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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 27, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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starts as something routine... often it starts as something routine, and overnight it was a suspicious vehicle. but a valley officer responded, the call, things quickly escalated. >> it ended with an officer injured, a suspect dead, and a pile-up in a neighbor's driveway >> we've been following this story all day. >> reporter: certainly not something neighbors in the neighborhood were expecting to happen in their backyards in the middle of the night. we're talking very early morning hours. it all started with concern from neighbors who saw a car sitting by the park. it turns out they had reason to think it was unusual. >> oh, my gosh. duck, call 911. so i got low, called -- or started to call 911. >> a night in a typically quiet crestview at mountainside neighborhood disrupted by gunshots. >> heart racing. >> what started as a call for a
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officer hurt, and three cars in a neighbor's drive smashed in. >> like we were under fire. i mean, that's -- it's very scary situation. >> people in the neighborhood. tell me the car was parked here. neighbors got home, saw the car and felony they knew something was wrong. >> i went inside, called the nonemergency line for police. >> reporter: surprise police say officers got there and confronted the man in the car, things e the officer shot adami. neighbors say the officer was dragged by the car he was driving. >> as a matter of fact, there was blood across my driveway. >> reporter: police say the man sped down 177th avenue and didn't stop until he smashed into three parked cars. >> they're definitely asking him to get out of the car and put your hands up where they can see them, but with the airbags deploying, you couldn't see anything. >> reporter: police pulled him from the car. neighbors captured the moments as they tried giving him cpr.
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>> it's tear finding because you -- terrifying because you think you're being violated even though they're not in your home. >> reporter: police have not said what exactly led to the shooting. how things escalated. i've asked them whether or not this was a stolen car in addition to whether or not the man had a gun. all questions they told me they were unable to answer as the investigation is ongoing. live in the studio, fox 10 news. >> thank you. peoria police on this scene. it is a horrible crash near 87th avenue and deer valley ro police say a driver in a pickup truck ran a stop sign and slammed into a minivan with seven people inside. seven of those people happen to be children. actually five were children. three of the children were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police are talking to the driver. they say at this point, alcohol does not appear to be a factor. meanwhile, a valley family today is trying to raise funds for a -- for funeral costs with
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35-year-old danny smith was walking into a store in san bernardino when somebody shot and killed him. and today his family in phoenix held a car wash near 35th avenue and southern all to raise funds for funeral costs. the family says there was no reason for the shooting. >> it was only 35 years old. he didn't deserve to go out or have somebody take his life, if that's what happened. so it's just a really sad situation. >> officers are saying that there's no police are still investigating that case. police take a man into custody who they say barricaded himself in his apartment. they say they -- he did that after he threatened his neighbor with a knife. officers say they were able to get eric thomas to leave his apartment and they took him into custody without any problems. now, this unfolded in an apartment complex near apache and mcclintock. he has been booked for
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weapon. police now working to find out how and why the incident started. police are teaming up with several west valley agencies to have a d.u.i. patrol task force ongoing tonight. officers say that with all of the applications, and ride-sharing services available, there isn't a good reason to be drinking and driving. >> these days, with all the ride-sharing companies that are out there, taxis, there's absolutely no excuse to be driving under the influence of anything. so we definitely encourage the use of >> last year they had 14 officers for the d.u.i. task force. this year they're expecting between 40 and 60 officers. you hear that sound? it's christmas. >> yes. >> coming towards us, really quickly. today marks the grand opening and tree lighting ceremony over at city skate in downtown phoenix. >> and in the spirit of things, and spirit of small business saturday, the ice rink includes art installations from local
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mrs. claus. they both have to be there, of course. >> see, you can't tell it's the mid 70s. that could be anywhere. >> don't tell anybody. >> all right. it's really 35 degrees right there. >> it's all toe hear what kids want for christmas and new this year are interactive decorations like lighted presents that you can walk through and you can grab a hot cocoa from a hot chocolate bar. that ice rink will be open for the next seven weeks. >> and it's a blast. it's fun to see the like christmas in scottsdale as well today. they brought in a snow machine. turned it on for the ice rink at west gate. >> got to have that on and this year will be the first time that westgate will have an ice rink with eel rice. it -- real ice. it will come with more than 600 pairs of skates. the skates are included with your price of admission. we spoke with people about how they plan on keeping that rink
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this is the first year there's real ice and there's five and a half miles of tubing underneath us right now and that's what's keeping the ice frozen. >> that new ice rink will be open all the way through january 8th. it's time for the powerball. >> oh, yeah. >> have you been hearing how -- it's upwards -- close to 500 million. >> i have it. it's in a safe place right now. >> here's a question. hopefully someone you know and love if not yourself is the newest multi-millionaire. >> let's jackpot, which is an estimated $403 million and tonight's winning numbers, here they are. am i allowed to announce them if i win? >> yes, go ahead. >> 17, 19, 21, 37, 44, and that powerball number at 16. >> good luck! also, later in the show, does this took tasty? take a look. the latest food craze in moscow. they say it's delicious but you
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>> i'm afraid. >> fidel castro is dead and people in miami are celebrating in the streets. i'm phil keating here in little havana. we will have the latest developments and reaction from around the world coming up. a great day for college football. michigan/ohio state in an instant classic.
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former cuban leader former cuban leader fidel castro died at the age of 90. and today there were two very different scenes that were taken place. in cuba people began nine days of mourning of castro's death. >> while in florida's little havana, cuban-americans taking to the streets to c passing of the dictator. fox news reporter phil keating is in little havana in miami with the latest. >> reporter: fidel castro came into power in 1959 after leading a rebel army to victory. and as the country's ruler, he embraced soviet-style communism and defied the power of 10 american presidents during his half-century in power. for many families of people who lived under his regime, the news is cause for celebration, not for his life but for his death.
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for my grandparents. they taught us to -- all the pains and the struggle that is they went through in their life. -- struggles that they went through in their life and how fitted fid symbolized that pain. -- fidel castro sim blythed that -- symbolized that pain. >> it's sad to celebrate the death of a person, but he was so destructive in his path. it just -- it's a relieve. and it's sad to say, but that's how we it's the beginning of a new time. >> castro opponents have a rally planned for next week in an effort to pressure the cuban government to bring about change. >> being able to be in the street and wave the cuban flag, wave the american flag, you know, that shows what we have in this country, we should never take it for granted. >> and the mayor of miami fully expects this celebration here in. havana will go -- in little havana will go on for days. phil keating, fox news.
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castro in paris. and many say he stood against american imperialism. and fought for liberty. the french left presidential candidate attended the vigil along with wenz wailian and cuban ambassadors -- venezuelan and cuban ambassadors. in spain crowds of both pro- and anti-castro supporters met at the embass in madrid tonight. -- embassy in madrid tonight. people were waving cuban fla union. some members of the pro- and anti-castro camps exchanged insults. they had to be separated while police kept watch. and canada's prime minister justin true dough paid tribute -- trudeau paid tribute to him calling him a friend of canada. cuban president raul castro said his elder brother's remains
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washington responding to the death of fidel castro as well. president obama issuing a statement saying, history will judge castro's impacted. but critics are already slamming it. fox news reporter kristen fisher has more. >> reporter: seeing two very different reactions from our current president and our next president, donald trump. the president-elect is calling him a brutal dictator, while president obama is striking a more diplomatic tone by saying history will judge the exaf of impact of this figure. our thoughts and prayers are with the cuban people. in the days ahead they will call the past -- recall the past and also to the future. as they do, the cuban people must know that they have a friend and partner in the united states of america. that statement is not sitting well with many republicans including florida senator markio roundy -- marco rubio whose family is from cubana. he didn't mention the thousands
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-- imprisoned. rubio said the dictatorship has not died. change is already well underway here in the ins. during the campaign trump pledged to reverse president obama's executive order to normalize relations between the two countries and today he said this. quote, though the tragedies, deaths, and pain caused by fidel castro can't be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the cuban people can finally begin their journey toward so what that means remains to be seen. many republicans are now urging him to keep his campaign promise and roll back those regulations. and because a lot of it was accomplished through executive order, mr. trump could do it. in washington, kristen fisher, fox news. when we come back, oh, you see the clouds kind of working their way through the deserts of the day and more changes are in
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nice night out there for everybody. as we take a look at your forecast, 63 degrees is where we are ?right now. and you're going to stay, oh, that's cool out there. wait until next week and everything changes for us. winds out of the southeast at five miles an hour. but otherwise, a nice night for everybody. if you're heading out and about here on this saturday evening. but we see the clouds and you notice that as you went out and about today. it was also gray. a little dark at times. and you can see this moisture all streaming up here in towards the desert. l.a. had to deal with some rai san diego into the evening hours for tonight. california. they need it. they're really the only ones in the country getting all the rain. but that's going to change tomorrow. you can see the moisture toward the desert and up north up towards flagstaff, things are going to be very different for tomorrow. let's take a look at your temperatures. sky harbor, 63 degrees. down in the upper 50s in -- wichenburg still 66. with those temperatures definitely are going to change.
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highs are going to be next week and the week after that. when you look at the extended forecast. statewide here, gila bend at 66. sedona down to 50. flagstaff at 39 right now and those temperatures are going to drop even more so in the mountain. the high regions and also up towards the grand canyon as well. so keep that in mind over the next few days, particularly tomorrow. if you're taking a trip up to flagstaff. warmer up north, cooler down here. bu than 24/7ing 24 hours ago. and i can't emphasize it, the temperatures are going to change and it will be a whole lot different out there. 70s, last day we'll see that for quite some time. we're going to be blomfor the next few -- below normal for the next few days. we were above average. looking at the country here, it's pretty quiet everywhere else. you see the clouds kind of streaming into the desert, new mexico. they're going to push into the
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no activity. pretty much all the way across here, it's quiet. maybe to the northeast you steel with some snow -- deal with some snow up there. the moisture will be pushing its way in here and you can see the snow kind of pushing in towards flagstaff and as we continue in from sunday into late sunday, that continues in towards the east. it starts to clear out a little bit, maybe an extra brief instance of snow there. but you'll be dealing with inches of snow as you head towards flagstaff and up north for these next few hours or so. starting in the early morning hours and then into the afternoon hours. they maybe see an inch or so. we shall see as the totals start to climb through your sunday. but you look at the 10-day forecast here in the valley, upper 50s, a little bit below normal. not exactly where we want to be maybe towards the 70s. but still pleasant. it's not too cool. but pleasant. >> and you -- >> we went from 80 down to 50. >> and as you'll discover, there's no way to make -- you already know this. there's no way to make everyone happy. there's no one who -- exactly
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-- where we want to be. it's everyone. >> it's a matter of perspective. but when you go -- all the way through the 90s and 80s and you hang on like did you in october, and here you are in 50s, it's a different story. >> i think everybody could agree that most of the people would like the weather we're having right now. it's beautiful. this is something that would hopefully never get f.d.a. approval. i don't even want to bring it up. at least it's after dinnertime. >> rat burgers. >> at least they're the food craze, the latest food craze in moscow. we're literally talki burgers made of rodent meat. >> but why? >> take a look. i'm not sure what we're going to look. from the riverbed to between slices of bread. yes. moscow foodies are wolfing down rat buggers, not -- rat burgers. places like a bistro are now serving nutria. the chef says it's simple, tasty
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he said it contains meat and liver. >> it's just getting worse if that's possible. >> it's an aquatic rodent, similar to an otter. >> well, then. >> test for 550 rubles or that's about 8 1/2 bucks. >> no thank you. >> pass. coming up, people gather in the valley to protest something happening more than a thousand miles away. after the break, what they feel so passionate about. >> maybe rat burgers. i don't know. police looking for your help to catch a crook. take a look at the video.
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hundreds of pe hundreds of people gathered in steel indian school park to show their support for the standing walk sioux tribe. >> after months of heated protests in north dakota, many cities around the country are seeing support rallies in opposition to the dakota access pipeline. >> f has the story. >> there is, you know, the whole stigma behind the indigenous people and we're thought as complainers, even though we're just asking for basic human rights. it's -- it's thought of as we're just complaining. we should suck it up. and that's not the way that it should be. >> reporter: crystal says she's protesting to show her support for the people of standing rock sioux tribe.
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and the water is contaminated, it affects us all, but adds she believes media coverage has been low because it's thought of as just an indigenous issue. >> because it's an indigenous issue and i think we're on the back burner and that's why most of us are here, is because we need to bring us to the froarp front, our -- forefront, our issues. >> reporter: they couldn't bear to watch what was happening at the retz eshvation and not -- reservation and not do anything about it. >> oh, my gosh. it's unspeakable what's going on. so i just came out here just to show support and, yeah, water is life. >> reporter: now as a u.s. army corps of engineers of engineers announced they'll be closing the hand that had served as a pivotal point for posters on december 5th, many -- protestors on december 5th, many say they want their voices heard. >> it's gone on too long and i just want the brutality to stop, the violence, everything to
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>> reporter: marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> the decision to close the area north of canyon ball river -- cannonball rivers coming after a nasty clash in which police officers employed tear gas and water bullets. 26 people had to be hospitalized. here in the valley police asking for your help in finding a man in connection with an armed robbery. this robbery happened back in august at the walgreen's at 7th street the suspect brought a pack of gum to the register and gave the clerk money but police say he then took out a gun. and demanded money had the clerk opened the drawer to make change. now, officers are hoping the public can can help them identify this guy by his camouflage sweater. >> maybe somebody thought that looked a little suspicious, that he was trying so hard to hide his face, but he certainly displayed a weapon and we're
12:28 am
perhaps that sweatshirt shooed out to -- stood out to someone being camo and that information would pep us out. >> police say the suspect drove off in a maroon mercury that he had backed into a parking spot. police also need your help in finding a suspect in an armed robbery of a quick corner. take look at your screen. this happened at a mesa quick corner near longmore and broadway. police say two men entered the store. they pointed a shotgun at the employees and demanded money. officers say that escaped in a white van. if you have any information on that case, you're asked to call silent witness. 480-witness. we're checking on a big day in college football, but not before taking a look at a not so good day. good night of college football for the arizona sun devils. how the arizona wildcats were literally running wild in tucson.
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embarrassing. pathetic.. disappointing, embarrassing, pathetic and straight out sad. those are some of the words that we use to describe last night's asu game. the sun devils flat-out run over in tucson. and may i remind you, the arizona wildcats entered this game with a 2-9 record and zero
12:32 am
manny wilkins is good but he can't play defense. brandon, see ya. off to the races. turned on the afterburners and he is gone. 71 yards for the touchdown. just like that, the cats needed. that was a sign of things to come. arizona running all over the place. 28-21 arizona with the lead. breaking tackles, easy touchdown. yeah, there was more where that came from. third quarter, 35-28. zach green says get off another easy touchdown. plenty of broken tackles on that play. grant just runs through some armticles. -- arm tacks. this is embarrassing. wow. in the second half, arizona did not throw a pass. you know why? they didn't have to. they were running at will. in all, 511 yards rushing. are you kidding me? this right here, the final nail in the coffin.
12:33 am
wildcats. >> that was -- the worst performance we've had since we've been here. and that was embarrassing. and no excuses, but that was -- very, very difficult to watch. so let our university down, let our -- let our program down, and that was very, very difficult. just absolutely didn't show up at all defensively and just gave up one big play after >> that was difficult to watch. now, this was actually fun to watch. the marquee matchup behind and ohio state. michigan and ohio state. lebron at the game. it's been a great run for ohio. 3-0 michigan early. wolverines air it out. bad idea. the interception. touchdown buckeyes. o.s.u. up 7-3. oh, boy. lebron and the cavs, they like it. they're bundled up and having fun. michigan comes back.
12:34 am
hill opened for the touchdown. wolverines, this game so good we needed overtime. actually double overtime. amare with a great catch for the touchdown. and we're going to double o.t. the buckeyes down 3. they go for it on fourth down. gutsy. is he short of the first down? you make the call. after further review, they say first down? wow. what a break for the buckeyes. very next play, curtis samuel no doubt about this one. touchdown ohio state. the buckeyes, they win it. great game, final score 30-27. we keep the rivalry thing going with auburn facing alabama. when the tigers and the tide collide, only the strong survive. and the tide, they're pretty strong. harris, 17 yards for the touchdown. 'bama with the early lead. the tide back for more. hurts calls his own number. gets to the corner.
12:35 am
20-9. alabama in the third. darius stewart and he's run, for ofest, run. they win it 30-12. check on the pack 12, colorado taking on utah. that game was right here on fox 10. utah on the punt return, hobbs breaking free. and you can kiss him good-bye. 55 yards t colorado says, yeah, you want to play that way. well, they're looking to answer. quarterback keeper and it works. wow, this is your quarterback here. refusing to go down. so nice look at it twice. wow, talk about second effort and colorado was back for more. how about this. very nice catch by sheafield in the corner of the yz end zone. and colorado is looking good. and how about more defensive by the buffaloes.
12:36 am
scoop and score. colorado wins the pac-12 south, final score 27-22. we check in on the nfl and we've got the cardinals right here on fox 10 in atlanta taking on the falcons. battle of the birds. you can watch the game with us right here on fox 10. we do it again at 10:00 and a great day for college football. some fantastic games on the schedule. like michigan and ohio state playing in an instant classic. but that's later. fox news at 10:00 is coming up
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. we are following a developing and quite tragic story here at tonight we're following a developing and quite frankly tragic story. a horrible car crash involving five children. >> happened just hours ago in peoria near the intersection of 87th and deer valley road. >> we're told a pickup truck ran through a stop sign and t-boned
12:40 am
inside the van, seven people. all seven people including five children were taken to the hospital. three of those children are listed in critical condition. one was airlifted. the ages of the children not known yet tonight. the driver of the pickup truck did stay at the scene and authorities are telling that right now it doesn't look like alcohol played a role in the crash. we talked to people in the area who say, this is a notoriously dangerous >> people just don't stop here. and cross the street there's been multiple people going through the fences and fatalities up and down. you should be able to drive down the road as a family and not have to be fearful. >> right now police have not said what charges if any will be filed. meanwhile, in surprise, a suspect is dead and a police officer is injured after a
12:41 am
>> yeah, last night police got a call about a suspicious vehicle in the area. they go to the scene, but things quickly got out of hand. stephani is here live with details. >> reporter: this was certainly not something neighbors in the crestview at mountainside neighborhood were expecting to happen. there was concern from people that saw a car sitting in the park. >> my husband said, call 911. i got low, started to call 911. >> reporter: a quiet neighborhood disrupted by gunshots. >> just heart racing. >> what started as a call for a suspicious vehicle ended with the driver in that car dead, an officer hurt, and three cars in a neighbor's driveway smashed in. >> we were under fire. that's -- it's very scary situation. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood tell me the car was parked here along 177th avenue right next to this park.
12:42 am
enthuse knew something was wrong -- they knew something was wrong. >> i went inside, called the nonemergency line for police. >> reporter: when officers got there and confronted the man in the car, things escalated. the officer shot him. neighbors say the officer was dragged by the car the man was driving. >> as a matter of fact, there was blood across my driveway. >> reporter: police say he sped down 177th avenue and didn't stop until he smashed into three parked cars. >> they're definitely asking him to get out of the car and put your hands where you can see him, but with the airbags debloiing you didn't see -- deploying you couldn't see anything. >> reporter: neighbors captured the moments as they tried giving the man cpr. he died at the scene. >> it's terrifying because you think you're being violated even though they're not in your home. >> reporter: we're told that officer was taken to the hospital. he is now back at home. police have not said what exactly led to the shooting.
12:43 am
calated. i asked him whether the man had a gun. all questions they told me they were unable to answer as this investigation is ongoing. live in the studio, fox 10 news. >> thanks. fox follow-up on the death of a beloved phoenix fire captain from the holiday weekend. chris fitsmaurice was a veteran captain of the phoenix fire department. he was tragically killed in northern arizona. in an atv accident. because he passed awa duty, his family we're told is in dire need of financial support. the united phoenix fire fighters' association has set all gofundme account to help bring in funds for the family. chris is survived by his wife and four young daughters. we have a link to the gofundme page at another fox follow-up as a suspect is in cuss tonight, threatening his neighbor with a knife.
12:44 am
for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. after the incident, he barricaded himself inside his apartment. it an unfolded in tempe at his complex with the help of the s.w.a.t. team negotiators. he was later taken into custody. an l.a. family hold as car wash today trying to raise funds for funeral costs after they lost their loved one. 35-year-old danny smith was walking into a score in california when somebody shot -- somebody shot and killed him. he was in california to visit his mother in san bender. his family in -- san bernardino. his family held a car wash near 35th avenue and southern this weekend. the family says they're still trying to process why this even happened. >> he was only 35 years old. he didn't deserve to go out or have somebody take his life, if that's what happened. so it's just a really sad situation. >> police say there's no word on any suspects.
12:45 am
phoenix police say they are looking for a man who robbed a hotel clerk at gunpoint and they're hoping that this surveillance video of the crime will help catch him. it happened last month at the extended stay hotel near i-10 and university. and police say that the robber casually walked in with a gun and the suspect showed his gun, demanding money before taking off. he's described as an african-american, 25 to 30 years old, weighing about 170 pounds, wearing jean shorts. >> in this case he appeared so casual in what he was doing that to anyone walking by it probably didn't look like a robbery was occurring, but that's where the cameras are absolutely critical in closing this case. >> and if you have any information on who this man is, you're asked to call silent witness at 480-witness. and again, you can remain anonymous. police asking for your help in yet another armed robbery
12:46 am
according to police, two men go in the store and point a shotgun at the employees and demand money. officers say the suspects escaped in a white van. if you have any information on this case, please call silent witness. again, the number is 480-witness. there's on a hotel closure planned for months at the grand canyon's south rim. it's now being postponed. the arizona republic is reporting tonight that the closure has been early 2018. it was supposed to close in january but project approves have not been obtained. some work included repainting of the hotel and also replacing the carpet. that hotel opened back in 1905. it's one of the oldest hotels in the national parks' service system. coming up, protestors standing in unity against the construction of the dakota access pipeline.
12:47 am
gathered today. and then you don't see this very often. a celebration after a significant death. but many cuban-americans are cheering tonight in the wake of the passing of fidel castro. we're going to hear from some of those folks in miami, coming up
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after months of welcome back. after months of heating protests up in north dakota, many other cities around the countr are now seeing support rallies in opposition to the dakota accesses pipeline, including here in phoenix. >> hundreds of people gathered standing rock sioux tribe. >> we talked to protestors today and they said if the doak is completed, it could affect the people who live there. many say that they want their voices heard without any more violent clashes. >> because it's an indigenous
12:51 am
the back burner. and that's why most of us are here, is because we need to bring us to the forefront. our issues. >> that decision to close that area comes after a nasty clash between protestors and law enforcement where officers were forced to deploy tear gas, water hoses and rubber bullets. 26 people had to be hospitalized. into00 people were injured. in your world news, the death of fidel revelie and reflection. his death has triggered an emotional and long awaited celebration in miami's large cuban-american population. peaceful demonstrators waved flags and honked horns. many cheered and danced while others wept for family members who didn't live to see this day. the former leader's death comes as a sign that a generation that
12:52 am
>> i've been in miami 30 years and i've been waiting for this moment for a long time. today in cuba and all day long. my heart is in cuba today. >> i truly believe that maybe one day will we'll be the 51st state. i would love cuba to become part of the united states of america. >> castro was the cuban revolutionary leader who built a communist state on the doorstep of the united states. for five decades efforts to take him down. he was 90 years old. a kentucky man suffers severe burns after coming into contact with a live power line. but thanks to one very pregnant woman, she's still alive tonight. the mom-to-be named ariel stopped by. she was stopped in her car, waiting for the crew to move a trailer and that's when the men caught fire after touching a live electrical wire. at nine months pregnant, she
12:53 am
ladder to reach the roof where the mans with burning. they had just completed a cpr class and put those practices to the test. >> he was completely covered in -- from head to go -- flames from head to toe. i'm glad i had that class and i'm just glad that i had that knowledge and i was able to do exactly what i did. >> that man is now recovering at a hospital thanks to ariel. she's expected to give birth this monday. how about that. >> love that story. coming up, we take a look at your full forecast. what in the world does the workweek hold? i think i'll like it. >> stuffing things. we'll go through the forecast
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(my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select this black friday at the volkswagen
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nice and warm today. and i say that with also perspective because things are changing here. these next few days. but tonight, it is nice and pleasant for everybody out there. 65 degrees. maybe a little bit breezy and that's helping to see some of those clouds kind of work their way from the southwest pacific and across the baja peninsula and into the desert. you can see all the rain. california has been getting a
12:57 am
it started to push across from san francisco this morning. l.a. late this afternoon and san diego early this evening. so everyone in the california coast seeing all that wraifn. and the desert see -- all that rain. and the desert seeing the rain. maybe a chance of rain showers in the next 24 hours or so. into mexico and the colorado rockies. these temperatures aren't -- they're going to be your highs as w low pressure system that will push through here. 65 at sky harbor right now. ahwatukee 61. starting to see the upper 50s over in cave creek as well. 70 was the high today. we're not going to see that next week. we've been above normal for six weeks. now we're going to dip below normal for the next few days with the temperatures pretty much stuck in the 60s for your highs and those cool lows as well. you can expect that. pretty quiet across the country. you see the moisture moving in
12:58 am
upper midwest as well. portions of new york, maybe erie, p.a., and the far tip of northeastern ohio. it's quiet across the country. futurecast, you can see the rain showers and yes, we're dealing with snow in the mountain regions for sure. up in flagstaff, you're going to deal with that. tricky travel on i-17. the cool temperatures will definitely see some snow as it pushes on in. that low pressure system and you can see wipe i here monday morning. and then it will clear off and you can see it's nice and quiet after that. maybe clouds and snow towards show low and winds low, but -- winslow but we're dealing with inches of snow in flagstaff and in the mountain regions for tomorrow throughout the day. so tricky out there. adot plows will be out there for sure. get out of the way and yield to the plows as they try to clear things off. 50 for your overnight low. maybe the upper 50s through tomorrow. maybe we'll touch 60.
12:59 am
it's starting to look less and less likely. monday, your temperature is a high at 57 degrees. hard to believe that a month ago i believe it was a month ago, we were dealing with 100 degrees. >> people were whining. massive whining. but now here we are and everybody is happy. >> winter will be here. >> some people think it's too cold. it's nice to have a change of season. what's wrong with that. >> it's good for all of you. >> coming up, if you mixed out on the phoenix flea market today, we' another chance. we'll show you where you can shop local and get the rest of
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