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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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he has been sitting in on that case all week long live from the jus cente craig, what can you tell us? >> reporter: otis holland was charged with 17 counts of sexual abuse of children, felonies. he sat for trial on this trial that began last week which we started covering. today after a matter of hours combining yesterday's time and this morning's time the jury did come back with a verdict finding otis holland guilty on all 17 counts. otis holland was the pastor of united faith church here in las vegas when this verdict was read there were several family members of his victims even some of the victims in the courtroom. this was an emotional case and highly charged case for both sides of course. and for otis holland it was a case which at many times we saw him on the stand giving long, confusing, difficult answers two times during the trial. the judge even admonishing him for not simply giving yes or no answers. for giving answers that seemed
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this morning about 11:00 it became apparent that the jury had reached a verdict. they deliberate rated about two hours this morning. about 15 minutes yesterday before leaving at 5:00. now get a listen to what unfolded in the courtroom about 20 minutes ago. >> i have witnesses of course the state has turned them into victims now. >> just answer the question mr. holland. >> i am answering. you are interrupting me. i am answering it. you are interrupting me. i want the jury to know everything. >> stop. >> reporter: as a matter of correction, i believe what we did just hear was some of otis holland's testimony when he was on the stand being cross-examined by the prosecution. he did choose to take the stand in the course of this trial. that's always a very big risk for a defendant because it opens
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the prosecution. of course they get to tell their side as they see it through their attorney but then remain on the stand for the prosecution's questions. it was during the answers to those questions that otis holland was, again, admonished by the judge, at least twice, for giving answers that seemed either not relevant. he was encouraged directly by the judge to answer simply yes or no. if he didn't understand the question to say so. there was of what i would say was aggressive back and forth between him, the prosecutor and the judge on that particular point. he does face life in prison as convicted now. that sentencing is set for march 16th in the same courthouse. that will be held at 9:30 a.m. in the morning. much more on this story on news 3 at five and six this evening with sergio avila handling that coverage and reaction from inside the courtroom. i'm craig fiegener reporting
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>> krystal: thank you so much. holland faces serious time behind bars. >> michelle: i've been following sergio's tweets. so we'll have more updates starting on "news 3 live at 3" and then throughout rest of the night. donald trump is coming to town today. probably already here because he has a rally happening at the south point in about an hour from now. this is a live look inside the south point now. people who want to attend this rally have to register on trump's website. if you want to g open now and the rally is scheduled to begin in less than an hour from now. on previous visits to las vegas people have stood in like for hours -- line for hours to see and hear him speak in person. we don't know for sure if the former alaska governor sarah him. as you may or may not know she announced tuesday she is endorsing trump over ted cruz who she supported in the past.
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heavyweight headed to town today. former president bill clinton is in the southern valley trumping up support for hillary. he will headline an event at advanced technology academy. if you would like to go you are asked to rsvp on hillary's website. doors open at 6:30 p.m. program starts at 7:15 p.m. we have jeff gillan live at the trump event he is going to be bringing reports as that goes on. it starts at 1:00. >> krystal: we got you covered here. hopefully pretty decent weather will be greeting these folks. i was outside about a couple hours ago, i didn't even need a coat. >> michelle: we were out there today with today show and everybody was freezing. i thought was funny because they're used to being in new york city. >> kelly: we did start out with mostly clear skies and temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. mostly sunny to get the day started. but we did have waves of clouds start to push their way in.
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that will be making their way in for the late afternoon and evening hours. temperature right now. and temperatures are still expected to rise into the upper 50s later this afternoon. now also coming up we're going to talk about what's going on back east and a chance for precipitation for us here locally. that's coming up this weekend. we're going to break all that down coming up. >> krystal: people out east really just bracing themselves for a massive storm coming through. >> michelle: on that note we actually have a live picture now. they're getting ready for a ton of snow. can't even wrap my mind around how much is expected here. this is holden beach, north carolina. state declaring a state of emergency ahead of this winter system. and it's predicted to hit tomorrow. when you look at this live picture, looks like you could lay out on the beach right now. tomorrow gonna be a different story. >> krystal: that storm system already causing problems for commuters in washington, d.c.
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could happen in the coming buydays. >> reporter: well if last night was any precursor as to what's to come we were in big trouble here in washington, d.c. only seventh tenths of an inch of snow but look at the headache it caused in the district. we had accidents everywhere. 150 reported by the police department. with traffic pretty much locked up everywhere. even major interstates with less than an inch many aspects of this storm it boggles the mind. we have a major ice storm for charlotte, north carolina, birmingham, atlanta, memphis they have a chance of snow as the colder part moves overhead. there's the crippling snow whichh over virginia, west virginia, maryland, delaware, southern pennsylvania for the last several days. and now it looks like these 20-30 plus inch snowfall amounts should actually happen.
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impact many and the potential of shutting down washington, d.c. starting friday night. back to you. >> krystal: we'll take it from here. back here at home a judge says a proposed ballot measure to raise nevada's minimum wage to $13 an hour can move forward. a carson city judge sided with supporters. opponents sought to disqualify the petition on technical points. the measure would create a single $9.25 an hour minimum wage in late 2018. that rate would increase by $0.75 each year until it reaches $13 in 2024. backers must gather more than 55,000 signatures to put the proposal on november's ballot. good news for wal mart workers. the company saying it plans to give a pay raise to most of its u.s. workers starting next month. some 1.2 million employees will earn at least $10 an hour.
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provide basic short-term disability at no cost to full-time hourly workers and al accrue paid time off. in october, the world's largest retailer announced it would invest $2.7 billion in its workforce over the next two years. but on the flip side, wal mart getting flat because as you recall it just announced it's . say this is a way get positive p.r. >> michelle: i know a lot of people saying this company should be able to afford to pay workers more. 1.2 million workers? they're doing pretty good. this sounds like a real life spy movie. murder allegations. a kgb spy allegedly killed on orders from russian president putin. the report released today and how the kremlin is responding. >> krystal: massive recall. thousands of strollers and car seats from one brand recalled over safety risks. if you have little ones, you really want to listen up. what you should be looking for and how you can get it fixed at
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the irs telling people to look out for an old scam hitting new victims. there's a simple way you can
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up at we're in positive territory today. >> krystal: it has been a bumpy ride as we've gone into this week. but a calm day on the trading floor. so maybe that's kind of put something fears at rest for now anyway. the dow finished down 249 points after plunging as low as 500 points. changes tied to dropping oil experts say those prices will continue to fall. right now good news is we are in positive territory. about 143 points. this really does sound like a hollywood script. a british judge has published a report on the death of a former russian spy nearly a decade ago. he says that president va mad lir putin probably approved the plan by the russian security service to kill that man by poisoning him. london.
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yefrngo yefrngo solved his own murder. he told british police his tea had been poisoned by two russians. today's report named the men as the likely killers accused the russian state of ordering the hit and accused russia's president. >> the fsp operation to kill mr. let va nefrngo was probably approved by mr. [ inaudible ] then head of the fsb and also by president putin. >> reporter: litvinenko was a former russian spy with explosive allegations about putin's links to the russian maf why. he switched sides to work for british intelligence and made enemys. the report says two russians were sent to london to kill him.
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hotel and poured him tea which he drank. it contained mra loan yum. a -- blue loan yum. a radio liquid. litvinenko accused putin of ordering his murder. the creme leadership denies -- kremlin involvement. britain wants the two men extradited to face trial. putin has refused. russia has called this report political. the british government says this was state sponsored murder. so this really won't help the already strained relations between russia and the west over syria and many other issues. but the murder case almost certainly ends here with no one ever likely to face trial for lit ven yefrpgo's death. back to you. >> michelle: new today at noon. parents listen up. thousands of infant car seats and strollers have been recalled
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this recall involves the... be safe 35. the car seat comes with the stroller. these ones manufactured between october 1st, 2014 to 2015. the are carry handle can crack and break and the seat could fall and that poses a risk of . easy fix. you can continue to use the car seat. you just have to get the handle replaced. but make sure until you do that you don't hold the car seat by its handle. you hold it on the sides and you can still use the stroller. again, it's just the handle bar of that seat right there. so if you registered your product with britax you will receive a free repair. this is my exact stroller system. i'm going have to do this. also. this is separate.
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of a choking hard hazard. this is a different model. manufactureed from april 1, 2010-december 31, 2012. the foam padding, fragments cap come off if a child bites it and that can pose a choking hazard. consumers should remove the arm bar and contact bri tax for a free cover. we've put a link to register for both recalls on our website. just head to >> krystal: so important to get information like that. you can't take any chances when it comes to babies. >> michelle: kelly we want people to know it is sold as a duo. the car seat and the stroller. the stroller you can still use you just got the get the bar of the car seat fixed. it is still safe to use but don't hold it by the handles. >> michelle: it's good you speak from experience. >> michelle: i have to do this
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>> krystal: easy fix. kelly, hopefully you have good new with the weather. >> kelly: good for us. not so good for the mid-atlantic region. this is a live shot of the white house in washington, d.c. se a little bit of snow on the ground. a little bit up on the roof. really that's it for them right now. i mean, they had a little bit of snow overnight. we saw all the pictures and video of the gridlock on the freeways. people falling in the street. that was a precursor. that was not the big storm. that was less than an inch. almost a teaser for what's about to come. this is all the watches and warnings that are associated with this storm system that's moving its way eastward. washington, d.c., baltimore, that's a blizzard warning that begins tomorrow. blizzard watches in the green. all the pink. that's winter storm warning. here is the storm right now in its current track. we're looking at the center of rotation around that kansas/missouri border.
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not seeing a whole lot of activity with it now. there's the bands of snow into kansas and missouri up into south dakota and minnesota. the showers, the thunderstorms starting to move their way through mississippi and tennessee. the whole system is going to build strength as 18-24 inches of snow. maybe even up to 30 inches of snow around the washington, d.c. area. closer to home we had a lot of sunshine to get the day started. clouds have been moving in and we are expecting those clouds to thicken as we get into the late afternoon and evening hours. here's what we're looking at. the aliante camera. we've got high thin clouds. it's kind of that filtered sunshine affect that we're dealing with. temperature wise, this is what we're seeing right now. paradise, green valley, 58 degrees. summerlin, you are at 60. sorry. 57 for that current temper's a look at what we're expecting for the rest of the day today. 61 degrees. increasing clouds throughout the day.
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our 7-day forecast. partly sunny skies as we get into friday as well. looking at a high of 62. saturday though we are looking at the chance for some showers especially in the afternoon and evening. breezy conditions as well. a high of 62. sunday looks much better. 59 that's what we're expecting for sunday and monday, that's normal for this time of year. >> michelle: i love it. >> krystal: new today at noon netflix customers about to get hit with a price hike. the video streaming service says it's about to raise the monthly subscription fee, that is, for many long time subscribers. people who pay $7.99 will have a choice. either pay the same for the standard definition service or $2 more for high definition. the news comes as net flex announced it will now have 79 million subscribers. let's talk about amazon. offering refunds for people who
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it comes because of concerns that the two wheel balanced boards are just not safe. the consumer product safety commission is investigating more than three dozen claims that hoverboards started smoking or caught fire. the commission praised amazon for offering refunds and called on other retailers and manufacturers to do the same. >> michelle: here is a look at what we're working on for nous live at three. -- "news 3 live at 3." a convicted murderer caught communicating freely with the outside world from inside of the prison using a live streaming app. you know, periscope. how did this even happen? and what they did when they figured out what was going on. plus, a crocodile just taking a swim. can you imagine walking outside and seeing that 234 your pool? we're going tell what you the owner did after taking a picture when he saw this guy in his pool. it's always so funny that they take the picture then run. or they video the bear going through the trash.
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move over pluto. >> krystal: i know. researchers are saying they may have discovered a new ninth planet in our solar system. pluto got demoted unfortunately. isn't it awful? >> michelle: just because it's
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>> krystal: it still has >> krystal: pluto -- another blow to pluto. can't catch a break. there's another ninth planet in our solar system. researchers at cal tech claim to have found evidence of what could be, ladies and gentlemen, a ninth planet just past neptune. they say the planet about ten times bigger than earth an orbiting far beyond neptune. astronomers say computer simulations show it would orbit 20 times farther away from the sun than earth. so it hasn't been observed
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there are distinct signs of gravitational pull consistent with a possible planet. about pluto, it was considered the solar system's ninth planet until 2006 when it got demoted. it's now considered a large moon. >> michelle: it's not even planet status anymore? >> kelly: no they demoted it. >> michelle: that's so hard to wrap my head around. i've always wondered there could be like a whole other earth out there. >> krystal: there could be. >> michelle: we just don't know. they could be doing a newscast right now. [ laughter ] >> krystal: the universe is so vast. we don't know. >> michelle: it's amazing to wrap your head around how big it is. >> michelle: let's move on. what do we have coming up at 1230? a new warning. the irs telling people to look out for an old scam hitting new victims. what you should watch out for. >> i guess it's kind of elephant in the room. [ cheering ]
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son's domestic violence arrest this week. why she is putting the blame on president obama. >> michelle: one-on-one with the ladies of the today show. >> michelle: i got a plum assignment today. i got to intervi we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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>> krystal: breaking news on "news 3 live at noon." the verdict in for a local church leader accused of sexually assaulting young girls. a live report in 30 seconds. >> michelle: tax scam. the irs telling people to look out for an old scam hitting new victims. what you need to look out for. >> krystal: elephant in the room. sarah palin talking about her son's domestic violence arrest this week. why she pinned that on the president. >> announcer: >> michelle: we begin with breaking news in the case against otis holland, a local church leader accused of raping children in his congregation. >> krystal: he has been found guilty on all counts. craig fiegener was in the courtroom scombroiping us live from the regional justice center. give us a feel for what the atmosphere was like when the verdict was read.
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holland as we best can tell did
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