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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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and cease-fire, controversy over an east bay gun rage -- gun range could lead to the facility shutting down. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. it is the sprint to super tuesday. the presidential candidates are bearing down. republican front-runner donald criticism. while on the democratic side, hillary clinton looks at -- looks to lock up the nomination and move past bernie sanders. mike manual is in nashville, tennessee. one of the states holding primaries. >> reporter: on the day donald trump received his first endorsement by jeff sessions, the billionaire candidate getting criticism for his response after former kkk leader david duke was support. >> i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. pretty sure. i don't know anything about him. >> reporter: he later tweeted
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he did mention his name -- part of the quote fringe element but critics say he did not strongly denounce duke. >> we cannot be a party that nominates someone who confuses to condemn white supremacists. >> reporter: now super tuesday contest. >> there is no doubt that if donald steamrolled through super tuesday and wins everywhere with big margins that he may be unstoppable. i don't think that will happen. >> i believe a first grade, artist is on the verge of taking over the party of lincoln and reagan. >> they are establishment guys. as far as the con man, it was very insulting you know my career. i've built an unbelievable company. hillary clinton attacking gop candidates and largely ignoring rival bernie sanders. >> america has never stopped being great. our task is to make america
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>> reporter: she beat sanders by 50 points in south carolina saturday. >> we've got a real shot at minnesota and colorado, oklahoma, massachusetts and vermont. we're looking to the future, not looking back. >> reporter: the latest polling shows clinton with the lead but trump does trail ted cruz in the lone star state -- lone star state. in nashville, mike manual, fox news. >> putting pressure on donald trump to release his tax returns. they both released partial tax returns yesterday and on sunday talk shows today they questioned why trump has not released his yet. trump claims he's being audited by the irs, and will release his tax information after that audit is done. cruz and rubio say he's hiding something. >> maybe he's not as rich as he says he is. maybe he has given large sums
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>> donald trump has a history of business failures. >> according to the irs, there's nothing stopping trump from releasing his tax data in the middle of an audit. democrats wrapped up their convention in san jose today. on the final day san francisco supervisor scott wiener won the endorsement for the district 11 state seat. he tweeted the news today and got congratulations from gavin newsom and kamala harris. district 11 includes san francisco and the northern part of san mateo county. fellow supervisor jane kim is also campaigning for the seat which is currently held by mark leno being turned out of office. recovery teams in the sierra have recovered the bodies of two men presumed drowned after their canoe capsized. it happened friday during a period of strong winds and choppy water. divers recovered the remains of 33-year-old joshua patterson yesterday.
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old lucas johnson today at about 60 feet of water. both men were from the sierra foothills. neither man was wearing a life jacket. army sergeant is accused of killing his wife and then a virginia police officer working her very first shift on the job. kristen fischer tells us the young officer's death followed a day long domestic dispute. >> the shooter has been identified as ronald hamilton, 32. assigned to the pentagon and now he's accused of killing a marine veteran who was working her very first shift as a police officer. 28-year-old ashley guindon had just been sworn in on friday. they began their shifts this weekend. be safe. less than 24 hours later, officer guindon was dead. >> not only driven and passionate but exceedingly intelligent. she struck us that way as we interviewed her prior to hiring her and rehiring her. it's always the type of officer
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passion and intelligent. >> reporter: responded to a call about a domestic disturbance in woodbridge, virginia 20 miles south of washington, dc. when they approached the front door, the suspect opened fire. officer guindon died at the hospital. the other two are still there recovering. as for the suspect, staff sergeant hamilton surrendered without further incident. when they first searched, they found the wife dead and the 11- year-old son was scared but not hurt. he is facing capital murder of a police officer. this isn't the first tragedy for officer guindon's family. her father committed suicide after returning home from iraq. now this. the suspect is due in court tomorrow morning. in washington, kristen fischer, fox news. police are thanking a campus employee who helped officers nab two burglary suspects. bradley vincent and jared starkweather were arrested earlier this month on burglary charges. investigators say the employee
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suspicious men inside campbell hall. the building is home to the physics and astronomy departments. police questioned the men and a search of their vehicle turned up items allegedly stolen from campbell hall and from uc irvine. tonight's oscar ceremony was marked by an outcry over the lack of diversity among nominees. >> the 80th academy awards show went on to name some of the best and brightest in hollywood. "spotlight" took home the oscar for best picture. it tells the story about the investigation into the abuse of children by catholic priests. it also won an oscar for best original screenplay. >> best actor went to leonardo dicaprio for his role as a traitor mauled by a bear and left for dead in the revenues. he has been nominated six times but this was his first win. >> best actress was brie larson for her portrayal of a woman held captive for years with her young son in the film called
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it was larson's first nomination and her first award. >> mark rylance won best supporting actor for his role in "bridge of spies". sylvester stallone was seen as the favorite. best supporting actress went to a leasee of the candor for the danish girl. and it was back-to-back wins for alejandro iarritu. like the super bowl, many people gathered to watch hollywood's biggest nights. ktvu's debora villalon live now at the academy of friends fundraising gala that this year attracted a huge crowd like more than 1000 people? >> reporter: that show of course is long over but take a look, the -- the winners are six charities focused on hiv and aids. a great seat was night. >> i am rooting for suffragette. >> and chaired for her favorites
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san francisco design center. this party celebrates the movie and celebrates the fun in fund raising giving everyone a chance to dress up on oscar day. >> this is my first year. and i think it is not my last year. i'm having a great time. >> reporter: it begins on arrival with the red carpet. and the traditional golden boys wearing body paint and little else. trying to be as still as statues. the films change year to year but not the cause. academy of friends has awarded almost $9 million to 70 hiv- aids organizations since it launched in 1980. back then the epidemic was just emerging. now it's a different era. >> obviously it's reduced at this point which is wonderful. we'd like it to get down to zero but people need our help and we want to make sure they get the resources they need and that's why we're going to keep throwing this party. >> looking forward to 2017.
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lack of inclusion the academy has been slammed for was dealt with swiftly. >> they added new directors and a new diversity program and we're excited to see those results and we can't change this year because it was already done. >> reporter: the film many were pulling for, the danish girl, about a transgender pioneer and his loving wife. >> just terrific. you could just really feel the heartbreak and the love that she had for her man. so we've all been through that. >> reporter: this is the 36th year for academy of friends. admission runs about $200 a ticket and each year it raises about a quarter of $1 million for charity. >> certainly is a good cause. and a lot of fun. thanks. the all-white lineup of acting nominees inspired a lively monologue by comedian chris rock. >> i'm here at the academy awards.
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people's choice awards. >> he continued with his bold portrayal of the academy's failure to recognize black actors, al sharpton and dozens of protesters demonstrated outside. it was one of seven protests around the country organized by sharpton's group. he says last year the academy promised to do better but failed to live up to that promise. >> don't forget, this year, you had "straight outta compton". this year, you had beasts of no nation. this year, you had the will smith movie about concussions. and on and on and on. none of them are even considered for a top award. >> in response, worse show organizers have promised to double the membership of women and minorities by 2020. also promising an ambitious affirmative-action plan that includes stripping of voting
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eight-year-old girl with cancer reveals her one true wish. and it isn't a trip to disneyland.
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a wish foundation. baghdad left at least 70 dead and more than 100 wounded. isis has claimed responsibility. the deadly attacks come just as iraq's army plans to retake the key city of mosul from the terrorist group. >> reporter: ambulances speeding to hospitals after a deadly double bombing at an outdoor market in eastern baghdad sunday killing at least 59 people and injuring nearly 100 more. >> twin bombing took place at this market, one of the bombs targeted a mobile phone shop. witnesses say one bomb exploded in a crowded electronics market
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minutes later, another explosion reportedly from a suicide bomber triggering a blast in the middle of a crowd that gathered after the first bombing. >> reporter: isis is claiming responsibility. the swing -- the sunni terror group regularly targets shiites. in the meantime the attack comes as iraq's army is mobilizing troops. >> translator: troops from the 71st brigade moved towards mobile. >> reporter: the troops gearing up for a major offensive to retake the northern city of mosul which is currently held by isis. >> translator: god willing they will liberate mosul with forces more than 1 million people still live in mosul. the largest iraqi city controlled by isis. >> reporter: all of this as iraq is now seeing large numbers of native iraqis making long journeys to drop hoping to find a better life there. >> translator: everybody was leaving and they were saying it's like this and that's in europe.
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like that at all. we were starving there. >> reporter: the deadliest event in a wave of recent it -- recent attacks targeting commercial areas. in new york, fox news. people headed to brazil are tabling their travel plans because of the zika virus pick the cdc issued precautions saying that pregnant women may want to consider not going. and if they do go, they should speak with their doctors and follow measures to prevent mosquito bites which can transmit the disease. the agency also said male partners who return from brazil should use condoms or refrain from sex if their wives are pregnant. researchers believe the zika virus is linked to babies being born with abnormally small heads. starbucks is heading into a market it considers intimidating. the seattle-based coffee chain plans to open its first starbucks in italy next year.
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says he got his inspiration for the business 45 years ago during a trip to italy but italy is expected to be a challenge because coffee is a deep-seated part of the culture with many local shops already competing to sell espresso and cappuccino's. wrapping up a pretty nice weekend across the bay area, some fog and higher clouds approaching the region over the past few hours. temperatures mostly in the 60s, a few neighborhoods around 70 degrees this afternoon. san francisco maxed out at 65 and napa at 70. on the satellite, clouds moving in from the pacific. fairly weak system moving into northern california producing the clouds for us. not much in the weight of rainfall, just a few sprinkles out there or some this. a closer look at the satellite, still high clouds over the north bay, but the headlining her monday, one thing's backup, temperatures up a good for today degrees from today's highs. translates to lots of 70s
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outside, our live camera looking toward the bay bridge, a nice sunday evening out there. tracking fog regrouping near parts of the coastline and expecting some overcast first thing tomorrow morning at least partly cloudy skies and temperatures will be in the 40s to right around 50 degrees. partly cloudy but get ready, lots of sunshine for the afternoohon urs. here's our futurecast model showing you some patchy fog, at 6:00 a.m., then to the afternoon hours, mostly clear skies, brighter colors begin to pop up here, 60s to the upper 70s, so there's the eventual temperature range. 68 to 78 by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the plan for san francisco, 7:00 a.m., 52 degrees. afternoon lunchtime very warm, mostly sunny skies, those readings right around 70. wrapping up the afternoon, fair skies, those readings back down into the mid-60s. nice tomorrow but we finally have some rain to talk about.
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pattern change in march. we'll have more on that coming up at 10:35. a little girl battling cancer makes one special wish. but see how that wish was a big difference in what many eight-
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for. seems like about every other conversation around the bay area has started with, did you see the game last night? >> it's more than the 24 hour news cycle. it has been more than 24 hours since they last played. until they play again, the nba world continues to buzz about the warriors. folks in oklahoma city got their first look at the pregame ritual. the warriors trailed almost the entire game. a great team effort to come from behind.
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on the night, 46 points. here comes number 11, ties the game at 110. then came the clincher, russell westbrook comes up empty, the warriors have a timeout but curry calmly heads down toward and launches a 32 footer that goes down with 0.6 left. curry's 12th three pointer of the game ties the all-time record, warriors are on their way to many other records but steve kerr was especially one -- especially happy with one aspect of his game. >> to be able to pull it out was awesome. the effort in the second half was incredible. we got outrebounded but we were battling. and obviously, what steph did was -- what's the expression, from the ridiculous to the sublime? >> twitter has been alive when it comes to the warriors. magic johnson calling curry the greatest shooter of all time. lebron james, stop it, man. that's just ridiculous. lebron says he's never seen
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damian lillard, that boy, something else. then there's phil jackson. dug deep to come up with a name of -- to compare as we all remember, chris jackson, who later changed his name to mahmoud abdul-rauf. he played for three nba teams and played in six foreign countries. if you say so, phil. two big things at stake for the cal bears as they hosted usc. steve kerr and bob myers, scoring no problem for calvin this one. jaylen brown hits a three. 18 points in the game. jabari byrd added 12. the bears moved the ball nicely. 14 point lead at halftime, the home fans did not see the bears lose one time all season. second half now, ivan rabb goes baseline. two of his 18. five bears in double figures.
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tries to jam down a pair here. he had 12. then the steve kerr family got rewarded from their attendance. nick launches one from three- point range. the bears win, 21-8, 11-5 in conference, just one game out of first place with two to play before the conference tournament. a young fan at stanford this afternoon, no doubt noting the women's pac-12 tournament should be wide open this year. cargo hosting oregon a game that was all stanford. erika mccall for the follow, 25 points. she will get it done from three- point range. stanford rolls 69-42, 14-4 in conference. san jose sharks needing wins to hang on to a western conference playoff spot. not even stanley cup time yet
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down 1-0 in the third, a nice little move in front of the net, getting the shot past ryan miller. 1-1. two minutes later, the score. than five on three, patrick marleau, the sharks adding an empty net or, 4-1 when. the sharks stay in the number 6 playoff spot. lots more coming up on sports wrap at 11:00. >> we have to wait until tomorrow when they come home and play again. >> tuesday actually. >> thanks. just to recap the game for you, 24 hours after the spectacular shot, as we mentioned, people still talking about it. the warriors clinched a playoff spot with the victory last night, the earliest a team has ever secured postage -- postseason play. while the warriors were a lock for the playoffs, to do it faster than anyone else is simply incredible especially the way they did it.
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on the clock, steph curry hit the winning three-point shot. >> way downtown, bang! oh, what a shot from curry! >> reporter: some dispute as to how far he was from the hoop. "sports illustrated" pegs it at just shy of 38.5 feet. inside the warriors team store, it was all warriors fans, kristin and her daughters were talking about that. >> couldn't believe it. >> reporter: fans say it was a tough game as the warriors battled back from 14 point deficit. the clock ticked down and fans hoped for a miracle that steph delivered. >> sort of like he's shooting a free throw now. absolutely insane. the way he steps up and let's off the shot, absolutely crazy. >> reporter: the warriors clinched a playoff berth and are well-positioned going into the playoffs season. >> a chance to rest your starting five and get them prepared for the playoffs.
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we decided to see how hard that shot really is. we measured out 38.5 feet and let the players do their thing. >> that was a crazy shot. people got closer than i did. i think they probably traveled. >> reporter: until we got to nate, a mechanical engineering student at cal. and on the weekend, the steph curry of the streets. >> lucky shot. i'm nowhere near that level. lucky shot. >> reporter: amazing shot. still six weeks of regular season play for the warriors. in berkeley, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. the front office is warning fans about fraud for those playoff tickets. the team says more than 450 fans had to be turned away after buying counterfeit
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the team says it will guarantee authentic two's being resold by season-ticket holders on gun range controversy. the meeting that could decide
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close. new at 10, five ku klux klan members were arrested after a violent brawl and have been released. evidence shows they acted in self-defense. three people were injured and a dozen arrested after a fight broke out at the plant kkk rally in anaheim. will car has the story of the fight and aftermath.
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stabbed after april broke out at a rally in southern california on saturday. witnesses say all hell broke loose after protesters clashed with clan members at a park in anaheim. the kkk had planned an anti- immigration rally with the theme wide lives matter. -- white lives matter. one person was standby one of the klansmen. it is believed the stabbing took place with a flagpole with legal decoration on the end of the flagpole. >> fight basically broke out on the street and then the guys from the claim jumped in their suv and took off. and then three of their klansmen were left behind. and then the fight escalated down the street. >> reporter: five were injured and the police department ended up arresting 12 and the police chief will take a critical look at how his department handled the incident.
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a special church service took place in hesston, kansas today to remember the victims of a work was related rampage. >> [ singing ] >> three people died, 14 others injured last thursday. police say cedric ford shot people in several locations before he arrived at a lawnmower factory where he worked and killed three people there. a responding police officer shot four dead. he had been giving a wrist -- he had been given a restraining order hours earlier. fireworks filled the skies over kalamazoo honoring the victims of last weekend's deadly shooting spree there. community members gathered outside the auto dealership where two of the victims died. they were joined by family and friends of the two victims, richard and tyler smith. the father and son were among six people killed by an luber driver who police say drove around firing at random locations.
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few hours after a memorial service. >> we find comfort in knowing that i'm not alone. i don't grieve alone. and here's people i don't even know who are grieving with me. there's something healing that takes place in that. >> the 45-year-old suspect is facing charges including six counts of murder. a funeral service was held today in nearby battle creek for another kalamazoo victim, 60-year-old mary jo nye was a retired high school teacher be loved by students she told a see still 2. she was killed as she sat in her car. the church pastor called on those gathered to celebrate her spirit and generosity and love for the community. a big crowd is expected at tuesday's meeting for a decision on the fate of the gun club. the gun club is expiring and operators are asking for an extension.
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the gun range is given only six months. the range is causing a lead problem in a watershed area. gun enthusiasts say it's an excuse to push a hidden agenda against guns. about 41,000 people visit the range every year including about 6000 police officers. the prime suspect in the shooting death of a 23-year-old woman is due in court tomorrow. she is seen here -- as seen here, he faces charges including murder in the death of his former girlfriend, stacy aguilar. prosecutors say petrova shot her after an argument at a party on february 13. another man, donato perez, faces charges of being an accessory after the fact. neither man has entered a plea. a grand jury has indicted a drug and alcohol rehab center for murder. attorneys for the a better tomorrow center in marietta say it's the first time a corporation has been accused of murder.
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accepted a client it was not prepared to care for and killed him by not refilling his oxygen. attorneys have asked a judge to toss out the indictment because the riverside county coroner found a man died of natural causes. information that was not presented to the grand jury. a witness helped police catch a suspect in a deadly hit and run overnight, just after midnight in the eastbound lanes near the pinole valley road on- ramp. aim it had pulled over after a minor accident and got out of his car to check for damage when another driver sideswiped his car and hit the man. he was thrown 100 feet off the freeway and into a ravine where he was found dead. officers say the car that hit him took off. an off-duty police officer witnessed the hit and run and followed the suspect's car. >> it was followed by somebody that witnessed the collision. so we were able to catch up to it later on in vacaville. and we were detaining the
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>> the victim is a 28-year-old man from martinez. the suspect was identified as 31-year-old carry cash of oakland. she was booked into the martinez jl, cash faces a series of charges including dui causing loss of life, hit and run and driving on a suspended license. people picking up trash at the request of a young cancer patient. making dillard tells us about the kansas girl's one true wish for the world. >> reporter: running across the field. playing with friends. enjoying some rare february sunshine. for emilia meyer, it's just another day at the park. >> she's always been that kid i cannot get inside. >> reporter: what you can't see under the pink hat and bright blue eyes is an eight-year-old girl fighting brain cancer. >> some kids might want to go to disney world and stuff.
10:36 pm
to do it the right way. >> i said, are you excited about tomorrow? she said i'm so excited. she goes because i get to pick up trash. >> reporter: make a wish gave emilia the chance to wish for anything. all she wanted was to pick up trash. >> it doesn't look nice. another reason is because we can do it. it's dirty and it can get animals sick. >> reporter: while she pulled up to a site at kansas city school park -- >> ready to pick up some trash? >> reporter: she seemed most comfortable in her own element surrounded by her best friends. >> i've known her since preschool. she's been my bravest friend. she has been really nice to me, really supportive of me when i had rough times. >> reporter: a selfless friend, wise beyond her years, her wish come true.
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to the outdoors she loved so much. >> that's what i wanted for her. i want her to be a kid. there's more over here. >> what a sweet request, that was making dillard reported. the make a wish foundation serves all of the u.s. and grants a wish just about every 37 minutes. a fare hike for caltrain riders. how much more you will be
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to the train station. it will cost you a little bit more to ride caltrain. monthly passes and eight ride tickets went up $.50.
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stayed the same. station lots went by up by $.50 as well. a monthly permits rose to $55. the last caltrain fare hike was in october 2014. a banner year for golden gate ferry's last year. district officials say 2.5 million people boarded the ferry's last year, a 70% increase since 2005. the ferries run between san francisco and larkspur and sausalito. ridership figures could rise even more if a deal goes through. taking over service to tiburon. tomorrow night at 10:00 we take a closer look at bay area ferry service and what's being done right now to make it better. flower lovers converged on fort mason for the annual pacific orchid exposition. the expo had more than 150,000 orchids for sale and on display. including some very rare and exotic varieties like the venus
10:41 pm
nats with its petals. the dracula orchid won best in show. it's usually found in the andes of peru, but this one grew by accident in a greenhouse in pacifica. >> this particular plant was the seed that had fallen on the bench and grown without them knowing it. so it became a really really high award winner. >> orchids grow on all continents except antarctica. according to the orchid doctors at the expo, if your orchid has not flowered in a while, you might need to repot it. orchids need to be patted once every year or so in a tight container. tomorrow is going to feel like summer in the bay area, temperatures in the 70s, the week will be ending quite differently. a big change as we take a few days into march. right now on the satellite, high clouds approaching northern california, but the main storm track in the short
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northwest. a few high clouds approaching northern california and the bay out for tomorrow. there's your headline, a warm monday with temperatures, lots of 70s in the forecast maps. the warmest locations back up into the mid to upper 70s for your monday. current numbers showing you 52 degrees in livermore, santa rosa 50, san francisco one of the warmer spots, checking in at 59 degrees. beautiful outside right now, some of the clouds paying us a visit as you can see, partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures fairly mild, so we're starting off with lots of sunshine, as we wrap up february, look what happens into march, a weak system for thursday, then chance of a few showers into the fourth and the fifth. next week get ready, things could be changing quite a bit. we could be talking about significant rainfall. so this was an early look for next week. of course this could be changing quite a bit but that will be developing headline, significant rain approaching
10:43 pm
not only here but across a good portion of the state. high pressure in the short term is in charge of our weather patterns, could be a warmer monday, temperatures up for to eight degrees from today's highs. the first system, that will be on thursday, so some clouds on thursday and we're going to bump up shower chances first thing thursday morning. now we are looking long-term, extended forecast, here's the deal into thursday, not a big system at all, then into friday, the chance of scattered showers, especially by saturday night, could be bumping up rainfall potential. look what happens sunday, right back in the forecast, this could be heavy at times, still a week away. getting excited early but that could have a swing -- setting the stage for that later in the week and month as well. temperatures for tomorrow, lots of 70s out there. santa rosa 75, fairfield 74.
10:44 pm
there and -- livermore mid-70s especially for the last day of february. san jose 76. santa cruz 78. san francisco 73. here is to look ahead, five-day forecast, a lot to talk about here. tuesday still pretty warm out there. thickening up clouds on wednesday, some showers into thursday, maybe moderate amounts of a slight chance a then heather and ken, chance of rainfall especially saturday night and into sunday. could be heavy at times and beyond that, we could be talking about a series of storms and models. in fact bumping up the intensity of these storms. almost like el nio heard people doubting its strength. wondered what happened. >> yeah. >> back in full force. that's the way it's looking right now. >> thanks, mark. be sure to stick around for "sports wrap". >> joe fonzi and jason applebaum have a preview of what's to come. the cal bears try to make
10:45 pm
plus the sharks continue their
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into sixth in the west. it's the eye in the sky working to patrol the streets of oakland in this week's crime files, henry lee spoke with one of the police officers who works with the department helicopter policing the streets from above. >> reporter: i'm here with one of the pilots of argus, the
10:48 pm
tell me what you guys do on a daily basis. >> argus has a twofold meeting. it is a greek methodologic -- mythological creature and it also stands for a reconnaissance ground units support. day-to-day we fly missions pretty much whatever the department needs. we're the eye in the sky. help with missing people, traffic accidents and whatever crimes come out. >> reporter: tell us how quickly the helicopter can respond as opposed to ground units. >> anywhere in the city and in probably under two minutes. if we're on the west and and the call is on the west end, it can be 30 seconds. probably about 30 seconds we can be there overhead. >> reporter: tell us about the special features. you can fly in night and a? >> we have searchlight called the night son for 1 million candlepower and also a fleer
10:49 pm
hit in the nighttime. >> how many do you fly on the aircraft? >> two officers, one works as the pilot and warn -- one has the tactical flight officer. >> reporter: and also a loudspeaker that talks to the bad guys and the neighbors at the same time? >> yes. it works well for a couple different things. allowed to make k-9 announcements for searches to let people know we're searching for a suspect and also works for missing persons really well. we had an incident we were able to broadcast over a mile away, they heard the announcement and found the child was walking on the sidewalk in front of the house. >> reporter: how special is it to be a pilot, your helicopter as your office? >> it's great. best job in the department. >> that was henry lee reporting. the oakland police department provides full training for officers even if they don't
10:50 pm
are interested in joining the team. most teenage girls spend between nine and 11 hours each day on social media. researchers say the new world dominated by social media is presenting a new kind of adolescence for girls. experts say a girl's first life experiences now take place in an accelerated electronic environment. >> i didn't talk to a single girl who had not been cyber bullied on some level, either from a snarky comment or judgment a comment, or ignoring someone or defriending someone. something like that. >> experts say issues of identity and self-esteem are magnified and transformed by social platforms that provide that instant judgment. just hours away from february 29. the leap year. only once every four years. some businesses are hoping to take advantage of that.
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tomorrow is a bonus day and in celebration of leap year, there are bonus discounts to be had out there. gerri willis with how you can cash in. >> reporter: leap day comes every four years, the universe realigns itself with our clocks and calendars. this year retailers are hoping the occasion syncs up with your spending dollars. promotions, specials, special events, giveaways, 241 specials, $29 -- two for one specials. a free entree at hard rock cafe. >> check out things like hashtagged leap year and hashtagged $.29 and see what you come up with. you could score some coupons on your way. >> reporter: the pier babies can take advantage of hotel deals. like the forever young package at the mill road georgetown hotel in washington, dc.
10:55 pm
birthday cake and a champagne toast. >> primarily it's a day about eating and drinking and special menus that revolve around the day. >> reporter: several retailers are offering leap day coupon codes. if you blink, you missed jetblue 's bloke -- book before you leave sale. >> a flash sale, extremely popular with consumers. it gets them to jump in there. >> reporter: another deal through april 30, use code winter 16. >> a little gimmicky on the part of the retailer. but it's all about at the end of the day keeping their existing customers happy and attracting new ones as well. >> reporter: gerri willis, foxbusiness. elton john surprised hundreds of people in hollywood with a pop-up concert. classic hit there, elton john performed some of his greatest hits yesterday in the parking
10:56 pm
store on the sunset strip. lady gaga even joined elton john for a duet onstage. >> how cool would that be? >> awesome. >> thank you for joining us. "sports wrap" is coming up next. >> remember we're always here for you at remember we're
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its visit] aryl: hello. i'm sharyl attkisson. welcome to "full measure." today we begin wng and the dilemma posed by te greater good and the right ow exactly what they're signing up for. our incredible story begins in 2004 with a federal study of infants. some parentsto a risky experiment that couls. little dreshan cook came iz., fighting for his life. ely six months pregnant when hrissa cook: i remember the ni was a hysterical wreck. i was in shock. sharyl: how big sharrissa: he would fit in yourortly after his birth


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