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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  February 23, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> it's a new day. i didn't kill the plants. i didn't kill the dog suffered it and we're alive. it's all good. james said we've survived to live another day and it is a cold. so bundle up as you step outside this morning. watch your step, too, because we could have some black ice out. there's cold enough for the yes. and i did. i bundled up the plants. everything is wrapped up the dogs, the plants what john and the cars this put a blanket on your car. fortunately everything else is could to yes, it definitely a cold one out there. you may have a couple turns of the ignition and might be here in a car. not seem too happy this morning. your view outside at the east bay here skies are clear. it is just really cold, though. and freeze warnings are in effect for the inland east bay, all of the north bay in the santa clara valley. >> frost advisories in the santa cruz mountains as well as in the coast to the north bay. temperatures in many spots falling into the a low 30's to upper 20's livermore. you were at 29 earlier. now
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you're at 30 degrees. fremont at 32 degrees, conquer dublin and allay below freezing at 31 petaluma and santa rosa down 28 degrees right now. very, very cold. start to this morning. yesterday was already chilly and where as much as 10 to 11 degrees cooler than that. right now, a word in concord down 10 to 11 degrees from yesterday. at the same time, livermore down 9 degrees. so very cold start. you want to bundle up as much as you can. at least rain falls down because that would have made for a very icy morning. the sierra nevada is quite slick, though. most of that snowfall we saw yesterday has tapered off as of this point. definitely is the return of winter cars having a tough time. but how are the roads? you know what? 24 highway 24 is probably the slowest. >> right now because we have a vehicle fire there. so this is westbound. 24 just east of happy valley road out in lafayette. and so you are seeing delays the year as you're traveling along 24,
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heading to 5.80, it will take you 18 minutes now because of those delays were seen traveling into the city. but 10 minutes till maze to that free must gx. it looks like they just turn the metering lights on there. so travel will be slowing down. san mateo bridge 30 minutes and across towards the peninsula and out of richmond tolls tawanna one. you're looking at an 8 minute drive darya. james, back to you. thank you, rae. now let's get back our team coverage of the big thing impacting everybody, the cold now, the freezing cold, especially. >> impacting the homeless in the south bay. yes, santa clara county is setting up right now to start counting the homeless. they do that every year in san jose. mayor sam liccardo going to be joining them this morning. >> kron four's will tran is live in san jose with more on that. good morning. well, yeah, it is cold out there. >> it is downright frigid and the mayor will start counting in about 15 minutes from now near this location. this was not planned. it just so happens to be one of the colder mornings. i should say that he is going to start the count along with another group
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called path and their job is to see how many homeless are any on giving any given day. and with that, you can come back with strategies on how to attack this very per pervasive problem. its whole cold. i couldn't even talk this morning. let me show you a map of the location where they will go its 3.45. west saint john, this is at the guadalupe river park, an area historically fipled with a lot of homeless population very going around. they're going to take account. and then from that count, they will see throughout the city of san jose, which is the 10th largest city in america. they will look at that to see if things have improved if they're improving, then maybe they will keep keep with what they're doing already. if it needs to be better, then they will come up with a strategy. again, this is not just sam liccardo, but they are working with homeless agencies to see what's going on. no doubt. james duryea, i'm sure they will go out and give blankets or some sort of comfort to the
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homeless because it is downright frigid this morning. there are some homeless right behind me, in fact, and they're all bundled up as best as they possibly can keep it here. coming up at 7 o'clock, we will. have reaction from the mayor and the homeless group called path. they are behind this and what they're doing is called it's point in time survey to see what's going on. we all know how hard it is with housing in the bay area. much less being homeless. >> especially on a day like today. i'm sure their sympathies are even deeper this morning. back to you. >> absolutely. all right. thank you very much. well, 6 '04 is the time and breaking news overnight. one person has died and 3 others are critically injured. >> in a fire in san francisco that happened and a homeless encampment near the city's glen park neighborhood. the fire broke out around midnight in that encampment, which is just below boz worth street and the on ramp interstate
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2.80. and you can see video from the fire department this morning as they had put out the flames and were investigating 3 people who were injured went to the hospital in critical condition. again, one person died and, you know, will was just talking about how difficult it is right now when it's this cold out for the homeless and here there was a fire at midnight in san francisco. new this morning in the east bay. one person died in a shooting in pittsburgh and 2 others were injured. it happened during a family gathering. we have kron four's camila barco. joining us now to explain. >> what exactly happened. good morning. camila. >> yes, the investigators believe people were gathering at home and pittsburgh and then all of the sudden shots were fired. 3 people were hit, but one of them died at the scene. now, this all happened just before 8 last night. officers blocked off the 100 block of west little and road where the shooting happened. and police say that when they and police say that when they got to this location, they
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been shot. officers help those victims until paramedics arrived. but one of them died at the paramedics rushed another man to the hospital and he is in critical condition. and officers also later found out that a man arrived at a local hospital in pittsburgh who have also then shot. police spent the night combing through the evidence in and around the house. you can see the scene was filled with police cars right there. investigators believe that there was a family gathering at the home and they were there to mourn the death of an elderly family member. but they say that seheral men started arguing before shots were fired, was officers did arrest one man at the house where this all took place. but now this morning, these people are now mourning another death. back to you guys. all right. thanks a lot. >> well, we're also learning that an ambassador with a neighborhood support program was shot in san francisco.
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police say it happened right around 5 yesterday afternoon at fulton street and high street right near civic center plaza officers say it was a male victim, non-life-threatening injuries so he should survive. but the ceo of urban alchemy sent out a statement saying that they're thankful that they're practitioner wasn't seriously hurt. then they go on to say, quote, the streets are not safe. the community knows that. and we hear from the community all the time. how much they respect that urban alchemy staff are trying to create positive transformations and safe spaces while often in potentially dangerous situations. >> morning when your council decisions the board makes tonight may face reversal of court determines that violated the brown act. and i strongly suggest you continue tonight's agenda between other meeting which is properly noticed. thank you. >> so my recommendation to you now is that we in this meeting and that we re notice the meeting. >> and just like that, the meeting was adjourned with nothing being settled and hundreds of san francisco
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teachers wondering. >> are they going to see their jobs go away? yeah, that's the big question. as you saw there, the meeting came to an end pretty quick. we've got kron 4. sarah stinson live in san francisco now with the latest on all of this morning. is it not what teachers and parents were hoping for? they wanted to see some sort of resolution. >> they did. but they also did not want to see that layoff plan go forward, right? so at least this buys them a little more time. but it also leaves them wondering what their fate is going to be. i mean, they're talking about next school year laying off potentially 400 educators, different types of staff members within the san francisco unified school district. this meeting was adjourned after 90 minutes. and that's because they didn't properly post a link to the meeting in the agenda on the district's website was on another. >> link website but not the proper ones they had to quickly end it. there was no vote on it and is being
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proposed phone until tomorrow night. in the meantime, can you imagine you've gotten a preliminary layoff notice and you're just wondering, do i have a job next school year or not? so that is the worry the united educators of san francisco ucsf says that the majority of these staff members are those who are peer educators, community school coordinator and social workers. they held a press conference yesterday where parents and staff members spoke out. >> against the layoffs and how would also hurt the students. the school board is voting on layoffs as they face a 100. and 25 million dollar budget deficit for next school year. the district says they have to cut millions in funding to certain programs and jobs or else. the state will take over the saying the district is spending way too much money. despite years of declining enrollment teachers, staff and parents protesting this say they are. there are better ways to cut funding than to lay off vital educators. let's
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hear from a few of those staff members now. >> to weigh so many social workers and counselors. it's sending a message to students and families that the district really doesn't care about that you're responsible and not how a big city school district should operate. it's just spending it. so we need to make a priority of funding our schools, keeping our teachers keep their uk just keeping their social workers and we kids can have all the resources that they need, especially in these trying times. >> now, the meeting will be held tomorrow at 5 o'clock. and claim to be they're going to be posting that meeting agenda and a link to it on the district's website as they're supposed to otherwise like they did yesterday, it could violate the brown act and the rules for the city and the district. so that is the plan. i reached out to some of the teachers, parents and staff that held a protest yesterday trying to see if there are going to hold another protest today or tomorrow. i'm sure
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they're going to continue to try and make their voices heard before this layoff plan is voted on. >> i'm sarah stinson reporting back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you very much, sara. time now, 6.10, and happening today, teachers with the mount diablo unified school district are going to host a car caravan. >> they're calling for better contracts. the caravan is going to happen before the school board meeting outside of monte guards elementary school in concord. the teachers union is calling for what they say, a fair contract settlement, that they want it where it invests in student learning and lower class sizes that caravan is going to take place between 4 and 6 pm. 6.11, right now. and still ahead, a story you'll see only on kron 4, a bay area coffee shop owner hopping into his car and chasing down a thief. >> who is driving one of his employees cars. now the police say this wasn't smart, but we're going to see any the says. >> i don't think it was smart, but it did wind up. okay. we'll watch the whole thing and how it went down.
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>> and president biden imposing sanctions on russia as tensions are flaring along the ukraine border. we'll have the latest on the crisis. plus, the big news in the bay area's how cold it is. the big news in tahoe is all that snow. it's going to be dangerous to drive there. and yesterday was bad enough job. yeah, really slick conditions up there today. so maybe hold off on the drive up to the sear until tomorrow when conditions should improve even more. so. >> it is. bridging cold morning across the bay, 20's and 30's for your current temps 50's later on today. i've got your forecast. >> well and frigid cold like jon said. so you want to hit the ball a little earlier. we already have a few issues out there. we'll take a
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>> we are back 6.15, is the time. and we've got a live picture here. a tie-up, but donner summit and you can see the traffic moving. well, despite all the snow on the ground. so looks like they're doing a good job. keeping it clear. but the big worry, of course, in overnight hours as if does freeze. it's so dark. you can't see it. you know, you've got the black ice. we're in. you don't know when you might lose traction. so you got to keep things slow and that applies to not just but here as well. it's right? so where could we be driving, john? and you think it's cold enough? >> that the water could freeze on the roadway. yeah, anywhere that's close to it below freezing, which is a lot of our inland areas right now. so we saw a brief stints of heavy rainfall yesterday as thunderstorms develop. so those spots where we did see
6:16 am
rainfall, we're roadways are wet and then we saw the freeze last night. any of those spots potentially do have ice on them. so make sure to slow it down again. that's really anywhere, especially inland where temperatures are in the d% upper 20's to low 30's golden gate bridge should see freezing conditions on the span there this morning. it is cold, though, down into the 30's right along the bridge. just make sure to get yourself an extra moment or 2 to warm your car up so you can stay nice and cozy. clear lake right now at 26 degrees. santa rosa at 28 degrees. livermore. you were at 29 earlier. you're still hanging out right at 30 degrees. also below freezing for concord and the lay. whoa novato at 36 and a half moon bay at only 35 right along the coastline. freeze warnings remain through the next couple of mornings. so we're not just cold this morning, but thursday and friday morning. also seeing lows in the 20's to 30's the north bay inland east bay and south bay, especially vulnerable to these really cold temperatures. so
6:17 am
hopefully you've got those pant plants covered up. you saw that view up at donner summit just moments ago. snowfall is really out of the picture now. it's still very cold up there, though, which makes for those really slick conditions. bay area. we're just cold now. obviously no rain left. that would have been a really rough thing to see rain and snow this morning and our commute. fortunately, we have dried out now on this very, very cold morning. a few snow flurries will likely remain east to the crest of the sierra while the bay area just see sunshine and cool. sunshine at that through the afternoon winds which remain present today will aid in temperatures feeling just a little bit cooler. your feels like temperatures with daytime highs in the low to mid 50's likely to feel even more brisk. so keep those layers on hand. well, through the course of the afternoon, of course, this morning, especially you're going want to layer up as you venture out mid 50's for most of our daytime highs later on a few low 50's though in areas like morgan hill and then out to the tri valley where highs will be at 53 degrees. oakland berkeley, san
6:18 am
leandro in castro valley, egypt. 56 north bay temperatures mostly also in the mid-fifties getting your lookahead today and tomorrow, very like one another daytime highs in the 50's lows inland in the 20's and bayside in coastal lows in the 30's. another cold morning on friday before temperatures warm after that by saturday and sunday highs will be back in the 60's lows in the 30's to 40's and next week bringing a few more chances of rainfall that we can hold on. hope will come through for us. reyna. john, thank you for that. well, it was nice to get a little water on our plants last night. so that's the good news. >> but all the cold conditions make a problematic commute for a lot of us. if you have any issues with your car, you have to defrost. get out there a little earlier carr fire out in lafayette westbound 24 east of happy valley roads as you're traveling a long 24 from walnut creek to 5, 8 about 24 minutes of this hour. that's pretty much the most backup we're seeing right now. a 12 minute drive from the
6:19 am
maze to that fremont street exit. no issues along 8.80, or 5.80, through the maze. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes for you there out of richmond heading across or center felt holes to want to one about 8 minutes. and let's look on the conditions in the south bay one. 0, one. 85 towards menlo park. just 29 minutes. tara james, back to you. thank you. its 6.19, and a developing story that we're following. president biden announced new sanctions. >> to punish russia for what he called brave. basically the brink of an invasion. yeah. basil john joins us live from dc now with the update. and basil, it certainly does seem like tensions are higher now than we've ever seen them. >> well, james darya, good morning. and yes, tensions are clearly high because of this aggression. >> from russia, the latest we're hearing out of europe is that your crane is declaring a state of emergency in the country is now drafting military reservist because of that threat of a further
6:20 am
invasion from russia. president biden said in his speech yesterday warning about the potential strength of the sanctions from the u.s. and its allies saying that they are worse than the ones from 2014. so now it is all up to russia as to how it want to proceed. >> who in the lords name think gives them the right to declare new. so call countries on territory that belonged to his neighbors. president joe biden laid out the first set of sanctions against russia. >> after russian forces invaded the eastern region of ukraine. this a flagrant violation of international law. >> and demands a firm response from the international community. the sanctions are on to russian banks to cut russia western finances. the u.s. also worked with germany to hold nord stream 2, the gas pipeline from russia. the president promised this is only the beginning and if russia goes further with this invasion, we stand prepared to go further. as with sanctions. these conflicts could drive up the price at the pump and the
6:21 am
cost of corn and wheat defending freedom will have cost for us as well. and here at home, the foreign minister of ukraine, up lot of these decisions so far and asked the world to continue hitting russia's economy to punish russia for the crimes. it has already committed. >> and ahead of the crimes, it plans to commute. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham says he will support the president's efforts to aid ukraine and nato but criticized him for not acting sooner. >> the biden administration has misjudged who about as badly is anyone sense? the world misjudged hitler. >> now the president reiterated that diplomacy is still an open option and the united states will keep open talks with russia to prevent a war from breaking out reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. ok, thank you, basil, and for your money
6:22 am
and the basil reference this about how the ukraine, russia conflict and the related stations are affecting gas prices. >> the price at the pump has been going up for weeks as we've been watching what's happening with between russia and ukraine and there's no surprise to bayer economists. >> russia is a supplier of both natural gas and also oil and actually oil is one of their main source of revenue. so if they're not able to find buyers, i mean, essentially. there's going to be less oil available on the global markets. and so if there's less oil, there's less gas. and if there's less gas, the price goes up. >> and so the price keeps going up. show we take a peek at the very that you're going to pay at the pump this morning in san francisco. the averages for 91 just a penny more than you're paying in. sandra fell. and then there are a penny apart for 82. and 43 in oakland and san jose. and again, these are the average price for the regular grade of gas. and if you have
6:23 am
any kind of a newer car, even minds of 2010, i'm supposed to put the good stuff in and a good step. yesterday, cosby 5.29, a gallon >> 6.22. time. we'll take a break in a minute. those tell you more about how someone is spreading anti-semitic fliers across the bay area who police think is behind it. we'll tell you.
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>> 6.25 and somebody is spreading hundreds of anti-semitic and hateful fliers around the bay area and police in the east bay, the south and the north bay. there are all investigating fact. berkeley city leaders are condemning the flyers specifically saying that hate speech has no place in their community. kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> hundreds of bags packed with covid-related conspiracies. an anti semitic messaging are left at bay area. homes was kind of shocking actually to walk at your front door and find one of these little packets with anti-semitic screeds. berkeley city council member susan, when graf says many residents throughout her district told her about the bags being left at their doorsteps last weekend. police in berkeley say it's the work of a small fringe white-supremacist extremist group, the hateful messaging motivating the city council to call for an emergency resolution condemning hate speech. while we do know, of course, protect speech in play. we do not welcome. >> condone or accept in any
6:27 am
way this type of action and this type of speech neighborhoods in palo alto, nevado and timber on also found the flyers in their communities. and just last month, san francisco and other cities in texas, wisconsin and florida saw them appear as well. the anti-defamation league says the player distribution is carefully planned. i think they're disgusting. i think off fringe group that is trying to sow hatred in our community. santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen says over the last 2 years his office has seen a significant rise in hate crimes. he says they need to be vigorously prosecuted in berkeley. the investigation into the anti semitic messages is a top priority. one of the purposes of these fires is to and intimidate people. >> and so i think it's it's very important for us to say this kind of will not be tolerated here reporting in berkeley, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> it's 6.27. and coming up next, a story you'll see only
6:28 am
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>> 6.30, right now. and so i bought the last lemon tree at costco yesterday yesterday and today it's freezing. and all i'm thinking about is like,
6:31 am
remember what it's florida orange growers. everything's going to be ruined. sure. so we are the leavens. there weren't any leavens on it yet, ok? hopefully it's >> we'll have to see, you know anything about lemon trees and freeze. >> know i wrapped it up like a little baby last night, ok? well, you're an all right. keeping it see how big it gets. and we've got john to the traffic center. you have the freeze really does have a lot of people thinking about that, right? protecting the plants and animals for sure. and citrus is like one of those big things that run things and it starts freeze and 2. >> so hopefully get the plants of course, the pets are inside staying nice and cozy. and as you venture out to the car, you may want to give yourself a minute to just warm it up for a second because it is really, really cold. this freeze warnings are in effect, clear skies across the bay right now. those freeze warnings across the north bay inland east bay, santa clara valley and much of the south bay, lighter blue. those are frost advisories near the coast and in the santa cruz mountains on the peninsula. all in all, temperatures
6:32 am
falling into the upper 20's to low 30's this morning. san jose, you're at 37 livermore. you were at 29 now livermore and dublin are both at 30 degrees. concord and delay hood. 31 petaluma and santa rosa. 28 and kelsey bill up in lake county. and only 25 degrees right now. temperatures are way colder than they were at the same point yesterday, conquer down 11 degrees. they were down 10 degrees. livermore nevado each down 9 degrees from the same point yesterday, a few changes to know. obviously we dried out now for the bay area after what was some rain and even hail yesterday. snowfall in the sierra is also tapered off. now we're just left with the frigid air behind that wintry system that moved through yesterday and the rest of the week. that's going to stay cool of those updates to come right now. all right, john, just like taking care of our plants, making sure their warm. you also want to get out. >> and leave the house just a little earlier because you could run into some traffic. we do certainly have some delays along. 24, as you're traveling westbound. 24 just east of happy valley road. we
6:33 am
have a car fire. and so that's causing issues as you're traveling along from walnut creek down to 5.80, it will be about 30 minutes because of those delays. the bay bridge, 12 minutes maze that fremont street exit. so you see the meteor lights are on, but it's not a heavy traffic flow heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 14 minutes for us. there out of richmond tolls to one o one just at 8 minutes and highway 4 as you're heading from one 60 along to 2.42. about 31 minutes. tara, james, back to you. thank you. reyna. >> 6.33 is the time now to a story you'll see only on kron 4 that san francisco coffee shop owner help prevent a car theft after. >> chasing the accused thief in his own car and calling police the whole time. he knows he should have done it yet, but he said he felt compelled because he saw her taking his employee's car. there she is turning the corner. so he followed her. >> and he is a name richly. and he owns this. >> coffee shop and his baker's car was the one who was stolen from the mission neighborhoods. look, and the thief pulls over and jumps out
6:34 am
of the car started kind of a slow and he kept following her turns he did get the police on the phone and she actually ended up being arrested. >> he was he was trying to get away from me one point when she u turns. and so that's when i decided that, you know, i'm not. i i mean, i was too far into the game. now at fleet chase her down. and i was that it was like scene from from cops that, you know, the tv show, the police officer. kind of flies by me and one of the cops that she'd be he jumps out of the car sides running outside. >> again, the police say, you even when he was on the phone with the james, they said you really shouldn't be doing this right? don't chase. don't know what's going to happen. he said he shoot a gun. yeah, it worked out ok, and she was arrested. there's a police and he, you know, kept shooting the video there of her being
6:35 am
taken. it in the east bay. one was injured in an attempted robbery. well, she was working outside her home in alameda. this happened a week ago. she lives on central avenue near chestnut street shoes out front and then this man walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her and dug through her pockets. >> when find anything, he walked away. police are now asking the community. anybody have home security video from that area that might lead to an arrest. id like to see it. >> described as a male wearing a dark are black. nike jordan sweatshirt with gold lettering. he's described as 6 feet tall and no other description. i know a lot of our residents. camera systems that could have captured this incident >> in the meantime, as you can see here with patrol cars, police are going to be in that neighborhood a little more hoping to make everything safe. today. the toledo police department wants your help and weighing in on changes to the use of force policy. police are hosting a virtual town
6:36 am
hall meeting to talk about the options in this policy in the meeting is set for 6 o'clock tonight. if you'd like to attend. >> also in vallejo, police in the slot county coroner's office have ruled that 40 year-old needs to greene's death. last month was a suicide. but her mother says that her daughter would never taken her own life. factions now paid for an independent autopsy and tells kron four's fleet recall that she believes it will prove her daughter was murdered. >> ariadne green is so convinced her 4 year-old daughter neat-suh green's death on january 31st was not self-inflicted. she is paying $15,000 to have world renowned forensic pathologist and neuropathologist doctor bennet, omalu perform an independent autopsy. i'm using all the resources i care too. >> think about some justice for her to get. it's of the police department in the corner. this is sad when all
6:37 am
plates to pizza was found dead on the back porch of her house on contra costa street. >> photos from the scene show an excessive amount of blood and possible signs of a struggle. >> her family says the police department did not speak to many witnesses and believes the investigation was not thorough. police did not respond to our request for comment. but earlier this month concluded neat-suh took her own life the solano county coroner's office confirmed that and stands by its ruling, but adds it could take up to 10 months for the case to be closed to live. >> police department that stretched to the back. have you treated thomas? i detectives. my understanding the lay home a year and a family friend of the greens, robert mcconnell tells kron 4 he to doubts neat-suh took her own life. >> in a recent facebook post, he writes in part, quote, i know in my heart that unlike the words displayed on her death certificate my friend
6:38 am
and former neighbor miss meets a green did not do this to herself. it doesn't make any sense. it is totally illogical. she was engaged. >> to her beloved the jason. and we're planning a she was started per treatments the week before the week after she passed away beats a was a longtime employee at blue apron in richmond, but had to take time off of work after being injured on the job in august. >> her mother says she was down but not suicidal. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> the vallejo city council voted to end their indoor mask mandate. this applies to all municipal buildings, but private businesses will still have the power to decide for themselves if they want to mandate masks for their customers and employees. until last night. delay was the only city in solano county with a mask mandate. >> san francisco is opening some pop-up covid vaccination sites in schools trying to get more young children
6:39 am
vaccinated, especially in certain populations. local health officials say that san francisco's vaccination rate for kids is overall higher than the national average. but there are racial disparities in terms of the c mmunities that are taking advantage of the shots. 64% of white students and 81% of asian students aged 5 to 11 are vaccinated. but 48% of hispanic children and just 29% of black children in the city are vaccinated. so they're offering the sites they're open for 8 weeks and the addresses are on your screen. there will be open fridays that to bret hart elementary in the other is mondays at rosa parks elementary a new proposed state law would require schools to come up with their own covid testing plans. it's the latest in a batch of bills that lawmakers say were aimed at protecting students. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the story. >> california schools would be to come up with their own covid-19 testing plans under a
6:40 am
new bill state senator richard pan tuesday announced sb 14 79 which would create this new state mandate and provide funding and resources needed to help schools carry out their testing plans. dana, find positive cases and be able to quarantine them. allows schools to remain open and safe pan could not say tuesday how much this program could cost saying his office is still collecting data. the bill does not require students to get tested but require schools to develop testing plans using the california department of public health guidance for schools and testing the state's current school testing program is optional. some local school board members say they support the legislation. we don't know what's coming next month. we don't know what's coming throughout the next year. but if there's one thing we've learned is that we need to be read and that covid-19 testing remains an important tool to protect students and education workers. students supporting pan's proposal say there should be a statewide standard for school testing. as uc
6:41 am
student, i bore witness to testing lines that's been for hours. >> lack of ppe and are they thinking the tears as all students having to the school for weeks after getting sick? >> as i've said, this is a noble legislation is the latest in a laundry list of bills crafted by the california legislature's vaccine work group, which in part is aiming to keep schools open. >> other bills that will be considered this year include one that allows teens to get vaccinated without parental consent. and another requiring students to be vaccinated against covid-19 regardless of their personal beliefs. the bills will likely be heard the spring in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> 6.41. that i'm coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. the sharks taking on the anaheim ducks. they weren't able to pull off a win, but we'll show you what happened on the ice. and fire officials are voicing their worries about yet another devastating fire season ahead. we'll tell you what they are doing. this offseason to prepare. >> and it is a very cold start to this morning. yesterday. it was the rain, snow and hail
6:42 am
today. it's just the cold, 20's and 30's to start 50's by the afternoon talking the details of what else to expect in your forecast. >> leaving your house on this wednesday morning. we are tracking your commute for you.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> 6.44 is the time and we are a good 6 months away from the official start of fire season in california. but as we know, fires can break out any time of year these days. we have kron four's rob nesbitt now talking with cal fire about
6:45 am
how they're preparing during the offseason. >> cal fire can never know when or where a wildfire will strike. it's why they plan for the worst and say it's a good idea for you to do the same. the national weather service tweeted out this video monday night 0, 4 inches of rain in san francisco ending a long, dry spell. the streak was 44 days of not seen a measurable rain. we're currently in a severe drought. according to national weather service meteorologists brian garcia. >> he says rain in the bay area and snow in the sierras isn't enough to move the dry meter knowing that we're not seeing anything. and the beauty of the long-range forecast, the odds of us actually getting out of the drought not good. a 46% chance according to garcia, not a good prediction for firefighters. well, we're certainly busier than we'd like to be this time of year. isaac sanchez with cal fire says that winter fires are uncommon, but that dry conditions and strong winds have kept his firefighters busy. the airport fire east of
6:46 am
bishop is about 55% contained. and you had a little over 4,000 acres burned there just a few days ago. >> which is going concern while some crews battle active flames. others are forced the inning. >> clearing thick wooded areas near homes and roadways to slow down future wildfires and keep them close to the ground. we can, you know, rest on our laurels. we can expect that this year's going to be different than last year. >> so what we do is we prepare and plan for the absolute worst. >> sanchez says homeowners should do the same when thinking about the upcoming fire season, preventing spread by removing dead vegetation from around the house. clear out rain gutters and have an emergency plan. practice. in case disaster does decide to strike close to home to get those evacuation steps down. now. >> make sure your family knows what they are develop. a communication plan put those plans into effect when the time comes. sanchez says twenty-twenty was unique, but the cause of several wildfires being lightning strikes. but he says the majority of fires in the state are caused by
6:47 am
human error in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> right now, i'm just thinking about how cold it thinking about drought are radar, anything. i mean, it did rain. but what caught my eye was just help raising. it was the opposite end of the spectrum from fryer this morning, john. definitely fire to ice. i guess you could say was very, very cold out there across the bay area. doesn't even matter where you're at. obviously it's colder inland, but areas close to the coast are. >> also down into the 30's this morning, san francisco and oakland are your only to 40's on this map. actually half moon bay at 35 degrees. fremont at 32 san jose at 37. we do have 20's in areas like santa rosa up to clear lake in the north bay, napa sitting right at freezing. well conquered toledo and livermore below freezing right now. so you get the picture. it's cold. bundle up as much as you can. hopefully those plans were already covered last night and you want to prepare for the next few evenings to be just as cold. we will have
6:48 am
freeze warnings remaining through friday morning across the north bay inland east bay, much of the santa clara valley and that deeper purple hue. well, the light blue in the santa cruz mountains as well as the coast of the north bay. those are frost advisories. same thing there. temperatures low enough that we could see frost forming on plants that are just a little more susceptible to freeze. burn specially citrus plants like that. now, radar shows you the clear skies across the bay. one of the reasons we are so cold is that clear night we just finished up with and we also saw that snow yesterday in the sierra things have tapered off up there. so we are seeing dry conditions. the rest of this forecast for the week anyways. it's just going to be a cold. the rest of the forecast. yesterday's wintry system that brought us that rain, hail and snow. it's out now. but the cold air stacked up behind it is what we're currently in the midst of. and it's going to stay cool through the day, especially when you factor in windchill as winds do remain a factor that an excessively windy one, but that breeze of 15 to 20 miles per hour we'll make or
6:49 am
low to mid 50's feel all that much cooler. so you want to stay bundled up. cool sunshine into the afternoon. not a bad day to be out and about as long as you're prepared for it. redwood city and san carlos at 56 for your high. same for the south bay campbell and san jose. 56, you'll see that number. a lot actually. hayward in oakland joining you right there. richmond, sandra fell valais among our warmer spots at 57 degrees. not that much warmer. only by a degree. now tomorrow's temperatures around the same is today's not just for your daytime highs, but also for those evening lows falling into the 20's in london, 30's by the bay in the coast. one more morning with the freezing temperatures on friday and then the weekend gets a whole lot more mild 60's during the day. 30's and 40's at night next week looks to be more mild. but with chances of rainfall as we move closer to next week will have greater certainty on what that looks like. but really hoping that pans out reyna perfect, just have to last until into the weekend to start to warm up a bit.
6:50 am
>> a few issues out there as you're traveling on this wednesday morning along highway 24 westbound just east of happy valley road. there's a car fire there. and so we are seeing traffic backing up there. this is in lafayette, another issue. this is a traffic collision. this is on the eastbound side there west of san pablo dam road in san pablo. so you're seeing delays on the eastbound and the westbound side. san pablo avenue, always a good alternate to try to get around those delays heading into the city maze that fremont street exit. 14 minutes for your drive. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge about 13 heading across towards the peninsula. highway for 36 minutes. if you're traveling towards conquer and in the south bay along one o one, 85 to menlo park about 36 minutes. back to you. thanks. a lot of >> in morning sports today, the sharks lose unfortunately their 7th straight game to the anaheim ducks. >> well, but at least the u.s. women's soccer team wins equal force. kylen mills has more.
6:51 am
the san jose sharks escape this cold bay area weather playing down in southern california against the anaheim ducks. what they couldn't escape their ice cold losing streak. head coach bob uecker and company trying to snap a six-game skid in this one second period. all tied up to 2 on the power play. brent burns shot blocks. logan couture flicks it in his second goal of the game. san jose takes a lead moments later, ricard california. here they go. breaks free lights, the lamp. his second goal of the game. sharks and ducks tied up at 3 apiece. this one went into overtime but no score in ot. so shootout will decide the game. raquel with a nice backhand. past goalie james reimer. and that will do it. shocks fall for 3 their 7th straight loss. they'll come back home to host the new york islanders on thursday at the shark tank. the united states women's national soccer team has won 4 olympic gold medals and 4 world cup titles. however, this latest victory
6:52 am
might be their biggest yet. the players reach a landmark settlement with the u.s. soccer federation guaranteeing equal pay and a warning. the women more than 20 million dollars in back pay. 28 national team members filed a lawsuit against the ussf back in march of 2019 alleging gender discrimination in their wages and working conditions. one of the biggest sticking points, the huge gap in performance bonuses between the men's and women's teams, for example, winning the world cup in the men's side would net each player $407,000. well, the went woman would make $110,000 each as a part of the new collective bargaining agreement. the ussf has committed to equal pay moving forward. the players were seeking 66.7 million dollars in back pay. however, the 24 million dollar settlement is still a big step towards equality. in sports, the 2 parties released a joint statement reading in part, quote, getting to the state has not been easy. the u.s. women's national team players have achieved unprecedented, successful working to achieve
6:53 am
equal pay for themselves and future athletes. today we recognize the legacy of the pass uswnt leaders who helped to make this day possible as well as all of the women and girls will follow together. we dedicate this moment to them. longtime u.s. national team forward. megan rapino told the media after the settlement, quote, this is going to be one of those incredible moments that we look back on and say the game changed forever. u.s. soccer change forever and landscape of soccer in this country. and in the world changed forever because of this. that's all we've got for sports. >> all right. that was kylen mills with us this morning as we take a quick break, another reminder to join us tomorrow night. we have our half hour special hosted by pam moore honoring black history month. you can see the title there is honoring black history, mind body soul again. that's tomorrow night at 6.30. make sure to join us. we'll be right back.
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6:56 am
>> a rescue off the coast of the bahamas was captured on camera after a man was bitten by a shark. pretty the u.s. coast guard shared this video of the rescue mission. the 51 year-old fisherman was out on a motor vessel when he was apparently attacked other crew members on board helped apply a tourniquet and some pressure on to the bike before first responders got there. he lower down the basket. now there bringing him up. that was the helicopter crew who they took him to the hospital in miami.
6:57 am
he'll be okay. but what a scary situation on the water. 5 or 6.56. is the time. we'll take a break. coming up in the next hour. the latest this morning after a san francisco school board meeting on layoffs. >> was cut short with no resolution. will explain why in a live report. plus, san jose's mayor joining santa clara county this morning to count the homeless as temperatures are plummeting down in the freezing territory. with more with more on what they're doing today and a family gathering taking a turn for the worse after a shooting breaks out. one person was killed. more person was killed. more details coming up. meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. person was killed. more details coming up. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to
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let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. the cold awake. you're right up and then we'll have a little trouble stretching james. 7 o'clock get crack. the ice hit the frost off for sure. yeah, no kidding. we've got temperatures. john was looking at. temperatures are dropping down into the upper 20's. that's still the case this morning. yeah. still the case skies. some 20's out there. finally, we join the rest of the country. realized it's winter. still of it is definitely clear this morning. so unlike yesterday when we started with a few showers and end of the day yesterday with some rain and even some hail


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