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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 15, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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arizona arizona coyotes, the team announcing a proposal today to move to the east valley, leaving glendale in the lurch. let's go to the news. the arizona coyotes announcing today the plans to start construction of a new arena this summer after the city of glendale voted last year to terminate the team's 15-year lease. >> we are looking for a public-private partnership with a couple of government organizations, but that is a very typical these types of arenas, is there's always some form of public involvement, but what we are very keen and what i think everybody will be very excited about it is the program ha we have already put together, and it is already starting to be vocalsed with the state, is this is a project that will pay for itself. and now the team is moving forward to a new home near
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with the university. do city leaders have any regrets here? andrew hasbun has been following the story and has that story for us live. >> reporter: the city and the team have had a rocky relationship over the last a couple of years, but the city says that is all in the past. they want the team to stay in glendale, but if the team does decide to leave, the city doesn't seem to be too concerned. the new arena would have 16,000 seats and also include a smaller 4,000 feet that the team should share with a.s.u. this would be a major change for the team, which has been in glendale's gila river arena since 2003. >> i value the coyotes. i value their fans, and i value them being here in the city of glendale. however, the organization has the right to search a living quarter, if you will, elsewhere. >> city leaders in glendale have had a tumultuous relationship with the hockey team over the past few years, but the new city manager is looking to rebuild
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professional sports teams. >> we certainly want for them and would like for them to stay here in the city of glendale and gila river. however, we also understand that they are a business. >> reporter: the coyotes say being in the east valley gives them access to a potentially much larger fan base than in the west valley. the city doesn't seem too worried about about the loss and is bullish on the future of the arena and nearby westgate. >> the events that can still come into the arena and use it and pay fees and drive business for westgate is better than even they thought when they first came on board as our arena manager back in june. the coyotes looked at sites in downtown phoenix and in scottsdale, marc, before settling on that site near a.s.u. and tempe. >> all right, andrew, still a lot to work out, but if all goes as planned, when could we see that new arena actually
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they want to have that arena complete and the coyotes in there for the 2019-2020 season. back to you. >> all right, andrew, thank you so much. loved ones gather tonight for a vigil to remember 35-year-old pamela hesselbacher. the woman struck and killed while crossing the street with her kids saturday night, leaving her two young children with serious injuries. >> ryan, her son who is three years old, he was wearing his bicycle helmet and just the helmet and seeing the damage that was done to it, thinking that could have been his head. their daughter, audrey, who turned one just in august was strapped in her stroller securely, so that helped, and -- but she was still pushed around. >> reporter: the driver, 39-year-old william epperlein was arrested for driving on a suspended license. police say the family was in a
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that red light, striking them. sky harbor airport opened two security checkpoints at terminal four while officers investigated a suspicious package. eight gates were evacuateded and the sky train was stopped. once it was determined that everything was harmless, things reopened. a valley man is accused of pointing lasers at several planes in sky harbor and deer valley airports. police say they spotted 57-year-old lam tran pointing a laser at a helicopter and that he admitted to being involved in the crimes. he is now charged with felony endangerment. a man accused in a cyber attack on a 911 system in the phoenix metro area is now indicted on computer tampering charges. investigator say the 18-year-old was behind a account that posted a link which made users call 911
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offices in surprise reported a lot of hang-up calls last month. firefighters say this afternoon, a demolition crew was out there deconstructing a tank that was holding old water and oil when that tank caught fire. nobody was hurt and the exact cause of the fire is still not clear. tonight we are hearing calls for help when two people were shot to death along the loop 202 when they crashed. his construction worker trying to get help, and that's when investigators say wright opened fire, killing both of them. matt rodewald joins us now live with the rest of the story tonight. >> this was a grisly scene when we first saw it happen, and we are learning more tonight and of course getting our hands on a very graphic picture for the first time, from a blood soaked shirt to a bullet riddled pickup truck, and a lot of them for sure, and violent images indicating a horrific scene, but
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frightening, a woman in trouble and desperate to get out of a relationship. >> he tried to kick me out of my car and i wouldn't get him, and the car is in my name. >> reporter: an early morning phone call paints a picture of a man in rage and a wife trying to hold it all together. minutes later, another conversation with 911 operators had a different tone. >> no, everything is fine and i'm going back home. >> reporter: but she never made it back home. arguing continued and she reached speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. 90 seconds, their range rover crashed, just off loop 202 and mckellips. clearly shaken, she described the horror that she was facing. >> help me, help me. he has a rifle in the car and he's going to shoot me. stop, don't -- stop!
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as well. thank you. i'm going to keep this line open. >> reporter: and seconds later, you here the gunshots on the 911 call. tomas olivas ornelashad pulled over to help out, but the 49-year-old was shot and killed sitting in his pickup truck just before wright turned the gun on his wife. as the news unfolded at daybreak, the ornelas family started to fear >> i saw on fox 10 news that there was a shooting on mckellips, and the truck involved looks a lot like my father's, and i can't get a hold of him. >> and that father was taken to a scottsdale hospital and pronounced dead. wright had a history of domestic violence and resigned from the phoenix police department back in 2009. he will face trial in february, and prosecutors as recently as two weeks ago say they intend to pursue the death penalty. the scope of the scene, marc, is just incredible. >> yeah, and you hear those 911 calls, so disturbing to listen
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a lot of evidence that police have in this case. >> we got our hands on a lot of evidence, hundreds of pictures and hours of 911 tapes. the body cam images that we saw today were all pixlated, the scene too grisly according to the mesa police department for any of us to get a look at it, a lot of them blurred out, as you can see. >> ploerlmatt rod for us tonight. thank you, matt. a solemn day in show low as the community there lays to rest an officer who was dedicated to protecting people in that tight knit arizona town. officer darrin reed was shot and killed last week in the line of duty, and today officer reed's family and friends said an emotional farewell. >> i feel in love with him and his family. we did thanksgiving, christmas.
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nearly every good memory in my wife involves darin and his wife and his family. >> officer reed leaves behind his wife and two young children. he was with the force for the past decade and was set to retire in february. the suspect who shot officer reid was killed during a barricade situation. well coming up, we told you about people who say they live in deplorable conditions at a valley apartment complex. well, now we are hearing from their landlords. and help may veterans waiting for medical care, and it comes in the form of a new app. we'll explain. ? hello from the other side ? >> a lot of people have been waiting for this. after illness forced her to cancel her last valley concert, adele is returning to make good on a promise to her fans. and if you would like to contact me on social media, i would love to hear from you. you can find you're watching fox 10 news
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with marc martinez. an update now on a story that we first told you about last week, tenants at a phoenix apartment complex complaining about sewage problems, cockroaches and foul odors there, well, tonight management is trying to fix that problem. steve krafft has the story. >> leaks, holes, and smells at the resort on 35th apartment complex in phoenix. management says it is making repairs. last week, we heard from at the resort apartments who showed us a sink that had been stopped up for four months, so long the water had turned black. another apartment, an overflowing toilet, soaked the carpeting, and check out this one. leaking water from the apartment upstairs caused a hole in the ceiling. >> my bathroom was actually leaking and it caved in. i told them, oh, they will have somebody check. >> when did that happen? >> on somebody. my leak has been like that for
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somebody was supposed to come check on it on it sunday and they haven't. >> we reached out to the management here at the resort apartments, and we were given a different explanation of what it was that caused these problems. first, the landlord says nobody told them anything was wrong, and the landlord added some tenants flushed soiled diapers down the toilets, clogging the plumbing, causing leaks and damage. management says it is making repairs. pr tenants are common. the city of phoenix says if you have got a complaint, you have got to speak up. >> well, the first thing they should do is notify their landlord in writing. the written notice is key in then going forward with processes and remedies. >> reporter: if you're a landlord or you're a tenant and you have got problems, there is help available. the city of phoenix.
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waiting for medical care at the va hospital in phoenix, the u.s. department of veterans affairs comes up with an apps for vets to get them the medical attention that they need. 6 million veterans will soon be able to use an app on their phones, tablets or computers to schedule appointments with their primary care doctors. taking the scheduler out of the picture here, the va plans to debut online appointment scheduling starting in january. the trump train is in motion
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fox 10 news is back. the tabulations are finally done and certified in new hampshire, where hillary clinton won the state's four electoral college votes. clinton won by about 2,700 votes, less than 1 percent. only michigan is still to be called by the associated press. president obama comments on the transition process as the success, president elect donald trump. >> donald trump will be the next president, the 45th president of the united states. and it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies, and those who didn't vote for him have to recognize that that's how democracy works. >> reporter: this as protests
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country, trump's chief of staff, reince priebus, says he hopes people will see mr. trump wants to be a president for all. >> most importantly, he wants to do the american people all. he wants to do the things that he said. >> reporter: today, president said adds diversity to his staff with a possible choice for national g.o.p. chair, and an openly gay man, richard grun is said to be under consider for a position as an >> assange's version of events and a possible dna sample will factor into the swedish prosecutor's decision on whether to go forward with this case. well, it was a beautiful weekend. it was a little bit warm.
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? yeah, not super man, super moon. there's a good chance to check this out. it is the brightest full moon in almost 69 years lighting up the earth since 1948. the moon won't be as big and bright again for another 18 years. so get a look at that while you can. dave, that was your joke from last week, super man, not super moon, or super moon, not super man. >> well, i was just a young child when that happened. >> yes. >> but i was born in '47, so --. >> okay. get out there and take a look at it. >> i am sure my parents held me up to it, but that was about it.
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don't see the exact super moon as close as it will get, it is a beautiful full moon and lights up the night. it's 69 degrees right now, just a light breeze for you about six miles an hour. we had deer valley with 69, 64 at gateway. right now 67 in fountain hills. in surprise it is 64 degrees at the present time. this is the action in the west that we are seeing. this is going to turn cold and windy. we are going to see this not only here, but it's going to kind of spread through the west here, get right into the northern portions of the state of arizona and bring temperatures down a little bit. ththis is the futurecast. it shows you some of the clouds that are coming in. you see a little moisture here and there. you can see a little snow kind of working its way in right along the border here, and then the cooler temperatures are going to come in and really turn things around. there's your high today at 87 degrees, and then you can see some of these mountain temperatures in the mid-70s, in the mid-60s.
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you get right at 90, just about 90 in some areas, and then overnight these temperatures drop off nicely. there's that super moon, by the way. back at 60 degrees, that's a great overnight low for you. it is still a little bit warm for this time of year. normally we'd be at 55, like glendale and surprise are. 53 in mesa, 54 in fountain hills. and then you take a look here, this is your day, 87 on the low, 57 on the low, 76 and 53 normal high and lo record low at 28. across the country, boy, you see florida gets real wet today, and then you see some moisture up by washington and in the northwest, some of that action across the northern plains, and then 60 degrees overnight. 86 degrees for tomorrow, and let's take a look at these tmperatures as they come down. 81 on wednesday, 71 on thursday, and as you can see those temperatures fluctuate back and forth a little bit, but lots of 70s and a few 60s in there.
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>> all right, dave, thanks. well some exciting news for adele fans in the valley, the southeastern is coming back to phoenix next monday. ? hello from the other side ? >> adele will be at talking stick resort arena for her final concert tour of the year, or concert of the year. se was in the valley back in august to perform two shows, but she ended up only performing one because she got sick the next day. her show next monday is completely sold out. can you get some >> hard tickets to get. i don't know about that. >> i would love to see it. what a fabulous, fabulous talent mark. i'll tell you what, speaking of fabulous talents, this guy right here, people saying, yeah, the cardinals just barely won, just barely got by the 49ers, but if there's any chance this team is going to make a run, it could be number 31. the matchup advantage of cards running back david johnson, and we'll show you what bruce arians was talking about today. plus, monday night football and a.s.u. heading down the
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for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving...
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava. >> well, yesterday's win against the 49ers falls into that category of it wasn't pretty but it's a win, and with five road games left the schedule says, how's this team going to do it? they have got to go to minnesota, atlanta, miami, on the road in seattle, at th rams. i'll tell you how they do it with this guy, number 31, david johnson. he was spectacular, especially in the red zone. matchup advantage, what do i mean by that? watch what this guy doze, turning the corner, turning on the speed and then diving for the pylons right here. d.j. was outstanding again when this team needed him most, but it's the matchup advantage when you split him out as wide receiver. keep an eye on this big play on 3rd and eight that kept that
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cardinals in field goal range. again, it's the running back, 31, against the slower linebacker, number 50, and that's precisely what you do in the design of these football plays. give me the faster johnson against the slower linebacker, and i asked bruce arians about that very matchup today. >> we'd like that matchup. sometimes it would be eric reed, and we like that matchup too. so, you know, it just so worked out with at the end of the game, plays called, versus that matchup. we are going to do a sprint out and get david one on one, and we got the matchup we wanted. >> monday night football, and we'll get to that in a second, but, yeah, let's do it right now. we head to met life stadium, the giants having a nice year so far, hosting the cincinnati bengals, eli manning to a wide-open odell beckham. it's 14-10, new york in the second quarter.
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duplicating last year's success, hill runs into the end zone untouched, bengals back on top 17-14, play of the game late in this game, and there it is right there, shephard running a shallow crossing route, runs into burfict, advantag number 87. for a.s.u., they have got to regroup after a long thursday night against utah, losing hunt for the pac-12 south. keep in mind, they have to travel to washington. the huskies were beat saturday night at the hands of usc, but for todd graham, you know he is always, always going to spin it positive. >> there is no hopeless feeling by me. my energy level is just as high as it's ever been. i love these players. you are a little bit emotional after you have had guys for five
1:27 am
football team. we have had a massive amount of injuries, and we have played some pretty good people. >> yeah, everything, they have got to go up to washington after huskies get beat at the hands of usc, that is tough, and then the season is territorial cup against the arch-rival. we'll see how that plays out >> all right, sounds good. modern family is up next.
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