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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 29, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now it's 6 o'clock. the san francisco forty-niners now less than 24 hours away from a possible trip to the super bowl. we're live in la with a preview of the afc championship game. but the big story we're following the saturday night retirement rumors swirling around nfl legend in san mateo native tom brady. what his father now telling kron 4 about the nfl legends future. that is where we start this saturday here on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. welcome. jonathan mccall justine enjoying the night off
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this afternoon. news quickly spread that the 7 time super bowl champ tom brady was getting ready to hang up his cleats. but that all changed this afternoon after kron 4 reached out to tom brady's own dad who still lives here in the bay area. kron four's callum mills live for us in the newsroom tonight with the back and forth on this rumor. kylen. what do you know? what can you tell us? what's the truth? >> hey, jonathan, it is been a wild day hard to determine what the truth is. several nfl insiders reported on social media. tom brady set to retire after an impressive career. however, tom brady senior told us those reports are untrue. he said his son has not made a decision. our own sports producer kevin cider called brady senior who says this is all an unsubstantiated rumor that was circulated by an online publication. several team reporters have tweeted the bucs gm jason light says that brady called him today and said he hasn't made up his mind. it's also being reported that head coach first aerion said brady told him the same
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thing. meanwhile, a number of players across the league have been tweeting their congratulations to brady fans have been in a frenzy and the brady camp has been silent. we'll keep you updated on any new developments on that major story back here at home. the forty-niners are resting up in la tonight ahead of tomorrow's nfc championship game against the rams. >> fans so not exactly taking it easy. >> kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney joins us live now from sofi stadium with the latest on the festivities today. hopefully some fun was had kate. >> hey kyla. yeah, it was a lot of fun. as you said, the forty-niners themselves are off today. but the fans not taken any time off today was almost as fun for them as the actual big game tomorrow the team hosted an la invasion in downtown la at la live. and for the fans who were here, it was a great time to catch up, hang out with each other, get this party started the line spanned the equivalent of several blocks. people who are at the end of this line, probably not getting into the event today the event included
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photo ops with former forty-niners players. some free swag and most importantly, a chance to hang out with hundreds of other forty-niners fans in town for the game. so i'm of people who live just a couple of blocks away from la live and then others who had traveled from san jose sacramento, even iowa, new jersey, virginia and brooklyn and what they all have in common is a love for their team and a ton of excitement for tomorrow's game. >> on offense and maybe bang bang out again. we've got next stop super bowl. we've been coming in games candlestick. my dad has been taken to little kids faithful all the >> really nice to be there. it's going to is going to be dogfight man from you know, it's going to go down. >> it's going to be a low scoring game. i'll tell you going to be down to strong as our legs and 5
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>> now, some of the people i talked to, but their tickets for tomorrow's game. the minute robbie gold kick that game. winning field goal last week. some others didn't even get their tickets until this morning. but the forty-niners faithful do seem to always find a way to show up even when it's down here in la kylen. >> thank you, kate. very exciting. we'll check in with you in just a little bit. hopefully the forty-niners offense rested up and is prepared to have a better performance in last week against the packers. i talked with sacramento bee forty-niners reporter chris peterman about how they might use the run game to beat the rams tomorrow. >> everything the forty-niners like to do offensively is sort of starts with the running game right there. they're a very good play action team. they like to hit the edges. and then, you know, if teams overload the edges and will cut back inside, i'm very curious to see how that impacts their use of deebo samuel, right? because he's a guy that, you know, the forty-niners are undefeated when he gets carries and in that week 18 game, you remember the rams overloaded a
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little bit to stop the boats and the forty-niners pulled out deebo samuel past which led to touchdowns that won jennings. and that was one of the biggest plays in that game. so, you know, is the forty-niners obvsously want to get the most and with the ball, particularly in the running game. but how much of his usage is going to be as a d coy to maybe set things up for for other they clearly want to run the ball. it's part of their identity. their physicality is is one of their defining traits on offense. so that's going to be part of it. >> forty-niners in action tomorrow at 3.30, the sharks taking on old friend joe thorton and the florida and florida team. here we have a look at the action. tell you what the sharks were up almost this entire game, but it went into overtime. as you can see, they lost on a last-second goal. the panthers able to put one home sharks loose at 5 for the panthers have won 9 straight. san jose blew leads of 3 to one and 42 to be exact. that's all we've got
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for sports. jonathan, what a day it was an nfl news. wow. it really has been and hopefully the rumors will be able to clear up tom will be able to come out to the next few days and say something. on that several insiders reporting he's out of the country in isn't going to be back for a week. so we may not get an answer. >> for a fans basically settle in because we may not know for sure one way or another. from an alright. buckle up and let the games begin. so speak. kylen mills live for us in the newsroom tonight. we'll check back in with you later on. >> this evening. kyler. thank you. meanwhile, as we mentioned, less than 24 hours to go until the afc championship game. niners fans spent the saturday heading up store shelves for merchandise and some swag before tomorrow's big game against the rams kron four's goals. but the day talking to fans in sunnyvale. >> where the forty-niners faithful. the pre-game routine starts a day dick's sporting
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goods in sunnyvale laying out all of its minors gear during a pep rally and the school matching shirts, hats and raleigh cards, all potentially their new lucky charms of the niners pull out a win sunday. you superstitious to give me some press for the game. i had to get some new apparel. i got new jersey, but i had a game. whenever bay area sports teams make deep playoff runs, dick's sporting goods, spokesperson, while greene says it's always good for business, especially when the miners are on the brink of reaching we have a dedicated strong niner base. you know, they've been supporting the niners all year and they are confident in their team. but don't expect a long answer when asking for predictions, go niners. go to the super bowl baby on the way. >> you're like me. you and if the niners win sunday, sporting good stores in the bay area will offer extended
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hours, opening early at 7 o'clock on monday in sunnyvale to leave to go kron. 4 news. >> stay with kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney is in la will bring you the very latest information on the afc championship game as the rams get ready to take on the niners, the niners and the rams tomorrow night. you'll have another report coming up live in primetime. at 8 o'clock. still to come tonight, a north bay county is expanding covid-19 vaccine sites. we'll let you know where folks can now get vaccines for free. and the big money. the prosecutors say the 2 nurses made from selling fake covid-19 vaccination cards. >> and another warm dry day in the bay area about 5 degrees above average. thanks to the low to mid 60's. details ahead on the fly cool down in store for the 2nd half of your weekend forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> in the north bay tonight, sonoma county says it is providing additional covid-19 vaccine clinics for folks to get the covid-19 vaccine. that clinic will be held for the next 4 weekends at the sonoma county event center fairgrounds in santa rosa. the clinic will run from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon and is open to eligible residents until february. 20th the clinic we are told, can provide as many as 500 vaccines per day. the county says they are still encouraging more parents to get their kids vaccinated. to new york nurses are now
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charged with forging covid-19 vaccination cards. and investigators say the dual raked in nearly 2 million dollars on the scam. detectives say the pair charged adults $220 for the fake vaccine cards and 85 bucks for kids. investigators say the nurses interred in false information into new york state's immunization database. officials say the 3 month-old scheme unraveled when an undercover detective we seem to forge to fake card showing a vaccine was given but never administered. the lunar new year just 2 days away. still to come tonight will head to the south bay to show you how folks there >> are celebrating the year of the time. whether time this
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saturday night, a live look at the san mateo bridge on this saturday night, folks out and about. >> and it was a war day across these parts. come from meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at how things will shape up for the evening and for your sunday. yeah, we're going to notice cooler temperatures tonight and slightly cooler temperatures along the coast and east bay shoreline. >> we're actually going to be near average. but first, let's take a live look outside east bay over berkeley. absolutely stunning sunset out there right now. a little bit hazy today. that trend going to continue through tomorrow as well with moderate air air particles but expect to see improvement in air quality by tuesday of this upcoming week. but radar for right now,
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tracking very dry, clear conditions. we're going to see the return of dense, low clouds and fog even impacting around the bay area shoreline as well as our north bay and east bay valleys. so plan ahead. if you do plan on heading out early for your sunday morning commute, better lifting and clearing by mid morning. but temperatures right now widespread low to mid 50's and we are seeing overall slightly cooler forecast tonight and overnight lows. subfreezing for those of you in santa rosa. cooling down to 33 degrees. 10 degrees warmer for downtown san francisco at 43 degrees. but we're seeing widespread mid to upper 30's for most of our valleys in the east bay and south bay as well. so make sure to bundle up this evening. temperatures tomorrow going to be seasonable along the san francisco peninsula coastline, mid 50's. for those of you at half moon bay, low 60's for oakland. exactly where we should be few degrees above average, though, for redwood city and san jose. 64 degrees there with freeman and
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santa rosa cooling down into the mid 60's. and here's a look ahead at your 7 day outlook. we're going to see the return of offshore winds arriving monday into tuesday. 45 miles per hour or less. so going to keep an eye up. any wind advisories will be needed for our highest peaks, but a dry pattern. jonathan, i'm already praying for a march miracle. back to you. all right, marissa, thank you. >> these images will definitely have feeling very happy to saturday night. >> the northeast in the midst of one of its biggest blizzards in has seen in years. this is a sing from boston where being beantown getting hit with several inches of snow every hour along with hurricane force winds. you can see just how dangerous the visibility is. you can barely see out the front of you tonight. more than 100,000 customers are in the dark. some parts of massachusetts have received more than 2 feet of snow. the same very similar in the city of brotherly love. take a look at this from philly. crews are working around the clock to try to clean up the roads as
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quickly as snow is turning into ice and amid the brutally cold temperatures, philly seeing nearly 8 inches of snow back here at home. new at 6, 2 people dead and what benicia police say is a possible murder suicide. the scene unfolding on east east street around noon. detectives say when they got to the scene, they found 2 people dead from gunshots. detectives say this is an ongoing investigation. so far no names have been released. stay with kron 4 for more information as soon as it becomes available. palo alto police say they need your help trying to find a man who they say committed a lewd act inside of a grocery store. police say wednesday morning, a man a woman reported a man inappropriately touching himself as he stood behind or in the checkout line at the safeway on middlefield road. police say the suspect is a black man in his 20's or 30's standing 6 feet tall, weighing around 210 pounds. he was seen wearing a black face covering and a black baseball hat. police say the suspect even
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got into an argument with another man who witnessed the entire incident. officers say the suspect then took off in that white van. anyone with information now urged to call police san jose police meanwhile say they found 2 loaded guns, a body armor in 4 bags of marijuana during a traffic stop early this morning. police say the driver is a conflict. vick did felon and one of the guns has been reported stolen. officials say they have not released the names of those. those suspects arrested so far. a lunar new year celebration in san jose kicking off with a lion dance today. the new year starts tuesday which assures in the year of the tiger. meanwhile, folks all across the globe are getting ready for the big holiday kron. four's gayle ong was there with the festivities that have already started here in the bay area. >> i and dan's welcoming the
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year of the tiger. many gathered no celebrate the start of the lunar new year at v a museum history park in san jose with boots full of food decorations, read a goal collar. >> and deadly representing well represent health represent >> lunar new year is also known as tent for the vietnamese culture and is considered the most important festival in holiday in vietnam. sam organized the event. it's an opportunity for us reflect the past. >> at to look forward to the new year with us here hope and a resolution to will be better and opportunity. is there. >> many festivities were canceled or scaled back last year due to the pandemic. free covid test kits were passed out saturday as are celebrated the holiday. happy. in san
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mateo. the traditional red envelopes symbolizing luck and happiness were passed out at the hillsdale shopping center. visitors share their favorite holiday traditions. definitely clean. the is on suspicious dishes like fish for. for having plentiful >> making dumplings. that means some was gold nuggets, things of that sort family togetherness. >> celebrating this is the first year that he's actually able to >> understand chinese new to celebrate and to see all something like the line, and dragons. >> lunar new year is celebrated in other asian countries as well. but the goal remains the same to bring luck. >> and prosperity say happy new gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> still to come tonight, here at 6 o'clock more folks across
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now with speeds up to 5 gigs. pandemic has sparked the so-called great resignation. americans know quitting their jobs in search of better jobs with better benefits or even new career paths. in the case of older americans, they've actually left the job market
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permanently. kron. 4 washington correspondent alexandra limon shows us the impact it's now having on the labor market. >> good evening. since the start of the pandemic, americans are quitting their jobs in record numbers and that's impacting the economy and the labor market in various ways. well, labor force participation has edged up. it remains subdued in part, reflecting the aging of the population and retirements. susan weinstock says aarp conducted a survey of americans 50 and older of those who had retired. >> 21% of them said that they were tired earlier. they had planned because of the pandemic. one stocks as those newly retired say they left their jobs for a variety of reasons, including concerns about being exposed to covid-19. many of those older americans say they won't return to the workforce because their retirements are permanent. aarp says those that have returned are going back to the same jobs they had before. a 3rd of them have
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found better 25% said the number of job the job had the number of hours that they wanted to work. and about a quarter of them also said that that, you know, offered more flexibility like work from home while the great resignation poses challenges for employers, it's also providing greater benefits for workers with constraints on labor supply. employers are having difficulties filling job openings and wages are rising at their fastest pace in many years. >> aarp survey also found that those who did return to work reported finding jobs. there are more passionate about in washington. alexandra limon. >> first lady jill biden spending today helping volunteers put together care packages for 1000 members of the national guard members across the country as part of a show of appreciation for the hard men and women working in support of missions connected to covid and natural disasters. this event put on by operation gratitude, which is one of the largest non profdts in the country for hands on volunteerism, in
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support of members of the military, veterans and first responders also pitching in president joe biden also stop by talk about just how much his late son beau, who also served in the national guard, appreciated those care packages while on deployment. that does it for us here on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. thanks so much for spending time with this. don't forget, the news is always on the kron 4 dot com. we will see back here live in primetime in 90 minutes on kron. 4 news at it.
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now on inside california politics, a new proposal surrounding vaccine mandates is introduced in sacramento. this bill aiming to close a personal exemption loophole for students. we need to ensure that every child is any school is safe. plus justice steven briar announces he's leaving the u.s. supreme court will member of the california supreme court? >> be taking his place and optimism from the right is going to be incredibly hard to run with california gop chair just to come along. patterson on statewide races and the possibility of flipping congressional seats.


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