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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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let's start with this blustery sunday filled with clouds and rain moving into the valley and through parts of the state. this video was taken just in the past few hours in the west valley. they seem to get all of the love this it has been patchy here and there. >> here is a live look from out tower cam. you can see the clouds hanging over the valley, dark at times as well. it is clearing up in spots as well. thanks for joining us for fox 10 news at 5:00. this may be just the beginning of wet weather this weekend. some areas of the valley, the west side, it poured for them. >> it did and more rain could be
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has been tracking the rain all day. >> reporter: hate -- it has been a great afternoon as we approach thanksgiving. the showers moving out of the southwest moving to the northeast and we've seen a directional shift as we gotten into the later hours. you can see the steady stream of moisture from the gulf into arizona. we want to look at real time at where we're seeing the rain now. the valley where we're getting a bit of the break, much to the disappointment of folks who were hoping to see a steady stream of rain. the west valley getting most of the love and farther to the west. just to the west of gila bend, you can see we've got moderate activity just west of buckeye is where we're seeing showers and as we continue to the north, not only do we see moderate to heavy rain to camp verde and in the higher elevations. we're also seeing snow.
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with a light dusting of more rain and more snow continuing into tonight and into tomorrow. i'll talk about the timing and how much moisture we're expecting to see later on in the show. another tough loss for the arizona cardinals today. they took on the minnesota vikings. >> this is frustrating to watch. let's go to jude lacava with a breakd what did not happen protecting the quarterback. >> reporter: the all or nothing season for the cardinals is dangerously close to nothing as what must be described as another very dispointing performance. missed opportunities and turnovers. packed house, carson palmer trying to get a win on the run. beautiful pass here from
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the score, it does stand up. a beautiful throw to michael floyd. a nice drive to come back. the backup senator with the lead in the fullback, the touchdown 13-10. five minutes left in the second quarter and a spectacular catch by larry fitzgerald going back home again. a round of applause from tyrann mathieu who did carson palmer third and goal looking for john brown on the out route and it is picked off by xavier rhodes. 100 yards pick six. can you believe it? that was a turning point in this game. vikings up, 20-10. try to explain that to bruce arians. he was held. he thought john brown was held. carson palmer trying to make it happen with time left in the fist half.
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cardinal found a way to will his way passed the goal line and cardinals make it tight at the half. they are down 20-17. the very first play to start the second half patterson says i'm going to take it to the house. 104-yard, special teams again haunting the cardinals. their execution has been all season long and it happened again. 27-17. sam bradford under attack. chandler jones stripped, sack, fumble recovered. the defense played well. the big plays they kept the cardinals in it. there were still time to win this football game. buchanan with the recovery here. palmer on a third and 3. just a beautiful play call here. the throw to david johnson and the cardinals were within striking distance.
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this? they get a break, the cardinals do on this roughing the passerby tom johnson. takes him out of the hole. there was time to move it down field. on fourth and 5, palmer can't find anybody and he is sacked by daniel hunter and that ended any chance of a cardinal victory. they lose four wins, five loses, one tie. rough loss for the 30-24 at the hands of the vikings. richard saenz in minneapolis. >> reporter: jude, they say numbers don't lie. today, tells a different story as the cardinals end up with more total yards and more total first downs but the cardinals end up short on the scoreboard. why, you ask, according to bruce arians it was because of three big plays. >> the game was lost on three
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the touchdown on flicker and the touchdown on the kickoff return. other than, that we had a heck of a ballgame and still had a chance to win. we should have fielded the punt at the end, which cost us a lot of field position. we make the punt return and when we had the opportunity at the five-minute mark to win the game and we did not get it done. >> obviously, disapp we have to get back to it and we have another huge game on the road next week. we'll take the day to feel bad about it and look at what we need to improve on and get ready for next week. >> we need to stick together. we're a family. this is, obviously, not what we came up here for. there is no reason to hold our heads down. we have to fix it. there is no answers outside. it is the guys in this room that
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>> reporter: the cardinals are still mathematically alive for a playoff spot but if they don't come alive that will go away. the veteran leadership in the locker room will be key moving forward. in minnesota, i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. >> reporter: we have explaining to do on sports night with max starks on what didn't happen today and what didn't happen all plus, richard saenz with david johnson and chandler jones. sports night at 10:30. we're back with more sports in about 30 minutes. it's never easier if the families of fallen officers but heading into the holiday season, it can be especially tough. >> that is why volunteers have come together to craft hundreds
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lay them on the graves of fallen officers. >> reporter: that's right, matt and linda. these 300 wreaths will be layed on the graves of those killed in the line of duty. organizers of the group want to do this to remind the families that although the officers are gone, they will definitely not be forgotten. >> in 2014, the sister sister-in-law of a fallen officer wanted to and she made 18 wreaths for the cemetery where her brother-in-law was buried. there was such an outpouring of support that the following year, it included 274 philadelphia offers. >> reporter: what started out as a small gesture has spread across the country. >> this year, i knew i had to bring it to arizona.
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connected with our cities, it did not make sense to do just one city so i had to take over the state. >> reporter: the wreaths aren't hard to assemble but like many things, it is the gesture that means so much. >> i think it is important to keep in mind that the officers lay down the lives for us. more than most what a wreath can mean. as a wife of a glendale police officer, she says she wants to be there for the families of fallen heros knowing one day she may need their support. >> it is hard to watch the families of fallen officers go through what they are going through. in the backs of our minds, as families of officers, we worry if it is going to be us. >> reporter: these volunteers
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lay these out on december 10. they are doing it on that date because the monday after thanksgiving, all cemeteries do a sweep. anything you leave at the grave will be taken away. what they plan to do is place the wreath, read the bioofbio of the officer and have a moment of silence before moving on to the next one. more than 1,000 people were left without power this morning after a car hit a power this happened near bethany home road and 52nd avenue. a car had gone off the road causing a power outage in that area. glendale police say the driver ran off but they were able to find him and arrest him. the driver is being booked for hit-and-run charges and power has since been restored in this area. a man behind bars after deputies say he threatened to set gas pumps on fire.
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richardson was at the san tan circle k off of hunt highway road. the sheriff's office says that he told deputies he lit several homes on fire in the bay area and fire was "therapeutic." investigators are seeing if he is linked to any past arsons in the area. st. mary's food bank says 2,200 turkeys were during the 10th annual super saturday turkey drive. st. mary says it is still 1,600 turkeys short for the year. boy, they need a lot. they will be accepting donations of turkey, food, and cash on monday and tuesday and wednesday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. food box distributions begin tomorrow. volunteers with the phoenix
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start spreading a bit of holiday cheer. >> they delivered hundreds of food boxes with a turkey to make sure everyone has a happy thanksgiving. fox 10's ty brennan has the story. >> reporter: taylor roberts and her family making the rounds this weekend delivering food boxes to those who might go without a thanksgiving if it wasn't for the phoenix rescue mission. >> we are volunteering for the phoenix rescue mission and we are who need help. they smile and look happy and it makes me feel warm inside. >> reporter: this family is just one of hundreds of volunteers who put together the boxes and delivered them across the valley. >> voluntarily taoerls -- volunteers are coming and they are delivering food for those who need help for thanksgiving. >> reporter: they have been delivering boxes like this for
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each family has the opportunity to have a wonderful turkey dinner and enjoy the family dinner like the rest of us do. >> reporter: they hope this becomes a tradition as well. >> you can't put a price on the experience and the feeling you get. >> reporter: ty brennan, fox 10 news. after the break, a stunning ambush of a police officer shot and killed during a routine traffic stop and the
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across america -- a manhunt underway in san across america -- a across america tonight, a for a man responsible for shooting and killing an officer right outside of san antonio's police headquarters. authorities say the officer was ambushed by the suspect during a routine traffic stop. san antonio police chief says the suspect pulled up behind the officer's patrol car, got out and walked up to the officer's passenger window and opened fire. a massive search is under way in
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president-elect donald trump is spending the weekend in new jersey. there he is holding a series of meetings to staff his administration. brian llenas has details. >> reporter: president elect donald trump is moving full steam ahead meeting with a slew of high profile leaders. >> the problem with bolten and event of the iraqi war. >> reporter: he met with retired war general james mattis and mitt romney who is being considered for secretary of state. >> it was a great first step and people should be brought on the way things are going in president-elect trump's administration. >> reporter: the shift could be away from the hard line picks that trump announced last week,
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general michael flynn to be the national security adviser. >> trump echoed the views of democrats, not republican, massive transportation bill, trade, cleaning up the swamp. we challenge him. work with us. >> he is not draining the swamp. he is filling it up more and there is going to be more stwafrp creatures than ever before. he is -- lobbyists and big-time investment bankers. he is not doing what he said he was goin american workers. >> reporter: a trump spokesperson says that more cabinet members will be announced this week. pwao*eupb -- brian llenas, fox news. >> reporter: if you did not get rain, you still have a
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>> reporter: many of you excited to see the showers earlier today but as i mentioned, don't worry if you haven't seen rain yet. we have a good chance of it in our forecast tonight and into tomorrow. taking a look at our radar. the western u.s. you can see quite a bit of rain making its way through california and now it is pushing into our neck of the woods. the steady stream of moisture in addition to cloud cover making its way into the baja peninsula into arizona. this cold front is going to be fast moving but it is going to going to bring cooler temperatures as well. winds picking up as we see the system moving through. temperatures have cooled down
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rain-cooled air. 73 for lake havasu. 61 for globe. 55 for st. johns. 42 in flag. temperature comparison this time from yesterday, wow, look at the difference as a result of the rain moving through. 16 degrees cooler in prescott and phoenix, yuma eight degrees cooler. gila bend, 20 degrees cooler than the same time yesterday. very nice in terms making it feel like fall. valley n upper 50's in buckeye. we see warmer conditions in places like goodyear and glendale both in the low 60's. cave creek at 62. 70 into gateway and apache junction. ahwatukee at 67. finally, this storm system has helped to cool us down. we saw that stretch of warm numbers, people getting tired of the 80's. today, the weather delivered. 74 is what we hit for the afternoon high.
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than that back in 2006, record 89 degrees. thanksgiving day, of course, on everyone's mind. good news if you're one of the families that celebrate outside by deep frying your turkey, 73 degrees, gorgeous condition. you may see a few high clouds but that is it. showers in addition to snow making its way through the intermount through tuesday, some low locations into upper new england could see 1-2 inches of snow. for us, we will keep the rain in the forecast. 54 in safford. 58, yuma. 52 douglas. tomorrow, numbers, 57 st. johns. 47, prescott. 53 degrees for page. in the valley, chance for rain continues tonight into tomorrow
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take a look at this afternoon temperature. we haven't seen this in probably about a year. nothing this cool. 67 is expected for the high in the valley. the chance of precip continuing on and off monday into tuesday. it looks like we should clear out nicely. the snow is not going to be significant and the snow levels are high. we're talk about 6,500-7,500 feet. we could see a dusting. a little bit of snow through parts of snowbowl. a who loves cooler temps and rain and snow. >> something for everybody. up next, the war against isis raging on in iraq. what experts say is slowing down forces from taking back a major
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in the war room-- iraqi forces continue to advance on the isis iraqi forces continue to make their advance on isis and the strong hold of mosul. >> it is not just militants dragging out that fight. fox news correspondent reporter from jerusalem. >> reporter: special forces troops retaking several neighborhoods in the eastern part of the city. but desperate and war-weary civilians are slowing the
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iraqi members say fights over food and medical supplies have broken out between starving civilians that have lived under iris regime for nearly two years. 60,000 people have escaped mosul but 100,000 more remain trapped between iraqi fighters and isis. they are being attacked by suicide bombers and isis snipers. tensions are rising between the difference forces fighting iraqi forces. shiite militias are being urged to withdraw from a sunni city to avoid further bloodshed. up next, something special for shelter dogs this
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story we've been following for now to a story we've been following for a while now. a 7-year-old boy who is battling a brain tumor. >> ann't held for hollis doughty and we were there to see how it is going. stefania has that story. >> reporter: that's right, matt and linda. it was a beautiful turnout hundreds gathered for one reason, hope for hollis. the family raising money for hollis to keep undergoing treatments. the 7-year-old was diagnosed with rare form of cancer. he has a tumor on his brain at this moment. he has been going to germany to undergo treatment, the only place that is treating 25 kids. he is only the second one in the state to be diagnosed with this kind of cancer. hollis, of course, enjoyed the fun out here today.


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