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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 18, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on this tuesday, january 18th, i'm james fletcher and we'll start off this hour with check of the forecast on notice. >> something different this morning compared to yesterday as we had a lot less cloud cover on my way into john actually looked up is in a full moon because it looked like a full moon out there this morning. yeah, little bit brighter. not just because of the full moon, but because of the lesson cloud cover, james, it's definitely a bit of a nice change of pace. is you maybe do venture back to work after sleeping in a bit yesterday. you can see the flag just a little bit of a breeze there, right at the
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embarcadero in the nice view of the bridge in the distance, which is unimpeded by any low cloud cover or fog. as of right now, what we are going to be seeing to the rest of the day is continually clear conditions. not just this morning. there are some spots of fog for this to lend out towards the central valley as well as here right around point raise where we are seeing some areas of fog having form right out there. for the most part, we are indeed pretty fog free to get this one started it after a few sprinkles on the peninsula yesterday. another dry one ahead of us today. current temperatures range anywhere from the 40's to 50's for most of her bayshore in coastal cities. well, it's back down into the 30's further inland from fairfield on over to santa rosa, down to novato. expect our coldest temperatures right now hovering in the 30's. now, as far as our bridges, our concern today, we are looking at an easy early early morning commute. getting a look at some of those drive times this morning if we could, we are going to be seeing conditions out there that are pretty good
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for your early morning drive. back to you. james. and well, 7 minutes to get you from the maze to fremont streets. and we are looking at the san mateo bridge, 13 minutes to get you across that as for the richmond center fell bridge 8 minutes to get you across that bridge and the golden gate bridge. that will be 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls. james? very good. alright, thank you, john. for '02 is the time. let's get to the news now. happening today. we have oakland, unified schools and classrooms. >> we're going to be missing. more students and teachers today because of a planned sickout, some acorn, woodland elementary teachers organized a strike to demand more kn 95 masks and more weekly testing as well. now these demands are similar to the ones included in a student petition that's going around the district students in several different schools say they won't return to the classroom until they have the necessary resources proper. taylor's sacking has more. >> classrooms across oakland, unified school district have
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been missing students and staff the last few weeks today increasing covid cases and plans teacher sickouts. now students are following teacher footsteps and planning their own boycott this week until school leaders meet their demands. the manga very just that everybody's getting sick. mckayla dean is a student at mit west high school who participated in this student petition sent to district leaders last week included in this petition are demands for kn 95 masks for all students twice a week pcr and rapid testing for everyone on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely. according to a letter sent by the district to parents on monday, the district says it's been able to meet most of those demands writing, quote, 200,000 kn 95 masks are being distributed to all schools to provide to students this week we have been installing more covered outdoor eating spaces since the fall. they've already gone in at numerous schools with more schools ready to have them installed. once we receive the necessary materials, some of which have been on back order for months.
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the school district says it's also providing on-site tests as frequently as possible with some schools getting on site testing twice a week and others once a week, however, until demands are fully met. they will not return to the classrooms. it simply but as they were missing. the meanwhile, teachers at several schools, including acorn, woodland elementary, are participating in a sick out on tuesday and aligning with student demands. well, some sites have received some of these resources is this has not been distributed equitably across our district. and this is why some of teachers and are joining in this dude in this fight for safer schools. teachers say the sick out is not sanctioned by the teacher union. >> which recently came to an agreement with the school district for extended covid lehve. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> will students, teachers and staff and the hayward unified school district are back to in-person instruction today. classes were held online all of last week. district
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officials say there was a shortage of both healthy staff members and covid tests, but the board of education voted friday in favor of return to campus along with some new safety protocols. students and staff were given at home covid tests and either the surgical or kn 95 masks schools will now offer grab and go lunches to staff meetings will be held virtually and student athletes will be tested for covid before attending any practice or competition. some developing news this morning out of the east bay as many as 4,000 kaiser permanente, patients have been given the incorrect dose of their covid vaccine. kaiser head says this happened between october 25th and december 10th of last year at the walnut creek medical center. in a statement, the company says that patients may have received between want to point '04 mililiters last of the pfizer vaccine. then the recommended dosage. experts say the difference is negligible and will not reduce anyone's protection against
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the virus. the hospital, though, is offering another dose to any affected patient who wants one. kaiser says this was an isolated incident resulting from a mis understanding by staff members adding they have since retrain their staff and are monitoring to make sure that this doesn't happen again. bay area, doctors say that they are seeing more reports of people deliberately exposing themselves to covid the logic being that if the omicron variant is more mild than why not just get it so that you can become immune and get over with it. well, infectious disease experts say that's a bad idea for several reasons. there's no guarantee you won't get very sick. and even if it is mild, you could still pass it on to someone who is at a higher risk of contracting the virus. >> so much in terms of how sick is going to make you acutely house, going to chronically other things we may not even thought of yet. >> experts also point out there's no guarantee you won't get sick again if you get the omicron variant. there've been some reports of patients in the uk and south africa
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catching the omicron variant more than once. the u.s. surgeon general says that the omicron surge has not reached its peak just yet. doctor vivek murthy says that the wave of infections is moving at different paces across the country. he says we shouldn't expect to see a peak in the coming days. murphy added that the next few weeks will be tough. and this comes as more than 700, 50,000 new covid infections are reported across the country every day for the past week. the number of americans dying is also increasing with nearly 1800 deaths reported on sunday along. one family is in shock and grieving after a berkeley native was pushed to her death in front of new york city. sup a subway train over the weekend? 40 year-old michelle go was waiting for subway train at the times square station saturday morning when a man shoved her from behind. goes. family is now preparing for her funeral kron four's jonathan mccall has more on the story. >> terror on the tracks and set of new york city's subway
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system. this was a senseless absolutely senseless act of violence. saturday morning. new york city police say that 40 year-old michelle alyssa go was pushed in front of an oncoming subway train by a man who police say was homeless and emotionally disturbed. it is heartbreaking, unbelievably heartbreaking, family and friends now remembering alyssa and say that she was an active volunteer, always giving back to others in need. she was amazing giving human being. you know, she spent a lot of time on teary eye here within your junior league. she volunteers with the unhoused. >> here in in in york city kron 4 learned that go grew up in fremont. she graduated from american high school in 1998. before going on to graduate from ucl a and then new york university michelle turned 40 just 3 days after christmas and had recently traveled out of the country to celebrate her birthday and the new year at the time of her death, she worked for the tax firm
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deloitte in new york city. in a statement her family said that, quote, we are in a state of shock, grieving the loss of our daughter, sister and friend. we hope that michelle will be remembered for how she lived in just not how she died. they went on to say that she was a beautiful, brilliant kind, intelligent woman who loved her friends and family. her life was taken too soon in a senseless act of violence. and we pray that she gets the justice she deserves. hours after michelle's death, police arrested. 61 year-old simon marshall. >> a person who they say has a very long and extensive criminal record monday, investigators charged with second-degree murder in goes death. investigators say as of now, it doesn't appear that marshall intentionally targeted michelle because of her race. detectives say just moments before he tried to push someone else. the news, though, is little comfort to michelle goes family and
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friends. >> we've seen this pattern just one too many times right? a mentally disturbed person hezbollah attack on our comey jonathan mccall kron. 4 news. >> well, local leaders organized a candlelight vigil in honor of michelle go. it's scheduled for tonight at 6 o'clock in san francisco's. >> portsmouth square. happening right now. police in pleasant hill are looking for this missing 15 year-old boy. they say that brandon abbott vanished sometime between 10:00pm on sunday and 9 yesterday morning. he's described as 5 feet, 6 inches tall, weighing about 107 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. if you recognize him or any idea where he might be, please contact your local police department. we'll take a break. it is for tent. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the battle on voting rights continues in the senate will tell you why democrats want to bring the issue to the floor even though they don't have enough votes to get it passed. >> and a company in the east bay is helping provide relief to tonga. will tell you what
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they're doing to get some much needed supplies to that island suffering from damage of the tsunami. we'll be right back.
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for 13 is the time on this tuesday morning. our first day
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back to work for a lot of folks who had the martin luther king junior holiday off. >> yesterday, welcome back to work. good morning. and i got to wake up early once again. let's get you out the door right with a check of the forecast. we've got john standing by with that. good morning, john. yes, funny leaving work yesterday and seeing my friends that were still sleeping in. yes, nice yesterday, everyone. i know if you are heading back to work today, it is definitely going to be a beautiful one to be taking to the roads. skies are clear. we're pretty fog free. >> and we did have a couple sprinkles on the peninsula near the coast yesterday. that are not a thing today. so all in all weather certainly cooperating with you. your view outside of berkeley hills camera right here does show clear skies overhead. just the faintest layer of marine layer of low cloud cover hanging out there in the distance. radar shows you that we do have dry skies today. and if we zoom out across the region to our north and to our south, we do have passing systems that are resulting in rainfall for southern california as well for the pacific northwest. but we have been in that spot in the middle for well over a
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week now that is not really tapped into the precipitation so much and that only continues if not heightens through the remainder of this forecast after yesterday's partly cloudy skies and a few coastal sprinkles today is going to bring nice sunshiny conditions, not a trend of weather that continues into tomorrow for your wednesday later on into the week and on into the weekend, too. so no big changes here. we're settle the right into these mild winter temperatures and sunny sf today in a range of 50's - along the coastline to temperatures today are a little bit cooler than they were yesterday and are actually going to be the coolest of this forecast. few low 60's mixed in with those 50's on the bayshore the peninsula in the south bay solidly into the low 60's temperatures for the east bay sharing the same range of upper 50's to low 60's oakland and berkeley. each right at 58 degrees today. the also at 58 with napa, sonoma youngsville and even 60 degrees. santa rosa down through center fell
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in the upper 50's. a look ahead in our next 7 days shows ample sunshine. very little change. in fact, daytime highs are really going anywhere anytime just the low 60's all the way until next monday, which could be just a touch warmer evening. lows are going to be as cold the next few nights. mostly only dropping to the 40's. still a few 30's mixed in, especially up in the north bay. now for bridges this morning. well, no problems yet. it's still pretty early. and i know a lot of people are heading back to work. but hey, you're still below side. 10 minutes at the maze to fremont street on the bay bridge. only a 7 minute drive there. san mateo bridge. you are seeing a few tail lights and headlights, but still just about 10 minutes to get you across the span. richmond center fell bridge still pretty empty for this early morning commute. golden gate bridge. also nice and checking your the roads to and i'm not seeing any other issues popping up just yet. so this is a very favorable early tuesday morning to drive james. all right. thank you very much, john. back to the headlines now in the south bay, a scare for one san jose neighborhood yesterday
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morning. >> with police arresting a man after he barricaded himself in his home for several hours with his child. officers first responded to the scene shortly after 11 o'clock at the woods apartment complex in san ramon. they say the man was screaming and throwing objects off of a balcony. he was also seen brandishing a knife and breaking a neighbor's window. police say the man barricaded himself and his child in that apartment, but they didn't believe the child was at risk. and after several hours of negotiating, authorities were able to arrest him without any use of force. san jose mayor sam liccardo praised the officers actions on twitter saying that this was the second successful hostage negotiation in the city in the past month. police in union city are looking for 2 people suspected of robbing the elderly of their jewelry. police say 3 people were robbed in separate incidents on the 13th and 14th. but their stories are similar. the victims say that a man and a woman would start talking to them and put costume jewelry on them when the victim's rejected the jewelry and took
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it off. that's when the thieves, what confuse them and take the victims real jewelry while leaving the fake jewelry behind. they say that people may have been targeted because of their age and the jewelry that they were wearing. happening today, the walnut creek city council is set to discuss whether a planned parenthood site needs a buffer zone. the city council first tried to address the issue back in november. but there were technical difficulties with the zoom link. so the meeting had to be postponed. the idea of a buffer zone was brought up after walnut creek. police got 42 calls from that planned parenthood facility on oakland boulevard about protesters between january 2020 in november of 2021, if approved that buffer zone would create an area around the facility where protesters would not be allowed. the zone is designed to guarantee the safety of everyone. the patients, the employees alike. the meeting is set for tonight at 7 and we'll be watching it. there's a growing appetite on capitol hill, by the way, to
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ban acting members of congress from trading stocks. both democrat republican senators introduced separate bills to stop what they say. is it clear current conflict of interest? and while there are already laws on the books to try to prevent insider trading on capitol hill, a recent report by inside business found 54 lawmakers in violation of that law members from both sides of the aisle are now calling for more to be done. georgia democratic senator jon ossoff introduced a bill to ban trades and play steeper fines on those that are found in violation. and missouri republican senator josh hawley has proposed a bill requiring lawmakers and their spouses to avoid conflicts of interest by only investing in mutual funds. or through a blind trust. it's not too much to ask of elected officials that they focus on doing with the people said i'm here to do. >> and not be patting their own pockets. >> yeah. under senator. proposal violators would be fined their entire salary. senator hawley's bill would
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find any profits gained in office to the treasury department. all eyes are on the senate, by the way, as they begin debating on new voting rights protections, democrats have remained in temps about moving legislation forward, even if it means changing the senate's filibuster rules with anna wiernicki. joining us live from dc with the latest on what's happening with this. good morning. and what are we seeing so far? >> good morning, james. will democrats spent monday pushing for some traction on voting rights and a vote to change the senate rules? but without all 50 democratic senators on board this entire effort is pretty much dead upon arrival. >> nothing less is at stake. then our democracy. house speaker nancy pelosi urged the senate democrats to do whatever it takes to pass the voting rights bill when they take it up on tuesday. this is about suppressing the vote. the house passed the consolidated package last week. that includes 2 voting bills, the freedom to vote act
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and the john lewis voting rights advancement act. this bill represents the first real opportunity to secure the freedom to vote since the united states supreme court gutted the voting rights act nearly a decade ago. >> and the senate must pass this bill. now, vice president kamala harris says senate inaction is not an option. >> the bills would roll back new voting restrictions in red states. if we stand idly by. our entire nation, we'll pay the price for generations to come. but republicans, including texas senator john cornyn say they won't support it. cornyn says the democrats bill is unconstitutional and allows ballot harvesting bars. voter id and compels taxpayer funding of campaigns. still, democrats are hoping to change the senate rules to pass the bills with only a simple majority, but even that plan has come up short with 2
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moderate democratic senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema saying they don't support the rule. change. >> and the white house has made it very clear that they would like to see this past ahead of the midterm elections on march. first president joe biden has really been pushing senate democrats to get this done according to timeline. for now live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. all right. well, see what happens with that. thank you very much, anna. >> 4.22 is the time. we'll take a quick break here. but coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, the los angeles zoo >> honoring betty white. we'll tell you about the new garden they've created in her honor.
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how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. we're back at 4.25. the los angeles zoo celebrated betty white's birthday with a beautiful new garden in her honor. white was the renowned a renowned lover of animals. as we know in the zoo created a special white rose memorial garden where fans can remember the actress with personal messages and drawings. it's located right in the allen london plaza, which is named after her late husband, legendary actress died last month at the age 99. there's also a self guided betty's la zoo tour featuring several
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stops dedicated to her contributions to the zoo. >> something feels a little incomplete here today, not just at the zoo, but in los angeles. that's the loss of an angel here in the city of angels, our dear friend, betty white, even bigger than her talent was her heart. her heart for people and for all living things. it was that heart and humanity that she expressed right here at the los angeles zoo. >> another tribute is taking place at pink's hot dogs in los angeles. that was one of her favorite hot dog places. all proceeds from the betty white naked hot dog will go toward the zoo. we will take a break here for twenty-six. we'll be right back. we are
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back at 4.29. getting another check of the forecast here at the half hour mark with john in the weather center where it's nice and clear outside. john, how are the temperatures? yeah, it's a little cool out there, but nothing unseasonably. so a few 30's in the north bay 40's and 50's elsewhere. san francisco is one of those mild spots right now. you're walking along the embarcadero right now. you've got some temperatures hanging out. >> in the low 50's. so not all that bad for some coastal areas. now, as far as fog goes, we are seeing a couple of patches forming up in marin county, a light layer of low
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lying cloud cover over the bay itself and a little bit of fog out towards the central valley, but not as much of an impact as yesterday and after seeing just a couple of sprinkles near the coast yesterday, today is going to be a dry one in a much clearer one than yesterday was i mentioned san francisco sitting right at 50 degrees right now. alameda, you're right there as well. the rest of us say are either in the 40's or the 30's. once you get up into the north bay fairfield over to napa on up to saint helene and santa rosa. munger colder spots all hovering in the mid to upper 30's right now as far as what we can expect later on today. back to the low 60's and a little bit clearer than yesterday was as for traffic things out there on the roadways are still really, really good. i've been checking all your routes, not just our bridges, and there are no interruptions from the maze to fremont street on the bay bridge. it's only 7 minutes. san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive there. very typical. and at the limit for sure. richmond center fell bridge below 10 minutes to get you across that one. and the golden gate bridge als


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