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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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>> reporter: jude will be up in a little bit but thank you for joining us at fox 10 news at 10:00. police officers are looking for
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was struck near butte and university. the drive ditched the car and took off on foot. maricopa county deputies closed roads while they search for the driver. you can see the car they were looking for. the windshield was smashed in on the car. an elderly man was flown to the hospital. we are told he has life threatening injuries. we have another news alert to tell lanes on us-60 are back open. d.p.s. closed it for three hours. d.p.s. tells us a driver in a white pick-up truck was speeding and passing cars on the shoulder between the h.o.v. lane and the barrier wall. the truck hit the wall and crashed into six other vehicles. one of them caught fire. two people in the car are in the hospital with trauma injuries.
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impairment is suspected in this crash. a woman was being rammed by another driver and she called for help. she said the 911 operator was cold over the phone. matt rodewall spoke to the that dispatcher. >> reporter: that road rage accident happened two weeks ago and ended here at 48th and thomas. the victim in the 911 operator was less than helpful. she told us when she gets a call like this, she sits up and takes notice. >> scottsdale 911, what is the address of your emergency? >> i don't know where i'm at. a guy is hitting in the back of me trying to kill me on the road. >> reporter: a scary road rage
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cool. >> all i could hear was screaming or that is how it plays back in my head now. i tpeplt like i was trying to get control and figure out where she was and sometimes i felt like i was failing on it. >> reminded me of that situation and how i felt and how horrible the 911 operator was. >> reporter: she was not shy in criticizing her when she ago and that is something that the long time police veteran understands. >> i wish all of us could be calmer and got help to her quicker and her being able to listen and maybe followed some of the directions. >> oh, my god. >> ma'am, where are you at right you? >> reporter: a calm demeanor in a stressful situation could be perceived as cold.
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being calm when you're on the other end of a frightening 911 call? >> it is a fine line and sometimes you catch yourself in the colder, it sounds like you're being mean and scolding them and you have to reign yourself back. we're human and you're trying to to give direction and sometimes people aren't following it. >> reporter: that's one of the hardest things to deal with when you're ais one thing to that can be easy to understand is you can internalize the trauma. for kathy, she has one simple formula and it helps that her husband is an e.m.s. worker to they are related so they clearly understand what is going on more often than not.
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police increased the reward for information about the freeway shooting. farmer called 911 telling them that will three men were shooting at her. she died at the hospital. police say it is likely that those men followed her for several miles before shooting her and they probably knew her. a $21,000 reward is being offered in this case. arizona continues to fight now there is another battle in our state and it is opioids. >> reporter: the d.e.a. continues to see a surge in synthetic drug use here in arizona, in particular the use of synthetic opioids, some of them so strong that all you have to do is touch them and you overdose. the d.e.a. warehouse in phoenix is packed with synthetic drug,
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synthetic oeup kwroeuts. >> they are being manufactured in china, india and kids can order this off of the internet. >> reporter: he says the synthetic version of the of kwroeut feint thatal that one gn can kill you. >> it absorbs through your skin. >> reporter: synthetic oeup kwroeuts arrived just after purchase unaware they are stronger than heroin. >> the chinese send it over and if you live through the first shot, you're going want that product again. >> reporter: in the past two year, the arizona d.e.a. seized 50 pounds of fentanyl that the enough to kill millions of people. if you're found in possession of a synthetic opioid, you could
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i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. a federal court the blocking overtime pay for four million highway workers. u.s. district court in texas issued a nationwide injunction. this motion to block the overtime is part of a lawsuit that is part of a lawsuit, including arizona. the lawsuit claims the legislation is an obama overreach and will add an additional burden a man in a wheelchair fell into a canal this morning. he is legally blind. when he was pulled from the canal, he said he did not want to go to the hospital so crews gave him a ride home. when complete, the freeway
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of phoenix. it is being challenged by community groups in the area. we want to tell you about construction project that is now complete. eight months of misery for commuters in the west valley has come to an end. there is a new bridge over grand
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the man arrested in the shooting death of a san the man arrested in the the man arrested in the shooting death of a san antonio police detective got married in the hours killed. a marriage certificate shows that otis mckane was married after detective benjamin marconi was gunned down. he told officers that he was angry over a custody fight and he lashed out at somebody who didn't deserve it. children returned to class
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hundreds gathered to remember those killed in the crash and the two dozen other injured in the crash. the mother of the driver said he called her. the mother of this man here, the driver johnthony w told her he was trying to get the children out of the bus after the crash but no explanation of what caused it. he is behind bars of five counts of vehicular manslaughter and
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president-elect donald trump says he wants to move on president-elect donald president-elect donald trump says he wants to move on from years after investigations of bill and hillary clinton. one step towards that goal, trump is going -- doing a major reversal saying he will not
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former secretary of state. trump told new york times reporters during a meeting today, my inclination for whatever power i have on the matter is let's go forward. this has been looked at for so long. i don't want to hurt the clintons. she suffered greatly in many ways that is a different change from what he said to her face during the campaign. >> it is awfully good that someone with the temperament the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> reporter: rudy giuliani says he would support an investigation but he understands putting things behind you after the reelection. trump offered ben carson as secretary of housing and development. the retired neuro surgeon says
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ellen degeneres awarded awae medal of freedom at the white house. it is an honor she almost missed. check out her tweet, they have because i forgot my i.d. eventually, the secret service did let her in time for the ceremony. >> reporter: thanksgiving holiday around the corner. just another day to go here. what about the weather??what ab? ? think of your fellow man. ? we'll take a look coming up. ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.?
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talking stick resort. play in style. >> reporter: well, hi, everybody. 59 degrees right now. that wind out of the west at 3 miles an hour, just a light breeze to deal with. in ahwatukee, 60 degrees.
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present time as well. there is your high pressure moving back in kind of kicking that low out of there. kind of holding this low back and the cold front, we will see a little bit of cloud cover. there will be breezy conditions as well on thanksgiving day. all in all, it is going to be a happy thanksgiving weather wise. mid 70's. we'll be looking at breezy conditions and cloud cover that there is your high on the day. 70 in glendale. buckeye, 68 degrees. 51 in flagstaff. 59 in sedona. 46 in show low. 69 down in tucson. let's take a look at the forecast. lows for tonight, see these temperatures dropping off nicely. the norm for this time of year is around 51 degrees. 46 at goodyear.
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49 in scottsdale. there is the norm at 50 degrees. 51 just a degree off this morning. 71 this afternoon. the norm is 72. 89 is the record high. 30 is the record low. here's what we're forecasting for tomorrow. temperatures like they were today. low 70's out there. you can see a little system pushing through the midsection of the country. this was a mixed bag dakotas where they had rain, snow, sleet turning mostly to snow overnight. 51 degrees overnight. we'll be looking at very pleasant weather. 71 and sunny tomorrow. you see that temperature in the mid 70's on thursday. it comes down for the weekend with a little bit of cloud cover. you do see 50's in there as
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an uplifting story about having a car repossessed when it belongs to an elderly couple. >> reposing cars in all in adapts -- a days work. >> it is one of those repos this i'm like my gone but i could see them. their medications had doubled, tripled, and i know that. it is happening to everyone. i knew why they were behind. >> we had to go to the doctor, drugstore, grocery store and that is all we ever got to do. >> reporter: ford did repossess their car but he got on the phone with the bank. >> i called the bank and said we
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i said how about i pay it currently right now? >> reporter: he set up go fund me account and returned their car. he hopes to have their carped off soon. >> it is like hitting the lottery. i'm so happy. i cannot believe it.
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>> reporter: good news for cards' head coach bruce arians. 24 hours removed from a stay at the hospital he is ready to go for practice tomorrow. mark dalton tweeted out this tweet earlier today, latest arians update. he is back in the office this morning. he is expected at the practice field tomorrow and on the si as for the cardinals, they have a lot to improve upon after what happened this past sunday against the minnesota vikings. >> the vikings have improved, 6-4, while the cardinals have slipped to 4-5-1. >> when you think about what the team needed to do in the second half of the season, you need to stack wins. you got to win last week against san francisco. you're riding on a high
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similar to their own when you think of their offensive production and how good the defense is some of the game changers at special team position. >> reporter: in the words of steve keim this was another missed opportunity. the cardinals were outrushing the vikings in the first half. >> 42 drop backs, 23 hits, my first question is as an offense that ground and you have guys who are injured. you have difference individuals, i thought there were adjustments they could have made in the second half going forward. >> reporter: in the second half, carson palmer took hit after hit. >> he is in trouble. down he goes. the vikings are going to stphrap their -- snap their losing
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acceptable, especially by a bruce arians-led offense. >> reporter: nfl kick off9:00 a.m. on sunday. cards at the falcons at 11:00 a.m. don't forget about the turkey day special, washington taking on the cowboys. sports night after dark. we're going to pick up your questions and look at the territorial cup, u. of a. versus a.s.u. we'll see you on my facebook page in a couple of minutes. >> a lot of coach right now. >> glad to see he is feeling better and back out there. thank you, jude. thank you, dave. "modern family" is up next. fox 10 news is back at 4:30 a.m.
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