!
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police officer opening fire. how a routine traffic stop turned into trouble in a florida shopping center. and the warmup will continue across southern nevada. now it looks like we have rain showers in the forecast. i will tell you when we can expect it. and the fbi said one person has died after shots were fired
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and other protesters in we continue to follow breaking news in oregon where ammon bundy is under arrest tonight along with at least eight other protesters. >> so the fbi in oregon says one person is dead. the group has been armed at a wildlife refuge for the past month. the fbi not saying who took the fatal bullet. according to our oregon sister station, they say it began with a traffic stop while bundy and some followers were on their way to a community meeting in a place called john day, about 70 miles away. >> they occupied the refuge after two ranchers were -- arrested for allegedly setting
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in addition to all of the developments we're also getting reports that a 50-stretch of highway in oregon has been closed near the refuge and a local hospital has been also placed on lockdown. of course we'll continue to stay on top of the breaking news. police in houston are searching for a theo of thieves who backed a truck into a convenience store to steal an atm video. the video shows the suspects back up their pickup truck in the front definite store. they smash right through the glass and even a gate. the thieves worked together to lift the atm into the back of the truck with one suspect driving away. the others took off on foot. the storeowner said his business is completely destroyed. it's unclear how much cash was in the atm. orlando police released video showing how dangerous a routine traffic stop can become. a teenager ignored police orders to stop and then drove towards it an officer. it resulted in the officer saying he was forced to fire.
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>> reporter: the footage is striking.bfer gooding -- striking. [ sound of gunfire ] >> stop! >> reporter: police say the january 16th incident started when officers spotted the driver not wearing his seat belt. this is newly released police body cam footage. >> put your hands up now! >> reporter: when the suspect doesn't stop, cops used batons to smash the car windows. >> police! >> reporter: still, the suspects then backed up into a parked car. before trying to make another escape. [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: that's when the car comes right towards one of the officers who says he was forced to fire four shots to protect himself. another angle from store surveillance shows the driver of what turned out to be a stolen car getting shot at. but still managing to get away.
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terrifying incident to our affiliate wesh but did not want to be identified on camera. >> everything happened so fast. i was in a state of shock. i wasn't expecting them just to pull out guns and open fire. >> that car eventually crashed and the suspected 17-year-old driver was arrested after a brief foot chase. he was treated for a bullet wound to his shoulder and is now charged with assaulting police. as for the officer involved, that person is on paid leave. traffic stalled on a new york freeway because a mother gave birth and the officer helped her delivery. the nypd proudly tweeted out this picture of police say the little girl was delivered along the highway near the united nations headquarters. they were taken to a medical center immediately after coming into the world. >> what a beautiful story. >> yes, it is. it's shaping up to be a beautiful story here.
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authority chloe beardsley standing in front of a beautiful shot on the laug strip. still chilly and crisp. >> over the next few days high temperatures will be close to the 70s over the next few days. we have got the calm conditions here. but what about other parts of the country. not so much in louisiana where they are actually seeing some prethy severe storm activity moving through the stuff. you can see heavy rain showers throughout this afternoon and just in the last hour or so, atlanta getting hit with heavy rainfall. we'll take a close look at the storm activity. you can see it here on our satellite. again, some areas of heavy precipitation moving through the south right now. it's a bit of a different picture on the west coast. we do have a system brewing in the pacific again. we've been hit by these back-to-back pacific storms. it looks like we're anticipating another one by the weekend which could bring us showers. short term we're looking fairly dry. not much action on the satellite
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skies as high pressure sits in over the region and continues to expand bridging us bridge -- bringing us very dry weather conditions. changes are expected as the low gets close to the coast. you can see rainfall expectled across portions in california. this afternoon we saw pretty mild weather. look at pahrump, mostly sunny skies at commute for -- at -- at mount charleston today. clouds. i don't see one. maybe one or two as the sun was setting. conditions outside looking at temperatures ranging from the mid-40s in summerlin to the 50s in paradise and just to the east of us outside right now. light winds across many neighborhoods but wind gusts were strongest in the northwest portion of the valley. temperatures in pahrump, 46 degrees right now. 49 for overton. we're still in the 50s for lake mead and boulder city outside. temperatures will be colder
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about 4 degrees colder. we bottomed out in the low 40s for this morning. regionally, also looking chilly looking at temperatures in the 30s for overton. 33 in mesquite. 20s for matte. 34 for sandy valley and 350 degrees for searchlight. overnight tonight. highs will be higher compared to the temperatures today. if you like the warm weather you will like the next few days. 58 for mesquite. 60 for sandy valley and 60 for boulder city and slightly warmer for pahrump. we're expecting a lot of sunshine across the aria. may see a few -- adrow the -- across the area. a quick look at your warmup throughout the day. as we take you out the next seven days, you can see the warmup does continue with temperatures flirting with the 70s by friday and saturday late saturday night. a chance of showers possible.
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the front passes through. it looks like we'll be left with breezy conditions by tuesday. cold air to follow that system on sunday. but while you can at least enjoy half of the weekend, i mean, 68 degrees. reed and marie. >> thank you. we continue to follow this breaking news out of oregon. word from the fbi that ammon bundy and other people from the bundy family have been arrested among several others. but also we're hearing that shots were fired in oregon and one person is dead. another person is inside the hospital. we've been told for the better part of an hour that a news conference is expected so we can hear more about what happened. but ammon bundy arrested. other members arrested facing
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we'll be back in a moment. i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshlycracked egg with ham and bacon,or sausage,
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a blood howbd in alabama sniffed her way to the finish line. >> i love this story. runners say she escaped her backyard and took her place at marathon. the hound would cross are the finish line in 7th place averaging a time of seven minutes per mile. the owner states the hound is usually laid back and lazy. organizers say next year's race will be renamed the hound dog half and a special prize will be given to 7th place. we'll have more 0 from oregon tonight at 11:00.
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been arrested and also word of one person shot dead. also tonight, a major case of gun trafficking here in the las vegas valley. new at 11:00, with you one man sent dozens of handguns from las vegas to northern california and they ended up in the hands of some very dangerous people. and proof that kids really do the cutest things when they nink nobody is watches. and before we leave you here, we want to recap the breaking news we continue to follow in oregon, where ammon bundy. the son of cliven bundy is under arrest tonight along with at least eight other protesters. >> the fib in oregon says one person is dead, another person
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mostly opiates. i was pretty good at hiding it. >> now it has cost him three full years of "friends" memories. matthew perry's candid interview and the problems that returned after the show. >> went to face some issues in my life and faced them really hard. welcome to the doll house. chanel runway work. is there a point to britney's sexy new postings? >> i was like, whatever you want. you're amazing.
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>> he's not the only star
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