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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 5, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm MST

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annual missing in arizona today the annual missing in arizona event being held at the asu west campus. now this event is to raise awareness about missing people in arizona. >> every single year at least 600,000 people are reported missing nationwide. but with bte updated information law enforcement hopes to continuously lower that number. courtney griffin has more. >> multiple agencies across the state joined forces to help try and bring missing people home and identify the hundreds of remains on file. >> we are going to answer them in a national database where they will be distributed to the local agencies that will work and get assigned detectives for the cases. >> right now nearly 2,000
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missing. and there are over 1400 unidentified skeletal remains in our state. today agencies spoke with family members to try to gather new information and dna to solve some of these cases. >> and the dna will only be used for identifying purposes only. it will not be used for any type of criminal prosecution or anything like that, so that needs to be clear. it's just for identification purposes. >> steven missile is a forerancic facia artist. he sketched out 200 faces in maricopa county. >> these are tissue depth markers and then i have to glue them on to the skull. >> his sketches have helped solve several case. >> it's an incredible experience. you happy and sad because now it's somebody. it's a family finds them, they have closure whichever that means, now they know. >> but kimber bigs doesn't know
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she can create new leads in her sister's missing person case. >> i'm trying to be an advocate for my sister to be able to bring some closure to her case to find some answers. >> mikael biggs went missing 17 years ago. the two girls were riding bikes outside their home in mesa. >> and i left her alone. she was out there for less than two minutes. i think they said she was alone for about 90 seconds. and when i came back outside, the bike was in the road. the tire she was gone. there was no clues or trace of her anywhere. >> kimber says the little leads have been made she is thankful to see the agencies partner together to keep decade old cases alive. >> just to see something like this happening to give people an opportunity -- the resources that they have here and the support group which i think is an excellent thing.
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resolved. four people were found alive. however five bodies were identified. in scottsdale, police on the hunt for a man who tried to rob a bank yesterday. police telling fox 10 that this guy walked into the wells fargo bank near scottsdale and mcdowell yesterday evening. passed a note to the teller, and on that note a demand for cash. but they say the guy left without any money. he took off in a dark colored sedan. no given at this time. >> police also are looking for a man in a string of robberies in the valley. last month. >> police say that this man has robbed a cvs, a few hotels, and a family dollar store as well. take a look at your screen. you looking at surveillance foot frj the cvs that suspect robbed this month. you see him hop behind the counter with a back pack and he comes back and hops back to the other side. police say the suspect had something under his shirt
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foot. you see the suspect wore a hat and sunglasses to keep his face covered as a result. police also asking for your help with another robbery and now this one was in a walgreens. it happened at the walgreens in glendale. the one near 67th avenue and happy valley road. a man walks in and waits for the customers to leave and that's when he goes up to the counter and pretends to have a gun. police say they not sure if the suspect actually had they say it doesn't matter if he had one or not. >> whether or not you have a gun or you simulate a gun, it's a felony. so for whatever small amount of money you might get out of that robbery, you will be paying a lot more with that with your court costs and your record will be ruined for a long time. you have any information on the case you are asked to call silent witness. that number again 480-witness.
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recruits as they became police officers for the phoenix police department. now it also marked the first time in nearly a decade since the phoenix police department graduated an entire class of new recruits. phoenix police chief jerry williams says safety is a top priority for these new officers. >> safety is always the number one issue and a couple of them did not have their vests on. i made a comment why wearing a vest. i wear a vest all the time. riding two person units. be safe out there and situationally aware. at the same time being that -- be that carry and compassionate servant. >> the phoenix police department has more than 2700 officers right now. there are 121 recruits currently going through the academy. coming up after the break, kids and construction equipment, you think, wait, those don't go together very well.
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size versions of their favorite
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let's talk gas prices. they remain well above $2 across the nation. that's according to gas the average price of gas ringing in at $2.22 today. here in arizona, we are sitting well below that paying an average of $2.14 a as usual, hawaii has the highest gas prices in the country with an average of $2.91 a gallon and oklahoma again has the lowest at $1.92 a gallon. still better than it was a year ago. no doubt about it. >> the third annual shred day in phoenix that took place this morning near cotmerca theater and the veryvent is designed to help people securely destroy and recycle paper with sensitive information to reduce identity
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shred their paper and help their community. >> we really are hitting three different factors. number one, we have identity theft. which is, of course, growing and one of the fastest growing crimes. then we are also helping our environment by all of the paper that's being recycled and then we are fighting hunger at the same time with our donations with st. mary's food bank. >> last year nearly 170,000 pounds schroeder. >> wow, that is fantastic. i took advantage of it today it was right down the street and i walked my cans of food and all of my paperwork down. great service. let's talk about kids. they love playing with their tonka trucks and today some kids got to play with the real deal. we are talking real construction equipment. this is all a part of the first ever big dig in mesa. young kids diagnosed with cancer
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and even a bulldozer. the american cancer society partnered with construction professionals to organize this event. what a fantastic idea. parents say it was great to be able to take the family out without worrying. >> it's huge to be able to get out and just do things as a family where we can forget about the medical stuff is, is amazing. >> money raised during the event goes to society to help fund cancer research. i had a big truck like that when i was a kid and loved the tonka trucks. if you are a fight fan, good news for you.& ufc is coming back to the valley for the first time in two years. ufc fight night phoenix will be held at talkingistic arena, talking stick arena. three fights have been slated but the organization has not confirmd what the main event is for that just yet. that's good news. fights have not been held here since december of 2014.
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sale later on this month. speaking of fights, we had a cat fight out west as the cougars and the wildcats went tow -- toe to toe. we have low lights for the arizona wild cats coming up right after the break. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move.
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a weird weekend for local weir and the sun devils with the weekend off. the cardinals hit the weekend looking to get healthy and back on track while the sun devils are looking to bounce back after a third straight loss. sounds like the bye-week came at a good time. we have plenty of football to talk about like the arizona wildcats. the cats looking to claw out a victory against the cougars of washington state. good luck. ciegors are -- cougars are 3-0 and make that 10-0. james williams with the touch
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more. luke faulk with nice touch on this pass right here. touchdown cougars. luke faulk had more touchdowns than incompletions on the day. he went 32 of 35. 311 yards and four touchdowns. the arizona wildcats just could not stop the cougar offensive board you ready for this? final score 69 to 7. 0-6 in pac-12 play. tough break for the texas a&m taking on mississippi state. aggies ranked fourth in the country. easy win for the aggies, right? not really. look at the score, a&m down 28-7. kirk looking to change that. this kid could run. you can kiss him good-bye. 92 yards for the touchdown. 28-14 is the game now. it's not over yet. a&m gets the ball back and here is an idea. get the ball to christian kirk.
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54 yards for the touchdown. we've got a ball game, boys and girls. seven point game but here comes mr. fitzgerald. just would not beat it out. are you kidding me? dragging people into the end zone. that's just wanting it more. one last chance for the aggies. back to pass and it is a -- picked off. that's your ball game. upset special. mississippi state wins it final score 35-28. boston college would hope so taking on louisville. but action jackson i mean lamar jackson would not have it. lamar jackson calls his own name and he gone. 69-yards to pay dirt. 7-0 cardinals just like that. very next possession for louisville, jackson with the flick of the wrist. james quick with a quick td for louisville. 14-0 cardinals and jackson was just getting started.
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lamar jackson. he can bake some cookies back there he has all day to throw and shows off the arm strength. the bomb right on the money. touchdown jaylan smith. 21-0 louisville. jackson with seven touchdowns on the day. that's right. i said seven. this one too easy. give him the heisman now? final score 52-7. louisville rolls in this one. no cardinal game tomorrow. but we still have some nfl football right here on fox 10. how abt the dallas cowboys looking good this year. taking on the winless browns. could cleveland do it? pull off the upset of the year? we will find out tomorrow right here on fox 10 and it starts at 10:00 a.m. >> we are just getting started. we catch up with two of the best in the business. our main man in sports jude lacava and the mvp for the d-backs, goldy, paul goldschmidt how he is bowling for a good cause. the details coming up right
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a busy last couple of a busy last couple of weeks for the arizona diamondbacks. they hire new gm and manager but no change at first base. that spot belongs to goldy. the all-star stopping by the studio to talk bowling. yes, that's right. bowling and not baseball with jude lacava and it's all for a good cause. >> it's a pleasure to welcome diamondbacks star paul goldschmidt who has a very interestg his second choice in professional sports was pro bowling. look, you love bowling, right? >> yeah, of course. i think it's a great thing you can do as a family get together. not something to practice every day like other sports and they have a lot of fun with people from all ages and i think that's where kind of my interest in it was and growing up we would go with our family and friends and in high school a lot of the guys on the baseball team would get together once a week and will go bowling and hang out and have bonding that way.
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benefit phoenix children hospital and blood cancers pediatric blood cancers. explain the connection that you and amy your wife have to this whole mission. >> short story is we volunteer and we wanted to get involved and when i got called up five years ago that seemed like to be the good place to hang out and play video game-wide the kids and we got approached to be honorary chair for their campaign to raise money for the new cancer center. center for chance and blood disorders so that's when we kind put on an event and decide to do a charity bowling event and have the fun there and go help build a new cancer center. >> and touches your heart when you visit over there it's hard not to for everybody and that's for sure. boy, there is a lot of work to be done and do great work over there and describe that experience when you do pay a visit. >> honestly it's a lot more positive than you think. you think you will visit at hospital and white walls everywhere and everybody down in
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things going on. have been impressed with how positive the kids are. a lot of them are in a ton of pain and mentally and physically the families are struggling and just trying to overcome these illnesses that they have but are so positive and we walk into the room and they are smiling and want to play video games and want an autograph and want to hang out and talk about the d-backs season or stuff like that. so it's been awesome because it 340e9 have the -- motivates me to knowing that they are watching us play every day out there to go on and put on a and win for them. you to give the kids and families a lot of credit and the staff out there at phoenix hospital. there are the doctors and nurses and they do a great job of just trying to help the kids and families however they cch each person has a different role and make their stay as positive as they can and help these kids get back to normal. >> somebody wants to get involved, goldy's funds for is a place where you can go look at an auction item or participate or contribute.
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but we will let our silent auction go live for whoever wants to go so there will be information for the website, goldies fun for kids it organize and the main thing is just to educate people about the need over there. there is a lot of different things that are going on here in the valley and i know each person is involved in their own thing. just to learn about the new cancer center. it's being built right now and will be finished next year. it's just servicing a lot of kids in our community and that's kind of the thing we want to do arizona and some people it's family members and friends and neighbors. and cancer is going to affect so many people. this is our way to do our part and it's raising money and volunteering with time over there. hopefully we will inspire people to get involved with something they are passionate about whether it's at the hospital and there are so many other worthy causes and hopefully help out your neighbor doesn't have to be a charity or something like that and will be here to make our community a better place. >> the big question is, how is your bowling game?
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here? will you put three or four strikes together? >> i hope so. i need to get out there and practice. >> your wife is better than you are. >> that's not true. she is good. i think i will take her down. we have fun out there. >> it's tough out there. wow. competitive. >> i'm not giving anything away. she got me once, maybe twice but i got her the rest of the times. we will have fun and definitely going to get competitive. every guy there will be competitive and i know the other guests are there will want to t practiced a little bit and probably should be practicing more. we will go and have a good time. >> it's a great time at lucky strike and we will see you out there this coming week. paul goldschmidt making a difference off the field and thank you for stopping by, paul. going to be a lot of fun. >> thank you. i like the different idea. instead of golf tournament, why not go bowling and i like the fact that he is competitive. i want you to help donate but i will beat you. >> she is pretty good.
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purpose? i'm kidding. technique. >> he can do whatever he wants. >> whatever he wants. thank you. stick around, weather, we have been flirting with winter and then summer. it's all over the place. ty will explain it when we come
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one last look at your ten day forecast before you leave. tomorrow of plenty of sunshine. take a look at the ten day forecast. i didn't have to do a lot. a lot of suns. >> slaving away there. >> mercury will begin to rise as you begin your workweek and then things tapering back off to the seasonal average as we get into the end of the week and the weekend. >> kind of perfect. >> i bet. >> one last 100 last week but long gone now. >> andha >> here come all of the festivals and the food fests and the taste of scottsdale. >> and they are giving me a hard time. >> stay as long as you want. >> it's a beautiful thing. >> i like this guy. good advice. >> thank you so much for joining us. we are back tonight at 9:00 and
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