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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  May 10, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the%kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us at 6 o'clock too early for trouble on to have too the weather on this tuesday. what is it may 10th. we've got john with the weather outlook on this tuesday and what you think, john, today compared to yesterday has be different. this is not a lot different, definitely a lot of similarities. we are going to see. >> another round of possible sprinkles. maybe even some heavy downpours up in the north bay. and we're also see breezy cool weather sounds pretty familiar. you look out there this morning. the birds
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look to be enjoying it there at the embarcadero. got some clouds in the distance, but clear skies right above san francisco right now. so far this morning, we've seen some light sprinkles on the peninsula up in the moraine county as well as around snow. most of us are dry and actually off to a decent start. 40's for most of our current temps, morgan hill, then up into the north bay for fairfax, petaluma santa rosa cloverdale overton app up to saint all the spots down in the 30's. we're off to another cold start this morning in cold enough that mendocino and lake counties for another 2 hours up until 08:00am we are under hard freeze warnings. temperatures falling as low as the 20's to 30's up there. and yes, winds are going to be a thing yet again today gusting up to 25 miles per hour. so venture outside with the jackets even into the afternoon. plenty of changes in the rest of your forecast. still to come, tom, thank you for that. all right. let's head to the south bay because we do have an accident down there. >> southbound want to win at oakland road. so you see just a slight delay. no major issues. the air heading to the
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city meter lights are on all across the bay bridge. so about 11 minutes for your drive as you're traveling from the maze to that from a street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes for you and crockett down towards the maze. we're picking up here. so 60 minutes for your drive. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. it is 6, 0, 2, and there's a child in the hospital right now after they were hit by a bullet. >> on the highway traveling and just a bullet went through the car. was yesterday afternoon in vacaville right along interstate 80. we have a shot acts with more on what happened. >> at family outside they look like they were said chp says a 7 year-old child was shot while riding in the backseat of a blue honda accord as a travel down. i-80 near alamo drive in vacaville on monday afternoon. the family drove directly to the er northbay
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medical center in fairfield where chp says the young passenger suffered a non-life-threatening injury. emergency radio traffic says the 7 year-old was shot in the foot solar car. >> on that whole trick is just riddled bullet holes for share field resident charles morgan happen to see the family as he walked out of the hospital. 3 females and has been trump's speaking on the driver side about a bullet holes, maybe for the driver side door through through the back and was with what my attention was a car seen the back. so i didn't notice the bull holden talk out to the side of it. and then it was just it just looks bad back on the freeway where the shooting happened. you see a chp officer collecting what appears to be bullet casings from the pace bend. it's unfortunate said and just. >> the disregard for life. >> and 7 year-old 30 year-old 50 year-old. it doesn't is the disruption his life.
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>> it's you know, just praying that several pulls through. >> look at that car, right. with all those bullet holes us. lucky that that this is the situation and the child is going to be okay. but nice little trying to get what was a shooting about. yeah, was a road rage. they're looking into it. it's 6, 0, 3. and there was a shooting in valais. whoa that they're investigating. injured 3 people that happened last night on avian drive just west of columbus parkway near saint catherine of siena preschool. police have not given us a description of the shooter, but they did say they give us more information later. so we we expect to yeah, update that soon. ok, let's go to the peninsula right now where a hate crime is being investigated at stanford university, a noose. >> found on campus. this is not the first time. let's go to kron. four's will tran. he's live. >> on the campus. tell us what's going on. will. >> it's an ongoing problem for stanford university. 3rd consecutive year news has been
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found on campus and they're hoping this time they will make an arrest. the other 2 times they did not. but it is a problem. for sanford's image and more importantly for their african american community. that does not make up a lot of simple. google search, james and the only make up about 7% of the population yet most of them have already said in research and when they are surveyed that they have faced many forms of microaggression in this particular case. they are facing the most despicable form of microaggression annouced just a horrible image. now, stanford, they first discovered this on sunday night. this is the 3rd time they've done this again in the past 3 years. this time was outside a brand or hall, which is a dormitory that houses juniors and seniors. they quickly alerted campus officials. they jumped all over it. i'm sure they're looking at surveillance images and talking to witnesses. but at this particular point, they don't have any leads in the case or any leads if they want
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to share with the public. but they are quickly responding. they are sending a message out to the public that they stand united against racism and more importantly, they stand with their african american community and their students on campus. so take a look at your screen. this is something that they want the public to know as well as their students. they say we cannot state strongly enough that a noose is a reprehensible symbol of anti black racism and violence that will not be tolerated on campus as a community. we must stand united against such conduct and those who perpetrated. i'll try to get reaction from stanford university students. obviously, this is something that they are unfortunately getting used to the last time they saw this was also near a resident saw and then the first time was on a running trail. also along the stanford university campus. they're talking to a lot of people. you can see personal moving about. i did see a lot of police officers also on campus
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this morning. and that stands out to me, guys, because i've been on this campus many times and to see a couple of police officers, right? in my view, one actually parked in one certain location. maybe they were doing work on something else. but the fact that they were there, they were parked being visible. perhaps that's a direct response to what's going on on campus. a lot of students should start to move around in just a little bit, guys. and of course, i will get reaction. unfortunately, you could not get more reprehensible than a noose. that symbol is so despicable. and once again, it's on stanford's campus. back to you they can find out who's behind this. thank you. will. >> and i promise you and i promise the voters of san francisco that as long as i'm district attorney, every single budget that i submit to them there. we'll always ask for resources for victims. >> and that was san francisco district attorney chase up with dean fighting to keep his job as voters decide whether to recall him as the city's top prosecutor next month.
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critics say he doesn't hold enough criminals accountable. we invite a buddy to our studios to answer questions from voters during a live primetime special last night and >> chase abutting says that he was elected to serve a four-year term and he should stay and see it through. he ran campaign promising progressive reform while keeping san franciscan safe. we asked him what he has done to keep that promise. >> we've got a tremendous amount of work to improve public safety and san francisco, including groundbreaking investigations on auto burglaries, which we can talk more about suing the manufacturers of illegal ghost guns that are designed to be used in crimes and standing up for our small businesses, especially immigrant owned businesses against frivolous, unlawful lawsuits filed in the
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name of disability rights, but really lining the pockets of unscrupulous plaintiffs. lawyers. >> we also asked him about the problem of open air drug use in the tenderloin that grows as a problem. we've done stories with drug users who say they specifically come to san francisco because they feel they won't be hassled here. and here's what putin had to say about that. >> overdoses in the fatal overdoses in san francisco across the country are devastating and they're rising all across the country. it's not a problem. limited to san francisco we need a more effective response to the drug crisis on our streets. it has to start with the public health response. we needed to be easier to get help. that is the high in san francisco. and look, law enforcement has limited tools. what i can do primarily as i can drug dealers. have police arrest. but in san francisco right now, police are making arrests citywide about 2 drug sales cases a day. >> voters will decide the da's
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future on june 17th. and you can watch the whole interview on our website kron 4 dot com. >> 6, 0, 9, is the time. california lawmakers meanwhile, are moving forward with efforts to increase abortion access across the state. the state ations committ moved forward with a bill that would set up a fund to help low-income people who need abortions in california. the bill would also require the state's health and human services agency to set up a website with information on abortion services for the state. democrats who wrote the bill say it's worth the multi million dollar price tag. but some raised concerns about allowing people from out of state to access that money. >> kaye will create a huge national he fixed them up into eu and for all. >> well, the committee put the bill on what's called the $0.6 a suspense file for later consideration. the suspense file is reserved for bills that could cost the state more than $50,000 from the general fund or $150,000 from special funds. this latest bill is one
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of more than a dozen aiming to boost abortion cases or abortion access and protections here in california. >> as the country waits on a final opinion from the u.s. supreme court on roe v wade abortion providers in california are wondering how they're going to handle the expected influx of out of state patients seeking an abortion here. that discussion took center stage at the town hall in san francisco's mission district last night assembly member rebecca bauer-kahan was one of the speakers and she says now is the time to get prepared, meaning abortion providers need to get funding now and have enough staff. so they're able to support patients. doctor daniel grossman is an abortion provider in san francisco and he's afraid that despite california's access to abortions is going to be hard for people in other states to get here. the reality is that we're far from states that are going to be an abortion we can really mobilize people.
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>> to provide financial and logistical support people who need the care in the states and where they're not going to show up. >> assemblymember bauer-kahan says that the stay and abortion providers providers need to ensure that there's a system in place to protect people from criminalization. if they do come to california to get an abortion. >> we'll take a break at 6.12. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a sheriff's deputy in alameda is recovering after a drunk driver crashed head on we'll tell you why the deputy says they need to crack down on drivers under the influence. meanwhile, president biden is going to lay out his plan to help tackle inflation. tell you what it may include in a live report from dc.
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>> it's 6.14, right now and this is what got caught and can hear the sound. i it's pouring watch. >> yeah, i could see on the roadway there in front of you. >> james, it was like i i felt like i was in florida or hawaii and then into both came down that you it really did a nice afternoon, downpour. and that's what it was like. it believed to video. well, john, talk you know about sometimes it is in the afternoon when the sun comes out and you get those clouds that kind of below up every now and then open up. yeah, yeah. it was like i was like movie the rain for real id and it might have been my bubble is rich in central bridget, like maybe
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know it's okay. i asked yesterday my car when i came back because she had burned to pull it literally change well, mine clean out because i went through a lot know it was it lasted the whole length of the bridge. so, you know, to fame in allowing, yeah. and today could see another round of that, especially in northern napa and solano counties. if you need a car wash, it's a to go today might look a lot like darnya's drive across the richmond center fell that yesterday. this is what we're seeing across most of the bay area, though, just a little bit breezy can see. >> the leaves there's blowing in that wind that we are again seeing today for the most part today. we're going to stay dry. but there are going to those pockets of sprinkles like we've already seen on the santa cruz mountains on the peninsula as well as around seminole in the east bay and then even some heavier rainfall possible up in the north bay, as we do see even thunderstorms possible out towards the delta and the central valley. let's time it all out here in future cast. you can see those little blips of green. those are your
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sprinkles possible for most of the bay area. snow. also another round of it today for the sierra nevada this afternoon. look at the north bay this afternoon, 04:05:06pm, could see some isolated thunderstorms popping up in portions of the sonoma and napa and solano counties. those are the areas to watch out for as far as heavy bursts of afternoon showers go very possible later on today. tomorrow things start to calm down tomorrow started to trend of warmer weather and clear drier, calmer conditions, too. winds have been a very noticeable thing sunday monday yesterday and will again be today gusting as high as 25 miles per hour. tomorrow is overall going to be a calmer one clear one in a warmer one. things just begin to improve as this low pressure area begins to slide away from the region that will leave us calmer and eventually a little bit warmer. a lot warmer into the weekend. 50's and 60's for today's daytime highs right around the same as yesterday was in fact, really not a lot of changes that you're going to see in your 4 zone forecast
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today, repeating a lot of the same factors we had yesterday, whether it's those heavy, isolated downpours in the north bay. the light sprinkles elsewhere to the sunshine that a lot of us will tap into albeit cool sunshine, oakland, san leandro, castor valley, right at 60 degrees and yonker warmest at 65 in santa rosa center fell in novato at 62 for your highs tomorrow and thursday. temperatures a little warmer. we're still on the cooler side. still in the upper 60's, releasing the heat building in come the weekend. that's when by saturday will be nearing 90 degrees for some inland spots. rain. >> for that, ok? so if you're traveling into the city, we do have an accident right near the toll plazas 80 westbound. it looks like they just got accident right to the right hand shoulder. but there's debris from that. so drive times are up about 16 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. also right here, if you're traveling along westbound 24 that connector ramp to 5 80's blocked because of an accident. so you may want to stay on 13. you might want to keep going and stay on
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8.80. so from 9.80, to 80. >> because that connector ramp is blocked again. westbound. 24 connector ramp to 5.80. >> let's look at the san mateo bridge. 13 minute drive for you. it looks like we have some reflector lights years. traffic continues to move along one. 0 one. 85 demillo park. about 30 minutes to 80's at the limit as well as 82. if you want to take either of those. and we're picking up along especially right here. if you're traveling through berkeley. 22 minutes for your drive. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 6.19, and the nationwide manhunt is over in indiana. escaped inmate. >> casey white and corrections officer vicky white. they were on the run for 11 days, not but this is all it all came to an end yesterday. police. >> chase them. and it ended in a crash with officer white taking her own life. we've got bailey smith with the story. >> well, they're criminals. sometimes they do things that
6:20 am
are unexplainable. but in this case, i'm glad they did. indiana is known as the crossroads of america and to star crossed lovers crossed right into the tri-state. >> on may 3rd, james stinson noticed a ford truck abandoned at the wyandotte car wash where he worked and he got suspicious. i walked up to the truck. >> the wendy, you're down in oregon lot. my first thought, oh, my god, it could be this gap. now >> stenson contacted law enforcement and received a phone call from the u.s. marshals on may 8. i said, did you have a card over fall >> but they got out of my mind it i think, yeah, they were there. >> almost a week had passed but surveillance photos from the car wash help spark several more tips. >> i think need on he could. but on long lane are put on another flight data you check out what to do show you thought. >> stenson thought there had to be more. so we kept watching the surveillance and caught a glimpse of who he believed to be vicky white
6:21 am
looking like am i think talk around and kamala and they like to get on monday. law enforcement located a vehicle that matched the description of that cadillac. and that sparked a high-speed chase northbound on highway. 41 on to birch drive. the marshals task force officers intercepted them actually. >> collided with them to try to in the pursuit from the time we initiate pursuit until that time. and in that less than a few minutes. >> the cadillac flipped into a ditch. and law enforcement said the woman immediately shot herself. the suspects were taken into custody and it was confirmed that it was indeed alabama fugitive casey white and former jailer vicky white. they were transported to local hospitals. were vicky white later died of her injuries. bank thing is what? we're lucky that. >> no law enforcement was angier. no innocent civilians were injured. the pursuit was short in nature and we people in custody. >> what a crazy story. yeah, ok? all right, 6.21. right now let's turn national news. president biden is preparing
6:22 am
preparing to give a major speech today to address the white house saying that he's going to share his plans to lower costs for all americans. reshad hudson joining us live from dc with more on what we'll expect to hear the morning. a shot. good morning, james. and r it's becoming a blame game over inflation here in washington. president biden says since the war in ukraine, gas prices have increased dramatically. but republicans here on capitol hill say. >> it's the biden administration's policies that are driving up the prices for american families. >> my top priority is fighting inflation and lowering prices for families and things they need. the white house says president biden will lay out his plan today to fight inflation as americans are paying more for nearly everything plants he's been implementing for months now draws with those on the other side of the aisle who is not who have not put forward any
6:23 am
plan to lower costs for the american people. white house press secretary jen psaki says the president has already taken several actions to lower costs. fix the family to help more people have access to health care or steps he announced in the last couple of weeks to make the 15 available to thousands of people at gas stations across the country. >> one area, many people are noticing a major price increase is at the pump. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says working american families have been swamped by rising prices. and for months he has been slamming democrats on inflation and more. i'm not withstanding inflation, energy and security. >> open borders, a violent crime wave and a war in europe. democrats want to spend this way explaining their extremism. and following the president's speech on inflation, he will meet later with the prime minister of italy where they're expected
6:24 am
to discuss. >> global economic issues that are faith that people are dealing with here at home reporting in washington, reshad hudson, back to you. all right. thank you very much for shot. >> it's 6.23. and coming up next, the man who attacked dave chappelle on stage could get charged with a felony. we'll tell you what the la county district attorney has county district attorney has to say about the incident. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe.
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comedian dave chappelle once a
6:27 am
felony charge filed against the man who attacked him on stage while he was working. the hollywood bowl chappelle is in the middle of a show. >> during the netflix is a joke festival which was last tuesday when a man ran on stage and tackled him. that man had a fake gun that actually had a real knife inside the los angeles county district attorney did not file felony charges against the man. his name is ice daily saying there was no evidence presented that warranted stiffer charges. but she tells lawyer says the comedian wants the da to make this case a felony case. right now, lee is just facing misdemeanor battery charges. >> coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, the city of san jose is requiring all city employees to wear masks once again. we'll tell you why, as we're seeing cases continue to spike.
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yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. it is 6.30, right now and we're checking out the weather. things are all the leaves are blowing over your shoulder touch, but the sun is out. it looks fantastic. we've got john with a view that too, in the weather center. hey, john. yeah, gorgeous out there this morning. but don't expect it to necessarily stay that way all day long. much like yesterday. some of us held on to sunshine for almost all the day. others. >> did see some showers, even some isolated pockets of heavy rainfall. further north, your view outside of the bay bridge looks good for the time being, but there's still some unsettled weather out there.
6:31 am
that's yet to work its way across the region. and this will result in the potential a few light sprinkles on the peninsula this morning up into the north bay. also a few light sprinkles and things really kicking up later today, especially in the north bay. as for current temperatures, we're off to a colder start than we were yesterday. most of us may be in the 40's. but right now, morgan hill and much of the north bay actually falling into the 30's and cold enough in mendocino and lake counties for a hard freeze warning for another hour and a half until 08:00am temperatures up there falling as cold as the 20's in some spot. the apparel, this cooler weather with winds that are still certainly a factor. and yes, we have a recipe for another day and need the jacket for all be talking more about when this cooler windier weather will and still to come john, thank you for that. ok? so we had an accident by the bay bridge. now that that is clear right near the toll plaza about 21 minutes. so you're seeing residual delays from that accident. there was also some debris that's built out with that. so again, to try to clear all of that up
6:32 am
off of the bridge. so you're seeing residual issues, no delays along one o one taking the san mateo bridge about 13 minutes for you as you're traveling. we had an accident was westbound. 24 that connector ramp to 5.80, connector. it was closed. it's now back open. so you are just seeing some residual issues a long 24 and the south bay. let's look at one. 0, one. 85 into middle park. 31 minutes to 18. 82 also moving pretty nicely. darya. james, back to you. rana, thank you. 6.32 and in-app in alameda county sheriff's deputies. >> well, one in particular recovering after a dramatic crash involving a drunk driver. so take a look at this. this was at the intersection of 16th avenue and foothill in oakland on sunday. and you can see the entire front end of that suvs been completely crushed in preliminary information shows the driver of the car was going about 55 miles per hour when he ran a red light and slammed into that deputy's suv. alameda county sheriff's
6:33 am
lieutenant ray kelly is speaking out now about this crash and how it highlights the need to really crack down on drunk drivers. >> it's an example that underscores the dangers of dui because it's such a visual crash and visual impact. the fact that people are able to walk away from it. without any serious bodily injury or any death in this case, i think underscores the dangers. >> a field sobriety test showed the driver's blood alcohol level was 0.16. that's twice the legal limit. his name hasn't been released yet. that's all pending charges by the da's office. the deputy who was struck is recovering at the hospital. >> in the east bay, oakland, police are trying to figure out how a man's body ended up near tilden park as the second body found in just a week's time. we have proper says you do with more on the story. >> a gruesome discovery, a body wrapped in a plastic bag found on the side of the road. that is how the call came into
6:34 am
9-1-1. dispatch. it happened sunday at around 07:15pm, here on grizzly peak boulevard at clermont near the border of berkeley and oakland. the initial call came in to berkeley police who later determined the body was in oakland territory. it had to the case over to opd investigators. officials at opd say upon arrival there officers found a male victim with apparent gunshot wounds. the men whose identity is being withheld pending notification of next of kid was pronounced dead at the scene. this stretch of grizzly peak is a non-residential area, although it is well traveled by vehicles. bicyclists and joggers is likely someone like that made the grim discovery. although this part of town is not known for violent crime, according to opd is weekly crime report. there has been a 50% increase in homicides in this district with 9 homicides in 2022. this time last year, there were 6
6:35 am
oakland city council member dan called the represents this district. if they die. >> you know, anytime there's appears to be a murder and you don't know for sure. but what appeared to be a murder any part of town is heart and we need to do with the city of oakland in other jurisdictions that we can work together. it's doing we can to reduce the number of shootings should. therefore, we get to the number of homicides oakland. however, this is not the only district in oakland where a body wrapped in a plastic bag was recently found. >> last week construction workers discovered a body at a site near 7th street and maritime near the port of oakland. that is according to a source with knowledge of the discovery. at this time, there are no reports of any connection between the 2 cases. opd investigators are asking anyone with information about the body found a grizzly peak to contact oakland, please. >> has he let you on for news? >> in santa rosa to parents are in custody in connection
6:36 am
with the death of their 15 month old toddler. these are pictures from inside the home of evan frost iq and madison, bernard, ours. they live on sonoma avenue and police got ris poor reports that there was an unresponsive child in theuhome yesterday morning when they got there. the santa rosa police say they noticed what seemed like fentanyl near the toddler and the police say they found more drugs around the house, including in the bed that the child shared with her parents. >> in the south bay is well is the best way to save the great baptist church in san jose to tear it down, possibly the pastor and most of the parishioners think so. but some of the church are fighting that plan. reverend george oliver says that the church has been struggling since 2 people were murdered back in november of 2020 at the church is homeless shelter. on top of that, they've struggled financially and because of this 2 thirds of the church congregation voted to sell the property to
6:37 am
a real estate developer to build more housing. the deal would also give the church a new facility. so a win win, at least what most of pressures thought. there are some, though, in that church were asking the city to instead designate the church as a historic landmark in order to thwart the deal. >> they did this. >> on their own after 2 thirds or more of the church and voted for a historic development touch. and that 2 thirds majority, mostly many of those people are african-american and hispanic. the people who were trying to disenfranchise them are largely white. >> reverend oliver says that selling the land and relocating is the best way to ensure the church can continue to serve the community. >> workers in san jose are now required to wear a mask again for the next 2 weeks. they made the decision because covid cases are on the rise with the omicron sub variant spreading. the temporary measure is in place from
6:38 am
friday until may 20th. and it only affects workers at city facilities. santa clara county has seen nearly 500 covid cases within the last week. >> well, bay area doctors say that they have more tools than ever before to treat covid, which is some good news conference. and then harry spoke with an infectious disease specialist about war and what people need to know. >> i think the main thing for people to do is to know that packs of is there not people in the community but health care providers everywhere. we're not using enough. that issue caused san francisco county to turn away thousands of doses of paxlovid earlier this year. >> but with the recent rise in covid cases, ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says he wants to see more demand for the drug. it involves having a conversation with a health care professional that also requires a prescription and also most importantly, require is somebody that check drug
6:39 am
interactions right now. the emergency use authorization is for anyone over the age of 12. >> who is that a serious risk of a bad outcome or unvaccinated? but he says everyone should be aware of it because it can benefit anyone with the virus from a virus perspective. what we do know is that the fire, lou associated with being infected drops. foster. if you take paxlovid, he believes it could become a common way of treating covid in the future. i can imagine it being used for a variety of reasons. just like. the way we use time of flu. when someone has influenza recently, there have been reports of people having relapses symptoms after taking paxlovid very rare situation. it happen also in the group who would treated with pax-lovid with and which return plus evil. so it's unclear what this means, of course, of paxlovid last 5 days right now, only one course is recommended. even if
6:40 am
symptoms reappear. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> it's 6.39. and president biden is taking another step to help. ukraine calling on congress to immediately pass a new aid package. we have our washington correspondent basil john, with the latest on that. the u.s. says the war between russia and ukraine still shows no signs of slowing down. >> so the president is taking another step to expedite help to ukraine. monday, president joe biden signed a new law that gives him more authority to support ukraine. >> fight to defend their country. a new democracy, good crew wore last beat up the process of sending military aid to ukraine. >> as it fights back against the russian invasion that started more than 70 days ago. cross the fight is not cheap. >> but caving to aggression. my news. >> there's currently just 100 million dollars left of the money. congress has already approved. pentagon press secretary john kirby says it will last until the
6:41 am
3rd week of may. we continue urge congress to pass the president's supplemental request as soon as possible. but you know, because i'm in moscow, russian president vladimir putin celebrated the anniversary of the end of world war. 2 and defended the russian invasion as a preemptive step to defending his country from western through, at he talked about this being justified the military operation. it's not. kirby criticized the message from putin and says what the world needs to hear is how putin will end the war and how he's going to finally respect ukraine as a sovereign state and nation that borders. he's a nation that posed absolutely 0 threat. the president's bill he signed is separate from the problems the u.s. will y continue to send support reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. it's 6.41 in. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the biden administration rolls out a new internet service. how it's going help families. >> payless, and stay connected. and steph curry
6:42 am
turns up the heat in game 4 just in time. we'll take a look at the highlights after the break. >> and we are seeing another day. that's cool, windy. and even bringing the potential of some light sprinkles mixed in with sunshine highs only in the upper 50's to low 60's well below average for this time of year more. your forecast is still ahead. >> and recovering from an accident along the bay bridge. looking at drive times, there will have an u
6:43 am
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>> state leaders are rallying behind a new senate bill designed to rework california's water delivery system. the state water resiliency act is being pushed by senator melissa hurtado of san diego. >> 200 million dollars already allocated in 2021. 22 to budget to provide a limited repairs to infrastructure. but at the state capitol, senator hurtado testified more money is needed to provide drinking water. 2 communities throughout the state. >> we know the water insecurity can and will be to social disruption of left them this is what we need to act with urgency and you water. security also means more tools in the tool box. we need those tolls right now. >> farm avocates are also asking the state legislature for more money to fight the water crisis in our state. we want them to have water. we want everybody have water. yes, not not a whole lot of it aside from a few.
6:46 am
>> sporadic downpours. so we'll take that to all. wait till you see it all. i showed a little earlier. yeah, we've got some good rain yesterday, john. the rich and cellphone bridge. yeah. it only happened certain little spots, though. that's the problem. and got another round of that possible today. in fact, you can already see those clouds building right above san jose right there. >> that is going to result in the potential for isolated heavy downpours yet again. and while most of the bay since under sunshine, like you're also seeing about san jose, there will be those locations that those dark clouds move overhead and well make for situation like are encountered and some of us as well running outside, you see some sunshine one minute and then the heavy rain, the next that's going to be most likely in solano napa, northern sonoma counties and then out into the delta and the central valley where we will see our best potential of even a few rolls of thunder so far this morning. for the most part, it's just been a few isolated sprinkles. we've got a light shower there. just north of milpitas right around union city for the most part
6:47 am
is fairly calm. this morning, though, radar looks a little more active this afternoon. we'll start to see those pockets of heavier rainfall such as the case here on radar around noontime around the tri valley on up into northern napa and sonoma counties. and then you see how, though, that line of showers develops towards the late afternoon into areas a little further south lake solano county also know still more snow in the sierra today. it's not going to be as much as yesterday and especially not as much as what we saw on sunday, but enough to get roadways slick and wet up there for one more day. that's before we dry out tomorrow. temperatures will start to warm slowly initially wednesday and thursday, feeling just a little warmer by the weekend, friday saturday, sunday, we're looking at some really warm stuff again, something else we've seen the past few days have been some really strong winds. and that's something we're still in the midst of 20 to 25 miles per hour gusts. but we are going to see a nice calmer day tomorrow. looking ahead futurecast by wednesday, still breezy in some spots, not quite as much so as what we're going to be today, this
6:48 am
low pressure area does make its way out of the picture and that high pressure ridge is going to start to build back in. this does mean that will be on the drier and warmer trend in a matter of days. so if you like the cooler stuff, it's great. judging whether great hiking weather get out there, enjoy it. east bay has especially been looking at quite the cool down from where you had before the before this cooler weather palo alto. 62 san jose only at 63 today. yesterday was upper 50's in the tri valley today. it's right at 60 walnut creek in nye 62 today. even our warmest conquered pittsburgh. 64 antioch, only at 65 and some 50's near the coastline. tomorrow's temperatures start to rise closer to 70 degrees. most of us will still be in the 60's for wednesday and thursday. and then we're jumping right into the 80's starting on friday and especially into saturday. sunshine comes back out tomorrow and stays with us. the rest of this forecast, nothing you won't see sunshine today. in fact, you'll see a lot of it, but it's going to
6:49 am
be in between those clouds and it sometimes dark clouds that could result in more rainfall for many of us. >> rain, john, i'm excited for the sunshine this weekend. hey, well, traffic is picking up across the bay area in the south bay, keeping a close eye on things along one o one. so if you're traveling from 85 in to menlo park around. 35 minutes because of that. but look at to 18 82. i don't see any backup there as you're traveling 20 minute, drive it into the city via the bay bridge. we had an earlier accident there. and so we've been kind of consistently around 20 minutes for the past 15 minutes heading out of richmond across towards san rafale. now you're at about 13 for your drive. the air san mateo bridge, 14 minutes traveling from 8.80, across towards one. 0, 1 down towards the maze. we're really starting to pick up the richmond and berkeley. 31 minutes as you're heading down towards the maze and highway 4.31. minute drive as you're traveling from any act in to conquer darya. james, back to you.
6:50 am
>> for your money this morning, president biden is pushing his new program that could help connect 10's of millions of families to the internet. last year's infrastructure package. mark billions of dollars to give low-income families $30 monthly in internet subsidies. well, now the biden administration is announcing a deal with 20 companies to offer high-speed internet to those families. for the price of that subsidy, making their internet essentially free for an estimated 48 million households across the country. >> it's going to change people's lives. this means fast and good download speeds with no data gap caps and no extra fees for the american family can say. >> and arnett bill just went to $0 a month. that's fantastic. >> when we connect people with high speed internet, we connect them with the opportunity. we have to do more education to let folks now >> it here you can afford it and you really need to sign up. >> yeah, families need to sign up to participate in that program. so the biden administration is launching
6:51 am
get internet dot gov. that should help get the word out. and you can see that at the bottom of your screen. they're also sending messages to eligible people through federal agencies and local service organizations. >> 6.50, is the time and let's talk warriors now. just one win away from the western conference finals. they beat the grizzlies last night. they did. and steph curry made history doing it to becoming the first player in nba history to make 500 career playoff threes. and it all came down to the final moments of the 4th quarter. yeah, with staff making some clutch shots including a couple of free throws to give the warriors the lead. the get the glue result is really did try. they were yelling in the gap in the final seconds. but dre model was obese. yeah, he blocked a shot and obviously very happy about that. that was the final nail in the coffin for memphis of the warriors win one o one to 98. so they lead the series. now 3 to one coach kerr could not be there because he tested positive for covid earlier the day. so mike brown had the clipboard. here's what he said. >> that's playoff basketball.
6:52 am
sometimes its grimy. sometimes it's gritty. and for me, i know again, it shows that because they they turned it into that game. 2 in memphis and we lost. and so they turned it into again tonight, especially with jobs out. and our guys just found a way. so i'm so proud of them. it was a tough night for us. but at this point, the year you win ball games, it doesn't matter how you get there, but you win ball games and we found a way when the night. that's why i'm excited. yeah. he said it was a tough night. it was a pretty it was tough to watch the 1st half is but you know what? they can find a way to win one more. >> the finals. there it is right. so western conference finals bound. let's hope game 5 is in memphis. tip off tomorrow night at 6.30. okay. and you won't be wearing special tie because that gives away right? very good. tomorrow night. how about baseball? and if you watch the giants opening up a 3 game series against the rockies. here it is. bottom of the 3rd. let's go there. giants are up
6:53 am
one now. maria, sue to bond hits this one to center field. that's gone out. >> hey, and you can see the fan. and that's a 2 run. homer extends the jazz lead to 3 and then in the end, the giants would win it. yay. >> wait one of estimated 5. so they're gonna play again today. first pitch at 06:45pm. and as for the a's, well, they were in detroit taking on the tigers. looking to get back on track after losing 9 straight. so they had a big goal ahead of them. top of the 3rd. let's go to that. no score tawny kept, though he gets. >> all of this one hit that one high and deep to right field at what's gone. a strike first leading one to nothing. they would end up shutting out the tigers 2 to nothing. the final. and with that, they snapped a nine-game losing streak. game 2 starts this morning at 10:00am at an early one. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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>> 6.56 is the time. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, we sit down with district attorney chase, somebody in a san francisco and answer voter questions. we're going to hear his plans for the city by the bay and stanford university investigating what looks to be a hate crime on campus will tell you about their response to a noose being found on campus and a child. he's the victim of the highway shooting in vacaville. we'll tell you what police know so far and how that child doing this how that child doing this morning.
6:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us at the civilized hour of 7 o'clock kind of right in the middle of the morning. good for you. good morning, everybody. it is a really nice morning to wake up to. you can see we have some nice sunshine behind us here. we do a little bit of a breeze of breeze bordering on
7:00 am
wind. let's check out the wind speeds. i don, i know it's still windy out there that something we want to see dying down. but all you can see out there on those flags right there at the embarcadero still pretty consistent wind. so for people getting out this cruise ship this morning, you're doing so with some sunshine, but some really cool and brisk feeling conditions now. right now, most of us might be sitting under sunshine, but later today, much like yesterday. we do have the potential of a few light sprinkles across the bay area. currently seeing some of those right around union city and fremont, very brief spot of rainfall, heaviest of rainfall possible later today up in solano, napa and sonoma counties. so watch out for that current temps. any worse from the 30's 40's to low 50's and alameda right at 50 degrees. look at the north bay, saint helene, a petaluma santa rosa down at 36 kelsey bill at 34 degrees and we're actually under a hard freeze warning for another hour up in lake and mendocino counties were temperatures are currently as low as the 20's and some of her upper elevations. of course, the winds. another factoda


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