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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> back-to-back personal fouls and you can see bruce arians saying this is football. they are going to line bradford on the outside, be prepared to get hit. >> we embody what he stands for. passion. >> reporter: when you're head coach in the nfl, high stress is part of the job. >> you feel like the world has closed in on you. you people are telling you how bad you are and how bad you are playing. you lose sight of perspective and something like this kind of snaps you back to reality. >> reporter: for fitz and his teammates, the last 24 hours are all about perspective. >> appreciate real life. obviously, what happened in minnesota sucks. we would have loved to win the game and thanksgiving is coming
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beings. at the end of the day, we love coach. we want to see him healthy. we want to see him live a long life and that's what it is about. >> reporter: i tell you, one member of the immediate family texted me saying that bruce the resting comfortably. the heart tests are coming back favorably. we don't know when coach will come back to his team. the team will get back on the practice field for another road team against the falcons. we'll keep you updated his status. we'll talk about what didn't happen for the team. >> we wish his family well. fox 10 weather alert. look at this. >> that's great. >> sharing this video from flagstaff on our fox 10 facebook page. here in the valley, it was
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reported across parts of our immediate area. >> it didn't take long for the water to pool on phoenix streets. take a look there. sky fox over the scene as drivers navigated through the wet roadways. a dot reminding people to slow down. the freeway, some had standing water on them today. >> our tower cam atop south mountain captured the clouds roll the sky turned dark as night in the middle of the day. very dark when the clouds moved in. >> a wet drive along interstate 10 and 19th avenue just about noon. you can see the wind shaking the adot cameras. headlights in full force, you needed them people windshield wipers getting a good workout. it was moving fast and it came in waves today and over the weekend bringing rain and snow
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dave is here with a look at how much the temperatures fell, how much rain we got and what is on the way. dave? >> reporter: it was nice to have the weekend as it was. it picked up through the day today. the north side getting hit the heart evidence. as you can see here, a lot of that stuff is moving out now. a flash here and there and a sprinkle continuing on. as far as amounts are look at surprise that is almost 2 inches. by phoenix, not too much, .1 of an inch here. a little more than .5 of an inch just off of the south, a little bit southwest of us. north of surprise, a little more than an inch. almost an niche by cave -- inch by cave creek.
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areas. we also see the snow in the white mountains and we see the snow up here near flagstaff in that particular area. you can see up in flagstaff, .78 of an inch. they picked up fairly good amounts through this entire thing. lots of sunshine leading up to thanksgiving and beautiul temperatures. we will have more weather coming up. >> ok, dave. between the snow that fell the power of snow-making machines, arizona snowbowl the up and running. >> that is perfect, isn't it? the resort opening over the weekend and today's fresh powder helping to improve the conditions on the slopes. >> reporter: this monday at snowbowl not off to the smoothest of starts. a snowstorm overnight sent a tree crashing down on to a chair lift. that chair lift was damaged and
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rolling this morning. in fact, some people waited in line for as long as five hours. >> we made the two-hour journey up to flag only to realize that the lifts aren't running right now so we are just waiting it out. >> reporter: how long have you been waiting? >> two hours. >> this is life. snowbowl, snowboarding, this is life. i'm a local. been coming up here for five years. >> here we go. >> we did have a tree that fell on the line. our mountain crews removed the tree. we inspected everything and now we're running and skiing and everybody is happy. >> reporter: you're hoping for a good season here, what do you think? >> yeah, yeah. >> i hope there is but there is probably not that much snow because of el nina.
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>> yes. >> reporter: this is the earliest that snowbowl has been able to open. the general manager telling us they usually can't open until thanksgiving day but thanks to their new snow-making capabilities, they were able to open a full week earlier. there are a lot of people on the slopes right know happy because of that. >> i cannot wait. >> i know you are plotting and planning. >> i can't wait to ski. >> thousands of peopl the snow and stood in line for hours. they were not lining up for black friday sale bus lining up for food. >> st. mary's food bank distributed turkeys for families who needed the extra help. >> reporter: you know this morning it rained steadily for a good hour but the hundreds of people standing in line didn't move. thousands of families are facing tough times.
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so the people who stayed in line and got drenched, they did not complain because in reality, had they nod weatherd the storm, their families would not have a thanksgiving meal. a sudden downpour drenched hundreds of people standing in line for food but it didn't dampen their spirits. this mother of eight relocated to phoenix. >> my umbrella messed up and it was hard to got soaking wet. >> reporter: 1,200 people waited and walked up. each family has a unique story. this struggling father trying to make ends meet on a part-time job says standing in the rain for 45 minutes was no problem. >> i've a daughter and a son so i'm doing it for them. like i say being a single father, you have to do what you have to do. >> reporter: this mom came
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she is expecting to feed 10 people for thanksgiving. >> my husband told me if he has to use our savings to get a turkey, he was going to use it to get a turkey. thankful, we don't have to dig into that savings to get a turkey. >> reporter: around 300 volunteers packed the bags and helped each family with their loads, a blessing that many do not take for granted. had it not been for st. mar how would you celebrate? >> i would be with my kids. still ahead at 5:00, a glendale casino gets the green light t expand the gaming location. thanksgiving a few days away. while some head to the grocery store to get a turkey, others
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bird. >> reporter: adele finally back in phoenix. these fans, some waiting months after she had to cancel her show back in august. we'll talk to some of them
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i will come back. >> remember adele sick back in august and today is the make good. she is making good on her promise to do the show in phoenix. >> i kind of thought she might not come back. i was worried. >> she felt badly about it. >> fans have started picking up their tickets for tonight's sold-out concert at talking stick. kristy siefkin is live where the excitement is building. kristy? >> reporter: guys, i was out here the first august, people were thrilled they got to see the concert. the next night, people were so disappointed. some had come from overseas or spend thousands dollars to see her. they are back. this tee shirt, special edition because take a look at it, they went out of their way to add phoenix to the tour dates. she made an effort. she felt so bad she was sick.
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this is going to be the last stop on her north american tour before she heads overseas. many people who came out today were back here in august sad to hear the news when she posted on twitter that she was sick and couldn't perform. many people we ran into, are people who benefited from the fact that some people had to turn back in their tickets. they said i can't come back in november to see the show. we talked to them earlier. take a how did you feel when you heard she wasn't going to perform? >> i was crying. >> reporter: why? >> because i was sad. >> reporter: when you called here at the arena to confirm she was canceling, you offered to do something? >> i felt bad. the lady was so stressed, i said i could sing adele songs so do you want me to go on stage and she said i'm not in the mood.
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they were inundated. >> i feel bad because i know what it is like to travel all this way. >> reporter: that last gentleman we talked to had been to dozens of adele shows. he paid $1,000 for a front-row seat. he is one of many of the return fans. home, they appreciate she was sick. nobody seemed angry. people see how human she is and she has a great sense of humor. a third of the shows are her interacting with the audience having a great monologue. doors open shortly and the actual concert takes the stage at 7:30. we joked in the newsroom if she had to cancel again that the riots in the streets of phoenix would be the story that we would take as our lead story. it doesn't look like we'll have that. adele is here and a lot of
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>> heard a commotion, i come out and this is what i find. >> a peoria couple had a surprise when they went to check on their parakeet. >> look who got into the cage. >> oh, no. the inside of the cage where the parakeet used to be they found a the parakeet was gone. apparently, the hawk made its way into the secured cage. >> he kept clawing at the cage and broke the door and got in. >> he ate the parakeet. >> i thought you might sugar coat it a little more than that. that was abrupt. i feel great now. >> i'm sorry. >> can i lay down on the couch
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>> you finish, john. >> the couple released the bird. you can hear from the owner tonight on fox 10 news at 9:00. this was traumatic for these folks when they saw what happened, to kari, i don't know but to the family. i don't know. boy, dave, tough. >> reporter: absolutely. >> wow, this [laughter] >> reporter: i know. anyway, it must have been the speech course that gave her away with words like that. the weather, boy, i tell you the crisp air. the temperature comes down. we get snow in the high country and it is warming up and clearing out just in time for
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we're working on some brand new stories for you -- tonight at 6... >> reporter: i'm marc martinez working on brand-new stories for you tonight at 6:00. we're following the situation in japan where a number of coastal residents have been told to get to higher ground after a tsunami warning is issued following the powerful earthquake.
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of the man name a rhodes scholar and the challenges he faced to get to where he is today. a lot of people are preparing for their thanksgiving meal but animals at the phoenix zoo are getting ready. these tortoises enjoyed squash and pumpkin. fitting. >> reporter: well, the system is moving out and you here, boy, those clear skies, the crisp air, 6 degrees right now. a little breeze out of the west, southwest at 9 miles an hour. 62 right now up at fountain hills. 65 in deer valley. 63 sitting down in the southern south portion of the city here. at goodyear, 66. surprise, we have a 66-degree reading. temps come down nicely.
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still a little bit of moisture hanging around, not much. it is moving out. you see a big batch of it. moving out very rapidly. you can see it clearing off as it heads off to the east here. one last shot hanging around in the scottsdale area with moisture up there. you can see over by wickenburg, that stuff is clearing out as well. we head up north by flagstaff. you can see snow working its way through there. also, on the east side, little bit of snow here and there as we continue, look at this over in the white mountains are picking up a little bit of action as well up to 12 inches of snow in some of these areas north of flagstaff. not just snowbowl but the mountains around there. the winds continue to blow in a lot of areas. st. johns, 37 miles an hour. 36 miles an hour south of there.
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we put the futurecast into motion. you can see what is happening now. a little bit of snow over here and look how rapidly the system moves out of here. by tomorrow, the entire state clears off quickly and off we go on to that sunshine and temperatures warming up just a little bit. of course, just in time for thanksgiving with all of that happening as we get a look here. 72 degrees clouds and very, very light winds for thanksgiving day. so a nice one. there you go on your high today. 71 degrees. a few 70's and few 60's mixed in with that. we do see 40's and 50's across the mountains. low 70's as far as our deserts are concerned. that moisture moving on into the central portion of the country. up to a foot of snow in some parts of new england.
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up to 8 inches on the other coast so lots of that coming in time for the holidays. 50 degrees overnight. lots of sunshine as it comes back at us here and, of course, thanksgiving day at 73 degrees and lots of nice weather out there. watch your kids around water. >> thanks, dave. i'm starting to think if anything happens to me, kari is going to laugh her way through the entire story. >> no, i won't. i promise. only if it >> wow, all right. coming up next at 5:00, a toy truck pulled from store shelves. the warning for parents about the dangers. a big surprise for a valley mother of three. a new home for the holidays thanks to the generosity of
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since 2001-- former arizona cardinals quarterback kurt warner and his wife 2001, former arizona cards kurt warner and his wif have surprised dozens of families in need. >> habitat for humanity builds them a new home and kurt and brenda warner make it more beautiful inside. we were there for the big reveal. >> let's go in. >> reporter: the moment you walk in your brand-new home. beeline it to the movies but realize there is so much more to see. >> i just felt like oh, my god.
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>> reporter: the surprise for her family today was that every room in their new habitat for humanity built home has been decorated and furnished thanks to a few local celebrities. >> we have people come in and excited about the homeownership and don't know how to fill the home. we don't have the means to buy a bed so they were going to come in and sleep on the floors. >> reporter: former q.b. and his wife brenda have decorated 40 homes just like this with the help of aaron's furniture stores. >> single moms rock. single parents have so much on their plate and i was a single mom when i met kurt. i walked in their shoes and i know you want someone to hear you, see you, to help you. >> reporter: the family is
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and beautiful just in time for thanksgiving. >> hopefully a lot of food around and hopefully my family will come over and just be thankful for everything, yeah. >> reporter: liz kotalik, fox 10 news. one toy you might want to avoid this holiday season, a ride-on toy dump truck. this is a big one. the truck is exclusively made for toys r us. it is $350. the ride on truck from store shelves. a couple in washington bought one for their grandson and they say it caught on fire in the back of their pickup. the incident appears to be isolated. coming up, driving turns hazardous in one town where a tree toppled on top of a car. plus, the places that could
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fox 10 news alert involving chase field and a possible deal to sell the stadium to a private buyer. the deal has fallen through. the maricopa county got a letter notified the county that they are terminating the letter of intent signed back until august. the group stadium real estate partners ii no longer plan to buy chase field and is blaming a lack of communication with the arizona diamondbacks. we reached out to the team. we will bring you more as we learn it at 9:00 and 10:00.


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