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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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ma'am. >> and john and kari, back out here live where there are 50 students out here and some are taking a break and they were marching here around the capitol with their signs and things like that not sure when this protest will be wrapping up but there is plenty of police on hand to make sure things stay safe and for the most part things have remained safe and pretty calm. reporting live. danielle miller, fox 10 fox 10. two days after his upset victory president-elect donald trump heads to washington, d.c., and this morning airport in new york look at this, the president-elect's plane got a water salute from the port authority as a taxied down the runway. the trump plane you are used to seeing along the campaign. the normally is reserved that kind of welcome for visiting dignitaries, military planes and retiring military personnel. >> trump travels a little bit better than most of the president-elects have in the past. the first steps in the
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in our nation's capitol today. president obama inviting the trumps to the white house. >> also on the agenda, a stop at the u.s. capitol after a diadvicive election both sides say they plan to work together for a smooth transition. marc martinez is here with the details. very active day for the trumps and the obamas. >> and it was and we know that president obama and president-elect trump talked. and that's going to be the big ch right now he lives here in the heart of mid-town manhattan in trump tower. his namesaked building that has been surrounded by what we are told is an unbelievable amount of security ever since he won tuesday's election. they say this is more like fort knox right now. >> president-elect's donald trump -- he left -- a maives layer of secret service protection now surrounding trump and his family wherever they
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event of the day, meeting at the white house with president obama it was the first time the two have ever met in person. >> this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe ten or 15 minutes and we were going to get to know each other. we never met each other. and i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. and it could have as far as i'm concerned it could have gone on for a lot longer. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful. >> he looks forward to seeking obama's count -- counsel in the future. >> let's go. >> very good man. >> from the white house it was on to cloil where trump says -- capitol hill where trump says he will work on -- with congressional leaders. >> look strongly at immigration. the border. look strongly at health care and
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>> before he left, house speaker paul ryan took trump and his wife melania on to the capitol balcony to show where he will be inaugurated on january 20. and there was a light hearted moment between trump and obama at the end of this meeting today when you heard all of the reporters shout questions at them, president obama leaned over to president-elect trump and here is a good rule don't answers questions when they start yelling at you. we will see if donald trump follows that advice. >> marc martinez, "fox 10 news." that's sage thank you. well, as their husbands met in the oval office first lady michelle obama and incoming first lady melania trump had a meeting of their own and among the topics is raising children until the white house the trump's youngest son is ten years old. >> 53-year-old man convicted in the 1996 fer 7 murder of a three-year-old girl, the toddler's remains were found in the desert and years later were identified in a cold case investigation.
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abusing this girl while he lived with her and her mother. authorities are now trying to locate the mother. he will be sentenced next month. a phoenix criminal defense attorney is facing federal charges for hiding assets amid bankruptcy claims. the grand jury indicted scott mason for conspiracy and fraudulent transfer of property. court document says mason filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and then allegedly had his father and fiancee buy a million dollar home adom mason and his father and fiancee will be arraigned later this month. the former ceo of a phoenix red light camera company is sentenced to two and a half years in prison karen finley was part of a bribery scheme to secure $124 million in contracts from the city of chicago while she worked for red flex travel systems traffic systems. and a judge also ordered finley to pay $35,000 in restitution
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the rest of her life. she was also sentenced to prison time last month for a similar scheme in ohio. a few weeks ago you may remember the story a car full of teenagers ran out of gas along i-17 and two of 9 girls got out to push the car but they were struck by another driver. >> new at 5:00, we were learning more about the victims and the suspect. stefania okolie is live at the hospital where the girls are recovering. >> that's right. i can tell you it's really absolutely incredible that 16-year-old mindy markel one of the two victims in that crash that happened was able to talk to us from the hospital and through her pain in her hospital bed. now she has been here at jcl honor health for three weeks now since that terrible crash. now we know it was tuesday october 25 pght. mini and her friends were driving home on 17 when they ran out of gas. mini ended up getting out with a friend and tried to push their way to an exit and when a driver
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56-year-old vinson vaughn slammed into the girls and pinning them between the two cars. now mindy recalled these moments to me very vividly and she says from the amount of blood she was losing she was prepared to die. >> i always thought if something serious like this happened i would fight. i would try my hardest to survive. i knew that was it. i looked at my legs and how bad they were and i knew. i accepted i accepted that this was my time to go. i accepted that. >> moments that are extremely hard to imagine. fortunately things shaped out differently. doctors thought she would lose a leg but today she has both of them. she has had more than four certainlies and has a long road to recovery many more surgeries to go however she is hopeful and tells me she believes that she will walk again. the other victim, her friend was
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start physical therapy soon. last night--- a vigil last night a vigil for darren reid, shoalt police officer killed in the line of duty and ended with a fire there were so many candles that a statue caught fire. the statue is of card players memorializing the meaning of the town of show low draw low card if there was a tie in an election. the main street of the town where the officer was shot is called deuce of clubs. we posted a link to the gofundme account to repair that statue. just head to and click on seen on tv. coming up, a man fighting for his life after being shot in the own apartment. who police say committed that crime. >> plus valley students celebrating veterans day early.
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>> and finally here the new holiday cups at starbucks. we will tell you who created the new designs. >> it's not hard it to find words to describe the day. wow. fantastic. great. it was gorgeous. all kinds of them. any more of these out there?
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look at this steak, just sitting there, taunting you. what's worse? it's not alone. it comes with this, this, or this too. are you gonna do something about it? if not? good luck sleeping tonight. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. only at longhorn steakhouse. tomorrow is veterans day--and many students will tomorrow is veterans tomorrow is veterans day and many students will have the day
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tradition of celebrating the day early. liz kotalik explains. today at sierra verde stem is all about celebrating our veterans and that theme was everywhere around that campus and the whole school actually packed into the cafeteria to give a big thank you directly to those who served. >> when i see these kids and how much it's evident they love their country it was powerful. >> the colonel and chief master force bse it to feel the love of more than 1,000 students. >> we want to let them know that we are here really to protect and serve. and that they -- we want them to grow up and have the chances to do and be whatever they want to be. >> for the tenth year in a row an assembly so students can show veterans they are grateful. >> they know know that we are glad. >> they collected thousands of items that will go this care package for soldiers hundreds of hand written letters will be
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you for your service. and we appreciate what you sacrificed for us. >> they don't get to see their families much so we want to celebrate them. >> and those sacrifices have been felt by many in this room. >> i lost three family members in veelt number and -- vietnam and one uncle was lost overseas in iraq. >> pictures of other relatives projected for everyone to see. >> anything could go wrong but i also have faith that they will keep themselves >> message of yiewfnty, a school coming together to show our veteran that they care. >> we need to honor what they do for our country. >> all of the packages and letters will be delivered to the organization packages from home and then sent overseas before the holidays. in glendale, liz kotalik, "fox 10 news." packages from home is a local non-profit that sends food, personal care items and recreational items to deployed american troops overseas.
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your own care package, visit our website, this veterans day tomorrow the city of phoenix planning a huge celebration for the 20th annual phoenix veterans day parade. is that big one. 15 marching bands, 18 floats. dozens of color guards will help honor those that will make the ultimate sacrifice and those who serve in the military. more than 45,000 people expected to line the streets and cheer on our nation's the parade begins at 11:00 a.m. at central and montebello and continue south on central avenue. plenty more ahead tonight at 5:00. the contempt of court case against sheriff joe arpaio back in court this afternoon the latest latest from the hearing. thousands of sand hill cranes are back in arizona for the winner. remarkable distance they travel to make it to the desert and favorite toys of the past are going down in toy history. three new inductees into the toy hall of fame will tell you what
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and it's no wonder the cranes are here. absolutely beautiful weather out there for you out there. we will talk about it coming
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i'm... marc i'm...
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stories for you -- tonight at 6... we are working on stories for you a dunkin' doughnuts in the valley is serving red, white and blue doughnuts that are trump and wall and what some of you are saying tonight on our facebook page. log on and send us your feedback and just in time for veterans day, a renovated hotel opens to provide housing for men and women who have served our country. we will see you at 6:00. the sand hill cranes have returned to southeastern arizona. arizona game and fish they got camera on their wintering grounds at white water draw wildlife area. if you haven't heard of that it doesn't matter because you can see this on their video loop and sand hill cranes traveled thousands of miles to winter in southern arizona. they are smart, they think it's nice here in arizona in the winter and they are right and they are going to be in arizona through march or early april and then leave to migrate to northern nesting grounds later
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winter in southeastern arizona and one group comes from canada and alaska. very huge area and then they come down through the plains and down into southern arizona where they settle and then you have the rocky mountain population of these cranes that travel from up northern rockies and come down to settle into arizona. the best times to view the birds right around sunrise in the afternoon. and if you would like to check out that camera, we have put a link to the camera, the ar just click seen on tv. hi, folks, we mentioned a few times and what a nice day 81, winds east at about eight miles per hour. and nice looking temperatures 77 in surprise right now. 77 degrees in k457bdler right now. 76 degrees in fountain hills and scottsdale it's 79 degrees and
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around. we see a few of them gathering here and there and kind of moving through very rapidly. 82 degrees is the high on the day today. lots of 81s on the west side. we had an 82 at deer valley a 79 for a high in chandler. other numbers would be 72 degrees in sedona. 58 degrees up in flagstaff. and look at that 87 in yuma. that's a little cooler than they had yesterday and they were up to mid-60s down into tucson. 59 is the forecast for glendale overnight. 5. in scottsdale as well and another 59 in chandler while we are forecasting 60 degrees at sky harbor. it was 64 degrees this morning. 82 this afternoon. and 78 and 55 normal high and low. there is your record high of 91. your record low at 33. as we look at the forecast highs, same as today, very little change. temperatures around the valley.
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yesterday. but not much. we look to the mountains and very much the same 50s, 60s and 70s and we remain with 80. some upper 80s like yuma at 87 degrees on the desert floor. other information would be this rain right here through texas. there is a lot of it down in the southern portion. some of it not even making landfall here. but we really have a nice looking map across the country temperatures still holding up. look at tha in the midsection of the country with the 70-degree temperature. 72 in dallas. and then 67 degrees today in st. louis. and in washington 63 and new york. 58 degrees. in denver 69. and 62 up in seattle. so absolutely gorgeous weather for these folks out there. and there is not a lot of change coming up for those folks as well. mild weather continues here.
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the norm is in the upper 70s so that's looking good. all of those 80s and tomorrow of course is veterans day and, yes, you do see some 70s in that forecast. watch your kids around water. all right. thank you. still ahead at 5:00, the airline offering big discounts for people who want to head to canada after the outcome of the election. >> three classic toys get honored. how members of the toy hall of fame are feeling about it. >> and a sign of the season. where this m tree is heading.
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many people celebrate the celebrate the holidays with christmas trees but with chandler they do something different. the tumble weed tree is a tradition since 1957. hundreds of tumble weeds are collected and attached to a wire frame and you are looking at it right here. it's kind of cool. crews spray the tree with white paint and they add lights. are looking at there is a tumbled tumble weed tree. it's 35 feet tall and it will be lit up on december 3. crews cutting down the tree that will be displayed at new york city's rockefeller center. a 94 foot norway spruce. the christmas tree will be arriving in manhattan on november 12th. where it will be decked out in thousands of lights. the tree lighting ceremony will take place november 30th. a few days after thanksgiving.
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christmassy enough and now a myriad of merry options. starbucks. you gotten one yet? >> i haven't had a starbucks in a long time but that will get me out to get one. >> the motivation you need. cups trying to avoid a holiday controversy like last year so they are outdoing themselves. starbucks now offering 13 cups loaded with snowflakes, reindeer and tree lights. this year customers came up with the design so starbucks thinks that everybo >> and as the holiday shopping season now gets closer some new hot toys are going to get a lot of attention but today some classics are taking center stage the toy hall of fame revealing its new inductees one of the winners the simple swing recognized for his longevity over the centuries and also i know i had these growing up, fisher-prices little people. nominated. >> i remember that. >> i remember playing with that
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nominated seven times and finally picked. they were introduced in 1959 and more than 2 billion little people have been sold since then. and finally this. the 1974 roll playing game. dungeons and dragons making it into the toy hall of fame. >> they call it d and d. >> i never learned how to play it it was too confusing. super popular and those three toys now will join more than 60 others that have endured the test of time. >> as you know we inherited a budget trump. how bad is it? >> we are broke. >> did the simpsons predict the future? this clip from a march 2000 episode that essentially predicted donald trump's presidency. that episode aired 16 years ago producer james brooks says they are going to be featuring that prediction on the blackboard on sunday night's episode. they were ahead of the curve on that one. coming up, a police department coming to the rescue
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how they helped her out. >> and plus another record that will soon be set by president-lct donald trump. >> are you worn out? we will have a list of songs that will help you lift your spirits if you are in the doldrum. >> a -- at 7:00, the team investigates a death of a model on rosewood and then at 8:00 a scandal rocks the team on pitch and then stay with us for "fox 10 news" at 9:00 and 10:00. where do dreams turn into reality?
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today in sheriff joe arpaio's racial profiling case... sheriff joy arpaio racial profiling case sheriff arpaio lost his bit for re-election this week but the civil contempt case is not going away once he leaves office. nicole garcia was at that hearing and live with more on
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forward. >> well, when new sheriff paul penzone takes over he will inherit the ongoing civil legal battles against the sheriff's department. and aclu is hoping a new sheriff means a new tone for this case. >> we are hopeful there will be energy and enthusiasm and a lot of collaboration by the next sheriff and hopefully more personal very much from the sheriff himself. >> it has been more than three years since a federal judge oed immigration sweeps and make changes within mcso. so far the department is not even at the point to implement change. independent reports done by asu show bias policing continuing among mcso more than 70 deputies have been identified as potential problems. >> means they are for example stopping a certain -- stopping latinos or native americans at a significantly higher rate than
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in their same beat or district. these things need to be addressed quickly. >> in an interview, penzone addressed the legal battles he business to inherit saying the case and the federal monitor are too costly and one of his first priorities is complying with court orders and resolving the case as soon as possible. >> the federal monitor the issue of the mandate is we are bleeding money. it's costing the taxpayers a considerable amount of money. >> although arpaio will leave the civil case behind leaves office, he still will be personally held responsible for the criminal contempt charges against him. attorneys are bracing for the possibility that those charges could go away after president-elect trump takes office. >> the training will be implemented so we will get to where we are meeting standards and meet those expectations of the court and resolve it so we aren't paying additional fees. so for me that's the most important element. >> and then the new sheriff has


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