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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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under five minutes to go, he has his shot blocked by devin blocked. a nice transition here. look at the move by bledsoe. the final, we'll get into a.s.u. senior day tomorrow night against utah. it is marc martinez with fox 10 news at 10:00. one day after the election and both arizona senators swallowing their pride and hopping onboard the trump train. what john mccain and jeff flake had to say to the president elect. valley students take to streets to protest. we'll show you other protests around the country. in a town as small as show low, when an officer is killed protecting that town, everyone
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thank you for joining us tonight. police shootings are rare, especially in the northeastern arizona town of show low. there is a big outpouring of support for a fallen officer. his name is darrin reed. people are morning -- mourning with his family. we were hoping for the best but it turned out to be a tragedy for that officer. >> reporter: a tragic scene in show we are learning that fallen officer darrin reed was months away from retirement. the department has never had to deal with a tragedy like this. they say reed was an outstanding officer, a fountain of knowledge and will be deeply missed. a town in mourning one day after one of their own lost his life protecting the quiet community of show low. the procession of the fallen
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through the streets. just a sad, sad situation. pray for his family and wish him the best. >> reporter: police say reed was shot and killed by daniel erickson while we responding to a disturbance call. reed caught up with him as he barricaded himself in a cabin with a 15-year-old hostage. he opened they returned fire. >> it is tough. being a small department, we're all family and friends. we're close. we see each other every day. >> reporter: sergeant shawn robey says reed was a go-to guy on the department. he and his wealth of knowledge will be greatly missed. >> he was the guy who was walking phone book and knew everybody. he has been in this community and been around for over 20
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years old was a 10 year veteran with the show low police department. he was set to retire in february. >> he said he was going to take time off first. he talked about lots of things. he talked about working at tractor supplier. >> reporter: reed leaves behind a wife and two children. a candlelight vigil was held in show low to honor officer reed. danielle miller, fox 10 news. >> i know this has touched so many a lot of people here in the valley are asking if there is anything they can do to help out with the family. >> reporter: actually, marc, another thing going around the valley, governor ducey ordered flags to be at half staff to honor officer reed and flags should be lowered through thursday. scottsdale police have arrested a man accused in a hit-and-run crash that killed a
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they say 26-year-old ruben lopez hit the doctor who was riding his motorcycle near 69th street and shea. he took off and fled to mexico but he turned himself in at the nogales port of entry and he is facing felony charges for that crime. tempe police investigating the case of stranger danger. last friday night, this guy was seen following kids into several stores and he those children. if you see this man, they can you to call scottsdale police. this house fire started from a small fire but then spread to a transformer. the flames destroyed the home, as you can see in the video from sky fox and the ground video. it spread to garages, sheds, trees. this was in the arcadia area of
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midnight. the good news is nobody was hurt. you know by now, hillary clinton won the popular vote but donald trump became president-elect with the electoral college. many people are not happy with these results. we've had people who are, in fact, protesting. students across the county, including here in the valley walking out in protest today. some carrying signs reading not my >> donald trump go away. >> protesters gathering outside of trump tower in new york city. security has been beefed up that is where the president-elect lives and the secret service has increased security around the building. donald trump did spend the day holed up in trump tower to relax and rest. tomorrow, he will head to the white house to meet with
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transition of power process. melania trump will meet with michelle obama tomorrow morning. arizona senator john mccain tweeted today congrats to president-elect donald trump. i will work to confront national security challenges and support troops. of course, mccain and jeff flake had announced they would not vote for trump. so flake tweeted out today as well and look what he said. he said president-elect trump. i look forward to working with him. now back to eating crow. people unhappy with last night's election has gathered for a vigil but they may only have an electorate to blame. here in arizona, two million votes were cast but that is slightly higher than the
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vote? >> reporter: that's right, marc. while there are 400,000 votes to be counted in maricopa county, consultants say they can tell who stood out, millennials. they did not show up to vote. i headed to a.s.u. to speak with several students and several say they did not vote because this campaign eason was too nasty. they didn't like either of the candidates but there are also voting trends that stood out. pure honesty. >> reporter: no it voting for you? >> no, i did not. >> reporter: you did not vote? >> i did not vote. >> reporter: some college students telling me why they didn't "waste their time with this election." >> wasn't happy with either of the candidates. >> it did not seem right to vote for someone who bickered like children. >> reporter: political consultant kurt davis.
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millennials underperformed. >> i did not want to contribute. >> reporter: davis points the nature of the campaigns. >> when you have a highly negative race and it was a negative race on the presidential level that oppresses turnout. >> reporter: ballots are being counted for maricopa county, along with trends involving demographics. >> when the expectations are one thing and it turns different than the expectations, it is fun to watch people in that scenario. >> reporter: now socioeconomically, kurt does tell me higher and lower communities did do a lot of voting, however, it was late and close to the election that is opposed to previous elections where higher class communities tend to do a lot of voting.
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latinos. we're live in phoenix. coming up after the break, the body count continues to grow in south carolina where police are investigating a possible serial killer with ties to arizona. dramatic video from new york where a bustling business goes up in flames. a cruel crime as someone steals from beauty queens. the pageant that was targeted. me on social media. it would be great to hear from you on facebook and you can follow me on twitter.
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todd kohlhepp... the man convicted of raping a 13 year old arizona girl of raping a teenager in arizona and he is in jail accused of murder and the body count keeps going up. two more bodies were found there. they belong to a couple reported missing a year ago. >> any information once the cases ready to be closed, i'm prepared to say this is a homicide. no question.
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kohlhepp is linked to seven other deaths. last week, a woman was found alive. she was chained in a storage container. he is facing kidnapping and murder charges and plans to represent himself in court. firefighters battle a fierce plant fire in new york and the most dramatic part is caught on camera. crews were desperately trying to douse the flames when the roof suddenly collapses right there. that plant w with several businesses but the good news, when you look at that fire, nobody was hurt. beauty pageants and crowns go hand-in-hand. one pageant this weekend may be crownless after six crowns were stolen this morning. >> reporter: for pageant par teusz pants, crowns aren't everything but they are a shining symbol for all of the
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title. >> i spend hundreds of hours helping these girls polish their skills and become better interviewers and all of that stuff so they can earn college scholarships. >> reporter: nobody knows the worth of a crown more than whitney ford. she now directs the miss. scottsdale and maricopa county pageant that is why when the crowns were stolen from her front porch this morning, she was nothing short of devastated. >> i know there are wse going on in the world but for me to feel safe in my own home and step on my porch and know that someone isn't going to take something off of my property, i feel like i lost a lot of my peace of mind. >> reporter: a neighbor saw two people drive up, swipe the packages and flee the scene at 11:45 this morning. >> that is something huge for them to take home and keep for their entire lives and remember what they earned on that stage
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get to take home that iconic ms. america crown with them. >> reporter: well, a nice night out there. it was a warm day today. we had an almost record-breaking day yesterday. temperatures, what are they
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has been perfect. i was out earlier seeing people walking out taking a nice stroll. >> reporter: patios filling up at restaurants and things like that. look at it right now. 70 degrees right now. a little warm during the day but that is going to change. we have 70 degrees right now. those breezes out of the east at 8 miles an hour. we're looking right now at cave creek at 66 degrees.
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75 in scottsdale and surprise, 67 degrees. not a cloud to be seen around the state today. we have some next door in new mexico. they are not headed in this direction. 85 degrees at sky harbor for the high today. we had 82 at buckeye. 84 at deer valley. 82 in chandler. as we look to the north here, 75 in sedona. we had 64 at the grand 85 at gila bend. yuma comes in at 90 degrees. still 90's out there, not at night and not around the valley. look at that 50-degree range out here. 56 in surprise. 57 in mesa. 56 at fountain hills and apache junction. 58 degrees in chandler. we are supposed to be at 55 so we're a little warm when we hit 68 this morning. 85 this afternoon.
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88 record high for the day. 31, your record low for the day. we look at the forecast highs, we're going to 80 degrees so we're shaving a couple of degrees off here. a lot of those corresponding numbers, in fact, some of them in the 70's. 70's up north, a few 50's and a few 60's in the map as well. we stick with low, mid and upper 80's as far as the deserts are concerned. as we look across the country, active weather in the across texas where some of the storms produced as much as an 1.5-2 inches of rain. 61 overnight. 80 degrees for tomorrow and we're going to stay on track with it here around 80. we do see 83's and nice-looking 70's, in fact, a run of them. watch your kids around water. breaking news. we want to get to oakland, california where the anti-trump
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about earlier are taking over the streets. we're seeing a fire in the middle of the street. you can see police are blocking off some of the intersections here and i believe this camera is going to tilt up and show you the police activity. huge crowds have taken over and looks like they grabbed debris. it does not look like a car on fire but they lit debris on fire in the middle of the road. you can see it toward the top of on the fire as the group of protesters are surrounding it. these are folks who are not happy with the outcome of last night's election. we have not heard of anyone being hurt or any arrests at this point but things are getting out of control, we'll keep you posted as we learn more information from oakland, california. the valley is getting ready to host the final four in a couple of months. we'll tell you what that will
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basketball about to get college basketball about to get underway in five months. final four committee made the trip to arizona to plan the big event. matt, i know you're a big sports fan. you moved here just in time.
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the one thing to note is the valley over the last few decades have figured out how make the valley a huge economic engine. you have had the fiesta bowl coming up, live television. one thing you should note is that final four has never been in the valley something to look forward to. the magic of last spring is five months away in the valley and while the hoops will be happening in glendale, a lot of the fun will be centered on downtown phoenix. >> downtown is so event driven as it so having the whole weekend where there is going to be thousands and thousands of people downtown will be huge for us. >> it is starting to hit home that we're around the corner from this event. >> reporter: from super bowls to the college football playoff
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organizers know how to put on big sporting events but this is the first time that the final four has been west of texas in more than 20 years. >> it has never been in arizona before because we never had a facility big enough to host it. this is a great opportunity to showcase our state, hospitality and make a case right away to have this event back here. >> reporter: with the game down the street tonight, the folks at marley's are used to a busy night but add in a fan fest at the convention center, a music festival, a suns game, and the diamond diamondba' opening weekend. >> it will be crazy but we will be ready. >> reporter: it is a crazy thing like how it is out here tonight. the folks in tucson are paying attention to the wild cats ranked 10 in the country. they are starting off with
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they could be playing in the final four. we have the final four, super bowl, how about the frozen four? we have the reufrpb and the facility here at cityscape. it should be big enough, right? >> live television out there. another news alert taking another look at oakland, california, where a huge group of people gathered to protest and are not happy with the election. police are i reports of anybody hurt but we're keeping a close eye on this and have the latest tomorrow. >> reporter: the starting left tackle is out and cardinals have to turn to number 73, john wetzel against the 49ers.
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>> reporter: the cardinals' offensive line the microscope all season long and come sunday that will happen again. john wetzel will start at left tackle. he did play, in fact, started against the 49ers at left guard. he will have an opportunity to start this sunday against the 49ers. >> any time you get game experience, it is good to have that. i feel for the game and speed and so i'm a little more
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this is a great opportunity for me. i've been around for a while and it is good to get in there and start instead of sitting on the bench for a while so it is good to get out there. >> reporter: phoenix suns hosting the detroit pistons. marcus morris back in town. suns losing to portland last night despite bledsoe bledsoe. suns finish strong. eric bledsoe delivered the goods, 21 point, eight assists and the suns win, 107-100. they win over the pistons. >> thank you for joining us. we'll have the latest on the protests in oakland on fox 10 azam at 4:30.
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