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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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they completed an autopsy. the 33-year-old, many of his friends are say we lost a leknd. 33-year-old chris hornic knew how to party. he was the ceo of his own vip club service. he often spoke about his passion as we saw in this video clip posted on the internet. >> do your research, find out what will fit you best and find the person that will get you in the club. hopefully me. and just come. come party. >> reporter: hornic last week traveled to india to enjoy an adventurous vacation. officials say he entered this hotel with a group of americans and australians. here's the last picture he posted on facebook. sfriends say it shows a healthy, vibrant man.
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said he was feeling ill. the next day he was found dead inside his room. >> unexpected. not much more to stay about -- to say about it. almost surreal. >> reporter: adam farrar one of his friends can't believe he's gone. a club promoter at excess remembers talking with hornic about india. >> he invited me and others, i'm sure to india telling us about the races they had going on and what fine of things he had planned. >> reporter: he was well-liked. many mentioned him on social media as the life of the party. one person posted you always did have such an amazing bright personality, chris. i guess you will be shining in the sky now. glad to have come across you. rest in peace. his friend adam says the las vegas nightlife scene will miss him. >> when he would come around he would bring a certain type of presence with him. always come give you a big hug, tell you he missed you.
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>> reporter: indian officials have given hornic's body to the u.s. embassy. it's not clear when he will come back to the states. jim? >> all right, antonio. thank you. the woman accused of deliberately driving her car into a crowd of people on the strip is now facing 71 charges. lakeisha holloway appeared in court today where the d.a. filed new charges against her including battery and new counts of child abuse, neglect or endangerment. remember, police say she had her 3-year-old daughter in the car with her when she intentionally drove on the sidewalk in front of the planet hollywood and then down in front of the paris and bally's. after the crash, lakeisha holloway was on suicide watch. we spoke with her attorney after today's hearing. >> she's doing somewhat better. she's in a very difficult state of mind. i'm not sure there's much more we can add to that. >> in two weeks, the defense
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know in the case is ready for a preliminary hearing. a pastor accused of raping girls in his congregation is now in the hands of the jury. the case wrapped up in the case of otis holland. sergio avila is live at the courthouse. how long has the jury had this case? >> reporter: well, jessica, they 4:45. from what i kell tell you all about the closing arguments. the attorneys tried to convince the jury to side with them. >> the foundation in this case is built on the untrue statements of two teenaged girls who feel like they have been scorned by mr. holland. this is not a popularity contest. you are only here to decide whether mr. holland actually did the things that he is accused of. you may not agree with the way he conducted his service. but the members of his
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back to him. they kept coming back to his services. they kept bringing their children back to him. >> let's quote the bible. proverbs 21.1, says the wicked flee but the righteous stand. the righteous aren't afraid. but the wicked flee. >> he sets up his own church. what formal training did he have? zero. he did it so that he could target people. >> reporter: robert langford talking about fleeing, otis holland was caught in mexico some seven months after an arrest warrant was issued when these charges first came up. the jury deliberated about 15 minutes, until 5:00 and then they went home for day. they are expected to pick up
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reporting live sergia avila, back to you. >> thank you. a delta flight was set back to the gate at mccarran after someone thought they saw smoke. the plane was heady to the runway ready to depart for seattle. they checked everything. new at 6:00, one year from today, america swears in its next president. one month from today, the voting starts here in nevada in the race for the white house. democrats hold their caucus on saturday, february 20th. three days later, it's the republicans' turn. jeff guillen has more. >> no matter the party, no matter the candidate, the goal is to get people out to vote. one month out and i'm talking into bernie sanders' las vegas office.
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>> he makes the most sense. he has the most intech integrity. >> reporter: what's happening here. >> we're telling the community to come out and participate in on one of our mock caucuses. >> reporter: it's also happening at the clinton camp. they are also practicing. >> we sent out a crew of folks to caucus. >> reporter: the name of the game identity your support and get it to a caucus site that saturday in february. >> a caucus is a neighborhood meeting where you come together with neighbors, your neighbors in the precinct and you make a verbal vote for a candidate. >> reporter: take some getting used -- takes some getting used to. that's why democrats have come out with the video, caucus 101. three days later. >> on a tuesday night, republicans hold their caucus, i dropped in on the republican
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into carol donald. >> we simplified it. we've learned from our mistakes from other years. you remember 2012. >> reporter: we do. the year rand paul support, objected to rules and created caucus sayious. ings. >> every year there's vols and we have a lot of active campaigns. >> reporter: 11 have qualified for the ballot. democrats have 11 and nevada is about to have its moment in the political spotlight. >> you have to be a registered democrat or republican to take party in each party's caucus. to find your caucus locations, i have the information in my story at back to you. >> thank you. by now, you've probably heard the big news that sarah palin is supporting donald trump. >> we wanted to know what you think about that. if you head to our facebook
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do you think sarah palin's endorsement of donald trump will influence your decision in the upcoming election. dr. ben carson's campaign picks again tomorrow. the candidate suspended his campaign yesterday after one of his campaign volunteers was killed. the 25-year-old died after their van crashed on an icy road in iowa. carson posted a message saying with a heavy heart he will resume his campaign tomorrow. he has two events scheduled in iowa. a rash of car break-ins in one neighborhood has the people who live in the gated community rattle and frustrated. ahead, how they are hoping someone with a sharp eye could help before the thieves hit again. >> reporter: a local third grader is doing her part to stand up to cancer. i'm denise rosch. she's not a patient but a designer. what she's up to -- coming up. you may not be surprised in
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we'll show you pictures, artest rendings discovered. the humidity has done some interesting things in our sky. we'll show you that with the forecast -- coming up. and the governor of michigan is apologizing tonight for the crisis in flint over tainted water. what he is promising to do next.
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second the city of las vegas is now tacking on an annual fee for drivers who work for ride hailing companies like uber and lyft. today a las vegas city council approved a $50 semiannual fee for each active driver. clark county commissioners a $25 yearly foe for drivers. those fees add up, especially for those drivers who make stops
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the airport now charges $2.50 for every ride that begins or ends at the airport. medical marijuana dispensary owners say the rules inside the city of las vegas for how they are allowed to advertise make it hard for them to compete with shops in other parts of town, especially now with more than 13,5,000 nevada yans nevadans holding cards. one individual wants las vegas leaders to change the tight restricts on advertising. the council voted to abandon a city ordinance and allow this dispensary to test out three billboards along sahara for now. it's a hope this manholes man man hopes will level the playing field for the competition. >> you really can't move the sign from the street.
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anywhere near schools, parks or churches. the city gave them 12 months to see how this works out. it's a diagnosis that can devastate a family, emotionally and financially. learning a child has cancer. >> but now a local 8-year-old is reaching out to patients in a very special day. putting her artistic talents to good news. new at 6:00, denise rosch explains how she's crafting for cancer. >> okay. what do you want to play first? >> reporter: at 8-year-old lauren is like most kids her age. >> tag. you're it. >> reporter: blowing off team after a long day at school. but when play time ends -- >> hi. my name is lauren. >> reporter: lauren takes to youtube delivering her own tutorial on how to make a wig. >> make sure it's tight and secure. >> reporter: but this how-to video has a purpose. >> my little sister has cancer. >> reporter: lauren is making wigs for girls who have lost
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treatment, using a crochet needle, weave cap and she says her goal is to make the wigs look as natural as possible. >> red headed for red-headed little girls. other girls have other styles. >> how wonderful is that. >> reporter: jeff gordon is president of the organization where lauren will be donating her wigs. >> so much another malty is taken out of their lives immediately and so -- when they lose their hair it's a tough thing. >> reporter: lauren's goal is to start with ten wigs. over the summer when she has more time, she plans to knock out another 20, helping little girls going through the toughest time of their lives feel a little more girly. >> they do take a long time. >> reporter: and lauren now has
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for small donations for supplies. the wigs, of course, will be free to patients. and someone else can learn from her video all the better. >> it's starting to fill out recall good. >> reporter: passing on her talent and possibly a little compassion. denise rosch, news 3. >> she's a youtube star in the making. if you want to help her pay for supplies we have a link at her >> i love how she's teaching people through the videos. >> that's what i love. she's a sensation already. >> she really is. we all grew up learning there were nine planets in the solar system. it went down to eight but now it may be going back up. jas is not weather center.
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>> and the irony, it's the same astronomer kicking pluto out of the system is the one who discovered this with his carer in at cal tech. they are calling this planet 9. it's way out there. it's ten times the mass of the earth and it would take, you know, it takes us 365.25 days to if around the sun. it takes this thing more than 10,000 years to if around the -- to go around the sun. they are gonna do more research. we want pluto back. our speck on the earth, we had great cloud formation clinging to the red rocks earlier today. quite a majestic spectacle. you can thank the high humidity levels. yesterday's rain contributing to that. quite a site out there.
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great view from our camera on the far west side. look at the glow as the sun came up, almost volcanic out there. we didn't have that much haze early. but a couple of hours into the early morning commute, that brown cloud not looking good. we need wind to blow that out of there. i don't think that will happen until saturday. up on the mountains nice snow to play in. i think we might get more saturday night. but emphasis a little bit more. torrey pines, 56. 58% relative humidity. we'll head up to the far northwest, they are checking in at 55. temperatures runth range from the low -- running the raging from the low 50s along the edges. but i doses of humidity level over 60% in some valley neighborhood. caliente checking in at 42. mccarran hit 52.
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we'll start in the 40s and race our way to the mid- to upper -- to the mid- to upper 50s. the clouds will probably keep us out of the leer -- out of the 60s. around the country, we have plenty of cold to talk about. we'll talk about this system getting organized. working itself up the atlantic coast. get ready for a huge nor'easter. we're clear now. we should stay clear overnight. we'll get a few of these clouds tomorrow afternoon but the bulk of the system going north, the clouds shearing and thinning as they roll in. we'll have a good deck of clouds but they will be thin and they are expected late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. 27 in27 in the mountain mountain. 35 in -- in the mountain. 37 in pawmp m pahrump. for the valley, a clear sky. pretty tough to see planet 9.
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60 will be the official high temperature tomorrow. plenty of morning sunshine with the clouds in the afternoon. your seven-day forecast, tack on a couple of more degrees on friday. breezy is saturday afternoon in advance of another system. that wind will clear out the air and kick up the temperature. on the back side of that temperature, sunday, 59 is the best we can do and maybe a couple of sprinkles on saturday night. >> oh, yeah? >> i'm not joking when i say a couple. >> we're the envoy of the rest of the country, right? >> especially -- first of all, they had the cold and now they could get clobbered with snow. something we'll be watching as that storm moves in. >> yes. still ahead for us, a fire truck smashes into a fast-food restaurant. >> you will be surprised to hear who was behind the wheel of that massive engine. and a series of car break-ins in a gated community. some of the crooks caught on camera.
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where neighbors are joining welcome back. a community in the most valley is on edge tonight after a -- in the northwest valley is on edge tonight after a series of car breaking news. >> the cars were parked outside the desert shores. the most recent break-in happened yesterday morning. if you take a look at the video, here it is, you can see a crook with his face covered as he opens the driver's side door of the car. video from another nearby home shows the thief take out an entire window in one piece before he leans inside the car. it's hard to tell if this is the same guy. >> this is really creepy. it's creepy to me to know that was going on when i was
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>> it was $48 to replace the window. now i learn to leave the car open and they can come and see there's nothing there. >> the neighbors are hoping someone out there will recognize the crook or crooks that we've shown you here and call crimestoppers. remember, if your car is peculiarized, you want to get a -- burglarized, you want too get a police report, that's the only way detectives can track the crime trends in your neighborhood. blood shed at a university making headlines. we'll tell you about the growing number of victims and the group blaming responsibility for the attack tonight. and the water crisis continues in one part of the country. a look at the controversy and
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frustration and anger continue to spill over in flint, mish twin over the city's role in its contaminated water supply. >> the governor is promising answers and actions as federal and state criminal investigations continue. and tonight, the michigan house approved $28 million in emergency funding to help the people affected. >> meanwhile, water donated by the entertainerrary share entertainer's was delivered to the 100,000 or more people who will still unable to drink the tap water. >> bottled water continues to pour in to flint along with a flood of controversial and concern over the water crisis. >> water is sa basic human right. everybody deserves clean water. >> reporter: but the residents haven't had clean quarter since
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